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Valve, or valve control, structure

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128 - Surgery


128204180 - Means for supplying respiratory gas under positive pressure

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20090194111Elbow for mask system - An elbow for a mask system includes a proximal end adapted to be provided to the mask system, a distal end adapted to be provided to an air delivery conduit, and a baffle provided within the proximal end. The baffle has a generally planar configuration that defines an intake port that directs incoming air from the air delivery conduit into a mask cavity and an exhaust port separated from the intake port that directs exhaust air from the mask cavity to atmosphere. The baffle includes an end portion that is adapted to extend into the mask cavity defined by the mask system.08-06-2009
20100101579Portable Medical Gas Delivery System - An apparatus and method for delivery of medical grade CO2 liquid to CO2 gas in a safe and consistent manner for delivery to a selected reservoir.04-29-2010
20090301494Pressurized Container Valve, in Particular Compressed Air Bottle Valve for a Compressed Air Respirator - The invention relates to a pressurised container valve which has a simple structure, is easy to use and is functionally reliable and which is used, in particular, in a compressed air respirator which is used as rescue breathing apparatus. Said valve comprises a supply connection (12-10-2009
20100043796SYSTEMS FOR REDUCING EXHALATION PRESSURE IN A MASK SYSTEM - An apparatus for improving patient comfort during CPAP therapy includes a venting arrangement arranged to reduce expiratory pressure. A mask system for providing CPAP therapy to a patient includes a mask; a flow generator to provide a flow of pressurised breathable gas; a tube to connect the mask to the flow generator; and a venting arrangement arranged to reduce expiratory pressure.02-25-2010
20090159084SYSTEM, METHOD AND VENTILATION INTERFACE FOR PROVIDING PRESSURIZED BREATHABLE GAS TO THE MOUTH AND NOSE SEPARATELY - In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, a ventilation system for providing gas under a first pressure to the nose of a user and second pressure to the mouth of a user is disclosed. A ventilation system can include a flow generator that can be connected to a gas supply tube. The gas supply tube can be in fluid communication with a ventilation interface. At least a portion of the gas supply tube can have a divider within the channel of the tube forming a nasal passageway and an oral passageway. A nasal breathing chamber and an oral breathing chamber can be defined in the ventilation interface. The nasal breathing chamber can be in fluid communication with the nasal passageway. The oral breathing chamber can be in fluid communication with the oral passageway.06-25-2009
20100108068HYBRID ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC CONSERVER FOR OXYGEN CONSERVING REGULATOR - A gas regulator includes a slave valve assembly for receiving and controlling the flow of gas to a desired destination. A timing chamber is positioned adjacent to the slave valve assembly. The timing chamber has an inlet for also receiving the gas. An electronically operated pilot valve assembly is in communication with the timing chamber for operating the slave valve assembly. When the pilot valve assembly is closed, gas pressure within the timing chamber acting on the slave valve assembly closes the slave valve assembly. When the pilot valve assembly is open, gas exits the timing chamber and reduces the gas pressure in the timing chamber, thereby allowing the slave valve assembly to open and deliver the gas to the desired destination.05-06-2010
20100108067RESPIRATOR FLOW CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD - A respirator has a shell that defines a breathable air zone for a user wearing the respirator. An air flow control system for the respirator has an air delivery conduit within the shell of the respirator, a valve member moveable relative to the air delivery conduit and within the shell to vary the amount of air flow through the air delivery conduit, and a valve actuator outside of the shell of the respirator. The valve actuator is manipulatable by a user of the respirator while wearing the respirator to control movement of the valve member.05-06-2010
20100024823VALVE ASSEMBLY FOR RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS - An adapter assembly including a manifold and a valve assembly. The valve assembly includes a seat and a valve body having a circular base and a wall. The wall extends from a trailing side of the base to form a dome-like shape terminating at an end at which a slit is formed, with the wall defining opposing sealing edges at the slit. The seat has an upper circumferential surface and a lower circumferential surface. The upper surface engages a leading side of the base, whereas the lower surface engages a trailing side. At least one of the upper and lower surfaces forms a segment of increased height. Upon final assembly, the valve body is disposed across a passageway of the manifold, with the slit providing a selectively openable path. A force imparted by the segment of increased height flexes the base and biases the sealing edges into engagement.02-04-2010
20100000535Apparatus for supplying breathable gas - An apparatus for supplying breathable gas includes a main housing, a sub-housing removably connected to the main housing, and a vent valve assembly provided to the sub-housing. The sub-housing has a gas flow path between a gas inlet and a gas outlet. The vent valve assembly includes a gas venting conduit in fluid communication with the gas flow path. The gas venting conduit is adapted to be selectively restricted by a cam abutting an exterior of the gas venting conduit, whereby a position of the cam is variable to vary gas passing through the gas venting conduit which varies a flow rate of gas leaving the gas outlet.01-07-2010
20090320847MOUTHPIECE SUPPLY VALVE - A mouthpiece supply valve which may be used in connection with a rebreather. An exemplary mouthpiece supply valve may include a housing, an inlet mushroom valve, an outlet mushroom valve, a supply gas regulator, an exhaust valve, and a mode selector. An exemplary mouthpiece supply valve may perform manual diluent valve, automatic diluent valve, overpressure relief valve, excess fluid ejection, and bail-out valve functions.12-31-2009
20090114226METHODS AND DEVICES FOR USE IN PERFORMING PULMONARY PROCEDURES - Systems, methods and devices for performing pulmonary procedures, and in particular treating lung disease. A flow control element includes a valve that prevents airflow in the inhalation direction but permits airflow in the exhalation direction. The flow control element is guided to and positioned at the site by a bronchoscope that is introduced into the patient's trachea and used to view the lungs during delivery of the flow control element. The valve may include one, two or more valve elements, and it may be collapsible for easier delivery. A source of vacuum or suction may be used to increase the amount of fluid withdrawn from the lung tissue. A device for measuring hollow structures, such as bronchioles, and a device for removing a previously-placed flow control element are disclosed as well.05-07-2009
20100095965Enhanced means for regulating intrathoracic pressures - The present invention relates generally to devices and methods for finite control and regulation of patient intrathoracic pressures, and more specifically, to devices and methods that are finitely adjustable within a range set by an operator for regulating a patient intrathoracic pressures during repeated cycling events (i.e. respiration). The enhanced means includes a dual area valve on an exhalation and/or inhalation port of a device such that the valve is biased against the pressure necessary to evacuate and/or inflate the lungs of that patient by at least a partial volume thereof. The enhanced means for regulating intrathoracic pressure are applicable in a number of medically important therapies, including but not limited to, conditioning of pulmonary systems for acclimation to altered environmental conditions, reconditioning of pulmonary system after operating in a diminished state, and application in cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.04-22-2010
