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131 - Tobacco

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131330000 Device used for smoking 118
131231000 With ash receiver 21
131253000 Cigar tip perforators or slitters 10
131257000 Supports 6
131248000 Cigar and cigarette end cutters, combined 6
131247000 Pipe tampers 3
20100101591Pipe Bowl Ash and Tobacco Compactor - A pipe bowl tobacco and ash compacter, operationally configured to receive a base of a lighter and which facilitates tobacco and ash compaction.04-29-2010
20130008455PORTABLE TAMPER ARTICLE - A portable tamper article is disclosed, including a non-flammable tamper device, and a retaining member secured to or integrated with the tamper device, said retaining member adapted to engage a portable device. Also dislcosed is a portable tamper article, including a non-flammable retaining member comprising a tamper device, wherein the retaining member is adapted to engage a portable device. Further dislcosed is a combination lighter and tamper article, including a lighter and a retaining member comprising a tamper device, wherein the retaining member is adapted to engage the lighter.01-10-2013
20130199548PIPE LIGHTER HOLDER AND TOOL - A standard smoking lighter slides into a hole on top of a plastic sheath so that only the top of the lighter is exposed. The bottom of the sheath has a hammer like protrusion at one end to stuff tobacco or other herb into a pipe. The opposite end of the bottom has a pivot point for a poker which serves to mix the herb and ash within the pipe and/or clean the debris from the pipe. The poker folds up into the sheath when not in use. Thus, a three function pipe tool provides a lighter, a stuffer and a poker.08-08-2013
131000000 Smoking device cleaners 1
20100065073Attachable Lighter Tool - An attachable lighter tool has a clip slideably engaging the body of the lighter. The clip slides along the major axis of the lighter. An implement such as a poker or tamper extends from the clip along the major axis of the lighter. When not in use, the tool conforms substantially against the body of the lighter and is out of the way. In use, a smoker slides the clip along the major axis of the lighter exposing the implement for the servicing of the smoker's pipe.03-18-2010
131256000 Cigar or cigarette extinquishers 1
20100313900Smoking Article Warning Device - A user engageable device disposed within the tobacco burning path of a smoking article's ember at a pre-selected point. The device may include a visual and/or audible and/or olfactory warning component which alerts the user in response to a proximate ember. This provides one or a combination of a visual, audible, or olfactory alert to the user that the ember has reached a predetermined point. The device is preferably in the form of a sleeve frictionally engageable around the smoking article, but can also may be engaged upon or impregnated into a wrapper of the article's cylinder. Alternatively, the sleeve type device may be disposed within the wrapper. Alternatively the indicator material may also be in the form of selectively placed integrated or stick-on patches.12-16-2010
20130025609ATOMIZER SWITCH DEVICE IN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An atomizer switch device provided in a disposable electronic cigarette comprises a key-switch (01-31-2013
20100139676PACKAGE FOR CIGARETTES OF DIFFERENT SIZES AND/OR BRANDS - A cigarette pack capable of carrying different-sized and different-branded cigarettes is disclosed. The cigarette pack may consist of a first portion, a second portion hingedly coupled to the first portion, and a top portion hingedly coupled to a sliding portion slidably disposed within the second portion. The cigarette pack may also include sleeves disposed within the first portion and second portion and configured to support cigarettes within the sleeve. The cigarette pack may also include a platform for supporting cigarettes within either of said portions.06-10-2010
20130081642Cartomizer E-Cigarette - An electronic cigarette with a battery unit and a cartomizer unit which includes a cartomizer component which integrates a liquid chamber for receiving a liquid solution and an atomization chamber disposed adjacent to the liquid chamber and separated therefrom by a dividing wall, the dividing wall having a dividing wall opening formed therein, and a guiding wick that extends through the dividing wall opening from the liquid chamber to the atomization chamber to supply liquid solution from the liquid chamber to the atomization chamber.04-04-2013
20130074857INHALER COMPONENT - The disclosure relates to an inhaler component comprising: a housing (03-28-2013
20130206154ELECTRICALLY HEATED SMOKING SYSTEM - An electrically heated smoking system for receiving an aerosol-forming substrate. includes at least one heating element for heating the substrate to form an aerosol, a power supply for supplying power to the heating element, electrical hardware connected to the power supply and the heating element, and an interface for establishing a communications link with a host. The communications link may be a USB link and the host may be a personal computer.08-15-2013
