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Hollow work, internal surface treatment

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134 - Cleaning and liquid contact with solids

134000000 - PROCESSES

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134220110 Pipe, tubing, hose, or conduit 124
134220180 With pressurized fluid or fluid manipulation 42
134023000 Work or work parts movable during treatment 17
134220190 With organic treating agent (e.g., solvent, surfactant, or reactant yielding soluble product, etc.) 9
134024000 Movable fluid applying nozzle and/or with plugging or sealing of work passage or opening 6
134220170 With inorganic alkaline material treating agent 1
20100012154METHOD FOR REMOVING DEPOSITS CONTAINING MAGNETITE AND COPPER FROM CONTAINERS IN INDUSTRIAL AND POWER PLANTS - A method to remove deposits containing magnetite and copper from a container, particularly from a steam generator of a nuclear power plant. In a first step, the container is treated using an alkaline cleaning solution containing a complexing agent forming a soluble complex with iron ions, a reducing agent, and an alkalizing agent. In a second step a further complexing agent forming a more stable complex with iron III ions than the complexing agent used in the first step and an oxidant are added to the cleaning solution of the first step present in the container.01-21-2010
20130042892PUMP CLEAN-OUT SYSTEM - A system for cleaning an implanted blood pump, comprising: an inflow catheter having an expandable inflow member positioned about the periphery thereof; an inflow tube coupled with the inflow catheter; a valve assembly coupled to the inflow tube; an outflow tube coupled to the valve assembly; and an outflow catheter having an expandable outflow member positioned about the periphery thereof, the outflow catheter being coupled to the outflow tube. In use, the inflow tube and outflow tube extend through the skin of a human body, the inflow catheter and outflow catheter are positioned within the human body, and the valve assembly is positioned outside the human body.02-21-2013
20100012153METHOD OF CLEANING FILM FORMING APPARATUS AND FILM FORMING APPARATUS - To provide a method of cleaning a film forming apparatus capable of uniformly removing a deposit containing tantalum nitride, titanium nitride, tantalum, or titanium adhering to a wall of a processing chamber of the film forming apparatus at a high etching rate without use of plasma. A method of cleaning a film forming apparatus for removing a deposit containing tantalum nitride, titanium nitride, tantalum, or titanium deposited on a processing chamber of the film forming apparatus after it is used for forming a thin film made of tantalum nitride, titanium nitride, tantalum, or titanium, the cleaning method comprising: a step of supplying process gas containing fluorine gas into the processing chamber of the film forming apparatus; and a step of heating the processing chamber.01-21-2010
20100108100Ready mix truck wash - A ready mix truck wash system includes at least one spray arch fluidly connected to a pump, a motor, and controls. The spray arch has a plurality of pipes and spray nozzles configured to spray pressurized fluid onto a ready mix truck. In one embodiment, the ready mix truck is washed in multiple stages.05-06-2010
20130048028Water Heater Rejuvenation System and Process - A water heater rejuvenation system and process wherein a system kit comprises an introduction-extraction tube, a water heater wrench, and an amount of calcium cleaning solution. The system and process may include the steps of draining the water heater reservoir, opening an access to the water heater reservoir, introducing an amount of calcium cleaning solution into the reservoir, via an introduction-extraction tube, allowing an amount of time to pass, extracting the cleaning solution and debris from the reservoir with the introduction-extraction tube, closing the access to the reservoir, and filling the reservoir with water. Alternatively, the system and process may include introducing an additional amount of solution to remove additional debris, and using a wet/dry vacuum to facilitate extraction of the solution and debris from the reservoir.02-28-2013
20130056034SELF DRIVEN ROTATING PULSE DETONATION CLEANING SYSTEM - A pulse detonation device can provide one or more shock waves to an operating device. The pulse detonation device includes a pulse detonation chamber providing one or more shock waves, at least one pulse detonation outlet extending into the operating device and in operative association with the pulse detonation chamber, and a rotary union. The rotary union rotatably attaches the pulse detonation chamber to the at least one pulse detonation outlet, wherein the at least one pulse detonation outlet can move with respect to the pulse detonation chamber. The at least one pulse detonation outlet is rotatable within the operating device and can deliver the one or more shock waves to a plurality of locations within the operating device.03-07-2013
20100126529MAINTENANCE LIQUID FOR INKJET PRINTERS - Provided is a maintenance liquid for inkjet printers, which comprises at least one of glycol ethers and glycol esters represented by the following general formulas (1) to (3), and 45 to 10 mg/L of dissolved oxygen:05-27-2010
20090260657METHOD FOR CLEANING DEPOSITS FROM EQUIPMENT THAT HAVE ACCUMULATED DURING A METHOD FOR RECOVERING NMP, BY THE INTRODUCTION OF HOT WATER AND AGITATION - A process is proposed for cleaning an apparatus to remove deposits from a process for the recovery of purified N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) by evaporating NMP from a contaminated NMP stream which is obtained in a process for the extractive separation of acetylene from the reaction mixture of a partial oxidation of hydrocarbons after expulsion of the acetylene as a gas, wherein hot water is passed into the apparatus and is stirred.10-22-2009
20100089423CLEANING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A cleaning method is provided to clean processing chambers of a substrate processing apparatus for transferring substrates included in each of lots to the processing chambers on a lot basis and processing the substrates in the processing chambers simultaneously. The cleaning method includes checking whether a lot is switched to another lot to which different cleaning conditions are applied prior to the processing in the processing chambers, performing a cleaning process on the processing chambers under cleaning conditions of a previous lot by transferring cleaning substrates into the processing chambers when it is determined that a lot is switched to another lot to which different cleaning conditions are applied, and omitting the cleaning process of the processing chambers when it is determined that a lot is switched to another lot to which the same cleaning conditions are applied.04-15-2010
