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Pipe, tubing, hose, or conduit

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134 - Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

134000000 - PROCESSES

134220100 - Hollow work, internal surface treatment

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134220120 With pressurized fluid or fluid manipulation 59
134220140 With organic treating agent (e.g., solvent, surfactant, or reactant yielding soluble product, etc.) 7
134220150 With steam utilization 5
20090056762Method for Cleaning a Steam Generator - A method for cleaning a steam generator may include supplying water to the steam generator and boiling the water in the steam generator to separate and expel at least some deposits in the steam generator.03-05-2009
20090014036CLEARING PIPEWORK IN OIL REFINERIES AND OTHER PLANT HAVING EXTENSIVE PIPEWORK - A method for clearing pipework in an oil refinery includes the steps of: blowing, using a first, low velocity gas flow, pipe contents out of the pipework in such fashion that the contents are removed using gas overpressure, to leave a low contents residue; and substantially clearing the residue by a second, high velocity gas flow, the gas flows being such as not to give rise to a hazardous reaction such as fire or explosion. Apparatus for the same includes gas blowing means connectable to the pipework; valving adapted to throttle down an outlet of the pipework, said blowing means and valving being adapted to cooperate to effect both low velocity flow and high velocity flow through the pipework; and gas supply means to the blowing means supplying a gas that will not give rise to a hazardous reaction such as fire or explosion.01-15-2009
20130019903CLEANING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BEVERAGE APPLIANCE - The beverage appliance of the present invention includes a venturi having a steam inlet and a milk inlet. The steam inlet and milk inlet each include a solenoid valve configurable between an open state and a closed state. The solenoid valves are electrically coupled to a processor and are controllable through first and second switches. In operation, upon activation of the first switch, the solenoid valves are controlled to their open states to deliver milk and steam to the venturi to produce frothed milk. When a desired amount of frothed milk has been dispensed, the user deactivates the first switch and the processor controls only the milk inlet solenoid valve to its closed state. The steam inlet solenoid valve remains in its open state for a predetermined amount of time such that a burst of steam only is forced through the venturi and distribution lines to purge them of milk.01-24-2013
20080264452Device and Method for Preventing the Drying of Fluid Products in a Dispensing Machine for Such Products10-30-2008
20130152973CONTROLLING COOLING FLOW IN A SOOTBLOWER BASED ON LANCE TUBE TEMPERATURE - A cleaning system and method for cleaning heat transfer surfaces in a boiler using a temperature measuring system for measuring and monitoring wall temperature of an annular wall of the tube of a lance of one or more sootblowers. Controlling a flow of steam or other fluid through the tube during the cooling portions of the strokes based on wall temperature measurements from the temperature measuring system. Infrared or thermocouple temperature measuring systems may be used. The steam or other fluid may be flowed at a default flowrate that may be substantially zero until the temperature measuring system indicates the wall temperature of the annular wall begins to exceed a predetermined temperature limit which may be the softening point of the annular wall. Then the steam or other fluid is flowed at a rate greater than the default flowrate.06-20-2013
134220130 With inorganic alkaline material treating agent 4
20080276968Method of Cleaning a Food Plant - A method of cleaning a food plant of the type which produces an aseptic product or a product with extended shelf life involves at least one circulation with an alkaline detergent solution and at least one circulation with an acidic cleaning solutions. The circulations take place alternatively with the alkaline detergent solution and the acidic cleaning solution. Prior to the first circulation, between each circulation and after the last circulation, rinsings with water take place. Simultaneously with the last circulation with alkaline detergent solution the plant is sterilized, and after the last circulation with the acidic cleaning solution the two last rinsings with water take place with sterile liquid.11-13-2008
