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128898000 Methods 89
20110192405METHODS FOR TREATING EYE CONDITIONS - Architectures and techniques for treating conditions of the eye, such as presbyopia, utilize sources of treatment energy, such as electromagnetic energy emitting devices, to implement non-corneal manipulations. According to these devices and methods, the sources of treatment energy are activated to direct energy onto parts of the eye, such as the conjunctiva and sclera, to treat presbyopia. The treatments can affect at least one property of the eye and enhance an accommodation of the eye.08-11-2011
20110284013CHRONOCENTRIC METHOD FOR IMPROVING EFFECTIVENESS OF WEIGHT LOSS TECHNIQUES - The method of the present invention comprises various steps of employing at least one mechanical, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, magnetic or other treatment, to a living organism (optionally targeting at least one organ or organ system thereof), said living organism being human or animal, to achieve at least one predetermined treatment goal (representative of a treatment profile), at least a portion of the steps comprising at least a portion of the following procedures: (1) conducting comprehensive multi-profile diagnostics and identifying at least one of a target organ, and/or a target organ system, of a target living organism, that requires at least one predetermined treatment (e.g., medical, preventative, fitness, etc.); (2) establishing at least one optimal recommended treatment type(s) in response to the at least one predetermined required treatment, for said identified target organs and/or organ systems; and/or (3) determining the chronosystem context of biological rhythms of the entire target organism, at least one of a target organ, and/or a target organ system, wherein advantageously, the inventive method greatly improves the effectiveness of at least one of the above-noted employed treatments and/or treatment sets, in their application individually and in conjunction with one another, by conducting the treatments cyclically, on the basis of a target chronosystem of the target organism, of at least one of the target organs, and/or of the target organ system (for example, varying the dosage, frequency, and/or periodicity of the treatment applications, and/or varying other treatment application parameters in accordance with matching, or otherwise correlating, the target chronosystem with at least one predetermined chonologic factors (seasons, month of a year, time of day, etc.).11-24-2011
20130074852Method and System for Patient Care Management - A method for governing care of a person includes determining the importance of a candidate activity (03-28-2013
20100043807Novel methods of phalloplasty using multiple slits tissue or multiple pieces tissue - Disclosed herein is a method of phalloplasty for girth enhancement. It comprises incising minimally the outer skin of a penis; separating the skin and the hypoderm from a part immediately above Buck's fascia and peeling off the skin and the hypoderm in a region ranging from a part proximal to a glans to prepubic junction; forming a mesh structure of multiple slits in a penile implant; and fixing the penile implant to the penis by suture. The formation of a mesh structure of multiple slits or the use of an implant in multiple pieces makes it possible to cope with complications, thereby significantly reducing complications. Also, the multiple slits or multiple pieces form spaces therebetween, which lead to an increase in flexibility between the implant tissues, thereby enjoying the advantages of minimizing discomfort upon erection and reducing the occurrence of penis curvature. The delicate irregularities of the penis may serve as a factor promoting sexual stimulation upon sexual intercourse. Also, upon carvenosal injection therapy for erectile dysfunction, drugs for inducing erections can be easily injected into the space between the multiple slits or multiple pieces.02-25-2010
20120180802SHAPE MEMORY DEVICES AND THEIR USE IN CONTROLLING DEVICE-ENVIRONMENT INTERACTIONS - The invention is directed to shape memory polymer compositions, articles of manufacture thereof, and methods of preparation and use thereof. The invention is further directed to methods of controlling the nature of the interaction of a shape memory device with the environment in which it is operating.07-19-2012
20110000496Systems and Mehtods for Treating Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes - The present invention provides systems and methods for treating wounds in patients who lack the innate ability to regulate glucose (e.g., diabetic patients). In one aspect of the invention, a method includes positioning an internal bypass device within the duodenum to inhibit contact between chyme passing therethrough and an internal wall of the duodenum and maintaining the internal bypass device within the duodenum for a sufficient period of time to decrease insulin resistance and reduce a blood glucose level in the patient. The internal bypass device increases peripheral blood flow and elevates an immune system response to accelerate healing of the wound.01-06-2011
20090272388MINIMALLY-INVASIVE METHODS FOR IMPLANTING OBESITY TREATMENT DEVICES - Tools, devices and methods for treating a patient. An incision or puncture is made though the patient's skin and a delivery tract is made through an opening formed by the incision or puncture, subcutaneous fat and fascia, far into the patient's abdominal cavity. A guide member is inserted through the delivery tract and a distal end portion of the guide member is positioned at a target location within the abdominal cavity. An implantable device is delivered with the aid of the guide member, and the implantable device is attached to at least one internal body structure. A fillable member of the implantable device is at least partially filled with fluid. The guide member is removed and an adjustment member is attached to a conduit in fluid communication with the fillable member. The attachment member is anchored to an internal body structure and the incision or puncture is closed.11-05-2009
20110011410SURGICAL PROCEDURE - A surgical procedure is carried out on any suitable hollow organ, such as a gall bladder located beneath an abdominal wall. In a first step of the procedure the hollow organ is inflated by air or water through an inflation line so that the organ swells up. A scalpel is then used to create an incision in the abdominal wall. Sutures are then inserted through the opening and these are used to pull up the inflated organ to the opening. The inflated organ is now presented to the opening and a laparascopic procedure is carried out on the organ. A number of medical devices may be employed to perform the procedure for example a scalpel, an introducer device, an instrument access device, an insufflator, a camera device, and various surgical instruments.01-20-2011
20090014016SURGICAL IMPLANTATION METHOD AND DEVICES FOR AN EXTRA-ARTICULAR MECHANICAL ENERGY ABSORBING APPARATUS - A surgical implantation approach for preparing a patient and precisely and effectively placing an energy absorbing apparatus relative to the patient's anatomy. Various surgical implantation apparatus and methods for achieving proper device-to-anatomy juxtapositional relationships are employed in the implantation approach.01-15-2009
