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128200230 Pre-pressurized container holding medicament 182
128200210 Gas stream aspirating medicament from reservoir 72
128200160 Ultrasonic 28
128200180 Spray impinged against baffle in or adjacent flow conduit 14
128200170 Rotating 6
128200190 Means for selectively dispensing different fluids 3
20100212663Spray or Injection Device Allowing at Least Two Preset Doses of Product to be Delivered - A spray or injection device that includes a casing or a pusher that includes at least one tab radially moveable between a first radial position, in which the tab does not impede the movement of the pusher with respect to the casing, and a second radial position in which the tab opposes movement of the pusher. The pusher or the casing, respectively, includes at least one ramp-shaped projection configured to bring the tab into the second radial position and then allow it to return to the first radial position. The pusher or the casing further includes at least one stop between the pusher and casing to delineate the end of a first stroke corresponding to a first dose of medicament, and the beginning of a second stroke corresponding to a second dose of medicament.08-26-2010
20090126722LIQUID EJECTION DEVICE AND EJECTION METHOD - A liquid ejection device, includes: a plurality of storing parts for storing liquids; a plurality of liquid-feeding parts connected to the respective storing parts; a ejection part for ejecting a liquid; a plurality of flow paths connected to the plurality of liquid-feeding parts, respectively; and a connection part for joining the plurality of flow paths and connecting them as a single flow path to the ejection part. The plurality of liquid-feeding parts are actuated to mix the liquids from the plurality of storing parts in the single flow path joined at the connection part and feed a mixture of the liquids to the ejection part to eject the mixture from the ejection part. According to the ejection device of the present invention, the ejection amount or the mixing ratio can be easily changed in a comparatively precise manner.05-21-2009
128200150 With tongue depressor 2
20090013993Inhalation Device - A dosage device capable of delivery of a full dosage of medicament to a person in need of treatment through the mouth comprising a storage chamber for more or less temporarily storing the medicament after receiving the medicament from a suitable dispenser, such as an MDI inhaler, and a mouthpiece having a sealing ring for sealing the mouthpiece within the mouth of the person using the dosage device connected to the storage chamber in which a one way valve is located intermediate the storage chamber and mouthpiece to prevent air exhaled by the person from re-entering the storage chamber to reduce or prevent the risk of contamination or cross-contamination occurring within the storage chamber thereby allowing repeated use of the dosage device even by different persons, without the absolute need to clean the dosage device after each use.01-15-2009
20110180063COMPENSATION FOR UNMEASURABLE INSPIRATORY FLOW IN A CRITICAL CARE VENTILATOR - A system and method for operating a ventilator to compensate for external gas flow reaching a patient from an external device, such as a nebulizer. A control unit of the ventilator monitors the gas flow rate from the ventilator and compares the gas flow rate from the ventilator to an expired gas flow rate from the patient. The difference between the inspired flow rate and the expired flow rate is due to the external device. The control unit modifies the operation of the ventilator to compensate for the external gas flow rate such that the flow of gas reaching the patient is maintained at a desired level.07-28-2011
20120167877MEMBRANE NEBULIZER AND METHOD FOR WELDING A MEMBRANE TO A CARRIER DURING THE PRODUCTION OF A MEMBRANE NEBULIZER - The invention relates to a membrane nebulizer for producing aerosol in an aerosol therapy device, comprising: a membrane (07-05-2012
20090194099Nozzle-System For A Dispenser For Fluids consisting Of A Nozzle And A Nozzle-Holder And/or A Screw Cap - The invention relates to a nozzle system for a delivery device for liquids, which comprises a nozzle and a device which fixes the nozzle in the delivery device. The device has a liquid reservoir from which a liquid is forced through a nozzle under pressure to deliver the liquid. The nozzle is secured by a holder on the delivery device. This holder may itself be secured by a second holder, e.g. in the form of a check nut, or the check nut itself may be the holder. According to the invention at least part of the outer surface of the holding device is micro- or nanostructured.08-06-2009
20110192396PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITION FOR PREVENTING OR TREATING CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE - Provided is a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating mucus hypersecretion in airways or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs), the pharmaceutical composition including an epidermal growth factor (EGF) and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. In addition, a combined preparation capable of respectively administering the pharmaceutical composition and chemotherapeutics is provided.08-11-2011
20080257337Ventilator Aerosol Delivery - A method for delivering a medicament to a mechanically ventilated patient receiving a flow of breathing gas comprises delivering a respiratory maneuver to such a patient, monitoring the physiological effects of the respiratory maneuver on such patient, automatically establishing an optimized respiratory maneuver in response to the monitored physiological effects, and delivering the optimized respiratory maneuver to such a patient. A system for delivering an aerosolized medicament to a ventilated patient is also provided.10-23-2008
20100071687Nebulization Apparatus - A nebulization apparatus includes a nebulization plate, a piezoelectric driving device connected to the nebulization plate for vibrating the nebulization plate, a liquid droplet conveying pipe located below the nebulization plate, a water tank for containing the liquid droplet conveying pipe and an active water supply device connected to the liquid droplet conveying pipe and the water tank. The active water supply device supplies working liquid to the liquid droplet conveying pipe, such that the droplet is attracted by surface tension and attached onto the nebulization plate to form the camber water film to nebulize the working liquid.03-25-2010
20130074832AEROSOL GENERATING MEANS FOR INHALATION THERAPY DEVICES - The invention describes an aerosol generator for inhalation therapy devices, in which an oscillatable assembly, consisting of at least a membrane and an oscillation generator, is mounted in an encapsulating means such that at least the membrane is exposed for the supply of liquid and the generation of an aerosol, whereas the remaining parts of the oscillatable assembly are protected. Mounting occurs by means of a flexible passage such that the oscillatory motions of the oscillatable assembly are not negatively affected.03-28-2013
20120174915PULSE DRUG NEBULIZATION SYSTEM, FORMULATIONS THEREFORE, AND METHODS OF USE - Liquid nebulizer apparatus, systems, and formulation compositions, as well as systems for the nebulized, aerosol delivery of such compositions, for the administration and insufflation of medicinal aerosols into the pulmonary system of a mammal are described. The nebulizing apparatus and system can effectively aerosolize a variety of viscosities of medicinal liquid drug carriers, including those made up of oil, water, or emulsions of oil and water. Drugs dissolved or suspended in the compositions and formulations described and adapted for use herein are not damaged or denatured by the nebulization process when the nebulizer described is used. Further, the nebulization system itself can be adapted for use with both mechanically assisted pulmonary ventilation systems as well as hand-held inhalers and nose/mouth face masks for use in pulmonary drug delivery.07-12-2012
20120174914Electronic vapor inhaling device - An electronic vapor inhaling device has an outer housing that defines an internal cavity having a proximal end and a distal end. A mouthpiece is located at the proximal end. A liquid storage chamber is defined within the outer housing near its proximal end and a battery compartment containing a battery is located near the distal end. An atomizer is positioned between the liquid storage chamber and battery chamber and is in communication with an electronic circuit board. The electronic circuit board is configured to receive input from a unique identifier associated with the electrical resistance of the liquid in the liquid storage chamber and automatically adjust the power supplied to the atomizer. The atomizer rapidly heats the liquid that is injected into an air passageway when the user inhales through the mouthpiece, causing the liquid to vaporize and allow inhalation by the user.07-12-2012
