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131 - Tobacco

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131352000 Compositions, e.g., smoking or chewing mixture or medium 64
131360000 Cigar or cigarette 39
131351000 With means to facilitate ignition 1
20110011415SELF-LIGHTING CIGARETTE - The present invention relates to a self striking cigarette comprising: cigarette paper, where said cigarette paper includes a phosphorous dipped edge; a tobacco product, where the tobacco product is rolled within the cigarette paper; and a filter, where said filter is attached to the rolled cigarette paper at the non-phosphorous end. In one exemplary embodiment, the cigarette paper is ribbed along the phosphorous edge to provide a reinforcement means. The self striking cigarettes according the present invention may be packaged as a plurality of phosphorous tipped cigarettes stored within a cigarette box, where said cigarette box includes at least one striking surface in the lower corner of the cigarette box. The present invention also contemplates a method of creating a self striking cigarette01-20-2011
131366000 Plug tobacco 1
20100206320Refill Unit for a Moist Smokeless Tobacco Product - Packaging for moist smokeless tobacco can be provided in the form of a refill unit comprising a base portion (08-19-2010
20100031968METHOD AND APPARATUS RELATING TO ELECTRONIC SMOKING-SUBSTITUTE DEVICES - An electronic smoking-substitute device 02-11-2010
20080245378 Method for Producing Flue-Cured Type Tobacco Sheet by Papermaking Process - This invention relates to a production process of tobacco sheet by papermaking. The technical arrangement of this invention are: (a). to immerge and to extract tobacco stem and leaf scrap respectively by water-soluble solvents to respectively obtain solid tobacco stem and solid leaf scrap, and tobacco stem extract and leaf scrap extract via solid/liquid separation; (b). to defibrilate solid tobacco stem and solid leaf scrap respectively, to mix the obtained tobacco stem fiber and leaf scrap fiber and combined with dust to prepare fiber base; (c). to wholly or partly abnegate the tobacco stem extract obtained by Step (a), and to evaporated and to concentrate other extracts that then are sprayed or immerged to coat the formed fiber base that is then dried, threshed and shaped. The tobacco sheet production process offered by this invention has improved the tobacco sheet's filling capacity and its sensory quality.10-09-2008
20110174325Flexible Package for Tobacco Material - A package for tobacco material includes a portion of tobacco material, a wrapper enclosing the portion of tobacco material, a rigid base portion and at least one resealable adhesive label sealing the wrapper around the portion of tobacco material. The wrapper is formed of a flexible sheet material. The package may include an opening strip defined by one or more lines of weakness in the wrapper07-21-2011
20120227753Charger Package for Electronic Cigarette Components - A charger package apparatus for use with electronic cigarette components, which include truncated components and elongated components that have an electrical coupling connected to a rechargeable power source. The apparatus includes a compact box enclosure with an access opening, and with plural compartments formed indies, which receive electronic cigarette components, and where are least one of the compartment is an elongated compartment. The box also includes a battery compartment with a battery contact for engaging a replaceable battery, and a charge circuit coupled to receive power from the battery contact. A charge contact assembly is coupled to the charge circuit and aligned with the elongated compartment to engage the electrical coupling of an elongated component, which can then transfer power to its rechargeable power source. Also, a lid is selectively engaged with the access opening to close the box.09-13-2012
20080202541Alteration of tobacco alkaloid content through modification of specific cytochrome P450 genes - Compositions and methods for reducing the level of nornicotine and N′-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) in 08-28-2008