20090014015INTRAOPERATIVE DOSIMETRY FOR PROSTATE BRACHYTHERAPY USING TRANSRECTAL ULTRASOUND AND X-RAY FLUOROSCOPY - While performing prostate brachytherapy in which radioactive seeds are implanted into the prostate, both X-ray and transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) data are collected. The X-ray data indicate all of the implanted seeds, but not their relative position within the prostate. The TRUS data correspond to both axial and longitudinal ultrasound images. A subset of the implanted seeds can be automatically (or manually) detected in the TRUS data (using longitudinal ultrasound images), and the prostate is indicated in the TRUS data (using axial ultrasound images). Registration is performed between the X-ray and TRUS data, thereby identifying the disposition of all implanted seeds within the prostate, enabling dosimetry to be intraoperatively determined. A medical practitioner can thus determine whether and where to implant additional seeds to achieve a desired optimal dosage and do so before the prostate brachytherapy procedure is concluded.01-15-2009
20090000627HAPTIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A surgical planning method is provided. A representation of a bone of a joint is created. The joint is moved to a first position. A first point corresponding to a first location in the joint is identified when the joint is in the first position. The joint is moved to a second position. A second point corresponding to a second location in the joint is identified, when the joint is in the second position. Bone preparation for implanting an implant on the bone is planned based at least in part on the first and second points.01-01-2009
20110277778System and Method for Diverticulitis Treatment - A system for preventing recurrence of diverticulitis includes a semi-permeable sleeve configured to be placed within a colonic lumen relative to one or more diverticulum lining the colonic lumen. The system also includes at least first and second collars disposed on opposing ends of the semi-permeable sleeve. The collars are configured to be selectively expanded radially outward to anchor the semi-permeable sleeve within the colonic lumen. The semi-permeable sleeve is configured to prevent permeation of undesirable material from within the colonic lumen into the at least one diverticulum and allow permeation of desirable material from the exterior of the semi-permeable sleeve into the colonic lumen.11-17-2011
20110277777System and Method for Diverticulitis Treatment - A method of treating diverticulitis includes the steps of placing an endoscopic device within a colonic lumen relative to at least one diverticulum and removing undesirable material from the at least one diverticulum utilizing the endoscopic device. The method also includes the steps of injecting a medicating agent into the at least one diverticulum utilizing the endoscopic device and sealing the at least one diverticulum from the colonic lumen.11-17-2011
20110271966PHYSIOLOGICAL APPROACH TO PENILE VENOUS STRIPPING SURGICAL PROCEDURE FOR PATIENTS WITH ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION - Disclosed is a physiological approach of a penile venous stripping surgical procedure for patients with erectile dysfunction (ED), which mainly contains a revolutionary surgical solution of treating leakage veins for restoring erectile function based on a template of penile tunical and venous anatomy. The method entails a thorough penile venous stripping and then being ligated of one deep dorsal vein and a pair of cavernosal veins whereas two pairs of para-arterial veins are rendered for segmental ligation rather than being stripped closest to the tunica albuginea by using a set of specific instruments under an acupuncture-aided local anesthesia on an ambulatory basis. Although the techniques for handling venous tissues with stripping and then ligation is extraordinarily challenging, this innovative method turns the venous treatment for ED from one that has been abandoned to a curable option.11-10-2011
20110271967TRANSVENTRICULAR IMPLANT TOOLS AND DEVICES - A method and implantation tools for placing a transventricular splint including a tension member. The method includes gaining access to the patient's hearts and identifying entry or exit points for the tension member, marking those locations and delivering the tension member. Anchors for the tension member are also delivered. The length of the tensions member is measured and the walls of the heart drawn together. The pads are secured to the tension member and the tension member is trimmed to length. The pads are secured to the heart surface.11-10-2011
20100170521METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEPLOYING A SHAPE MEMORY POLYMER - Methods and apparatus described herein may utilize activation of an SMP material to install medical devices with respect to a surgical site. Activation of the SMP material may be performed with the use of a triggering force and/or a constraint applied to the SMP material. Activation using a triggering force and/or a constraint may be used to create varied activation rates in an SMP material and may be combined with temperature or other activation stimuli to create the varied activation rates.07-08-2010
20110290262Catheter Tray, Packaging System, Instruction Insert, and Associated Methods12-01-2011
20120097178Gated Image Acquisition and Patient Model Construction - A method and system is disclosed for acquiring image data of a subject. The image data can be collected with an imaging system with at least two different power characteristics. The image data can be reconstructed using dynamic or enhanced reconstruction techniques.04-26-2012
20090151736Method And Apparatus For Manufacturing An Implant - An orthopedic implant manufacturing method. The method includes preparing a pre-operative surgical plan for a specific patient, the surgical plan including a three-dimensional image of a patient's joint indicating at least one resection plane, communicating the surgical plan to a surgeon of the patient, and receiving approval of the surgical plan and the resection plane by the surgeon. The method also includes providing automated osteophyte/protrusion removal control for surgeon manipulation, receiving a modified three-dimensional image of a patient's joint indicating an osteophyte/protrusion removal and a recommendation for a corresponding selected orthopedic implant from the surgeon, and requesting manufacture of the selected orthopedic implant.06-18-2009
20120291789MEDICAL COMPOSITION FOR PROTUBERANCE OF EPITHELIUM - A medical composition for protuberance of epithelium, which comprises a solution comprising a polysaccharide or a medically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the solution has a viscosity of: (1) from 50 to 500 mPa·s at a shear rate of from 7.7 to 10.0 s11-22-2012
20110259350Methods of Using SDF-1 (CXCL12) as a Diagnostic and Mesenchymal Stem Cell (Multipotent Stromal Cell)-Specific Therapeutic Biomarker for the Treatment of Kidney Injury and Other Major Organs - This application describes the detection and diagnosis of kidney pathology including acute kidney injury by the detection of changes in the amounts of biomarkers in the urine of patients. These biomarkers include stromal derived factor (SDF-1 or CXCL12).10-27-2011
