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131058000 Wrapping devices 31
131284000 With coating or printing 23
131088000 Tip or mouthpiece applying or forming 15
131282000 Including arranging, collecting, or delivering 15
131077000 Molding or forming 13
131108000 Tobacco feeding 11
131281000 Including perforating 9
131286000 With cleaning away unwanted product component, e.g., gum or adhesive 5
20120240950CIGARETTE MAKING MACHINE TOBACCO CLEANOUT MECHANISM AND TUBE HOLDING DRUM - A cigarette making machine tobacco cleanout mechanism comprising a slide support, a slideable compacting plate disposed on the slide support, a slideable cleanout plate located adjacent the slideable compacting plate, and an engaging mechanism for removeably engaging the slideable compacting plate to the slideable cleanout plate, wherein the slideable cleanout plate is slid by the slideable compacting plate when the slideable compacting plate is slid while removeably engaged to the slideable cleanout plate. Also disclosed is a drum for holding at least one cigarette filling tube and a cleanout container for a cigarette making machine.09-27-2012
20120055495CIGARETTES FILLING MACHINE - The present invention relates to electrical cigarettes filling machine with supporting additional accessories such as: 03-08-2012
20100101592FLUSHING DEVICE IN MACHINES FOR MANUFACTURING SINGLE POUCHES OF COHESIONLESS MATERIAL AND IN SYSTEMS FOR PORTIONING AND PACKAGING TOBACCO MOLASSES - Machines manufacturing pouches of a smokeless tobacco product or other cohesionless material, and systems for portioning and packaging tobamel type smoking mixtures, can be fitted with a flushing device that uses a number of spray nozzles (04-29-2010
20110220132METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEPARATING TOBACCO FROM CIGARETTE WASTE - Method of separating tobacco from cigarette waste using an apparatus comprising a circular revolving screen, in which the cigarette waste is fed onto the said screen in order to be screened by gravity, the method including relocation the cigarette waste over the surface of the screen, the said relocation being aided by scraping means cooperating with said screen and the angular position of the screen in the apparatus relative to the horizontal plane being adjustable.09-15-2011
20080283070METHOD OF, AND APPARATUS FOR, FORMING PORTIONS OF FIBROUS MATERIAL AND REMOVING THE SAME - A method and apparatus of forming portions of tobacco, and of removing the same by an conveyor having at least one path of holders for a respective portion, in which the holders are filled with individual portions of the contents at least two filling lines of one or more filling stations, and, prior to the individual filling operations, individual portions of the contents are weighed and weighed portions that satisfy the predetermined conditions—acceptable portions—are filled cyclically into the holders and weighed portions that do not satisfy the predetermined conditions are detected and ejected as defective portions, characterized by components and steps of (a) following detection of a defective portion, that holder which the filling line originally predetermined for filling this holder would have filled with the contents portion, on which the defective portion is based, had the contents portion satisfied the predetermined conditions—defective-portion holder—is sensed, and a filling line other than that originally predetermined for filling the defective-portion holder—compensating filling line—fills the defective-portion holder, preferably outside the original filling cycle thereof, with an acceptable portion that satisfies the predetermined conditions.11-20-2008
131270100 Including cooperating surfaces to induce rolling 5
20090288666CIGARETTE ROLLING MACHINE - The present invention generally relates to a compact electrical cigarette rolling machine. The machine is particularly suitable for easily and quickly rolling tobacco into a cigarette. The tobacco is placed into a holding reservoir having tapered walls which help guide the tobacco into a rotating coil located near the bottom of a holding reservoir. The rotating coil then forces the tobacco through a hollow tube and into a pre-rolled paper cigarette in a compact and efficient manner. The machine has a support bar which allows the tobacco to become easily compacted within the paper of the cigarette without the pre-rolled paper becoming accidentally dislodged. The user may control how tightly the tobacco is packed within the cigarette by use of a control knob.11-26-2009
20100043808PACKAGING FOR SMOKING ARTICLES - An improved packaging for roll your own moking articles that includes a pair of substantially parallel members connected together at opposing ends and forming a generally open interior. The pair of substantially parallel members extend along a path between the opposing ends. The path includes at least one substantially straight portion and a semi-cylindrical portion. The pair of substantially parallel members are configured such that a plurality of rolling papers may be removably packaged between the pair of substantially parallel members. The plurality of rolling papers at least initially conform to the shape of the path of the pair of substantially parallel members after removal from the improved packaging such that a tobacco product may be immediately introduced.02-25-2010