20110297187METHOD FOR CLEANING WATER PURIFIER - A method for cleaning a water purifier comprising: a filtering unit; a water tank unit for storing purified water having passed through the filtering unit; and a discharging unit for discharging out the purified water stored in the water tank unit, the method comprises: a cleaning water supplying step of supplying cleaning water in which a cleaning agent is dissolved to the water tank unit; a cleaning water discharging step of discharging the cleaning water when a predetermined time has lapsed; a rinsing water supplying step of supplying rinsing water to the water tank unit when the cleaning water discharging step has been completed; and a rinsing water discharging step of discharging the rinsing water when a predetermined time has lapsed. In the method, cleaning and rinsing processes for a water purifier are automatically executed by a series of consecutive processes. Accordingly, a user can directly clean the water purifier if necessary without requiring a Codi's visit.12-08-2011
20110265824METHODS FOR EXTENDING THE LIFETIME OF PRESSURE GAUGES COUPLED TO SUBSTRATE PROCESS CHAMBERS - Methods of extending the lifetime of pressure gauges coupled to process chambers are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the methods may include isolating the pressure gauge from a processing volume of the process chamber, increasing a moisture content of the processing volume to above a desired moisture level while the pressure gauge is isolated from the processing volume of the process chamber, reducing a moisture content of the processing volume to a desired moisture level, wherein the processing volume has a leak rate of about 2 mTorr/min or less at the desired moisture level, and exposing the pressure gauge to the processing volume after reaching the desired moisture level. In some embodiments, the moisture content of the process chamber may be increased by performing a cleaning process in the process chamber or by allowing air to enter the processing volume.11-03-2011
20080283098METHOD FOR CLEANING INTERNAL PARTS OF GASOLINE ENGINES - Interior parts of gasoline engines are readily cleaned by a method comprising the steps of connecting an a cleaning liquid supply pipe having a gas supply port thereon airtightly to a port of an intake pipe of the engine below a throttle valve-attached position of the engine; operating the engine to draw cleaning liquid in the form of liquid drop and simultaneously drawing continuously a gas having an oxygen concentration of less than 20 vol. % into the intake pipe; and exhausting the cleaning liquid having been brought into contact with the internal parts of the engine with an exhaust gas.11-20-2008
20090114250Pipetter cleaning device and cleaning method - Provided are a simple and inexpensive cleaning apparatus and a method for cleaning capable of effectively cleaning the outer wall surface of a pipette. A pipette to be cleaned is positioned in a concave portion of the cleaning apparatus, and a cleaning liquid passed through inside of the pipette strikes an inner circumferential surface of the concave portion and bounces therefrom to splash against the outer wall surface of the pipette, thereby cleaning the outer surface. With above arrangement, without using an ejection apparatus of cleaning water, effect equivalent to that with the ejection apparatus can be attained. Furthermore, both the inner wall surface and the outer wall surface of the pipette can be cleaned by a single operation using the same cleaning water, thereby attaining easy internal cleaning work and short cleaning time.05-07-2009
20090165826Washing device for recyclable containers - A washing device for recyclable container comprises a base from which perpendicularly extends a stand. A hose connected to a faucet. The hose connects to a connector. A sub hose connects the connector to a spray tube base from which integrally extends the spray tube. A sliding arm is rotationally connected to the spray tube base. The sliding arm extends from the stand so as to interface between the spray tube base and the stand. The spray tube is terminated at its upper end by a nozzle from which emerges water. A valve actuator located on the spray tube base is actuated by way of a stem extending therefrom. The valve actuator is mechanically connected to a valve.07-02-2009
20090283115Gun bore cleaner - An assembly for cleaning a bore that contains a body and a cleaning material located over the body. At least one resilient cleaning material is located between the body and the cleaning material. When the assembly is inserted into a bore, the resilient material extends outwardly towards to the bore, thus insuring contact of the cleaning material with the bore.11-19-2009
20090293916INVISIBLE TOLIET BOWL DEODORIZER BLOCK - The invention relates to a holder for an active ingredient comprising a fixing portion for mechanical fixing under a toilet bowl rim, and a receiving portion joined to the fixing portion for receiving an active ingredient. One problem of such known holders is that they are troublesome to fix to the toilet bowl and to remove again therefrom. This disadvantage is overcome according to the invention by at least parts of the fixing portion being formed from a biodegradable, preferably water-soluble material.12-03-2009
20120067375WASHING AND CLEANING SYSTEM FOR CONTAINER TREATMENT MACHINES OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY - The invention relates to a container treatment machine, in particular a filling, closing or rinsing unit for containers, such as bottles, cans, barrels, kegs etc., comprising a container feed, a container discharge, at least one feed line for at least one product, and a cleaning device (03-22-2012
20080264450SWABABLE FLUID CONNECTORS AND FLUID CONNECTOR PAIRS - A first fluid connector is provided for selective interconnection to and fluid transfer with a second fluid connector. The first connector comprises a fluid passageway, an internal member and an outer collar supportably disposed about the internal member for selective advancement and retraction relative thereto. At least a portion of the fluid passageway may extend through the internal member. The outer collar may be selectively retracted to facilitate cleaning of the internal member. In some embodiments, the outer collar and internal member may be disposed so that a distal portion of the internal member is substantially flush with or a distal portion of internal member projects beyond a distal end of the outer collar when the outer collar is in a retracted position relative thereto. To facilitate cleaning, a distal end or distal portion of the internal member may be substantially closed when the first and second connectors are disconnected. The second connector may be adapted to facilitate fluid interconnection with the first connector, and may also present a cleanable distal end when disconnected.10-30-2008