20110168193Apparatus and Method for Separating and Concentrating Fluids Containing Multiple Components - An apparatus is disclosed that allows for separating and collecting a fraction of a sample. The apparatus, when used with a centrifuge, allows for the creation of at least three fractions in the apparatus. It also provides for a new method of extracting the buffy coat phase from a whole blood sample. A buoy system that may include a first buoy portion and a second buoy member operably interconnected may be used to form at least three fractions from a sample during a substantially single centrifugation process. Therefore, the separation of various fractions may be substantially quick and efficient.07-14-2011
20120291788Implantable Medical Sensor and Anchoring System - A medical device adapted to be implanted in a vessel of a human body includes a housing that contains means for performing medical functions and an anchor for supporting the housing in an intended location and orientation within the vessel. The anchor is expandable from a low profile configuration adapted for delivery to an expanded configuration for engagement with the vessel wall. The anchor and delivery device are adapted to enable the medical device to be retrieved and repositioned or removed from the vessel. The anchor is adapted to apply sufficient force against the vessel wall to maintain the anchor in place but less force than that required to provide scaffolding support for the vessel.11-22-2012
20090038626Refractive vision correction for preventing presbyopia - The present invention relates to a refractive vision correction for preventing presbyopia; in particular, to the common refractive vision correction of dealing with myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism such as the problems of seeing for far distance objects, which is applied to and within a corresponding area of the center of the cornea when the pupil is in a size which is under normal light condition, and furthermore, other circular wavy corrections are orderly applied in accordance with different presbyopia degree to the scope beyond said corresponding area and overlapped by another corresponding area of the cornea when the pupil is in its most dilation; therefore, the present invention of pre-performing the circular wavy corrections can provide the patient with plural number of different curves of correction for preventing presbyopia when the patient get older with failing eyesight. The different curves of correction can appropriately improve and remedy the vision for the patient to see nearby objects when in different age with different presbyopia degree and achieve the expected goal of preventing presbyopia.02-12-2009
20110197900PERCUTANEOUS INTERVENTIONAL CARDIOLOGY SYSTEM FOR TREATING VALVULAR DISEASE - A system is provided for treating valvular disease percutaneously though a ventricular apex of the heart. The system includes a needle for piercing through the ventricular apex of the heart and creating a hole whereby a catheter can be passed through the skin and the wall of the heart to gain access to the interior of the heart. Once percutaneous access to the heart is obtained, any of a variety of techniques can be utilized for annular and/or valvular therapy and/or repair through, the catheter. A closure device is necessary for closing the puncture of the heart. Any of a variety of vascular closure devices can be modified to be utilized with the system to close the puncture of the ventricular apex of the heart.08-18-2011
20080283065METHODS AND DEVICES TO MAINTAIN PATENCY OF A LUMEN IN PARENCHYMAL TISSUE OF THE LUNG - A mechanical device and/or chemical process is utilized to maintain luminal patency in conduits or other devices implanted in the lung or lungs of a patient. The mechanical device and/or chemical process ensures that air flows freely through a conduit implanted through an anastomosis into a lung. The device is suitable for use in conjunction with ventilation bypass treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.11-20-2008
20090007923SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE DIAMETER OF A MAMMILIAN HYBRID CORONARY BYPASS GRAFT - Systems and methods are provided for controlling the diameter of a mammalian hybrid coronary bypass graft. The system includes a controller having at least one input for receiving information and feedback information and an output for outputting control signals, including at least one steady flow system control signal; and a pressure/flow loop subsystem coupled to the controller. The pressure/flow loop subsystem includes a specimen holder, an external flow loop system coupled to the specimen holder, a steady flow system, and an output for outputting the feedback information. The pressure/flow loop subsystem receives the control signals and is capable of adjusting a diameter of a specimen in accordance with the control signals, when the specimen holder contains the specimen.01-08-2009
20080216845Vertebral Fracture Quantification - A method of deriving an estimate of the extent of fracture in a vertebra shown in an image of part of A spine is provided. The images of at least two vertebrae are segmented to obtain data representative of the shape and size of each of the vertebrae. An approximation of the shape of a first of the vertebrae is reconstructed by comparing the data obtained for a second of the two vertebrae with a mathematical model of at least the same two vertebrae of an unfractured spine. The unfractured shape of the first vertebra is predicted to enable a comparison of the shape and size of the first vertebra as imaged with the predicted unfractured shape and size. The difference between the respective images is subsequently computed to obtain a result representative of the extent of fracture in the first vertebra.09-11-2008
20080271743Method of providing post-partum treatment for enhancing comfort, physical and psychological well-being - The method of providing post-partum treatment for enhancing comfort, physical and psychological well-being includes the application of multiple therapeutic treatments to a patient, in order to provide pleasing, psychologically uplifting and beneficial treatment for the combat and alleviation of post-partum mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. The patient is first transported from a first location to a treatment center. The treatment center includes a plurality of treatment stations, each being provided for providing distinct therapy to the patient. The patient is then seated in a mobile chair within the treatment center and a first therapy is performed on the patient in the mobile chair. The patient is transported, from treatment station to treatment station, within the mobile chair, thus reducing stress and strain on the patient during the treatments. Following treatment, the patient is transported back to the first location.11-06-2008
20110005532Method and System for Improving a Subject's Sensory, Reflex and/or Motor Mechanisms via Auditory, Tactile or Visual Stimulations - The present invention relates to a method and a system for improving sensitivity of a first sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanism of a subject by stimulating a second sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanism of the subject. For that purpose a noise is applied to the second sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanism to improve the sensitivity of the first sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanism due to cross-modal SR interactions.01-13-2011