20090211588Cigarette rolling machine - The invention provides a cigarette rolling machine designed for both the use as a rolling template for creating cigarette paper tubes around the main body (FIG. 08-27-2009
20090114234Methods for Sculpting Cigarettes, and Associated Apparatuses - A cigarette-making method is provided, comprising forming an elongate tobacco rod having a non-circular cross-sectional shape and opposed ends, by circumscribing a tobacco charge with a wrapping material. A filter element is formed having opposed ends and a non-circular cross-sectional shape corresponding to the cross-sectional shape of the tobacco rod, by circumscribing a filter material with a plug wrap material. One end of the tobacco rod is axially aligned and abutted with one end of the filter element, and a tipping material is applied about the tobacco rod and the filter element, wherein the tipping material extends across the abutting ends thereof, so as to join the tobacco rod with the filter element and form a cigarette having a non-circular cross-sectional shape along a length thereof. Associated apparatuses and methods are also provided.05-07-2009
20120167900Package and Device For manual Rolling of Cigarettes - A packaging for manual rolling of cigarettes comprising smoker's accessories like cigarette sheets, filters, sheets, matches, lighters, tobacco and an article usable as an advertising material is characterized in that the base line is foldably divided into two small sides with a narrow band therebetween. The intermediate band is terminated at both sides each time with two triangular parts, providing for creating a handy table for rolling cigarettes. The narrow band is foldably divided in a way that the external parts are embraced by triangular folded corners of smaller sides. While the device is in use, the packaging is opened and put onto a support in a way that small sides are lifted upwards. The triangular sides on both sides of the narrow band are then pushed upwards to create bulges. The two bulges each from its side stop the narrow side and prevent the content from falling from the support.07-05-2012
131096000 Recovery of tobacco from cigarettes and cigars 2
20110220129METHOD AND ASSEMBLY FOR OPENING CIGARETTE WRAPPERS IN A MACHINE FOR RECOVERING TOBACCO FROM DEFECTIVE AND OR SUBSTANDARD CIGARETTES - Method of opening a cigarette wrapper including cutting open a cigarette transported in a guiding groove of a feeder of a machine for recovering tobacco from defective and/or substandard cigarettes with at least one revolving disc knife located above the feeder, in which the at least one revolving disc knife is applied to the cigarette in such a way that the axis of rotation on which the said disc knife is perpendicularly mounted lies on a plane parallel to the plane over which the cigarette axis is translated, and the plane of the disc knife does not contain the cigarette axis and is parallel to the said cigarette axis, the possibility of rotation of the cigarette around its axis in the guiding groove is blocked, whereby tensile stress is applied in the cigarette wrapper facilitating its opening.09-15-2011
20090194117SYSTEM FOR REMOVAL OF IMPURITIES FROM SHREDDED TOBACCO RECOVERED FROM DEFECTIVE CIGARETTES - A system is used for removal of impurities from shredded tobacco recovered from defective cigarettes, especially activated carbon particles, as used in a machine for recovering tobacco and having separating sieves and suction devices, where in a transport zone for a mixture of shredded tobacco, paper and impurities, positioned directly downstream the device for final tearing of the cigarette paper, with the zone defining a turbulent flow zone for the mixture of shredded tobacco, paper and impurities, a separating device is installed which defines a first purification zone. The device has a grid, a vacuum system for maintaining turbulent flow of the mixture of shredded tobacco, paper and lightweight impurities, positioned above the grid having a mesh size larger than the size of heavy impurities, and a vacuum system for receiving heavy impurities. Then a second purification zone includes a vibrating sieve with a mesh size larger than the size of heavy and lightweight impurities. A vacuum dust removing device, defining a third purification zone, has a transport pipe with flow disturbing elements, a rotational sieve having a grid of a mesh size suitable for suction of volatile impurities, a flow guide means adjacent the sieve and defining at the same time a flow disturbing element, and a rotary chamber valve positioned under the sieve.08-06-2009
131285000 Including fingerlike member which alternately engages and releases product 1
