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Pre-pressurized container holding medicament

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20080271733Methods of Providing Medicinal Metal Components Having Through Holes - A metal component, in particular a metal component of a medicinal device, such as a pharmaceutical aerosol delivery device, having a through hole extending along an axis from a first surface (11-06-2008
20120160237Nasal Nebulizer for Transporting and Storing Fluids - A nasal nebulizer with a main canister for receiving fluid and an insert with a fluid channel includes a contiguous pressurized air supply source. The fluid channel may be a tapered tube overlapping an air exit port in the canister. The fluid channel may also comprise a common bell housing surrounding the air exit port above a base of the insert, which rests within the canister. The insert may include an extension projecting out to the canister and a vertical groove may extend down the fluid channel to a hole in the extension, which upon use helps create a vacuum that pulls in deflected fluid. The main canister includes a convex top surface around the periphery of an opening for a reservoir that receives fluids. The top surface extends downwardly to a generally rectangular opening that connects to the pressurized air supply source.06-28-2012
20110186044DOSAGE AEROSOLS FOR THE APPLICATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATIONS - The invention relates to pharmaceutical active substances, active substance mixtures and formulations for use as an aerosol in propellant-containing [ (HFC-134a) or] metered-dose aerosols and the metered-dose aerosols for administering these active substances, active substance mixtures and formulations.08-04-2011
20080257339Aerosol Container - The present invention relates to an aerosol container with an RFID unit applied to a spacer connected to the base of the aerosol container.10-23-2008
20130074833DOSE COUNTER AND MEDICATION DELIVERY DEVICE - A dose counter includes a housing having an indicator member rotatably mounted in the housing. A drive gear is associated with the indicator member. The drive gear and a flexible support member include interfacing indexing features, with at least a portion of the support member being moveable toward and away from the drive gear. In another aspect, a movement limiter is operably engaged with the indicator member to prevent any rotation of the indicator member in response to actuations occurring between a predetermined number of actuations greater than one. In another aspect, a drive member includes a pawl portion and a biasing portion. The biasing portion is engageable with indicator member and biases the pawl outwardly relative to the indicator member along the axial direction as the drive member is moved from a preassembled position to an assembled position. Medicament devices including containers of medicament, together with methods of use and assembly, are also provided.03-28-2013
20120174919HIGH-PRESSURE CHAMBER - The invention relates to a high-pressure chamber for preferably atomizing or injecting metered amounts of fluid, such as pharmaceutical preparations. The components of the high-pressure chamber determining the strength thereof are made of a sintered metal body having plastic regions directly attached thereto. The plastic regions allow corrosion resistance and material compatibility of the interior of the high-pressure chamber and fluids placed under pressure therein. The shape of the sintered metal body provides the entire system with the rigidity required for high-pressure operation and with directly molded connection elements prescribing the type of connection to other components. The components of the high-pressure chamber determining the strength thereof are thereby deformed or crimped to each other, so that inexpensive and quick overall assembly processes are available.07-12-2012
20120174918INHALER - An inhaler, such as a breath-actuated metered-dose inhaler, for delivering medicament to a patient. The inhaler includes a housing for holding the medicament and having an air inlet and a medicament delivery port which together define an air flow path into which the medicament is dispensed. The air inlet includes an array of elongate apertures formed in the housing, the long sides of adjacent apertures facing each other. Each aperture is provided with a respective different opening in an outer surface of the housing. The opening of each aperture extends in two different planes such that, if at least a part of the opening is covered in one of the two different planes during inhalation by the patient, a void space is created between the cover and the aperture so as to provide an air flow path through the void space to the at least one aperture.07-12-2012
20120174917PRESS-TYPE MEDICAL NEBULIZER AND PRESSING MEANS THEREOF - In a press-type medical nebulizer and a pressing means thereof, the nebulizer includes a medicament container having an intake channel and a medical spray generator. The pressing means includes a base, a pressing element and a switching element. The base has a gas-delivering tube, a gas-releasing hole and a trough. The pressing element comprises an operating arm pivotally connected into the trough and a valve for closing the gas-releasing hole. The switching element is slidingly provided on the operating arm to be selectively engaged into the trough for fixing the operating arm. When the switching element is engaged into the trough, the switching element causes the valve to close the gas-releasing hole, so that the pressurized gas can continuously flow through the gas-delivering tube and enter the intake channel. By this arrangement, the user needs not to press the pressing means repeatedly, which is convenient and labor-saving.07-12-2012
20130074834Pharmaceutical Combinations - A pharmaceutical combination comprising (a) a combination of two or more bronchodilators; or (b) a combination of at least one bronchodilator in combination with at least one corticosteroid.03-28-2013
20130032140VACCINE NEBULISERS - The invention provides a method of selecting a nebuliser device to be used to deliver a vaccine comprising selecting a nebuliser capable of producing a plurality of vaccine particles having the following particle droplet size distribution: 02-07-2013
20100043785INHALER WITH A FORWARD METERING VALVE - A metered dose inhaler for administration a liquid phase medium using a rotating metering element that transports the metered dose from the pressurized canister to the mouthpiece. The metering is improved in that there is an efficient protection against penetration of outside air, and in that the counting of the doses is improved by preventing backwards rotation of the rotating metering element.02-25-2010
20130037021INHALER - An actuator (02-14-2013
20100108059DIRECTIONAL USE - The invention is directed to a method for oral administration of a liquid containing an active substance to a subject for improved absorption into the subject's bloodstream includes the steps of providing a delivery device containing the liquid and having a mouthpiece for directing the liquid in a defined direction during delivery; directing the mouthpiece toward a localized area of the subject's mouth being especially suitable for increased uptake and faster onset of action of the active substance relative to other areas of and/or the whole mouth; and delivering a measured amount of the liquid directly to the localized area using the delivery device, and a spray device for administering an active substance to the oral cavity of a subject that includes a container capable of holding a liquid containing an active substance, and a mouthpiece being constructed to dispense the liquid containing the substance in a defined direction and directly to a localized area of a subject's mouth, the localized area being the oral vestibule.05-06-2010
20120180785Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers - The invention provides a pMDI metering valve comprising at least one component which comprises a desiccant-entrained material, a pMDI closed container system containing a desiccant-entrained material, and a method of stabilising the fine particle mass (FPM) of an inhalation drug formulation emitted by a pMDI closed container system comprising providing a desiccant-entrained material inside the pMDI closed container system so as to be in contact with the formulation therein.07-19-2012
20100326432METERED DOSE DISPENSER - A metered dose inhaler containing a medicinal formulation of medicament, HFA 13412-30-2010
20130087142METERED DOSE INHALER - The present invention relates to metered dose inhaler devices for the administration of medicament to patients for inhalation therapy. Particularly, it discloses a metered dose inhaler device for improving medicament compliance by patients.04-11-2013
20120216802COMPOSITION FOR INHALATION - The invention relates to a formulation comprising formoterol and budesonide for use in the treatment of respiratory diseases. The composition further contains HFA 227, PVP and PEG, preferably PVP K25 and PEG 1000.08-30-2012
20090095289Increased Dosage Metered Dose Inhaler - An aerosolization apparatus comprises a container containing a pharmaceutical formulation, the pharmaceutical formulation comprising an active agent and a propellant. The aerosolization apparatus further comprises a metering chamber in communication with the container, the metering chamber adapted to hold a metered amount of the pharmaceutical formulation, a valve to allow the metered amount of the pharmaceutical formulation to be released from the metering chamber when the valve is actuated, and a pressurizer that applies pressure to the pharmaceutical formulation in the metering chamber while the pharmaceutical formulation is being released from the metering chamber. In one version, the metering chamber is sized so that at least 2 mg, and preferably at least 5 mg, of the active agent is be aerosolized for delivery to a user during inhalation.04-16-2009
20130068218PROCESS FOR PRODUCING METERED DOSE INHALER FORMULATIONS - Disclosed are methods of introducing a suspension or solution of a medicament, preferably mometasone furoate anhydrous, into a metered dose inhaler container.03-21-2013
20120222673FLUID MATERIAL-DISPENSING DEVICE - A fluid dispenser device having a dispenser member, such as a pump or a valve, that is mounted on a fluid reservoir and that is actuated by a dispenser head that includes a spray orifice. The device further having a visual indicator that is movable between an indicating position and a non-indicating position, the visual indicator being moved into their non-indicating position at the start of each actuation of the dispenser member, and being moved from the non-indicating position towards the indicating position by the fluid, while it is being dispensed.09-06-2012
20120222672DISPENSING DEVICE - An indicating device for indicating the number of dosages of medicament dispensed from a container includes a housing, a single indicator member nested the housing, an actuator and a drive mechanism. The drive mechanism is periodically engageable with the single indicator member. The drive mechanism is operable to advance the single indicator member an incremental amount when the drive mechanism is engaged with the single indicator member. The single indicator member remains stationary and is free of engagement from the drive mechanism for at least some reciprocal movements of the actuator. A dispensing device and a dispensing system are also provided.09-06-2012
20120222671DOSE INDICATING DEVICE - An indicating device includes a housing having a longitudinally extending cavity shaped to receive the container and an indicator member disposed in the cavity and having a longitudinally extending wall shaped to surround at least a portion of the container. The indicator member is rotatably mounted within the housing and is rotatable relative thereto about a longitudinal axis. The indicator member includes a driven gear. A drive gear is disposed in the housing and includes a drive portion selectively engaged with the driven gear. An actuator is adapted to move with the container and is selectively engaged with the drive gear.09-06-2012
20130061850INHALER 624 - The present invention relates to an Breath actuated inhaler (BAI) actuator, comprising: a loading element capable of being loaded with an actuation force, a breath actuated trigger mechanism arranged to counteract the actuation force of the loading element, and to fire the actuator by releasing the actuation force of the loading element in response to an inhalation breath, and actuation locking means moveable between a locked position wherein it relieves the actuation force from the trigger mechanism setting the trigger mechanism in a neutral position, and an armed position wherein the trigger mechanism is set in an armed position.03-14-2013
20120192862PATIENT-CONTROLLED AEROSOL ADMINISTRATION - A system and method of controlling the administration of a medical substance is disclosed. An aerosol generator is configured to aerosolize a medical substance and administer the aerosolized medical substance to a patient using a ventilator. The patient is provided with a patient control interface through which the patient initiates the administration of a dose of the aerosolized medical substance. A processor is configured to control the ventilator and the aerosol generator in response to the patient control interface such that the patient controls the administration of the aerosolized medical substance in accordance with limits on the administration of the medical substance.08-02-2012