20130032139Drug Condensation Aerosols And Kits - The present invention provides novel condensation aerosols for the treatment of disease and/or intermittent or acute conditions. These condensation aerosols have little or no pyrolysis degradation products and are characterized by having an MMAD of between 1-3 microns. These aerosols are made by rapidly heating a substrate coated with a thin film of drug having a thickness of between 0.05 and 20 μm, while passing a gas over the film, to form particles of a desirable particle size for inhalation. Kits comprising a drug and a device for producing a condensation aerosol are also provided, wherein the device, has an element for heating the drug which is coated as a film on the substrate and contains a therapeutically effective dose of a drug when the drug is administered in aerosol form, and an element allowing the vapor to cool to form an aerosol. Methods for use are also disclosed.02-07-2013
20100116268AQUEOUS AEROSOL PREPARATIONS CONTAINING THERAPEUTICALLY ACTIVE MICRO-ORGANISMS OR PARTS OF MICRO-ORGANISMS AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING CORRESPONDING AEROSOLS - The invention relates to aqueous aerosol preparations for inhalation, containing therapeutically active micro-organisms or parts of micro-organisms as the active ingredient.05-13-2010
20100108058POWDER DISPERSION APPARATUS, METHOD OF MAKING AND USING THE APPARATUS, AND COMPONENTS THAT CAN BE USED ON THE APPARATUS AND OTHER DEVICES - Methods and apparatuses for the pulmonary delivery of a composition, such as methods and apparatuses for dispersing dry powder medicaments for inhalation by a patient. Elements or aspects of the apparatuses, including receptacle puncturing mechanisms, deoccluding devices, receptacle impacting devices, and receptacle lock devices or systems.05-06-2010
20090301471EVAPORATION ELEMENT FOR LIQUIDS - An evaporation element for liquids, in particular aqueous solutions, has a first reservoir for storing the liquid that is to be evaporated, a second reservoir, which is separated from the first reservoir by a sheet and contains a reagent that in contact with the liquid that is to be evaporated carries out an exothermic chemical reaction, and an opening element which, on actuation, perforates the sheet and in this way brings the reagent into contact with the liquid that is to be evaporated.12-10-2009
20090095288DEVICE FOR DELIVERY AND REGULATION OF VOLATILE FLUIDS INTO INSPIRATORY GAS - An apparatus for discharging fluid for a subject breathing. The apparatus includes a fluid cavity for conveying a fluid to be discharged; a valve for guiding the flow of fluid through the fluid cavity; a control unit for controlling the valve for guiding the flow of fluid; a first housing having a wall and a hole on this wall for fluid flowing through the fluid cavity; a first member apart from the first housing having holes discharging fluid through them for the subject breathing; a chamber between the first member and the first housing for receiving the fluid coming along the fluid cavity; a vibrator making the first member to vibrate and discharge fluid through the holes to a subject breathing tube. The vibrator is in contact with the first member through a transmitter extending towards the chamber and which transmitter transmits the vibration effect from the vibrator to the first member.04-16-2009
20090095287Method and system for vaporization of a substance - The present invention provides an apparatus for the vaporization of materials that releases active constituents for inhalation without the creation of harmful byproducts such as carcinogens associated with combustion and inhalation of substances. The apparatus is designed to fit ergonomically within the user's hand. The apparatus uses the user's inhalation process for air flow.04-16-2009
20080283049HIGH EFFICIENCY NEBULIZER - The present invention relates generally to a nebulizer, and more particularly but not exclusively to a compact nebulizer that efficiently utilizes medication.11-20-2008
20100095957Manually operated monodose nasal sprayer device - The nasal sprayer utilizes a piston that fires automatically upon full depression of the firing cap. The drive spring does not fire the piston until fully compressed because the force required to break a puncturable medicine container is greater than to compress the spring. The piston height is greater than the firing cap and central member height combined so that after the spring is fully compressed, the piston punctures the medicine container. The spring then releases, pushing the piston toward the nozzle. A user procures medicine from the device by (i) unlocking a child resistant lock; (ii) applying compressive force against the firing cap to compress the spring and to push the piston to puncture the medicine container, then the spring causes the distal end of the piston to drive medicine through the spray nozzle independent of the user as to dosage amount and speed of delivery.04-22-2010
20090056708DEVICE, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TARGETING AEROSOLIZED PARTICLES TO A SPECIFIC AREA OF THE LUNGS - The present invention is directed to the administration of aerosolized particles to specific area of the lungs, and in particular to the targeted delivery of aerosolized pharmaceutical formulations to a specific area of the lungs. More specifically, the present invention relates to devices and methods for depositing aerosolized particles to a specific area of the lungs by regulating aerosolizing parameters of the device. The present invention also relates to devices, systems and methods for disease management, where the aerosolizing parameters are adjusted based on monitoring at least one health parameter.03-05-2009
20110011392OLOPATADINE NASAL SPRAY REGIMEN FOR CHILDREN - A methodology for administering topical formulations of olopatadine for treatment of allergic or inflammatory disorders of the nose in children is disclosed. Moreover, an ophthalmic product is provided for practicing the methodologies.01-20-2011
20090235926Multiple Dose Condensation Aerosol Devices and Methods of Forming Condensation Aerosols - Devices and methods of entraining a substance within an airflow are disclosed. Condensation aerosol delivery devices and methods of consistently producing multiple doses of a substance, such as a drug, having high purity, high yield, characterized by a particle size distribution appropriate for pulmonary delivery, and which can be administered to a user in a single dose are also disclosed.09-24-2009
20090235925AEROSOLISATION SYSTEM - The invention provides a combination of a micro pump 09-24-2009
20090235923SPRAY DEVICE AND NOZZLE CLOSURE - A spray device including a casing and a spray bottle. A closing element is arranged in a nozzle. The closing element substantially fills the nozzle in order to minimize residual amounts of a drug in the nozzle. The overall purpose is to protect the spray device from contamination and evaporation. A method for manufacturing with as few parts as possible a spray device that by usually manual action causes the spray bottle to effect a pumping movement which triggers a spray dose through the nozzle. The device is intended to increase dose accuracy and facilitate the actual pumping.09-24-2009
20080295826Metering System and Method for Aerosol Delivery - An apparatus for metering the delivery of an aerosol. The apparatus has a variable acoustic source and a microphone, both acoustically coupled to a volume having a fluid region and an air region. The apparatus may also include a processor to determine a volume of the air region based on signals received from the microphone and the variable acoustic source. A fluid valve is coupled to the processor, and is configured to allow an amount of fluid to exit the fluid region associated with the volume of the air region. An atomizer, coupled to the fluid region, is configured to aerosolize at least a portion of the fluid.12-04-2008
20100300433Substrates for Enhancing Purity or Yield of Compounds Forming a Condensation Aerosol - A device for vaporizing a composition. The device comprises a thermally conductive substrate having a surface, the surface comprising a thermally conductive surface structure. A dry composition capable of a solid to liquid phase change upon being heated to at least a select temperature is disposed on the surface structure. The surface structure is configured to form liquid droplets of the composition upon heating of the surface structure to at least the select temperature. The liquid droplets have a median diameter less than a median diameter of liquid droplets formed on a planar substrate surface heated to at least the select temperature.12-02-2010
20110277753DISPENSING DEVICE, STORAGE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DISPENSING A FORMULATION - The invention relates to a dispensing device, a storage device and a method for dispensing a medical formulation. Multiple doses of the formulation are stored in a carrier having multiple storage members, each storage member containing a single dose. Each storage member comprises one duct or nozzle for dispensing the respective dose. The dispensing direction of the ducts or nozzles is directed in a lengthwise or indexing direction of the carrier. The storage device of the carrier is a peelable blister strip, wherein the ducts or nozzles can be opened one after the other by peeling the blister strip.11-17-2011