20110011412APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLY OF MULTI-SEGMENT ROD-LIKE ARTICLES - An apparatus for assembly of multi-segment rod-like objects, such as, for example, components of a composite cigarette filter, is disclosed. The apparatus may include an intercalating unit and an assembly unit, linked by a transfer unit. Intercalating unit may include at least one rod supply unit and a conveyor. In one embodiment, intercalating unit may include a plurality of independent rod supply units. Each rod supply unit may include a hopper and a rod delivery mechanism comprising a rotary drum, a cutting device, a transfer wheel and a delivery wheel.01-20-2011
131105000 Wrappers holders and carriers 1
20120006338Device for Producing Cigarettes in the Tobacco Processing Industry and a Method Therefore - A device for producing cigarettes in the tobacco processing industry that has a tobacco processing unit and a paper feeding unit, which feeds a paper having LIP strips to the tobacco processing unit, wherein the paper feeding unit has a measurement device, which continuously detects the LIP strips, wherein the measurement device has a microwave resonator, through whose measurement region the paper having the LIP strip is passing, and which detects a shift of the resonance curve and/or a broadening of the resonance frequency.01-12-2012
131107000 Bundling 1
20120006339METHOD OF MAKING A TOBACCO PRODUCT - A tobacco product is formed by rolling a sheet of material supplied by a roll or rolls (e.g. moistened tobacco leaves) and/or homogenized sheet tobacco about a slit mandrel to form a shaped tube. The shaped tube is then packaged for shipment to an end user or consumer. The shaped tube remains in the rolled, shaped tube form inside the package. After the shaped tube is removed from the package, a consumer can fill the tube with crushed tobacco leaves or other tobacco filler material of a favorite blend, thereby eliminating some steps in the making of a “roll-your-own” tobacco product. A liquid can be added to the sheet or to the finished tube to moisturize same. The liquid can include flavoring. The tubes are unfilled when packaged and sent to a consumer/end user in tube form so that they have a “memory” that helps hold a tubular cigar shape after they are filled with selected tobacco fill material.01-12-2012
20110174322ALTERATION OF TOBACCO ALKALOID CONTENT THROUGH MODIFICATION OF SPECIFIC CYTOCHROME P450 GENES - Compositions and methods for reducing the level of nornicotine and N′-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) in 07-21-2011
20080257366INTERMEDIATE WRAPPER AND METHOD OF MAKING - A tobacco product is formed by perforated cigar or shell, the shell comprising a sheet of material with an intermediate sheet, the sheet comprising tobacco leaves and/or homogenized tobacco paper. The cigar or shell is packaged for shipment to an end user or consumer. The cigar or shell remains in the rolled, shaped tube form inside the package. After the cigar or shell is removed from the package, a consumer can fill the cigar or shell with crushed tobacco leaves or other tobacco filler material of a favorite blend, thereby eliminating some steps in the making of a “roll-your-own” tobacco product. A liquid can be added to the cigar or shell to moisturize same. The liquid can include flavoring.10-23-2008
20130032158Apparatuses, Systems, and Associated Methods for Forming Porous Masses for Smoke Filters - High-throughput production methods for manufacturing porous masses suitable for use in conjunction with smoking devices may include continuously combining a matrix material and a paper wrapper to form a desired cross-sectional shape where the matrix material is confined by the paper wrapper, the matrix material comprising a binder particle and an active particle; heating at least a portion of the matrix material so as to bind the matrix material at a plurality of contact points, thereby forming a porous mass length, wherein heating involves irradiating with microwave radiation at least a portion of the matrix material; cooling the porous mass length; and cutting the porous mass length radially thereby producing a porous mass.02-07-2013
20130133673TOBACCO PRODUCT - A tobacco product produced by wrapping cut tobacco with a pouch or a cigarette paper, wherein the pouch or the cigarette paper has an inner layer and an outer layer, and a paper of the outer layer has an air permeability higher than that of a paper of the inner layer.05-30-2013
20090272391ADSORBENTS FOR SMOKING ARTICLES COMPRISING A NON-VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUND APPLIED USING A SUPERCRITICAL FLUID - A surface-modified adsorbent and a process for making a surface-modified adsorbent are provided. The process involves providing an adsorbent and a non-volatile organic compound to a vessel, adjusting the temperature and/or pressure to provide supercritical conditions for a supercritical fluid, and introducing the supercritical fluid into the vessel. The supercritical fluid dissolves the non-volatile organic compound, and impregnates the adsorbent with the non-volatile organic compound. The surface-modified adsorbent can be used, for example, in cut filler compositions, cigarette filters, and smoking articles. Methods for making cigarette filters, cigarettes and for smoking a cigarette comprising the surface-modified adsorbent are also provided. The surface-modified adsorbents can be used to remove one or more selected components from mainstream smoke, without removing other components, such as those that contribute to flavor.11-05-2009