20120174935Vaporization Pipe with Improved Filter Unit - Provided is filter unit for a vaporization pipe having improved reliability and manufacturability and lower cost. The present filter unit comprises a wooden filter housing with a through hole. A metal insert fitting is press fit into the hole. A ceramic foam flame filter is disposed inside the insert fitting. The insert fitting preferably has a step ledge for supporting the ceramic foam filter. The metal fitting preferably has a flange (external to the wood filter housing) for improving the stability of the mechanical connection between the insert fitting and filter housing. This design allows for fast assembly with a minimum of labor. Stress and damage to the wood is minimized. The filter housing can have a vertical/longitudinal wood grain direction (parallel with the filter housing hole), thereby reducing the cost of the wood parts and improving the finished appearance.07-12-2012
20130032159ELECTRONIC HOOKAH - Disclosed are various embodiments of an electronic hookah. In some embodiments, the electronic hookah comprises a body, a power supply, and one or more smoking units having a smoking device, a connection socket, a tube, an air flow switch, and a power connector. The tube is disposed between the connection socket and the air flow switch, and the smoking device is releasably attached to the connection socket. Further, the power supply proyides power to the connection socket over the power connector, and the connection socket provides power to the smoking device to produce smoke or vapor. The smoking device may comprise an atomizer and smoke juice containing flavorings, coloring agents, nicotine, and/or a vaporizing base.02-07-2013
20100043812CAN FOR MAKING QUIET PACK OF SMOKELESS TOBACCO - A can for holding and compacting smokeless tobacco has a bottom member and a lid. The bottom member has a closed bottom, an open top, and a first compacting vane located within the bottom member. The lid is adapted to slidably fit on the bottom member and has a second compacting vane located within the lid. The first compacting vane extends partially across the bottom member, and the second compacting vane extends partially across the lid. The vanes are positioned to contact each other when the can is closed and either the lid or the bottom member is rotated. The lid and/or bottom member are adapted to receive graphics. With smokeless tobacco in the closed can, tobacco located between the first and second vanes in the can is compacted into a tight wad by simply rotating the lid, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, relative to the bottom member.02-25-2010
20130037042SIMULATED SMOKING DEVICE - A simulated smoking device comprising a simulated cigarette having a cigarette-like shape and a refill device. A drawer is provided in the side of the refill device with a recess for the simulated cigarette. A resilient member biases the drawer open to allow access to the simulated cigarette. A latch is releasable by an inward movement of the drawer whereupon the drawer is unlatched and urged by the resilient member to the open position. The latch is automatically engageable upon closure of the drawer to hold the drawer in a closed position against the action of the resilient member.02-14-2013
20130037041SMOKING ARTICLES AND USE THEREOF FOR YIELDING INHALATION MATERIALS - The present invention describes articles, such as smoking articles, that can provide an inhalable substance in a form suitable for inhalation by a consumer. The article comprises a cartridge with an inhalable substance medium therein, control housing that includes an electrical energy source and an electrical power source, and a heating member that may be located in either the cartridge or the control housing. The control housing further may include puff-actuated current actuation components and current regulation components.02-14-2013
20100065076SNUFF BOX - The invention relates to a snuff box comprising a lid, a bottom part and a dividing wall which divides the interior of the snuff box in two volumes. The dividing wall is moveably arranged but the snuff box comprises only two separate continuous elements and may under optimal circumstances advantageously be moulded in only two process steps. The invention further relates to such a snuff box where the lid comprises a driving element arranged to shift the dividing wall. Further the invention relates to such a snuff box where the dividing wall is divided into two dividing wall parts, a first dividing wall part fixedly attached to the bottom part and a second dividing wall part fixedly attached to the lid. Yet further the invention relates to such a snuff box where the lid is provided with two lid portions which advantageously give separate access the two volumes that the dividing wall separates the box into.03-18-2010
