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With spray or jet supplying and/or applying means

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134 - Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

134000000 - APPARATUS

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134200000 With closable work-treating chambers 5
20100024851Insulation Element For An Electrical Appliance Such As A Dishwasher - An insulation element is provided for installation in a gap of thickness G provided between two objects. The insulation element includes a body made from a thermoplastic polymer material. The body has a first face, a second face and a thickness defined between the first and second faces. The body is characterized by a semi permanently pre-installation thickness T02-04-2010
20120125383DISHWASHER WITH MOVABLE LIQUID CONDUIT - A dishwasher includes a compartment in the form of a drawer or pull-out treating chamber slidably mounted in a chassis is provided with one or more liquid supply and draining conduits for supplying and draining liquid to and from the treating chamber.05-24-2012
20120266925PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is a processing apparatus for performing a processing of a substrate to be processed using a high-pressure fluid to prevent the generation of particles and ensure airtightness in the processing container. A sealing member is installed to surround a carrying port of the processing chamber, the carrying port is closed by the cover, and the cover is restricted from retreating by the pressure in the processing chamber by a lock plate, thereby processing the wafer in the processing chamber using the high-pressure fluid. Since the sealing member is pressurized by the internal atmosphere of the processing chamber to be pressed toward the cover during the drying process, a gap between the cover and the processing chamber may be airtightly closed. Since the sealing member does not slide with respect to the processing chamber or the cover, the generation of particles is suppressed.10-25-2012
20120090653DISHWASHER AND INLET BOLT - A dishwasher includes a wash tub enclosing an interior and a clean water feed line which passes through a port of the wash tub into the interior. The feed line has a line end leading from outside to the wash tub. An inlet bolt can be fastened from the interior to the line end and has an axial bore to extend the feed line. The axial bore leads into a plurality of inlet openings which are distributed over a circumference on a circumferential surface of the inlet bolt projecting into the interior. The inlet bolt has an end which faces the interior and is implemented as a cover to protect the axial bore from ingress of splash water.04-19-2012
20130118539APPARATUS FOR CLEANING VERTICAL BLINDS - An apparatus for cleaning vertical blinds comprising05-16-2013
134199000 Work circumposable or opposed fluid-applying jets or plural pipes 1
20130199584UNIT OF WASHING FOR MACHINE OF CLEANING OF OPHTHALMIC GLASSES OR OTHER SUBSTRATES - A washing unit for machines that clean ophthalmic glass (08-08-2013
20130025640LOW-CAPACITY APPARATUS FOR WASHING OBJECTS - An appliance such as a dishwasher comprises an upper region and a lower region forming an appliance footprint. Positioned in the upper region is a spray arm assembly and a wash tub forming a wash zone. The wash zone has a low or reduced capacity, thereby holding fewer objects than conventional dishwashers but maintaining the appliance footprint so that the dishwasher fits an appliance opening, e.g., in kitchen cabinetry, that has a standard width dimension and a standard height dimension. In one embodiment, the wash zone has an opening through is received a rack, which supports the objects in the wash zone. The rack is moveable between a first position and a second position, and in one example, the rack is configured to move between the first position and the second position relative to the wash zone and independent of the spray arm assembly.01-31-2013
20100126541CLEANING DEVICE FOR CLEANING SPRAY GUNS - The invention relates to a cleaning device for cleaning spray guns (S), particularly paint spray guns, having at least one cleaning nozzle (05-27-2010
20110192432CLEANING AND DISINFECTING INSTRUMENT WITH ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE - A cleaning and disinfection instrument for cleaning care utensils is provided. The cleaning and disinfection instrument includes a washing chamber for holding the care utensils and a spray system for applying a cleaning fluid onto the care utensils. The spray system has at least one nozzle for emitting at least one jet of the cleaning fluid. Here, a jet direction, at which the jet is emitted, can be set.08-11-2011
20100078050High-pressure cleaning device - The invention relates to a high-pressure cleaning device having a housing in which a pump and a drive motor are disposed, it being possible for pressurized liquid to be delivered by the pump via a high-pressure hose and it being possible for the high-pressure hose to be wound onto a hose drum which is mounted within the housing such that it can rotate about a rotation axis, and for said high-pressure hose to be routed out of the housing at the rear. In order to develop the high-pressure cleaning device in such a way that it has a shorter structure, the invention proposes aligning the rotation axis of the hose drum parallel to the horizontal axis of the housing.04-01-2010
20100116302DEVICE FOR CLEANING A SUPPORT - The invention relates to a device for cleaning a support comprising: a casing, at least one cleaning-liquid spray means mounted on the casing, characterized in that it also comprises means for adjusting a distance between the spray means and the support.05-13-2010
20130032182BARRIER STRUCTURE AND NOZZLE DEVICE FOR USE IN TOOLS USED TO PROCESS MICROELECTRONIC WORKPIECES WITH ONE OR MORE TREATMENT FLUIDS - The present invention provides a tool for treating microelectronic workpieces with one or more treatment materials, including liquids, gases, fluidized solids, dispersions, combinations of these, and the like.02-07-2013
20130074891DISHWASHER WITH SPRAY SYSTEM - A dishwasher includes a tub at least partially defining a treating chamber and a spraying system for supplying liquid to the treating chamber. The spraying system includes a sprayer having a body with an interior, a liquid passage provided in the interior, and a plurality of outlets extending through the body and in fluid communication with the liquid passage.03-28-2013
20120180829Liquid Processing Apparatus - Disclosed is a liquid processing apparatus in which when an opening through which a nozzle supporting arm passes is installed on a wall that partitions a processing chamber and an arm standby unit, an area in the processing chamber and an area in the arm standby unit can be isolated from each other by covering the opening of the wall with the nozzle supporting arm. In the liquid processing apparatus, the wall partitioning the processing chamber and the arm standby unit is installed and an opening through which the nozzle supporting arm passes is provided in an arm cleaning unit of the wall. The nozzle supporting arm also covers the opening of the arm cleaning unit of the wall when the nozzle supporting arm stands by in the arm standby unit.07-19-2012
20120180828Liquid Processing Apparatus and Liquid Processing Method - Disclosed are a liquid processing apparatus and a liquid processing method that can prevent a substrate in a processing chamber from being contaminated due to contamination attached to a nozzle supporting arm that supports a nozzle. The liquid processing apparatus of the present disclosure includes: a processing chamber having a substrate holding unit configured to hold a substrate and a cup disposed around the substrate holding unit; a nozzle configured to supply a fluid to the substrate held by the substrate holding unit; and a nozzle supporting arm configured to support the nozzle. An arm cleaning unit configured to clean the nozzle supporting arm is installed in the liquid processing apparatus.07-19-2012
