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134 - Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

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134036000 Plural, separately fed, and either simultaneously applied or admixed, treating fluids 31
134037000 Gas or vapor blasts or currents 17
134035000 Caused by heating 2
20080223416METAL CLEANING AGENT AND METHOD FOR CLEANING METAL PARTS - A cleaning agent for metal parts (e.g., steel articles) includes sodium hydroxide in an approximate amount of 15 wt % (percent by weight) to 25 wt %, sodium tripolyphosphate in an approximate amount of 6 wt % to 9 wt %, sodium metasilicate in an approximate amount of 48 wt % to 51 wt %, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate in an approximate amount of 2 wt % to 5 wt %, sodium carbonate in an approximate amount of 8 wt % to 11 wt %, and alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether in an approximate amount of 1 wt % to 4 wt %.09-18-2008
20130092198TEAT CUP CLEANING DEVICE AND METHOD RELATED THERETO - A teat cup cleaning device having a heating chamber, provided with a discharge which is closable by a valve, and arranged for connection to a teat cup. A filling device is provided for filling the heating chamber with an amount of cleaning liquid, and a heating arrangement is arranged to heat the contents of the heating chamber to a temperature T higher than the boiling point Tk of the cleaning liquid at ambient pressure. The valve opens in this situation to deliver the heated cleaning liquid to the teat cup. The teat cup cleaning device also comprising a connecting line between a liquid supply and the discharge.04-18-2013
20130025635Installation Providing a Treatment Jet for Cleaning and/or Degreasing Manufactured Parts - The present invention relates to an installation for cleaning and/or degreasing manufactured parts. The installation applicator includes a first outlet nozzle connected to a device for producing vapor in order to produce a central jet consisting of the pressurized water vapor and a second outlet nozzle surrounding the first nozzle. The second nozzle is connected to a device for producing pressurized air in order to produce a peripheral jet consisting of the pressurized air. The nozzles form a composite treatment jet made of the central jet of pressurized water vapor and the peripheral jet of pressurized air with the peripheral jet surrounding the central jet.01-31-2013
20130074881PROCESS FOR PICKLING OR DESCALING A CONCRETE SURFACE - A method for pickling or descaling a concrete surface employing at least one jet of liquid nitrogen at cryogenic temperature below −100° C. at a pressure of at least 500 bar, distributed by the discharge orifice of at least one nozzle for distributing the jet of liquid nitrogen. At least a portion of the distributing nozzle is protected by a resistant material haying a hardness of at least 7 on Mohs' scale. Preferably, the resistant material is deposited externally on at least a portion of wall of nozzle. Advantageously, the material is selected from tungsten carbide, boron carbide, titanium carbide, silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride, alumina and corundum.03-28-2013
20130081659CLEANING OF OIL-IN-WATER MONITORS - An oil-in-water monitor cleaning apparatus includes a nozzle configured to direct pressurized cleaning fluid at an optical window.04-04-2013
20130074880INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SYSTEM AND METHODS RELATED THERETO - Embodiments of the invention relate to an industrial cleaning system and related methods. The system and methods utilize propelled media to clean equipment and facilities.03-28-2013
20130074879STAGED COMPRESSOR WATER WASH SYSTEM - A compressor wash system for compressor washing includes stages of fluid delivery lines coupled at one end to a pump output and at the other end to a corresponding nozzle set. A control valve is connected to the fluid delivery line between the pump and the nozzle set, selectively supplying fluid between the pump and the nozzle set. Each nozzle of a nozzle set is positioned on an inlet of the compressor to allow the stages to wash a portion of the compressor. Nozzle sets are positioned around a bellmouth assembly and/or around an inlet cone of the compressor inlet, with a nozzle spray tip of each nozzle extending into an inlet air flow path of the compressor. Fluid may be directed to one or more of the stages in a sequencing pattern determined and configured to wash the compressor. Templates and installation guides are utilized to position the nozzles.03-28-2013
20130032176METHOD FOR CLEANING AN OUTER SURFACE AND USE OF A MULTI-JET ROTATING HEAD IN THE CLEANING METHOD - The invention relates to a method for cleaning an outer surface (02-07-2013
20100043840Dishwasher and controlling method thereof - A dishwasher and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which noise generated from rotation of a passage switching valve can be reduced in a manner of adjusting a rotation timing point of the passage switching valve and a rotation speed of a wash pump. The embodiments describe rotating a passage switching valve for switching a passage to selectively supply water to either an upper nozzle or a lower nozzle and reducing a rotational speed of a wash pump supplying the water to the upper and lower nozzles before the rotation of the passage switching valve.02-25-2010
20080236633Method And Device For Cleaning Welding Torches With Co2 Dry Ice - The invention relates to a process and devices for cleaning welding torches, for example in automated welding lines, on welding robots and in single-piece production, by means of a cold medium, preferably CO10-02-2008
20130037064DEVICE AND PROCESS FOR GENERATING A PULSED JET OF A LIQUID FLUID - In order to provide a device for generating a pulsed jet of a liquid fluid comprising a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a blocking element arranged between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet, which cyclically closes and opens a fluid passage between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet, which device enables an improved mechanical action on an object subjected to the pulsed jet, it is proposed that the device comprises at least one bypass, through which a liquid fluid can also be fed to the fluid outlet during a closing phase of the blocking element.02-14-2013
20120180822Liquid Processing Apparatus and Liquid Processing Method - Disclosed are a liquid processing apparatus and a liquid processing method that can advance a plurality of nozzle supporting arms into a processing chamber. The liquid processing apparatus includes a processing chamber, a nozzle configured to supply a fluid to a substrate held by a substrate holding unit, a nozzle supporting arm configured to support the nozzle, and an arm standby unit installed adjacent to the processing chamber and configured for the nozzle supporting arm retreating from the processing chamber to stand by. In the liquid processing apparatus, a plurality of nozzle supporting arms are installed and one nozzle supporting arm has a different height level from the other nozzle supporting arms.07-19-2012
20100263692CLEANING DEVICE FOR A COMPONENT LOADED WITH LINT IN A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE, AND METHOD FOR CLEANING A COMPONENT LOADED WITH LINT - A cleaning device for a component loaded with lint in a household appliance for laundry care. The cleaning device includes a rinsing unit to guide rinsing fluid to the component to remove the lint. The rinsing unit has a flow element disposed above the component, and the flow element builds up a dynamic pressure of the rinsing fluid in the flow element.10-21-2010
20120216839HOT ROLLING HIGH-PRESSURE FLUID DESCALING METHOD AND DESCALING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a hot rolling high-pressure fluid descaling method and descaling apparatus. The apparatus comprises at least one descaling unit, a axial direction of a main pipe header of the descaling unit and a rolling stock transportation direction intersect. Each nozzle ejects fluid onto a surface of the rolling stock to form an impact region. The adjacent impact regions are presented in an alternate pattern on the surface of the rolling stock. The center lines of the impact regions along a longitudinal direction are spaced apart by a specific distance, and the center lines are essentially perpendicular to the rolling stock transportation direction. The interference caused by the rebounding of the jet sprays from the adjacent nozzles is reduced. Hence, the descaling quality is improved, that is, the roll-in-scale in the surface of the products is reduced and the surface quality of the products is enhanced.08-30-2012
20130056037APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF PROCESSING SUBSTRATE - A processing unit includes third discharge nozzles. Each of the third discharge nozzles discharges a processing liquid toward a lower tapered surface of a groove of a V-shaped cross-sectional configuration formed in a side wall of an inner bath. This forms relatively low-speed liquid flows within the inner bath. The processing unit further includes plate-like members. The plate-like members block upward ones of the liquid flows discharged from the third discharge nozzles and impinging upon the lower tapered surfaces of the inner bath. This achieves the efficient replacement of the processing liquid without disturbing upward flows of the processing liquid within the inner bath. Thus, the processing liquid stored in the processing bath is efficiently replaced with another processing liquid without disturbing the upward flows of the processing liquid within the processing bath.03-07-2013
