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Device used for smoking

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131 - Tobacco


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131173000 Smoke washing type 24
131194000 Heat exchanging and/or insulating 17
131178000 Combined or convertible 17
131200000 Smoke treating 17
131191000 Tubes 9
131187000 Cigar and cigarette holders 8
131174000 Wind or ash guarding or ash receiving 4
20130199546Smoking Pipe Apparatus - A smoking pipe apparatus includes an elongated body having a first end, a second end, a base, a primary side, a first margin, and a second margin. Also, a bowl including a sidewall extending from a step that terminates at the primary side, the bowl includes multiple voids that are disposed inward from the step toward the base. The voids inwardly terminate at a central ridge located inward from the step toward the base wherein the ridge is extended toward the primary side between the step and the voids. Also, passageways are within the body extending from the voids. A screen that is supported on an outer periphery by the step and centrally on the ridge, the screen is concave from the primary side. Operationally, tobacco is ignited in the screen concave area, a diffusion of smoke is created in the voids for an outward omnidirectional burn of the tobacco.08-08-2013
20110083674CIGARETTE SAFETY HOLDER - This invention relates to cigarettes and tobacco smoking devices. The invention allows for the smoker to encapsulate a cigarette in a reusable holder that prevents fire and burns. The reusable holder traps hot ashes, is safe to handle and is ergonomic in design. The cigarette holder can be dropped without starting fire or causing burns. The cigarette holder can have outer shell produced of different materials. The cigarette holder can be used in bad weather.04-14-2011
20130167850CIGARETTE PROTECTOR - A cigarette protector device used by a person smoking a tobacco cigarette. The device is comprised of a double-walled cylindrical tubular element having a plurality of small apertures and a mouthpiece portion. The device completely encases the smoker's cigarette. The cylindrical encasement reduces the distribution of ash from the cigarette and, further, serves to keep the hot ash or smoldering tip of the cigarette from contacting any flammable or injurable surfaces in the smoker's environment.07-04-2013
20110308537Hookah coal screen (HCS) with screen and wind guard/brim/skirt - A Hookah Coal Screen and more particularly a screen made of a rigid non-fume emitting material (or food grade material) such as stainless steel (preferred option), clay, or possible a high temperature plastic. Also, in the present invention, there is provided a brim/skirt so that the invention functions as a wind guard as well as acts to hold the screen on the tobacco bowl. Also, in the present invention, there is provided an optional handle so that the invention functions as a tray. The handle also consists of a high temperature material and acts to allow the handling of the hot screen. In the option where the brim/skirt is fabricated of a high temperature material, the handle would not be required in order to transport the hot screen. The invention in its entirety may be fabricated or molded of one material, or an assembly of materials.12-22-2011
131227000 Stems, bits or tips 3
20110079231MOUTHPIECE FOR A WATER PIPE - A mouthpiece is described that can be used with a water pipe to improve hygiene and performance of the water pipe. A cylindrical first portion fits within an opening of a water pipe and a substantially conical portion provides a substantially airtight seal with a smoker's mouth. The conical portion is constructed from a flexible material that deforms to fit the profile of the smoker's mouth. The cylindrical portion is constructed from a material that provides a snug friction fit with the opening.04-07-2011
20120240948METHOD FOR PRODUCING A MOUTHPIECE COVER OF A CIGARETTE - A method and a device for producing a mouthpiece cover (09-27-2012
20120305010BIODEGRADABLE CIGAR TIP - A biodegradable cigar tip comprises an open upstream end configured to surround a downstream end of a cigar, the cigar tip having a mouth end optionally comprising a substantially flat cross-section, the cigar tip comprising a molded biodegradable material. The biodegradable material may consist of pressed cellulosic fibers with an outer surface of the cigar tip coated with a plastic film, wax coating or other waterproof coating such as a sugarcane pulp film. Alternatively, the biodegradable material may consist of an injection molded biodegradable resin such as a starch-filled resin wherein the starch-filled resin includes polypropylene or polyethylene and non-soluble starch selected from corn, tapioca, wheat, potato, plant sourced oligomer, or plant sourced polysaccharide or mixture thereof.12-06-2012
131222000 Bowl detachable from neck cup 3
20100126518HOOKAH CAPSULE - A capsule for use with a hookah bowl contains a smoking material.05-27-2010
20100101590HOOKAH TOBACCO PORTION - The invention relates to a cartridge (04-29-2010