20130087160ELECTRONIC PIPE PERSONAL VAPORIZER WITH CONCEALED REMOVABLE ATOMIZER/ CARTOMIZER - A porous ceramic atomized cartridge contains a heating element, a porous ceramic wick, and the liquid to be vaporized removably concealed within the body of an electronic simulated smoking pipe. Adjustment of the spacing of a circular disc heating element relative to the porous ceramic wick adjusts the level of atomization. All components are easily removable and replaceable and cleaned. A bowl of the pipe is used as an open battery chamber to allow any battery fumes to escape and allow easy removal and replacement of the battery. A conductive contact arm pivots between contact with the battery and the pipe body to control power. Vapor is activated by a manual push button switch or an automatic sound activated switch responsive to the puffing sound of a user.04-11-2013
20130061861SIMULATED CIGARETTE - A simulated cigarette which has a reservoir of an inhalable composition and an outlet valve to control the outlet flow. The outlet end is provided with a deformable material to provide a more realistic feel and optionally to allow the user to vary the flow characteristics in the manner of a real cigarette. The outlet end can also be provided with a chemical heater. The simulated cigarette is wrapped in a paper or paper-like wrap to provide a more realistic feel.03-14-2013
20120111347ATOMIZING ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An electronic cigarette has a power device (05-10-2012
20130160780NON-HEATING TYPE FLAVOR INHALATOR AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING FLAVOR CARTRIDGE - A non-heating type flavor inhalator of the invention includes a hollow cylindrical holder (06-27-2013
20120285476ELECTRONIC ATOMIZATION CIGARETTE - An electronic cigarette includes a shell and a mouthpiece. The external wall of the shell has an air inlet. An atomizer and a liquid-supply are in contact with each other. The air inlet, atomizer, an aerosol passage, and a mouthpiece are sequentially interconnected.11-15-2012
20130160779TOBACCO-FLAVOR-RELEASING MATERIAL AND NON-HEATING TYPE TOBACCO FLAVOR INHALATOR CONTAINING SAME - A tobacco-flavor-releasing material includes granules which contain (a) a ground tobacco material, (b) water, (c) a moisturizing agent includes a polyhydric alcohol, (d) at least one pH-adjusting agent selected from the group consisting of potassium carbonate and sodium hydrogencarbonate, and (e) at least one binder selected from the group consisting of pullulan and hydroxypropyl cellulose.06-27-2013
20120186594ELECTRONIC SMOKE - An electronic smoke comprising an inhale detector and a smoke effect generating circuitry. The inhale detector comprises an air-flow sensor which is arranged to detect direction and rate of air flow through the smoke apparatus, and the smoke effect generating circuitry is arranged to operate the smoke effect generating circuitry to generate smoking effect when the air flow direction corresponds to inhaling through the apparatus and the air flow rate reaches at predetermined threshold. Such an electronic smoke alleviates the problem of inadvertent triggering due to environmental vibration or noise or children playing by blowing into the device.07-26-2012
20120285475ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE ATOMIZATION DEVICE - An electronic cigarette atomization device is built in a disposable electronic cigarette or disposable smoke capsule electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette atomization device comprises a tar storage (11-15-2012
20110290267NON-HEATING FLAVOR INHALER - A non-heating flavor inhaler (12-01-2011
20090266370Discreet packing system - A discreet packing system for containing and compacting finely chopped tobacco product having a shallow cylindrical body and a lid detachably secured thereto. A flexible wall is secured at a fixed end to the interior surface of the body. The flexible inner wall generally coextends the interior surface of the body and thereby defines a cylindrical volume in which the tobacco is contained. The flexible wall may be selectively locked in place relative to the outer wall of the body. In one embodiment of the present invention, a bottom is slidably connected to a cylindrical outer wall of the body. A distal end of the flexible wall is attached to the bottom and is urged via rotation of the bottom relative to the outer wall. Other embodiments are provided wherein the flexible wall extends through the body and is urged via a grip or slider.10-29-2009
20120080042NON-COMBUSTION SMOKING ARTICLE HAVING CARBONACEOUS HEAT SOURCE - There is provided a non-combustion smoking article including a carbonaceous heat source including a cylindrical outer wall and partitions disposed inside the outer wall, cross-sections of the partitions forming a grid, and having air passages defined by the partitions, and an aerosol generating section.04-05-2012
20090050167Cigarette and Cigar Holder and Preserver - A cigarette and cigar holder and preserver comprises a tubular portion made of a material with high thermal conductivity such as copper or other appropriate metal with at least one end closed to contain a cigarette or cigar therein. The diameter of the tubular portion is selected to easily contain the cigarette or cigar within while easily allowing the cigarette or cigar to be removed for later use. Another end cap is provided to prevent the cigarette or cigar from accidentally falling out. In one embodiment, an eyehook is provided for attachment to a key chain. Another embodiment includes a clip for use in a pocket.02-26-2009