20110259371METHODS FOR CLEANING A DRAIN LINE OF A DIALYSIS MACHINE - A method for cleaning a drain line of a dialysis machine downstream of a filtration unit. The method includes closing inlet and outlet valves of the filtration unit, and closing a bypass valve along a bypass line that connects a source line to a drain line. The method also includes configuring the balancing chamber such that flow is permitted only via the drain line, flowing an amount of a cleaning agent into the drain line through a cleaning agent valve, and rinsing the cleaning agent from the drain line with a rinse fluid.10-27-2011
20090107529DELIVERY OF FLUID TO MEDICAL DEVICE LUMENS - A method and device provide for delivering fluid for cleaning and/or decontamination to a lumen in a medical device. A tube having a plurality of openings therethrough is inserted into the lumen of the medical device the fluid is flowed through the tube, out of the openings and into the lumen.04-30-2009
20120279522METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR REMOVING DEPOSITS - The present invention provides methods and compositions useful for conditioning and removing solid deposits that have formed on or otherwise accumulated within one or more components including, for example, scale formed within a steam generating system. The aqueous cleaning compositions incorporate one or more quaternary ammonium hydroxides characterized by pK11-08-2012
20130042893Aerosol Collection Apparatus and Methods - The lifetime of aerosol monitoring, concentration and collection equipment is extended by acoustic cleaning of accreted particle deposits from internal surfaces where fouling occurs by application of acoustic energy to the particle accretion surface, optionally in combination with a liquid wash or sampling volume. In one application, acoustic cleaning or sampling of particle deposits for analysis is triggered by a signal indicating changes in gas flow associated with particle loading. In another application, electro-acoustic transducers may be used to prevent particle buildup without interruption of particle monitoring.02-21-2013
20100000576Method of Cleaning Beer Preheaters In An Ethanol Plant - A method for cleaning exchangers including providing a heat exchanger with a liquid contact side and a vapor contact side, providing acid to clean the liquid contact side, and providing caustic to clean the vapor contact side is provided. In the method, the exchanger may be a beer preheater. In the method, the acid may be sulfamic acid. In the method, the liquid contact side may be the beer side. In the method, the exchanger may be a plate-in-frame heat exchanger or a a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. In the method, the acid may be provided from a central storage tank. In the method, there may be a recirculation pump. In the method, the acid may be provided from a local storage tank.01-07-2010
20110192425METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PREHEATING EPOXY COATINGS FOR SPRAY APPLICATION - A method and system for the spray application of epoxy materials is provided. The system includes a dual walled tank structure as a reservoir for containing and preheating the epoxy materials in preparation for mixing and spray application. Each component of the epoxy material is preheated before the components are mixed. After preheating, the components are then mixed together and spray applied. The method and system of the present invention provides a high quality spray applied epoxy coating while reducing equipment down time and cleaning.08-11-2011
20110192424Device for collecting paint, lacquer and adhesive residues out of paint, lacquer, and adhesive guns, particularly guns connectable to a hose - Device for collecting paint, lacquer and adhesive residues out of paint, lacquer, and adhesive guns, in particular guns connectable to a hose. The device having a receptacle for collecting the residue, and the receptacle configured in such a way that during an interior rinsing of the guns using a rinsing flow for interior cleaning of the guns with a solvent, the degree of interior cleaning of the guns can be controlled optically by the user of the device. The indicator element for displaying the degree of interior cleaning may be made removable from the device. The device for collecting the residue out of paint, lacquer, and adhesive guns may likewise be used when the guns are connected to a hose.08-11-2011
20100108101SAMPLE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CLEANING METHOD - The present invention is to present a sample processing apparatus, comprising: a sample processing mechanism which comprises a flow channel to be used for processing a sample, and performs a sample processing operation for processing the sample using the flow channel and a cleaning operation for cleaning the flow channel; and a controller for controlling the cleaning operation by the sample processing mechanism, based on an elapsed time since a previous cleaning operation by the sample processing mechanism.05-06-2010