20090139531Integral fluid regulator for endoscopic vessel dissection/harvesting device - A device for dissecting and/or harvesting a vessel includes an integrally adjustable insufflation device to supply an insufflation fluid to a subcutaneous area within a patient. The integrally adjustable insufflation device includes one or more one fluid control mechanisms to regulate the pressure rate and/or flow rate of the insufflation fluid being supplied to the subcutaneous area from within a sterile field surrounding the subcutaneous area.06-04-2009
20100139671METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BODY WORK - The present invention provides a method and apparatus for obtaining and maintaining correct alignment of body structure. In one embodiment of the invention, a head band is utilized that places light pressure on the erector spinae and sub occipital muscles below the occiput to relax the muscles that caused the counter clockwise rotation and light pressure is maintained to correct the misalignment of the atlas and occipital condyles. In another embodiment of the invention, the atlas is centered by applying manual gentle pressure to relax the muscles that caused the counter-clockwise rotation. Once relaxed, light pressure is manually applied to correct the misalignment of the atlas and occipital condyles. Gentle pressure can also be applied to the muscles that tightened as a result of the misplaced atlas until the muscles relax. The relaxation of muscles in this manner tends to also allow other misplaced body structure to return to its original position once the buildup of fasciitis is manually released. Moreover, an individual can be taught how to use the method and apparatus of the present invention to thereby maintain correct body structure and relaxed muscles.06-10-2010
20090050162OPERATING SUPPORT FOR SURGEONS - The present disclosure concerns embodiments of an operating support that supports a surgeon in a sitting position straddling a patient. By straddling the patient, the surgeon is ideally positioned to perform certain types of laparoscopic surgery, such as pelvic surgery, which requires the use of relatively long surgical instruments. The operating support supports the surgeon in a more ergonomically correct position that reduces the stress and strain on the surgeon's body as compared to the conventional technique of performing laparoscopic surgery in a standing position at one side of the operating table.02-26-2009
20090101157Bioresorbable Inflatable Devices, Incision Tool And Methods For Tissue Expansion And Tissue Regeneration - Bioresorbable inflatable devices and tunnel incision tool and methods for treating and enlarging a tissue or an organ or a tube or a vessel or a cavity. The device is composed of a hollow expanding pouch made of a resorbable material or a perforated material that can be attached to a filling element. The pouch can be filled with a biocompatible materials, one or more times in few days interval, after the insertion of the device. While filling the pouch every few days the tissue expands and the filling material if it is bioactive start to function. The tunnel incision tool composed of a little blade that emerges from the surface of the tool in order to make shallow incisions in the surrounding tissue therefore enabling easy expansion of the tissue. This device and method can be used for example for: horizontal and vertical bone augmentation in the jaws and the tunnel incision tool is used to make shallow incisions in the periosteum when using the tunnel technique, sinus augmentation when the device is placed beneath the Schneiderian tissue, vessels widening if the pouch become a stent, fixating bone fractures etc.04-23-2009
20090101158Method and apparatus for determining the frontal plane of the pelvic bone - In a method for determining the pelvic inlet plane of the pelvic bone, which is defined by the following three points of the pelvic bone:04-23-2009
20090114233Stapling Device - An endovascular stapler (05-07-2009
20090255544DEVICES AND METHODS FOR THE ENDOLUMENAL TREATMENT OF OBESITY - Devices and methods for forming and securing tissue folds and elongated invaginations in stomach tissue are used as a treatment for obesity. In a first embodiment, a plurality of tissue folds is formed in the fundus region of the stomach. In a second embodiment, one or more elongated invaginations is formed in the body region of the stomach. In a third embodiment, a plurality of tissue folds is formed in the fundus region of the stomach and one or more elongated invaginations is formed in the body region of the stomach. Additional embodiments include various combinations of tissue folds, elongated invaginations, and other reconfigurations of stomach tissue.10-15-2009
20090255543Method of chiropractic treatment - A method of chiropractic treatment in which a patient's head and legs are moved along predetermined paths each having plural transit points on a circle having its center along the axis of the patient's spine. Each transit point has a counterpart transit point located at a position symmetric with the transit point with respect to the center of the circle. Each path has plural sub-paths each extending along a curve from a transit point and through the center of the circle to a counterpart transit point, wherein, during the movement of the patient's legs along a sub-path, the head is moved along a different sub-path starting from a transit point corresponding to the counterpart transit point of the movement of the legs.10-15-2009
20120192878METHODS OF DIAGNOSING AND MONITORING REJECTION MEDIATED BY ANTIBODIES - An intracellular cytokine flow cytometry (CFC) assay was developed to measure CD3− (non-T) cell response to allo-Ags expressed on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (allo-CFC-PBMC) and/or endothelial cells (allo-CFC-EC) by detecting intracellular gamma-interferon (IFN08-02-2012
20100154807METHOD FOR NORMALIZING THE SPINE - Disclosed is a method of normalizing a spine of an individual including identifying a first point on the spine that exhibits the greatest degree of spinal misalignment and the hemisphere of the misalignment. A second point on the back of the individual is identified using a measuring device to measure along the spine a calculated distance specific to the individual. The second point on the back is then translated to the front of the individual opposite the second point to identity a third point. Application of therapeutic treatment near the third point normalizes the spine. In one embodiment, the distance is calculated by dividing the height of the individual by eight.06-24-2010
20100180902METHODS FOR DIAGNOSING SKIN LESIONS - Methods for diagnosing skin lesions are disclosed. Generally, the method include topically administering an IRM compound to a treatment area for a period of time and in an amount effective to cause a visible change in the appearance of a skin lesion including, in some cases, causing subclinical lesions to become visible. Suitable IRM compounds include agonists of one or more TLRs.07-22-2010
20100258138RADIOLABELED 1-ACETATE PET IMAGING FOR RADIOTHERAPY IN HEAD AND NECK CANCER - The present invention provides methods of using optimal PET tracers for diagnosing head and neck cancer. Methods for in vivo imaging uses of the PET tracers that are suitable for uses in radiation therapy (RT) in head and neck cancer and evaluation of salivary gland function are also provided. A pharmaceutical comprising the PET tracer and a kit for the preparation of the pharmaceutical are provided as well.10-14-2010