20110277752RECEPTACLE FOR AN AEROSOLIZABLE PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION - An article for storing a pharmaceutical formulation. In one or more embodiments, the present invention comprises a receptacle (11-17-2011
20110297145Nasal spray device - A nasal spray device is an environment friendly spray device so as to spray the liquid medicine in the container from the outlet. The nasal spray device includes a push member, a mount, a rod, a block, a resilient member and a cylindrical body. The resilient member made by metal is received in the cylindrical body so that it does not contact the liquid medicine which is prevented from being spoiled. The cylindrical body does not have any bead received therein so as to reduce the number of parts.12-08-2011
20100294268Aerosol Generating Method and Device - A method and device are provided to generate an aerosol having a desired particle sizes, i.e., from molecular to about 10 microns, which can be used to effectively deliver a physiologically active compound to organs and tissues such as the lung, eye, mucosa and skin. The aerosol is formed through vaporization of the compound while mixing the resulting vapor with a gas, in a ratio, to form the desired particle size when a stable concentration of particles in the gas is reached.11-25-2010
20110290239NEBULIZER - A nebulizer is proposed which comprises an insertable container and a counter device for counting operations of the nebulizer. The nebulizer can be opened for replacing the container. The counter devices blocks opening of the nebulizer until a predetermined number for operations has been reached.12-01-2011
20110290241NEBULIZERS AND FUNCTION UNITS ATTACHABLE TO NEBULIZER - A nebulizer includes a main body unit, an atomization unit, and a breath detection unit, which is a function unit for realizing an additional function of the nebulizer. The main body unit and the atomization unit are separable. The atomization unit includes a storage section for storing the medicinal solution, and an atomizing section for spraying the medicinal solution by atomizing the medicinal solution in the storage section. The main body unit includes a control circuit for performing control to operate the atomizing section. The breath detection unit is attachable between the main body unit and the atomization unit.12-01-2011
20110290240METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PERFORMING ORIENTATION DEPENDENT OSCILLATING POSITIVE EXPIRATORY PRESSURE THERAPY - A respiratory device comprising a housing enclosing a chamber and an orientation indicator moveable with respect to the housing between a first position indicative of an orientation of the housing predetermined to be suitable for operation of the respiratory device, and a second position indicative of an orientation of the respiratory device predetermined to be less suitable for operation of the respiratory device. The orientation indicator is positioned in a location on the respiratory device visible to a user during the operation of the respiratory device.12-01-2011
20110297146LIQUID EJECTION HEAD TO BE USED FOR INHALER AND INHALER - A liquid ejection head has a plurality of liquid ejection ports 12-08-2011
20080210225DISPOSABLE ANTISTATIC SPACER - A “disposable antistatic spacer” is presented for use as a universal medicinal inhalant applicator offering an inexpensive tube configuration with antibacterial and biodegradable characteristics for efficient administration of pharmaceuticals; including antibiotics, vaccines and brochodilators; having removable parts for adaptability to diverse pressurized inhalant pumps and is furthermore; an interchangeable platform for other pulmonary therapeutic devices.09-04-2008
20080308096Aerosol Generating Device and Inhalation Therapy Unit Provided with This Device - An aerosol generating device includes a membrane for atomizing a liquid; an actuating device, which is coupled to the membrane so that this membrane is set in oscillatory motion when activated by electric signals; and a flexible substrate, which has electric lines for supplying electric signals to the actuating device and is designed for fastening the aerosol generating device to a fastening area of an inhalation therapy unit, and on which the membrane and the actuating device are held.12-18-2008
20120097155SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTEGRATED PACED BREATHING AND INHALATION THERAPY - The invention provides systems and methods for providing integrated paced breathing and inhalation therapy to a patient. Paced breathing includes alternately providing a high and a low airway pressure to a respiratory system of the patient using a breathing circuit, wherein the high airway pressure coincides with inhalation by the patient and the low airway pressure coincides with exhalation by the patient. A therapeutic substance is delivered to the respiratory system of the patient during the provision of high airway pressure to the respiratory system of the patient, wherein delivery of the compound to the respiratory system of the patient is discontinued during provision of low airway pressure to the respiratory system of the patient.04-26-2012
20090151716Semi-automatic emergency medication dose nebulizer - A conventional respiratory nebulizer has an emergency medication dose storage system delivering the stored medication dose directly to the nebulizing chamber with a single impulse of manual force to a simple mechanical delivery system, thereby making the nebulizer useable in two steps: (a) opening the medication capsule with a simple opening action; and (b) inhaling the nebulized medication. The nebulizer can be operated without disassembling the nebulizer housing so as to expose the nebulizing chamber and without manually opening the liquid medication container and, without spillage and without manual pouring of the liquid medication directly into the nebulizing chamber, and without reassembling the nebulizer housing before positioning the inhaler mouthpiece in the mouth so as to inhale the nebulized medication. The delivery system includes a serrated slicing blade to sever the capsule.06-18-2009
20110259324DRIVE UNIT FOR DOSAGE COUNTER - A nebuliser, particularly an MDI, with a counter is proposed. By means of a guide track or inclined plane and an associated guide element, an axial movement occurring on actuation of the nebuliser is partly converted into a rotary movement for driving a counting ring, using an annular rigid drive element with axial teeth. In this way a simple and operationally reliable construction can be achieved, in which even incomplete actuations are counted.10-27-2011
20110259323ACTUATOR FOR AN INHALER - An actuator for an inhaler for delivering drug by inhalation, comprising: a housing for receiving a canister which comprises a body which includes a base and a head and defines a chamber for containing drug, and a valve stem which extends from the body and from which drug is in use delivered on actuation of the canister; and an outlet through which a user in use inhales, wherein the outlet has a substantially closed rear section which partitions the outlet from the housing, such that, on inhalation through the outlet, an air flow is drawn substantially only from an outer peripheral surface of the outlet.10-27-2011
20100083956DISCHARGE HEAD AND DROPLET DISCHARGING DEVICE - A discharge head 04-08-2010
20100282247TREATMENT OF PULMONARY DISORDERS WITH AEROSOLIZED MEDICAMENTS SUCH AS VANCOMYCIN - A method of administering an aerosolized anti-infective, such as a glycopeptide, to the respiratory system of a patient. A ratio of an amount of the glycopeptide, such as vancomycin, delivered to the pulmonary system of the patient in a 24 hour period to a minimum inhibitory amount for the target organ for the same period is about 2 or more. A system to introduce aerosolized medicament to a patient may include a humidifier coupled to an inspiratory limb of a ventilator circuit wye, where the humidifier supplies heated and humidified air to the patient, and an endotracheal tube having a proximal end coupled to a distal end of the ventilator circuit wye. The system may also include a nebulizer coupled to the endotracheal tube, where the nebulizer generates the aerosolized medicament.11-11-2010
20090288658Antibiotic Formulations, Unit Doses, Kits, and Methods - An aqueous or powder composition includes anti-gram-negative antibiotic or salt thereof being present at an amount ranging from about 100 mg/ml to about 200 mg/ml. Another aqueous or powder composition includes anti-gram-positive antibiotic or salt thereof being present at a concentration ranging from about 0.6 to about 0.9 of the water solubility limit, at 25° C. and 1.0 atmosphere, of the anti-gram-positive antibiotic or salt thereof. Other embodiments include unit doses, kits, and methods.11-26-2009