20130037060METHOD FOR PURGING POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE FROM AN EXTRUSION BLOW MOLDING APPARATUS - A method for purging a molten thermoplastic material from a blow molding system. The method includes the steps of feeding the molten thermoplastic material into a flow head operably connected to a purge diverter valve including a channel and a closing member; opening the closing member, wherein the opening step diverts the thermoplastic material from the flow head into the channel and causes the thermoplastic material to flow through the channel; and collecting the thermoplastic material flowing through the channel. The method can be used to purge molten thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene terephthalate especially from an upward extruding blow mold system.02-14-2013
20120180818SUBTERRANEAN CHAMBER WATERPROOFING SYSTEM - An elongate drainage conduit section comprises a channel portion having at least one perforated surface allowing liquid to flow into the channel, and at least one lower surface for directing the flow of water in a lengthwise direction. The conduit further comprises an elongate, movable cover for sealing at least a portion of the top of said channel portion.07-19-2012
20100000577METHOD FOR DISINFECTING CONDUIT SYSTEMS OF A WATER-CONDUCTING HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE AND SUCH A HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE - A water-conducting household appliance and a method for disinfecting a conduit system of a water-conducting household appliance. The method feeds a gaseous disinfectant into a liquid circulating in the conduit system. The water-conducting household appliance includes a conduit system for circulating liquid, and a disinfector with a gas injector for injecting a gaseous disinfectant into a liquid circulating in the conduit system.01-07-2010
20130019902INSTRUMENT-CLEANING METHOD THAT USES SOAKING WITH NANOBUBBLE WATER - A cleaning method is provided for on-site cleaning of equipment such as filling equipment that fills beverages, etc. into bottles, cans, and other containers, liquid treatment equipment for filling solutions, and pipe equipment for connecting said equipment, the method being able to increase significantly the cleanliness of portions in contact with the filling solution while shortening cleaning time and reducing the amount used of utilities such as cleaning solution, etc. In the cleaning method for on-site cleaning of the liquid pathways of equipment such as filling equipment (01-24-2013
20090199872BEVERAGE MANUFACTURE, PROCESSING, PACKAGING AND DISPENSING USING ELECTROCHEMICALLY ACTIVATED WATER - A system using electrochemically-activated water (ECAW) for manufacturing, processing, packaging, and dispensing beverages including: (a) using ECAW to neutralize incompatible residues when transitioning from the production of one beverage to another; (b) using ECAW to rehabilitate and disinfect granular activated charcoal beds used in the feed water purification system; (c) producing a carbonated ECAW product and using the carbonated ECAW for system cleaning or disinfecting; (d) using ECAW solutions in the beverage facility clean-in-place system to achieve improved microbial control while greatly reducing water usage and reducing or eliminating the use of chemical detergents and disinfectants; (e) further reducing biofilm growth in the processing system, and purifying ingredient water without the use of chlorine, by adding an ECAW anolyte to the water ingredient feed stream; and/or (f) washing the beverage product bottles or other packages with one or more ECAW solutions prior to packaging.08-13-2009
20110120498Process for Purging an Extrusion Apparatus - The present invention relates to an improved process of purging an extrusion apparatus. The purging process is improved by adjusting the type of polymer material used to purge the extrusion apparatus and by adjusting the purging flow rate.05-26-2011
20090188531METHODS AND DEVICES TO CLEAR OBSTRUCTIONS FROM MEDICAL TUBES - A device for clearing obstructions from a medical tube, such as a chest tube, is disclosed in various embodiments. The device features a shuttle member that is magnetically coupled to a guide wire within a guide tube, through the guide-tube wall, so that translation of the shuttle member induces a corresponding translation of the guide wire within the guide tube, without penetrating or compromising the guide-tube wall. In this manner, when the guide tube is coupled to a medical tube where obstructions have formed, the guide wire and clearance member may be inserted into and withdrawn from the medical tube, via actuation of the shuttle member, to engage and help clear such obstructions from the medical tube without compromising the sterile field. Methods of clearing a medical tube of obstructions are also disclosed.07-30-2009