20130213420ELECTRONIC ATOMIZATION CIGARETTE - An electronic cigarette includes a shell and a mouthpiece. The external wall of the shell has an air inlet. An atomizer and a liquid-supply are in contact with each other. The air inlet, atomizer, an aerosol passage, and a mouthpiece are sequentially interconnected.08-22-2013
20110126848ELECTRICALLY HEATED SMOKING SYSTEM WITH INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL HEATER - An electrically heated smoking system for receiving an aerosol forming substrate includes a heater for heating the substrate to form the aerosol. The heater includes a heating element. The electrically heated smoking system and the heating element are arranged such that, when the aerosol forming substrate is received in the electrically heated smoking system, the heating element extends a distance only partially along the length of the aerosol forming-substrate, and the heating element is positioned towards the downstream end of the aerosol forming substrate.06-02-2011
20100065077SNUFF BOX - The invention relates to a snuff box comprising a lid (03-18-2010
20130167853ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE WITH SOLID TOBACCO SUBSTANCE - The present invention relates to an electronic cigarette with solid tobacco substance, which includes a shell with a mouthpiece at one end; a reservoir in the shell for storing tobacco substance; an atomizing device in the shell having an atomizing cup, an atomizer in the atomizing cup for vaporizing tobacco substance; and an aerosol passage connecting the mouthpiece with the atomizing cup; and a guiding unit for drawing tobacco substance from the reservoir to the atomizing device. The atomizing cup is accommodated in the reservoir, the guiding unit penetrates sidewall of the atomizing cup and extends in the reservoir, and solid tobacco substance encases the atomizing cup and guiding unit therein. The present invention solves the problem of solid tobacco substance melting slowly and uneasy assembly of the cigarette; and obtains to improve the melting efficiency of solid tobacco substance and facilitate the assembly.07-04-2013
20120000477DEGRADABLE ADHESIVE COMPOSITIONS FOR SMOKING ARTICLES - A filtered smoking article is provided, which includes a tobacco-containing rod surrounded by a wrapping material; a filter element surrounded by a plug wrap adjacent to the tobacco-containing rod; and a tipping material securing the tobacco-containing rod to the filter element, the tipping material overlying the plug wrap of the filter element and a portion of the wrapping material of the tobacco-containing rod, wherein at least one of the plug wrap, the tipping material, and the wrapping material surrounding the tobacco-containing rod are secured by an adhesive composition comprising a thermoplastic starch polymer. The adhesive composition can include a blend of the thermoplastic starch polymer with a second biodegradable polymer, such as polyvinyl alcohol, aliphatic polyesters, aliphatic polyurethanes, cis-polyisoprene, cis-polybutadiene, polyhydroxy alkanoates, polyanhydrides, and copolymers and blends thereof.01-05-2012
20120000478Inline vapor cooling and filtering apparatus - A vapor inhalation device includes a first body portion defining a first chamber and a second body portion defining a second chamber provided at least partially within the first chamber, where the second body portion has at least one aperture placing the second chamber in fluid communication with the first chamber. An intake conduit defines a first air passageway from an exterior of the first body portion to within the second chamber. An output conduit has a proximal end located within the first chamber, a distal end opposite the proximal end and located at the exterior of the first body portion, is physically coupled to the first body portion at a location different from the proximal end of the output conduit, and defines a second air passageway extending from within the first chamber to the exterior of the body portion.01-05-2012
20120006346NON-COMBUSTION TYPE FLAVOR SUCTION ARTICLE - A non-combustion type flavor suction article includes a capsule enclosing a liquid flavor in a shell, leak-protection members sandwiching the capsule, a wrapping material made of a flavor-impermeable and heat-conducting material and wrapped around the capsule and the leak-protection members, and a mouthpiece connected to an end of the wrapping material.01-12-2012
20110155153HEATER FOR AN ELECTRICALLY HEATED AEROSOL GENERATING SYSTEM - An electrically heated aerosol generating system for receiving an aerosol-forming substrate includes at least one electric heater for heating the aerosol-forming substrate to form the aerosol. The heater includes a heating element of a first cross section electrically connected to a plurality of elongate support elements. Each support element has a cross section greater than the first cross section. At least one of the support elements is integrally formed with the heating element.06-30-2011