20130061885Method for removing overspray of thermal spray coatings - A method for removing the overspray of a coating which has been sprayed onto a workpiece directs at least one liquid jet from a jet lance as a hydrodynamic wedge in the parting plane between the workpiece and the overspray onto those regions of the workpiece which have overspray.03-14-2013
20120111374ION IMPLANTATION TOOL CLEANING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Apparatus and methods for cleaning ion implanters and/or components thereof are described, utilizing cleaning agents reacted with residue deposits to effect removal thereof. An endpoint detection apparatus and method are also disclosed, which may be integrated in the cleaning apparatus and methods to provide highly efficient utilization of the cleaning agent and avoidance of deleterious effects that otherwise can occur when cleaning agents are continued to be exposed to an implanter or components thereof after cleaning has been completed.05-10-2012
20080216874Apparatus and Method for Cleaning an Electric Hair-Cutting Device, and Kit Including Such an Apparatus - A cleaning apparatus (09-11-2008
20080295869APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CLEANING OUTDOOR SURFACES - The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for cleaning outdoor surfaces. The apparatus includes a cleaning element attached to a handle which also supports a reservoir for cleaning fluid. The cleaning element includes absorbent and scrubbing layers structured to clean various types of outdoor surfaces. A cleaning fluid is applied by a liquid delivery system in fluid communication with the cleaning element to the outdoor surface to be cleaned and the outdoor surface is wiped with the cleaning apparatus.12-04-2008
20110023915METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PREVENTING A BUILD UP OF SNOW OR DUST - An apparatus for preventing a build up of snow or dust. The apparatus includes a plurality of air nozzles positioned around a periphery of a target area to be kept clear of snow or dust. Each of the nozzles directs a stream of air away from the target area. A deflector is positioned around a periphery of the target area. The deflector deflects the stream of air from each nozzle across the target area, wherein an air curtain is formed preventing snow or dust from landing on the target area.02-03-2011
20120000493CONTINUAL FLOW PIN WASHER - A multi-chambered deposition pin wash station is provided. The wash station includes a lower chamber and an upper drain basin connected by a plurality of wash tubes. Cleaning fluid is provided to the lower chamber and passes through the cleaning tubes into the upper drain basin. The cleaning tubes are adapted to clean a single deposition pin with a single tube per wash cycle.01-05-2012
20090090396Method for treating process solution and apparatus for treating substrate - Provided are a method for treating a process solution and an apparatus for treating a substrate using the same. The apparatus includes a treating bath, a circulating line, a bypass line, and a filter. A process solution for a substrate is provided in the treating bath. The circulating line is connected to the treating bath, and the process solution circulates through the circulating line. The bypass line branches from a first position of the circulating line and couples at a second position of the circulating line. The filter is installed in a position of the circulating line between the first position and the second position.04-09-2009
20120097195Methods and Apparatus for Cleaning Semiconductor Wafers - A method for cleaning semiconductor substrate using ultra/mega sonic device comprising holding a semiconductor substrate by using a chuck, positioning a ultra/mega sonic device adjacent to the semiconductor substrate, injecting chemical liquid on the semiconductor substrate and gap between the semiconductor substrate and the ultra/mega sonic device, changing gap between the semiconductor substrate and the ultra/mega sonic device for each rotation of the chuck during the cleaning process by turn the semiconductor substrate or the ultra/mega sonic device clockwise or count clockwise.04-26-2012
20110197930SPRAY BULB CLEANER FOR DIGITAL CAMERA SENSORS - A spray bulb cleaner is provided for removing dust from digital camera sensors. The cleaner comprises a compressible yet resilient manually actuatable bulb body defining a deformable wall circumscribing an air enclosure. The bulb wall has an air outlet enabling air outflow from the bulb air enclosure toward ambient air when the bulb is squeezed and becomes deformed. The bulb wall also has an air intake enabling ambient air inflow into the bulb air enclosure. A releasable first one-way valve mounted at the air intake, controls air inflow from ambient air towards the bulb enclosure. A releasable second one-way valve mounted at a tubular nozzle inner end portion controls air outflow from the bulb air enclosure toward ambient air. The nozzle is mounted at to the bulb air outlet. At least a portion of the spray bulb is made from an electrostatically charged ionizing compound for neutralizing a target surface to be dusted by the spray bulb cleaner. A filter member can be mounted adjacent either the first or second one-way valves.08-18-2011
20100089426DYNAMIC MULTIPURPOSE COMPOSITION FOR THE REMOVAL OF PHOTORESISTS AND METHOD FOR ITS USE - Methods for using improved stripper solutions having dimethyl sulfoxide; a quaternary ammonium hydroxide; an alkanolamine having at least two carbon atoms, at least one amino substituent and at least one hydroxyl substituent, with the amino and hydroxyl substituents being attached to two different carbon atoms; and a surfactant. Some formulation can additionally contain a secondary solvent. The stripper solutions are effective for removing photoresists from substrates, and typically have freezing points below about +15° C. and high loading capacities.04-15-2010
20110192429Component, Method and System of Sanitising a Water Purification Apparatus and/or a Distribution Apparatus - A sanitant component comprising a sanitant to sanitise at least a part of a water purification apparatus and/or a water distribution apparatus and one or more sanitant receivers to receive residual sanitant and/or sanitant products from the water purification apparatus and/or water distribution apparatus. In this way, residual sanitant and/or sanitant products from the water purification apparatus and/or water distribution apparatus can be conveniently collected back into the sanitising component for easier, and/or quick and/or more convenient disposal.08-11-2011
20080289661Flat Surface Washing Apparatus - An engine and high pressure pump are mounted onto a wheeled chassis. High pressure water is distributed to a rotating wand and nozzle assembly on the wheeled chassis so that as the chassis is moved along a linear path, high pressure water is sprayed onto an underlying surface to clean the surface. Optional diffusion plates may be used to prevent high pressure water from being sprayed directly onto the underlying surface in part of the rotational path defined by the wand and nozzle assembly.11-27-2008
20110168212WAFER STACK CLEANING - The invention comprises a device and method for surface cleaning of individual wafers or substrates arranged in a stack along a stacking direction, where a jet of fluid is sent towards the stack in a direction perpendicular to the stacking direction and it is provided a relative movement between the wafer stack and the nozzle in the stacking direction.07-14-2011
20090114254WINDOW CLEANING SYSTEM FOR WINDOWS OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - In a window cleaning system for a motor vehicle, having a dual pump (05-07-2009
20100139710METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CLEANING SEMICONDUCTOR WAFERS - An apparatus for cleaning a surface of wafer or substrate includes a plate being positioned with a gap to surface of the wafer or substrate, and the plate being rotated around an axis vertical to surface of wafer or substrate. The rotating plate surface facing surface of the wafer or substrate has grooves, regular patterns, and irregular patterns to enhance the cleaning efficiency. Another embodiment further includes an ultra sonic or mega sonic transducer vibrating the rotating plate during cleaning process.06-10-2010
20090025757LID FOR A SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR USING THE SAME - A method of reducing sticking of a door of a semiconductor device processing apparatus is provided. The method comprises providing rinsing fluid to a lid of a semiconductor devise processing chamber so as to rinse particulates therefrom; and sliding a door that is operatively coupled to the lid so as to move between a closed position wherein the door occludes an opening formed in the lid, and an open position wherein the door does not occlude the opening. Numerous other aspects are provided.01-29-2009
20090025756Cleaning wastewater holding tanks - Vibrators, each comprising an electric motor having an eccentric weight on its rotating shaft, are adhesively secured to the bottoms of the wastewater holding tanks of a recreational vehicle, to aid in flushing the tanks by dislodging solid debris from the inside walls and bottoms of the tanks and from the electrodes of the liquid level sensors in the tanks.01-29-2009
20090320884CONTROLS OF AMBIENT ENVIRONMENT DURING WAFER DRYING USING PROXIMITY HEAD - A method for processing a substrate is provided which includes generating a fluid meniscus to process the substrate and applying the fluid meniscus to a surface of the substrate. The method further includes reducing evaporation of fluids from a surface in the substrate processing environment.12-31-2009