20120192870PRESSURE RELIEF IN A RESPIRATORY ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A pressure relief device comprising a valve configured to resiliently deform in response to a predetermined pressure; and a sound dampener configured to dampen a sound generated by the valve when the valve resiliently deforms in response to said predetermined pressure.08-02-2012
20120192869Respiratory Apparatus - Provided herein is a respiratory apparatus comprising a means for conducting breathable gasses directly to the trachea of a patient, via a tracheotomy or via a tube through the mouth to the trachea, and a means suitable for supplying the breathable gasses, under pressure, thereto and means for exhausting gases therefrom, characterised in that the pressuring means is so located as to impart pressure to said gasses immediately adjacent the site of the tracheotomy or the patient's mouth, thereby substantially reducing the length of the air supply hose to an endotracheal tube, so that problems associated with high pressures and large volumes of dead space can be alleviated.08-02-2012
20120192868GAS ASSISTED RE-BREATHING DEVICE - A gas assisted re-breathing device is disclosed for life support of individuals venturing into harsh environments, particularly the underwater environment, which results in reduced work of breathing. Similar to prior art re-breathers, hoses connect a mouthpiece to direct the flow of breathing gas in a loop like fashion, passing in and out of a flexible gas storage container and a CO2 scrubbing device prior to re-breathing. Disclosed is a pressurized gas assisted re-breathing device, driven by pressurized gas, actuated by the breathing pressure local to the mouthpiece, that acts to move the flexible gas storage container on behalf of the individual and a loop seal valve that is forcibly shut during assisted breathing, which seals the assisted breathing loop to prevent premature venting of breathing gas to the surrounding environment, unless the assisted breathing loop is full, whereupon the loop seal valve opens to allow excess breathing gas to escape into the surrounding environment through forcible exhalation by the individual through one or more conventional one way valves that prevent backflow from the surrounding environment back into the loop. This device significantly reduces work of breathing without unwanted breathing gas loss and further facilitates additional safety features that would otherwise not be practical due to the resultant increase in work of breathing.08-02-2012
20130068229MOUTHPIECE FOR CONTROLLED DELIVERY OF A BREATHING GAS - The present invention relates to a mouthpiece for controlled delivery of a breathing gas including oxygen, preferably an increased ratio of oxygen with respect to ambient air, to the respiratory tracts of a user comprising a valve having two modes; a closed default mode, which substantially impedes any flow of the breathing gas through the valve; and an active open mode, which allows for a substantial flow of the breathing gas through the valve, wherein the open mode can be activated by the user manipulating the valve with his/her mouth. The invention also relates to the use of such a valve in a device for delivery of breathing gas and further to an apparatus for controlled delivery of the breathing gas to the respiratory tracts of a user. Finally, the invention also relates to a method for controlled delivery of the breathing gas to the respiratory tracts of a user.03-21-2013
20130112205One-Way Valve - A one-way valve for use in the inhalation and/or exhalation flowpath of respiratory protection equipment comprises a housing 05-09-2013
20100043797COMBINED REBREATHER BAIL OUT VALVE AND LOOP VOLUME VALVE - A device that combines the function of a rebreather bail out valve and loop volume valve (also known as an Automatic Diluent Valve), using a single pressure or flow regulator, with preferred embodiments providing a bipolar or tripolar action. The device can provide an automatic loop shut off capability.02-25-2010
20090007917Valve for a Breathing Apparatus - A respiratory valve, comprising a valve housing with a chamber, inlet (01-08-2009
20120234325Air Control Valve - An air control valve includes a body which includes a passage with an inlet and an outlet, and a chamber located between and communicated with the inlet and the outlet. The air control valve further includes a valve element rotatably disposed in the chamber, and a motor connected to the valve element for driving the valve element to rotate between a first position where the outlet communicates with the inlet and a second position where the valve element disconnects the outlet from the inlet.09-20-2012
20080295842Method and Apparatus for Simplified Precise Mechanical Gas Mixing and Delivery for Animal Research - An apparatus for supplying a precise oxygen-nitrogen gas mixture to an animal comprises (i) A source of pressurized oxygen gas, (ii) A source of pressurized nitrogen gas, (iii) A mechanical two-gas blending valve having a first and second gas inlet couplings, and an outlet coupling, the gas blending valve having a manual selector that can incrementally adjust the oxygen-nitrogen gas mixture within a range of mixtures, and a face plate on the blending valve including markings adjacent to the manual selector that are indicative of specific oxygen-nitrogen mixtures, wherein the gas inlets are coupled to the sources of oxygen and nitrogen, respectively, (iv) A gas dispenser coupled to the outlet of the mechanical two gas blending valve; and (v) An animal interface coupling to deliver the gas mixture to the subject animal. The apparatus may be provided for mixtures of air and any gas of interest.12-04-2008
20100089400VALVE APPARATUS FOR MOVABLE OXYGEN CYLINDER - Provided is a valve apparatus for a movable oxygen cylinder which has a function of a post valve for an oxygen generation system for household use and that of a post valve for general medical care, selectively. The valve apparatus includes: a valve body whose one side is combined with the movable oxygen cylinder, and which communicates with a discharge port at the other side thereof along a path from one side thereof lengthily therein, to thus discharge out the oxygen of the oxygen cylinder through the discharge port, and which includes an opening which opened outwards from an insertion space provided along the path; a post valve which is installed at the other side of the valve body and controls discharge of oxygen through the discharge port from the oxygen cylinder according to operation of a lever; and a charge adapter whose one side is detachably installed in the opening of the insertion space, and which charges oxygen supplied from the outside into the oxygen cylinder when the post valve closes the path, and discharges oxygen of the oxygen cylinder through the discharge port when the post valve opens the path.04-15-2010
20090211580REGULATOR FOR BREATHING EQUIPMENTS, IN PARTICULAR UNDERWATER BREATHING EQUIPMENTS - Box body for the second stage of regulators for breathing equipment for underwater use comprising a material containing random carbon fibres in an epoxy or vinyl ester resin matrix, the said material being placed in a mould heated to temperatures of the order 120-150° C. and subjected to a pressure of the order of 150-200 bar for single mould moulding and up to 300 bar for two-mould moulding for a few minutes until it is completely hardened.08-27-2009