20120192899Liquid Processing Apparatus and Liquid Processing Method - Disclosed are a liquid processing apparatus and a liquid processing method that can prevent a substrate in a processing chamber from being contaminated due to contamination attached to a cup. The liquid processing apparatus includes: a processing chamber in which a substrate holding unit holding a substrate and a cup placed around the substrate holding unit are installed; a nozzle for supplying a processing liquid to the substrate held by the substrate holding unit; and a cup cleaning unit cleaning the cup by supplying a cleaning liquid to the upper part of the cup. A concave portion is formed in the upper part of the cup and the cup cleaning units supply the cleaning liquid to the concave portion in the upper part of the cup.08-02-2012
20100154829Method for removing scum in a drum washing machine, and drum washing machine suitable for this purpose - A method for removing scum in a tub of an electronically controlled drum washing machine. The method includes alternately rotating a drum following a main washing cycle and pumping liquid out of the drum, pumping a liquid out of the drum for between 30 seconds to 15 minutes following a main washing cycle and pumping liquid out of the drum, regulating a level of water following a main washing cycle and pumping liquid out of the drum by: introducing a quantity of water into the drum which is sufficient to cover all water channels, and rinsing over a short period of time t06-24-2010
20090078291Cooking apparatus and method of controlling steam cleaning thereof - A cooking apparatus and a method of controlling steam cleaning thereof realize optimal cleaning performance by maintaining an internal temperature of a cooking chamber at a temperature suitable for steam condensation at the time of cleaning the inside of the cooking chamber using steam. The cooking apparatus includes a cooking chamber, a steam supplying unit to supply steam into the cooking chamber, a temperature sensing unit to sense an internal temperature of the cooking chamber, and a control unit to compare the sensed internal temperature with a reference temperature and operate the steam supplying unit if the internal temperature of the cooking chamber is less than the reference temperature.03-26-2009
20100192981FRYER FILTRATION ARRANGEMENT WITH BOIL-OUT BYPASS - The disclosure features a method of performing a boil-out cleaning process in connection with a fryer. The fryer includes a vat, a vessel for receiving oil drained from the vat, the vessel movable from an under-unit position, an oil drain path leading from an outlet opening of the vat to the pan, and an oil return path from the vessel back to the vat. The oil return path includes a pump. A drain valve is located along the oil drain path. The drain valve is opened to drain oil from the vat into the vessel is opened. The drain valve is closed after draining the oil from the vat. A boil-out cleaning fluid is delivered to the vat and the boil-out cleaning fluid is heated. A boil-out drain path is provided with an inlet positioned for receiving boil-out fluid from the drain valve and an outlet positioned forward of a front of the fryer unit. A container is placed below the outlet of the boil-out drain path. The drain valve is opened so that boil-out fluid is delivered from the vat to the container without passing through the pump. The drain valve is closed, and The pump is activated to deliver oil from the vessel back to the vat.08-05-2010
20100212696LAVATORY PAN WASHING APPARATUS AND WASHING METHOD - A lavatory pan washing apparatus and a lavatory pan washing method which are able to achieve both a higher discharging performance and a higher water-saving effect are provided.08-26-2010
20100200019METHOD FOR THE INTERNAL CLEANING OF A CLOTHES WASHING MACHINE - A clothes washing machine includes a tank (08-12-2010
20090320881Use of spectroscopic techniques to monitor and control reactant gas input into a pre-pump reactive gas injection system - The present invention relates to vacuum processing systems in which process gases are introduced in a process chamber and are exhausted through a vacuum processing system exhaust path. Deposits made by the exhausted gas are reduced or eliminated by introducing a reactive gas upstream of the device affected by deposits. The amount of introduced reactive gas is controlled by measuring gas phase concentrations of exhausted gas components upstream and downstream of the affected device, and, from those measurements, determining whether the components are being consumed in deposits on the affected device.12-31-2009
20110232689METHOD FOR CLEANING A VACUUM PUMP - A method for cleaning a vacuum pump (09-29-2011
20110126861DESCALING ARRANGEMENT FOR A DISHWASHER, AND ASSOCIATED APPARATUS AND METHOD - A descaling arrangement for a dishwasher and an associated apparatus are provided. The dishwasher has a tub portion adapted to receive dishware therein, and a fluid circulation system configured to circulate dishwashing fluid about the dishware within the tub portion. A descale system is in fluid communication with the fluid circulation system. The descale system is configured to selectively introduce a descaling substance into dishwashing fluid circulated within the fluid circulation system such that the descaling substance is distributed to at least one of the tub portion and the fluid circulation system for descaling thereof. An associated method is also provided.06-02-2011
20110000508METHOD OF REMOVING RESIDUAL FLUORINE FROM DEPOSITION CHAMBER - Disclosed are methods to remove residual fluorine left in a chamber surface without the use of a plasma device or temperature elevation. The disclosed methods may permit the next step in the deposition process to occur more quickly.01-06-2011