20090000631Smoking articles and method for incorporating salts of lanthanide metals for reducing TPM cytotoxicity and targeted constituents in tobacco smoke - Provided is a smoking article and method for reducing TPM cytotoxicity and targeted constituents in mainstream smoke. The smoking article includes tobacco material including a salt of a lanthanide metal. The method includes combining a salt of a lanthanide metal, water, and optionally glycerin to produce a solution that is applied to tobacco material. Preferably, the salt is an acetate, a sulfate, or a gluconate.01-01-2009
20110277781METHODS FOR IMPROVING QUALITY OF MAINSTREAM SMOKE AND MULTICOMPONENT FILTERS AND SMOKING ARTICLES THEREFOR - A multicomponent smoking article filter adapted to be disposed at the non-burning end of the rod of smokable material, comprising: a first plug; a second plug; a first cavity disposed between the first plug and the second plug, wherein the first cavity comprises: (1) a plurality of cellulosic granules containing a flavorant, and (2) either a plurality of cellulosic granules containing a humectant, or containing water, or a combination thereof; and a second cavity comprising a sorbent disposed upstream from the first cavity relative to the direction of mainstream smoke drawn through the filter.11-17-2011
20110290265Novel Cigar - A novel cigar is provided with an elongated cigar puller device which extends into the interior of the cigar. By removing the cigar puller from the device, the tobacco fill material of the cigar is disrupted so as to improve the draw of the cigar. Some of the cigar puller devices can be used to infuse flavorants into the cigar to alter the taste and/or aroma of the cigar.12-01-2011
20110297167REDUCTION OF CARBON MONOXIDE IN SMOKING ARTICLES USING TRANSITION METAL OXIDE CLUSTERS - Smoking article components, cigarettes, methods for making cigarettes and methods for smoking cigarettes are provided that use transition metal oxide clusters capable of catalyzing and/or oxidizing the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and/or adsorbing carbon monoxide. Cut filler compositions, cigarette paper and cigarette filter material can comprise transition metal oxide clusters.12-08-2011
20110297168Banded Papers, Smoking Articles and Methods - Wrapper for cigarette manufacture includes transversely extending band regions applied by a printing technique, such as gravure printing. The band regions comprise starch, an anti-wrinkling agent such as 1,2 propylene glycol or glycerin, and optionally calcium carbonate. Any suitable printing technique can be used to apply the aqueous solution to the banded regions. The pattern of banded regions may be bands, stripes, two-dimensional arrays, undulated regions, and the like along and/or around the tobacco rod. The pattern can be applied in one or more layers. The pattern may be configured so that when a smoking article is placed on a substrate, at least two longitudinal locations along the length of the tobacco rod have film-forming compound located only on sides of the smoking article not in contact with the substrate.12-08-2011
20120097179Rolling Paper Structures for Creating Smoking Articles and Gummed, Coiled Inserts for Same - Aspects of the invention generally provide methods and structures for paper structures used by an end user to create a cigar or cigarette with gummed, coiled inserts. In one aspect, a rolling paper structure is provided including a first paper section having a first height, a second paper section coupled to the first paper section and the second paper section having a second height longer than the first height, and an optional adhesive disposed on the second paper section. The rolling paper structure may be folded between the first paper section and the second paper section having a portion extending beyond the first paper section. A gummed, coiled insert for rolling paper structures is also provided.04-26-2012
20090145449METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMPILING GROUPS OF FILTER SEGMENTS WHEN PRODUCING MULTI-SEGMENT FILTER ASEMBLIES - A method of making segmented filters including moving substantially identical segments of one type at uniform rate to a transferring element, which places each segment separately on an exit path. Setting of the filter segments in a repeating group on the exit path is accomplished by delay in collecting segments by a transferring element in each module of the apparatus. Uniform positioning is effected using the transferring element which includes uniformly spaced drivers, and non-uniform positioning is effected using the transferring element with non-uniformly spaced drivers. The apparatus includes a guiding element positioned adjacent to a cutting drum and has a wall closing a channel for a set of segments drawn out of a flute on the drum. The filter set is led through the channel with the aid of a dog of a chain and is advanced by a worm surface of a pushing together drum. A separator positioned at the end of the channel which separates single filter segments and may be a disc cam pushing out the segment onto the transferring element between two neighbouring drivers into a chamber created by a supporting element. A stream of compressed air from nozzle directed towards the area between a shoe guide and separator helps separate and stabilize the filter segment.06-11-2009