20110284005VALVE AND METHOD FOR FLOW CONTROL - The disclosure relates to a device for controlling a gas flow, e.g., from a breathing system connected to a patient at exhalation. The flow control is conducted by means of a flexible conduit with flexible circular segments being compressed along the length of the conduit, whereupon the flexible elements are collapsed towards a circular wall. The device comprises autoclavable parts and/or disposable parts, which can be separated from the breathing system without exposing staff handling the system to contaminated surfaces in the breathing system when changing patients.11-24-2011
20100170515BREATHING APPARATUS STRUCTURE WITH TWO-STAGE REDUCED-PRESSURE SPARE AIR BOTTLE HEAD - A breathing apparatus structure with a two-stage reduced-pressure spare air bottle head is provided, which includes an air bottle head mounted at an outlet end of a spare air bottle and an inhalation mouthpiece, so as to provide an air at a suitable pressure to a diver or drowning person for emergency use. The air bottle head is sequentially provided with an air bottle head switch, a high pressure reducing valve, and a low-pressure valve connected in series on an air passage thereof. Thus, an air leakage of a high-pressure air in the air bottle can be avoided when the high-pressure air is not used, and the service life of elastic elements of the low-pressure valve can also be prolonge07-08-2010
20100101578ONE-WAY AIR FLOW VALVE USING ROTARY SPRING - A one-way air flow valve includes one-way inspiration and expiration valve assemblies which have a same structure, are connected to each other in parallel, and are arranged opposite to each other, so that valve plates provided in the one-way inspiration and expiration valve assemblies, respectively, are open in directions opposite to each other, and a connection part including a mouthpiece provided at one side of the inspiration and expiration valve assemblies to allow an examinee to inhale or exhale air. One end of the inspiration valve assembly is connected with a gas tank, one end of the expiration valve assembly is connected with a gas density analyzer, and the inspiration and expiration valve assemblies include a valve and suction and discharging tubes coupled with one side and an opposite side of the valve, respectively.04-29-2010
20110168181DEVICE FOR PRESSURE EQUALIZATION ON A MEDICAL GAS DELIVERY MEANS - A device for passive pressure relief and for reducing the volume flow for an electromechanically driven medical gas delivery means (07-14-2011
20090288662Apparatus and instruments for handling gas and incorporating a safety valve unit - Apparatus for use in delivery of gas capable of combustion that incorporates a safety valve unit. The safety valve unit closes the flow path of the gas from the source upon occurrence of a fire. The safety valve unit has a valve body, a valve head resiliently biased towards a valve-closure position and a fusible retainer that holds the valve member in a valve open position. The valve body defines a fluid flow passage between an outlet and the valve head. Within the fluid flow passage there is an elongate link member which extends from the valve head to the foot. The foot engages the fusible retainer.11-26-2009
20090288663OXYGEN ADMINISTRATION APPARATUS - An oxygen administration apparatus comprises a source of oxygen, an oxygen administration device, a flexible oxygen-conducting tubing connectable at one end to the source of oxygen and an other end to the oxygen administration device. The connections are made through first and second firebreaks. The firebreaks and are valves that both contain a fusible stop. In the event of a fire in the vicinity of either firebreak, the resultant heat causes its stop to fuse. Thus, the supply of oxygen to the fire is stopped. The firebreaks both have connecting ends of different configuration. The first firebreak is also of different configuration from the second firebreak.11-26-2009
20080245367ELECTRODYNAMIC DRIVE FOR A DISPENSING VALVE - An electrodynamic drive of a compact design is provided, particularly for a respiration system dispensing valve. The electrodynamic drive has a velocity measuring system that is uncoupled from the electrodynamic drive. The velocity measuring system is provided directly above a moving coil system, wherein the velocity measuring system has a short-circuit sleeve (10-09-2008
20080245368HIGH FREQUENCY OSCILLATION RESPIRATORY THERAPY - A respiratory therapy device including a housing, a flow diverter structure, a high frequency pressure port (HF port), and an entrainment port. The housing defines a primary passageway having a patient interface side. The flow diverter structure is in fluid communication with the primary passageway and is characterized by the absence of a venturi tube. The HF port is configured for fluid connection to a source of oscillatory gas flow, and is fluidly associated with the flow diverter structure. The entrainment port is openable to ambient air, and is fluidly associated with the flow diverter structure. With this construction, the device is configured such that flow characteristics of gas flow from an external source are altered upon interacting with the flow diverter structure to create a pressure drop for drawing in ambient air through the entrainment port in delivering a percussive pressure therapy to the patient side.10-09-2008
20110197892Enhanced manually actuated pressure controlled modulator technology - A dual area pressure pulmonary modulator apparatus which provides constant flow, pressure cycled ventilatory support to patients that is additionally equipped with fluid conduits in the valve mechanism and body that allow the clinician or user to manually actuate inhalation by occluding a fluid path emanating from the modulator. Such feature is useful for when the device stops cycling due to physiological changes of the patient, for determining if the patient is cycling the device or if the device is automatically cycling by nature of its setting, coordinating medical procedures with the breathing of the patient, increasing the PEEP beyond the intrinsic design PEEP of the device for a given PIP setting, increasing inspiratory hold time, and providing an easy to use alternative mode of operation for users with less sophistication.08-18-2011
20080236587First Stage Pressure Reducing Valve Having A Tubular Plug, Particularly For Regulators Of Scuba Breathing Apparatus - Embodiments of the invention relate to a first stage pressure reducing valve having a tubular plug, particularly for regulators of scuba breathing apparatus. According to embodiments of the invention, at least a portion of the outer surface of the valve has fins for heat exchange with the outside environment, designed to prevent or reduce the formation of ice caused by the temperature drop generated by gas expansion inside the valve.10-02-2008
20110203590DIRECTIONAL VALVE FOR A RESPIRATOR PRODUCT - A directional valve for a respirator product shall be improved with regard to a low flow resistance. To accomplish the object, two diaphragm-like valve disks (08-25-2011
20080216837QUICK CONNECT PRESSURE REDUCER/CYLINDER VALVE FOR SELF CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS - A quick pressure reducer and cylinder valve for use with an SCBA includes a cylinder valve that connects to a pressure vessel, a pressure reduction assembly for reducing the pressure of breathing air provided by the pressure vessel, a probe, and an inlet/latch assembly. The probe includes a notch and a threadless probe tip, and the inlet/latch includes a corresponding receptacle and one or more latches adapted to fit into the notch to retain the probe in the receptacle. A pushbutton switch in the receptacle is triggered by insertion of the probe tip therein, thereby providing an electrical signal. Probes of different lengths may be used to correspond to different pressure capacities, and the inlet/latch assembly may be arranged either to permit the insertion of only probe size or may be arranged to accept both sizes but to function differently based on the size of the probe. The latches are inoperable except at or below a nominal pressure.09-11-2008