20110168210MICRO-NANO BUBBLE GENERATING METHOD, MICROCHANNEL CLEANING METHOD, MICRO-NANO BUBBLE GENERATING SYSTEM, AND MICROREACTOR - A micro-nano bubble generating method comprises: introducing a liquid into a microchannel, in which the microchannel is defined by a microchannel wall an entirety or a portion of which is formed by a porous wall having through pores with radii of 10 to 1,000 nm; and supplying a gas directly into the microchannel from outside the porous wall by a pressurized-gas supplying section, to allow micro-nano bubbles to be contained in the liquid.07-14-2011
20080289658HUMAN-INTERFACE CLEANING DEVICE AND CLEANING METHOD - A human-interface cleaning device for cleaning human-interface devices commonly used for the treatment sleep apnea. The cleaning device has a solvent-receiving end which connects to a solvent-delivery source such as a faucet or shower head. At the opposite end of the cleaning device is a funnel-like shaped solvent-discharge end which is tapered at its distal end and adapted to easily friction-fit into any receiving aperture of most human-interface devices. As so connected to a solvent-delivery source and to a human-interface device, the cleaning device will enhance the force of the solvent being delivered through the cleaning device and more easily and effectively clean the human-interface device to which attached.11-27-2008
20100139696DRAIN CLEANING APPARATUS WITH RESTRICTED REVERSE FUNCTION - A rotatable, portable drum auger drain cleaning device includes a rotational control which is biased towards the off position. The rotational control device is utilized in conjunction with a motor and the drum to direct drum rotation. The rotational control is typically biased in the off position making it the default position. The rotational control must therefore be manually moved to either a forward or reverse position. When in the forward position, the rotational control can be locked, and when in the reverse position, the switch must be manually held in position or the switch will return to the off position.06-10-2010
20130213440INK JETTING INK SET AND CLEANING METHOD - An ink jetting ink set includes an ink composition for recording supplied to and used in an ink flow path and containing at least one of a glitter pigment and a metal oxide as a coloring material, and an auxiliary ink composition used in cleaning of the ink flow path, in which, in cases where a dynamic viscosity at 20° C. in the ink composition for recording is η08-22-2013
20090211608LIQUID INJECTION INTO GAS STREAM - A liquid injection device (08-27-2009
20080264451APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING INSIDE OF PIPE - An apparatus for processing an inside of a pipe which performs various works from an inside of a pipe, includes traveling drive units, a working device, rotation support mechanisms, a coupling mechanism, and suspension devices. The traveling drive units are inserted into the inside of the pipe, and the working device is moved in a circumferential direction along the inside of the pipe by the traveling drive units.10-30-2008
20100175721METHOD OF CLEANING A HUMAN-INTERFACE CLEANING DEVICE - A method of cleaning a human-interface cleaning device commonly used for the treatment of sleep apnea.07-15-2010
20110017238METHOD OF CLEANING NOZZLE AND DEVICE FOR CLEANING NOZZLE - The present invention provides a nozzle cleaning method and a nozzle cleaning device which allow to surely perform cleaning of a dispensing nozzle and which allow reduction in cleaning time. For this purpose, a nozzle cleaning method for cleaning a dispensing nozzle (01-27-2011
20110083701PROCESS TO CLEAN GAS TURBINE FUEL CHAMBER COMPONENTS - A method for conveying a chemical solution containing a phosphonic acid as an iron dissolving agent through the quaternary annulus chambers in forward combustion cans of a gas turbine to dissolve the iron oxide deposits and thereby facilitate cleaning of the internal fuel pathways. The method uses a cleaning flange attached to the quaternary fuel flange that has a flow directing baffle that enters the quaternary fuel orifice and directs the flow of cleaning solution in one direction in the quaternary annulus chamber.04-14-2011
20110073137Shower Sanitization System and Apparatus - An improved shower or plumbing sanitizing system is provided by a showerhead adapter and/or tap port configured to mount between a water supply stub and an outlet such as a showerhead, hose or faucet and which delivers and imparts a cleansing or sanitizing agent, particularly liquid sanitizer, to the plumbing components prone to infestation with opportunistic bacteria.03-31-2011
20110048462METHOD FOR CLEANING THE STEAM NOZZLE OF A MACHINE FOR PREPARING BEVERAGES - Method for cleaning a steam nozzle (03-03-2011