20100132745NOZZLE AND METHOD FOR WASHING GAS TURBINE COMPRESSORS - A nozzle for cleaning a gas turbine unit during operation. The invention further relates to a method for washing a gas turbine unit during operation. The nozzle is arranged to atomize a wash liquid in the air stream in an air intake of the gas turbine unit and comprises a nozzle body comprising an intake end for intake of said wash liquid and outlet end for exit of said wash liquid. The nozzle further comprises a number of orifices that are connected to the outlet end and respective orifice is arranged at a suitable distance from a centre axis of said nozzle body, whereby the local density of the injected wash liquid in a desired area can be increased with preserved droplet size and thereby the efficiency of the cleaning process can be significantly improved at the same time as the risk for damaging the components in the gas turbine unit is significantly reduced.06-03-2010
20120240960Separation Vessels For Use In Polymerization Processes And Methods For Cleaning Same - Both a system and method for cleaning a low pressure separation vessel of a high pressure polyethylene polymerization plant are provided. The system includes a polytetrafluoroethylene lining that covers the interior surfaces of the vessel, and a cover mounting assembly including an annular clamp for detachably mounting a cover over the vessel. The mounting assembly includes a clamp actuator for quickly securing and releasing the cover with respect to a top rim of the vessel. The vessel is drained of liquid polyethylene and allowed to cool to ambient temperature, thus creating a frozen “skin” of polyethylene around the interior surfaces of the vessel. The clamp actuator releases the cover. The polyethylene skin is peeled off the interior sides the vessel and gathered up at the top to form a neck, thus peeling the polyethylene skin away from the polytetrafluoroethylene lining along with any degraded polymers or other impurities that have accumulated on the interior surfaces of the vessel.09-27-2012
20110146721FILTER CLEANING TOOL AND METHOD - A tool for removing particulate matter from a diesel particulate filter (DPF) includes a container defining a chamber that has an open end, and a support associated with the open end that supports a first axial end of the DPF and forms a seal around an outside surface of the can of the DPF and the container. An air nozzle mounted proximate to a second axial end of the DPF directs a narrow flow of air through the DPF that passes through a portion of the DPF element bundle and exits through the first axial end into the container.06-23-2011
20080314411Reactor for Direct Utilization of External Radiation Heat for Thermal or Thermochemical Material Processes - A reactor for direct utilization of external radiation heat includes a containment can having a longitudinal axis, an external driving mechanism for controllable rotating the containment can and a cavity having a cylindrical shape. The cavity is partially lined with an insulation layer and disposed in the containment can. The cavity has a gas inlet, a gas outlet and an aperture for allowing to insert the external radiation heat into the cavity. A feeder mechanism is moveable along the longitudinal axis into and out of the cavity for supplying the material subject to the thermal or thermo-chemical material process. The gas outlet is formed as a ring channel tube having an inner and an outer surface, wherein the feeder mechanism is at least partially hosted within a tube cavity defined by the inner surface. Cooling means are associated with the inner and/or outer surface.12-25-2008
20110114129METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR CONTROLLING CONTAMINATION OF SUBSTRATES - Components, systems, and methods for maintaining an extremely dry environment within substrate containers formed of polymers provides supplemental exterior gas washing of the substrate container to minimize permeation of moisture and oxygen through the polymer walls of the container and to control desorption of water entrapped in the polymer walls of the container.05-19-2011
20110114130CLEANING METHOD OF PROCESS CHAMBER - A cleaning method of a process chamber to remove a nitride layer including aluminum and a transition metal, which is adhered to an inner surface of the process chamber, includes removing the nitride layer by supplying cleaning gases to the process chamber, wherein the cleaning gases comprises a first gas including boron and a second gas including fluorine.05-19-2011
20100186774CLEANING METHOD AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - Provided is a cleaning method for removing a film adhered inside a processing chamber of a substrate processing apparatus used for forming a desired film on a substrate by supplying a material gas for film formation. The method is provided with a step of supplying a halogen containing gas into the processing chamber, and a step of supplying a fluorine containing gas into the processing chamber while supplying the halogen containing gas, after starting to supply the halogen containing gas. In the step of supplying the fluorine containing gas, a supply flow volume ratio of the halogen containing gas to the entire gas supplied into the processing chamber is within a range of 20-25%.07-29-2010
20110083700TEAT CUP CLEANING DEVICE AND METHOD - A teat cup cleaning device comprises a heating chamber provided with a discharge outlet that is closable by a valve and arranged for connection to a teat cup. A filling device is arranged for filling the heating chamber with an amount of cleaning liquid and retaining a given quantity of gas. The chamber is provided with a heating arrangement arranged to heat the contents of the heating chamber to a temperature T higher than the boiling point Tk of the cleaning liquid at ambient pressure. On operation of the valve superheated cleaning liquid is discharged to clean a teat cup.04-14-2011
20100101609SELF CLEANING NOZZLE ARRANGEMENT - The invention is directed to an arrangement of two conduits, wherein the conduits are positioned parallel with respect to each other and wherein each conduit is provided with means suitable to remove solids from its surface and positioned along the length of one of the two sides of the conduit, wherein the means are one or more pairs of oppositely oriented nozzles, each nozzle having an outflow opening for gas directed, along the surface of the conduit, towards the outflow opening of the other nozzle of said pair, wherein the pairs of oppositely oriented nozzles of one conduit are arranged in a staggered configuration relative to the pairs of oppositely oriented nozzles of the other conduit.04-29-2010