20120312313PADDED CARTRIDGE FOR AN ELECTRONIC SMOKING APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention may provide systems and methods for an electronic smoking apparatus including a main body and a cartridge section coupled to the main body. The cartridge section may include a rigid support and a padded material surrounding the rigid support. The cartridge section may be constructed of a padded material.12-13-2012
20120260926MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE WITH FUNCTION OF LASER POINTER - A multi-functional electronic cigarette with a function of a laser pointer comprises: a battery module having a battery module, a display light; an electronic cigar switch and a laser pen switch; the electronic cigar switch and the laser pen switch being at an outer surface thereof; the display light being at a front end of the battery module; a laser module installed within the battery module; the laser pen switch serving to actuate and de-actuate the laser module; the actuation of the laser module will cause laser light to be emitted out from a front end of the battery module; a sucking portion including a control chip, a pressure sensor and an atomizer with liquid perfume therein; and the pressure sensor serving to sense pressure variation from the sucking portion so as to actuate the control chip and thus the control chip causes the perfume in atomizer to atomize.10-18-2012
20120260927ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE SMOKE CAPSULE AND ATOMIZATION DEVICE THEREOF - The present invention relates to an electronic cigarette, an electronic cigarette smoke capsule and an atomization device thereof, utilizing more than one heating element. The heating elements are further provided on the same or different smoke output channels and further are connected in parallel. This kind of disposable electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette smoke capsule and the atomization device thereof not only can improve the atomization ability and the product reliability by times, but also can make the atomized tar particles finer.10-18-2012
20110120483Pack for Tobacco Industry Products05-26-2011
20120325229VAPORIZATION LIGHTER - A vaporization lighter flame casing is disclosed. The flame casing can include an attachment portion adapted to attach the flame casing to a lighter. The flame casing can also include a channel adapted to direct a hot air stream rising from a flame of the lighter when the lighter is lit. The flame casing can further include an outlet coupled to the channel through which the hot air stream exits the flame casing, where the outlet extends from the flame casing at an angle relative to the channel.12-27-2012
20120279511BI-DIRECTIONAL MULTIPLE-LAYER EXTENSION CIGAR HOLDER - A bi-directional multiple-layer extension cigar holder comprises a receiving body mounted on extension tubes which are adapted for adjusting the length of the holder for holding different lengths of cigars. The cigar holder can be combined with a lighter, enhancing the use convenience. In addition, elastic retaining rings in the cigar holder which are used to avoid disengagement are big-are C-shaped plates, such that the assembly convenience can be enhanced, synchronously enhancing the effect of preventing the disengagement of the extension tubes.11-08-2012
20120279512ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An atomizing electronic cigarette has an atomizing core component and a liquid storage component, including an electric heater. The electric heater may have a through hole aligned with a channel passing through the liquid storage component. the cigarette can heat and uniformly vaporize liquid from the liquid storage component, with the user inhaling the vaporized liquid. The vapor generated by the atomizing process may be cooled as it flows through the channel.11-08-2012
20100132723Smoking Accessory - A device for adding a flavored agent to a cigarette filter may include a housing, a container within a housing, and an absorbent material for observing the flavored agent. The housing may include a flexible strap for detachably connecting to a package for cigarettes, and the housing may include a plurality of containers for a plurality of flavors. The flavored agent may be a flavored syrup, and the flavored syrup may include at least one from the group of: orange, grape, lemon, lime, white chocolate, dark chocolate, cinnamon, raspberry, watermelon, mint, apple, apricot, blueberry, caramel, coconut, cranberry, kiwi, vanilla, peach, chocolate, mocha, hazelnut, almond, amaretto, maple. Irish crème, cream, avocado, papaya, pumpkin, walnut, peanut, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, rum, pistachio, strawberry, banana.06-03-2010