20120234317DOSE COUNTER - Described are a dose counter (09-20-2012
20120234316ISOXAZOLIDINE DERIVATIVES - Anti-inflammatory and antiallergic compounds of the glucocorticosteroid series, according to formula (I) according to formula (I) defined herein are useful for treating diseases of the respiratory tract characterized by airway obstruction.09-20-2012
20130160761Pharmaceutical Aerosol Composition - A pharmaceutical aerosol composition comprising at least one hydrofluoroalkane propellant; at least one active agent complexed with an adjuvant; and, optionally, at least one pharmaceutically acceptable excipient.06-27-2013
20090007905Spacer/holding chamber for pressurized metered dose inhaler - A metered dosage inhaler device having a first member for receiving and dispensing inhalation medication which is hollow, and has an aerosol medication container insertion end and having a nozzle end for spraying medication into a mouth of a user, wherein the nozzle end has a defined length and has an orifice with a defined cross-sectional area outlet surfaces, inner surfaces and a defined outer perimeter at its termination. There is a second member, the second member which is a spacer fitted on the nozzle and adapted to move outwardly and inwardly relatively to the nozzle, the spacer being hollow and being located about either outer surfaces or within the inner surfaces of the nozzle, the spacer having a total length about equal to or less than the nozzle so as to preserve significant compactness when the spacer is moved inwardly relative to the nozzle. The spacer includes a plurality of movable segments such as telescopic ring segments. The first member has a tube with a reciprocal sleeve for holding a medication container and cooperates to permit full insertion of the segments into the first member.01-08-2009
20110132355TREATMENT OF CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE WITH NEBULIZED BETA 2-AGONIST OR COMBINED NEBULIZED BETA 2-AGONIST AND ANTICHOLINERGIC ADMINISTRATION - Inhalation solutions for administration of beta 2-agonists or combinations of muscarinic antagonists and beta 2-agonists for the treatment of breathing disorders, such as COPD, are provided. The inhalation solutions are administered by nebulization, particularly with a high efficiency nebulizer.06-09-2011
20100224184DIFFUSION BARRIER IN A DELIVERY APPARATUS FOR PRESSURIZED MEDICAL LIQUIDS - A delivery apparatus for pressurized medical liquids comprising a reservoir for medical liquid and a pressurizing means configured for pressurizing medical liquid to a driving pressure; with a diffusion barrier arranged to float on medical liquid in the reservoir and disposed to cover substantially the entire surface of the medical liquid in the reservoir for the purpose of preventing diffusion of gas present in the reservoir into the medical liquid.09-09-2010
20090038612MEDICAL PRODUCT CONTAINING TIOTROPIUM - The invention discloses a medical product that may be used in a treatment of respiratory disorders.02-12-2009
20110126827INHALER - An inhaler (06-02-2011
20100101566METERED-DOSE INHALER - An inhaler including a medicament-containing vessel; an actuator body for receiving the vessel and having a medicament delivery outlet, wherein the vessel is releasably attachable to the actuator body; a dose counter integrated into the actuator body; and a first indicium on the vessel and a second indicium on the actuator body, wherein the first indicium and the second indicium identify the vessel and the actuator body to be part of the same metered-dose inhaler. Also provided is a kit including the metered-dose inhaler and at least one pair of stickers and a method for manufacturing the metered-dose inhaler.04-29-2010
20090145427Method for Applying a Polymer Coating to an Internal Surface of a Container - A method of cleaning and coating at least one surface of a container for storing a medicament or other ingestible non-pharmaceutical product, the method comprising the steps of using a water-based cleaning composition in conjunction with a water-based crosslinked acrylic resin containing coating material. The process makes the cleaning and coating technology consistent with present environmental regulations and workplace safety requirements, including control of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Further, the concentration of extractible organic compounds has been reduced to the lowest practical level. The process is also applicable to other substrates where it is desired to have low-extractable organics and high adhesion of the subsequently applied coating.06-11-2009
20100282250MEDICAL AEROSOL NON-DILUTING HOLDING CHAMBER - A flexible bag aerosol holding chamber is sealed around the outlet passage of the actuator for a pressurized metered-dose inhaler. An elastic-loaded mouthpiece is sealed around the inlet passage of the actuator so that the user may intermittently break the seal around the inlet passage by withdrawing the mouthpiece, thus allowing inhalation of a portion of the aerosol contents of the chamber. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the aerosol contains a compound which has traditionally been smoked such as nicotine or a cannabinoid. The user may draw upon the chamber's contents a number of times at a frequency analogous to smoking until the chamber is fully collapsed. One inhaler actuation, and one filled chamber, are comparable to one cigarette. The collapsible bag chamber allows for economy of inhaler actuations relative to user inhalations, without the aerosol being diluted by ambient air.11-11-2010
20100078015CONTROLLED INHALER FOR DISTRIBUTING INHALANT ACCORDING TO INHALATION VELOCITY - An inhaler is provided that includes a controller, a driver, an atomizer and one or more sensors for detecting information about a velocity of inhalation of a user of the inhaler. The controller is configured to dispense an inhalant from the inhaler during an inhalation of the user based on information about the velocity of inhalation of the user. Such information can include a duration of maximum inhalation velocity or an increase or maximum in the acceleration in inhalation velocity. Embodiments of the inhaler can be used to enhance the delivery of drugs and therapeutic agents for those patients having a weakened respiratory system who are unable to take a deep or full breadth, e.g., patients having asthma or COPD. Embodiments of the inhaler can be used to deliver a variety of drugs and therapeutic agents including agents for the treatment of asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and heart disease.04-01-2010
20090120431Inhalation Treatment Device and Method for the Operation Thereof - The invention relates to an inhalation nebulizer (05-14-2009
20090090355AEROSOL MEDICATION INHALATION SYSTEM - An apparatus for use in conjunction with a metered dose inhaler which includes a novel valve system to aid in the delivery of aerosolized medicament to a subject. The apparatus also includes a novel rotational flow generator to aid in the useable delivery of said medication and avoid its loss either in the apparatus or by non-useful delivery to said subject.04-09-2009
20110168172PRESERVATIVE-FREE SINGLE DOSE INHALER SYSTEMS - An aerosolization system includes a squeezable container having a resilient container body. The container is configured to deliver a unit dosage of a liquid when squeezed a single time. The system also includes an aerosolizer that is constructed of a housing defining a mouthpiece, and an aerosol generator disposed in the housing. The aerosol generator comprises a vibratable membrane having a front face and a rear face, and a vibratable element used to vibrate the membrane. Further, the housing includes an opening that is adapted to receive a unit dosage of the liquid from the container. The opening provides a liquid path to the rear face of the vibratable membrane.07-14-2011
20110265788COUNTER FOR METERED DOSE INHALER - A dose counter is provided for coupling with a metered dose inhaler. The dose counter includes a top cover that has a top forming an observation window. The top cover forms an interior space receiving therein a circuit board and an electrical cell supplying electrical power. The circuit board includes a counting circuit and a display screen that is arranged under the window. As such, in the use of the inhaler, depression of the top cover actuates the inhaler and causes the display screen to display the number of times of actuation so as to allow a user to realize the remaining number of times for use of the inhaler thereby improving safety of medication use.11-03-2011
20090007904Device and Method for Generating an Aerosol From a Liquid Formulation and Ensuring Its Sterility - A drug delivery device containing a sterile multi dose reservoir. Said sterile reservoir can be used with many types of delivery including injectors or aerosol drug delivery systems. Elevated pressure surrounding the reservoir is used during storage to ensure sterility is maintained. Mechanisms to prevent delivery in the case of potential compromise of sterility are disclosed. A device using the pressure to meter formulation from the reservoir is disclosed.01-08-2009
20080245363Device and Method For Administration of a Substance to a Mammal by Means of Inhalation - The present invention relates to a device and a method for administration of a substance to a mammal by means of inhalation. The device according to the invention comprises: 10-09-2008
20080289624Aerosol Canister Employing a Polymeric Film Having Improved Moisture Barrier Properties - A metered dose inhaler for delivering a pharmaceutical aerosol formulation comprises a canister containing the pharmaceutical aerosol formulation therein; a ferrule attached to said canister, the ferrule comprising a valve body having at least one opening therein to allow a quantity of the pharmaceutical aerosol formulation to pass from the container into the valve; and a polymeric film positioned between the ferrule and the canister, the polymeric film being present so as to serve as a moisture barrier relative to said canister.11-27-2008
20080289627DISPENSING DEVICE - A dispensing device has a storage device and an air pump for dispensing a medical formulation in which the storage device has multiple inserts, each insert containing a single dose of the formulation. Each insert is located in a separate and sealed cavity. The cavities can be individually opened for dispensing the respective dose from the respective insert.11-27-2008
20080289626DISPENSING DEVICE - A dispensing device has a storage device and an air pump for dispensing a medical formulation. The storage device comprises multiple inserts, each insert containing a single dose of the formulation. Each insert is located in a separate and sealed cavity. The cavities can be individually opened for dispensing the respective dose from the respective insert and a mechanism is provided for reinserting the inserts back into the respective receptacles after use.11-27-2008
20080289625DISPENSING DEVICE - A dispensing device with a storage device and an air pump for dispensing a medical formulation in which the storage device has multiple inserts, each insert containing a single dose of the formulation. Each insert is located in a separate and sealed cavity. The cavities can be individually opened for dispensing the respective dose from the respective insert. Furthermore, a mechanism is provided for aligning the connecting element relative to a respective receptacle and/or insert which has guiding portions formed at or by the respective receptacle and/or insert.11-27-2008
20080210230Inhalation Devices - An inhaler for delivering medicament by inhalation, comprising: a canister which comprises a body which defines a chamber containing medicament and a valve stem which extends from the body and from which medicament is in use delivered on actuation of the canister; and an actuator comprising a main body comprising a housing receiving the canister and actuating mechanism for actuating the canister, wherein the actuating mechanism comprises a loading member which engages or is comprised in the canister, and at least one actuating member which is depressible by a user to drive the loading member in an actuating direction from a first, rest position to a second, actuated position in which the canister is actuated to deliver medicament, wherein the at least one actuating member is a flexible element which has a first, flexed configuration when the loading member is in the first, rest position and, on depression, is extended in the actuating direction, such as to drive the loading member in the actuating direction from the first, rest position to the second, actuated position.09-04-2008
20110005517ATOMIZER, AND FILTER - Disclosed are an atomizer for a fluid, especially for medical aerosol therapy, and a filter for said atomizer in order to prevent germs from spreading. The atomizer comprises a protective device for preventing germs from infesting the preferably preservative-free fluid. Particularly the filter can be used as a protective device. This prevents germs from infesting the fluid during the service life of the atomizer even when the atomizer is used several times.01-13-2011