20100212675STRUCTURED TESTING METHOD FOR DIAGNOSTIC OR THERAPY SUPPORT OF A PATIENT WITH A CHRONIC DISEASE AND DEVICES THEREOF - A structured testing method for diagnostic or therapy support of a patient with a chronic disease and devices thereof are disclosed which implement a structured collection procedure based on a medical use case and/or question which provides at least one or more parameters defining entry criterion, a schedule of events, adherence criterion, and exit criterion. The entry criterion establish conditions needed to be met prior to obtaining biomarker data from the patient. Each event can include one or more of a performance time, patient guidance to perform the event, a request for information from the patient a request for patient action, and a request for collection of biomarker data from the patient. The adherence criterion can be used to assess whether an event performed is acceptable to addressing the medical use case and/or question, and the exit criterion establishes conditions needed to be met prior to exiting the collection procedure.08-26-2010
20090151737FOCUSED ATTENTION AND PAIN REDUCTION - A focus card evokes a neurological response in a user to dampen the user's response to a negative stimulus. A focus card has a first face comprising visual graphics such as lenticular graphics, and a second face comprising indicia pertaining to the visual graphics. Indicia are configured for a target population, and can include novel questions, tasks or directions. A parent or other untrained individual can direct a patient as indicated by the indicia. A single focus card can have indicia for several target populations. A focus card can be used in combination with an analgesia means to further reduce a patient's pain response. By focusing the patient's attention with a focus card, behavior of the patient's anterior cingulate gyrus can be modified to reduce the patient's response to a pain-causing stimulus. It can also be used to reduce agitation, anxiety or distress outside of a medical environment.06-18-2009
20090107516STENT MADE OF NITINOL HAVING IMPROVED AXIAL BENDING STIFFNESS AND ASSOCIATED PRODUCTION METHOD - A stent made of nitinol having improved axial or radial stiffness, the stent having a support structure which comprises peripheral struts around the circumference, wherein the peripheral struts are linked to one another in the axial direction via connection struts. The support structure may assume a first compressed state and a second expanded state. The nitinol is in the support structure in a martensitic microstructure in the compressed state and largely in an austenitic microstructure in the second expanded state. One or more support structure sections, however, are entirely or partially in a martensitic microstructure in the second expanded state.04-30-2009
20110079230METHOD FOR TREATING AN ASTHMA ATTACK - A method for treating the lung during an acute episode of reversible chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as an asthma attack. The method comprises transferring energy to an airway wall of an airway such that a diameter of the airway is increased. The energy may be transferred to the airway wall prior to, during or after an asthma attack. The energy may be transferred in an amount sufficient to temporarily or permanently increase the diameter of the airway. The method may be performed while the airway is open, closed or partially closed.04-07-2011
20110240043USE OF REMOTE ISCHEMIC CONDITIONING TO IMPROVE OUTCOME AFTER MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION - The invention provides methods for reducing the incidence and/or severity and/or delaying the onset of heart dysfunction/failure and improving overall survival through the use of remote ischemic per-conditioning and post-conditioning.10-06-2011
20090320861Methods For The Placement Of Sutures In Tissue - A method for the placement of sutures in tissue prior to forming an opening in the tissue, the sutures for use in closing the opening, the method includes the steps of passing a first length of suture through a first portion of a tissue in a first direction relative to a target area to be incised, passing the first length of suture through a second portion of the tissue in the first direction, passing a second length of suture through a third portion of the tissue in a second direction relative to the target area to be incised, passing the second length of suture through a fourth portion of the tissue in the second direction, performing a surgical procedure including forming the opening in the tissue, and applying tension to the first length of suture and the second length of suture to close the opening in the tissue.12-31-2009
20100065071Static Electricity Reducing/Removing Instrument and Static Electricity Reducing/Removing Device - A glass container storing unit in which the bottom section of a conical first glass container is stored is supported on one base of a cylindrical motor storing unit in which a motor stored, with a rotation axis. A second glass container in the shape of a Welsh onion flower is attached to the other base of the motor storing unit. Negatively charged metallic silicon is sealed in the first glass container and second glass container. The pointed section of the first glass container is pressed against a human body by rotating the first glass container with the rotation axis.03-18-2010
20120240944DURABLE SKIN MARKING COMPOSITIONS - A durable skin marking composition that remains legible and visible on the skin after being treated with an aqueous, alcohol-based solution. The skin marking composition of the present invention includes a cyanoacrylate base and a colorant. The cyanoacrylate base can be n-butyl cyanoacrylate, 2-ethyl-cyanoacrylate, 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate, or a combination of the foregoing. The colorant can be a dye, pigment, contrast agent, colored particle, fluorescent particle, radio-opaque particle, or a combination of the foregoing. The composition can further comprise one or more of viscosity modifiers/thickening agents, stabilizers, plasticizers, formaldehyde scavengers, polymerization accelerators, perfumes, adhesion promoters, and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, or anti-microbial agents.09-27-2012
20110100381 Method of Treating Metabolic Disorder By Severing the Bile Duct - The present invention generally provides for a method of treating metabolic disorder by severing a bile duct from fluid communication with an intestine at a first target site adjacent the Oddi sphincter, thereby creating a severed bile duct. The method further involves re-establishing fluid communication of the severed bile duct with the intestine by attaching a distal end of the severed bile duct to a second target site along the intestine, wherein said second target site is distal to the first target site.05-05-2011
20110100380Therapeutic footwear system, methods and devices - The invention is a therapeutic system and its components, The system is composed of items of footwear, processes, methods, and apparatus of transformation of the items into therapeutic devices, and their application as therapeutic devices through application of bodyweight, and wear.05-05-2011