20110168169NEBULIZER APPARATUS AND METHOD - A nebulizer for efficiently and reliably delivering aerosolized fluid to an inhaling patient is disclosed. The nebulizer includes a fixed diverter and a movable fluid orifice or fluid pathway connected with an actuator for responding to an inhalation or a manual actuation and beginning the nebulization process. Also provided is a method of providing nebulization including the steps of moving a fluid orifice or fluid pathway connected to an actuator so that the fluid orifice or fluid pathway reaches a nebulizing position during inhalation.07-14-2011
20120291776MAGNETIC COUPLING FOR AEROSOL GENERATING APPARATUS - An apparatus (e.g., nebulizer) for aerosol delivery of a substance (e.g., a drug to a patient) has a mouthpiece (11-22-2012
20110023869DELIVERY DEVICES - A delivery device for delivering a metered amount of substance (L) in response to exhalation by a user, the delivery device comprising: a mouthpiece (02-03-2011
20080283048TWO-STAGE REDUCTION OF AEROSOL DROPLET SIZE - A droplet-size reduction system is described. The system in a first embodiment has a catheter having a distal end and a proximal end and a plurality of lumens therein, a chamber at the proximal end of the catheter, the chamber having a first end and a second end and a fluid pathway therebetween, the first end of the chamber being in fluid communication with the plurality of lumens, an aerosol generator between a first one of the plurality of lumens and the first end of the chamber; and a piezoelectric element disposed in the pathway and coupled to an oscillating voltage supply. In another embodiment, the system has a chamber having a first end and a second end and a fluid pathway therebetween, a plurality of catheters in fluid communication with the first end, an aerosol generator between a first one of the plurality of catheters and the first end, and a piezoelectric element disposed in the pathway and coupled to an oscillating voltage supply. In yet another embodiment, the invention is a method of reducing droplet size in a nebulized medicament, by aerosolizing a liquid medicament to create droplets of the medicament, passing the droplets across a piezoelectric element; and delivering the droplets from the piezoelectric element to a patient.11-20-2008
20080308095Dissociated Discharge EHD Sprayer With Electric Field Shield - The invention is directed to devices and methods for electrohydrodynamic (EHD) aerosolization of liquids utilizing a dissociated discharge electrode and an electric field shield disposed between the nozzle and the discharge electrode. Preferred embodiments are designed as inhalers suitable for administration of therapeutic compounds to the respiratory tract of a patient, preferably the lungs.12-18-2008
20130118484Anesthetic Inhalation Aid Device and Attachment Used for the Same - An inhalation mask, an artificial nose unit, an anesthetic gas concentration detector, an extension tube, an anesthesia attachment, and an elastic bag are in communicative connection in sequence. The elastic bag has a mixing chamber formed therein and has an anesthetic inlet, an air inlet, and an outlet port each formed at the boundary to the exterior. The anesthesia attachment includes a hollow structure and an evaporation injector syringe. The outlet port of the elastic bag is in communicative connection with the hollow structure through its opening, and the evaporation injector syringe tightly mates with the interior of another opening. The anesthetic introduced into the mixing chamber is vaporized and then mixed with air introduced from the air inlet into mixed gas. The mixed gas is supplied from the outlet port to the inhalation mask by compressing the elastic bag or other procedures.05-16-2013
20080271732Pulmonary Drug Delivery Devices Configured to Control the Size of Administered Droplets - A pulmonary drug delivery device including a drug delivery tube that defines a flow path and a droplet ejection device configured to eject droplets of medication into the flow path. Using collected feedback, the pulmonary drug delivery device can control the size of the droplets that are administered to a user.11-06-2008
20090050139LIQUID MEDICINE EJECTION DEVICE - A liquid medicine ejection device for ejecting a liquid medicine as liquid droplets to be inhaled by a user includes means for providing information on the ejection to the user without providing means for determining a state of the ejection when a preliminary ejection operation is carried out, the preliminary ejection operation ejecting an amount of the liquid medicine smaller than an amount ordinarily ejected. The liquid medicine ejection device enables improved reliability of ejection and comfort of a user by carrying out preliminary ejection before inhalation and by making it possible for the user to visually or auditorily check an ejection state of minute liquid droplets with a relatively simple structure to see whether or not the preliminary ejection is carried out correctly.02-26-2009
20110203580AEROSOL DELIVERY SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Methods and systems for aerosol delivery of agents to a patient are described herein. The present system can be used to administer various types of agents, such as a vaccine or other types of pharmaceutical substances. Certain embodiments of the present system utilize an actuator coupled to a disposable aerosolizing element that aerosolizes an agent for delivery to a patient when acted upon by the actuator. The aerosolizing element prevents the agent from contacting the actuator and other non-disposable components of the system so that little or no cleaning or maintenance is required. The present system also can include an aerosolization rate monitor that monitors the rate at which an agent is being aerosolized and provides feedback to the user to ensure that the proper dose is being administered.08-25-2011
20120060833INHALATION THERAPY DEVICE - The invention relates to an inhalation therapy device having an aerosol generator (03-15-2012
20110209699COMBINATION OF DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE OR DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE-SULFATE WITH A LIPOXYGENASE INHIBITOR FOR TREATMENT OF ASTHMA OR CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE - A pharmaceutical or veterinary composition, comprises a first active agent selected from a dehydroepiandrosterone and/or dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate, or a salt thereof, and a second active agent comprising a lipoxygenase inhibitor for the treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or other respiratory diseases. The composition is provided in various formulations and in the form of a kit. The products of this patent are applied to the prophylaxis and treatment of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or other respiratory diseases.09-01-2011
20100139652Dispensing Device and Method - Methods and devices for dispensing an aerosolized liquids that generate an electric field proximate an outlet of a liquid supplier to cause liquid issuing from the outlet to be aerosolized for dispensing, and regulating an electrical characteristic, such as voltage, for generating the electric field based on a detected electrical characteristic, e.g., current drawn, of the electric field and/or based on an environmental sensor, to compensate, for example, for adverse effects of relative humidity in the aerosolization process. Such methods and devices are suitable for use as, for example, an inhaler for dispensing therapeutic liquids to a patient's lungs, spraying paint, crops or other liquids over a surface area.06-10-2010
20110220101GAS MIST INHALER - The present invention is to provide a gas mist inhaler making use of physiological actions of carbon dioxide or oxygen, which is simple in a structure and excellent in effects. The gas mist inhaler is composed of a gas mist inhaler which comprises; a gas supply means 09-15-2011
20090199848Spray Applicator with Positionable Spray Tip - An apparatus for applying a spray to a selected site on a patient includes a sheath having a through bore extending from a first end to a second end. A flexible multi-lumen tube is secured within the sheath and has a distal portion that extends beyond the second end of the sheath. A malleable wire is positioned within at least the distal portion of the multi-lumen tube wherein manual force is exerted upon the distal portion to position the distal end in a selected position by bending the malleable wire. A housing is attached to the rigid outer sheath and has a plurality of ports for engaging a multi-tube syringe and a port for injecting a gas into the selected site wherein each port is in communication with at least one lumen. A spray nozzle is removably attached to the distal end of the multi-lumen tube wherein the at least one liquid and the gas are discharged from the multi-lumen tube and into the spray nozzle such that the aerosol exiting the spray nozzle is effective in treating the selected site.08-13-2009