20090050181Inlet Device for Disinfection Apparatus and Method for Liquid Transfer - The present invention relates to a liquid disinfection apparatus for cleaning of objects, such as health care objects, which disinfection apparatus comprises; a chamber (02-26-2009
20090084414WASH CHAMBER FOR AUTOMATED APPENDAGE-WASHING APPARATUS - A wash cylinder or chamber for an automated cleaning station to clean an object or a person's body part includes nozzles on the interior of the cylinder, the nozzles of one embodiment comprising an increasing roll angle providing a novel spray pattern. Additionally, embodiments of the invention include fluid guidance and conveyance structures, angled nozzles, sealing structures, finger guards, nozzle ribs, wash chamber seating mechanisms and drains, and nozzle inlays having a plurality of nozzles. Also disclosed are methods of washing an object or body part using a wash cylinder or chamber and methods of assembling a wash cylinder or chamber.04-02-2009
20110139190Apparatus, method and system for substantially preventing mold in front loading washing machines - The present invention is generally directed to providing an apparatus, method or system for substantially or completely removing mold (and thus, odor) from a front loading washing machine. Briefly, the present invention may be described as a gasket air tee and may be further generally described as a venting apparatus or device having an elongated main portion and an elongated handle portion, the main portion being attached or otherwise integrated with the handle portion, the main portion further being in air flow communication with the handle portion. This apparatus may be used in a method or system for substantially preventing mold typically found within a gasket assembly in a front loading washing machine.06-16-2011
20080314417MOVABLE SINK PARTS WASHER - The present disclosure relates generally to a movable aqueous- and solvent-based parts washer used to wash grease, oil, dirt, and other debris from mechanical parts using an cleaning solution, and more particularly, to a parts washer with a movable sink and movable lid pivotally connected to a hollow housing for facilitating the access within the housing for the replacement and maintenance of a cleaning solution reservoir. The third-generation washer is made of molded reinforced polymer in a shell configuration around a tilting reservoir. A pump is also pivotally connected below the sink to retract the pump during change operations of the cleaning solution reservoir. The device includes a molded sink with basin and reinforced pan with an interface to control the release of fumes between the sink and the pivoting lid. The parts washer also includes built-in light is placed in proximity to the work area on the underside of the lid for illumination during washing operations, a support frame for the sink for improved stability of the apparatus, and a latching mechanism equipped with a low fusible link for optimal fire protection response of the thermal fusible.12-25-2008
20090241997Removing Soluble Support Material From Rapid Prototype Part - A container has been devised for use with a rapid prototype part making machine, specifically of the type having Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) capabilities. The container includes a liner that has an exterior surface and that is expandable to define a mouth portion and a volume for receiving, via the mouth portion, a rapid prototype part having soluble support material deposited on the rapid prototype part. An inlet port is formed on the exterior surface and is in fluid communication with the volume. An outlet port is formed on the exterior surface and is in fluid communication with the volume. A sealing arrangement is configured and arranged to selectively substantially prevent egress of an aqueous cleaning solution from the mouth portion of the liner. The inlet port is configured to introduce the aqueous cleaning solution into the volume to remove the soluble support material from the rapid prototype part.10-01-2009
20100154838METHOD FOR REDUCING ADHESION OF DUST TO A FAN, AND HOUSING DEVICE HAVING A DUST REMOVING UNIT - A housing device includes a housing, a fan, and a dust removing unit. The housing defines an air passage. The fan is provided in the housing, and is located at a distal end of the air passage for exhausting air from the housing. The dust removing unit includes an airflow interfering member and an adhering member. The airflow interfering member is provided within the housing, and is located upstream of the fan for interfering with flow of air toward the fan. The adhering member is provided downstream of the airflow interfering member and upstream of the fan for adhering dust entrained in the air flowing toward the fan. The dust falling down onto the adhering member when the airflow is interfered by the airflow interfering member.06-24-2010
20100147336APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ULTRASONIC WET TREATMENT OF PLATE-LIKE ARTICLES - Disclosed is a method and a respective apparatus for ultrasonic wet treatment of a plate-like article, which comprises: bringing a solid element, which is connected to a transducer in close proximity to a surface of a plate-like article so that a gap is formed between the solid element and the plate-like article, the gap having a distance d06-17-2010
20100186778Automated Wash System for Industrial Vehicles - An industrial vehicle wash system comprises a wash area receiving the vehicle and a separate control area receiving an operator. A plurality of wash modules are supported in the wash are to direct respective jets of wash fluid onto the vehicle. A controller varies orientation of the wash modules according to respective wash patterns. Cameras associated with the wash modules provide a visual display of the vehicle being washed to the operator in the control area. Using an operator input in the control area, the operator can interrupt the wash pattern of one wash module to provide additional washing to one area of the vehicle under manual operator control while the other wash modules continue to wash the vehicle according to the respective wash patterns thereof. The interrupted wash pattern can be resumed upon completion of the additional washing.07-29-2010
20100258146Device and method for cleaning the brushes of a vehicle wash gantry - Device and method for cleaning the brushes of a vehicle wash gantry, comprising nozzles spraying a fluid at pressure onto the brushes of the wash gantry. It may have means for orienting the nozzles relative to the brushes, and protective enclosure means for the brushes during cleaning.10-14-2010
20100163079DEVICE FOR CLEANING A WINDOW OR LENS - In a device (07-01-2010
20100224222CLEANING OR CARE DEVICE FOR CLEANING OR CARE OF A MEDICAL INSTRUMENT, IN PARTICULAR A DENTAL INSTRUMENT - A cleaning or care device for cleaning or care of at least one medical instrument, in particular a dental instrument having a cleaning chamber to receive the at least one instrument to be cleaned and having a media feed, through which a cleaning or care agent can be delivered into the cleaning chamber, wherein the cleaning chamber is bordered by a flexible outer shell, so that the volume of the cleaning chamber is variable. The duration of cleaning or care of the instrument is thus shortened, and the quantity of resources required for this, such as cleaning or care agent or energy, is reduced.09-09-2010
20120031439Vehicle Mounted High Pressure Exhaust Duct Cleaning System - A vehicle mounted high pressure exhaust duct cleaning system is disclosed. The vehicle mounted high pressure exhaust duct cleaning system includes a van-type truck, an internal combustion engine; a fluid reservoir, a high-pressure fluid pump, and a fluid heater. A method of cleaning exhaust ducts is also disclosed.02-09-2012
20100236585HIGH-PRESSURE LIQUID ATOMISATION NOZZLE FOR A MACHINE FOR CLEANING OPTICAL LENSES OR OTHER SUBSTRATES - High-pressure washing liquid spray intended for use in a washing machine for ophthalmic glass or other substrates, consisting of an entry opening (09-23-2010
20100236583Cylindrical Dedusting Apparatus for Particulate Material - A cylindrical dedusting apparatus has an upper material infeed opening to introduce material into a frusto-conical infeed hopper centered over the tip of a conical wash deck supported over an air infeed conduit. Air is blown through slots and openings in the surface of the wash deck to separate dust and debris from the particulate material. The dust-laden air is discharged by passing between the infeed hopper and a cylindrical sleeve to enter into a circular collector for discharge from the apparatus. Flow rate of material over the wash deck is adjusted by vertically moving the infeed hopper within the sleeve relative to the wash deck, the tip serving as a stopper to define the dimension of the gap through which material flows onto the wash deck. Cleaned material passes through a lower discharge opening while dirty air is removed through a radially oriented discharge conduit from the circular collector.09-23-2010
20100243001TURBINE CLEANING SYSTEM - A spray cleaning device for cleaning an auxiliary power unit (APU) within an aircraft comprises one or more spray nozzles, a water tube for supplying water to the nozzles, and positioning means. A system for cleaning APUs comprises a spray cleaning device and a supply system for providing pressurized and temperature controlled washing fluid to the cleaning device. A method for cleaning APUs comprises providing a spray cleaning device, attaching the cleaning device to an air inlet structure of an aircraft, and supplying washing fluid to the cleaning device at a desired spray pressure, spray temperature, and spray droplet size.09-30-2010