20090188505RESPIRATORY MASK ASSEMBLY - A flow regulation vent for venting washout gas to atmosphere and for regulating flow from a pressurized gas supply includes a fixed portion adapted to engage a gas supply conduit; a spring force biased movable portion structured for flowing communication with the pressurized gas supply; and a hinge pivotally connecting the movable portion to the fixed portion. The fixed portion has a gas flow orifice and the movable portion is pivotally movable between 1) a relaxed position, wherein below a specified operating pressure, the movable portion is pivoted by the spring force to a position away from the fixed portion to establish a first gas washout flow area between the movable portion and the gas flow orifice, and 2) a fully pressurized position. At or above the specified operating pressure, the pressurized gas offsets the spring force to pivot the movable portion to a position adjacent the fixed portion to cover at least a portion of the gas flow orifice and establish a second gas washout flow area between the movable portion and the gas flow orifice. The second gas washout flow area is less than the first gas washout flow area.07-30-2009
20100139660Pump and exhalation valve control for respirator apparatus - Double acting respirator pump apparatus including a pump member reciprocable with respect to two pump chambers to deliver air to a patient via a respirator exhalation system, which also facilitates exhalation of the patient. The exhalation system has a pump unit that is operatively connected to an exhalation valve member and configured for selectively generating an air pressure sufficient for pressurizing one side of the valve member for closing the same when said exhalation system is operating in inhalation mode, and may be operated for opening to allow the patient to exhale therethrough.06-10-2010
20100000536OXYGEN BREATHING MASK - Oxygen breathing masks, as well as methods of providing oxygen to persons, are detailed. The devices may include mechanisms for supplying either oxygen or ambient air to a person depending on inspiration pressure applied by the person to a first volume to which the person's mouth and/or nose is connected.01-07-2010
20090050156Mask vent - A vent arrangement is provided to a mask or associated conduit to discharge exhaled gas from the mask to atmosphere. The vent arrangement is structured to diffuse the exhaust vent flow to produce less air jetting, thereby increasing the comfort of the patient and their bed partner. For example, the vent arrangement may include one or more grill components and/or media constructed and arranged to diffuse vent flow.02-26-2009
20090114225DEVICE FOR RELEASING BREATHING GAS - A device for releasing breathing gas establishes constant flow conditions for the breathing gas being discharged. An annular connection element (05-07-2009
20110226251Respirator Mask for a Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus - The invention relates to a respiratory protection mask for a compressed air breathing apparatus comprising a pulmonary machine which is controlled by a control membrane when the wearer of the mask breathes in. According to the invention, the air outlet of the expiratory valve and the control membrane are covered by a common cover, forming a rinsing area on the outside of the control membrane through which homogeneously temperate, clean rinsing air flows from the air outlet to the air discharge openings in the cover, thereby ensuring high functionality and high service life of the membrane-controlled pulmonary machine despite extreme environmental conditions.09-22-2011
20090250062PRESSURE ACTIVATED DEVICE AND BREATHING SYSTEM - A pressure activated device for controlling the supply of a gas and a breathing system for underwater use incorporating the device are provided. The device comprises an input port (10-08-2009
20090241960DUAL HIGH AND LOW PRESSURE BREATHING SYSTEM - A breathing system allows a single valve and corresponding control system to utilize either high or low pressure gas input and control the delivery of gas to a patient in a manner independent of the gas pressure level. Some such systems include a blower that provides gas with low pressure, a high pressure inlet port, a force balance valve or similar that will regulate the high pressure to work in the low pressure system, and a proportional valve assembly with a unitary control system that will allow for efficient ventilation operations regardless of gas source. Some such systems are capable of seamless transition from low to high pressure and from high to low pressure gas sources, as well as independent operation while either source serves as an input.10-01-2009
20100186746Demand Valve Device For Use By Diverse And Selectively Connectable Fluidic Connector - Device comprising a demand valve (07-29-2010
20100212669GAS CONSERVING REGULATOR - A gas regulator includes a delivery valve assembly having a delivery outlet and a delivery valve member engageable with the delivery outlet for controlling flow of a gas from a gas source. A timing gas chamber receives gas from the gas source. Gas pressure within the timing gas chamber controls the operation of the delivery valve member. An adjustment system controls the amount of time required for the gas to fill the timing gas chamber so as to control the length of time that the delivery valve assembly is opened to conserve gas. In other embodiments, a capacity adjustment system can adjust the capacity of a gas reservoir system.08-26-2010
20100224194Respirator Flow Control Apparatus and Method - An air flow control system for a respirator (09-09-2010
20100206310Pressure Controller for Artificial Respirator and Artificial Respirator Using the Same - A pressure controller for an artificial respirator according to this invention includes a control valve facing a gas passage between an inspiratory gas inlet and an inspiratory gas outlet, and an elastic biasing means for elastically biasing the control valve against a valve seat. When an adjustment manipulating member moves backward, even the pivotal motion of the adjustment manipulating member does not operate an adjustment operating member. When the adjustment manipulating member is pulled out, the pivotal motion of the adjustment manipulating member operates the adjustment operating member, thereby adjusting the elastic biasing force of the elastic biasing means. This invention provides a pressure controller for an artificial respirator capable of reliably preventing unnecessary operating of the adjustment operating member although the pivoting operation of the adjustment manipulating member is simple as a whole, and there is no possibility that the adjustment manipulating member and the like are broken.08-19-2010
20100252046EXPIRATORY VALVE OF AN ANESTHETIC BREATHING APPARATUS HAVING SAFETY BACKUP - A ventilatory valve controls a pressure level in a patient breathing circuit of an anesthetic breathing apparatus. The ventilatory valve has a valve unit having a controllable restriction to control the pressure level in an expiratory branch of the breathing circuit of the anesthetic breathing apparatus, an electrical operating unit for the valve unit, configured to electrically control the restriction during electrical operation of the anesthetic breathing apparatus, and a non-electrical operating unit (10-07-2010
20130133657METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ADJUSTING RESPIRATORY MASK SEALING FORCE - A mask assembly includes a mask with an inflatable bladder. The internal pressure of the inflatable bladder can be set to be higher than the delivered therapeutic pressure. The pressure offset may be constant, or it may vary over the range of therapeutic pressures. Thus, the force necessary to maintain a contact seal between the mask and the patient can be reduced, thereby providing a system that is more comfortable to the patient, which increases patient compliance.05-30-2013