20090188491Medicaments - This invention relates to aerosol formulations of use for the administration of medicaments by inhalation, in particular a pharmaceutical aerosol formulation which comprises particulate salbutamol and physiologically acceptable salts and solvates thereof and a fluorocarbon or hydrogen-containing chlorofluorocarbon propellant, which formulation is substantially free of surfactant. A method of treating respiratory disorders which comprises administration by inhalation of an effective amount of a pharmaceutical aerosol formulation as defined is also described.07-30-2009
20090178673Actuation Indicator for a Dispensing Device - An actuation indicator which includes a drums sub-assembly including a rotatable actuation indicator wheel, a rocking ratchet pawl for rotating the indicator wheel in a set direction and a rocking mechanism for the pawl driven by a slipping clutch arrangement, wherein the slipping clutch arrangement includes a slipping clutch spring engaged at one end to a pinion of a rack and pinion assembly and at a second end to the ratchet pawl is described.07-16-2009
20090064997INHALER - The invention provides an inhaler for dispensing medicament. The inhaler comprises auxiliary energy provision means for providing auxiliary energy for aerosolising medicament; energy release means for releasing auxiliary energy from the auxiliary energy provision means; feed means for feeding a dose of medicament, characterised in that the inhaler comprises control means for controlling a time interval between aerosolisation of the medicament and a user's inhalation. The inhaler is operable, in use, to aerosolise medicament using the auxiliary energy, and harness the user's inhalation to deliver the aerosolised medicament to the user.03-12-2009
20080257340INHALER ADAPTER - An adapter for use over a canister of compressed gas having an actuating valve stem is provided. The adapter redirects gas flow from the valve stem to a cavity from which the gas may be inhaled. The design of the adapter is such that the gas from the canister is transferred to the nose of a user while minimizing the amount of gas that escapes into the atmosphere prior to inhalation.10-23-2008
20080257338Medicament Delivery Device Comprising a Flexible Edible Bag - This invention relates to devices, uses and methods for the delivery of a medicament in aerosol form. The proposed arrangement permits simple, cost-effective delivery (e.g. for mass immunisation programmes) which avoids contamination risk and/or disposal difficulties. Medicament in aerosol form is supplied either to the interior of an edible bag, or to the interior of a funnel which is lined with a liner, which bag or funnel is placed over a patient's nose and mouth to enable inhalation of the medicament. The liner may be edible, e.g. made of rice paper or food-based polymer. A nebuliser is used to generate the aerosol using a flow of compressed air. Both the bag and the funnel have a suitably sized opening for fitting over the patient's nose and mouth.10-23-2008
20090025714Drug Delivery Apparatus and Method - A drug delivery apparatus includes a mouthpiece portion having an internal conduit for delivering an aerosol including the drug to the patient. The internal conduit has an inlet end and a mouthpiece end that is structured to be received in the patient's mouth. The mouthpiece portion is structured to operate at a substantially fixed inhalation flow rate when the patient inhales through the mouthpiece end. The apparatus further includes an aerosol generator for generating the aerosol from a drug supply and injecting the aerosol into a first region within the mouthpiece portion located between an outlet of the aerosol generator and the inlet end of the conduit. The mouthpiece portion also includes a flow accelerating mechanism that causes a localized flow rate at the first region to be greater than the inhalation flow rate. A method is also provided that increases the local flow rate within the mouthpiece portion.01-29-2009
20090139516COUNTER FOR USE WITH A MEDICAMENT DISPENSER - There is provided a dose counter for use with a medicament dispenser. The dose counter comprises a first count wheel arranged to rotate about a first axis of rotation, the first count wheel including a set of primary drive teeth arranged annularly thereon for drivable rotation of the first count wheel about the first axis of rotation; a second count wheel arranged to rotate about the first axis of rotation, the second count wheel including a set of secondary drive teeth arranged annularly thereon; and a kick wheel arranged to rotate about a second axis of rotation offset from the first axis of rotation, the kick wheel including a set of kick teeth arranged annularly thereon and in meshed relationship with the set of secondary drive teeth of the second count wheel such that rotary motion of the kick wheel results in rotary motion of the second count wheel. The first count wheel further includes a fixed index tooth arranged for intermittent meshing with the kick teeth of the kick wheel such that rotary motion of the kick wheel results from rotary motion of the first count wheel only when the intermittent meshing occurs.06-04-2009
20090320832NASAL DELIVERY - A delivery device for and method of delivering a dose of substance for systemic uptake to a nasal cavity of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece unit for insertion into a nasal cavity of a subject and comprising an outlet unit which includes at least one nozzle for delivering substance for systemic uptake substantially only to surfaces in one or both of the anterior region and an anterior section of the posterior region of the nasal cavity of the subject; and a substance supply unit which is operable to deliver a dose of substance to the at least one nozzle.12-31-2009
20120067343Aerosol Composition for Administering Drugs - Described here are compositions and methods for the treatment of respiratory conditions using glucocorticosteroids delivered by a next generation nebulizer. The methods administer a therapeutic dose with nebulization time of 2 minutes or less. The faster nebulization time improves patient compliance.03-22-2012
20090050142INHALER DEVICE - A medicine cartridge that discharges medicine towards an air channel includes a liquid medicine tank, a liquid medicine channel, and a discharge head. Before inhalation, the discharge head can be filled with the medicine by pushing a rubber stopper, provided at the bottom of the liquid medicine tank, using a rubber-stopper pushing portion. After a user inhales the medicine, a door for an air inlet is closed and a mouthpiece is slid into the air channel, causing the air pressure in the air channel to increase. This allows the medicine remaining in the discharge head to be returned to the liquid medicine tank.02-26-2009
20090050143MEDICINAL FORMULATION CONTAINER WITH A TREATED METAL SURFACE - A container, such as a metered dose inhaler, suitable for use with a propellant-based medicinal formulation, the container comprising one or more treated metal surfaces that come into contact with the medicinal formulation, wherein the one or more treated metal surfaces are characterized by an organic surface treatment compound covalently bonded to the metal surface through a reactive head group selected from either phosphonic acid or carboxylic acid and wherein the organic surface treatment compound is further characterized by an exposed, substantially non-reactive tail group disposed away from the metal surface. Also, metered dose inhaler canisters and valves with treated surfaces.02-26-2009
20100199983METERED DOSE VALVES AND DISPENSERS - A metered dose valve for use in a pressurized metered dose dispenser for dispensing a metered dose of an aerosol formulation comprising particles of a medicament suspended in liquefied propellant, optionally in combination with one or more excipients, said valve comprising a metering chamber and at least one porous, fluid permeable, particulate semi-permeable body, said at least one porous body being positioned within a region of the interior conduit of the valve, for example within the metering chamber, or a pre-metering chamber and/or an internal channel upstream of the metering chamber.08-12-2010
20090139518Dispensing device - A system of medicament dispensers includes a plurality of dispenser housings each having a unique first indicia and a plurality of containers each having a unique second indicia. The unique second indicia of each of the containers corresponds to one of the unique first indicia of a corresponding one of the dispenser housings. Methods for associating various containers and dispensers is also provided.06-04-2009
20090260623Aeorosolization apparatus with air inlet shield - An aerosolization apparatus comprises a housing defining a chamber having a plurality of air inlets. The chamber contains an aersolizable pharmaceutical formulation or is sized to receive a receptacle which contains an aerosolizable pharmaceutical formulation. A shield covers at least one of the air inlets or a portion of at least one of the air inlets. The shield prevents blockage of the air inlet by a user grasping the apparatus and inadvertently covering the air inlet. An end section is associated with the housing. The end section is sized and shaped to be received in a user's mouth or nose so that the user may inhale through the end section to inhale aerosolized pharmaceutical formulation that has exited the receptacle.10-22-2009
20100147293AEROSOL ACTUATOR - A metered dose aerosol actuator, for use in association with a pressurized medicament container provided with a dispensing metering valve having a valve stem, including a housing adapted to receive the container, a stem block extending upwards from the base of the housing and adapted to engage the valve stem by means of a cavity provided in the stem block, the stem block being provided with a spray orifice adapted to be in flow connection with the valve stem and the cavity, a sump extending downwards from the cavity relative to the spray orifice, wherein the sump has a smooth, rounded interior surface.06-17-2010
20100147292INHALER AND INHALER MOUTHPIECE - A mouthpiece (06-17-2010
20100258114HEATED NEBULIZER DEVICES, NEBULIZER SYSTEMS, AND METHODS FOR INHALATION THERAPY - Nebulizer assemblies and systems are disclosed. A nebulizer assembly includes a reservoir and a nebulizer for producing an aerosolized gas. An aerosolized gas outlet passes the aerosolized gas. A breathing gas mixing chamber is coupled to an outlet port of the nebulizer to entrain nebulized medication into a breathing gas. A system and method of heating medication in a reservoir and adding medication to a gas flow is also provided.10-14-2010
20130213394Dispensing Device - A dust cap for a pMDI having a cap part adapted for a push-fit on the dispensing nozzle of the pMDI and a strap part for connecting the dust cap to the pMDI, wherein the cap part is slidably mounted on the strap part for sliding movement between an extended position and a contracted position.08-22-2013
20130213395MEDICINAL INHALATION DEVICES AND COMPONENTS THEREOF - A medicinal inhalation device having a non-metal coating applied by plasma deposition under ion bombardment conditions.08-22-2013
20100180888Device Housing for an Aerosol Container - A housing for a mechanical or electrical device for use with an aerosol canister for containing chemical comprising a sleeve for receipt of the aerosol canister, a collar affixable around the neck of the canister; and a joint between the sleeve and the collar to secure the housing to the canister.07-22-2010
20100212665ACTUATOR NOZZLE FOR METERED DOSE INHALER - An actuator for a metered dose inhaler containing a liquefied propellant and a medicament, the actuator comprising: a nozzle block having a fluid flow path extending therethrough, the fluid flow path defined by an internal chamber having an inlet and an outlet; the outlet being defined in a portion of the nozzle block and comprising an exit channel extending therethrough, wherein the exit channel has a narrow portion wherein the diameter of the channel is 0.3 mm or less, the narrow portion being 0.5 mm or less in length; and the narrow portion optionally including a constriction having a diameter of less than 0.3 mm.08-26-2010
20100192946METERED DOSE INHALER - The present invention provides an improved metered dose inhaler utilizing the property of the aerosol canister. The metered dose inhaler includes: a housing body (08-05-2010
20090013994DELIVERY DEVICE AND RELATED METHODS - Devices for the delivery of medicament.01-15-2009
20100224185ACTUATOR FOR AN INHALER - An actuator for an inhaler for delivering medicament by inhalation, comprising: a housing for receiving a canister which comprises a body which includes a base and a head and defines a chamber containing medicament, and a valve stem which extends from the body and from which medicament is in use delivered on actuation of the canister; an outlet through which a user in use inhales; and a nozzle assembly which provides for delivery of medicament through the outlet, wherein the nozzle assembly comprises a nozzle block which receives the valve stem of the canister and, as a separately-formed component, a nozzle outlet which is fluidly connected to the nozzle block and includes an outlet orifice from which medicament is in use delivered.09-09-2010