20100243003APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CLEANING SEMICONDUCTOR SUBSTRATE - A semiconductor substrate cleaning apparatus which cleans a semiconductor substrate with a chemical solution, includes a water concentration detecting device which detects water concentration of the chemical solution, an ultrasonic transducer which applies ultrasonic waves to the chemical solution or the semiconductor substrate to execute ultrasonic cleaning, and a control device which turns on and off the ultrasonic transducer based or changes a cleaning condition for the ultrasonic cleaning based on the water concentration detected by the water concentration detecting device.09-30-2010
20100200024APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PURGING PARTICLES FROM AN ACTUATOR - An apparatus for removing particles from a shaft includes a housing having a bore that receives the shaft. The housing includes an inlet port coupled to a pressurized fluid supply, a manifold chamber in communication with the inlet port, and a plurality of bores in communication with the manifold chamber and adjacent the shaft such that the fluid flowing through the bores impinges on the shaft. The bores are angled to produce a spiraling flow pattern about the shaft. A method of removing particles from a shaft includes directing a flow of a fluid onto the surface of the shaft in a generally spiraling pattern, and removing particles from the shaft using the spiraling flow.08-12-2010
20110056523METHOD FOR CLEANING THE HEAT EXCHANGER OF A DRYER - A method for cleaning a component of a domestic appliance for laundry items. During a cleaning process, a rinsing fluid is at least once conducted through the component. Further, foreign bodies are cleansed from the component. The cleaning process is automatically started and a rinse cycle is performed in which the rinsing fluid is at least once introduced into the component. The rinse cycle is performed after a care process and during a process that prevents creases in the dry laundry items. The dry laundry items are still in the domestic appliance.03-10-2011
20100192987METHOD AND TECHNICAL EMBODIMENT FOR THE CLEANING OF SURFACES BY MEANS OF A HIGH-PRESSURE CLEANING DEVICE USING ELECTROLYZED WATER BY USING OXIDATIVE FREE RADICALS - A method and technical execution, for the chemical and residue-free cleaning, hygienization, disinfection and odor neutralization of surfaces, materials, and objects by means of a high-pressure cleaning device and an electrolysis generators using electrolyzed cold or warm water, with the aid of oxidative groups, characterized in that the method, in combination with high pressure and oxidative radicals produced by electrolysis from salt ion-containing water, in total group concentrations of at least 35 ppm and higher, is able to not only clean surfaces, materials, and objects, but also to disinfect them, and is able to, by means of cold oxidation, in the form of ultrafast superoxidation, to eliminate 99.9% of microorganisms such as viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae and protozoa organisms and the like, without forming resistances in the microorganisms or pathogens.08-05-2010
20100000578METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY FLUSHING A BULK DISPENSING SYSTEM IN A CLEANING APPLIANCE - A method for flushing at least a portion of a bulk dispensing system in a household cleaning appliance.01-07-2010
20100294322METHOD FOR THE MECHANICAL TREATMENT OF A RE-USABLE MEDICAL PRODUCT - The invention relates to a method for the mechanical treatment of a reusable medical product. Said method comprises the following steps: a) the medical product (11-25-2010
20100319735CLEANING COMPOSITION AND METHOD FOR CLEANING SUBSTRATE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A cleaning composition which is capable of removing both organic soiling and particulate soiling adhered to a substrate for an electronic device with a high degree of cleanliness, and which also has minimal impact on the environment, as well as a method of cleaning a substrate for an electronic device. The present invention relates to a cleaning composition used for cleaning a substrate for an electronic device including a water-soluble salt (A) containing a transition metal, a chelating agent (B) and a peroxide (C), wherein the amount of the chelating agent (B) is not less than 0.5 molar equivalents relative to the amount of the water-soluble salt (A) containing a transition metal.12-23-2010
20100243002METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CLEANING A COMPONENT, PARTICULARLY AN EVAPORATOR OF A CONDENSING DEVICE, AND WASHING OR LAUNDRY DRYER HAVING SUCH A DEVICE - A home appliance includes an evaporator of a condenser in a process air circuit, a condensate water pan that collects water condensed by the evaporator from drying of process air, a collector tank above the evaporator having one of a rinsing tank and a rinsing chamber with a storage chamber as an overflow region, and an abruptly openable outlet, and a downpipe connected to the abruptly openable outlet to permit discharge of condensate water in the collector tank in a surge to the evaporator.09-30-2010
20110017241FLUID FLOW STRUCTURE AND METHOD OF USE FOR CONTINUOUS MOTION WASHING MACHINE - A washing machine and/or a fluid flow structure for a washing machine wash tank is provided. The wash tank is generally rectangular and includes a bottom wall, two side walls and two end walls extending upwardly from said bottom wall. The wash tank further includes at least one flow directional opening in at least one of the walls. In a preferred embodiment, the wash tank includes a plurality of flow directional openings positioned along one of the side walls of the wash tank. A fluid flow structure is located within said wash tank, which includes a fluid flow guide surface, and a support for said guide surface. The guide surface includes at least one region contoured inconsistently from the contour of at least one corresponding wall of the washing machine wash tank. In a preferred embodiment, the contour of the guide surface is generally curved. The contour of the guide surface aids in reducing and/or preventing the pinning of items that often occurs in rectangular wash tanks of the prior art. The support for the guide surface creates a gap between said guide surface and at least one wall of the washing machine wash tank. The guide surface, support and/or associated gap at least partially isolates impacts, noise or other vibrations acting on the guide surface from acting on the walls of the washing machine wash tank. In a preferred embodiment, the guide surface and/or support includes multiple sections that fit within a wash tank and a divider member is at least primarily held in place between two adjacent sections of the guide surface and/or support.01-27-2011
20110000512SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD - Provided are a substrate processing apparatus and a substrate processing method capable of processing of a substrate using a supercritical fluid without exposing the pattern formed on the substrate to an atmospheric environment. The substrate processing apparatus includes a cleaning bath configured to accommodate a substrate and clean the substrate by flowing a cleaning solution, and a processing vessel configured to accommodate the cleaning bath and process the substrate with a supercritical fluid.01-06-2011
20090065031METHOD FOR CLEANING A BOILER OF A FURNACE - A method of cleaning a waste boiler, comprising mounting a robot adjacent an interior surface of a wall of the boiler, the robot operative to emit a high pressure jet of fluid against an interior surface of the wall of the boiler. The robot is moved over the interior surface of the wall to clean the interior surface; and then moved over another wall of the boiler to cleaning that wall. These steps are repeated for each remaining uncleaned wall of said boiler.03-12-2009
20110061688DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CLEANING WAFERS - The invention relates to a device for cleaning wafers according to the wire-saw process and comprising 03-17-2011
20100059088Method and Apparatus for Removing Contamination from Substrate - A cleaning material is disposed over a substrate. The cleaning material includes solid components dispersed within a liquid medium. A force is applied to the solid components within the liquid medium to bring the solid components within proximity to contaminants present on the substrate. The force applied to the solid components can be exerted by an immiscible component within the liquid medium. When the solid components are brought within sufficient proximity to the contaminants, an interaction is established between the solid components and the contaminants. Then, the solid components are moved away from the substrate such that the contaminants having interacted with the solid components are removed from the substrate.03-11-2010
20100065090DISHWASHER DETERGENT WITH EXCELLENT RINSING POWER - The present invention relates to a phosphate-containing machine dishwasher detergent comprising 0.01-20% by weight of at least one alcohol alkoxylate, 0.01-10% by weight of at least one alcohol ethoxylate, 0-15% by weight of at least one sulfonate-containing polymer, 0-15% by weight of at least one hydrophilically modified polycarboxylate, 0-8% by weight of at least one polycarboxylate, 1-70% by weight of at least one phosphate and 0.1-60% by weight of at least one further additive, where the sum of components (A), (B), (C), (D), (E), (F) and (G) is 100% by weight, to a process for rinsing surfaces of articles by treating these surfaces with the composition, and to the use of the composition for increasing the rinsing performance in the machine washing of articles.03-18-2010