20090000646Paint Roller Cover Cleaning Device and Method - A new and useful device and method for cleaning a paint roller cover is provided. A paint roller frame has a longitudinal axis, and is supported in a manner such that the frame can spin freely about its longitudinal axis. A paint roller cover is placed on the roller frame, so that the paint roller cover extends about the longitudinal axis of the frame, and can spin with the frame about the longitudinal axis, thereby forming a frame/paint roller cover assembly that has the same longitudinal axis as the frame. A manifold is adapted to be connected to a source of cleaning fluid (e.g. water), and an array of no more than three spray nozzles are supported by the manifold. The array of spray nozzles01-01-2009
20080314412Self-Cleaning Injection Port for Analytical Applications - A self-cleaning injection port assembly that uses a movable wash chamber closure device (12-25-2008
20110083703NOZZLE CLEANING APPARATUS, NOZZLE CLEANING METHOD AND A COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING NOZZLE CLEANING PROGRAM - Disclosed are a nozzle cleaning apparatus and a nozzle cleaning method, which are capable of effectively cleaning a nozzle for discharging a process liquid to a substrate, with a simple structure and a low cost. A nozzle 04-14-2011
20110083702NOZZLE CLEANING APPARATUS, NOZZLE CLEANING METHOD AND A COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING NOZZLE CLEANING PROGRAM - Disclosed are a nozzle cleaning apparatus and a nozzle cleaning method, which are capable of effectively cleaning a nozzle for discharging a process liquid to a substrate, with a simple structure and a low cost. A nozzle 04-14-2011
20110297188INDEPENDENT CLEANING OF INTERFACES BETWEEN SEPARABLE FLUID SYSTEMS - A milking installation includes first and second fluid systems (S12-08-2011
20120067376METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCING DEPOSITS IN PETROLEUM PIPES - Examples of methods and apparatus for reducing deposits from a petroleum flow line may include a pipe capable of being attached to a petroleum flow line. The pipe may have a pipe axis that defines a direction for fluid flow in the petroleum flow line. The apparatus may also include a first and a second field winding circumferentially disposed around the pipe, and an electric wave generator adapted to electrically communicate an electric wave to the first field winding and the second field winding. In response to the electric wave, the first and the second field windings are adapted to produce magnetic fields having a first magnetic axis a second magnetic axis, respectively. The first magnetic axis may be noncollinear with respect to the second magnetic axis, and at least the first magnetic axis may be noncollinear with respect to the pipe axis.03-22-2012
20120305031METHOD OF INSPECTING AND PREPARING A PIPELINE - A sewer preparation from the main (PFM) device provides for the inspection and preparation of the sewer pipe from the main sewer pipe. The PFM device provides for the insertion of one or more individual and separately controllable tools into the sewer pipe. The tools include a clean out tool and a camera. Each of the tools is controlled separately such that each tool can be inserted and retracted from the lateral as desired. A method includes the steps of inserting and operating separately controllable tools from a single preparation device that provides access to the lateral without a cleanout or other alternate access passage.12-06-2012
20120111369METHOD AND INSTALLATION FOR CLEANING A SPRAYING CIRCUIT, IN PARTICULAR OF PAINT, AND FOR TREATING THE CHEMICAL EFFLUENTS GENERATED - A method for cleaning a spraying circuit, in particular of paint, and for treating the chemical effluents generated includes a first rinsing of the paint circuit using a predetermined first volume of treated effluent, a second rinsing of the paint circuit using a predetermined second volume of ecosolvent and a third rinsing of the paint circuit using a predetermined third volume of treated effluent, so as to save on the consumption of water from the network by recycling the treated effluent to clean and rinse the paint circuit.05-10-2012
20120125372METHOD OF SANITIZING A SINK DRAIN - A method of using a solid chemical stick for treating a kitchen sink drain pipe is provided. The solid chemical stick has dimensions that enable it to fit through a drain guard but prevent the stick from moving beyond the drain trap. The stick diminishes in size as it dissolves until it is swept away by drain water passing through the drain pipe.05-24-2012
20120125371METHOD OF RECYCLING WASTE FLUORESCENT LAMP - A method of recycling a waste fluorescent lamp which has a glass tube that keeps a vacuum state in its inside including (a) creating a hole in an edge of the glass tube and fulfilling a peeling liquid into the glass tube via the hole using a negative pressure constructed inside the glass tube; (b) peeling off layers formed inside the glass tube via the peeling liquid; and (c) creating another hole in an other edge of the glass tube and discharging the peeled layers and the peeling liquid via either or both of the holes.05-24-2012