20130014772ELECTRIC FLUE-CURED TOBACCOAANM Liu; QiumingAACI Gang'an DongguanAACO CNAAGP Liu; Qiuming Gang'an Dongguan CN - The present invention relates to an electric flue-cured tobacco. It includes a storage tank filled with extractant and an atomization device. The electric flue-cured tobacco also comprises a device for flue-curing tobacco, which includes a heating mechanism and a heated chamber for loading cigarette or tobacco. The heating mechanism comprises a heating element and a heater circuit for controlling the heating element to be heated to a setting temperature range. An inlet of the heated chamber is connected to an outlet of the atomization device, and its outlet is connected with an opening for suction nozzle. When the electric flue-cured tobacco is working, the extractant is atomized by the atomization device and then guided into the heated chamber. The heat produced by the heating element is applied to the cigarette or tobacco in the heated chamber to generate nicotine. The nicotine and atomized extractant are mixed together and then sucked out through the opening for suction nozzle. By adopting the structure mentioned above, since the nicotine in the form of atomization can be easily absorbed by the lung, most of the gas that smokers blow off is the extractant. Therefore, the environmental pollution and passive smoking for people around can be reduced. On the other hand, it can satisfy smokers' taste.01-17-2013
20130014773Vaporizing Pipe with Separator for Flame Filter Support - Provided is a vaporizing pipe having a separator 01-17-2013
20130019887ELECTRIC-CIGARETTE - An electric-cigarette comprises a heating element and a battery electrically connected to the heating element. The cigarette further comprises an annular, semi-annular or arc illuminant arranged on the housing between the butt and the mouth of the electric-cigarette, the illuminant electrically connects to the battery.01-24-2013
20110303231Tobacco Solution Atomizing Device For Electronic Cigarette - A tobacco solution atomizing device for electronic cigarette is disclosed the device comprises an atomizer installed in a fixing sleeve; a suction nozzle component and electrode connectors coupled on respective ends of the fixing sleeve, wherein the electrode connectors comprises a positive electrode connector and a negative electrode connector; the atomizer comprising a glass fiber tube, a glass fiber yarn, a heating coil, a cotton cloth layer and a synthetic fiber layer, wherein the glass fiber yarn is insert into the heating coil which is then located inside the glass fiber tube; the ends of the glass fiber silk and two wires which are used to electronically connect the heating coil to the positive and negative electrode connectors extends outward through the glass fiber tube; the cotton cloth layer enwraps the outside wall of the glass fiber tube and reveal ends of the glass fiber yarn are pressed tightly between the cotton cloth layer and the glass fiber tube; a synthetic fiber layer is filled within the annular shape space between the cotton cloth layer and the fixing sleeve for holding the tobacco solution.12-15-2011
20130167854ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An electronic cigarette includes a housing having an opening, an ascending/descending means which is positioned inside the housing in order to move a cartridge up or down, the cartridge which contains a solution therein, and is moved up or down by the ascending/descending means so that the cartridge is positioned inside the housing or protrudes from the housing through the opening, an opening/closing means which opens or closes the opening by operating in cooperation with the ascending/descending means, and an ultraviolet (UV) lamp which is positioned inside the housing, and sterilizes the cartridge by irradiating the cartridge with UV radiation. When the electronic cigarette is not being used, the cartridge can be positioned inside the housing in order to prevent the cartridge from being contaminated by impurities such as dust and the cartridge can be sterilized by UV radiation emitted from the UV lamp.07-04-2013
20130133675SMOKELESS FLAVOR INHALATOR - A smokeless flavor inhalator includes a tobacco material as a flavor generator, and a heater for heating the tobacco material to allow flavor components to be released from the tobacco material while preventing smoke from being generated from the tobacco material. The heater has a carbon heat source and a cooling element. The carbon heat source and the cooling element cooperatively keep the heating temperature of the tobacco material at a temperature of 50 to 200° C.05-30-2013
20130146075SMOKING ARTICLE WITH HEAT RESISTANT SHEET MATERIAL - A smoking article includes a sheet material comprising a fibrous layer formed of cellulosic fibres and at least 50% by weight of inorganic filler material having a particle size in range of from 0.1 microns and 50 microns, wherein the sheet material has a tensile strength of at least 900 N/m. The fibrous layer preferably further comprises a binder material, preferably an organic binder material such as a cellulosic binder material. A coating layer may be provided on at least one side of the fibrous layer.06-13-2013
20100307518SMOKING DEVICE, CHARGING MEANS AND METHOD OF USING IT - Smoking device (12-09-2010
20130152956DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SIMULATING CHEMOSENSATION OF SMOKING - A device for simulating a chemosensation of smoking includes an outer layer, a porous medium and a chemesthetic agent. The porous medium is disposed within the outer layer. The chemesthetic agent is disposed within the porous medium and activates a TRP channel.06-20-2013