20120240964BEVERAGE MANUFACTURE, PROCESSING, PACKAGING AND DISPENSING USING ELECTROCHEMICALLY ACTIVATED WATER - A system using electrochemically-activated water (ECAW) for manufacturing, processing, packaging, and dispensing beverages including: (a) using ECAW to neutralize incompatible residues when transitioning from the production of one beverage to another; (b) using ECAW to rehabilitate and disinfect granular activated charcoal beds used in the feed water purification system; (c) producing a carbonated ECAW product and using the carbonated ECAW for system cleaning or disinfecting; (d) using ECAW solutions in the beverage facility clean-in-place system to achieve improved microbial control while greatly reducing water usage and reducing or eliminating the use of chemical detergents and disinfectants; (e) further reducing biofilm growth in the processing system, and purifying ingredient water without the use of chlorine, by adding an ECAW anolyte to the water ingredient feed stream; and/or (f) washing the beverage product bottles or other packages with one or more ECAW solutions prior to packaging.09-27-2012
20120240963METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PHYSICAL CONFINEMENT OF A LIQUID MENISCUS OVER A SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER - Systems, methods and apparatus for making a chemical head including forming a first return chamber in the chemical head, forming a second return chamber in the chemical head, forming a plurality of first return conduits from a head surface to the first return chamber, forming a plurality of second return conduits from a head surface to the second return chamber and wherein at least one of the first return conduits and the second return conduits being formed at a first angle relative to the head surface, the first angle being greater than about 20 degrees to a meniscus plane normal.09-27-2012
20110067737METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CLEANING A FILM SEPERATING DEVICE - A method for cleaning a film separating device involves: a) performing positive-direction water cleaning when the ratio between the film filter resistance and the preliminary film filter resistance is less than 1.2; b) performing reverse water cleaning when the ratio between the film filter resistance and the preliminary film filter resistance is greater-than or equal-to 1.2; c) performing reverse chemical cleaning when the ratio between the film filter resistance and the preliminary film filter resistance is greater-than or equal-to 2; d) performing positive-direction chemical cleaning when the ratio between the film filter resistance and the preliminary film filter resistance is greater-than or equal-to 3.03-24-2011
20110048470Spray Assembly for Spraying Foam and Liquid for Cleaning a Surface and Also a Cleaning Installation and Method - A spray assembly for spraying foam and liquid for cleaning a surface includes an inlet for letting fluid into the spray assembly, a rotation member which is arranged to be rotatable about a rotational axis with respect to the inlet, at least one outlet connected to the rotation member having a spray orifice located at a distance with respect to the rotational axis for releasing the fluid let into the spray assembly, wherein the spray orifice defines a radial line, the radial line extending through the spray orifice and perpendicular to the rotational axis, and in operation the resultant of the reaction force generated by the released fluid on the outlet is directed at an angle with respect to a plane extending through the radial line and perpendicular to the rotational axis for rotating the rotation member, wherein the spray assembly comprises an outlet-adjusting component for adjusting the outlet with respect to the rotation member in the plane extending through the radial line and perpendicular to the rotational axis.03-03-2011
20110017242Roller cleaning bucket - The Roller Cleaning Bucket provides an apparatus that can clean paint rollers so a user does not have to employ their hands for the messy task. This device comprises a standard plastic, five-gallon bucket with a water supply, a discharge tube and a paint roller holder. Inside the bucket are two waterspouts designed specifically to clean paint rollers and brushes. The handle holding the roller may be temporarily mounted to the bucket by use of the external clip for this purpose. Water is supplied from a standard hose threaded to bifurcated PVC tubing that directs the water through the bifurcated inlet tube to contact the roller, causing it to spin. This deeply cleans the fibers and expels any paint residue. The water is directed through the inlet tube into a vertical cylindrical tube which comprises a row of perforations through which the water sprays onto the roller. The water pressure supplied by the household water supply provides enough pressure for the water to spray and cause the roller to spin.01-27-2011
20110041879CLEANING APPARATUS AND CLEANING METHOD - A cleaning apparatus includes: a supply unit to supply at least an initial amount of cleaning solution to a specific portion of an object to be cleaned; an agitator to induce agitation in the cleaning solution supplied to the object; a monitoring unit to monitor an amount of the cleaning solution and to provide a signal indicative thereof; and a control unit to detect a threshold amount of reduction in the cleaning solution based on the signal from the monitoring unit and accordingly to control the supply unit to supply an additional amount of cleaning solution to the specific portion of the object.02-24-2011
20080251105Cleaning Compositions Comprising Hydrogen Peroxide - The present invention is directed to cleaning compositions and cleaning systems comprising an anionic surfactant, a nonionic surfactant, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and water. In various embodiments, the compositions may further comprise an amphoteric or pseudo-cationic surfactant, an alcohol and a glycol ether solvent. The present invention is also directed to cleaning systems comprising the compositions in contained within a bottle having a nozzle and a spray pump dispenser, as well as methods for removing stain and/or soil from a surface.10-16-2008
20110132410GaxIn1-xN Substrate and GaxIn1-xN Substrate Cleaning Method06-09-2011
20110259375SYSTEM FOR REDUCING DEPOSITS ON A COMPRESSOR - An embodiment of the present invention provides a water wash system that may mix a cleaning fluid with at least one chemical agent to form a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution may reduce the corrosives on components of a compressor. The cleaning solution may be a mildly acidic solution to reduce corrosion of a caustic nature. Alternatively, the cleaning solution may be a mildly basic solution to reduce corrosion of an acidic nature.10-27-2011
20090260660METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CLEANING A TURBOFAN GAS TURBINE ENGINE - Device for cleaning a gas turbine engine, and in particular an engine of turbofan type. The present invention further relates to a method for cleaning such an engine. The device comprises a plurality of nozzles arranged to atomize cleaning liquid in the air stream in an air inlet of the engine up-stream of a fan of the engine. According to the invention, a first nozzle is arranged at a position such that the cleaning liquid emanating from the first nozzle impinges the surfaces of the blades substantially on the pressure side; a second nozzle is arrange at a position such that the cleaning liquid emanating from the second nozzle impinges the surfaces of the blades substantially on the suction side; and a third nozzle is arranged at a position such that the cleaning liquid emanating from the third nozzle passes substantially between the blades and enters an inlet of the core engine. Thereby, the different types of fouling found on the fan and in the core engine compressor of turbofan engine can be removed in an efficient manner.10-22-2009
20080223413Color changing soap - A color changing soap dispenser having a reservoir and a pump. The reservoir contains a color changing soap. The color changing soap contains a soap composition comprising water and a surfactant, an indicator dye which exhibits an observable color change at a color change pH, and a base selected from the group consisting of carbonate salts of group I and II elements, phosphate salts of group I and II elements, bicarbonate salts of group I and II elements, and hydroxide salts of group I and II elements. The color changing soap has a pH of greater than 7 and less than 13. The method of using the color changing soap is also disclosed.09-18-2008
20080276973Detergent component for preventing precipitation of water hardness and providing soil removal properties - A cleaning composition for removing soils includes an alkyl vinyl ether-maleic acid copolymer and at least one component selected from the group consisting of sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide. The composition contains less than about 11-13-2008
20100024848DISHWASHER - Embodiments include a dishwasher to be connected to pressurized supply water is further improved by the dishwasher comprising a pump driven by at least a first part of the supply water, the pump being adapted to produce pressurized washing water for a washing process from a second part of the supply water, wherein the pressurized washing water has a higher pressure than the supply water. Embodiments of the invention provide a dishwasher which achieves a high cleaning effect even at a pressure of the supply water common in the household.02-04-2010