20100282277Method For Cleaning Fouled Vessels In The Parraffinic Froth Treatment Process - A method of cleaning fouled vessels in the paraffinic froth treatment process (PFT). The foulant comprises asphaltenes. Foulant is at least partially removed from a surface of a vessel or conduit used in a PFT process by spraying a liquid against the foulant on the surface to physically remove at least a portion of the foulant from the surface. The liquid may be a PFT-compatible liquid, water, or a combination thereof. The method may be effected in the substantial absence of a foulant-dissolving agent.11-11-2010
20110259370SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND METHOD OF CLEANING PROCESSING VESSEL - When a dry cleaning process is performed in a processing chamber by adding nitrogen monoxide (NO) gas to a cleaning gas, the handling is facilitated, and cleaning performance is improved. A substrate processing apparatus includes a processing vessel configured to process a substrate, a first cleaning gas supply system configured to pre-mix a gas containing fluorine atoms with the NO gas and supply the pre-mixed gas into the processing vessel, and a second cleaning gas supply system installed apart from the first cleaning gas supply system and configured to supply the fluorine-containing gas into the processing vessel.10-27-2011
20090260658TOILET BOWL CLEANING APPARATUS AND METHODS - A toilet bowl cleaning unit disposed to intercept an intermittent flow of water from each flush of the water from a water line to a toilet bowl comprising a mounting device for installation in the flow of water, and a water-soluble compound positioned on the mounting device to intercept a substantial portion of the water as it is flushed from the water line to the toilet bowl, said water-soluble compound thereby being released into the toiled bowl with the water from each flush to inhibit formation of mineral deposits on the surfaces of the toilet bowl and/or drainage pipes. A method for cleaning a toilet bowl, comprising providing an intermittent flow of water from a water line to a toilet bowl with each flush of the toilet bowl, and providing a water-soluble compound to intercept a substantial portion of the flow of water, said water-soluble compound thereby being released into the toilet bowl with the water from each flush to inhibit formation of mineral deposits on the surfaces of the toilet bowl and/or drainage pipes.10-22-2009
20120145198OZONE GENERATION MODULE - An ozone supply module for supplying ozonated water to an appliance that typically includes: an appliance module housing having a water inlet; a water outlet; and an electrical connection for receiving electrical power; a proton exchange membrane cell positioned within the housing; and a water conveying system within the module housing and operably connected to both the water inlet and water outlet. The water conveying system is typically configured to allow water to flow through the deionizing resin and into contact with the proton exchange membrane cell. The module and the proton exchange membrane cell receive electrical power from a home appliance when the module is operably connected to the appliance. The module produces water that contains (dissolved) ozone to be delivered to a chamber within the appliance when the module is in the engaged position with the appliance. The appliance is typically a residential appliance.06-14-2012
20090320882BARBECUE SMOKER - A barbecue smoker includes a doorless and lidless cabinet including at least four drawer receiving openings. A first drawer for holding food to be cooked is provided in the first opening. A second drawer for holding a pan of water or seasonings is provided in a second opening. A third drawer for holding fuel for heating the smoker is provided in a third opening. A fourth drawer for receiving and holding ashes produced by the fuel is provided in a fourth opening. All of the drawers include a rear cap to seal a cooking compartment in the cabinet when the drawers are fully open.12-31-2009
20120000489RESIN COMPOSITION FOR CLEANING PLASTICS-PROCESSING MACHINE - The present invention presents a resin composition for cleaning a plastics-processing machine, containing a tracer substance and a thermoplastic resins, wherewith the plastics-processing machine is cleaned. After the plastics-processing machine finishing with processing of a resin is cleaned with the resin composition, the resin composition remaining in the processing machine is discharged with a subsequent resin. The residue of the said resin composition is checked by detecting fluorescence on the surface of a molding after the molding containing the subsequent resin is obtained in the discharging process of the said resin composition remaining in the processing machine.01-05-2012
20110155178Cleaning compositions for removing organic deposits on surfaces and method of use - The present invention is improved cleaning method using a composition having at least one ketone for cleaning organic residue.06-30-2011
20120055513DOMESTIC APPLIANCE HAVING A SURFACE WHICH COMPRISES A PHOTOCATALYST - A domestic appliance includes at least one component having a surface that can become laden with organic dirt. The surface includes a photocatalyst and is made from a primary-formed first material in which the photocatalyst is dispersed. A photoradiation source is provided for irradiating the photocatalyst with an activating electromagnetic radiation.03-08-2012
20120111368PROTECTIVE CAP FOR A CONNECTOR - The invention relates to a protective cap for sealing a connector for a container containing medical substances, a connector system and a method for cleaning and/or disinfecting a surface of a recessed membrane of a connector. The protective cap (05-10-2012
20110094539FUEL AND FUEL TANK TREATMENT - Liquid hydrocarbon storage tanks are cleaned by transferring the most contaminated lower fuel layer to an external vessel on a treatment truck where separation into a contaminants portion and a fuel portion occurs. The remnant fuel in the storage tank is cleaned by multiple passes through an external circuit on the truck. The fuel from the vessel is sometimes returned to the remnant fuel to be cleaned. The contaminants are discarded. The initial separation shortens the cleaning cycle. A flexible dip tube stiffened by a guide rod allows probing of the storage tank floor.04-28-2011