20100242956AEROSOL INHALATOR - An aerosol inhalator has an aerosol generation passage extending from an ambient air inlet (09-30-2010
20100218759DRUG DISPENSER - There is provided a drug dispenser device comprising a housing; extending from the housing, an outlet for insertion into a body cavity of a patient; provided to the housing and moveable with respect thereto, a drug discharge device having a longitudinal axis and comprising a container for storing a drug formulation to be dispensed, a discharge mechanism and a discharge channel from the container for discharge of the drug formulation to the outlet; connecting to the drug discharge device, a container collar; connecting to the container collar and moveable with respect thereto along the longitudinal axis of the drug discharge device, a transfer element, the transfer element including an actuating portion; provided to the housing, at least one finger operable member moveable to apply a force to the actuating portion of the transfer element to move the transfer element along the longitudinal axis in a first direction; linking the container collar with the transfer element, a biasing mechanism to store biasing energy on moving the transfer element along the longitudinal axis in the first direction; and provided to the container collar, a pre-load mechanism to prevent transfer of the biasing energy to the container collar to move the drug discharge device along the longitudinal axis in the first direction to actuate the discharge mechanism until a pre-determined threshold force is overcome.09-02-2010
20100078014Method, composition, and system to control pH in pulmonary tissue of a subject - Methods, pharmaceutical compositions, and systems are provided which include a method for treating a pulmonary viral infectious disease in a subject. The method includes administering a pharmaceutical composition including at least one agent to a pulmonary tissue of the subject, wherein the pharmaceutical composition is administered as two or more distinct and non-overlapping particle size ranges configured to contact two or more levels of pulmonary tissue of the subject, wherein the at least one agent is configured to achieve a selected pH range in the two or more levels of pulmonary tissue of the subject.04-01-2010
20110056488INHALER - An inhaler for producing an inhalable aerosol of powdered medicament is disclosed. The inhaler includes an aerosolising device having a chamber of substantially circular cross-section, inlet and outlet ports at opposite ends of the chamber for the flow of drug laden air through the chamber between said ports and, a bypass air inlet for the flow of clean air into the chamber. The bypass air inlet is configured so that air entering the chamber through said inlet forms a cyclone in the chamber that interacts with the drug laden air flowing between the inlet and outlet ports.03-10-2011
20090151717AEROSOL DEVICES AND METHODS FOR INHALING A SUBSTANCE AND USES THEREOF - Devices, cartridges, and method are described herein for emulating smoking wherein a device generates an aerosol for inhalation by a subject by heating a viscous material that can have a tactile response in the mouth or respiratory tract, while reducing Hoffman analytes and mutagenic compounds delivered to the user as compared to a common tobacco cigarette.06-18-2009
20110126826Cradle for semi-automatic emergency medication dose nebulizer - A conventional respiratory nebulizer has an emergency medication dose storage system delivering the stored medication dose directly to the nebulizing chamber with a single impulse of manual force to a simple mechanical delivery system, thereby making the nebulizer useable in two steps: (a) opening the medication capsule with a simple opening action; and (b) inhaling the nebulized medication. The nebulizer can be operated without disassembling the nebulizer housing so as to expose the nebulizing chamber and without manually opening the liquid medication container and, without spillage and without manual pouring of the liquid medication directly into the nebulizing chamber, and without reassembling the nebulizer housing before positioning the inhaler mouthpiece in the mouth so as to inhale the nebulized medication. The delivery system includes a pressure burstable seal at one end of the capsule, which is burst by the application of force against the opposite end of the capsule.06-02-2011
20110108027FILTERING DEVICE, METHOD FOR FILTERING OF A FLUID, AND USE OF THE FILTERING DEVICE - A filtering device comprises a filtering means (05-12-2011
20110000481NEBULIZER FOR INFANTS AND RESPIRATORY COMPROMISED PATIENTS - A pediatric nebulizer is described.01-06-2011
20110023870Intranasal Opioid Compositions, Delivery Devices and Methods of Using Same - The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising opioids and a liquid nasal carrier, to delivery devices comprising such compositions, and to methods of manufacture and use of such compositions.02-03-2011
20100163021SYSTEM FOR DELIVERING NEBULIZED CYCLOSPORINE AND METHODS OF TREATMENT - Systems comprising a pressurized delivery device and a formulation of cyclosporine coupled to an exhalation filter or trap that is capable of preventing cyclosporine from escaping into the local environment are provided. An apparatus for use in the system comprises either an exhalation filter and a pressurized delivery device, wherein the exhalation filter is capable of providing high filter efficiency and maintaining low filter resistance after usage with the formulation, or a trap which provides a means for expired gas to be released into a solvent chamber containing a solvent with a high affinity for cyclosporine. These systems may be used to treat patients with pulmonary disorders, organ transplant patients such as lung transplant patients, and other immune-related disorders.07-01-2010
20090064996Duo chamber - The DUOCHAMBER is a “spacer” devise used to efficiently deliver aerosol medication to the lung obstructed patient. Since most of these patients require at least two different inhalant medication, the DUOCHAMBER allows two MDI canisters of medication to be ready to be used at any time, under the direction of the patient's primary care giver.03-12-2009
20100192945Inhalation devices and related methods for administration of sedative hypnotic compounds - An inhalation device for administering one or more sedatives via pulmonary delivery for treating a sleep disturbance.08-05-2010
20110083666Discharging device - Discharging device, particularly for a pharmaceutical liquid.04-14-2011
20090038611Inhaler Device - A hand-held device for apportioned delivery of sprayable substances, in particular inhaler medicaments, having a cartridge which is displaceable by pressing in a housing into the open position for delivery, and an indexing mechanism which is moved along by the cartridge during the opening stroke of the cartridge for registering and displaying delivery actuations which have been carried out, which indexing mechanism is disposed in a housing centrally below the opening-side end wall of the cartridge, overlappingly with respect to the valve tube of the cartridge. In order to configure a hand-held device of the type in question in a spatially advantageous manner with a simplified construction and such that it is more reliable in terms of handling, it is proposed to displace plate-shaped housing as a whole with the cartridge, except for a step-by-step indexing finger star disposed therein.02-12-2009
20100236547Container for aerosol drug delivery - A metered does inhaler which includes a canister assembly which has a minimal volume canister and primeless valve to reduce waste, minimize total drug contained therein, and increase the reproducibility of dosage delivered.09-23-2010
20110073106DRY POWDER INHALER - An Inhaler for delivering an aerosolised dose of a powdered drug for inhalation by a user is disclosed. The inhaler comprises a drug entreinment device to a receive a package having a piercable lid containing a dose to be delivered, the device including a drug outlet tube terminating with a primary piercing element to pierce an opening in said lid when a package is located in the inhaler, a secondary piercing member to pierce a plurality of peripheral openings in said lid and, an airflow path to enable the supply of a charge of gas into the package via said peripheral openings to scour the interior of a pierced package such that all or substantially all of the dose is entrained in the gas and flows out of the package via the drug outlet tube. A medicament pack is also disclosed.03-31-2011
20110048415NEBULIZER - A nebulizer having an insertable container and a monitoring device for counting actuations of the nebulizer is proposed. The monitoring device is mounted in a detachable housing part and directly detects movements of container during a nebulizing process, an air supply current in the region of a mouthpiece, and/or the production of aerosol, in order to detect this as the actual dispensing of fluid and actuation of the nebulizer, while preferably the time of actuation of the nebulizer is additionally detected and stored. This allows better monitoring and guidance for the user.03-03-2011
20110000480ADMINISTRATION OF INTERFERON FOR PROPHYLAXIS AGAINST OR TREATMENT OF PATHOGENIC INFECTION - The invention provides compositions and methods for the prophylaxis or treatment of diseases or disorders in a subject (e.g., a mammal, such as a human) including, e.g., diseases or disorders caused by biological agents, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. The compositions include a delivery vector (e.g., a viral vector, such as an Ad5 vector) encoding an interferon (e.g., IFN-α), and are provided to the subject by, e.g., intranasal or pulmonary administration.01-06-2011
20110030680TRACHEAL TUBE WITH DRUG DELIVERY DEVICE AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - According to various embodiments, a tracheal tube may include a drug delivery system for nebulizing drug to droplets within a particular drop size range. The drug delivery system may include an integral nebulizer located towards a distal end of the tracheal tube. The nebulizer may comprise a micropump and may be in fluid communication with a drug delivery lumen, which in turn may be coupled to a system for monitoring the delivery of drug to the nebulizer. The nebulizer may be sized and shaped to be accommodated within a lumen that runs alongside a main respiratory lumen of the tracheal tube.02-10-2011
20100263663MANUFACTURE OF COMPONENTS FOR MEDICINAL DISPENSERS - Use of ceramic powder injection molding for the manufacture of a ceramic component of a medicinal pressurized metered dose dispenser, in particular a metered dose inhaler.10-21-2010
20110247613ALBUTEROL AND IPRATROPIUM INHALATION SOLUTION, SYSTEM, KIT AND METHOD FOR RELIEVING SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE - The present invention relates to a dual bronchodilator inhalation solution, system, kit and method for relieving bronchospasm in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In one alternative embodiment, the solution of the present invention is a prepackaged, sterile, premixed, premeasured single unit dose of albuterol and ipratropium bromide for patients suffering from COPD. The present solution may be free of antimicrobial preservatives, such as benzalkonium chloride. In another alternative embodiment, the solution of the present invention comprises about 2.50 mg albuterol and about 0.50 mg ipratropium bromide in a 0.5 ml volume.10-13-2011
20090126724ONE-WAY VALVE - A one-way valve (05-21-2009
20100000524SEAL FOR A DISPENSING APPARATUS - A seal for a valve for use in a pharmaceutical dispensing device, which seal is formed from a blend comprising: a thermoplastic elastomer including a propylene component with isotactic crystallinity; and a polymer selected from one or more of polypropylene, polyethylene and copolymers thereof.01-07-2010
20110253133METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR ADMINISTRATION OF OXYBUTYNIN - Administration of Oxybutynin directly to a patient's lungs for treating urinary incontinence, respiratory disease or IBD.10-20-2011
20110005518METHODS AND UNIT DOSE FORMULATIONS FOR THE INHALATION ADMINISTRATION OF AMINOGLYCOSIDE ANTIBIOTICS - A patient suffering from an endobronchial infection is treated by administering to the patient for inhalation a dose of less than about 4.0 ml of a nebulized aerosol formulation comprising from about 60 to about 200 mg/ml of an aminoglycoside antibiotic, such as tobramycin, in a physiologically acceptable carrier in a time period of less than about 10 minutes. Unit dose devices for storage and delivery of the aminoglycoside antibiotic formulations are also provided.01-13-2011
20110162642INHALATION DEVICE AND METHOD - The present disclosure provides a method and device for delivering a pharmaceutical to the airway of a human or animal patient. In one aspect, the device includes a dose drum formed into a cylinder and including a plurality of dose compartments for containing individual doses. In another aspect, the device may include a reservoir containing a pharmaceutical material in bulk form and a metering recess for metering the pharmaceutical material to form a pharmaceutical dose. Another aspect provides an inhaler with a combined reservoir and dosing chamber configured to contain multiple doses of a pharmaceutical material.07-07-2011