20110139149BOTTLE FOR SINUS CAVITY RINSE - A vessel for use in rinsing a user's nasal cavities includes a main body, a spout, a self-sealing nozzle, and a flow control valve actuable by the user. The spout extends off of the main body and the elastomeric nozzle attached to the spout defines an outer skirt having a deflectable free end upon contact with the walls of the user's nasal cavity. A vacuum breaker valve is formed in a top portion of the main body for actuation by the user to control the flow of a fluid positioned in the vessel out of the nozzle. The main body may include gripping indentations along opposing sidewalls thereof. The spout may be integrally formed with the main body, and the spout and the nozzle may be detachably connected.06-16-2011
20090050137Inhaler With a Mixing Channel for Producing an Aerosol to Be Inhaled - An inhaler with a mixing channel (02-26-2009
20090107491Respiratory System for Inducing Therapeutic Hypothermia - The present invention provides a method and apparatus for controlling a patient's body temperature and in particular for inducing therapeutic hypothermia. Various embodiments of the system are described. The system includes: a source of breathing gas, which may be in the form of a compressed breathing gas mixture; a heat exchanger or other heating and/or cooling device; and a breathing interface, such as a breathing mask or tracheal tube. Optionally, the system may include additional features, such as a mechanical respirator, a nebulizer for introducing medication into the breathing gas, a body temperature probe and a feedback controller. The system can use air or a specialized breathing gas mixture, such as He/O04-30-2009
20090217923Breath-controlled inhalation therapy device - A breath-controlled inhalation therapy device includes an obturation mechanism, obturating a nozzle opening through which a pressurized gas, preferably pressurized air, is issued when the device is in operation. An actuation mechanism actuates the obturation mechanism only in the exhalation phases of the respiration cycle of a patient. The fluid to be atomized is therefore substantially atomized only in the inhalation phases.09-03-2009
20110139150AEROSOL GENERATING MEANS FOR INHALATION THERAPY DEVICES - The invention describes an aerosol generator for inhalation therapy devices, in which an oscillatable assembly, consisting of at least a membrane and an oscillation generator, is mounted in an encapsulating means such that at least the membrane is exposed for the supply of liquid and the generation of an aerosol, whereas the remaining parts of the oscillatable assembly are protected. Mounting occurs by means of a flexible passage such that the oscillatory motions of the oscillatable assembly are not negatively affected.06-16-2011
20100163020Method for administering an inhalable compound - A method may include dispensing a dose of an inhalable compound according to a dosing instruction set; and maintaining a hands-free article for dispensing the inhalable compound in an operable dispensing position.07-01-2010
20090314287PORTABLE INHALER WITH ADD-ON DEVICE WITH A CHAMBER FOR INTERMEDIATE STORAGE OF AN ATOMIZED MEDICAMENT PREPARATION - An inhaler for propellant-free atomization of a medicament preparation. The inhaler produces an aerosol at low speed. The inhaler is combined with an add-on device for intermediate storage of the aerosol produced, so as to allow easier inhalation, particularly for children.12-24-2009
20100186738LIQUID CARTRIDGE - A liquid cartridge of the present invention has a liquid ejection portion 07-29-2010
20090314288PACKAGING AND DELIVERY OF PHARMACEUTICALS AND DRUGS - A blister pack for use with inhalation therapy inhalers comprises an elongate bottom element having an overlying top element defining a plurality of spaced top crowned areas containing powder or liquid medications or drugs.12-24-2009
20120138049ADAPTER, INHALATION DEVICE, AND ATOMIZER - The invention relates to an adapter (06-07-2012
20100116269LIQUID DISCHARGING DEVICE, LIQUID DISCHARGING CARTRIDGE, AND DEVICE BODY CAP - A liquid discharging device includes a device body configured to house a liquid discharging cartridge body having a liquid discharging portion for discharge liquid, and a device body cap removably attached to the device body. When the device body cap is detached from the device body, a discharging portion cap attached to the liquid discharging cartridge body so as to protect a discharging port of the liquid discharging portion is detached from the liquid discharging portion in combination with the device body cap.05-13-2010
20110108023AEROSOL GENERATOR - A sonic aerosol generator is provided that provides a constant concentration of particulate aerosol over a long exposure time to an animal. The concentration of aerosols is maintainable for greater than 30 hours at concentrations of 15 mg/m05-12-2011
20090071469Semi-automatic emergency medication dose nebulizer - A conventional respiratory nebulizer has an emergency medication dose storage system conveniently useable in an emergency to deliver the stored medication dose directly to the nebulizing chamber quickly, reliably, and with a single impulse of manual force to a simple mechanical delivery system, thereby making the nebulizer useable in two steps: (a) opening the medication capsule with a simple opening action; and (b) inhaling the nebulized medication. The nebulizer can be operated without disassembling the nebulizer housing so as to expose the nebulizing chamber and without manually opening the liquid medication container and, without spillage and without manual pouring of the liquid medication directly into the nebulizing chamber, and without reassembling the nebulizer housing before positioning the inhaler mouthpiece in the mouth so as to inhale the nebulized medication.03-19-2009
20110079220Detection System and Method for Aerosol Delivery - An apparatus comprises a detector, a pressure sensor and a processor. The detector is operable to detect light that is scattered by an aerosol that is associated with a pressure. The pressure sensor is operable to measure the pressure. The processor is coupled to the detector and to the pressure sensor, and is configured to receive at least a signal from the detector and the pressure sensor. The processor is further configured to use the received signals to calculate a volume of the first aerosol, and to output an output signal associated with the calculated volume. The various measurements can be repeated and compared, and the output signal can be a feedback signal for metering subsequent amounts of the aerosol, based on the comparison.04-07-2011
20110240015METHOD AND APPARATUS COMPRISING STEPPED MOUTHPIECE FOR AEROSOL DRUG DELIVERY - The invention of the present application relates to an apparatus to aid in administering inhaled pharmaceutical aerosol to a patient. The apparatus is used in conjunction with an aerosol delivery device. The apparatus comprises steps on the top and bottom of the apparatus, which when used aid the patient causes mandibular advancement, and opening of the mouth, causing opening of patient's airway, resulting in improved aerosol lung deposition. The invention also relates to a method of using such apparatus in a combination with an aerosol delivery device or a system, and to the mouthpiece of said apparatus.10-06-2011
20110240014SUBSTRATES FOR DRUG DELIVERY DEVICE AND METHODS OF PREPARING AND USE - An assembly and method for producing a condensation aerosol are disclosed. The assembly includes a heat-conductive metal substrate with an oxidation resistant exterior surface and a drug composition film on the exterior surface and is for use in an aerosol device. The thickness of the film and the surface of the substrate is such that the aerosol formed by vaporizing and condensing the drug composition the aerosol contain 10% by weight or less drug-degradation products and at least 50% of the total amount of the drug composition in the film. The methods for treating the exterior surface include heat and chemical treatment and formation of a protective overcoat.10-06-2011
20110240013METHOD OF FORMING AN AEROSOL FOR INHALATION DELIVERY - The present invention relates to the inhalation delivery of aerosols containing small particles. Specifically, it relates to a method of forming an aerosol for use in inhalation therapy. In a method aspect of the present invention, a method of forming an aerosol for use in inhalation therapy is provided. The method involves the following steps: (a) heating a substrate coated with a composition comprising a drug at a rate greater than 1000° C./s, thereby forming a vapor; and, (b) allowing the vapor to cool, thereby forming an aerosol, which is used in inhalation therapy. In another method aspect of the present invention, a method of forming an aerosol for use in inhalation therapy is provided. The method involves the following steps: (a) heating a substrate coated with a composition comprising a drug to form a vapor, wherein the coated composition is in the form of a film less than 10μ thick; and, (b) allowing the vapor to cool, thereby forming an aerosol, which is used in inhalation therapy. In another method aspect of the present invention, a method of forming an aerosol for use in inhalation therapy is provided. The method involves the following steps: (a) heating a substrate coated with a composition comprising a drug to form a vapor in less than 100 milliseconds, wherein the vapor has a mass greater than 0.1 mg; and, (b) allowing the vapor to cool, thereby forming an aerosol, which is used in inhalation therapy.10-06-2011