20110067712METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEPLOYING A SHAPE MEMORY POLYMER - Methods and apparatus described herein may utilize activation of an SMP material to install medical devices with respect to a surgical site. Activation of the SMP material may be performed with the use of a triggering force and/or a constraint applied to the SMP material. Activation using a triggering force and/or a constraint may be used to create varied activation rates in an SMP material and may be combined with temperature or other activation stimuli to create the varied activation rates.03-24-2011
20100294287Treatment of Chronic or Recurrent Cellulitis of the Lower Limb - Recurrent or chronic cellulitis is diagnosed, and the ouflow areas are examined for stenosis or obstructive lesions, and stented as needed.11-25-2010
20090000628PRESBYOPIA CORRECTION THROUGH NEGATIVE HIGH-ORDER SPHERICAL ABERRATION - Devices, systems, and methods for treating and/or determining appropriate prescriptions for one or both eyes of a patient are particularly well-suited for addressing presbyopia, often in combination with concurrent treatments of other vision defects. High-order spherical aberration may be imposed in one or both of a patient's eyes, often as a controlled amount of negative spherical aberration extending across a pupil. A desired presbyopia-mitigating quantity of high-order spherical aberration may be defined by one or more spherical Zernike coefficients, which may be combined with Zernike coefficients generated from a wavefront aberrometer. The resulting prescription can be imposed using refractive surgical techniques such as laser eye surgery, using intraocular lenses and other implanted structures, using contact lenses, using temporary or permanent corneal reshaping techniques, and/or the like.01-01-2009
20090000626HAPTIC GUIDANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method for joint replacement is provided. A representation of a first bone is created, and a representation of a second bone is created. Bone preparation for implanting a first implant on the first bone is planned. The first bone to receive the first implant is prepared by manipulating a surgical tool to sculpt the first bone. Bone preparation for implanting a second implant on the second bone after preparing the first bone is planned. The second bone to receive the second implant is prepared by manipulating the surgical tool to sculpt the second bone.01-01-2009
20090126743Apparatus and method of a locality specific pre-hospital pediatric medical treatment - Methods and an apparatus of locality specific pre-hospital pediatric emergency medical treatment are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes preparing an emergency manual conforming to a guideline pertaining to the locality specific pre-hospital pediatric medical treatment. The method further includes determining items according to the emergency manual and furnishing a portable container with the items.05-21-2009
20090126744Natural Orifice Bariatric Procedure And Apparatus For Use Therewith - A method of performing a bariatric procedure through a natural body orifice is disclosed. The method comprises the step of providing a surgical instrument, comprising a handle portion, an elongated portion extending distally from the handle portion, and an end effector disposed adjacent a distal end of the elongated portion. The method also comprises the steps of inserting the surgical instrument through a natural body orifice of a patient such that the end effector is adjacent a portion of the patient's stomach, and using the surgical instrument to perform a surgical task.05-21-2009
20110041857FIBROBLAST DERIVED STEM CELLS - The present invention provides methods and compositions relating to the production of stem cells, derived from dedifferentiated fibroblasts, and the use of such stem cells for treatment of a variety of different disorders and conditions. The invention is based on the surprising discovery that a population of stem cells, capable of differentiating into a variety of different cell types, can be generated by culturing fibroblasts under selective culture conditions.02-24-2011
20100116279DEVICES FOR MAINTAINING PATENCY OF SURGICALLY CREATED CHANNELS IN TISSUE - Devices and methods for altering gaseous flow within a lung to improve the expiration cycle of an individual, particularly individuals having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The methods and devices create channels in lung tissue and maintain the patency of these surgically created channels in tissue. Maintaining the patency of the channels allows air to pass directly out of the lung tissue which facilitates the exchange of oxygen ultimately into the blood and/or decompresses hyper-inflated lungs. 05-13-2010
20110186058NASAL VALVE TREATMENT METHOD & APPARATUS - A method and apparatus for treating a nasal valve condition including surgically forming an access path to create a pocket on a side of the patient's nose. The pocket is positioned between a soft tissue layer and opposing surfaces of upper and lower cartilages of the nose. The pocket spans a junction between the upper and lower cartilages. An implant is placed through the access path into the pocket with a length oriented to span the junction. A delivery system for placement of the implant includes a surgical tool for forming the access path and for delivering the implant into the access path.08-04-2011
20080216846SPINAL INTERVENTION TECHNIQUES AND INSTRUMENTS FOR POST-LAMINECTOMY SYNDROME AND OTHER SPINAL DISORDERS - The invention relates to methods and instruments for relieving spinal nerve impingement disorders (SNIDs) and symptoms associated with SNIDs. The methods involve separating a spinal neural structure and a transforaminal or peliforaminal ligament.09-11-2008
20080302372METHODS FOR PRE-STRESSING AND CAPPING BIOPROSTHETIC TISSUE - A treatment for bioprosthetic tissue used in implants or for assembled bioprosthetic heart valves to reduce in vivo calcification is disclosed. The method includes preconditioning, pre-stressing, or pre-damaging fixed bioprosthetic tissue in a manner that mimics the damage associated with post-implant use, while, and/or subsequently applying a calcification mitigant such as a capping agent or a linking agent to the damaged tissue. The capping agent suppresses the formation of binding sites in the tissue that are exposed or generated by the damage process (service stress) and otherwise would, upon implant, attract calcium, phosphate, immunogenic factors, or other precursors to calcification. The linking agent will act as an elastic reinforcement or shock-absorbing spring element in the tissue structure at the site of damage from the pre-stressing. In one method, tissue leaflets in assembled bioprosthetic heart valves are preconditioned by simulating actual flow conditions for a predetermined number of cycles, during or after which the valve is exposed to the capping agent.12-11-2008
20120042882PARTICLES WITH CHARGED SURFACE DOMAINS - Methods include forming an adaptive aesthetic marking, such as a tattoo that is at least occasionally visible on a surface of skin by introducing, into a layer of skin, a plurality of particles, each comprising a core and a surface domain. The surface domain comprises a net charge and the core or surface domain, or both, includes a dye. A particle includes a core, first linkers and second linkers. Each first linker comprises a first end that binds to the core, and a second end that comprises a first functional group having a first charge. Each second linker comprises a first end that binds to the core, and a second end that comprises a second functional group having a different second charge. The first and second functional groups form an external mosaic of surface domains, each domain comprising a majority of one type of functional group.02-23-2012