20110253134PRESS-TYPE MEDICAL AEROSOL GENERATING DEVICE AND PRESSING MECHANISM FOR THE SAME - A press-type medical aerosol generating device includes a medicament storage container (10-20-2011
20100319687NEBULIZER AND INHALATION AID USED THEREFOR - A nebulizer includes a nebulizer body and a relay pipe. The nebulizer body includes a connection portion that has an aerosol lead-out port to lead out aerosol, and the relay pipe includes a connection portion that has an aerosol introduction port to introduce the aerosol. The nebulizer body and the relay pipe can take a first connection state in which the relay pipe is detachably connected to the nebulizer body and a second connection state in which the relay pipe is connected to the nebulizer body so as to be not able to be detached from the nebulizer body. In the first connection state, the aerosol introduction port and the aerosol lead-out port are communicated with each other. In the second connection state, the aerosol lead-out port is blocked by a blocking portion provided in the relay pipe. Therefore, the nebulizer in which reuse of the nebulizer body or relay pipe is simply prohibited after the usage can be provided by the configuration.12-23-2010
20100319686Inhaler - A portable, handheld breath-actuated inhaler comprises a generally cylindrical body that comprises body portions 12-23-2010
20110061646DRUG DISPENSER - One aspect provides a drug dispenser device comprising a housing; extending from the housing, an outlet for insertion into a body cavity of a patient; provided to the housing and moveable with respect thereto, a drug discharge device having a longitudinal axis and comprising a container for storing a drug formulation to be dispensed, a discharge mechanism and a discharge channel from the container for discharge of the drug formulation to the outlet; connecting to the container, a container collar connected to the discharge device; connecting to the container collar and moveable with respect thereto along the longitudinal axis of the drug discharge device; connecting to the container collar and moveable with respect thereto along the longitudinal axis of the drug discharge device, a transfer element including an actuating portion; provided to the housing, at least one finger operable member moveable to apply an actuating force to the actuating portion of the transfer clement to move the transfer element from an initial position along the longitudinal axis in a first direction; provided to the container collar, a pre-load mechanism to prevent transfer of the actuating force to the container collar to move the drug discharge device along the longitudinal axis in the first direction to actuate the discharge mechanism until a pre-determined threshold force is overcome; and connecting the container collar with the transfer element, a biasing return mechanism acting to bias the transfer element along the longitudinal axis in a second direction to return the transfer element to its initial position.03-17-2011
20100282249DISPENSING DEVICES - Dispensing apparatus for delivering metered doses of product from a pressurised dispensing container, having a housing for receiving, in use, the pressurised dispensing container, and an outlet through which, in use, metered doses of product from the pressurised dispensing container can be dispensed. The housing has an aperture via which the pressurised dispensing container can be inserted into the housing. The dispensing apparatus is at least partially enclosed by a shrink wrapped film, the shrink wrapped film including an opening which is: 11-11-2010
20100282251METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUBSTANCE DELIVERY IN SYSTEM FOR SUPPLYING BREATHABLE GAS - A substance delivery apparatus for use with a system for supplying breathable gas to a human or animal includes a sensor to measure the pressure of the supplied breathable gas and to detect inhalation by the human or animal; and a reservoir, a conduit, a pump, and a diaphragm to deliver the substance to the human or animal during inhalation at a pressure higher than the supplied pressure of the breathable gas.11-11-2010
20100282248Coating Suitable for Medicament Contact - A coating composition is provided that is suitable for use on a medicament-contact surface. The coating composition preferably includes one or more acrylic-containing polymer and a carrier. In preferred embodiments, the coating composition is an aqueous dispersion or solution.11-11-2010
20100252032INHALER - An inhaler for delivering a powdered inhalable formulation from a blister strip having a plurality of blister pouches. The inhaler has a receiving chamber for the used blister strip separated from a reservoir for the unused blister strip.10-07-2010
20110174304ELECTROHYDRODYNAMIC AEROSOLIZATION DEVICE HAVING A TIME VARYING VOLTAGE - The invention is directed to an improved electrohydrodynamic (EHD) apparatus having a time varying voltage component. The invention further relates to the use of such enhanced EHD apparatus to produce respirable and non-respirable aerosols from highly aqueous liquids, as well as the use of such aerosols. The combination of modifying surface rheology and superimposing a time varying waveform onto the direct current (DC) electrical field enables electrohydrodynamic aerosolization of high aqueous content formulations (>50% water) beyond what can be achieved through other means, including the individual gains by applying surface rheology modification and superimposing a sinusoidal waveform onto the DC electrical field individually.07-21-2011
20080216825Insulated Cansister for Metered Dose Inhalers - An insulated canister for, pressurized or non-pressurized systems, use with a metered dose system for example, a metered dose inhaler or topical aerosol featuring an inner container surrounded by an outer container with a gap defined by the space between the walls of the inner and outer container. Such gap can be filled by a vacuum, air or material with low thermal conductivity.09-11-2008
20100199984BREATH ACTUATED NASAL PUMP - A breath actuated nasal drug delivery device includes a housing having a spray port; a reservoir housing a liquidous medicament; and a selectively actuable pump. A breath actuated triggering mechanism includes a mouthpiece and a diaphragm. A pressure differential across the diaphragm causes an elastically deformable drive element (e.g., spring) to release stored potential energy, causing the pump's plunger to move to thereby pump the medicament to the spray port. A cocking lever can be pivotally mounted to the housing for causing the drive element to store potential energy. The triggering mechanism can include a cam element pivotally attached to the housing and the diaphragm that rotates in response to movement of the diaphragm. A follower element can be pivotally connected to the plunger for movement therewith; the follower element releasably engages the cam element. Related methods are also described.08-12-2010
20090188492CANISTERS FOR USE IN METERED DOSE INHALERS - A canister for use in metered dose inhalers and fitted with a metering valve has walls that are formed of a laminate that includes a first layer which is composed of a metal and a second layer which is composed of a strengthening material.07-30-2009
20110100360COMPOSITE LUNG THERAPY DEVICE AND METHOD - A system, device, and method of providing concurrent or contiguous breathing treatments for the purposes of clearing secretions from the lungs, expanding the airways, and delivering medicated aerosol is provided. In one embodiment, a device is provided for administering medicated aerosol delivery, lung expansion therapy, and/or secretion clearance therapy either concurrently or contiguously.05-05-2011
20090173341INHALATION DEVICE HAVING AN OPTIMIZED AIR FLOW PATH - A device for the pulmonary delivery of a compound comprising a reservoir for storing a compound, a system for generating particles of a desired size, and a housing comprising an inlet and an outlet between which is formed a substantially unobstructed airflow path.07-09-2009
20110000482LABORATORY ANIMAL PULMONARY DOSING DEVICE - A laboratory animal pharmaceutical testing device comprising a substantially closed animal holding cell, having a dry powder generator communicating through a wall of the cell, and one or more filtered inlets for permitting exchange of fresh air into the cell.01-06-2011
20110114089INHALER AND A METHOD OF OPERATING IT - A Breath Actuated Inhaler (05-19-2011
20110114090Inhalation actuated nebulizer with impingement shield - The present invention is directed generally to a nebulizer for the formation of micro-droplets from liquid medicaments for respiratory patient treatment, and more specifically, to a baffled nebulizer wherein a static baffle used to form an atomized medicament is proximal to a shied which responds to patient respiration force to oscillate from an aerosol flow occluding position to an aerosol flow open position. During inhalation, the shield moves into a first registration format to allow passage of the atomized medicament (nebula) to the patient. During exhalation/non-use, a biasing pressure maintains said shield in a second registration format such that the nebula is retarded from passing to the patient and is coalesced into macro-droplets which return to a supply reservoir for re-atomization. The present nebulizer design is particularly adaptable for controlling atomization in response to patient respiratory forces exceeding a defined threshold; allowing for opportunity to control inhalation airflow and enhanced therapy regimes.05-19-2011
20110048414CIRCUMFERENTIAL AEROSOL DEVICE - The present application discloses devices and methods for delivering a therapeutic compound to the olfactory epithelium of an animal or human. The device having one or more channels for imparting a circumferential and axial velocity to the discharged fluid, and an outlet that discharges an aerosol spray having a circumferential and axial velocity as it enters the nasal cavity of a user. The device is designed to displace the air in the upper nasal cavity in order to specifically deposit a therapeutic agent on the olfactory epithelium while minimizing pressure and discomfort experienced by the user.03-03-2011
20090301473Inhalation Therapy Device with Multiple Nozzles - To increase the efficacy of atomizer nozzles operating with compressed gas, an atomizer device for inhalation therapy appliances includes means for delivering a compressed gas, in particular compressed air; means for supplying a fluid that is to be atomized, in particular a therapeutic liquid; several compressed gas outlet openings from which a delivered compressed gas emerges; and several fluid outlet openings from which the fluid to be atomized emerges on account of the emerging compressed gas. The atomizer device includes at least three compressed gas outlet openings arranged in a row, and one of the compressed gas outlet openings is in each case assigned at least two fluid outlet openings which, together with the associated compressed gas outlet opening, form an atomizer nozzle.12-10-2009
20110155129ENHANCED EDUCTOR DESIGN - The present invention provides for an enhanced eductor element that significantly increases the amount of pressure generated at the siphon tube without significantly increasing the flow resistance through the eductor. The invention further provides for breath-actuated inhalation devices comprising the enhanced eductor element as an actuation mechanism.06-30-2011
20120012106Counter for a Drug Dispenser - The invention is for a waterproof Inhaler Usage Indicator with or without a replaceable battery (01-19-2012
20120012105ATOMISING BODY, ATOMISING DEVICE, INHALER, MANUFACTURING METHOD OF MANUFACTURING AN ATOMISING BODY AND ASSEMBLY METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING AN ATOMISING DEVICE - A method of manufacturing an atomising body for an atomising device includes the steps of 01-19-2012
20120055469STABLE PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG PRODUCTS - Various aspects of the present invention provide for methods of manufacturing a pharmaceutical drug product, which include storing a container at a temperature greater than ambient conditions for at least about seven days and conducting release testing on the container after storing. Products manufactured by this method have a more consistent fine particle size distribution (FSD) and fine particle fraction (FPF) at ambient conditions and at accelerated stability conditions over the life of the drug product. Advantageously, such products may more reliably and regularly pass testing requirements as required for an approved drug product by regulatory authorities such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).03-08-2012
20120055468METERED-DOSE INHALER ACTUATOR, METERED-DOSE INHALER AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - An actuator for a metered-dose inhaler is provided. The actuator comprises a housing having a mouthpiece portion and a canister receiving portion configured to receive a canister. The actuator further comprises a member disposed within the housing and defining a valve stem receptacle configured to receive a valve stem of the canister. An orifice is formed in the member, which is in fluid communication with the valve stem receptacle and extending to a face of the member opposite to the valve stem receptacle. A longitudinal axis of the orifice is aligned with a longitudinal axis of the valve stem receptacle. At least one air inlet opening is provided in an outer shell of the housing so as to be spaced from an opening for receiving the canister and a mouthpiece opening.03-08-2012