20080314396Shredded tobacco material feeder of a cigarette manufacturing apparatus - A shredded tobacco material feeder of a cigarette manufacturing apparatus has a reservoir (12-25-2008
20110197902TOBACCO CUT FILLER INCLUDING METAL OXIDE SUPPORTED PARTICLES - A smoking article composition and a method of making a smoking article composition and an additive, wherein the additive comprises particles anchored to the cut filler by a metal oxide support. The additive can be formed by combining particles and a metal oxide precursor solution with the smoking article composition. The smoking article composition can comprise tobacco cut filler, cigarette paper and/or cigarette filter material.08-18-2011
20120067360SEGMENTED SMOKING ARTICLE WITH SUBSTRATE CAVITY - A cigarette includes lighting and mouth ends. It may include a smokable segment disposed at the lighting end. It also includes a mouth-end segment; an aerosol-generation system disposed between the lighting and mouth ends, which includes (i) a heat-generation segment adjacent the smokable segment, including a heat source and an insulation layer and (ii) an aerosol-generating segment including a substrate, which may include tobacco pellets and aerosol-forming material disposed in a substrate cavity between the heat generation segment and the mouth end; a piece of outer wrapping material that provides an overwrap around at least a portion of the aerosol-generating segment, the heat-generation segment, and at least a portion of the smokable segment and includes a foil strip laminated thereon; those segments being connected together by the overwrap to provide a cigarette rod; that is connected to the mouth-end segment using tipping material.03-22-2012
20080264433Cucurbituril Added Cigarettes and Manufacturing Method Thereof - Provided is a cucurbituril-containing tobacco. The cucurbituril-containing tobacco includes a cucurbituril represented by Formula 1. The cucurbituril-containing tobacco can produce a reduced amount of harmful substances.10-30-2008
20110220131INTERMEDIATE WRAPPER AND METHOD OF MAKING - A tobacco product is formed by perforated cigar or shell, the shell comprising a sheet of material with an intermediate sheet, the sheet comprising tobacco leaves and/or homogenized tobacco paper. The cigar or shell is packaged for shipment to an end user or consumer. The cigar or shell remains in the rolled, shaped tube form inside the package. After the cigar or shell is removed from the package, a consumer can fill the cigar or shell with crushed tobacco leaves or other tobacco filler material of a favorite blend, thereby eliminating some steps in the making of a “roll-your-own” tobacco product. A liquid can be added to the cigar or shell to moisturize same. The liquid can include flavoring.09-15-2011
20100186760Revolving knife disc, a method of mounting the revolving knife disc and a method of removing the revolving knife disc - A rotating disc knife, in particular for cutting the paper cover of cigarettes, provided with a mounting opening for mounting the knife onto a cutting assembly shaft and with a plurality of cutting teeth (07-29-2010
20100000554Device for Detecting a Characteristic of a Fibrous Material01-07-2010
20110232659METHODS OF MANUFACTURING CIGARETTES AND FILTER SUBASSEMBLIES WITH SQUEEZABLE FLAVOR CAPSULE - A cigarette filter subassembly is manufactured from a filter member having absorbent material encased within an outer cover. A plunger is passed axially through the absorbent material such that a pointed leading end of the plunger displaces the absorbent material radially outwardly against the cover to form a liner of compressed absorbent material along the cover's inside surface. An inner surface of the liner surrounds a hollow axial opening which is to receive absorbent members and capsules inserted axially therein. The capsules are adapted to be broken by a smoker to release an additive material which modifies characteristics of tobacco smoke. An outer cylindrical surface of the plunger optionally carries a transferable binder material that becomes smeared onto the inner surface of the liner to form thereon a coating which is impermeable to the additive material released from the capsule.09-29-2011
20110168195Filter for a Smoking Article - A filter element (07-14-2011
20110100383SHEET MATERIAL CUTTING APPARATUS, AND ASSOCIATED METHOD - A cutting apparatus and an associated method for slitting a tobacco sheet material into cut pieces used to form smoking articles are provided. The cutting apparatus includes a rotatable cutter assembly having a drum member configured to rotate about an axis defined thereby. The cutter assembly includes a plurality of knife members disposed about the periphery of the drum member and extending radially therefrom. A fixed counter-knife assembly is disposed adjacent to the periphery of the drum member and is configured to interact with the rotatable cutter assembly during rotation thereof about the axis. The counter-knife assembly includes a ledger member having a plurality of cutting insert members removably engaged therewith. The cutting insert members are configured to interact with the knife members during rotation of the cutter assembly with respect to the counter-knife assembly so as to slit the tobacco sheet material received therebetween into cut pieces.05-05-2011