20110155149Percutanous Methods for Creating Native Tissue Venous Valves - Percutaneous methods of forming a venous valve from autologous tissue are disclosed. The methods include percutaneously creating one or two subintimal dissections for forming one or two flaps of intimal tissue. In one method, a puncture element is delivered by a catheter based delivery system to a treatment site where a new venous valve is to be created. The puncture element is deployed to gain access to a subintimal layer of the vein wall. A dilation balloon is than positioned and inflated within the subintimal layer to create a flap and corresponding pocket/sinus in the vein, which than acts as a one-way monocuspid valve in the manner of a native venous valve. In a similar manner, methods of forming new bicuspid venous valves by subintimal dissections are also disclosed.06-30-2011
20120060851Method for Treating Stress Related Disorders - This invention provides a method of assessing and treating stress related disorders, such as PTSD, as physical disorders whose psychological components are the result of conditioning. The method involves both physical testing in order to identify the physical problems underlying the condition and indirect testing to identify and reverse the psychological matrix created by conditioning and the cascading effects of trauma.03-15-2012
20120006337BIOLOGICAL TISSUE TRANSFER METHOD AND BIOLOGICAL TISSUE TREATMENT METHOD - The present application relates to a biological tissue transfer method for transferring a biological target tissue within the body, the method comprising: (a) attaching part of a first traction member to a first position which is different from a connecting position at which the target tissue is connected to other biological tissue; (b) attaching part of a second traction member to a second position which serves as the apex of a triangle formed together with the connecting position and the first position that surrounds the target site; (c) extending the first traction member in the direction from the connecting position to the first position, and extending the second traction member in the direction from the connecting position to the second position; and (d) transferring the target tissue within the body by applying traction on the first traction member and the second traction member respectively.01-12-2012
20080314395Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Sensors - A method, apparatus, and a kit are capable of improving accuracy of CGS devices using dynamic outputs of continuous glucose sensors.12-25-2008
20120012121METHOD OF FOLLICULAR MUSCLE AND NERVE STIMULATION - A method of follicular muscle and nerve stimulation configured to generate a follicular stimulation effect in high contrast to epidermal stimulation. Steps include performing a plurality of successive longitudinal hair pulls, transverse cascading hair pulls, cascading nape pulls, performing a series of alternating transverse cascading lateral-to-crown pulls; crown pulls; twisted temple-to-temple pulls; and measuring a physiological characteristic of an individual receiving follicular nerve and muscle stimulation using a measuring device. Hair pulls include collecting a set of hair strands, thereby forming a hair strand assemblage, and pulling the hair strand assemblage. Pulls are directed longitudinally and/or transversely. Cascading pulls include releasing portions of the hair strand assemblage in a cascading manner as the hair is pulled.01-19-2012
20120211013Methods and Apparatus for Intermittent Stimuli - In exemplary implementations of this invention, stimuli are intermittently presented to the left or right side of a user. For example, this invention may comprise a method of presenting stimuli to a bilateral organism, which organism has a left side and a right side, wherein: (a) the stimuli are produced by at least one transducer, (b) the stimuli include an intermittent beat train, and (c) the beat train has a beat frequency that is substantially equal to 7.8×(1.618)08-23-2012
20120060852RADIATION AND MELT TREATED ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE PROSTHETIC DEVICES - A medical prosthesis for use within the body which is formed of radiation treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene having substantially no detectable free radicals, is described. Preferred prostheses exhibit reduced production of particles from the prosthesis during wear of the prosthesis, and are substantially oxidation resistant. Methods of manufacture of such devices and material used therein are also provided.03-15-2012
20120125348AUTOLOGOUS LYMPH NODE TRANSFER IN COMBINATION WITH VEGF-C OR VEGF-D GROWTH FACTOR THERAPY TO TREAT SECONDARY LYMPHEDEMA AND TO IMPROVE RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY - The present invention provides materials and methods for repairing tissue and using vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) genes and/or proteins. Methods and materials related to the use of VEGF-C for the reduction of edema and improvement of skin perfusion is provided. Also provided is are materials and methods for using VEGF-C before, during, and after reconstructive surgery.05-24-2012
20100206316METHOD FOR DETERMINING CHROMOSOMAL DEFECTS IN AN IVF EMBRYO - The present invention is directed to methods for determining the presence or absence of a genetic defect in an IVF embryo prior to transfer comprising identifying a set of informative SNPs in the genotype of the embryo's parents; assaying the genotype of two or more informative SNPs from the set of informative SNPs on one or more chromosomes collected from a cell of the embryo; determining the presence or absence of a genetic defect in the embryo based on the genotype of the two or more informative SNPs on one or more chromosomes of the embryo; and selecting a candidate IVF embryo determined to be without genetic defect for transfer.08-19-2010
20120216821Joint Stabilized Straight Plane Movement Stretching System - Generally, a joint stabilized planar motion stretching system for an animal. Specifically, a method of stretching an animal which includes joint stabilization and straight plane motion of the stretched anatomy about the stabilized joint.08-30-2012
20100051039Skin treatment device and method for exfoliation and cellulite reduction - A novel device and method for use in providing multiple cosmetic treatments is disclosed, where a sanding tool is provided with sanding surfaces for use in imparting exfoliation, depilation, and cellulite treatments on the skin of a person. Select sanding surfaces are use for each of the exfoliation, depilation and cellulite treatments with the sanding action being generated by the orbital sanding effects of a palm sander. Specifically, a 100 grit (CAMI) sanding paper is used for exfoliation, a 180 grit (AMI) sanding paper is used for depilation, and the sander pad of the sanding tool of the present invention is used directly on the skin for cellulite reduction.03-04-2010