20120247514Lubricant System Clean-Up Compositions and Methods Thereof - The present invention relates a lubricant and/or clean-out composition comprising: (a) a dispersant component comprising a succinimide dispersant and/or a quaternary ammonium salt dispersant; (b) a carrier fluid component; and (c) an optional corrosion inhibitor, as well as methods of cleaning out deposits in a lubricant system, such as a hydraulic system, using such compositions.10-04-2012
20120247513FLUSH ADAPTOR FOR USE WITH A VALVE FITMENT ASSEMBLY FOR CLEANING OF THE ASSEMBLY - A flush adaptor for use with a valve fitment assembly for dispensing liquids from a container; wherein the flush adaptor comprises an outer ring-collar; a flange with an edge molded to the bottom of the outer ring-collar; an interior ring-collar adjacent to the outer ring-collar; a ridge molded in the interior ring-collar; a seat molded onto the interior ring-collar and a pin molded into the interior ring-collar which keeps the valve in an open position; and a hollow tube molded into the adaptor to allow the flow of liquid through the adaptor and into the fitment assembly; whereby the flush adaptor allows for cleaning of the assembly and any tubes connected thereto.10-04-2012
20120132232PIPING CLEANING NOZZLE AND PIPING CLEANIGN METHOD USING PIPING CLEANING NOZZLE - Provided are a piping cleaning nozzle which effectively prevents back flow of a cleaning agent poured into piping in a building to clean the inner wall of the piping and to exterminate noxious organisms, and a piping cleaning method using the piping cleaning nozzle. An expanding and contracting body (05-31-2012
20100051060NOZZLE CLEANING METHOD, NOZZLE CLEANING DEVICE, AND AUTOMATIC ANALYZER - A nozzle cleaning method includes cleaning an outer wall of a dispenser nozzle after liquid is sucked and before the liquid is discharged and cleaning at least an inner wall of the dispenser nozzle after the liquid is discharged.03-04-2010
20080302393WASH RING ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF USE - Devices, including a wash ring assembly, and methods are provided for the removal of excess fluid or solids from the exterior or interior of a probe used to transfer fluids, for instance, in an automated assay device. Typically, a probe is used to aspirate and dispense a sample fluid material such as whole blood or a reagent. The devices and methods provided herein are useful for removing excess fluid from the exterior or interior of the probe so as to prevent dripping and cross-contamination between samples or reagents. It is also contemplated that, utilizing the devices and methods provided herein, washing and/or drying can be performed simultaneously as the probe is in motion, aspirating a sample and/or dispensing a sample.12-11-2008
20100326474ELECTRICAL GENERATOR PARALLEL RING RESIN REMOVAL TOOLING - A resin removal tooling system for electric generator parallel rings including: a non-rotating sheath; a shaft mounted in the non-rotating sheath; a cleaning ball attached to the shaft, the non-rotating sheath positioning the cleaning ball; a high speed motor coupled to the shaft for rotating the shaft; a variable power supply connected to the high speed motor; and a tachometer for measuring a rotational speed of the high speed motor and the cleaning ball. A process of cleaning resin out of an electrical generator parallel ring including the following steps: inserting a cleaning ball mounted on a shaft into the parallel ring; verifying a location of the cleaning ball; rotating the shaft; measuring a rotational speed of the cleaning ball with a tachometer; and removing resin with the cleaning ball.12-30-2010
20100326473SYSTEM FOR CLEANING COMPONENTS FOR FILLING HOLES IN A PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD WITH A FLUID FILL MATERIAL - A method for cleaning components of a system for filling holes in a printed circuit board with a fluid fill material includes removing the components being a dispensing head and a manifold connected to the dispensing head preferably as a single unit. The single unit is retained in that format. Excess fluid material from the dispensing head and manifold is evacuated preferably by passing air through the dispensing head and manifold. Then the dispensing head and manifold is placed in a cleaning tub, and the manifold is attached to a solvent pump line. The dispensing head and manifold is flushed with a flow of solvent from the solvent pump line; and excess solvent from the dispensing head and manifold is evacuated, by passing air through the dispensing head and manifold.12-30-2010