20120180827CLEANING TOOL FOR REMOVAL OF CARBON DEPOSITS - A cleaning tool for removal of carbon deposits in combustion chamber of engines includes a tubular body having a first connection portion and a second connection portion on two ends thereof. The second connection portion is to be connected with the engine to be cleaned. A supply hose extends through the wall of the tubular body and an inlet end of the supply hose is located outside of the tubular body so that cleaning liquid is supplied from the inlet end and into the engine. A gap is defined between the inner periphery of the tubular body and the outer periphery of the supply hose. When the carbon deposits are dissolved, high pressurized is introduced into the engine via the cleaning liquid providing hose to suck the carbon deposits out from the engine via the gap and the first connection end of the tubular body.07-19-2012
20090272412High-Pressure Cleaner Having An Integrated Textile Flat Hose - A high-pressure cleaner having a housing and a high-pressure hose for connection to a spray fixture. The high-pressure cleaner includes a textile flat hose for connection to a water supply.11-05-2009
20090056772NOZZLE APPARATUS OF DISHWASHER - A nozzle apparatus of a dishwasher including a washing nozzle configured to inject washing water onto targets to be washed, a water supply passage part for allowing the flow of washing water supplied to the washing nozzle, a drain passage part for allowing the flow of washing water to be drained, and a siphon preventing portion configured to prevent a siphon phenomenon from occurring on the drain passage part, whereby a space required for configuring a drain passage and a siphon phenomenon preventing structure can be minimized so as to maintain the dishwasher in a compact size and improve the space utilization.03-05-2009
20110011430DISHWASHING MACHINE - A dishwashing machine including a dishwasher rack that assumes at least two different height positions; a spraying device to apply washing liquor to items to be washed, wherein the spraying device is assigned to the dishwasher rack; a hydraulic system to supply the spraying device with washing liquor; and a coupling with at least two openings to provide a liquid-conducting connection between the hydraulic system and the spraying device at the at least two different height positions and at at least two tilt positions. The at least two different height positions and the at least two tilt positions are assigned to at least one of the at least two openings to establish the liquid-conducting connection.01-20-2011
20120111380SPRAY ARM ARRANGEMENT FOR A DISHWASHER - The application is directed to a spray arm arrangement for a dishwasher, comprising: (a) a support having a hub portion; and (b) a spray arm having at least one arm portion comprising at least one spray nozzle, and a generally tubular mounting portion connected to the arm portion, said mounting portion having first and second bearing surfaces bearing against the hub portion, said first bearing surface being located at a shorter axial distance from the arm portion than the second bearing surface. In accordance with the invention (c) said first bearing surface is located within said hub portion proximate the axial end of the hub portion facing towards the arm portion, and (d) said second bearing surface comprises a projection which axially extends from said mounting portion into said hub portion.05-10-2012
20120111379METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR DISPLACING FLUIDS FROM SUBSTRATES USING SUPERCRITICAL CO2 - A processing chamber for post-wet-etch removing of drying fluid (DF) is disclosed. The chamber includes a chamber wall surrounding a processing volume and a plurality of nozzles disposed annularly about the processing volume and arranged into a set of nozzle rows that includes at least one nozzle row. The chamber also includes a plenum and a set of manifolds coupled to the plurality of nozzles to deliver the supercritical CO05-10-2012
20110197939HIGH-PRESSURE WASHING LIQUID EJECTING WASHING APPARATUS - A high-pressure washing liquid ejecting washing apparatus comprises a bar-shaped holder; and a plurality of high-pressure washing liquid ejecting nozzles arranged at constant intervals along a longitudinal direction of the bar-shaped holder, the holder being supported at both sides in a longitudinal direction thereof such that the holder is rotatable around its longitudinal axis, the holder being reciprocatingly rotated around the longitudinal axis within a predetermined rotational angle and the ejecting nozzles ejecting a high-pressure washing liquid to a washed surface of an object in a single straight-line shape to wash the object while the object is conveyed at a constant speed with respect to the holder, wherein the holder has a length which is not less than a length across the object and is disposed such that the holder is orthogonal to a direction in which the object is conveyed or is tilted with respect to the direction in which the object is conveyed, when viewed from a normal line direction of the washed surface.08-18-2011
20120285495DISHWASHER - The present invention relates to a flow passage change-over unit provided to a spray arm of a dishwasher having a plurality of channels, including a change-over unit body for making reciprocating movement according to a water pressure, a body rotating unit secured to an circumferential surface of the change-over unit body for rotating the change-over unit body, and channel opening holes in a closed side of the change-over unit body for opening some of the plurality of supply holes according to a rotation angle of the change-over unit body.11-15-2012
20110271989DEVICE FOR CLEANING PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS AND SOLAR THERMAL PANELS - Device for cleaning solar modules, of both the photovoltaic and solar thermal type, by projection of a cleaning liquid onto the surface of said modules in the form of spray, is described. The device is of the towed type, for mounting on a tractor vehicle or similar, and is implemented based on an articulated unit which comprises a coupled parallelogram structure, having the possibility of pivoting around a support structure solidarily joined to the carrier vehicle, joined by the opposite end to a telescopic arm which articulately includes a projection bar on its distal end, with variable positioning, integrating a multiplicity of nozzles for projecting cleaning liquid. The projection bar includes mechanical sensors for positioning thereof on the surface. The different movements are carried out in a controlled manner by actuation of hydraulic cylinders and the articulated joint between the projection bar and the telescopic bar includes a means for adjusting the maximum inclination angle of the projection bar.11-10-2011
20110284042DECONTAMINATION DEVICE WITH REGULATION BY AIR LEAK - The present invention relates to a decontamination device of the type comprising a compressor (11-24-2011
20110290287Water-saving toilette wash device - The invention discloses a water-saving toilette wash device and pertains to the technical field of toilette articles. The technical scheme of the invention: It comprises a water cleaning pad and a support plate behind the water cleaning pad. Wiper gibbosities are disposed at the front face of the water cleaning pad and arranged in lines or in texture. Water outlet openings are disposed in the water cleaning pad. A water hose accessible to the water outlet openings is installed on the support plate. The wholesome effect of the technical scheme provided by embodiments of the invention: The wash pad continuously and directly sends clear water to the surface to be cleaned and applies water to and washes head, neck and face with the water cleaning pad synchronously. It avoids the useless water flow and spills, raises wash efficiency, and doesn't increase the water consumption of the wash per se, so that it can significantly reduce waste of water resource. The volume of the saved water may be above 80% of the consumption of the current washing methods. The wiper gibbosities not only make the cleaning of head, neck and face more thorough, more convenient and faster but also have a desirable massage and healthcare effect. As a whole, the product has a simple structure and low production cost and makes for wide application.12-01-2011
20110214702DISHWASHER WITH SEPARATE SUMP FOR CONCENTRATED FLUID SUPPLY - A dishwasher includes a main sump that holds the main wash fluid supply, and a separate sump formed in the bottom wall of the tub away from the main sump. The separate sump holds a concentrated wash fluid supply. The separate sump supplies wash fluid for washing periods in which a highly concentrated chemistry mixture is desired.09-08-2011