20110094540STARCH PURGING MATERIAL - A method is provided for cleaning the interior of polymer processing equipment having a resin composition retained therein, wherein a contaminant material is adhered to at least a portion of the interior surface of the polymer processing equipment. The method comprises the steps of: charging the polymer processing equipment having a residual polymer composition retained in the interior thereof with a purging composition comprising 45-94 weight % of starch; 0.05 to 20 weight % of water; and (3) 5 to 45 weight % of polyol plasticizer, wherein the weight percentages of starch, water and polyol plasticizer are based on the total weight of starch, water and polyol plasticizer; operating the polymer processing equipment to i) convey the purging composition through the polymer processing equipment, thereby removing and withdrawing substantially all of the residual polymer composition from the polymer processing equipment and causing a portion of the purging composition to be retained as a residual purging composition within the interior of the polymer processing equipment; and ii) remove at least a portion of the contaminant material that is adhered to an interior surface of the polymer processing equipment; and removing the portion of the purging composition retained as a residual purging composition from within the interior of the polymer processing equipment.04-28-2011
20110079249BEVERAGE DISPENSER - A device for rinsing a container that dispenses a beverage includes the container that has a wall surrounding a volume that holds ingredients of the beverage and a magnet connected to the wall. A rinsing system includes a nozzle that sprays liquid and a switch that is attracted to the magnet so that when the magnet contacts the switch a rinse cycle is activated.04-07-2011
20120125370Method and Apparatus for Filling and Cleaning a Pulp Tower - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for filling and cleaning a pulp tower. The invention is most suitable for filling and cleaning high-consistency pulp towers, bleaching towers, storage tanks and similar towers containing fiber suspensions, of the wood-processing industry. The apparatus and method according to the invention for filling and cleaning a pulp tower, in which method pulp is fed into the pulp tower either through its cover (05-24-2012
20120211030Vacuum link chain conveyor - A vertical closed loop link chain vacuum conveyor is provided. A conveying frame extends along a lane-like longitudinal conveying path. The frame has a vertical and longitudinally offset closed loop section. The closed loop section has a change in elevation including a decline and an incline, change in direction, and a central vacuum plenum. A multi-flex link chain is in guided support and travel in the conveying frame while running in trained contact about a link chain drive assembly. The multi-flex link chain is in evacuated communication with a suction generator is in ducted communication with the vacuum plenum.08-23-2012
20110180110DISPENSING PAPER-ROLL CORE SYSTEMS - A paper-roll core that is a soluble, disposable carrier for cleaning and/or disinfecting chemicals. The paper-roll cores are toilet paper roll cores and paper towel roll cores and are rapidly soluble in water and may release cleansers, disinfectants, colors, etc., upon dissolving. Described are: methods of using, manufacturing, advertising, and distributing the paper-roll cores; and methods of advertising and distributing such paper-roll cores to children, who will particularly enjoy the novelty; and methods of modifying existing paper-roll core manufacturing equipment to manufacture soluble cleanser-dispensing paper-roll cores.07-28-2011
20110180109PRESSURE FLUSH PROCESS FOR COOLED TURBINE BLADES - A pressure flush process for removing debris from internal passageways of a cooled turbine blade includes a step of creating an agitated liquid/gas mixture and a step of injecting the agitated liquid/gas mixture under a positive pressure, into at least some of cooling holes in the blade to pass through the internal passageways and discharging the agitated liquid/gas mixture together with removed debris, through a larger root opening of the blade.07-28-2011
20100269862CLEANING AND/OR UNBLOCKING OF PROCESS EQUIPMENT - A method of cleaning an internal component (10-28-2010
20090038647Rinsing methodologies for barrier plate and venturi containment systems in tools used to process microelectronic workpieces with one or more treatment fluids, and related apparatuses - Tool for treating microelectronic workpieces with one or more treatment materials, including liquids, gases, fluidized solids, dispersions, combinations of these, and the like. The invention provides an approach for rapid, efficient rinsing of wetted surface(s), and is particularly advantageous when used to rinse the lower surface of moveable barrier structures such as a barrier plate that overlies a workpiece being treated in such a manner to define a tapering flow channel over the workpiece. Rather than spray rinsing liquid onto the surface in a manner that generates undue splashing, droplet, or mist generation, the liquid is flowingly dispensed, preferably under laminar flow conditions, onto a surface that is in fluid communication with the surface to be rinsed. A smooth, uniform wetting and sheeting action results to accomplish rinsing with a significantly reduced risk of generating particle contamination.02-12-2009
20080302392Method and Apparatus for Automated Cleaning of Bottling Equipment - A method and apparatus 12-11-2008
20100229896OVEN WITH STEAM CLEANING - An oven is disclosed which includes a heating cavity having a smoker and a steamer in communication with the heating cavity. The smoker and the steamer are operable either alone or in combination for preparation of a food product. The steamer is separately operable to produce steam for cleaning the heating cavity.09-16-2010
20100229895METHOD FOR CONTAINER STERILIZING AND WASHING AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - When the inner surface of containers conveyed in an inverted posture is sterilized, the sterilization efficiency can be increased, the amount of sterilizing fluid used can be reduced, the sterilization time and washing time can be shortened, the number of drive components of the apparatus can be reduced and the apparatus can be simplified and reduced in cost. A non-inserted nozzle 09-16-2010
20100229894NON-INSERTED NOZZLE FOR STERILIZING OR WASHING BOTTLE CONTAINER AND METHOD FOR STERILIZING OR WASHING INNER SURFACE OF BOTTLE CONTAINER - A non-inserted nozzle for washing a container that can increase the washing efficiency, decrease the amount of washing fluid used, and shorten the washing time in sterilizing and washing a bottle container. The upper end surface of a non-inserted nozzle 09-16-2010
20120298144RENDERING TRAILER WITH DUMP BOX HAVING A CENTER GATE - A rendering trailer includes a dump box with a center gate dividing the interior chamber of the trailer into forward and rearward compartments. A doorway is formed in the center gate to allow a person to pass therethrough to facilitate washing the forward and rearward compartments. A door is mounted on the center gate to open and close the doorway. The invention also includes a method of using the center gate and the gate itself.11-29-2012