20110048434THERMAL TREATMENT PROCESS FOR TOBACCO MATERIALS - A method of preparing a tobacco material for use in a smoking article is provided, including (i) mixing a tobacco material, water, and an additive selected from the group consisting of lysine, glycine, histidine, alanine, methionine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, proline, phenylalanine, valine, arginine, di- and trivalent cations, asparaginase, saccharides, phenolic compounds, reducing agents, compounds having a free thiol group, oxidizing agents, oxidation catalysts, plant extracts, and combinations thereof; (ii) heating the mixture; and (iii) incorporating the heat-treated mixture into a smoking article as a smokable material. A smoking article in the form of a cigarette is also provided that includes a tobacco material pre-treated to inhibit reaction of asparagine to form acrylamide in mainstream smoke. Upon smoking, the smoking article is characterized by an acrylamide content of mainstream smoke that is reduced relative to an untreated control smoking article.03-03-2011
20130167851METHOD OF FILTER ASSEMBLY FOR SMOKING ARTICLE - A method is provided for manufacturing a filter of a filtered smoking article, where the filter material includes a fluid-releasing body. The method provides a fluid-resistant barrier between the filter material and plug wrap encompassing the filter material, where the barrier is applied as a hot melt adhesive. In other aspects, mechanisms for using the method are provided.07-04-2013
20110017223AMPHIPHILE-MODIFIED SORBENTS IN SMOKING ARTICLES AND FILTERS - Smoking articles which involve the use of amphiphile-modified sorbents are disclosed. The amphiphile-modified sorbent has at least one amphiphilic compound bound to an inorganic molecular sieve substrate. The amphiphile-modified sorbent selectively removes certain constituents from cigarette smoke, while maintaining other constituents, such as those that contribute to flavor. Methods for making cigarette filters and smoking articles using amphiphile-modified sorbents, as well as methods for smoking a cigarette containing an amphiphile-modified sorbent, are also provided.01-27-2011
20110186063Filter For A Smoking Article - The present invention relates to smoking articles incorporating an improved filter in which the amount of smoke filtration varies with increased strength of draw. In particular, the filter comprises a plurality of passageways, at least one primary passageway I comprising a section of material which extends from the rod of smokable material to the mouth end of the smoking article and which has a high capacity to filter smoke and a high capacity to resist the passage of smoke. Via a series of small holes in an otherwise non-porous interface between the different passageways, smoke may be drawn between the primary passageway I and one or more secondary passageways II which have a low capacity to filter and resist the passage of smoke. At lower strengths of draw, smoke may become drawn through the small holes between the primary and secondary passageways. At higher strengths of draw, however, the rate at which smoke may pass through the small holes is limited by the restricted orifice effect and in this way the level of filtration of the smoke at different strengths of draw may be controlled.08-04-2011
20120006344SMOKING ARTICLE AND METHOD - A smoking article provides one or more sheets of material that can be rolled and packaged, at least one sheet including cellulose. In one embodiment, cellulose and tobacco sheet material are separately rolled layers that can optionally be wrapped around a form casing (or pre-rolled inside) and then packaged. In another embodiment, the sheet is a laminated sheet of tobacco and cellulose layers that can be optionally wrapped around (or pre-rolled inside) a form casing. These sheets can be filled with custom tobacco to make one or more new cigars for an end user. In another embodiment, a complete cigar filled with tobacco material can be disassembled by an end user to produce tobacco and cellulose sheets, enabling the end user to form two new cigars using his or her own custom tobacco.01-12-2012
20120006343AEROSOL-GENERATING SUBSTRATE FOR SMOKING ARTICLES - Strands of homogenized tobacco material include at least one aerosol former, An aerosol-generating substrate includes a plurality of those strands of homogenized tobacco material. A smoking article may further include the aerosol-generating substrate. Those strands of homogenized tobacco material preferably have a mass-to-surface-area ratio of at least about 0.09 mg/mm01-12-2012
20110094525SMOKER'S END CAP FOR CIGAR/CIGARILLO - A cigar/cigarillo having a cigar cap, a covering for the cigar butt, smoking end that the human user's mouth will contact when smoking. The cigar cap can be made from a tobacco leaf (FIGS. 04-28-2011