20100313889Second-Stage Valve for Breathing-Gas Regulator for Air Aqualung for Underwater Activity - Second-stage valve for a breathing-gas regulator for an air aqualung for underwater activity, of the type comprising a chamber which houses the stem of an open/close element that is pushed permanently in a direction of closure against the seat of the breathing-air release valve by a spring, the free end of this stem being connected to a lever that works in conjunction with a constant-pressure diaphragm and that opens said valve in opposition to the action of said spring, said valve being characterized in that said chamber comprises a thin metal inner liner coated with a coating of plastic or composite material.12-16-2010
20090032022Pressure Reducing Valve With Flexible Cuff - A pressure reducing valve for use in a system adapted to deliver a breathing gas to a patient. The pressure reducing valve is structured to communicate a flow of breathing gas to such a patient's airway during an inspiratory phase. The pressure reducing valve is structured to discharge the flow of breathing gas and a flow of exhaled gas to atmosphere during the expiratory phase. The flow of breathing gas and flow of exhaled gas are discharged to atmosphere through a number of exhaust ports. Because the flow of breathing gas and flow of exhalation gas are discharged through the exhaust ports, less effort is required by a patient during the expiratory phase.02-05-2009
20110073112BROAD-BAND, LOW FREQUENCY, HIGH-AMPLITUDE, LONG TIME DURATION, OSCILLATING AIRWAY PRESSURE BREATHING APPARATUS AND METHOD UTILIZING BUBBLES - It has been discovered that high amplitude, low frequency, broadband spectrum pressure oscillations of sufficient time duration can help stabilize lung volumes and improve gas exchange in a patient receiving ventilation assistance by helping to recruit and stabilize alveoli. A novel device is presented which can produce pressure oscillations having high amplitudes, a low broad-band frequency spectrum and long time duration. Additionally, the device can maintain a patient's mean airway pressure at one or more controlled levels. The device can control the oscillatory amplitude, frequency range and composition, time duration, and mean airway pressure levels by adjusting certain device parameters, such as the angle and depth of the device in a fluid. A device and mechanical system for remotely adjusting and measuring the angle of the device in a fluid are also disclosed. Furthermore, a device and system are disclosed that can deliver pressure oscillations having high amplitudes, a low broad-band frequency spectrum, long time duration, and multiple mean airway inspiratory and expiratory pressure levels. The device and system also provide means for controlling respiration timing in a patient, including: breaths per minute, inspiratory time, and the ratio of inspiratory to expiratory time.03-31-2011
20110073111MOUTH PIECE FOR A BREATHING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a mouth piece for a breathing apparatus, a breathing apparatus and a method for adjusting a valve trigger mechanism arranged on a mouth piece for a breathing apparatus. The mouth piece according to the present invention comprises a housing comprising a mouth piece breathing part opening for inhaling and exhaling a breathable gas. An inlet port for providing breathable gas into said mouth piece housing, the inlet port being in communication with valve means arranged to open or close said inlet port. The housing further comprises a first exit port for exhausting gas from said housing into a closed circuit flow channel and a second exit port for exhausting gas from said mouth piece housing into an ambient environment. Switch means for selectively directing said exhaust gas between said first exit port and said second exit port to change the mouth piece between open circuit breathing and closed circuit breathing. The switch means is arranged to adjust the valve means so as to provide an automatic diluent valve function in closed circuit mode and an open circuit regulator in open circuit mode. The mouth piece according to the present invention is compact, light weight and provides for a mouth piece which is very simple to handle.03-31-2011
20110061655BREATHING MASK AND REGULATOR FOR AIRCRAFT - The auxiliary breathing flow channel apparatus for an oxygen mask for pilots and crew of an airplane includes a flow control device with closed and open positions to regulate flow through an auxiliary channel. A pressure sensor such as an aneroid capsule automatically closes the auxiliary channel upon a decrease in cabin pressure. A handle also allows a user to manually move the flow regulating means to a closed position.03-17-2011
20110048422Variable Exhale Scuba Mouthpiece - A mouthpiece for use in underwater Scuba application, exhibiting a variable-position exhaust flow valve, controllable by the user. The user alters the size of the valve opening during exhale, in order to more easily maintain and control the air pressure within the respiratory system. This increased control reduces the need for compensation by the respiratory muscles (ie. diaphragm, intercostals), thus reducing diver fatigue and increasing diver endurance.03-03-2011
20100300446SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROTECTING COMPONENTS OF A BREATHING ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A breathing assistance system includes a gas delivery system that generates a gas flow, a fluid source (e.g., a humidifier system or supplemental gas supply) located downstream from the gas delivery system that humidifies the gas flow generated by the gas delivery system, a gas flow conduit system for communicating the gas flow from the gas delivery system, and a flow regulation device. The flow regulation device is physically moveable between (a) an operational position that allows the gas flow generated by the gas delivery system to flow downstream past the flow regulation device via the gas flow conduit system, and (b) a protection position that prevents gasses and liquids flowing upstream through the gas flow conduit system from reaching the gas delivery system, and instead directs such gasses and liquids through an exhaust opening in the gas flow conduit system. The flow regulation device automatically moves between the operational position and the protection position based at least on a gas pressure upstream of the flow regulation device.12-02-2010
20090126738Middle Ear Pressure Equalizing Device With Improved Pressure Control - An apparatus for equalizing pressure in a middle ear includes a hand-held air source for providing a continuous flow of air at a predetermined rate and a tapered sealing nostril plug adapted to be sealed against a nostril. The tapered nostril plug has a channel there through for delivering the continuous flow of air. The channel of the tapered plug is adapted to be placed in communication with the air source through an adjustable valve assembly for selecting a pressure limit for the air in the channel of the nostril plug.05-21-2009
20110041853CIRCUIT FOR SUPPLYING A RESPIRATORY GAS TO AN AIRCRAFT PASSENGER FROM A PRESSURIZED SOURCE COMPRISING A PRESSURE REGULATING UNIT - The present invention relates to a circuit for supplying a respiratory gas to an aircraft passenger comprising a pressurized source of the respiratory gas, a respiratory mask for the aircraft passenger, and a supply line coupled between the pressurized source and the respiratory mask for supplying the respiratory gas from the pressurized source to the respiratory mask. In order to reduce the weight of the circuit, the pressurized source comprises a pressure regulating unit coupling the pressurized source to the supply line, wherein the pressure regulating unit comprises a valve body being movable from a sealing position to a regulating position range and a motor unit for regulating the pressure of the respiratory gas supplied to the supply line by moving the valve body within the regulating position range, wherein, when the valve body is in the sealing position, the pressurized source is sealed, and, when the valve body is in the regulating position range, the pressurized source is adapted for supplying the respiratory gas to the supply line.02-24-2011