20120305032METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISLODGING INSECTS FROM PLANTS - A spraying apparatus for simultaneously dislodging insects from a plant's leaves and cleaning the plant includes a tubular handle portion having a bend point and being connected to a substantially straight tubular main body portion. A nozzle portion at a distal end of the main body is adapted to create a substantially planar wall of water around the nozzle portion when the apparatus is connected to a source of water under pressure. In operation, a user holds the handle so that the main body is substantially horizontal and advances the nozzle into and out of the plant at a plurality of locations. The wall of water is directed in all directions and dislodges insects from the top and bottom sides of infested leaves. Additionally, the wall of water dislodges dirt and insect waste and directs it downwardly off of the plant with the flowing wall of water. The bent handle enables the user to treat the plant at varying locations without excessive bending and craning.12-06-2012
20110155182HIGH PRESSURE CLEANER - A method for cleaning a semiconductor material from a photovoltaic module manufacturing component can include enclosing the component and directing a liquid stream at the component.06-30-2011
20100243004Method and Apparatus for Washing Plastic Bottle Flakes Combining Batch- and Continuous-Mode Processing - This invention is a method and apparatus for optimizing equipment usage when recycling plastic flake. The apparatus is a hybrid arrangement of batch- and continuous-mode reactor vessels in which the flake and washing liquid are loaded in batches but discharged continuously. This is accomplished by placing a batch reactor of proper volume in front of a continuous reactor of proper volume in series. The batch reactor provides cleaning under controlled conditions, thereby ensuring each flake is washed for substantially the same time and in substantially the same manner. The solid-liquid slurry from the batch reactor is then discharged in batch mode into the continuous reactor. This continuous reactor acts as a surge tank, while at the same time providing additional scrubbing and discharging in a continuous fashion. The output of the continuous reactor is continuously discharged into a dewatering system. Given a desired discharge flow rate from the continuous tank to optimize downstream equipment operation, the size, loading, emptying and processing times of washing equipment can be calculated.09-30-2010
20100000579Compositions And Methods For Removing Scale And Inhibiting Formation Thereof - Compositions for removing scale and/or inhibiting formation thereof include an alkaline agent, a primary scale inhibitor, a secondary scale inhibitor and a solvent. The primary scale inhibitor may include phosphonic acid, salts of phosphonic acids and combinations thereof. Suitable secondary scale inhibitor may include aminocarboxylic acids, salts of aminocarboxylic acids, carboxylic acids, salts of carboxylic acids, polycarboxylic acids, salts of polycarboxylic acids, gluconic acids, salts of gluconic acids, steroids, tetrapyrrols, ionophores, 2,2′-bipyridine, dimercaptopropanol, ortho-phenanthroline and combinations thereof. The compositions may be prepared as a stable concentrates that have pH values greater than or equal to 11. The compositions may also be prepared on site as a use solution. Methods of using the compositions to extend system operating times and to remove scale from and/or inhibit formation of scale on an article are also disclosed.01-07-2010
20100139711Cleaning method of semiconductor wafer - A wax removal method uniformly removes wax adhering to a wafer surface and reduces the problems of re-adhesion of particles and filter clogging of a cleaning bath during cleaning. The method uses cleaning liquid which contains microbubbles.06-10-2010
20100170540METHOD OF REMOVING SUPPORT STRUCTURE FROM 3-D OBJECTS MADE BY SOLID FREEFORM FABRICATION - Some demonstrative embodiments of the invention include an apparatus and a method for removing the support structures from three-dimensional objects, in which the support removal is carried out using techniques that decrease the duration of the support removal process and increase the quality of the final three-dimensional objects. This method also ensures the safe removal of the support structures without damage to the three-dimensional object.07-08-2010
20110005553DEVICE FOR BLOWING OFF BOTTLE BOTTOMS - With the device (01-13-2011
20100236584METHOD FOR CLEANING HEAT MODE TYPE RECORDING MATERIAL LAYER, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PIT-PROJECTION PRODUCT, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LIGHT EMITTING ELEMENT, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OPTICAL ELEMENT - A method for cleaning a heat mode type recording material layer to remove debris generated when a plurality of recessed portions are formed in a thermally deformable heat mode recording material layer by application of condensed light is provided, which method includes using a liquid inactive to the recording material layer, to thereby remove the debris. This method for cleaning a heat mode type recording material layer is applicable to a method for manufacturing a pit-projection product, a method for manufacturing a light emitting element, and a method for manufacturing an optical element.09-23-2010
20100206340Method for Removing Contamination from a Substrate and for Making a Cleaning Solution - A method is provided for removing contamination from a substrate. The method includes applying a cleaning solution having a dispersed phase, a continuous phase and particles dispersed within the continuous phase to a surface of the substrate. The method includes forcing one of the particles dispersed within the continuous phase proximate to one of the surface contaminants. The forcing is sufficient to overcome any repulsive forces between the particles and the surface contaminants so that the one of the particles and the one of the surface contaminants are engaged. The method also includes removing the engaged particle and surface contaminant from the surface of the substrate. A process to manufacture the cleaning material is also provided.08-19-2010
20120312335VACUUM DEGREASING AND CLEANING APPARATUS AND VACUUM DEGREASING AND CLEANING METHOD - There is provided a vacuum degreasing and cleaning apparatus, including a cleaning chamber having an injector and a sprayer that eject a solvent to an object to be cleaned, a plurality of storage tanks that store the solvent, a distiller that distills the solvent in the storage tank, and a replenisher tank that stores the solvent distilled by the distiller, wherein a heating means is provided in the inside of the sprayer in a nesting way. There is also provided a vacuum degreasing and cleaning method using the aforementioned vacuum degreasing and cleaning apparatus, wherein the solvent is pressurized and supplied to the inside of the sprayer, heated to a temperature not lower than a saturation temperature in the cleaning chamber under a reduced pressure, and thereafter sprayed in the cleaning chamber under the reduced pressure.12-13-2012
20130008473ULTRASONIC CLEANING APPARATUS AND ULTRASONIC CLEANING METHOD - To provide an ultrasonic cleaning apparatus and an ultrasonic cleaning method capable of suppressing generation of cleaning unevenness after the ultrasonic cleaning of an object to be cleaned. An aspect of the present invention includes a cleaning tank 01-10-2013
20120255583No-Contact Wet Processing Tool with Site Isolation - Embodiments of the current invention describe a substrate processing tool. The substrate processing tool includes a housing defining a chamber, a substrate support, a container, and an impelling mechanism. The substrate support is coupled to the housing and configured to support a substrate within the chamber. The container is coupled to the housing within the chamber and configured to hold a liquid. The container is below and spaced apart from the substrate. The impelling mechanism is coupled to the housing and configured to apply a force to the liquid within the container such that an impelled portion of the liquid contacts a lower surface of the substrate.10-11-2012
20100300495METHOD FOR PURIFYING POLYCRYSTALLINE SILICON - Polysilicon fragments are purified to remove metal contaminates by contacting the fragments with a purifying liquid at a flow rate >100 mm/sec. Effective removal without abrasion is accomplished.12-02-2010
20120227769METHOD FOR COLLECTING LIQUID SURFACE RESIDUAL FILM, METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING LIQUID PRESSURE USING SAME, COLLECTION DEVICE THEREFOR, AND LIQUID PRESSURE TRANSFER DEVICE USING SAME - A method for collecting a liquid surface residual film floating on the surface of the liquid after transfer, and a transfer tank that includes a film holding mechanism, provided at inner sides of both right and left side walls, for holding both sides of the transfer film and conveying the transfer film to an immersion area. When a film that is no longer needed after the transfer is collected, dividing means divides the liquid surface residual film so as to split the liquid surface residual film in a longitudinal direction of the transfer tank before the object is removed from the transfer liquid, and the divided films are moved closer to the both side walls of the transfer tank. At the side wall portions, the film holding mechanism is canceled, and from this canceled portion, the divided liquid surface residual films are discharged out of the tank.09-13-2012