20130125906ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An electronic cigarette includes a battery assembly and an atomizer assembly within a housing with the battery assembly electrically connected to the atomizer assembly. The housing has one or more air inlets. A liquid storage component is in contact with a porous component of the atomizer assembly, with the porous component having a run-through hole. A heating wire is in an air flow path through the run-through hole.05-23-2013
20130192619ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE AND METHOD - An electronic smoking article includes an outer tube extending in a longitudinal direction, an inner tube within the outer tube and including a pair of opposing slots, a liquid supply comprising a liquid material, a coil heater, a wick and a mouth end insert. The coil heater is located in the inner tube. The coil heater is formed of an iron-free, nickel-chromium alloy and has substantially uniformly spaced windings. The wick is surrounded by the coil heater such that the wick delivers liquid material to the coil heater and the coil heater heats the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol in the inner tube.08-01-2013
20130192620ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An electronic smoking article includes a liquid supply including liquid material, a heater operable to heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol, a wick in communication with the liquid material and in communication with the heater such that the wick delivers the liquid material to the heater, at least one air inlet operable to deliver air to a central air passage upstream of the heater, and a fibrous element downstream of the heater.08-01-2013
20130192622ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An electronic smoking article includes a liquid supply including liquid material, a heater operable to heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol, a wick in communication with the liquid material and in communication with the heater such that the wick delivers the liquid material to the heater, at least one air inlet operable to deliver air to a central air passage upstream of the heater, and an aroma carrier on an outer surface of the outer tube. The aroma carrier includes fragrance material and is operable to deliver fragrance during smoking.08-01-2013
20130192617CARTOMIZER FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES - A cartomizer for an electronic cigarette having an elongated, hollow body with a mouthpiece in a first end and a battery coupling in an opposite second end. An atomizing coil is disposed in the body generally perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the cartomizer and has positive and negative terminal leads pressfit connected to positive and negative terminals separated by an insulative spacer in the battery coupling. A fibrous wick is inserted inside the atomizing coil and a cloth tube is disposed generally parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cartomizer and extends from the atomizing coil to the mouthpiece. A volatile liquid mixture of preferably 80% propylene glycol and 20% veggie glycol with liquid nicotine and/or flavoring is disposed in the body.08-01-2013
20130192618ATOMIZER FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An atomizer for electronic cigarette comprises a mouth-piece, an atomization shell and a thread bushing. The atomization shell is a hollow pipe with its first end connected to the mouth-piece and second end sealed by a sealing sleeve and the thread bushing. An aerosol passage is provided inside the atomization shell. The aerosol passage has one end in communication with an orifice of the mouth-piece and another end communicating with the sealing sleeve muff-coupled to the thread bushing. The atomization shell has a first intermediary piece extending into the sealing sleeve for introducing tobacco liquid stored in the atomization shell into the sealing sleeve. An electric heater is provided between the sealing sleeve and the thread bushing. The electric heater heats up the tobacco liquid immerged in the first intermediary piece to make it atomized. The atomized tobacco liquid flows through the aerosol passage and is discharged through the mouth-piece.08-01-2013
20130192623ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE - An electronic cigarette includes a liquid supply including liquid material, a heater operable to heat the liquid material to a temperature sufficient to vaporize the liquid material and form an aerosol, a wick in communication with the liquid material and in communication with the heater such that the wick delivers the liquid material to the heater, at least one air inlet operable to deliver air to a central air passage upstream of the heater, and a mouth end insert having at least two diverging outlets. The electronic cigarette can also include an air flow diverter which directs incoming air away from a heating zone of the heater.08-01-2013
20130192621ELECTRONIC SMOKING ARTICLE - An electronic smoking article comprising an aerosol generator and a mechanical aerosol converter insert having the capacity to improve characteristics of aerosol produced by the aerosol generator, including sensory attributes.08-01-2013

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