20090283102Reconfigurable Smoking Pipe - Disclosed herein is a reconfigurable smoking pipe and a method of using the same for single handed operation. The reconfigurable smoking pipe comprises a base unit, a lighter holder, a bowl, a smoke chamber, a carburetor, a mouthpiece, and a plug. The base unit comprises multiple ports. The lighter holder is attached to the base unit. Each of the bowl, the smoke chamber, the carburetor, and the plug are detachably attached to any one of the ports of the base unit. A mouthpiece is detachably attached to anterior end of the smoke chamber. A user assembles the reconfigurable smoking pipe and inserts a lighter into the lighter holder. The user holds the reconfigurable smoking pipe in a smoking position using a single hand by gripping the inserted lighter and lights a smoking substance held in the bowl by operating the gripped lighter using the single hand.11-19-2009
131226000 Bowls 2
20110162663INTEGRATED SMOKING DEVICE - A smoking device having an integrated lighter, a bowl for holding an igniteable vegetable product, and a duct for drawing smoke like a pipe. The device consists of an ignition switch located on the side of the pipe in natural proximity to the thumb, a piezo-electric ignition system, a flammable gas delivery system, a bowl for holding smoking material, and an aperature for drawing the smoke emitted from the ignited vegetable product.07-07-2011
20110308538EDIBLE PIPE AND METHOD THEREFOR - An edible pipe includes a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece manufactured by a process that includes forming a patty having an approximately rectangular shape. The process includes cooking the patty, and rolling the cooked patty into a cylindrical shape by inserting the cooked patty into a rolling device having a cylindrical wall with a closed end. The cylindrical wall defines an interior volume of the rolling device and includes an opening along a length of the cylindrical wall for receiving the cooked patty. The rolling device includes a shaft mounted to the closed end. The shaft runs through the interior volume of the rolling device. Rolling the cooked patty includes winding the cooked patty around the shaft of the rolling device, and removing the rolled cooked patty from the rolling device. The process includes forming a bend in the rolled cooked patty to form the edible pipe.12-22-2011
131224000 Tobacco supports 2
20120067357HOOKAH ACCESSORY - Disclosed herein is a hookah accessory comprising: a top tray configured to hold tobacco; a bottom tray configured to hold hot coal; a hollow tube in fluid communication with the top tray; and attachment means for attaching the accessory to the hookah.03-22-2012
20110094524Smoking Apparatus Having Diffuser - A smoking apparatus for vaporizing a smoking product such as tobacco and herb products. The smoking apparatus is preferably made entirely out of glass. The smoking apparatus comprises a bowl at a first end that receives the smoking product through an open top end, a screen support area immediately below the bowl having one or more screen supports, a product support pellet that rests on the screen supports to support the smoking product, a hollow stem in fluid flow communication with the bowl to allow the user to draw vapor from the bowl and a diffuser removably received in the open top end of the bowl for diffusing heat across the smoking product to vaporize it. The diffuser has a diffusing element made out of the frit. No metal contacts the product, vapor or user. The smoking apparatus can be a pipe or an adapter for a water pipe.04-28-2011
131230000 Materials and compositions 2
20100043810Packaging For Rolling Papers For Smoking Articles - An improved packaging for rolling papers used in roll your own smoking articles that includes a single member having an inner and an outer surface, the member being folded over towards the inner surface at each end to form a substantially parallel portion at each end and a generally open interior. The unfolded portion of the member extends along a path between the ends. The path includes at least one substantially straight planar portion and a semi-cylindrical portion. The pair of substantially parallel portions are configured such that a plurality of rolling papers may be removably packaged between the pair of substantially parallel portions. The plurality of rolling papers at least initially retains a curved shape after removal from the improved packaging such that a tobacco product may be placed in the curved portion.02-25-2010
20090014017Smoker's requisite - A smoker's requisite embodies a substance selected from pharmaceutical products, food supplements, natural products and combinations thereof. The substance is embodied in the requisite such that, when the requisite is lit and smoked by a smoker, a quantity of the substance is ingested by the smoker.01-15-2009
131223000 With valve or external passage closure 1
20130199547Combustion Apparatus - A combustion apparatus includes a combustion chamber, an air chamber, an air supply, an air supply inlet, and an air supply outlet. The combustion chamber may hold a combustible substance within the air chamber. After the substance is ignited, the air chamber may be closed and pressurized to direct the substance through the combustion chamber and out of the air chamber for ingestion by a user. The apparatus facilitates controlled combustion, consumption, and exhaust of a substance. The apparatus further permits self-contained collection of waste and byproducts that may be generated during combustion of a substance.08-08-2013