20110240012RECOMBINANT HUMAN CC10 AND COMPOSITIONS THEREOF FOR USE IN THE TREATMENT OF NASAL RHINITIS - The present invention relates generally to the use of recombinant human CC10 (rhCC10), also known as recombinant human uteroglobin, for use as a therapeutic in the treatment of nasal rhinitis, nasal sinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, and nasal polyposis. More particularly, the invention provides methods, including broadly the critical dosage ranges of rhCC10 and intranasal route of administration, which may be administered to safely and effectively treat the aforementioned conditions. The invention further provides a composition useful in administering rhCC10 to humans.10-06-2011
20110240011Treating apparatus - A treating apparatus having a source of a flowable substance, an assembly for releasing the flowable substance in a general direction relative to a target, and a propelling assembly operable to transport the flowable substance from the source to the releasing means whereby the flowable substance is propelled in the general direction relative to the target.10-06-2011
20110209700INHALATION THERAPY DEVICE COMPRISING A VALVE - The inhalation therapy device according to the invention comprises a nebulizer chamber which accommodates an aerosol generator that emits aerosol into the nebulizer chamber. A valve that has a valve seat, a resilient valve member and a valve member positioning means is arranged at an opening of the nebulizer chamber. The valve member positioning means can be moved out of a first position and into a second position so as to position the valve member on the valve seat in such a manner that in the first position, the valve member, in a flow-free state, is positioned on the valve seat in a pre-tensioned manner and in a second position, is spaced apart from the valve seat.09-01-2011
20090217924Treatment systems and methods - There is disclosed a system comprising a fluid reservoir, a liquid solution within the reservoir, the solution comprising an antibiotic of the lincomycin family, a spray nozzle, a spray activator, and a tubular connection connecting the spray nozzle and the fluid reservoir.09-03-2009
20090217925METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DRIVING A TRANSDUCER OF AN INHALATION DEVICE - An inhaler is disclosed wherein medicament in a flat-bottomed container is aerosolized with a vibrator piezoelectric transducer. The transducer is driven by a signal that excites multiple harmonic frequencies to create a complex pattern of oscillations. A circuit for generating the drive signal to the transducer is also disclosed.09-03-2009
20110247610GAS MIST INHALER - The invention is to provide a gas mist inhaler being simple and excellent in effects by using physiological actions of carbon dioxide or oxygen. The gas mist inhaler has a gas supply means for supplying oxygen, carbon, or a mixed gas (called as “gas” hereafter) of oxygen and carbon dioxide, a gas mist generation means connected to the gas supply means for storing a liquid inside thereof and generating a mist (called as “gas mist” hereafter) prepared by pulverizing and dissolving the stored liquid and the gas, and an inhalation member connected to the gas mist generation means and having an inhalation port of inhaling the gas mist into a living organism, wherein the gas mist inhaler inhales the gas mist into the upper airway and the lower airway of the living organism.10-13-2011
20120125325THE USE OF AMLEXANOX IN THE THERAPY OF NEUTROPHIL-DRIVEN DISEASES - An agent, which is amlexanox, is useful in the therapy of a disease associated with neutrophilia.05-24-2012
20110030678INSUFFLATION SYSTEM - An aerosol generator 02-10-2011
20110247611APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DELIVERY OF AN AEROSOL - An apparatus for measuring lung ventilation, comprising: a pressure device to measure volume of air flow; an aerosol-generating device that provides aerosol particles to be released at a determined point in a breathing cycle; a mouthpiece with a detector that measures the concentration of aerosol particles for a given volume during the breathing cycle; and a computing device configured to provide lung ventilation data as a function of time constants.10-13-2011
20120199118BOTTLE CLOSURE WITH HINGED SEAL - An anesthetic container and closure for transferring anesthesia from a container to a vaporizer. A hinged closure member is moveable between an open position and a closed position by a receiving member of a vaporizer when the anesthetic container is attached to the vaporizer for transfer of liquid anesthetic from the anesthetic container to the vaporizer. The hinged closure member is moved to the closed position upon withdrawal of the receiving member.08-09-2012
20110041840Atomizing Device, Inhaler and Method for Dispensing a Liquid Formulation - An atomizing device (02-24-2011
20110253132Pore Structures for Reduced Pressure Aerosolization - A nozzle comprising a thin, flexible substantially planar polymeric film having a plurality of pores with structures allowing for generation of an aerosol at reduced extrusion pressure is disclosed. The pores can comprise at least two sections, or steps, in which the thickness of the membrane is reduced in stepwise fashion, or the pores can be tapered. Nozzles formed comprising pores having such structures permit aerosol generation at lower extrusion pressures, thereby allowing for decreased weight of aerosolization devices, increased efficiency, increased portability and increased battery life. The pore structures also allow for the use of thicker, more easily processed polymeric films in manufacturing while having a thinner, more efficient aerosolization area. The use of decreased extrusion pressures also results in increased uniformity in aerosol generation and improved reliability of other components.10-20-2011
20100282246NASAL DELIVERY - A nasal delivery device for and method of delivering substance to a nasal cavity of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece (11-11-2010
20110108024Timer for nebulizer compressor - The Timer For Nebulizer Compressor provides a shatterproof plastic casing which houses the unit motor and a piston driven or comparable compressor. Associated accessories such as a mouthpiece, medicine cup and elongated, flexible tubing are also included. The Timer For Nebulizer Compressor runs on standard AC power and can be connected to any power outlet. The novel feature of the Timer For Nebulizer Compressor however, is found in the previously mentioned timer. This timer is directly connected to the unit's shut off valve. As such, a therapist simply prepares the unit for use, at which point the timer is set for the time period required to administer the designated course of treatment. When the treatment was complete and the allotted time had passed, the timer is activated, automatically shutting the nebulizer off and thus preventing the unit from overheating.05-12-2011
20110030679PACKAGING AND DELIVERY OF PHARMACEUTICALS AND DRUGS - A blister pack for use with inhalation therapy inhalers comprises an elongate bottom element having an overlying top element defining a plurality of spaced top crowned areas containing powder or liquid medications or drugs.02-10-2011
20110253131Apparatus for the administration of pharmaceutical products in aerosol form - An apparatus (10-20-2011
20110168170PRESERVATIVE FREE INSULIN FORMULATIONS AND SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AEROSOLIZING - One embodiment describes an insulin formulation that is specifically adapted for aerosolization. The formulation comprises a major amount of water and a minor amount of insulin. Further, the formulation is preservative free, without meta-cresol, cresol or phenol, to permit the formulation to be aerosolized using a vibrating aperture plate without substantial foaming of the insulin formulation.07-14-2011
20090308384Apparatus and methods for delivery of medicament to a respiratory system - Apparatus and methods are provided for delivery of a medicament to a respiratory system. A reservoir is provided for a liquid medicament with the reservoir having a liquid medicament inlet port and a medicament outlet. An aerosol generator is provided at the medicament outlet of the reservoir for aerosolizing the liquid medicament. A connector entrains the aerosolized medicament from the aerosol generator with a gas.12-17-2009