20120247491SMOKING ARTICLES COMPRISING COPPER-EXCHANGED MOLECULAR SIEVES - Smoking articles which involve the use of a copper-exchanged molecular sieve catalyst that is capable of removing NO and/or NO10-04-2012
20110180082METHOD FOR PREPARING FUEL ELEMENT FOR SMOKING ARTICLE - The invention provides a method for making a fuel element for a smoking article including the steps of mixing a metal-containing catalyst precursor with a filler material or graphite or a combination thereof to form a pre-treated fuel element component; optionally calcining the pre-treated fuel element component in order to convert the catalyst precursor to a catalytic metal compound; after the optional calcining step, combining the pre-treated fuel element component with a carbonaceous material and a binder to produce a fuel element composition; and forming the fuel element composition into a fuel element adapted for use in a smoking article. Examples of metal-containing catalyst precursors include iron nitrate, copper nitrate, cerium nitrate, cerium ammonium nitrate, manganese nitrate, magnesium nitrate, and zinc nitrate. Fuel elements treated according to the invention, and smoking articles including such fuel elements, are also provided.07-28-2011
20100059074Inspection System for a Smoking Article Having an Object Inserted Therein, and Associated Method - A system and associated method is provided for inspecting filter rods used to form cigarette filter elements, wherein each filter rod defines a longitudinal axis extending between opposed ends, with each end extending substantially perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis, and includes a filter material having an axially-extending strand disposed therein. A filter rod support device is adapted to receive at least one filter rod such that one end thereof is exposed. An analysis unit is disposed with respect to the filter rod support device so as to interact with the one end of the at least one filter rod to determine a status of the at least one filter rod and to provide a corresponding signal in response thereto.03-11-2010
20120298122REGISTERED BANDED CIGARETTE PAPER, CIGARETTES, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - Registered banded wrapper, cigarettes using that wrapper paper, and methods of making cigarettes with that banded paper result in banded regions of cigarette paper which begin at substantially the same location on each cigarette. With the banded region positioned at a preferred predetermined distance from the end of the cigarette, cigarettes made with such paper exhibit an improved ignition propensity compared with random or quasi-randomly positioned banded regions.11-29-2012
20110232661Smoking Article - A smoking article (09-29-2011
20120325226LOW SIDESTREAM SMOKE CIGARETTE WITH COMBUSTIBLE PAPER - A low sidestream smoke cigarette comprises a conventional tobacco rod, and a combustible treatment paper having a sidestream smoke treatment composition. The treatment composition comprises in combination, an oxygen storage and donor metal oxide oxidation catalyst and an essentially non-combustible finely divided porous particulate adjunct for said catalyst.12-27-2012
20120138075FILTER TIP, TUBES, AND CONES - A filter strip is provided for rolling sheets to construct custom cigars and/or cigarettes. The filter strip may be made of a deformable material which can be positioned on one end of the rolling sheet. The filter strip can be folded in a zig zag or spiral filter section with open section located longitudinally below to form a filter tip. The filter tip can assist the user in rolling by hand a substantially cylindrical or conical cigar or cigarette. The filter tip prevents tobacco filler material from being drawn through the cigar or cigarette and into a user's mouth, and permits the entire amount of tobacco filler to be consumed/smoked without risking burned hands and/or lips.06-07-2012
20130019885PARALLEL CIGARETTE FILTER COMBINING TECHNIQUES WITH PARTICLE FILLING OF CAVITIES - Apparatus and method for forming cigarette filters comprise a single or multiple hopper system for forming filter components of single or multiple sizes. The filter components with spaces therebetween are partially wrapped and then conveyed to at least one media applying wheel where media is deposited into the spaces between the filter components. A cover cap is formed and placed over the partially wrapped filter components downstream of the media wheel to thereby completely wrap the filter components. Subsequently, the completely wrapped filter components are joined to tobacco rods with tipping paper.01-24-2013
20080245376Process For Making Filter Tow - A method of preparing a crimped tow of cellulose acetate filaments comprising the steps of: a) providing cellulose acetate dope b) forming filaments (10-09-2008