20110100367METHOD OF SUPPLYING A BREATHING GAS TO AN AIRCREW IN AN AIRCRAFT - A method of operating an aircraft which includes a cabin for the aircrew which is pressurised in normal flight, and a deployment door which is opened in high altitude flight when the cabin will be depressurised, to enable a passenger and/or a load to be deployed from the depressurised cabin of the aircraft to the ground, the aircraft including an installed breathing gas system for providing a limited capacity supply of breathing gas to the aircrew in the cabin in the event of an emergency cabin de-compression, the installed breathing gas system including a source of breathing gas being substantially pure oxygen, and a line from the source to a face mask for delivering the breathing gas to an aircrew member, the method including prior to take-off on a mission according to a mission plan, determining whether the mission plan includes depressurising the cabin and opening the deployment door at high altitude, and where the cabin is planned to be depressurised at high altitude, prior to take-off on the mission, loading onto the aircraft an auxiliary breathing gas supply system for supplying breathing gas to the aircrew both during a preparation period prior to the planned cabin depressurisation when the cabin is pressurised, to prepare the aircrew for the planned cabin depressurisation, and during the planned cabin depressurisation.05-05-2011
20100180899AIR FLOW REGULATING DEVICE - One embodiment of an air flow regulating device may include a first chamber, a first one-way valve, a second chamber, and a second one-way valve. The first chamber may include an intermediate member having a tapered opening, a first hollow adaptor may be coupled to a ventilation tube for receiving air, and a second hollow adaptor may be coupled to an endotracheal tube for delivering the air to a patient. The first one-way valve may be carried within an end portion of the intermediate member. The second chamber may enclose the first chamber for configuring a hollow space therebetween. The second one-way valve may be configured between the first chamber and the second chamber for regulating a flow of the air through the tapered opening toward the hollow space, and to vibrate the air upon emerging from tapered opening.07-22-2010
20110048423Valve system for use with a flexible gas supply tube extending to a patient - Low pressure oxygen or other breathable gas is supplied from a tank or other source to a patient or other person through a flexible plastic tube, and a safety valve system is connected between the source and the tube. The valve system includes a valve member having a tubular outlet portion and supported for axial movement within a valve body having an inlet connected to the gas source. Fluid passages are formed within the valve member and valve body, and the valve member shifts axially to an open position in response to connecting the flexible tube to the tubular outlet portion of the valve member. The valve member shifts to a closed position in response to removing the tube from the tubular outlet portion, and the supply gas holds the valve member in the closed position.03-03-2011
20100282262METHOD AND DEVICE FOR RESUSCITATING A PERSON IN CARDIAC ARREST CONDITION - The invention relates to the use of a device that comprises a tubular member (11-11-2010
20100024824PASSIVE GAS REGULATING VALVE FOR A RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - The invention relates to a gas regulating valve (02-04-2010
20080264420Rotary Valve - A rotary plug valve, especially suitable for providing small pulses of air in which the axis of rotation of the plug is outside the flow path or bore of the valve. The valve opens and closes once in every rotation allowing faster speed motors to be used for the same frequency of air pulses.10-30-2008
20120145156PHONATION ASSISTANCE DEVICE FOR A TRACHEOTOMY PATIENT - The invention relates to a phonation assistance device for a tracheotomy patient, including: an exhalation circuit connected to a tracheotomy cannula inserted in the trachea of the patient, the exhalation circuit including an outlet opening for the passage of the air exhaled by the patient; and a valve for opening/closing the outlet opening for normally assuming, when the patient inhales, a position for closing the outlet opening and, when the patient exhales, a position for closing the outlet opening. It also includes means for the positive priority control of the valve for selectively moving the valve into the closed position when the patient exhales.06-14-2012
20110315143MASK SYSTEM - A nasal mask system includes an interface (12-29-2011
20090165802SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN SYSTEM FOR AIRCRAFT AND METHOD THEREFOR - A system for supplying oxygen to a flight deck and cabin area of an aircraft has an oxygen supply. A T-fitting is coupled to the oxygen supply. A first regulator is coupled to a first outlet of the T-fitting to control a flow of oxygen out of the first outlet. A second regulator is coupled to a second outlet of the T-fitting to control a flow of oxygen out of the second outlet. At least one flight crew breathing mask is coupled to the first regulator. At least one cabin area breathing mask is coupled to the second regulator.07-02-2009
20110155136Gas Inspiratory and Expiratory Device and Respiratory Mask Having the Same - A gas inspiratory and expiratory device for a respiratory mask includes a tubular housing having top and bottom ends, an air chamber formed between the bottom and top ends, a vent hole for fluid communication of the air chamber with ambient atmosphere, and a passage hole for fluid communication of the air chamber with a CO06-30-2011
20110155135ISOLATION VALVE FOR A CLOSED SUCTION DEVICE - An isolation valve for a closed suction device has a body and a valve. The body has a communicating channel, a patient end connector, a breathing circuit connector and a suction tube connector. The communicating channel has a chamber and an opening. The patient end connector, the breathing circuit connector and the suction tube connector are radially formed on and protrude from the external surface of the communicating channel and communicate with the chamber of the communicating channel. The valve is rotatably connected to the body and has an isolation pipe and a control button. The isolation pipe is rotatably mounted in the chamber of the communicating channel via the opening and has a communicating hole, an inlet hole and a sucking hole. The control button is formed on the isolation pipe above the top of the communicating channel06-30-2011
20080257352Respirator Exhalation Unit - A respirator exhalation unit (10-23-2008
20120118292Artificial Respirator and Operation Method Thereof - To provide a compact and low-power-consumption artificial respirator and an operation method therefore including a controller which alternately switches between a first state for feeding inspiratory air stored in the reservoir tank to a patient and a second state for releasing expired air of the patient. A pressurizing pump has a discharge function for reversing a reduction of pressure within the reservoir tank, which is caused due to the inspiration, within an expiration period of time.05-17-2012
20120152254OXYGEN DIVERTER VALVE - A vent assembly for use with a respiratory mask of the type used in CPAP treatment includes a porous disk portion that is attached to a biasing member such that the disk portion is maintained in a substantially sealed position against a main vent to minimize airflow through at least one side vent of the vent assembly. Debris build-up on the disk portion can cause the biasing member to deflect to provide an additional path for airflow through the at least one side vent. In another embodiment, the vent assembly can also include an anti-asphyxia feature to provide an airflow path from the environment to the user. An oxygen diverter valve may be disposed between the breathing apparatus flow generator and an oxygen injection port.06-21-2012