20110259379WASH WAND ATTACHMENT SYSTEM - A wash wand attachment system is provided, including a wash wand having a first end configured for receiving an attachment and defining a longitudinal axis, a key formation secured to the first end and having a releasable latch, and a wand attachment having a socket configured for releasably receiving the key formation. The key formation and the socket are constructed and arranged such that upon relative engagement, the attachment is prevented from rotational movement about the axis, and also from movement in the direction of the axis.10-27-2011
20120186612POOL CLEANING DEVICE - Embodiments of the invention are directed to pool cleaning devices adapted to simultaneously couple to a telescopic pole and a nozzle of a hose at separate openings, respectively. In one embodiment, the pool cleaning device comprises a primary component having a tubular configuration and terminating in an angled configuration therewith. A secondary component is in fluid communication with a medial portion of the primary component and angled at between 15° and 30° relative to the primary component. The secondary component is coupled to a ball valve for restricting or allowing the flow of water through the device. When a telescopic pole and a hose are simultaneously coupled to the separate openings on the primary component and the secondary component, respectively, the device may be use to create high pressure flow to clean submerged surfaces or water surface debris with little effort exerted by the user.07-26-2012
20090314316Steam Cleaner - A steam cleaning apparatus comprises a chamber with at least one holder. A plurality of nozzles is incorporated in the holder and is adapted to disperse steam within the chamber.12-24-2009
20100083992DRAWER DISHWASHER - The present invention relates to a drawer dishwasher (04-08-2010
20080210278Substrate processing apparatus - A substrate processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a plurality of fluid suppliers 09-04-2008
20080210276Multipurpose Aqueous Parts Washer - The present disclosure relates generally to a multipurpose parts washer used to remove grease, oil, and dirt from mechanical parts, and more particularly, to an apparatus for washing parts within a single housing having an automatic cleaning portion, with a first cleaning chamber for spraying parts, a second cleaning chamber for soaking parts, and a manual cleaning portion. The multipurpose parts washer includes three cleaning portions. All portions use cleaning solution from a single pump, a reservoir portion to collect and store the important volume of cleaning solution and debris from the washing process, a single controller interface operated from a display, and a thermal energy source for heating the cleaning solution. The multipurpose design also includes novel features such as the use of a submerged pump within the reservoir, easy-access panels for the pump motor, the controller, and the display, an integrated sink serving as a lid of the automatic portion to collect the cleaning solution of the manual cleaning portion and to enclose the automatic cleaning portion, and the use of a timer and a multicolor display for easy operation of each of the cleaning portions.09-04-2008
20110168216DEVICE AND PROCESS FOR GENERATING A PULSED JET OF A LIQUID FLUID - In order to provide a device for generating a pulsed jet of a liquid fluid comprising a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a blocking element arranged between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet, which cyclically closes and opens a fluid passage between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet, which device enables an improved mechanical action on an object subjected to the pulsed jet, it is proposed that the device comprises at least one bypass, through which a liquid fluid can also be fed to the fluid outlet during a closing phase of the blocking element.07-14-2011
20110168215DEVICE FOR CLEANING A ROLL OF A ROLLING MILL - A device for cleaning a roll of a steel strip conversion plant is configured to move parallel to an axis of the roll. At least an even number N>0 of parallel spray nozzles are oriented perpendicular to the axis of the roll. A first number N/2 of the nozzles are fixed to a first arm of a supporting member and a second number N/2 of nozzles are fixed to a second arm of the supporting member. The supporting member is coupled to an actuator, and the actuator has a travel of at least 1/N of a length of the roll.07-14-2011
20110203622Apparatus for separating stacked pallets - An apparatus for vertically separating stacked pallets a sufficient distance such that each pallet in the stack can be cleaned, with the pallets then immediately restacked after cleaning.08-25-2011
20120090652CLEANING APPARATUS FOR SOLDER PASTE IN APERTURES - The cleaning apparatus for solder paste in apertures according to the present invention comprises a stencil, a guiding plate, and a blower. The stencil has a plurality of apertures with residual solder paste on the sidewalls thereof. The guiding plate is disposed above the stencil and has a plurality of wind-guiding pillars and a plurality of wind-guiding holes. The locations of the wind-guiding pillars are opposite to the locations of the apertures; the wind-guiding holes are located around the wind-guiding pillars. The blower is disposed above the guiding plate and provides a gas to the guiding plate. The gas is guided into the apertures by means of the wind-guiding pillars and the wind-guiding holes and pushes completely the solder paste therein out. Thereby, accumulation of solder paste in the sidewalls of the apertures can be avoided. Consequently, deterioration of adhesion of electronic components caused by fewer amount of solder paste printed on the carrier can be prevented.04-19-2012
20130118538RICH AIR SPRAYER OF SANITARY WARE - A rich air sprayer of sanitary ware has a base, the base is disposed with at least two waterways; each waterway includes an inlet hole, a mutation cavity connected to the inlet hole and an air inlet hole connected to the mutation cavity, the flow area of the inlet hole is smaller than that of the mutation cavity, negative pressure is generated inside the mutation cavity when the water flows from the inlet hole into the mutation cavity, the negative pressure makes the mutation cavity suck air from the outside of the sprayer through the air inlet hole, the air and the water are mixed to form bubbles; the outlets of the mutation cavities intersect or the tangents of the outlets of the mutation cavities intersect, making the water flowing out of the outlets of the mutation cavities collide to enhance the granular sensation.05-16-2013
20120291827SPRAY TINES FOR A DISHWASHER RACK - Tines that can provide a spray into the interior of containers placed onto a rack of a dishwasher are provided. More particularly, hollow tines or tines having an internal fluid path for feeding washing fluid to one or more openings at or near an upper end of the tines are described. As a fluid is sprayed or ejected from the opening(s), it provides for the cleaning of the interior of glasses, containers, and other dishes placed over the tines.11-22-2012
20110203621Apparatus having paired lifting members for separating stacked pallets - An apparatus for vertically separating stacked pallets a sufficient distance such that each pallet in the stack can be cleaned, with the pallets then immediately restacked after cleaning.08-25-2011
20090025763SUBTRATE TREATMENT APPARATUS - An inventive substrate treatment apparatus includes a substrate rotation unit which rotates a substrate, a brush to be brought into contact with at least a peripheral edge portion of a front surface of the substrate rotated by the substrate rotation unit, and a peripheral rinse liquid ejection unit which ejects a rinse liquid toward a predetermined rinse liquid applying position on the peripheral edge portion of the front surface of the substrate from a position located radially inward of the predetermined rinse liquid applying position with respect to a rotation radius of the substrate, the predetermined rinse liquid applying position being spaced downstream in a substrate rotation direction from a brush contact area of the peripheral edge portion kept in contact with the brush.01-29-2009