20090293868Inhalation Therapy Device Comprising an Ampoule for Storing a Medicament To Be Nebulized - An inhalation therapy device includes an atomizer for atomizing a drug which is advantageously present in the form of a fluid into an atomization chamber so that an aerosol or mist is provided in the atomization chamber. The patient or user can inhale the aerosol produced by the atomizer from the atomization chamber via a mouthpiece. The ampoule is inserted into an ampoule holder holding the fluid-containing ampoule. The inhalation therapy device also includes an opening unit for opening the fluid-containing ampoule. The ampoule holder advantageously includes a first part, disposed displaceably in relation to the opening unit, thereby allowing an ampoule present in the ampoule holder to be displaced in the direction of the opening unit.12-03-2009
20090188490Aerosolizing Inhalation Device - An aerosolizing inhalation device comprising a housing including a battery, a pneumatic switch, an atomizer and a liquid-supplying bottle having a first end connected to the atomizer, wherein the liquid-supplying bottle includes a vent duct, and wherein at least a portion of the housing defines an air orifice.07-30-2009
20110114087NASAL ADMINISTRATION - A delivery device for and method of providing for delivery of substance to the central nervous system (CNS) of a subject, the delivery device comprising: a nosepiece unit (05-19-2011
20120304983NASAL SPRAY - A container for holding and dispensing a liquid and/or dissolved active substance, for example a pharmaceutical or cosmetic active substance, has at least one dispensing organ (12-06-2012
20110108022Nebulizer device - An improved tee type nebulizer unit for medicinal use that delivers a mist of properly sized aerosol particles of medicament to the patient. A uniquely configured air flow baffle assembly, which is strategically positioned within the tee of the nebulizer unit, markedly increases the rate of liquid-to-aerosol conversion compared to prior art tee type nebulizer units. More particularly, due to the positioning and sizing of the air channeling pathways within the air flow baffle assembly, an increase in rate of aerosol mist production by factors of 200%-300% is realized.05-12-2011
20090235924RESERVOIR AND NEBULIZER - A reservoir for a nebulizer, a nebulizer and a method of filling a reservoir are proposed. To avoid undesirable rises in pressure, a fluid chamber of the reservoir is pre-collapsed and filled with an initial amount of fluid which is less than the maximum volume of the fluid chamber. Preferably, before being filled, the fluid chamber is compressed and/or expanded by means of gas to a defined volume which is less than the maximum volume of the fluid chamber.09-24-2009
20120042874AEROSOL MEDICATION INHALATION SYSTEM - An apparatus for use in conjunction with a metered dose inhaler which includes a novel valve system to aid in the delivery of aerosolized medicament to a subject. The apparatus also includes a novel rotational flow generator to aid in the useable delivery of said medication and avoid its loss either in the apparatus or by non-useful delivery to said subject.02-23-2012
20110155128NASAL SPRAY AND TISSUE DISPENSER - A spray package including: a container defining a cavity, the cavity having first and second compartments; a spray projection having an orifice in fluid communication with the first compartment; the container having an outlet in communication with the second compartment; a therapeutic liquid disposed in the first compartment and being discharged through the orifice upon application of a force to the container; and one or more tissues disposed in the second compartment, the one or more tissues being removable from the second compartment through the outlet.06-30-2011
20110094506FLUID PRODUCT DISPENSING DEVICE - A fluid dispenser device comprising: a body (04-28-2011
20110088689DEVICE FOR DISPENSING A FLUID PRODUCT - A fluid dispenser device comprising: a body (04-21-2011
20120211005PULMONARY DELIVERY OF ALPHA-1 PROTEINASE INHIBITOR - The present invention relates to a system that includes a pharmaceutical composition of a purified, stable, active alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor (API) in a form of a ready to use sterile solution and an inhalation nebulizer, and to methods of use thereof for treating pulmonary diseases.08-23-2012
20120132198RESERVOIR AND ATOMIZER - A reservoir and a nebuliser having such a reservoir are proposed. The reservoir comprises a closure for a fluid chamber with a medicament formulation that is formed by two closure members welded together. The closure comprises a particle barrier for preventing the ingress into the fluid chamber of any weld particles that may potentially be formed during the welding of the two closure members. The fluid chamber is preferably broadened in the shape of a beaver tail and is sealed lengthways with an additional strip of material.05-31-2012
20120216800MEDICATION DELIVERY APPARATUS INCLUDING A MEDICATION METERING SYSTEM - A medication delivery apparatus (08-30-2012
20100051022DELIVERY DEVICE AND METHOD - A delivery device for and method of delivering substance to a nasal airway of a subject, the delivery device comprising: at least one nosepiece unit (03-04-2010
20100012114PARTICLE-SIZE REDUCTION APPARATUS, AND USE THEREOF - A sterilisable particle-size reduction apparatus, component parts thereof and a method of sterilising and validating sterility thereof are provided. Also provided is use thereof to prepare sterile suspensions of drugs.01-21-2010
20100282245Detection of nitric oxide - A system for the detection of nitric oxide in a gas sample includes a converter for oxidation of nitric oxide to nitrogen dioxide, a nitrogen dioxide sensor including nanostructures and a filtering device to remove at least carbon dioxide from the gas sample positioned upstream of the converter. The nitrogen dioxide sensor can, for example, include a recognition layer on the nanostructures adapted to enhance sensitivity to nitrogen dioxide. A method for detecting nitric oxide in exhaled breath includes detecting nitric oxide in the exhaled breath using a nitric oxide sensor including nanostructures. Another method for detecting nitric oxide in exhaled breath includes filtering the breath to remove at least carbon dioxide from the breath, oxidizing nitric oxide in the exhaled breath to nitrogen dioxide and detecting the nitrogen dioxide using a nitrogen dioxide sensor including nanostructures.11-11-2010
20090050138INHALER - A mouthpiece (02-26-2009
20120186581INTEGRATED DELIVERY DEVICE FOR CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE SENSOR - Systems and methods for integrating a continuous glucose sensor, including a receiver, a medicament delivery device, and optionally a single point glucose monitor are provided. Manual integrations provide for a physical association between the devices wherein a user (for example, patient or doctor) manually selects the amount, type, and/or time of delivery. Semi-automated integration of the devices includes integrations wherein an operable connection between the integrated components aids the user (for example, patient or doctor) in selecting, inputting, calculating, or validating the amount, type, or time of medicament delivery of glucose values, for example, by transmitting data to another component and thereby reducing the amount of user input required. Automated integration between the devices includes integrations wherein an operable connection between the integrated components provides for full control of the system without required user interaction.07-26-2012
20090020113INHALER - An object of the present invention is to enhance the inhalation efficiency by bearing liquid droplets on an air flow at the early stage of inhalation in an inhaler that is used for the user to inhale a medicine ejected from an ejection head. According to one embodiment of the present invention, from an operation in which the user lets out a breath before the start of inhalation, that is, from the exhalation stage, a positive pressure B produced by the exhalation is detected by a pressure detecting unit, and is compared with a standard pattern stored in a storage unit, by which the exhalation profile of the user is prepared. A time difference t between the exhalation finish time and the start time of next inhalation is estimated, followed by the determination of the ejection start time T01-22-2009
20100294269NEBULIZING DRUG DELIVERY DEVICE WITH AN INCREASED FLOW RATE - The present invention provides a nebulizing drug delivery system for delivering an aerosolized drug to a user having various features to increase the capacity of the drug delivery device. The drug delivery system includes a heater to increase the viscosity of the drug, a double aerosolizing system to double the capacity of the device, and a valve system to continuously replenish drug to the aerosol generator thereby providing a high speed delivery.11-25-2010
20120227735NEBULIZER FOR A AEROSOLTHERAPY - This invention concerns an ampoule nebulizer per aerosol therapy at different medicament delivery speeds. It comprises a body with a through conduit (09-13-2012