131198100 Supplemental or substitute air inlet 1
20110180081Ventilating Sheath for Smoking Article - A sheath for a smoking article, such as a filter cigarette, including an exterior sheath (07-28-2011
131216000 Special smoke passages 1
20130133672DISPOSABLE SMOKING PIPE - A disposable smoking pipe may comprise a shaft having a mouthpiece end and a bowl end, a recess being formed in the bowl end, a mouth opening formed in the mouthpiece end, and a passage extending from the mouth opening to the recess to put the recess in fluid communication with the mouth opening. The shaft has an exterior surface with a generally cylindrical in shape between the mouthpiece end and the bowl end, and the shaft is formed from a corncob.05-30-2013
20130160781Smoke Capture Canopy Device - A device that provides methods to capture and visually enhance smoke from aroma-therapy incense and oils, candles, smokers' sidestream smoke and smoke from other similar articles, and methods to inhale captured sidestream smoke. A transparent to partially transparent canopy enclosure, elevated directly above the smoking articles, captures and maintains the aforementioned smoke in its natural state that has emitted from aforementioned smoking articles. Lights of varying colors and quantities, attached to the device, are programmed for various strobe-light intervals. Smoke inhalation tubes of varying quantities, shapes and lengths are incorporated to the device enabling the optional inhalation of sidestream smoke. The spent ashes are collected in the device's base or ashtray dependent upon the embodiment. Further there are methods for affixing and positioning the smoking articles within, and directly under the canopy enclosure.06-27-2013
20110290269Non-Combustion Smoking Tool - In order to use a commercially available cigarette or cigar as it is, vaporize nicotine from the tobacco leaves, and enable inhalation of the vaporized nicotine without burning the product, a non-combustion smoking tool comprises a slender heater 12-01-2011
20110290268Aerosol Generator - An aerosol generator device has an elongate body with an interior passageway extending longitudinally to its mouth end. The device receives an interchangeable, pressurised canister charged with a nicotine containing liquid that is discharged in a metered dose on manual actuation of a button member that causes a valve in the canister to open and discharge through a discharge tube. A sleeve releaseably couples the canister to the body. The button member is slidably mounted on the body for reciprocal movement along a trigger axis Y-Y′ extending transversely of the longitudinal axis X-X′ of the device, and has a manually depressible surface portion and a camming surface portion that drives a slidable nozzle member to press the discharge tube inwardly of the canister to open its valve and release liquid into the nozzle member. Nozzle forms an aerosol from the liquid, which is delivered to the consumer through outlets in the mouth end of the device.12-01-2011
20090288670PIPE - An edible smoking apparatus for smoking a tobacco product. The apparatus can be a pipe, bat, bong, or hookah. The pipe can include a removable straw that attaches to the bottom of the pipe to convert the pipe into an edible lollipop. The smoking apparatus can be made from separate parts or from one mould. The edible material can coat a non-edible smoking apparatus.11-26-2009
20100236562INHALABLE COMPOSITION - A pressurised container containing a composition comprising oxygen, nicotine or a nicotine derivative or salt and a solvent, wherein the container is pressurised to at least 3×1009-23-2010
20110100385Easy Light for Hookah - A waterpipe with a small gas or electric flame that heats up the tobacco in the hookah, instead of the traditional charcoal flame. This new device will take much less time to light up the hookah and start smoking. It will also have health improvemnt for not inhaling the carbon monoxide coming out of the charcoal and improving the taste of the tobacco05-05-2011
20100313901ELECTRICALLY HEATED SMOKING SYSTEM - An electrically heated smoking system includes a secondary unit capable of receiving a smoking article having an aerosol-forming substrate. The secondary unit includes at least one heating element and an interface for connection to a primary power supply for supplying electrical power to the at least one heating element during a pre-heating mode, to increase the temperature of the aerosol-forming substrate to an operating temperature. The secondary unit further includes a secondary power supply arranged to supply electrical power to the at least one heating element during a smoking mode, to maintain the temperature of the aerosol-forming substrate at substantially the operating temperature. The secondary unit also includes secondary circuitry. The electrically heated smoking system optionally includes a primary unit.12-16-2010

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