20080302395WET PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISCHARGING PARTICLES ALONG HORIZONTAL LIQUID FLOW - A wet processing apparatus includes a processing vessel for containing a processing liquid and holding at least one wafer which is immersed in the processing liquid, wherein the processing vessel has an opening, provided on an upper side thereof, for loading and removing each wafer; and a processing-liquid supply mechanism which has outlets at a first side wall of the processing vessel. A discharge hole for discharging the processing liquid jetted from the outlets is provided at a second side wall of the processing vessel, where the second side wall faces the first side wall, and the outlets face the discharge hole. An outside vessel for containing the processing liquid, which overflows from the opening of the processing vessel, may be provided so as to surround the peripheral edge of the opening. A pump for circulating the processing liquid and a filter for filtering the processing liquid may be provided.12-11-2008
20130014786LIQUID PROCESS APPARATUS AND LIQUID PROCESS METHODAANM Ito; NorihiroAACI Koshi-shiAACO JPAAGP Ito; Norihiro Koshi-shi JPAANM Aiura; KazuhiroAACI Koshi-shiAACO JPAAGP Aiura; Kazuhiro Koshi-shi JPAANM Shindo; NaokiAACI Koshi-shiAACO JPAAGP Shindo; Naoki Koshi-shi JPAANM Hachiya; YosukeAACI Koshi-shiAACO JPAAGP Hachiya; Yosuke Koshi-shi JPAANM Nagai; TakashiAACI Koshi-shiAACO JPAAGP Nagai; Takashi Koshi-shi JP - A top plate 01-17-2013
20110120504Complete sanitary system for the toilet; floor base collection and drain structure, mechanical apparatuses and plumbing method - A complete sanitary system for any toilet site area which allows for the utilization of pressurized domestic running water transferred through a hose connected to a water valve diverting structure further connected to the main toilet domestic water feed line to that particular toilet's water closet. A floor structure with the aforementioned toilet mounted to its top surface side provides the structure to collect, retain and drain the spent waste water from the hose after the water has been used to cleanse the toilet site area. An alternative drainage location in the retention basin of the floor structure with coinciding plumbing piping method allows for a possible solid waste contamination scenario by an overflow toilet or otherwise to be effectively transferred directly into the main sewer pipe. The use of pressurized domestic running water in an effective manner to clean a toilet site without flooding the general bathroom floor area with water and therein providing a structure to collect and drain the spent waste water after cleansing usage provides for a totally novel and prudent sanitary cleansing approach unto the sanitation requirement of the bathroom toilet area.05-26-2011
20100229899METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CLEANING PROCESSING EQUIPMENT - An improved method and apparatus includes operating a multistage supply pump to induce a flow of the cleaning solution through one or more supply conduits to one or more dispensing devices. The multistage pump contains a plurality of impellers which are driven by a variable speed electric motor. The speed of operation of the multistage pump is varied as a function of variations in the fluid pressure in a supply conduit. A single stage return pump induces a flow of solution from the receptacle. A total organic carbon analyzer is utilized to determine the concentration of organic carbon in a return flow of solution from the receptacle. The electrical conductivity of the return solution is measured and is applied as a threshold value to initiate use of the total organic carbon analyzer. An acoustic sensor is utilized to sense variations in operation of the cleaning apparatus.09-16-2010
20120279525HEAT EXCHANGER BLOWER SYSTEM AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A cleaning system for use with a heat exchanger includes a fluid pressurizing assembly, a wand assembly and a movement mechanism configured to selectively move the wand assembly about a pivot axis. The wand assembly includes a first wand positioned adjacent to the heat exchanger and in fluid communication with the fluid pressurizing assembly, a second wand positioned adjacent to the first wand and in fluid communication with the fluid pressurizing assembly, and a mounting assembly defining the pivot axis. The first and second wands each have a first orifice configured to eject fluid toward the heat exchanger, and the first and second wands are both attached to the mounting assembly such that first and second wands both pivot together relative to the pivot axis.11-08-2012
20130167881COMPOSITE TRANSDUCER APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING A SUBSTRATE AND METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING THE SAME - An apparatus for processing articles with acoustic energy and a method of constructing a transducer that utilizes a composite of piezoelectric pillars. In one embodiment, the invention is a method of constructing a device for generating acoustic energy comprising: providing a layer of supporting material; positioning a piezoelectric material atop the layer of adhesive material; cutting the piezoelectric material into a plurality of pillars so that spaces exist between adjacent pillars; and filling the spaces with a resilient material to form a composite assembly.07-04-2013
20080223415Chamber for Wafer Cleaning and Method for Making the Same - A wafer processing chamber “chamber” is provided. Broadly speaking, the chamber allows a fluid flow and a fluid pressure within the chamber to be controlled in a variable manner. More specifically, the chamber utilizes removable plates that can be configured to control the fluid flow and the fluid pressure in an inner volume within the chamber. Also, the removable plates can be used to separate the inner volume within the chamber from an outer volume within the chamber. In this manner, the removable plates can be used to create a pressure differential between the inner volume within the chamber and the outer volume within the chamber. A lower pressure in the outer volume within the chamber requires less outer chamber strength to withstand the lower pressure. A lower outer chamber strength requirement translates into an overall decrease in chamber size.09-18-2008
20080223414Compositions and methods for removing titanium dioxide from surfaces - Compositions for removing titanium dioxide-containing materials located on a surface of a piece of process equipment generally include an aqueous carrier and a polycarboxylic acid component in an amount effective to provide the composition with an acidic pH in a range of between about 4.0 to about 5.0. The compositions are effective to provide enhanced removal of titanium dioxide containing materials from a surface when the surface are contacted with the compositions when the compositions are at relatively low temperatures.09-18-2008
20130167882POLYMER TREATMENT METHOD - The invention provides a method for the treatment of polymeric particles recovered after use in cleaning processes for soiled substrates, the method comprising treating the particles with a particle cleaning agent. Preferably, said agent comprises at least one surfactant. Preferably said agent comprises an aqueous medium. Typically, the polymeric particles comprise particles of nylon or polyester. The invention also provides a method for cleaning a soiled substrate, the method comprising the steps of: (a) treating polymeric particles with a particle cleaning agent; and (b) treating a moistened substrate with a formulation comprising a multiplicity of said treated polymeric particles. Most preferably, the substrate comprises a textile fibre or fabric. The results obtained are very much in line with those observed when carrying out conventional aqueous cleaning processes and the method provides the significant advantages that the useable lifetime of the polymeric particles is maximised and the economic and environmental burden generated by the polymeric particle cleaning process is minimised.07-04-2013
20130139856LOW FOAMING SOLID SINK DETERGENT - The present disclosure relates to compositions for use in open washing devices and methods of cleaning articles in open washing devices using the disclosed compositions. The disclosed compositions are effective at cleaning articles using the relatively less intense mechanical action of an open washing device (versus the more intense mechanical action of a closed automatic dishwasher). The disclosed compositions also generate some foam to provide visual confirmation that there is a composition in the sink, but not so much foam that the foam becomes excessive when the agitator is turned on or that the generated foam overflows the sink. Finally, the disclosed compositions are less irritating to an operator's skin, which is at least partly attributed to the lower levels of free alkalinity in the composition as measured as percent sodium oxide.06-06-2013
20130174878FLUID SUPPLYING APPARATUS AND SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CLEANING THIN FILM USING THE SAME - A fluid supplying apparatus includes an inner tube having a plurality of holes for distributing a fluid supplied from a supply unit, and an outer tube arranged coaxially or non-coaxially with the inner tube to surround the inner tube and having a plurality of slots for injecting the fluid distributed therein from the holes to the outside. The outer tube substantially has the same length as the inner tube. The fluid supplying apparatus may be used for a thin film cleaning system or method.07-11-2013
20110048471SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD - A substrate processing apparatus includes at least one liquid droplets supplying nozzle configured to eject liquid droplets; and a liquid droplet atomizer configured to atomize the liquid droplets ejected from the nozzle to supply the atomized liquid droplets to a substrate.03-03-2011
