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131332000 Having a polymer 41
131334000 By chemical reaction, e.g., ion-exchange, chelating, catalytic, etc. 17
131335000 By adding constituent to smoke stream 16
131341000 Plural diverse elements 14
131339000 Interior surface causes particular flow characteristic 8
131338000 Having means to vary smoke flow rate 7
131345000 Including a cellulose ester or ether 5
20110146697Method and apparatus for the plasma processing of filter material - One embodiment of the invention provides a method of manufacturing a filter material such as carbon suitable for use in a smoking article. The method includes modifying the filtration properties of the filter by altering the surface of the filter material. The surface alteration is performed by plasma processing and can be used, for example, to increase the acidic or basic properties of the surface. Another embodiment of the invention provides a filter produced by such a method.06-23-2011
20120199147BIODEGRADABLE COMPOSITES - The present invention concerns a biodegradable cigarette filter tow comprising composite filaments of cellulose and cellulose acetate, and a process for making such a filter tow comprising providing a solution dope comprising a blend of cellulose and cellulose acetate in an ionic liquid or in N-methylmorphilone-N-oxide (NMMO), and spinning casting the blend into a protic solvent to generate fibres or films, and converting the fibres or films into cigarette filter tow. The invention also concerns cigarette filters and cigarettes made from such a filter tow.08-09-2012
20110132381RAPIDLY DEGRADABLE FILTERS VIA ELECTRON IONIZATION - A method of forming a filter for a smoking article which includes exposing cellulose acetate fibers to an electron beam process, wherein electron beam process deacetylates the cellulose acetate fibers to render the cellulose acetate fibers water-permeable; and forming a cellulose acetate rod from a tow of the cellulose acetate fibers. Filter plugs of the cellulose acetate fibers are water-permeable and allow discarded filtered smoking articles to rapidly degrade and expose the components to the environment.06-09-2011
20120037174TOBACCO PRODUCT FILTERS - A tobacco product filter is provided comprising a carrier material which comprises an immobilized ionic liquid. By the term “tobacco product filter” may particularly be meant all sorts of filters which are suitable to remove harmful substances, particles, gases or the like from tobacco smoke. In particular, the tobacco product filter may be suitable to form cigarette, small cigars and smoking pipes.02-16-2012
20120325233CELLULOSE ESTERS HAVING MIXED-PHASE TITANIUM DIOXIDE PARTICLES FOR IMPROVED DEGRADATION - Degradable cellulose esters are disclosed that have incorporated therein or thereon mixed-phase titanium dioxide particles. The esters may be in the form of filters prepared by applying a plasticizer, having the mixed-phase titanium dioxide particles dispersed therein, to cellulose ester fibers to obtain plasticized cellulose ester fibers; and thereafter forming the plasticized cellulose ester fibers into a filter. Alternatively, the particles may be added to the dope from which the fibers are spun, or blended with a cellulose ester intended for molded articles.12-27-2012
131346000 With indicator or inspection means 2
20090194118SYSTEM FOR ANALYZING A FILTER ELEMENT ASSOCIATED WITH A SMOKING ARTICLE, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A system and associated method for analyzing a filter element of at least one of a filter rod and a smoking article is provided. At least one sensor element is adapted to interact with the filter element so as to determine an object insertion status with respect thereto and to generate an output signal in response. The object insertion status includes at least one of an object presence within the filter element, an object absence from the filter element, a proper insertion of an object into the filter element, a defective insertion of an object into the filter element, a proper object within the filter element, and a defective object within the filter element. An analysis unit is in communication with the at least one sensor element and responsive to the output signal therefrom to generate an indicia corresponding to the object insertion status.08-06-2009
20120192883CIGARETTE FILTER - The present invention concerns an at least partially transparent cigarette filter tipping film comprising a biodegradable substrate, and softener in an amount of less than 25% by weight of the biodegradable substrate, and a cigarette filter comprising a filtration material encased in a cylinder of the said tipping film.08-02-2012
131333000 By electric, magnetic, or radioactive action 1
20080314400Filter including electrostatically charged fiber material - Provided is a cigarette filter and method for potentially reducing particle breakthrough. The filter includes an adsorbent including adsorbent particles dispersed within the filter and a plug of electrostatically charged fibers. Preferably, the adsorbent is activated carbon. In a preferred embodiment, the electrostatically charged fiber material is located downstream of the activated carbon. Preferably, the electrostatically charged fiber material has permanent electrostatic charges that electrostatically capture the carbon particles to reduce carbon particle breakthrough. In an embodiment, the electrostatically charged fiber material is randomly-oriented so as to mechanically capture particles entrained in mainstream smoke.12-25-2008
20120174936Methods for Increasing Mesopores into Microporous Carbon - The present invention provides a method for incorporating mesopores into microporous carbon, the method comprising treating granular microporous carbon with an alkaline earth metal salt such as calcium nitrate or an alkali metal salt. The present invention also provides mesoporous carbon produced using said method and smoking articles and smoke filters comprising said mesoporous carbon.07-12-2012