20090065009Method and tools for the reduction of excess skin - Methods and devices for removing excess skin are described. The excess skin is gathered into a bundle, which is mechanically unloaded relative to the skin around the bundle. The bundle of excess skin is maintained for an extended period of time, such as at least three weeks, to permit the body to absorb some of the excess tissue.03-12-2009
20120073585METHODS OF PREDICTING COMPLICATION AND SURGERY IN CROHN'S DISEASE - The present invention relates to prognosing, diagnosing and treating an aggressive form of Crohn's disease characterized by rapid progression to complication and/or surgery from the time of diagnosis. In one embodiment, the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment is based upon the presence of one or more genetic risk factors.03-29-2012
20100326452METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEPLOYING A SHAPE MEMORY POLYMER - Methods and apparatus described herein may utilize activation of an SMP material to install medical devices with respect to a surgical site. Activation of the SMP material may be performed with the use of a triggering force and/or a constraint applied to the SMP material. Activation using a triggering force and/or a constraint may be used to create varied activation rates in an SMP material and may be combined with temperature or other activation stimuli to create the varied activation rates.12-30-2010
20110048433Method for forming an interventional aid with the aid of self-organizing nanorobots consisting of catoms and associated system unit - A method for forming at least a part of a preferably endovascular interventional aid with the aid of self-organizing nanorobots consisting of catoms and an associated system are provided. A form of the required interventional aid is determined from at least one 3D image data record of a target region. The determined form is converted to a readable and executable program code for the respective catoms of the nanorobots and is transferred to a storage unit. The program code is executed which prompts self-organization of the previously unstructured catoms to form the required interventional aid according to the previously determined form.03-03-2011
20090007924ARBITER SYSTEM AND METHOD OF COMPUTERIZED MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS AND ADVICE - A computerized medical diagnostic system and method is described. A computer storage stores a list of candidate disease objects, where each disease object is associated with one or more questions. A computing device is in data communication with the computer storage, and executes instructions associated with an arbiter object. The arbiter object utilizes at least one of multiple evaluation strategies that determine the selection of a next best question to ask of a patient. The disease objects can be separated into a first class that is allowed to vote for the next best question which is to be asked of the patient or into a second class that is not allowed to vote for the next best question. The arbiter object can determine when a next evaluation strategy of the multiple evaluation strategies is to be started.01-08-2009
20110265804Laparoscopic instruments and trocar systems and related surgical method - Laparoscopic instruments and trocars are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. A generally C-shaped trocar provides increased work space between the hands of the surgeon as well as S-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the trocar when laparoscopic instrument-trocar units are placed through the umbilicus. In order to facilitate retraction of intra-abdominal structures during a laparoscopic procedure, an angulated needle and thread with either one- or two sharp ends is provided. Alternatively, an inflatable unit having at least one generally C-shaped trocar incorporated within the unit's walls can be placed through the umbilicus following a single incision. Generally S-shaped laparoscopic instruments may be placed through the generally C-shaped trocars to facilitate access to intra-abdominal structures.11-03-2011
20100229879METHOD OF TREATMENT OF INSULIN RESISTANCE SYNDROME (IRS) - The present invention relates to a method of treatment of Insulin Resistance Syndrome (IRS), said method comprising the following steps: 09-16-2010
20080245375Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treatments - Disclosed herein are methods to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) using bioactive-material eluting medical devices.10-09-2008
20080223380Tissue protective system and method for thermoablative therapies - A tissue protective system and method having particular application in thermoablative surgical therapies where heat or cold is used to create a kill zone for treating cancer cells as well as malignant or benign tumors in a targeted internal tissue area (e.g., the prostate) of a patient while sparing an adjacent benign internal tissue area (e.g., a neurovascular bundle). One of a hollow sheath or a balloon that is carried by a balloon catheter is located within an access opening that is made by a needle trocar inserted between the targeted tissue area in need of treatment and the benign tissue area to be protected in order to hold the protected tissue area off the targeted tissue area and away from the lethal temperature of the kill zone. The balloon of the balloon catheter is inflated in the access opening via a balloon channel which runs longitudinally through the catheter. At least one temperature sensor is mounted on the balloon and responsive to the temperature near the benign tissue area to be protected. Heat or cold is provided to the balloon from a heating wire or a circulating fluid, depending upon the temperature that is sensed by the temperature sensor.09-18-2008
20080223379METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR THE TREATMENT OR PROPHYLAXIS OF TENDON AND LIGAMENT INJURY - The present application relates to methods for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of tendon diseases by administration of calcium dobesilate (2,5-dihydroxybenzosulfonate).09-18-2008
20110226265CREATION AND IMPLANTATION OF AN ARTIFICIAL NAIL FOR THE TREATMENT OF DEFORMED OR MISSING NAILS - The creation and implantation of an artificial nail in the treatment of deformed or missing nails includes preparing the nail bed. A polypropylene mesh is applied and anchored to the nail bed. KeryFlex is applied to the polypropylene mesh.09-22-2011
20100307516EXPRESS-REGISTERING REGIONS OF THE BODY - The present invention relates to a method for determining the region of the body in which an anatomical part of the body is situated, said method including the following steps: 12-09-2010
20130180532METHOD OF MASSAGE - A method of massaging a contracture muscle includes determining on the muscle at rest a direction on the muscle and on this direction, a preferential massage sense, and mobilizing the skin in the preferential massage sense.07-18-2013
20130192611MEDICAL DEVICE FIXATION - A fixation device configured to anchor an implantable medical device within a patient includes a temporary biodegradable fixation mechanism configured to secure the device after implantation until the temporary fixation mechanism biodegrades and a chronic fixation mechanism configured to promote tissue growth that secures the device to tissue of the patient before the temporary fixation mechanism biodegrades.08-01-2013

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