20100275909ACTUATOR FOR AN INHALER - An actuator for an inhaler for delivering drug by inhalation, comprising: a housing for receiving a canister which comprises a body which includes a base and a head and defines a chamber for containing drug, and a valve stem which extends from the body and from which drug is in use delivered on actuation of the canister; an outlet through which a user in use inhales; and a nozzle which provides for delivery of drug through the outlet; wherein at least a rear section of the outlet has an increasing internal dimension in a direction away from the nozzle.11-04-2010
20120060834PHARMACEUTICAL PREPARATION TO BE ADMINISTERED INTO RESPIRATORY ORGANS FOR TREATING OR PREVENTING INFLAMMATORY RESPIRATORY DISEASES, AND METHOD FOR TREATING OR PREVENTING SUCH DISEASES - The present invention application relates to a pharmaceutical preparation to be administered into respiratory organs for treating or preventing inflammatory respiratory diseases, comprising a peptide which acts on formyl peptide receptors (FPRs) or receptors analogous thereto, in an amount which is effective in suppressing respiratory inflammation. The present invention application also relates to a method for treating or preventing inflammatory respiratory diseases by using the preparation, and to a kit containing the preparation. As compared with systemic administration of the peptide by injection, direct administration of the peptide to respiratory organs remarkedly improves the effect in suppressing respiratory inflammation.03-15-2012
20100212664METERED DOSE DISPENSING DEVICES - A medicinal dispensing device comprising a dose counter device for counting the doses of an aerosol medication dispensed from the dispensing device, said dispensing caused by an application of force in an axial direction on said dispensing device, the dose counter device comprising an actuation button and being operable by application of a force in the axial direction to the dispensing device, where the actuation button comprises a top plate and a side wall or side walls, as applicable, and wherein the dispensing device is provided with a crenelated parapet having two or more merlons, the merlons being positioned around the counter actuation button near the sidewall or sidewalls, as applicable, wherein the most axially outwardly facing surfaces of the merlons extend outwardly beyond a plane generally perpendicular to said axial direction and tangential to the most axially outwardly facing surface or surfaces of the top plate of the counter actuation button at the position of the counter actuation button at the point of actuation of the dose counter device.08-26-2010
20090139517DISPENSING DEVICE (CAT) - A dispensing device, a storage device and a method are proposed for dispensing a formulation as a spray. The formulation is dispensed by means of a gas stream. To improve the dispensing effect, pressure pulses are generated in the gas stream and/or the direction of gas flow alternates. The formulation is dispensed through a duct. The duct is connected to a storage chamber containing the formulation via a sharp edge or transition portion.06-04-2009
20110088691Nasal Devices - A nasal delivery device for and a method of delivering a substance to a nasal cavity of a subject, the delivery device including: a nosepiece for fitting to a nostril of a subject; a substance supply unit for supplying a substance for delivery through the nosepiece; and a delivery prevention mechanism for preventing delivery of a substance through the nosepiece until the nosepiece is properly fitted to the nostril of the subject.04-21-2011
20110088690NASAL DELIVERY DEVICES - A nasal delivery device for and a method of delivering substance to a nasal airway of a subject, the nasal delivery device comprising : a mouthpiece (04-21-2011
20110108026INHALER - An inhaler having a housing which defines a receptacle shaped and dimensioned for receiving a pressurised medicament canister having a nozzle, and a mouthpiece arranged in fluid communication with the receptacle by means of a conduit and an actuator including a button fast with a duct which is shaped and configured for fitment into the conduit, the duct configured to arrange the mouthpiece and nozzle in fluid communication when the button is pressed, thereby actuating the canister.05-12-2011
20100218760ACTUATOR FOR AN INHALER - An actuator for an inhaler for delivering drug by inhalation, comprising: a housing for receiving a canister which comprises a body which includes a base and a head and defines a chamber for containing drug, and a valve stem which extends from the body and from which drug is in use delivered on actuation of the canister; an outlet through which a user in use inhales; and a nozzle which provides for delivery of drug through the outlet; wherein the outlet includes at least one air flow path which provides for a substantially annular air flow at an inner peripheral surface of the outlet on inhalation by the user through the outlet, such as to provide a sheathing air flow to an aerosol spray when delivered from the nozzle.09-02-2010
20100258115Prefilled Type Nasal Drip Appliance - Provided is an easy-to-handle prefilled type nasal drip appliance which can spray medical solution surely into the nostril while holding down the production cost. A syringe barrel has a spray hole and a latching portion of a center stopper on one side, with a conduction portion of medical solution being provided at the latching portion, and has a portion protruding inward of the inner circumferential surface formed on the other end side. A plunger has a portion protruding outward of the outer circumferential surface formed substantially in the axial center wherein both protrusions engage with each other. When the plunger is moved in the spray direction of the syringe barrel to get over the plunger side protrusion and disengaged, the medical solution moves the center stopper in the spray direction to form a medical solution inflow groove between the conduction portion formed at the center stopper latching portion and the center stopper. Consequently, a medical solution storage portion and the spray hole are interconnected and the medical solution can be sprayed.10-14-2010
20080314380INHALER - An active inhaler for delivery of an inhalation formulation has an overall flow resistance of at least 60,000 Pa12-25-2008
20100012115Dispenser - A medicated inhalant dispenser has a plastics material body having a mouthpiece. A pressurized, inhalant source has a canister and a sprout which his moved towards the canister for release of a dose from the canister. The sprout is accommodated in a junction member, which is movable by a cam connected to a pivotal cover for the mouthpiece. Opening of the cover sets a breath actuable kink valve, having a nozzle through which the inhalant is released and a breath flap actuation. Opening also causes the junction member to be lifted for dose dispensing into the kink valve. Breathing in releases the dose for inhalation. A closed sleeve is provided for abutment of the end of the canister as the junction member is moved towards the canister. Between the canister end and an end of the closed sleeve, an adjustable abutment is provided.01-21-2010
20100269819Human Powered Dry Powder Inhaler and Dry Powder Inhaler Compositions - In one embodiment, a human-powered dry powder inhaler comprises a human-powered compressible component operable to discharge an air pulse at an outlet at a pressure of about 1-40 psi; an inflatable reservoir operable to receive an air pulse discharged from the human-powered compressible component to provide an aerosol of a dry powder pharmaceutical formulation in the reservoir, the reservoir including an outlet valve; and a receiving mask in communication with the outlet valve and operable to receive an aerosol of dry powder from the reservoir and to deliver the aerosol to at least a mouth or nose of a patient. In another embodiment, the inhaler comprises a human-powered compressible component operable to discharge an air pulse at an outlet of a polymeric pressure release valve at a pressure of about 1-40 psi; and a receiving mask in communication with the outlet of the compressible component and operable to deliver an aerosol of dry powder to at least a mouth or nose of a patient. Methods for delivery of a dry powder pharmaceutical formulation to a patient are conducted in the absence of electrical power and circuitry and pre-pressurized propellant gas. Suitable dry powder pharmaceutical formulations may include myo-inositol and/or maltodextrin as a carrier and active ingredients such as vaccines or siRNA.10-28-2010
20120073571NASAL DELIVERY DEVICE - A breath-actuated nasal delivery device, comprising: a mouthpiece through which a user in use exhales to actuate the delivery device; a nosepiece for fitting to a nostril of the user through which a substance is in use delivered; a substance supply unit actuatable to deliver a dose of a substance through the nosepiece; a loading unit operable to load the substance supply unit with an actuation force; and a release mechanism for enabling actuation of the substance supply unit in response to exhalation by the user through the mouthpiece; wherein the release mechanism comprises a locking unit which is movable: between a locking configuration in which the substance supply unit is locked in a non-actuated position when loaded by the loading unit and a release configuration in which the substance supply unit is actuatable by the loading unit, and a trigger member for releasing the locking unit from the locking configuration to the release configuration in response to exhalation by the user through the mouthpiece and thereby enabling actuation of the substance supply unit.03-29-2012
20100242955Aerosolized Drug Delivery System - A system for delivering an aerosolized drug to a patient includes an aerosol drug generator coupled to a mouthpiece including two sensing ports. A pressure sensor is connected to the two sensing ports of the mouthpiece. The system also includes a data processing component which calculates an inspired flow rate based on a signal from the pressure sensor, and a measurement component which measures the inhalation time, which is the time during which the aerosolized drug is inhaled at the inspired flow rate. The data processing component also calculates the amount of the aerosolized drug delivered to the patient based on the inspired flow rate, the amount of inhalation time, and a drug delivery coefficient.09-30-2010
20120255545AEROSOL DELIVERY SYSTEM - A ventilator assembly includes a housing defining an inhalation interior space and an exhalation interior space separate from the inhalation interior space. A ventilator port is positioned at a first location of the housing and defines a first passageway in communication with the inhalation interior space and the exhalation interior space. A patient port is positioned at a second location of the housing and defines a second passageway in communication with the inhalation interior space and the exhalation interior space. A one-way inhalation valve permits one-way flow from the ventilator port to the patient port through the inhalation interior space and a one-way exhalation valve permits one-way flow from the patient port to the ventilator port through the exhalation interior space. A receptacle is in communication with the inhalation interior space and is operative to receive a container comprising an aerosolized medication.10-11-2012
20110100361PRESSURISED METERED DOSE INHALERS (MDI) - The invention relates to pressurized metered dose inhalers (MDIs) in which all or part of the internal surface is lined with an inert organic coating and which contain a formulation which comprises TA 2005.05-05-2011
20090020114METERED DOSE INHALER ACTUATOR - Metered dose inhaler actuators for pressurised aerosol containing a formulation of at least one medicament in a liquefied propellant gas which comprise: 01-22-2009
20110120457ADAPTER FOR USE IN AN AEROSOL DELIVERY SYSTEM - According to one aspect of the present invention, an aerosol inhalation system includes a first conduit member for delivering medication in the form of aerosol particles to a patient. The system includes a first holding chamber for holding the aerosol particles prior to deliver to the first conduit member and a valve mechanism associated with the first conduit member. The system also includes a first device in fluid communication with the first holding chamber for producing the aerosol particles and being sealingly yet releasably received within an adapter that forms an entrance into the first holding chamber. The adapter has a compressible material disposed thereon which is at least partially compressed by insertion of the first device to form the seal between the first device and the adapter. The aerosol inhalation apparatus is a closed system and is therefore capable of delivering a fixed concentration of the medication to the patient due to a valve of the valve mechanism being closed when the patient inhales and the medication is delivered to the patient.05-26-2011