20110220158FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CLEANING DEVICE - A fruit and vegetable cleaning device includes a base, a pump, and a pressure vessel. The pump is mounted on the base and includes a water feeding pipe connecting a water inlet port and the pressure vessel. The pressure vessel includes a water discharge port and an electromagnetic valve. The electromagnetic valve includes air inlet and discharge pipes. The pump supplies water to the pressure vessel to allow air to mix with the water inside the pressure vessel, making the water full of tiny air bubbles. As such, residual pesticides remaining on fruits and vegetables may attach to the tiny air bubbles containing in the water when the water is used to clean the fruits and vegetables, and effective cleaning of the fruits and the vegetables can be realized.09-15-2011
20120138110DISHWASHER WITH AUXILIARY SPRAY SYSTEM HAVING REMOVABLE SPRAYERS - An automatic dishwasher having at least one primary sprayer and at least one auxiliary sprayer located within a treating chamber. Wherein the at least one auxiliary sprayer is removably mounted in the treating chamber.06-07-2012
20110220159Beverage Dispensing Gun Cleaning Apparatus - The apparatus includes a cylindrical cleaning chamber for reception of a dispensing head of a beverage dispensing gun. An associated cleaning device has a cleaning head located within the cleaning chamber for discharging cleaning fluid into the cleaning chamber for cleaning the dispensing head of the gun when the dispensing head is mounted within the cleaning chamber. The gun is engagable with a cradle to dock the dispensing head within the cleaning chamber for cleaning by the cleaning head.09-15-2011
20090255560NOZZLE SYSTEM - A cleaning machine, preferably a dishwasher is provided. The machine comprises at least one spray pipe, spray arm or spray arm blade being substantially of elongate extent which is provided with a plurality of, at least two, nozzles along its elongate extent. Cleaning fluid is sprayed onto items to be cleaned, for example containers or dishes, via the at least two nozzles. The flow of the medium which is to be sprayed on is deflected within the spray pipe directly in front of at least one of the nozzles such that the jet flowing through the nozzle opening contains no flow components which are directed in the longitudinal direction of the spray pipe. As a result, the jet emerges from the spray pipe substantially orthogonally to the axis of symmetry of said spray pipe.10-15-2009
20100163085Free Standing Treatment Device For A Dishwasher - The invention provides a free standing treatment device for a dishwasher, the device comprising a. housing (I) containing a battery (07-01-2010
20100300500HANDS-FREE CLEANING APPARATUS FOR ROLLER PADS AND/OR PAINTBRUSHES - According to principles of the present invention, a hands-free cleaning apparatus enables a user to clean roller pads of various pad lengths and/or paintbrushes using a single apparatus. In one embodiment, for example, the cleaning apparatus includes a main housing and a lid. An attachment mechanism is preferably provided on the lid or main housing to receive and retain a roller pad or a brush in a desired position and relationship within the cleaning apparatus. A spraying mechanism having one or more spray nozzles is preferably arranged in the housing to spray water (or other cleaning solution) on the pad or brush in a desired manner. A hose attachment can supply water to the apparatus. The spraying mechanism preferably receives water from an attached hose. The spray tips or nozzles are preferably provided at desired locations along the spraying mechanism to provide a desired spray pattern for spinning and cleaning the pad or brush. In one configuration, each spray tip is arranged with a spray direction that is slightly offset from one another in relation to the surface of the roller pad or brush being cleaned, thus helping to force rotation. The bottom of the apparatus can also include a drain hole to allow water and paint to be dispensed as the pad or brush is being cleaned, and legs to support the apparatus a desired distance above a supporting surface, thus allowing water and paint to be drained more efficiently. The lid preferably engages the body in a sealing relationship to prevent spillage during operation of the apparatus. A handle can be a part of the lid to provide easy portability of the cleaning apparatus. A protrusion or extension can also be included as part of the lid to seal off the attachment mechanism and prevent water seepage and to also act as a stabilizer for the roller bar or brush adapter.12-02-2010
20100186785FLUID INLET FOR A DISHWASHER - A fluid inlet for a dishwasher configured to help manage acoustic emissions is provided. The fluid inlet includes a nozzle that defines a plurality of relatively small-diameter orifices and a plurality of relatively large-diameter orifices. The large diameter orifices may define a diverging cross-section. The relatively small-diameter orifices may be interspersed in a plurality of clusters between the relative larger diameter orifices. The fluid inlet may further include an enclosure defining a vertically descending channel from the nozzle toward a bottom of a tub of the dishwasher and one or more dampers within the enclosure such that the water exiting the nozzle cascades down onto and over the dampers and out of the enclosures through one or more outlets of the enclosure to the bottom of the tub.07-29-2010
20110017247Cleaning Device for Transmission Electron Microscopes - An apparatus for cleaning the specimen and interior specimen chamber of Transmission Electron Microscopes, and similar electron- or charged-particle-beam instruments consisting of a plasma cleaning device mounted on a hollow rod that replaces the stage through the air lock of the instrument by being the same shape and size as the stage support rod. The plasma cleaning device is a small hollow cathode that is excited by RF power. Air or other oxygen containing mixtures is admitted to the plasma through the hollow rod at a pressure below 1 Torr. The plasma creates oxygen radicals from the oxygen containing gas. The oxygen radicals oxidize the hydrocarbons contamination and convert them to easily pumped gases. The apparatus can be attached to the electron microscope whenever cleaning is needed, and then is easily removed to return the instrument to its analytical function.01-27-2011
20110030742FLUID CIRCULATION ARRANGEMENT FOR PROVIDING AN INTENSIFIED WASH EFFECT IN A DISHWASHER AND AN ASSOCIATED METHOD - According to embodiments of the present invention, a dishwasher may provide an intensified wash effect. The dishwasher may include a rack defining a bottom and a sidewall, wherein the rack is adapted to receive dishware therein. A dishwashing fluid supply channel may be configured to supply dishwashing fluid to a spray assembly. The spray assembly may comprise at least one nozzle member. Thereby, the spray assembly may be adapted to receive the dishwashing fluid from the dishwashing fluid supply channel and to dispense the dishwashing fluid therethrough. The spray assembly may be coupled to the sidewall of the rack. Further, the nozzle member may be attached to an arm which is moveable between at least a first position wherein the arm is adjacent the sidewall of the rack and a second position wherein the arm is adjacent the bottom of the rack.02-10-2011
20110083707DEVICE FOR CLEANING DRAIN CONDUITS - Devices for cleaning drains and/or conduits and methods of using the same. In one example, an overflow drain cleaning device (04-14-2011
20110061693Cleaning-In-Place System For Flat Belts - A cleaning-in-place system for use with an easily cleanable flexible belt. A sprocket is provided with a body having a first opening formed between adjacent pairs of teeth. The opening extends toward the center of the sprocket to provide access to the underside of the belt, when the belt engages with the sprocket, for application of cleaning medium.03-17-2011
20110079254Rotary impingement cleaning apparatus for sanitary environments - A rotary impingement cleaning apparatus is configured for use in sanitary environments with a minimum of components to enable easy inspection and cleaning. The components of the cleaning apparatus are formed to fit relatively loosely to one another and promote self flushing and self drainage of cleaning liquid. A stator is mounted within a housing for diverting the flow of the pressurized cleaning liquid from axial to angular to impinge and rotationally drive a rotator stem or a rotor. The rotator stem or rotor causes an elbow to rotate around the vertical axis and a number of nozzles mounted to a nozzle housing to rotate around the horizontal axis.04-07-2011