20110265826METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CLEANING FLUID RESERVOIR OF VASCULAR ACCESS DEVICE - A method and system for cleaning foreign material from a fluid reservoir of an implantable medical device, the fluid reservoir being substantially enclosed in an interior portion of the implantable device and accessible from an environment exterior of the implantable device through a penetrable septum. An elongated member having a first end and a second end is engaged with a source of ultrasonic energy capable of imparting vibrations to the first end. The septum is penetrated by the elongated member in a manner such that the first end extends into the fluid reservoir, and the second end does not extend into the reservoir. The ultrasonic energy source is activated to impart vibrations into the reservoir via the elongated member first end, in an amount sufficient to break up the foreign material into particulates, which can then be removed from the reservoir.11-03-2011
20080236629CLEANING METHOD FOR TURBO MOLECULAR PUMP - A cleaning method for a turbo molecular pump, which enables the exhausting ability of the turbo molecular pump to be restored without bringing about a decrease in the productivity of a substrate processing apparatus. A vaporizing gas that vaporizes foreign matter attached to an internal surface of the turbo molecular pump is supplied toward the foreign matter.10-02-2008
20080223410Cleaning a Plurality of Supply Lines - The fluid supply apparatus includes a plurality of supply lines (09-18-2008
20130133698Apparatus and Method for Cleaning Microsurgical Instruments - A cleaning apparatus for microsurgical instruments has a flush chamber closed off at one end by a first plug adapted to liquid-tightly grip one end of the instrument, allowing a portion of the instrument to extend past the first plug and out of the flush chamber. The other end of the flush chamber is closed off by a second plug having an inlet port. Liquid injected through the inlet port on the second plug passes through an internal passageway formed in the instrument and exits the instrument through the portion that extends past the first plug. In another embodiment the instrument has an internal passageway and an end cap through which flushing ports are formed which communicate with the passageway. A first plug having an inlet port is liquid-tightly attached to the end cap and liquid injected into the first plug passes through the plug, through the flushing ports and through the passageway to clean detritus from the instrument.05-30-2013
20130174875AUTOMATED METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CLEANING OF BLENDED ICE MACHINE - The disclosure shows a device and method for automating the cleaning/sanitizing of the water and ice making system on a blended ice machine. The method eliminates the need to disassemble the unit in order to gain system access points to introduce cleaning and or sanitizing solutions. The method also automates the sequence of events required to insure cleaning is done according to a proven method.07-11-2013
20100313913METHOD FOR CLEANING A HEAT EXCHANGER - A physical-chemical method for cleaning a secondary chamber of a heat exchanger in a nuclear facility, includes drying the secondary chamber and introducing a cleaning solution into the secondary chamber to treat deposits present in the secondary chamber.12-16-2010
20130152972SELF-FLUSHING SMALL VOLUME PROVER APPARATUS, METHOD AND SYSTEM - A self-flushing small volume prover apparatus, method and system for removing foreign materials. A piston can be configured with a valve arrangement located within a cylindrical object in order to permit fluid to pass through an annular passage when the piston travels from a downstream position to an upstream position. An inlet port and an outlet port can be located at the bottom of the cylindrical object. The outlet port can be welded at the bottom of the bore cylinder so that foreign material can flow directly out of the prover bore cylinder via the outlet port. The velocity of the piston can remove the collected foreign material from the bore cylinder via the outlet port, thus creating a self-flushing prover.06-20-2013
20120017943METHODS AND DEVICES TO CLEAR OBSTRUCTIONS FROM MEDICAL TUBES - A device for clearing obstructions from a medical tube, such as a chest tube, is disclosed in various embodiments. The device features a clearance member in the form of a loop. The loop desirably has a diameter that substantially corresponds to the inner diameter of the medical tube. Also desirably, the loop presents a substantially unobstructed pathway therethrough for the flow of material from a location in the medical tube distal to the loop to a location in the medical tube proximal to the loop regardless whether the clearance member is being translated or is at rest in the medical tube. Methods of utilizing such a device are also disclosed.01-26-2012

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