20120103338Breathing Device - The present invention discloses a breathing device comprising: a main body comprising at least one exhausting port, at least one one-way valve plate, an inlet port, and a stand-connecting part; a air pipe being connected with the inlet port and comprising a check valve disposed on the inner part of the air pipe, wherein the check valve can prevent the air in the air pipe from flowing out of the main body through the air pipe; a plastic stand, wherein one end of the plastic stand is connected with the stand-connecting part of the main body; and a supporting part comprising a first surface and a second surface, wherein the first surface is connected with another end of the plastic stand, and the second surface being provided with at least one cushion element for increasing the comfortability when use.05-03-2012
20110088697MECHANICAL VENTILATION SYSTEM UTILIZING BIAS VALVE - A portable mechanical ventilator having a Roots blower is configured to provide a desired gas flow and pressure to a patient circuit. The mechanical ventilator includes a flow meter operative to measure gas flow produced by the Roots blower and an exhalation control module configured to operate an exhalation valve connected to the patient circuit. A bias valve connected between the Roots blower and the patient circuit is specifically configured to generate a bias pressure relative to the patient circuit pressure at the exhalation control module. The bias valve is further configured to attenuate pulsating gas flow produced by the Roots blower such that gas flowing to the mass flow meter exhibits a substantially constant pressure characteristic. The bias pressure facilitates closing of the exhalation valve at the start of inspiration, regulates positive end expiratory pressure during exhalation, and purges sense lines via a pressure transducer module.04-21-2011
20110088696Disposable breathing assistance device with manometer - A disposable breathing assistance device with manometer for monitoring the pressure within the device. The device is capable of providing CPAP and may include deflection means to prevent injected jets of supplementary respirable gas from directly striking the patient's mucosa. The invention further optionally comprises a safety pressure relief valve as an additional safety against overpressure within the device. A specialized supplementary respirable gas inlet which provides improved pressure characteristics is also disclosed.04-21-2011
20100206309GAS FLOW REGULATING DEVICE - A gas flow regulating device including a housing assembly, an inlet tube assembly, and a biasing device. The housing assembly has a main housing, a valve seat body, and a distal plate forming an outlet orifice. The inlet tube assembly includes a proximal inlet end, a tube forming a lumen, and a flange, and is slidably disposed within the main housing, biased to an open state by the biasing device. The flange separates middle and constant pressure chambers within the housing assembly. The inlet tube assembly is transitionable to a closed state in response to pressure in the constant pressure chamber to generate a relatively constant flow rate of air exiting the device via the outlet orifice.08-19-2010
20120073575Overmolded Manifold O-Ring - A respiratory access assembly includes a distal plate having one port and cuff and an axially aligned proximal plate including a first port and first cuff and a second port and second cuff. The distal plate is configured to move relative to the proximal plate. The respiratory access assembly includes an actuator, which has a plurality of predetermined positions. The actuator includes a blocking portion that controls the movement of the plates. The blocking portion moves slidably within an O-ring that prevents loss of pressure from the artificial airway system. The O-ring may be molded in place using an injection molding process, thus ensuring good adhesion to the disk.03-29-2012
20120227742SYSTEM, METHOD AND RESPIRATION APPLIANCE FOR SUPPORTING THE AIRWAY OF A SUBJECT - A respiration appliance, system, and method for supporting the airway of a subject as the subject breaths. The flow of gas from the lungs of the subject during exhalation is leveraged to provide support to the airway. In particular, a body that encloses one or more external orifices of the subject provides a resistance differential between inhaled gas flows and exhaled gas flows that supports the subject's airway.09-13-2012
20120325216BREATHING ASSEMBLY FOR AIRCRAFT - A breathing assembly (12-27-2012
20100229865Device For Respiratory Assistance - According to the invention, the device for respiratory assistance (09-16-2010
20130019870VENTILATION INTERFACE FOR SLEEP APNEA THERAPY - The ventilation interface for sleep apnea therapy interfaces a ventilation device to the patient's airways. The ventilation interface includes a pair of nasal inserts made from flexible, resilient silicone which are oval shaped in cross-section and slightly tapered from a base proximal the ventilation supply to the distal tip end. A bead flange is disposed about the exterior of each insert at the distal end of the insert. A bleed port for release of exhaled air is defined through a conical vent projecting normally to the path of the incoming air flow, and continues through a nipple extending to the exterior of the air conduit. In one embodiment, a pair of nasal inserts are integral with a nasal cannula body, with bleed ports axially aligned with each insert. In another embodiment, each insert is independently connected to a separate, thin-walled, flexible supply line.01-24-2013
20120240936Mouthpiece Supply Valve Control System - A mouth piece supply valve control system which may be used in connection with mouth piece supply valve with a rebreather. An exemplary mouth piece supply valve control system may include a sensor operative to produce a sensor signal upon sensing a condition, a computer connected to the sensor that may produce a computer signal associated with sensor signal, a logic device operatively connected to the computer for receiving the computer signal, and an automatic actuator operatively connected to the logic device. The automatic actuator may be operatively coupled to a mouth piece supply valve that may be selectable between a first mode and a second mode and the automatic actuator may shift the mouth piece supply valve from the second mode to the first mode upon receipt of a logic device signal from the logic device.09-27-2012
20080251080Second stage regulator - An improved second stage regulator has a conservation chamber for conserving air exhaled by a diver from anatomic dead space. The conservation chamber is divided into two parts by a flexible diaphragm, which allows the conservation chamber to fill upon a diver's exhalation and recycles this air upon the diver's inhalation.10-16-2008
20080245366Modality of flow regulators and mechanical ventilation systems - A mechanical ventilation system includes a first channel, a bifurcation region, a second channel, and a third channel. The bifurcation region is connected to the first channel. The second channel and the third channel are connected to the bifurcation region, wherein at least one first disc is rotatably disposed within the second channel and at least one second disc is rotatably disposed within the third channel.10-09-2008