20110240071DISHWASHER - The present invention relates to a dishwasher (10-06-2011
20120266924WATER DIVERTER VALVE AND RELATED DISHWASHER - A gravity and flow operated diverter valve diverts liquid flow from one source to either of two output destinations. The valve includes a housing, an inlet opening, a first outlet opening and a second outlet opening. A valve member is located coaxially in the housing interior, the valve member having at least one flow path extending axially therethough, an exterior edge of the valve member and an interior surface of the side wall having a cooperating cam follower structure defining a cyclic path, the path having at least two no flow positions in which the valve member is spaced from the upper wall, and at least two flow positions in which the flow path in the disc selectively allows communication with one or both of the first and second outlet openings, the cyclic path arranged so that on successive liquid flows into the inlet opening the valve member cycles between the at least two flow positions to selectively direct flow out of one or both of the first and second outlet openings. Related dishwasher designs are also disclosed.10-25-2012
20110048476DEVICE FOR REMOVING FOREIGN MATERIAL FROM PROCESSING TANK - A device for removing, from a processing tank, foreign material that becomes detached from a work when the work is immersed in a processing liquid held in a processing tank. The device includes a grooved part having a plurality of concave and convex shapes formed along a work-conveying direction on at least the bottom surface of the processing tank, a hopper provided in the processing tank, a processing liquid supply pipe which supplies the processing liquid circulating through the hopper to the processing tank, a plurality of branch pipes branched from the processing liquid supply pipe and arranged on ridges of the grooved part, and processing liquid discharge nozzles provided so as to face the hopper at sections of the branch pipes opposing bottom parts of the grooved part.03-03-2011
20110146735WAREWASHING SYSTEM ARM - A rinse arm or wash arm includes a tubular body connected to a fluid source. The tubular body has at least a first aperture and a second aperture therethrough. The first aperture forms a first spray and the second aperture forms a second spray when the fluid flows through the tubular body from the fluid source. The first aperture has a first aperture axis therethrough and the second aperture has a second aperture axis therethrough. The first aperture axis forms a first angle with a first vertical axis and the second aperture axis forms a second angle with a second vertical axis. The first angle is greater than 0 degrees, so that the first aperture directs the first spray towards the second spray forming an overlapping spray of the first spray and the second spray.06-23-2011
20100065093Dishwashing machine tank - A dishwashing machine includes a tub having a sidewall. The sidewall has a first wall and a second wall connected by a bottom wall. The sidewall is connected to a first end wall and a second end wall. The first end wall is connected to the first wall, the second wall, and the bottom wall on a first end of the sidewall and the second end wall is connected to the first wall, the second wall, and the bottom wall on a second end of the sidewall forming an interior volume. The tub has the same amount of welding regardless of a length of the sidewall.03-18-2010
20110146734SPRAY ARM ASSEMBLY FOR A DISHWASHER - A dishwasher includes a spray arm assembly positioned in the wash chamber of the dishwasher's tub. The spray arm assembly includes a corner arm that is driven by a gear train. The transfer gear assembly of the gear train is operable to decouple the gear train from its input when rotation of the corner arm is obstructed.06-23-2011
20110041882Cleaning Device - A device for cleaning a surface comprises a pressurised container containing a cleaning composition; a nozzle through which the composition is arranged to be dispensed, in use, upon an actuation of a valve; a shroud attached to the container and surrounding the nozzle. The shroud has a hollow generally cylindrical portion adjacent to the nozzle for guiding the dispensed product in the direction in which it leaves the nozzle, and a flared portion at the end of the cylindrical portion furthest from the nozzle forming a spreading plate for guiding the dispensed product laterally when in contact, in use, with a surface to be cleaned. The nozzle is arranged to be actuated by movement of the container towards the shroud. The device comprises a reservoir. The nozzle and shroud are configured so that, in use, the cleaning composition is directed across the surface to be cleaned and into the reservoir. The shroud is relatively movable with respect to the reservoir and is biased to a closed position in which it closes the reservoir to retain the cleaning composition in the reservoir. A restriction is provided within the cylindrical portion of the shroud and a corresponding projection is provided on the nozzle. The restriction and projection are configured such that they temporarily retard relative movement of the nozzle through the shroud, wherein the biasing on the shroud is sufficient to move the shroud to the closed position once the projection has passed the restriction.02-24-2011
20110162682Device and System for Manoeuvring Cleaning Apparatuses - Device for manoeuvring and propulsion of a cleaning apparatus for removal of marine fouling from marine installations below surface. The device at least includes an induction part adapted to supply of a fluid at high pressure, a nozzle with an inlet for supply of the fluid at high pressure, and a tubular body with an induction side and an outlet where said nozzle is arranged close to the induction side. The device also includes a system for cleaning of marine installations where one or more devices for manoeuvring and propulsion are used.07-07-2011
20110186096AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE UNIT - The disclosure relates to a maintenance unit for servicing aircraft during stand-still, comprising electrically powered service and/or maintenance equipment. There is a power input for connecting the unit to an electrical power supply operating at 200/115VAC at 400 Hz. The unit further comprises a transformer and conversion unit (TCU) for transforming the 200/115 VAC/400 Hz power to standard grid voltage at 400/23OVAC at 50 Hz and at least one frequency converter enabling variable frequency of the output voltage, for powering said service and/or maintenance equipment. The maintenance equipment may be a gas turbine engine washing equipment and comprises a water delivery member for supplying water from a water source, a high pressure pump coupled to the water providing means for providing pressurized water, and a high pressure water outlet connection for connecting cleaning devices.08-04-2011
20110114139WATER-BEARING DOMESTIC APPLIANCE WITH A WATER DIVERTER - A water-bearing domestic appliance, in particular a dishwasher or washing machine, having a water diverter which is formed by an adjustable fluid distributor body provided with one or more passage openings. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, respective passage openings connect a respective water supply path to a respective water discharge path in such a way that the direction of flow of water into and out of the passage openings is established in essentially the same direction of flow of water.05-19-2011
20120037194Hands-Free Paint Roller Cleaner - A paint roller enclosure and cleaning device is disclosed that eliminates the need for a user to manually clean a roller tool after its use. The device comprises an enclosure with an interior volume wherein a used paint roller is secured. A spray pipe with a plurality of apertures directs fluid directly onto the roller. Feed for the spray pipe is controllable by a ball valve that regulates the flow of fluid, updating the intensity and volume of fluid being entered into the enclosure. When flowing, the fluid sprays from the spray pipe within the enclosure directed at a paint roller and handle. The roller is forcibly rotated by the spray fluid and cleaned of residual paint and debris without requiring the user to do so by hand. Fluid then drains through a drainage hole at the base of the enclosure, into a flex pipe and into a drain or appropriate container. A transparent covering is provided over the upper surface of the enclosure to allow visualization of the cleaning process and to prevent fluid from escaping or spraying the user. Optionally, an air hose may be attached to the enclosure to dry the roller following cleaning.02-16-2012