20130087161ALTERNATING PATTERNS IN CIGARETTE WRAPPER, SMOKING ARTICLE AND METHOD - A cigarette wrapper includes transversely extending banded regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The banded regions may be applied in a one or more application of a printing composition that may be an aqueous starch solution also containing an anti-wrinkling agent such as propylene glycol, and calcium carbonate. The pattern of banded regions may be bands or stripes and the like along and/or around the tobacco rod. The banded regions may be solid or contain any number of cross-web and/or longitudinal discontinuities. The pattern may be configured so that when a smoking article is placed on a substrate, at least two longitudinal locations along the length of the tobacco rod have film-forming compound located only on sides of the smoking article not in contact with the substrate.04-11-2013
20120216822TOBACCO INBRED PLANTS NCBEX1F, NCBEX1MS, AND NC EX90 - The present invention provides tobacco inbred plants NCBEX1F and NCBEX1MS, and NC EX90. The present invention also provides parts of such plants and products made from those parts. The present invention also includes progeny of the provided plants including hybrids.08-30-2012
20120222689TOBACCO INBRED PLANTS ALBEX1F AND ALBEX1MS - The present invention provides tobacco inbred plants ALBEX1F and ALBEX1MS. The present invention also provides parts of such plants and products made from those parts. The present invention also includes progeny of the provided plants including hybrids.09-06-2012
20090159091Activated carbon from microcrystalline cellulose - A method of forming activated carbon from microcrystalline cellulose comprises converting the microcrystalline cellulose powder into microcrystalline cellulose beads using extrusion and spheronization, carbonizing microcrystalline cellulose to form carbonized microcrystalline cellulose and activating the carbonized microcrystalline cellulose to form activated carbon. The final size of the activated carbon beads, which preferably are of practically spherical shape, can be controlled through the process of making microcrystalline cellulose beads.06-25-2009
20080314399Smoking article - A smoking article comprises a rod of smokable material circumscribed by a rod wrapper and a filter comprising at least one filter segment circumscribed by a filter wrapper. The rod of smokable material and the filter are attached to one another by tipping paper and the smoking article comprises a tear ribbon between the at least one filter segment and the tipping paper. The tear ribbon is affixed to at least one of the tipping paper and the filter wrapper.12-25-2008
20120118308ALTERATION OF TOBACCO ALKALOID CONTENT THROUGH MODIFICATION OF SPECIFIC CYTOCHROME P450 GENES - Compositions and methods for reducing the level of nornicotine and N′-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) in 05-17-2012
20090007926Device, Assembly and Method for Filtering Tobacco Smoke from a Cigarette - The invention relates to a device for filtering tobacco smoke from a cigarette, in particular a filter cigarette, the device comprising a portable housing provided with a combustion space in which the cigarette can burn, a filter unit for filtering the tobacco smoke of a burning cigarette, at least one discharge opening for discharging filtered tobacco smoke and one or more tobacco smoke displacing units for displacing the tobacco smoke via the filter unit to the discharge opening, wherein a mouthpiece is formed on the housing, the mouthpiece comprising a holding unit for holding the cigarette, wherein the holding unit comprises an opening along which the cigarette can be pushed partially into the housing from outside the housing, and the opening is formed to hold the cigarette clampingly in the partially inserted situation.01-08-2009
20090126747PLANT EXTRACTS AND USES THEREOF IN FILTER SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to compositions and methods for reducing the concentration of noxious substances in gases and smoke. Filters comprising plant extracts, such as parenchyma tissue extract and mesophyll cell extract, are also provided, as well as methods for making same.05-21-2009
20110253155Tobacco filter containing magnesium aluminometasilicate - A tobacco filter contains from 0.5 to 95% by mass of magnesium aluminometasilicate.10-20-2011
20090000633Cellulose acetate fiber modification - Cellulose acetate fibers can be modified to have physical imperfections and then incorporated into cigarette filter plugs as filtering materials. Cellulose acetate fiber modification can be achieved by etching with a gas phase etchant or a liquid phase etchant comprising hydrogen peroxide. Modification of cellulose acetate fibers may be performed at various stages during the manufacture of cigarette filter plugs. Furthermore, cigarette filter plugs containing modified cellulose acetate fibers can also have spaced apart slits along the length of the cigarette filter plugs.01-01-2009
20110011413FILTER TOW STRIP, FILTER ROD MACHINE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING FILTER TOW STRIPS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING FILTER RODS - The invention relates to a filter tow strip, especially twin tow from cross-linked and crimped filaments which form at least two partial strips (01-20-2011