20120090641METHOD FOR CLEANING FILTERING MEMBRANE - A method for cleaning a filtering membrane, contaminated by contaminants including inorganic and organic materials during a fluid-filtering process, is disclosed, the method comprises cleaning the filtering membrane by using a first cleaning solution of pH 6˜9 so as to remove the organic material from the filtering membrane; and cleaning the filtering membrane by using a second acid cleaning solution so as to remove the inorganic material from the filtering membrane, wherein the cleaning method of the present invention uses the first cleaning solution having pH 6˜9 instead of a strong-alkaline cleaning solution so as to prevent the filtering membrane from being damaged, and also uses the cleaning solution maintained at a a relatively low temperature instead of hot water so as to improve economical efficiency by reduction of energy consumption.04-19-2012
20100132744Thermal Cleaning Gas Production and Supply System - Methods and apparatus for cleaning undesired substances from a surface in a semiconductor processing chamber. An cleaning gas mixture is formed onsite and stored in a buffer tank for a time, prior to its introduction into a semiconductor processing chamber, to remove an undesired substance from a surface in the chamber. The undesired substance is removed without the generation of a plasma in the chamber, and at a temperature of less than 300° C.06-03-2010
20080223409METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EXTENDING EQUIPMENT UPTIME IN ION IMPLANTATION - An in situ cleaning system is disclosed for use with semiconductor processing equipment. In accordance with an important aspect of the invention, the cleaning system provides for dynamic cleaning of the semiconductor processing system by varying the pressure of the cleaning gas over time during a cleaning cycle. In particular, the cleaning gas is applied to the semiconductor processing system in repeated pressure cycles. Each pressure cycle begins with the pressure of the cleaning gas at P09-18-2008
20080223408SYSTEM & METHOD FOR PREVENTING SCALING IN A FLUE GAS DESULPHURIZATION SYSTEM - A system & Method for Preventing Scaling in a Flue Gas Desulphurization System is provided. The system includes an injector configured to direct a barrier fluid toward a surface that is otherwise susceptible to scaling when it comes in contact with super-saturated alkaline solutions such as slurry used to capture CO2 from a flue gas stream.09-18-2008
20130092193POOL CLEANER BASE PLATE WITH HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING JETS - The base plate of a robotic or manually propelled tank or pool cleaning apparatus includes a transverse conduit positioned on the interior surface of the base plate and is in fluid communication with a source of pressurized water that is also located within the pool cleaner's housing, which pressurized water is discharged from the bottom or lower portion of the transverse conduit through a plurality of openings that extend along a line that is transverse to the longitudinal axis of the pool cleaner's direction of travel, to produce downwardly-directed water jets that are discharged through and below the base plate towards the surface of the pool or tank over which the pool cleaning apparatus is moving to dislodge and suspend dirt and debris that is then drawn into and retained by the pool cleaner's filter.04-18-2013
20130092192CLEANING OR CARE DEVICE FOR MEDICAL OR DENTAL INSTRUMENTS - A cleaning or care device for the cleaning or care of medical or dental instruments, having a cleaning or care chamber in which at least two connections for the instruments to be cleaned are provided, and a supply device for supplying the at least two connections with a cleaning or care agent. The at least two connections and the supply device can be moved relative to one another in such a way that one of the connections can be connected to the supply device and supplied with a cleaning or care agent, while another of the connections is not connected to the supply device and cannot be supplied with a cleaning or care agent. A corresponding method for the cleaning or care of medical or dental instruments with such a cleaning or care device is also described.04-18-2013
20110265825FEMALE LUER CONNECTOR DISINFECTING CAP - A cleaning device for a site of a medical implement is disclosed, as are methods for using such devices. The cleaning device can include a cap having an opening to an inner cavity, and the opening can be adapted to receive a site of the medical implement. The inner cavity can include a male luer protrusion that extends up from an inner wall toward the opening, and can be sized and adapted for insertion into a female luer when the cap is provided on the medical implement. The cleaning device can further include a cleaning material that contains a cleaning agent prior to receipt of the site of the medical implement, i.e. the cleaning material is pre-loaded with the cleaning agent. The cleaning material can be at least partially secured in the inner cavity and adapted to swab and clean the site with the cleaning agent. The cap can further include a friction-forming member for creating a friction-based fitting of the cap onto the site of the medical implement.11-03-2011
20130125928CONTAINER CLEANING AND RECHARGING METHOD AND APPARATUS - An apparatus and method for cleaning, sanitizing and recharging a self chilling container having a heat exchange unit including compressed carbon internally thereof including a plurality of sources of cleaning and sanitizing materials connected through a plurality of valves to the container for injecting and exhausting the materials into and from the container. A source of carbon dioxide gas to be injected into said heat exchange unit to be adsorbed by said carbon. A source of chilled fluid and means for circulating the chilled fluid through the container during adsorption of said carbon dioxide gas to remove heat generated thereby.05-23-2013
20130125927Agent for Cleaning a Container Configured for Making a Nutritional Shake and a Method of Using the Agent - An agent for cleaning a container configured for making a nutritional shake and a method of using the agent is presented. The agent comprises a packaging unit being configured for containing at least one quantity of a mixture for cleaning the container. A mixture is configured to be dissolvable in water. The dissolved mixture is operable for substantially removing residue from the container in which the container is left substantially absent of aftertaste.05-23-2013