20120305037SPRAYING ARM ASSEMBLY FOR A CLEANING MACHINE FOR A MULTI-RACK TROLLEY OF A CLEANING MACHINE - A spraying arm assembly for a trolley (12-06-2012
20110155190HYDRAULIC COUPLING OF A VERTICALLY ADJUSTABLE DISH BASKET OF A DISHWASHER - A dishwasher having a washing compartment with a sidewall; a height-adjustable basket that can be at least partially withdrawn from the washing compartment; a spray arm; a feed pipe, disposed on the basket, for the spray arm; and a coupling device. The coupling device has a first part-coupling that is disposed on the sidewall and that has first openings arranged vertically one above another. The coupling device also has a second part-coupling that is connected to the feed pipe and that has a second opening which, depending on a height adjustment of the basket, cooperates with one of the first openings such that washing liquor passes through that opening and the second opening and flows via the feed pipe to the spray arm. The washing liquor is discharged under pressure from the first openings. The second part-coupling closes the remaining first openings.06-30-2011
20120006366MEDICAL STERILIZATION CONTAINER WITH GAS-EXCHANGE FILTER - A medical sterilization container has a removable container cover, which is provided in a wall area (01-12-2012
20120204915WATER BROOM - A surface cleaning apparatus is disclosed. The cleaning apparatus connects to a liquid source under pressure, such as a garden hose, and disperses liquid on to a surface to remove debris from the surface. The surface cleaning apparatus comprises a handle member and a manifold. The manifold is connected to the liquid source at one end and the other end is connected to the manifold. The manifold has a right and a left section each of which is pivotally combined to the handle member. The right and left sections rotate between an extended position substantially perpendicular to the handle member and a retracted position parallel with the handle member.08-16-2012
20120204916CLEANING COMPOSITIONS FOR REMOVING POLYMERIC CONTAMINANTS FROM PAPERMAKING SURFACES - Embodiments of cleaning compositions for removing polymeric soils comprise at least one surfactant, at least one amine, and a solvent blend comprising at least one aromatic alcohol, at least one dibasic ester, and at least one terpene solvent.08-16-2012
20110094549CLEANING SYSTEM FOR SOLAR PANEL - A cleaning system for solar panels includes a number of solar cells and a transparent protection pane covering the solar cells. The cleaning system includes a frame, a cleaning device, and an operating device. The frame includes a first sidewall and a opposite second sidewall facing away from the first sidewall. The cleaning device is affixed on the transparent protection panel. The operating device includes a motor, a pulley and a belt. The motor is affixed on one end of the first sidewall. The pulley is affixed on the other end of the first sidewall. The belt is wrapped around the rotating shaft of the motor and the pulley. The cleaning device includes an axle connected to the operating device and a washer provided on the axle. The cleaning device is driven by the operating device to clean the solar panel.04-28-2011
20110088733WATER-BEARING DOMESTIC APPLIANCE - A water-bearing domestic appliance including a water diverter to distribute washing liquor. The water diverter has a carrier element that is a cast part in which lines for actuating the actuator are embedded. The water-bearing domestic appliance also includes an actuator that is fastened to the carrier element.04-21-2011
20120247521FLUID INLET FOR A DISHWASHER - A fluid inlet for a dishwasher configured to help manage acoustic emissions is provided. The fluid inlet includes a nozzle that defines a first plurality of orifices and a second plurality of orifices having a larger diameter than the first plurality of orifices. The first or second plurality of orifices may define a diverging cross-section. The first plurality of orifices may be interspersed in a plurality of clusters between the second plurality of orifices. The fluid inlet may further include an enclosure defining a vertically descending channel from the nozzle toward a bottom of a tub of the dishwasher and one or more dampers within the enclosure such that the water exiting the nozzle cascades down onto and over the dampers and out of the enclosures through one or more outlets of the enclosure to the bottom of the tub.10-04-2012
20120312341APPARATUS FOR MONITORING THE ROTATION OF THE SPRAYING ARMS OF A MULTI-RACK TROLLEY OF A CLEANING MACHINE - Apparatus for monitoring the rotation of the spraying arms of a trolley (12-13-2012
20120312340HIGH PRESSURE WATER CLEANER WITH DETACHABLE WATER TANK - A high pressure water cleaner with detachable water tank includes a water cleaner main unit having an internal hydraulic pump, a top receptacle and a feed water connector in the receptacle in communication with the hydraulic pump, and a water tank detachably insertable into the receptacle and lockable to the receptacle by a movable lock. Thus, the water cleaner main unit and the water tank can be used together or separately subject to different application requirements.12-13-2012
20110180117METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR WET CLEANING ELECTRODE ASSEMBLIES FOR PLASMA PROCESSING APPARATUSES - Methods of cleaning backing plates of electrode assemblies, or electrode assemblies including a backing plate and an electrode plate are provided. The methods can be used to clean backing plates and electrode plates made of various materials, such as silicon electrode plates and graphite and aluminum backing plates. The backing plates and electrode assemblies can be new, used or refurbished. A flushing fixture that can be used in the cleaning methods is also provided.07-28-2011
20100051071SPRAY ARM - An arm includes a tubular body that is rotatable. The tubular body has a first end portion, a second end portion and an intermediate portion between the first end portion and the second end portion. The first end portion is bent in a first direction forming a first angle with the intermediate portion, and the second end portion is bent in a second direction forming a second angle with the intermediate portion. A plurality of nozzles are through the tubular body.03-04-2010
20120260956CLEANING DEVICE FOR CLEANING HOLDER OF LENS MODULE - A cleaning device for cleaning holders includes a chamber, a rotatable component, a lifting component, a support component, and a jetting component. The rotatable component is positioned on an inner surface of the chamber. One end of the lifting component is connected to the rotatable component, and another end of the lifting component is connected to the support component. The supporting component supports the holders. The jetting component is positioned on another inner surface of the chamber and faces the support component. The jetting component includes water guns. The rotatable component rotates the lifting component and the support component. The lifting component moves the support component to a position where each high pressure water gun inserts into a corresponding holder.10-18-2012
20100326483Expulsion apparatus - An expulsion apparatus for a cleaning fluid or treatment fluid, in particular a lance for a high-pressure cleaner, includes a fluid feed line at whose one end a head piece is connected pivotably about a pivot axis and setting means for the changing of the fluid throughflow rate through the head piece, wherein the head piece and the setting means are coupled such that the fluid throughflow rate through the head piece varies in dependence on the set pivot angle between the fluid feed line and the head piece.12-30-2010