20130112215INTERMEDIATE WRAPPER AND METHOD OF MAKING - A tobacco product is formed by perforated cigar or shell, the shell comprising a sheet of material with an intermediate sheet, the sheet comprising tobacco leaves and/or homogenized tobacco paper. The cigar or shell is packaged for shipment to an end user or consumer. The cigar or shell remains in the rolled, shaped tube form inside the package. After the cigar or shell is removed from the package, a consumer can fill the cigar or shell with crushed tobacco leaves or other tobacco filler material of a favorite blend, thereby eliminating some steps in the making of a “roll-your-own” tobacco product. A liquid can be added to the cigar or shell to moisturize same. The liquid can include flavoring.05-09-2013
20130112214Products of High Denier Per Filament and Low Total Denier Tow Bands - A method for forming a filter rod may include providing a bale of crimped tow band having about 10 denier per filament or greater and about 20,000 total denier or less, the crimped tow band comprising a plurality of cellulose acetate filaments; and placing the crimped tow band in an apparatus so as to form a filter rod.05-09-2013
20130118509Smoking Article Component - A smoking article component comprising a viscoelastic material (05-16-2013
20130118510Method for Manufacturing Smoking Articles and Smoking Articles - The present invention relates to a method for making smoking articles, smoking articles, and more particularly to a method for manufacturing smoking articles having a reduced ignition propensity. A method of manufacturing a smoking article includes the steps of providing a filter element (05-16-2013
20110214680APPROACHES TO IDENTIFY LESS HARMFUL TOBACCO AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS - Aspects of the invention concern methods for detecting, identifying and evaluating tobacco and tobacco products to determine the potential that these compositions have to contribute to a tobacco-related disease. It is based, at least in part; on the discovery that exposure of pulmonary cells to smoke or smoke condensate obtained from tobacco or tobacco products induces double stranded breaks in cellular DNA, which were efficiently detected using assays that measure the presence, absence, or amount of phosphorylation of the histone, H2AX.09-08-2011
20130146072COMPOSITE MATERIALS AND THEIR USE IN SMOKING ARTICLES - Smoking articles, filters, and methods for selectively removing selected components from tobacco smoke are disclosed. The smoking articles and filters include composites composed of a porous alumina and/or aluminosilicate matrix containing particles of activated carbon and zeolite molecular sieve adsorbents distributed throughout the matrix which can selectively remove selected components of tobacco smoke. The composites may be made by admixing the adsorbent mixture and a binder such as aluminum hydroxide or montmorillonite clay, adding an aqueous mineral acid to gel the mixture and drying and firing the gel paste. The proportions and adsorption capacities of the components can be selected to tailor the adsorption characteristics of the composites to selectively remove targeted constituents such as acrolein and 1,3-butadiene in tobacco smoke. Methods for making filters and smoking articles using the composites, as well as methods for smoking products comprising the composites, are also provided.06-13-2013
20110232660Filter for a Smoking Article - The invention provides a filter element for a smoking article. The filter element comprises a plug of filter material, a tobacco core extending substantially longitudinally through the plug of filter material, and wrapping means wrapped around at least a portion of a longitudinally extending surface of the tobacco core. The filter element can be used in a variety of smoking articles.09-29-2011
20120279509METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SHEET TOBACCO, A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING CIGARETTES CONTAINING THE SHEET TOBACCO, AND A CIGARETTE - A method of manufacturing sheet tobacco for producing a cigarette that has equivalent aroma and flavor even if the amount of burley leaves is reduced, and does not require a special processing treatment due to the absence of necessity of an installation space and costs for the treatment, a method of manufacturing a cigarette containing the same, and a cigarette. The invention separates raw material for sheet tobacco into fiber and solution, adds a casing flavor to the solution, mixes the solution added with the casing flavor and the fiber to produce a mixture, and dries the mixture. The casing flavor is previously added at the time of the molding of sheet tobacco in the sheet-tobacco manufacturing process, which makes it possible to produce sheet tobacco having the aroma and flavor equivalent of when burley leaf tobacco is used, even without applying the special processing treatment.11-08-2012
20130199550CIGARETTE AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREOF - A cigarette comprising a tobacco rod comprising a tobacco filler and a cigarette paper which is wrapped around the tobacco filler, a filter comprising a filter member and a filter wrapping paper which is integrally wrapped around the filter member, and a tipping member which is bonded onto the tobacco rod and the filter with a pressure-sensitive adhesive to connect the tobacco rod and the filter.08-08-2013
20120085359Smoking Article - A smoking article (04-12-2012

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