20110155154Smoking Article with Tobacco Beads - A component of a smoking article having tobacco beads. The tobacco beads can be located in a filter and/or a tobacco rod. The filter can be a multi-component filter, wherein an sorbent (preferably upstream) removes at least one constituent from mainstream tobacco smoke passing through the filter and downstream tobacco beads compensates for taste lost to the sorbent. The tobacco beads optionally include flavorants in addition to tobacco particulates. The tobacco beads can be located within a cavity in the filter or within the tow. This component can comprise additional flavors, which are released into the mainstream smoke under ambient conditions. The tobacco beads optionally include binders such as microcrystalline cellulose or other cellulosic material, which can be formed into a paste with tobacco powder and optionally with additional flavors. The paste can be extruded and spheronized to form the tobacco beads.06-30-2011
20120118307INHALANT SMOKE GENERATOR - An inhalant smoke generator includes a battery portion, indicator, smoke generator, and a filter portion and has a shape of a cigarette. The smoke generator will nebulize the liquid spice into vapor for being inhaled by the user. A diamond and a LED chip of the indicator will also sparkle while operating. A real feel of smoking and cheerful sensation will be achieved.05-17-2012
20110180086SMOKING PRODUCT WRAPPING MATERIAL HAVING IMPROVED SMOULDERING PROPERTIES - Disclosed is a smoking article wrapping material comprising a base wrapping material to which has been applied, at least in discrete zones, a composition comprising a mechanically fragmented, chemically crosslinked polysaccharide having a particle size (weighted average) in the range from 1 to 1000 μm for the dry product; a process for production thereof; and a smoking article comprising the smoking article wrapping material described.07-28-2011
20120312314Aerosol Generating Material For A Smoking Article - The invention provides an aerosol generating material (12-13-2012
20100300468FILTER TOW BALE, METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING A FILTER TOW BALE AND FILTER TOW STRIPS - The invention relates to a filter tow bale (12-02-2010
20120255568FILTER FOR APPLICATION IN A CIGARETTE TUBE, ASSEMBLY, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A FILTER - The invention relates to a filter for application in a cigarette tube. The invention also relates to an assembly of a cigarette tube and at least one filter according to the invention received in the cigarette tube. The invention further relates to a cigarette, in particular a “joint”, based on such an assembly. The invention also relates to a blank for the purpose of manufacturing a filter according to the invention. The invention moreover relates to a method for manufacturing a filter according to the invention.10-11-2012
20120325230DISINTEGRATABLE PLUG WRAPS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS - A filter rod used in manufacture of a smoking article contains: (a) a rod of filter material, and (b) a plug wrap surrounding the rod of filter material. The overlapping side edges of the plug wrap are secured together with a plug wrap adhesive and the plug wrap adhesive comprises a disintegration accelerating agent. Alternatively or in addition, the plug wrap may contain perforations.12-27-2012
20110220134Filter For A Smoking Article - The invention provides a filter element for a smoking article. The filter element comprises a plug of filter material, and a thread comprising at least one tobacco particle adhered thereto, wherein the thread extends substantially longitudinally through the plug of filter material. The filter element can be used in a variety of smoking articles.09-15-2011
20090183745Cigarette Filter - [Problem to be Solved] To provide a cigarette filter capable of very effectively adsorbing/eliminating carcinogens such as dioxins and benzpyrene in mainstream smoke generated in cigarette smoking, and maintaining the flavor characteristic of cigarette and air permeability of cigarette filter.07-23-2009
20130019888SMOKING ARTICLE - A smoking article comprises a multilayered tube member (01-24-2013
20130112216TOBACCO SMOKE FILTER - A stand alone tobacco smoke filter or filter element for use with a smoking article comprising a wrapper engaged around a longitudinally extending core of tobacco smoke filtering material, wherein at least one end of the wrapper extends beyond the end of the core around which it is engaged, to define a cavity at the end of the filter which faces the smoking article in use.05-09-2013
20130139836Smoking Article - A smoking article (06-06-2013
20130180535FILTER FOR A CIGARETTE OR JOINT - A filter has a conical outer wall of which the end having the smaller diameter forms a mouthpiece and the other end a suction piece. Within the outer wall there is an inner wall which also has a conical shape and whose end having the larger diameter is connected to the mouthpiece while the other end is present near the suction piece. The conical shape of the inner wall provides that the current of air is optimised.07-18-2013
20130199552BANDED PAPERS, SMOKING ARTICLES AND METHODS - Wrapper for cigarette manufacture includes transversely extending band regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The band regions comprise starch, an anti-wrinkling agent such as 1,2 propylene glycol or glycerin, and optionally calcium carbonate. Any suitable printing technique can be used to apply the aqueous solution to the banded regions. The pattern of banded regions may be bands, stripes, two-dimensional arrays, undulated regions, and the like along and/or around the tobacco rod. The pattern can be applied in one or more layers. The pattern may be configured so that when a smoking article is placed on a substrate, at least two longitudinal locations along the length of the tobacco rod have film-forming compound located only on sides of the smoking article not in contact with the substrate.08-08-2013

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