20080236586INFLATABLE HARNESS CREW MASK - The inflatable harness crew mask includes an inflatable harness with a compressed gas supply system connected to the inflatable harness independent of oxygen supplied to the mask from an oxygen regulator. The mask includes a valve connector with an exhalation and inhalation valve and an inflation valve connected to a pressurized gas inflation supply assembly including a container portion for a compressed gas cartridge, and a regulator portion connected to provide pressurized gas from the cartridge to an inflation gas supply tube connected to the inflation valve, which is manually operable by the user.10-02-2008
20080223368DISPENSING VALVE FOR BREATHING GAS - A dispensing valve with admission pressure compensation and a safety device for maximum pressure limitation of the admission pressure. To accomplish the object, a deformation zone (09-18-2008
20130167843PIEZOELECTRIC BLOWER PILOTED VALVE - This disclosure describes systems and methods for piloting a pneumatic valve using one or more piezoelectric blowers. According to embodiments, the one or more piezoelectric blowers may be coupled to the pneumatic valve to form a small, light-weight pneumatic valve that may be placed proximal to a ventilated patient, e.g., at the patient wye or the patient interface. Due to the close coupling of the one or more piezoelectric blowers, the pneumatic valve has a substantially shorter response time than traditional pneumatically piloted valves. Moreover, when piezoelectric blowers are coupled to the pneumatic valve in parallel, response time may be further decreased. Additionally or alternatively, when piezoelectric blowers are coupled to the pneumatic valve in series, pilot pressure may be increased as a function of the number of piezoelectric blowers in the series.07-04-2013
20130133658MASK SYSTEM - A full face mask system for treatment of respiratory disorder with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure equipment suitable to generate a supply of gas at positive pressure to be delivered to a patient's airways, the mask system comprising a frame module; a cushion module provided to the frame module and adapted to form a seal with the patient's face; an elbow module provided to the frame module and adapted to be connected to an air delivery tube to deliver breathable gas to the patient; and headgear removably attachable to the frame module.05-30-2013
20130092167REDUCING VENTILATOR-INDUCED LUNG INJURY - Methods are provided for protecting against ventilation-induced lung injury both directly, by lowering surface tension, and indirectly, by promoting equitable liquid distribution in pulmonary alveolar edema, in which liquid- and air-filled alveoli are normally interspersed. Since a pressure barrier is responsible for trapping liquid in discrete edematous alveoli and the magnitude of the barrier is proportional to surface tension at the air-liquid interface, the present invention provides various means for promoting equitable redistribution of edema liquid amongst alveoli to help protect the lung during ventilation, including: i) use of an additive that lowers surface tension; ii) use of active, accelerated deflation during mechanical ventilation; and iii) high frequency (>50 Hz) vibration of the lung.04-18-2013
20130139820MANUALLY ACTUATED TALK VALVE FOR A RESPIRATORY DEVICE - An interface system for use in providing a flow of pressurized gas to a patient. The interface system comprises a mask (06-06-2013
20130146058EXPIRATORY VALVE FOR CONTROLLING A FLOW - A valve for a medical ventilator comprising a hollow flexible body having at least one outwardly bulging area with a curved inner surface. The hollow flexible body further comprises an inwardly protruding abuttable area positioned between two fixed end points. Further the valve comprises a flow channel located inside said hollow flexible body for passage of a fluid between an inlet and an outlet, a valve seat centrally positioned in said flow channel and an annular element circumferentially arranged around said hollow flexible body. The annular element is arranged to be movable in an axial direction along the flow channel by an actuator unit, and whereby said abuttable area is at least partially repositioned and/or reshaped to control a flow of the fluid through the flow channel.06-13-2013
20080196725QUICK CONNECT PRESSURE REDUCER/CYLINDER VALVE FOR SELF-CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS - A quick pressure reducer and cylinder valve for use with an SCBA includes a cylinder valve that connects to a pressure vessel, a pressure reduction assembly for reducing the pressure of breathing air provided by the pressure vessel, a probe, and an inlet/latch assembly. The probe includes a notch and a threadless probe tip, and the inlet/latch includes a corresponding receptacle and one or more latches adapted to fit into the notch to retain the probe in the receptacle. A pushbutton switch in the receptacle is triggered by insertion of the probe tip therein, thereby providing an electrical signal. Probes of different lengths may be used to correspond to different pressure capacities, and the inlet/latch assembly may be arranged either to permit the insertion of only probe size or may be arranged to accept both sizes but to function differently based on the size of the probe. The latches are inoperable except at or below a nominal pressure.08-21-2008
20130152935System, Method And Ventilation Interface For Providing Pressurized Breathable Gas To The Mouth And Nose Separately - In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, a ventilation system for providing gas under a first pressure to the nose of a user and second pressure to the mouth of a user is disclosed. A ventilation system can include a flow generator that can be connected to a gas supply tube. The gas supply tube can be in fluid communication with a ventilation interface. At least a portion of the gas supply tube can have a divider within the channel of the tube forming a nasal passageway and an oral passageway. A nasal breathing chamber and an oral breathing chamber can be defined in the ventilation interface. The nasal breathing chamber can be in fluid communication with the nasal passageway. The oral breathing chamber can be in fluid communication with the oral passageway.06-20-2013
20120285460Mechanical Insufflation/Exsufflation Airway Clearance Apparatus - An MIE apparatus has a blower, a direction valve, an oscillator, and a mask hose connector. The blower is connected to the direction valve, which is connected to the oscillator, which is connected to the hose connector. During insufflation, a direction valve connects exhaust of a blower to an oscillator, causing positive pressure at the hose connector. During exsufflation, the direction valve connects the blower intake to the oscillator, causing negative pressure at the hose connector. The oscillator is a butterfly valve with a 360° rotating disc. During insufflation, the disc is fixed to steadily modulate the airflow. During exsufflation, the oscillator is inactive or in flutter mode. When inactive, the disc is fixed to allow maximum air flow. In flutter mode, the disc continuously rotates so that the air flow rapidly alternates between maximum and minimum.11-15-2012
20120012112RESPIRATORY THERAPY DEVICE - A respiratory therapy device including a housing and an interrupter valve assembly. The housing is sized for handling by a patient and defines a patient breathing passage extending from a patient end and through which a patient inhales and exhales air. The interrupter valve assembly is carried by the housing and includes a control port, a valve body, and a drive mechanism. Expiratory airflow is released from the patient breathing passage through the control port. The valve body is sized to at least partially obstruct fluid flow through the control port. The drive mechanism moves the valve body relative to the control port in response to the expiratory airflow such that the valve body repeatedly transitions between a position of maximum obstruction and a position of minimum obstruction relative to the control port to create an oscillatory positive expiratory pressure effect.01-19-2012

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