20120325277DISHWASHER SPRAY ARM ASSEMBLY - A spray arm assembly for a dishwasher system is disclosed. The spray arm assembly includes a spray arm which has an internal chamber, a liquid inlet in flow communication with the internal chamber to supply the internal chamber with liquid from a source of liquid, an outlet passageway in flow communication with the internal chamber for discharging liquid from the internal chamber, an air inlet in flow communication with the outlet passageway, and a region adjacent the air inlet and defining part of the outlet passageway. The region is configured to create a venturi effect at the air inlet when the liquid passes through the region so that air is drawn into the outlet passageway from the air inlet and a mixture of air and liquid is discharged from the outlet passageway. A dishwasher system incorporating such a spray arm assembly is also disclosed.12-27-2012
20110226293ALKALINE CLEANING COMPOSITIONS - A cleaning composition comprising: (i) a buffering system comprising a strong base and an organic acid; (ii) an alkanolamine; (iii) at least one surfactant chosen from a zwitterionic surfactant, a non-ionic surfactant, an ionic surfactant and mixtures thereof; and (iv) an organic solvent chosen from lower alkanols, glycol ethers and diethers, and mixtures thereof; wherein the pH of the composition is about 9 to about 13. These alkaline cleaning compositions are useful to remove burnt-on and/or baked-on soil deposits and grease.09-22-2011
20110226292 DISHWASHER - The present invention relates to a dishwasher (09-22-2011
20120080063WASHING APPARATUS COMPRISING A CAPSULE-SHAPED WASHING CHAMBER - The conventional washing apparatus has a double-cup washing tank that joins and separates to let work be placed therein, with nozzles set on the inner cup to allow a passage between it and the outer cup for spent liquid and/or air. The work is cleaned by washing detergent spirally flowing along the periphery of the inner cup by suction power within the passage, and then dried. Suction is not generated within the inner cup, so the spiral flow is too weak to make the tornado effect. This invention though resolves the above issues by an encased washing apparatus having a capsule-shaped washing chamber that joins and separates, has nozzles thereon, has a work table within that rotates by a drive device, has a drain at the bottom, and is characterized by washing detergent, cleaning water and/or air swirling by negative pressure within the washing chamber and then discharging into a drain.04-05-2012
20120080062PAINT ROLLER CLEANER - Among other things, there is shown a device for cleaning or rinsing one or more paint roller covers simultaneously. In certain embodiments, a container is provided with one or more spindles within for accommodating the covers. Hubs to support or to rotate the covers may be on the spindles. A top closes the container and has a conduit connected to it, so that the conduit will be placed adjacent to the spindles when the container is closed. The conduit has a series of holes and/or slots to spray fluid toward covers on the spindles, making the covers spin around the spindles. Connections for fluid flow, for example from a consumer hose, are included to allow water or other fluid to flow into the conduit.04-05-2012
20110247665WASH CHAMBER FOR AUTOMATED APPENDAGE-WASHING APPARATUS - A wash cylinder or chamber for an automated cleaning station to clean an object or a person's body part includes nozzles on the interior of the cylinder, the nozzles of one embodiment comprising an increasing roll angle providing a novel spray pattern. Additionally, embodiments of the invention include fluid guidance and conveyance structures, angled nozzles, sealing structures, finger guards, nozzle ribs, wash chamber seating mechanisms and drains, and nozzle inlays having a plurality of nozzles. Also disclosed are methods of washing an object or body part using a wash cylinder or chamber and methods of assembling a wash cylinder or chamber.10-13-2011
20120279535UNIVERSAL SHELVING SYSTEM - A washer, comprising a washing chamber defined by a pair of side walls, a top wall and a bottom wall, the washing chamber having an opened front face and an opened back face. A first shelf assembly is mounted within the washing chamber having at least one shelf section for receiving and supporting articles to be cleaned during a washing operation. A second shelf assembly is mounted within the washing chamber vertically above the first shelf. The second shelf assembly is mounted to the side walls having at least two shelf sections, at least one of the at least two shelf sections being selectively removable from the washing chamber so that additional space may be provided for larger articles on one side of the first shelf, and so that articles may be inserted into or removed from the washing chamber through the front face or back face of the washing chamber.11-08-2012
20120279534DISHWASHER SPRAY ARM ASSEMBLY WITH REDUCED LEAKAGE JOINT - A dishwasher spray arm assembly has a spray arm rotationally configured on a conduit. The spray arm includes a lower spray arm component mated with an upper spray arm component with an internal space defined between the upper and lower spray arm components. A bearing is interposed between the spray arm and conduit to conduct water from said conduit into the internal space, with the spray arm rotatably configured on the bearing. The bearing further includes a lower shaft section that mates with the conduit and an upper disc section sandwiched between the upper and lower spray arm components. A low-friction washer is disposed between the upper disc section and the lower spray arm component. The lower spray arm component and the disc section define a tortuous interference path for water to leak out from the internal space around the bearing.11-08-2012
20120298155DISHWASHER WITH SLIDABLE TINE ASSEMBLY - A dishwasher for cleaning utensils comprising a tub, a spray system, and a rack having a wireframe body, a set of fixed tines disposed on the bottom, and a set of slidably adjustable tines arranged in pairs and adjustable relative to the fixed set of paired tines.11-29-2012
20130019911SURFACE CLEANING HEAD - A surface cleaning head is provided comprising a dome-shaped, downwardly open housing, in which at least one spray arm is mounted for rotation about an axis of rotation, wherein the spray arm bears at a distance from the axis of rotation a nozzle which can be acted upon with cleaning fluid subject to pressure and revolves around the axis of rotation together with the spray arm, and comprising a protective disk which covers the at least one spray arm towards the open underside of the housing and defines a ring-shaped fluid passage for a stream of fluid to pass through, said fluid passage being penetrated by retaining bars, wherein the at least one spray arm is rotatable relative to the protective disk. The retaining bars are arranged so as to be distributed unevenly in circumferential direction.01-24-2013
20120240968SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR SANITIZING A DOOR OPENING DEVICE OR OTHER POINT OF CONTACT - An apparatus for sanitizing a point-of-contact surface may include a housing configured to be affixed about at least a portion of said point of contact. The housing may have an interior in or through which the point of contact may be accessed and an anterior opening for access to the interior. The apparatus may further include one or more sources of a sanitizing agent configured to direct the sanitizing agent toward a location where at least a portion of the point-of-contact surface may be disposed. One or more of an anterior dome, an inner surface, and a posterior surface may also be configured to reflect the sanitizing agent toward the location where at least a portion of the point-of-contact surface may be disposed.09-27-2012
20080230100Nozzle assembly - A nozzle assembly for use in cleaning tubular members of a tube-type heat exchange having a protective coating. A metal nozzle core for communicating with a source of high-pressure water is covered at an exterior portion thereof with a plastic nozzle sleeve for engagement with the heat exchanger. A circumferential ridge of the nozzle core disposed in a circumferential groove of the nozzle sleeve prevents separation of the nozzle core and nozzle sleeve during use.09-25-2008
20110253182Clean-In-Place Shaft Bushing - A shaft bushing is provided that can be automatically cleaned in place, without requiring manual cleaning by a technician, and that can be used with food processing equipment. The shaft bushing has a body with a circumferential sidewall, opposing ends, and an opening in at least one of the ends the can accept cleaning fluid thereinto. The opening may be defined by ends of longitudinal grooves that extend along the bushing and that may direct the cleaning fluid between the bushing body and the support structure, and/or the bushing body and the shaft.10-20-2011