20130146106WATER JET POOL CLEANER WITH OPPOSING DUAL PROPELLERS - A robotic pool or tank cleaner is propelled by water jets, the direction of which is controlled by the direction of rotation of a horizontally mounted pump motor within the pool cleaner housing, having a propeller attached to either end of the motor drive shaft which projects from opposing ends of the motor body, each of the propellers being positioned in a water jet discharge conduit that terminates in discharge ports in opposing ends of the housing. Each discharge conduit has a pressure-sensitive flap valve downstream of the respective propellers. When the propellers rotate in one direction, the water is drawn through one or more openings in the base plate, passes through one or more filter assemblies associated with the pool cleaner and is discharged through one of the discharge ports as a water jet of sufficient force to propel the pool cleaner along the surface being cleaned.06-13-2013
20130152979DEVICE TO CLEAN A COMPONENT OF DEPOSITS - In a device to clean a component of deposits, at least one first nozzle unit is positioned to spray a fluid at an angle onto a surface of the component that is to be cleaned, the first nozzle unit being provided opposite a border region of the surface of the component that is to be cleaned. At least one second nozzle unit generates a flow of a gaseous medium over the surface to be cleaned and is provided adjacent to edge of the border region of the surface of the component that is to be cleaned.06-20-2013
20110220156APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CLEANING AN ELECTRIC HAIR-CUTTING DEVICE, AND KIT INCLUDING SUCH AN APPARATUS - A cleaning apparatus for cleaning a hair-cutting portion of an electric hair-cutting device includes a cleaning-liquid basin for receiving the hair-cutting portion of the electric hair-cutting device in a central area such that the hair-cutting portion is at least partially immersed in the cleaning liquid. The electric hair-cutting device is cleaned by generating a cleaning-liquid flow revolving within the basin around the central area of the basin, the hair-cutting portion being at least partially immersed in the cleaning liquid. The liquid flow effectively entrains debris away from the hair-cutting portion.09-15-2011
20110247661METHOD FOR CLEANING OBJECT AND SYSTEM FOR CLEANING OBJECT - A system for cleaning an object and a method for cleaning an object by irradiating a multiphase fluid containing a gas and liquid droplets, wherein a desired impact force is obtained by controlling the degree of liquid-drop-impact cavitation, which is generated when the liquid droplets in the multiphase fluid hit the object.10-13-2011
20100307540METHOD FOR PROCESSING A SEMICONDUCTOR SUBSTRATE SURFACE AND A CHEMICAL PROCESSING DEVICE FOR THE SEMICONDUCTOR SUBSTRATE SURFACE - A method for chemically processing a surface of a semiconductor substrate is provided, comprising the steps of: placing a semiconductor substrate above a chemical solution by a shaft and making the lower surface of the semiconductor substrate be at a certain distance from the liquid surface of the chemical solution; and jetting the chemical solution onto the lower surface of the semiconductor substrate by a jet apparatus to perform the chemical processing on the lower surface. A device for the same is also provided, including a chemical tank containing a chemical solution, a shaft for supporting the semiconductor substrate above the chemical solution, and a jet apparatus for jetting the chemical solution onto the lower surface of the semiconductor substrate. The method may perform a chemical treatment on one side of a semiconductor substrate without any protection for the other side.12-09-2010
20100313916WASH CHAMBER FOR APPENDAGE-WASHING APPARATUS - A wash cylinder or chamber for an automated cleaning station to clean an object or a person's body part includes nozzles on the interior of the cylinder, the nozzles of one embodiment comprising an increasing roll angle providing a novel spray pattern. Additionally, embodiments of the invention include fluid guidance and conveyance structures, angled nozzles, sealing structures, finger guards, nozzle ribs, wash chamber seating mechanisms and drains, and nozzle inlays having a plurality of nozzles. Also disclosed are methods of washing an object or body part using a wash cylinder or chamber and methods of assembling a wash cylinder or chamber.12-16-2010
20130152978CONTACT LENS CLEANING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A combination of ultrasonic waves causing microcavitation bubbles to form between the surface of a contact lens and an attached contaminant layer formed by microbes thereon initiates separation. However, a vigorous convective flow takes advantage of any localized breaking and separating of the contaminant layer and immediately imposes a hydrodynamic drag force on the pieces of the contaminant layer that may be separated, thus leading to greater separation, pealing, and tearing of the contaminant layer away from the surface. Thus, the combination has proven much more effective than either feature alone.06-20-2013
20110271986LOW-PRESSURE SLUDGE REMOVAL METHOD AND APPARATUS USING COHERENT JET NOZZLES - Provided area cleaning apparatus and an associated method of using the disclosed apparatus wherein the apparatus utilizes one or more nozzles configured to provide a coherent stream of one or more cleaning fluids for removing accumulated fine particulate matter, sludge, from surfaces. The nozzles may be sized, arranged and configured to provide coherent streams that maintain the initial stream diameter for a substantial portion of the maximum dimension of the space being cleaned. The apparatus and method are expected to be particularly useful in the cleaning of heat exchangers incorporating a plurality of substantially vertical and narrowly spaced tubes by directing cleansing streams along a plurality of intertube spaces.11-10-2011
20110303246METHODOLOGIES FOR RINSING TOOL SURFACES IN TOOLS USED TO PROCESS MICROELECTRONIC WORKPIECES - Rinsing methodologies and components to accomplish rinsing of tool surfaces in tools that are used to process one or more microelectronic workpieces. The invention can be used to rinse structures that overlie a workpiece being treated in such a manner to function in part as a lid over the process chamber while also defining a tapering flow channel over the workpiece. Rather than spray rinsing liquid onto the surface in a manner that generates undue splashing, droplet, or mist generation, a swirling flow of rinse liquid is generated on a surface of at least one fluid passage upstream from the surface to be rinsed. The swirling flow then provides smooth, uniform wetting and sheeting action to accomplish rinsing with a significantly reduced risk of generating particle contamination.12-15-2011
20120017950METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CLEANING A SUBSTRATE USING NON-NEWTONIAN FLUIDS - A method for cleaning a substrate is provided. In this method, a flow of non-Newtonian fluid is provided where at least a portion of the flow exhibits plug flow. To remove particles from a surface of the substrate, the surface of the substrate is placed in contact with the portion of the flow that exhibits plug flow such that the portion of the flow exhibiting plug flow moves over the surface of the substrate. Additional methods and apparatuses for cleaning a substrate also are described.01-26-2012
20120017949Method and means for removing snow from the roof of a building - A method and apparatus is disclosed for blowing snow from the roof of a building. The apparatus includes a boom truck or the like such as a mobile concrete pump apparatus having a conduit extending from the vehicle to the outer end of the boom thereof. An air discharge nozzle is connected to the outer end of the conduit and an air compressor is connected to the inner end of the conduit. Upon activation of the air compressor, air is discharged from the air discharge nozzle onto and into the snow on the roof to blow the snow from the roof. The method of using the apparatus is also disclosed.01-26-2012
20130199579SYSTEMS, METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR STAIN REMOVAL - A hand carried, manually operated apparatus for cleaning flooring, carpet, upholstery, and the like includes a cleansing fluid chamber, a waste fluid chamber, a pump and an applicator. A first fluid passageway connects the pump and cleansing fluid chamber, a second passageway connects the cleansing fluid chamber and applicator, a third passageway connects the applicator and waste fluid chamber, and a fourth passageway connects the waste fluid chamber and pump. A first one-way valve permits flow from the pump to the cleansing fluid chamber but inhibits reverse flow; and a second one-way valve permits flow from the applicator to the waste fluid chamber but inhibits reverse flow. Air is transferred through the pump from the waste fluid chamber to the cleansing fluid chamber as cleansing fluid is transferred to the applicator from the cleansing fluid chamber and waste fluid is transferred from the applicator to the waste fluid chamber.08-08-2013
20130206184MITIGATING SOLID ACCUMULATION ON A SUBMERGED SCREEN - Mitigating solid accumulation on a screen includes jetting water upstream through a portion of the screen while water simultaneously flows downstream through another portion of the screen. The water is jetted via at least one submerged nozzle. Several submerged nozzles may be present in an array on a moveable trolley. The submerged nozzles may be configured to provide warm or hot water or cold water having temperatures of less than 1° C.08-15-2013

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