20130133697PREVENTION OF POST-PECVD VACUUM AND ABATEMENT SYSTEM FOULING USING A FLUORINE CONTAINING CLEANING GAS CHAMBER - Methods and apparatus for reducing post PECVD vacuum and abatement system fouling. Chamber cleaning times are reduced leading to increased efficiency and lower cost fabrication processes by introducing F05-30-2013
20130146094CLEANING CARTRIDGE FOR A HEATING APPARATUS FOR COOKING FOOD AND MECHANISM FOR OPENING CARTRIDGE - A cleaning agent/rinsing agent for cleaning a heating apparatus for cooking food are contained in a cartridge. The cartridge is sealed to prevent premature release of the cleaning/rinsing agents. Inside the cavity of the heating apparatus, a mechanism for opening the cartridge is located in the drain of the cavity of the heating apparatus. By pushing the cartridge onto the mechanism and twisting the cartridge, protruding edges of the mechanism penetrate the seal. Upon lifting the cartridge, the cleaning/rinsing agent drops out and into the cavity drain. The rinsing agent may be retained above the drain and cleaning box via encapsulation or the rinsing agent and configuration of the mechanism. The empty cartridge is removed and the cavity of the heating apparatus is ready for cleaning.06-13-2013
20080196746CONCRETE WASHOUT CONTAINER - A washout container to which are mounted inclined ramps that allow a transit mixer, concrete pumping truck or other concrete handling vehicle to drive up over a portion of the container for dumping excess concrete and washing out waste concrete. The container cross-section may be rectangular to semi-circular, and is preferably fabricated with a steel structure. A watertight latching door assembly is coupled to the container to prevent leakage of collected liquid concrete waste material while allowing solidified concrete materials to be unloaded at a disposal site. The interior of the container is preferably lined with a material to which concrete will not adhere. The liner may be applied as a coating to the interior of the container or as a solid material retained within the container. In this way, solidified waste concrete can be easily removed from the container at the disposal site and preferably crushed for recycling.08-21-2008
20110220150CONE NUT INSIDE DIAMETER CLEANING - A cleaning apparatus that includes a device carrier that holds a device, a guide plate that guides the device carrier during extraction or retraction, a carrier support that supports the device carrier, and a ramp that supports and guides the carrier support to a cleaning position.09-15-2011
20100307538MILK COLLECTION DEVICE, AND MILKING DEVICE AND METHOD THEREWITH - A system and method for a milk collection device comprising a milk collection container having a rinsing liquid supply line, at least one milk supply, a vacuum discharge tube and a liquid discharge on the bottom side of the container, wherein the rinsing liquid supply is provided atop the milk collection container and separated from the vacuum discharge tube, and is arranged to guide the rinsing liquid substantially along a wall of the milk collection container and to wash around the vacuum discharge tube with rinsing liquid on at least two sides. Consequently, rinsing liquid is supported by vacuum, while still being able to rinse substantially the entire wall surface of the milk collection container. The invention also provides a milking device and a working method with the milk collection device.12-09-2010
20110308551METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INDUCING TURBULENT FLOW OF A PROCESSING CHAMBER CLEANING GAS - Embodiments of the invention generally relate to apparatus and methods for cleaning chamber components using a cleaning plate. The cleaning plate is adapted to be positioned on a substrate support during a cleaning process, and includes a plurality of turbulence-inducing structures. The turbulence-inducing structures induce a turbulent flow of cleaning gas while the cleaning plate is rotated during a cleaning process. The cleaning plate increases the retention time of the cleaning gas near the showerhead during cleaning. Additionally, the cleaning plate reduces concentration gradients within the cleaning plate to provide a more effective clean. The method includes positioning a cleaning plate adjacent to a showerhead, and introducing cleaning gas to the space between the showerhead and the cleaning plate. A material deposited on the surface of the showerhead is then heated and vaporized in the presence of the cleaning gas, and then exhausted from the processing chamber.12-22-2011
20120017942Module For Purifying A Fluid Containing A Cleaning Agent, And Methods Of Fabricating And Using This Kind Of Module - The invention consists in a disposable module (01-26-2012
20130192647ENDOSCOPIC COMPONENT CLEANING SYSTEM AND METHOD - Cleaning systems and methods include use of a container or holding apparatus to receive one or more components used in a medical procedure (e.g., a walled container or a non-walled container including a plurality of holding structures) and a manifold apparatus. For example, the manifold apparatus may include an inlet connection connectable to a reprocessor fitting of a reprocessing apparatus to receive a fluid therefrom (e.g., a cleaning solution, a disinfecting solution, and a rinsing solution) and one or more outlets configured to provide the at least one fluid into or through one or more components received by the container. For example, the one or more outlets may include an outlet connection connectable to a component fitting of at least one of the components.08-01-2013
20130192648SUBSTRATE TREATING APPARATUSES AND METHODS OF REMOVING REACTION GAS USING THE SAME - A method of removing a reaction gas remaining in a process chamber after a process of treating a substrate in the process chamber is completed includes exhausting the reaction gas remaining in the process chamber to a region outside of the process chamber through an exhaust line, and supplying a cleaning gas into the process chamber through a gas supplying line. The cleaning gas is different from the reaction gas08-01-2013
20120031435SCALING, DEPOSITION AND GENERAL COPPER CORROSION ELIMINATION IN CLOSED COOLING WATER SYSTEMS - In closed cooling water systems of the kind where deionized and usually deaerated cooling water comes into contact with copper or copper alloys, the formation of scales, depositions due to general copper corrosion is eliminated by the addition of H02-09-2012

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