20110120456AEROSOL THERAPY DEVICE WITH HIGH FREQUENCY DELIVERY - The present invention relates to an aerosol therapy device, wherein an aerosol is generated in an aerosol generating device and is supplied through a nosepiece to a patient's nasal cavities via a single pulsed main aerosol flow.05-26-2011
20120318260PORTABLE NEBULIZING APPARATUS - A nebulizing apparatus includes a housing, a carrying cavity, an nebulizing element, a slide element and a circuit board. The carrying cavity is formed in the housing for carrying a nebulized liquid and the carrying cavity includes a through hole. The nebulizing element is installed at the through hole. The slide element is slidably installed on a side of the housing and includes a magnet. The circuit board is installed on an internal side of the housing and includes a magnetic switch installed on a side of the circuit board. When the slide element is move to an ON position, the magnetic switch is turned on by the magnetism of the magnet, so that the nebulizing element can spray the nebulized liquid.12-20-2012
20110226237SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING A METERED DOSE INHALER - A system and method for dispensing metered doses of medicament to a subject that monitors one or more aspects of the dispensation. The medicament is aerosolized for dispensation to the subject so that the subject can inhale the medicament into his airway. The one or more aspects of the dispensation that are monitored based on ultrasonic energy generated by the aerosolization of the medicament. The one or more aspects of the dispensation that are monitored may include one or more of a number of doses dispensed, a number of doses remaining, whether any medicament remains to be dispensed, and/or other aspects of the dispensation of the medicament.09-22-2011
20110226236INHALER - The present disclosure relates to an inhaler component for producing a steam/air mixture or/and condensation aerosol in an intermittent and inhalation- or pull-synchronous manner. Said inhaler component includes the following elements: a housing (09-22-2011
20120080028VISUAL INDICATOR FOR AN AEROSOL MEDICATION DELIVERY APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - A delivery system includes a holding chamber with first, second and third openings, and independently moveable first, second and third flow control members. A delivery system includes a holding chamber and a flow control member including a flap pivotable from an at rest position in a direction toward an outlet of a user interface and away from an output end of the holding chamber in response to a pressure being applied thereto.04-05-2012
20120318261Valved Holding Chamber With Whistle for the Administration of Inhalable Drugs - This invention discloses a chamber adapted for the administration of medication from a source of aerosolized drug, such as a metered dose inhaler (MDI) or nebulizer, comprising a conduit with an oval cross section, a mounting for the MDI at the rear, an annular one-way valve at the front in fluid communication with the inhalation airway of the patient that permits air to flow out of the chamber during an inhalation by the patient, but prevents exhaled air from entering the chamber, an exhaust valve in the front section that provides an effective seal during inhalation, and a solid state whistle, wherein the whistle is adapted to making a sound if the air pressure within the chamber is below a predefined threshold. The inventive chamber may be used to directly administer inhaled medication to the mouth of a patient, or it may be used with an inhalation mask.12-20-2012
20100229857INHALER DEVICE - The invention relates to a hand-held device (09-16-2010
20100229856INHALER - An inhaler (09-16-2010
20100229855DOSE COUNTER - A dose counting device for use with a medicinal metered dose dispensing device, the device comprising an actuator having at least one finger that is designed for reciprocal movement comprising an outward stroke and a return stroke, an annular member having a helical thread segment formed about a circumferential arc on a part of its surface, and a drive nut positioned around a radial cross-section of the annular member and having an internal helical rib engaged with said helical thread segment on the annular member whereby rotation of the drive nut about the circumferential arc of the annular member results in rotational movement of the annular member, the outer surface of the drive nut comprising one or more driving surfaces for engagement by said at least one finger on the actuator during said reciprocal movement to cause rotation of the drive nut.09-16-2010
20120090605MEDICATION DELIVERY DEVICE - A medication delivery device for delivering a medicament by inhalation, said device comprising a housing (04-19-2012
20120090604SYNTHESIS OF SMALL PARTICLES - The invention provides an apparatus for forming fine particles of a substance in a precipitation chamber, in which the apparatus has means to convey the fine particles from the precipitation chamber to at least one particle collection chamber, downstream of the precipitation chamber, the particle collection chamber having an inlet and an outlet separate from the inlet. The invention also provides a method of forming fine particles of a substance, the method comprising contacting a non-gaseous fluid containing the substance with a dense fluid to expand the non-gaseous fluid in a precipitation chamber, conveying a resulting mixture of fluid and the fine particles from the precipitation chamber to a collection chamber, the collection chamber having an inlet and an outlet separate from the inlet.04-19-2012
20120325204Medicinal Device with Container - The invention relates to a hand-held medicinal device, particularly a nebuliser, for delivering a liquid medicament preparation from a container having a container cap. The medicament preparation may be based for example on an alcoholic solvent or may contain a similar substance with an increased vapour pressure. The proposed nebuliser with the installed container comprises a sealing system made up of two seals at the junction between the device and container, which prevent loss of liquid, diffusion leaks and exchange of gases with the environment at this point.12-27-2012
20100132699BURST VALVE FOR AEROSOL DEVICE - Aerosol dispensing devices and methods for using the same for administering aerosolized drugs to a subject are provided. Aspects of the aerosol dispensing device include an aerosol production unit configured to produce an aerosol from a liquid containing a pharmaceutically active drug, and a burst valve adapted to mechanically open in response to a subject's inhalation. The burst valve is configured to prevent airflow through the device until the subject's inhalation produces an operational pressure difference across the burst valve. In some embodiments, the operational pressure difference can be 15 cm H2O or less. Aspects of the invention can also include a heating element configured to evaporate water from aerosol droplets. The devices and methods of the invention find use in a variety of applications, such as in applications in which it is desired to administer an aerosolized drug to a subject.06-03-2010
20110146671PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF DELIVERING THE SAME - The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a chemical compound or a herb extract or the combination having at least one of the activities of antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-cancer, promoting membrane healing or immunomodulating, for the treatment and prevention of a disease of a mammal. The present invention also provides a system for delivering the composition to the hard-to-reach sinuses of a mammal to reduce the load of the pathogen, to reduce the amount of inflammatory mediators, to heal pathological changes, and collectively to treat a disease of a mammal, such as allergic fungal rhinosinusitis. The invented method of treating a human disease reduces infectious and inflammatory agents without causing antibiotic resistance or adverse event. The present invention additionally provides a kit for collecting the nasal wash specimen to analyze how much drug is administered into sinonasal cavities or to determine the load of microbes in rhino-sinuses.06-23-2011
20130019863METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A MEDICAMENT DISPENSER DEVICE - According to the invention there is provided a method of treating a component of a medicament dispenser device, the component having one or more surfaces which come into contact with the medicament during storage or use of the device, the method including the steps of:01-24-2013
20080236574MOUTHPIECE FOR PREVENTING FORMATION OF PERIORAL RHYTIDS - A mouthpiece for preventing perioral rhytids is provided. The mouthpiece comprises an inlet end adapted to receive fluid from a container and an outlet end spaced from the inlet end and in fluid communication with the inlet end, wherein the outlet end is sized to reduce the contraction of the orbicularis oris muscle of a user while receiving fluid from the container. The inlet end of the mouthpiece may be designed to be removably attached to the container directly or remotely. In some embodiments, the mouthpiece may further include a seal and a flow control plate. A method for preventing perioral rhytids using such mouthpiece is also disclosed.10-02-2008
20080230053PULSE DRUG NEBULIZATION SYSTEMS, FORMULATIONS THEREFORE, AND METHODS OF USE - Liquid nebulizer apparatus, systems, and formulation compositions, as well as systems for the nebulized, aerosol delivery of such compositions, for the administration and insufflation of medicinal aerosols into the pulmonary system of a mammal are described. The nebulizing apparatus and system can effectively aerosolize a variety of viscosities of medicinal liquid drug carriers, including those made up of oil, water, or emulsions of oil and water. Drugs dissolved or suspended in the compositions and formulations described and adapted for use herein are not damages or denatured by the nebulization process when the nebulizer described is used. Further, the nebulization system itself can be adapted for use with both mechanically assisted pulmonary ventilation systems as well as hand-held inhalers and nose/mouth face masks for use in pulmonary drug delivery.09-25-2008
20080223363Nasal Delivery Devices - An exhalation breath-actuated nasal delivery device for and a method of delivering a substance to a nasal cavity of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece (09-18-2008
20080223362INHALER AND EJECTION HEAD UNIT ATTACHABLE TO THE INHALER - An ejection head unit being attachable to an inhaler for ejecting a medicine to cause a user to inhale the medicine has a plurality of ejection heads having an element generating energy for ejecting the medicine, and a plurality of ejection nozzles through which the medicine is ejected by the element. An inhaler for ejecting a medicine to allow inhalation thereof by a user has an air flow path guiding a medicine that is inhaled accompanying inspiration by the user to a suction port, an ejection head unit having a plurality of ejection heads including an element generating energy for ejecting the medicine and a plurality of ejection nozzles through which the medicine is ejected by the element, and a positioning unit for positioning a single ejection head among the plurality of ejection heads at an opening provided in one portion of the air flow path.09-18-2008
20120247458DISPENSING DEVICE - A dispenser includes a dispenser housing, an indicating device connected to the dispenser housing and a container removably engaged with the dispenser housing. The container and the dispenser housing remain connected as the container is moved between an engaged position and a disengaged position relative to the dispenser housing. The dispenser housing includes an upper portion pivotally connected to a lower portion.10-04-2012
20130167838NASAL FORMULATION - This invention relates to a solution formulation for nasal administration comprising azelastine, beclomethasone dipropionate, a co-solvent, an acid and an HFA propellant.07-04-2013
20130133643Inhalation Device - An actuator for an inhaler for delivering medicament by inhalation, comprising: a main body comprising a tubular member for receiving a canister containing medicament and having a valve stem extending therefrom; and an outlet assembly, as a part formed separately of the main body, comprising a mouthpiece for guiding medicament to the mouth of a user and a nozzle block for receiving the valve stem of the canister and delivering medicament from the canister into the mouthpiece; wherein the main body is provided with an outlet opening for receiving the outlet assembly in a position wherein the mouthpiece extends outside the outlet opening and the nozzle block is inserted through the outlet opening and arranged in position for receiving the valve stem of the canister. There is also disclosed an inhaler comprising the above-described actuator and a canister containing medicament, a main body and an outlet assembly.05-30-2013