20130139859DISHWASHER - A capable of efficiently disposing nozzles spraying washing water is provided. A dishwasher includes a washing tub, an upper rack, a lower rack and a middle nozzle. The washing tub forms a space in which dishes are washed. The upper rack has the dishes loaded thereto, being provided inside the washing tub. The lower rack is provided below the upper rack, being provided inside the washing tub. The middle nozzle sprays washing water toward the upper and lower racks, being provided on side walls of the washing tub.06-06-2013
20130139860WASH ARM ARRANGEMENT FOR A DISHWASHER - A wash arm arrangement (06-06-2013
20080216879Sanitizer cleaning system for shopping carts - A self-contained, fogging/atomizing sanitizer cleaning system for multiple grocery/shopping carts is manufactured and retro-fit for any size room which is used to hold shopping/grocery carts before they are distributed to consumers for use in retail stores. A stationary pumping station has a direct drive stainless steel high-pressure pump, a control panel with start stop controls, an adjustable timer, a solenoid pressure release valve, a high-pressure cut-off switch, and sanitizer storage tank. The pumping station is operatively connected to stainless steel tubing, fog/atomizing nozzle lines, stainless steel extenders, and anti-drip atomizing nozzles spray jet heads which are mounted to two walls of a preexisting cart holding room or coral with mounting hardware/channel clamps (either inside or outside the retailer). This systems kit provides the retailer the ability to fill the shopping cart holding room (either indoor or outdoor) with stacked together shopping carts and automatically based on a timer, sanitize multiple shopping/grocery carts at once in a matter of seconds.09-11-2008
20080216878Material-removal system - A material-removal system can include a spray-head assembly with a plurality of rotatable fluid bars arranged in a single shroud with overlapping sweeps. A gear-box assembly can index the rotations of the fluid bars to coordinate their rotation and prevent the fluid bars from interfering with one another. The material-removal system can be mounted on a mobile platform, such as a vehicle. The vehicle can have a fluid-storage tank and a debris tank that can be tilted for dumping operation while the fluid-storage tank remains stationary. A peristaltic pump can advantageously remove liquid waste from the debris tank while a vacuum system has the debris tank operating under vacuum. The spray-head assembly can be coupled to the vehicle with an articulating-arm assembly that can include a four-bar mechanism and a pair of rotary actuators to facilitate vertical and rotational movement of the arm assembly and the spray-head assembly.09-11-2008
20130125936WASH ARM ARRANGEMENT FOR A DISHWASHER - A wash arm arrangement (05-23-2013
20080210277Warewasher and Associated Door Construction - A warewasher for washing wares including a housing defining an internal space with at least one spray zone for washing wares. The housing includes an opening defined in part by a lower shelf. A liquid delivery system provides a spray of liquid within the spray zone. An access door has a vertically hinged connection to the housing to provide an open configuration that allows user access to the spray zone and a closed configuration that inhibits user access to the spray zone. The access door includes a threshold seal member at the bottom of the access door. The threshold seal member includes a lower sealing portion that mates with an upper surface of the shelf to provide a lower seal extending laterally along a width of the access door, and an inner sealing portion that cooperates with an inner edge the shelf to provide an inner seal extending laterally along the width of the access door. The inner seal located nearer the spray zone than the lower seal.09-04-2008
20080202568Cleaning cup system for chemical mechanical planarization apparatus - The present invention is related to an improved cleaning cup arrangement for CMP systems that efficiently and effectively removes most, if not all, of any slurry material present on the abrasive conditioning disk and conditioner head as they are resting in the cup between conditioning cycles. The cleaning cup of the present invention includes an underside water knife for directing a high velocity stream of cleaning fluid against the rotating abrasive disk (or conditioning brush, which may be used instead of a disk) surface, and at least a pair of spray stems for directing columns of cleaning fluid with sufficient cleaning force against all exposed portions of the conditioner head.08-28-2008
20100307546Apparatus for cleaning cylinders or rolls - An apparatus for cleaning cylinders (12-09-2010
20100307545UNDERWATER CLEANING ROBOT AND AUXILIARY CLEANING WORK MACHINE - In a submersible cleaning robot comprising a robot body (12-09-2010
20110232701MASTIC-LESS DISHWASHER PROVIDING INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND INCLUDING A RECYCLABLE AND RECLAIMABLE TUB - Embodiments of a mastic-less dishwasher are provided. The dishwasher may include a mastic-less material coupled to the dishwasher door or walls of recyclable and/or reclaimable tub. The dishwasher is free of a mastic material such that during operation the dishwasher may provide greater energy efficiency than a dishwasher comprising a mastic material. The mastic-less material may be non-expandable and/or a mass dampener material. Further, related methods for assembling a dishwasher are also provided.09-29-2011
20110232700ENDOSCOPE CLEANING INSTRUMENT AND ENDOSCOPE CLEANING APPARATUS - An endoscope cleaning instrument and an endoscope cleaning apparatus are provided that have a simple configuration and that can be manufactured easily and at a low cost. An endoscope cleaning instrument of the invention cleans a distal end portion of an endoscope by ejecting a fluid fed from a fluid supply section towards a side face and a front face of the distal end portion. The endoscope cleaning instrument includes a connection portion that is attachable to and detachable from the fluid supply section; at least one tubular portion that has a tube shape including an inner circumferential portion and an outer circumferential portion and that can introduce the fluid supplied from the fluid supply section via the connection portion into an inner space enclosed by the inner circumferential portion, and that is provided so as to enclose an outer space that can accommodate the distal end portion by means of at least a part of the outer circumferential portion; and through-holes that include a plurality of first through-holes that are provided in the tubular portion so as to connect the inner space and the outer space and that open towards the side face of the distal end portion accommodated in the outer space, and a plurality of second through-holes that are provided in the tubular portion so as to connect the inner space and the outer space and that open towards the front face of the distal end portion accommodated in the outer space.09-29-2011
20110232699Aqua comb - The present invention may be used for thoroughly and quickly cleaning pool water filters and like filter cartridges. The Aqua Comb is comprised of four design elements: 09-29-2011
20130180556APPLIANCE WITH AN INSET BASE ELEMENT - The present subject matter provides a base element for an appliance. The base element includes a projected portion and an inset portion. The inset portion has a different height than the projected portion such that the inset portion is configured for receipt of flooring.07-18-2013
20110303250SPRAY ASSEMBLY FOR A DISHWASHER - A dishwasher includes a spray assembly positioned in the wash chamber of the dishwasher's tub. The spray assembly includes a spray arm that is driven by an input shaft. The input shaft is operable to both drive the spray arm and selectively divert wash fluid to the fluid nozzles associated with the wings of the spray arm.12-15-2011
20130206190ARRANGEMENT IN A DISHWASHER - The present invention relates to a spray arm (08-15-2013
20130206191Painting implement cleaning and support apparatus - A painting implement cleaning and storage apparatus 08-15-2013

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