20130112194PROCESS FOR PROVIDING A FILLED CANISTER FOR AN INHALER - A process for filling a canister for an inhaler is provided. The canister may be filled with components of a medicament. The canister may be suitable for use in a pressurised metered dose inhaler, such as a breath-actuate inhaler. The process may include sealing the canister with air at ambient conditions. A filling device may dispense a pressurised liquid or gas into the sealed, air-filled canister through a metering valve. The pressurised liquid or gas may comprise at least a propellant. While pressure-filled canisters were previously purged with propellant immediately before sealing to remove the air, the present process may exclude the purging step.05-09-2013
20130092158Instrumented Metered-Dose Inhaler and Methods for Predicting Disease Exacerbations - The present invention is directed to devices, systems, and methods for monitoring inhaled drug usage to predict when an acute attack or exacerbation of a disease, such as a respiratory disease, is imminent. Instrumented inhalers that use modular designs with standard components are disclosed, as are systems for monitoring the instrumented inhalers. Also disclosed are methods for determining whether or not a patient's inhaled drug usage pattern indicates that an acute attack or disease exacerbation is imminent, and notifying appropriate medical personnel of any usage patterns indicative of an attack or disease exacerbation. If such an attack or exacerbation is imminent, additional therapeutic agents may be dispensed to the patient or other interventions made.04-18-2013
20130098357CERIVASTATIN TO TREAT PULMONARY DISORDERS - Pharmaceutical formulations and methods of using thereof for the treatment and prevention of pulmonary arterial hypertension are provided. The formulations contain one or more agents to simultaneously reduce ADMA levels in a patient and reduce inflammatory processes in the pulmonary vasculature of a patient. The formulations contain a therapeutically effective amount of cerivastatin, a cerivastatin analog, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug, clathrate, or solvate thereof in a carrier suitable for pulmonary administration.04-25-2013
20080210231METERED DOSE INHALER CLEANING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A canister of pressurized medicament is removed from a metered dose inhaler actuation assembly and thereafter subjected to a cleaning firing to dislodge any material that can be built up on the interior of the canister's valve stem. During the cleaning firing, backpressure in the valve stem is reduced and/or eliminated by routing the resulting flow to atmosphere along an improved flow path. The improved flow path can be such that there are no constrictions less than about 75% of the size of the valve stem's outlet port. Thus, the backpressure experienced by the valve stem is greatly reduced versus that experienced during a normal dosing firing. As a result, the flow rate of medicament through the valve stem during the cleaning firing can be higher than during a normal dosing firing, allowing the built-up material to be dislodged during the cleaning firing.09-04-2008
20080202507Device for Generating a Jet of Liquid for Cleaning Wounds08-28-2008
20080196713Inhalation Devices - An inhaler for delivering medicament by inhalation comprises a canister which comprises a body which includes a base and a head and defines a chamber containing medicament, and a valve stem which extends from the head of the body and from which medicament is in use delivered on actuation of the canister. The inhaler further comprises an actuator comprising a main body comprising a housing receiving the canister, and an actuation mechanism for actuating the canister. The actuation mechanism comprises a loading member which is fitted to the head of the canister body and includes a loading section which is located at a distance spaced from the base of the body of the canister and, in use, acted upon to drive the loading member in an actuating direction from a first, rest position to a second, actuated position in which the canister is actuated to deliver medicament. The actuation mechanism further comprises at least one actuating member which is actuatable by a user to drive the loading member in the actuating direction to the actuated position, such as to actuate the canister to deliver medicament. The at least one actuating member is pivotally coupled to the housing for pivotal movement relative to the housing from a first, rest position to a second, actuated position in which the loading member is driven in the actuating direction to the actuated position, such as to actuate the canister to deliver medicament. The at least one actuating member comprises a gripping element which extends along a length of the housing and is configured to be gripped and depressed by the user in actuating the canister.08-21-2008
20110247612OXYGEN AND AROMATHERAPY DELIVERY APPARATUS FOR A MASSAGE TABLE - An apparatus includes a device that has an interior chamber, an opening at a bottom end for connection to a flexible hose, and an enlarged upper end with an annular cloth cover. A central opening in the cover is surrounded by an elastomeric band that stretches to enlarge the central opening, thereby allowing the cover to fit over the face cradle of a conventional massage table so that the chamber of the device is positioned below the face cradle. An opposite end of the flexible hose connects to an oxygen or aroma generating source. Oxygen and/or the aromas are delivered through the bottom end of the delivery device and into the chamber for breathing by a person lying face down on the massage table with their face supported in the face cradle, thereby allowing the person to receive an oxygen therapy and/or aromatherapy treatment during a massage.10-13-2011
20100307487RESPIRATORY THERAPY DEVICE AND METHOD - A respiratory therapy device including a housing and an interrupter valve assembly. The housing includes a patient inlet, an exhaust outlet, a chamber, and a supply inlet. The interrupter valve assembly is associated with the housing and includes a control port fluidly connecting the patient inlet and the first chamber, and a valve body adapted to selectively obstruct fluid flow through the control port. In a passive mode, positive fluid flow to the supply inlet does not occur, and the interrupter valve assembly interacts with exhaled air create an oscillatory PEP effect. In an active mode, fluid flow to the supply inlet occurs and the interrupter valve assembly operates to create a CHFO effect. The respiratory device can serve as a passive oscillatory PEP device, and when connected to a positive pressure source, as an active device.12-09-2010
20120272953PORTABLE UNIVERSAL INHALER SYSTEM - A portable universal inhaler system formed from an outer part and an inner part slidably received in the outer part. The inner part defines a compartment for receiving a medication canister and includes a universal connector for making a fluid dispensing connection to a variety of commercially available canisters. The inner and outer parts, when assembled, together form a housing that defines a chamber of sufficient volume to house a metered dose of medication. A mouthpiece or mouthpiece attachment location is provided in fluid communication with the chamber for permitting inhalation of medication from the chamber. The structure of the device makes it compact and portable, in the closed position, allows for storage of a medication canister in operative engagement with the device, and provides a convenient way to dispense medication, using a medication canister and a chamber, for inhalation by a user.11-01-2012
20130125882METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR TREATING ASTHMA AND COPD - A pharmaceutical composition and method for the treatment of asthma or other respiratory disease by inhalation from a pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI), a dry powder inhaler (DPI) or nebulizer, the composition and method being based on a combination of a short acting beta agonist (SABA) and an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) in a form adapted to be delivered for inhalation from the pMDI, DPI or nebulizer.05-23-2013
20110283997DOSE COUNTERS FOR INHALERS, INHALERS AND METHODS OF ASSEMBLY THEREOF - A manually operated metered dose inhaler includes a dose counter chamber including a dose display tape driven by a ratchet wheel which is driven in turn by an actuator pawl actuated by movement of a canister, the tape unwinding from a stock bobbin during use of the inhaler, a rotation regulator being provided for the stock bobbin and including a wavelike engagement surface with concavities which engage against control elements in the form of protrusions on resilient forks of a split pin thereby permitting incremental unwinding of the stock bobbin yet resisting excessive rotation if the inhaler is dropped onto a hard surface.11-24-2011
20110290244Aerosol Generator - An aerosol generator comprising a body, a mouthpiece on the body and a delivery mechanism delivers aerosol for inhalation by a consumer into the mouthpiece by turning the mouthpiece and body relative to one another. The aerosol is generated from liquid dispensed from a canister having a discharge tube depressible inwardly to open an interior valve. A nozzle member is driven inwardly against the discharge tube of the canister when the mouthpiece and body are turned relative to one another, to open the valve and create the aerosol.12-01-2011
20110308516Delivery device for a powder aerosol - The invention provides a delivery device (12-22-2011
20130186393VALVED HOLDING CHAMBER INCLUDING VALVE RETENTION SYSTEM - A valved holding chamber (07-25-2013
20130186392AEROSOL DELIVERY SYSTEM WITH TEMPERATURE-BASED AEROSOL DETECTOR - An aerosol delivery system (e.g., MDI or nebulizer for delivering aerosolized medication to a patient) includes a temperature sensor (07-25-2013
20120006322DRUG DISPENSER - There is provided a drug dispenser device comprising a housing defining a first chamber; extending from said housing and defining a second open chamber, an outlet for insertion into a body cavity of a patient; provided to said first chamber of the housing, a discharge block defining a discharge block orifice; receivable within the first chamber for movement therewithin, a drug discharge device, said drug discharge device having a longitudinal axis and comprising a container for storing a drug formulation to be dispensed, a discharge mechanism and a discharge channel from said container, wherein said discharge channel is receivable by said discharge block to enable discharge of said drug formulation via said discharge block orifice to said outlet; provided to the housing; and at least one finger operable member moveable to apply a force directly or indirectly to the drug discharge device for movement along the longitudinal axis towards the discharge block to actuate said discharge mechanism. The housing further defines an aperture through which said at least one finger operable member in part protrudes, and wherein the at least one finger operable member is moveable from a rest position in which the at least one finger operable member acts to block off said aperture to an actuating position in which the aperture is unblocked and through which air may be drawn into the housing in response to patient inhalation through the outlet.01-12-2012
20100018524METERED DOSE DISPENSERS - A pressurized metered dose dispenser (01-28-2010
20130199520MODULAR PULMONARY TREATMENT SYSTEM - A patient interface system for delivering a gas to a patient includes a patient interface device that includes at least one inhalation valve and at least one exhalation valve. The system also includes a venturi device that has at least one port for connection to a gas source. The venturi device has at least one primary air entrainment window and at least one secondary air entrainment window which is downstream of the at least one primary air entrainment window. The inhalation valve is disposed between: (1) the main body and (2) the primary and secondary air entrainment windows of the venturi device. At least one of the primary air entrainment window and secondary air entrainment window includes a means for closing the respective window, thereby changing a degree at which the respective window is open and changing a flow rate of the air flowing through the respective window.08-08-2013
20130199521FILTER SYSTEM FOR USE IN MEDICAL DEVICES - The invention relates to a medical hand-held device, in particular an atomizer (08-08-2013
20120085345NASAL SPRAY DEVICE - A nasal spray device for the delivery of a pharmaceutical formulation to the nasal cavity in metered doses. The device includes: a pressurised aerosol canister including a vial containing a pharmaceutical formulation including an active ingredient, a propellant and, optionally, a co-solvent, the aerosol canister further including a metering valve having a valve stem; and an actuator for the aerosol canister, the actuator including a stem block having a receptacle into which the valve stem of metering valve of the aerosol canister is received and axially located and being displaceable relative to the vial of the aerosol canister to actuate the metering valve of the aerosol canister, a sump extending below the receptacle, the stem block further defining a discharge orifice for the pharmaceutical formulation and a transfer channel through which a dispensed dose of the pharmaceutical formulation is able to pass from the sump to the discharge orifice.04-12-2012

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