20100326431Aerosolization Device - In an aerosolization device, an oscillating aerosol generator is installed at a position proximate to an opening at the bottom of a liquid container for aerosolizing a supplied liquid in the container and a sensor is provided to detect an oscillating signal variation according to a condition whether or not the liquid in the container is in contact with the oscillating aerosol generator and the oscillating signal variation is sent to a controller for computation, so as to control whether to continue operating or stop operating the aerosol generator. If the aerosol generator is controlled to stop its operation, the controller will drive an alarm device to send out an alarm signal at the same time.12-30-2010
20120266871SEAL FOR A DISPENSING APPARATUS - The present invention relates to a seal for a valve for use in a pharmaceutical dispensing device, which seal is formed from an elastomeric composition comprising: (a) one or more elastomers; and (b) a cross-linking agent comprising an aliphatic dialkyl peroxide and/or an aliphatic perketal peroxide.10-25-2012
20120266870DRUG DELIVERY APPARATUS AND METHOD - A nebulizer (10-25-2012
20120285446MAGNETIC COUPLING FOR AEROSOL GENERATING APPARATUS - An apparatus (e.g., nebulizer) for aerosol delivery of a substance (e.g., a drug to a patient) has a mouthpiece (11-15-2012
20130008436RESPIRATORY DRUG DELIVERY APPARATUS INCLUDING A FEEDBACK AND COMPLIANCE DEVICE - A respiratory drug delivery apparatus (01-10-2013
20110146670NEBULISER FOR VENTILATION MACHINES AND A VENTILATION MACHINE COMPRISING SUCH A NEBULISER - Atomizer for a ventilation machine with a ventilator (06-23-2011
20130019861NEBULIZABLE COMPOSITIONS OF QUATERNARY AMMONIUM MUSCARINIC RECEPTOR ANTAGONISTS - Compositions and methods for treatment, prevention, or amelioration of one or more symptoms of bronchoconstrictive disorders are provided. The compositions provided herein are nebulizable compositions comprising quaternary ammonium muscarinic receptor antagonists. The compositions are suitable for direct administration to a patient in need thereof via a nebulizer. Also provided are kits which comprise of the nebulizable composition of the invention in combination with a nebulizer. Also provided is a method of treating, preventing, or amelioration of one or more symptoms of bronchoconstrictive disorders by administering a therapeutically effective amount of the nebulizable composition of the invention via the use of a nebulizer to a patient in need thereof with minimal to no exposure of the nebulizable composition to the body surface of the patient.01-24-2013
20130019860METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR THE PREPARATION OF AEROSOLS - The present invention relates to methods for the preparation of an aerosol. More specifically the present invention provides methods for the preparation of an aerosol of immunoglobulin single variable domains wherein the amount of aggregate formation is significantly reduced. The invention further provides aerosols prepared by the methods of the invention, as well as compositions for use in the methods of the invention. The invention further relates to methods for the preparations of such compositions, to containers, kits and aerosol delivery systems comprising such compositions and to uses of the same.01-24-2013
20080251068Aerosol therapy device - Aerosol therapy device comprising a nebuliser (10-16-2008
20080223361Respiratory medicine delivery system - The respiratory medicine delivery system is a handheld breathing device for a user having respiratory problems. The device comprises a hollow tubular manifold. A front tubular section extends from a front opening of the hollow tubular manifold. A mouthpiece extends from a rear opening of the hollow tubular manifold. The front tubular section has an MDI port. A seal cap that can seal off the MDI port is provided. A PEEP valve is mounted in the front tubular section to create a sealed backpressure in the user's airways by creating resistance to exhalation. The hollow tubular manifold has a manifold inlet. A threaded nebulizer port having a recessed one-way valve can be formed at the inlet of the manifold. The nebulizer port is provided for attachment to a nebulizer to facilitate buildup of positive pressure and delivery of medication to a user's lungs. A nebulizer seal cap is also provided.09-18-2008
20130174838DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR THERAPEUTICALLY CONDITIONED AIR - An apparatus for delivery of therapeutically conditioned air to a patient may include a hollow flexible tube and at least one clamp attached to the tube. A shape retention wire may be engaged with the tube. The apparatus may be configured to direct the therapeutically conditioned air to a region near the patient's nose and mouth without being attached to the patient.07-11-2013
20130125879MICROPARTICLE FORMULATION FOR PULMONARY DRUG DELIVERY OF ANTI INFECTIVE MOLECULE FOR TREATMENT OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES - The present invention relates to a biodegradable, inhalable microparticle formulation comprising a compound of formula I obtained by fermentation of a microorganism of the 05-23-2013
20130125878NEBULIZER WITH NEGATIVE PRESSURE STRUCTURE - A nebulizer with a negative pressure structure includes a nebulization body, a carrying cavity, a nebulizing element and a negative pressure generating element. The carrying cavity is provided for carrying a nebulized liquid and has a through hole. The nebulizing element is installed at the through hole and includes a piezoelectric driving unit and a nebulizing plate disposed on a side of the piezoelectric driving unit. The negative pressure generating element is formed on the carrying cavity and provided for changing the volume of the carrying cavity or removing air from the carrying cavity to reduce the air pressure in the carrying cavity, so as to nebulize a liquid of low surface tension or high viscosity effectively.05-23-2013
20080210224Dose Counter Device for Inhaler - The invention refers to a dose counter device for an inhaler that in a reliable way will register a delivered dose from a canister comprised in the inhaler, and that at the same time substantially will reduce the risk of falsely register a dose not delivered. Thus, the present invention will in an effective way, substantially avoid erroneous counting of delivered doses from the canister.09-04-2008
20130146050NASAL SPRAY APPARATUS - A pharmaceutical product in the form of an anti-snoring substance includes a container (06-13-2013
20080196711METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DELIVERING AN ADDITIVE WITH A CPAP MACHINE - The present invention is a method and apparatus for delivering an additive with a continuous positive airway pressure (“CPAP”) machine. The invention includes mixing an additive with humidifier water and providing the additive to the patient with the CPAP machine. According to certain embodiments, the additive can be an aromatic additive or a therapeutic additive.08-21-2008
20100288270LIQUID EJECTING HEAD - A liquid ejecting head includes an energy generating element for generating energy utilized for ejecting liquid containing a medicine, and a plurality of ejection outlets, provided for said energy generating element, for ejecting the liquid. Each of the ejection outlets has a rotationally asymmetrical cross-section in a plane parallel to the energy generating element.11-18-2010
20120272951FORMULATIONS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING MDI PARTICLE SIZE DELIVERY - Provided herein are formulations, methods, and metered dose inhaler drug delivery devices. The formulations and methods may provide for controlled particle size delivery in metered dose inhaler drug delivery devices. Further provided are metered dose inhaler drug delivery devices that may themselves deliver controlled sized particles to the airways.11-01-2012
20110303219GAS BLENDER WITH AUXILIARY MIXED GAS OUTLET - A gas blender with auxiliary mixed gas outlet for mixing a primary gas, generally air, and a secondary gas, generally oxygen, to obtain a mixed gas having several controlled characteristics. The gas blender may be incorporated into a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device. The gas blender controls the mixing to produce the mixed gas having a predetermined mixture setpoint, generally an oxygen percentage, and a predetermined control setpoint, generally a pressure setpoint or flow rate setpoint. The gas blender provides an auxiliary mixed gas source for use by an auxiliary piece of equipment such as a nebulizer or resuscitation bag. The gas blender includes a primary gas inlet passageway, a secondary gas inlet passageway, a gas mixing apparatus, a mixed gas distribution passageway with an auxiliary mixed gas outlet, a gas sensor, a delivery sensor, a mixed gas delivery control valve, a mixed gas controlled passageway, and a controller.12-15-2011
20110303218NASAL NEBULIZER - A nasal delivery system for and a method of delivering aerosolized medication to the nasal passageway of a patient for treating an ailment in the upper respiratory tract above the trachea, comprising: contacting a nosepiece to a patient's nose, the nosepiece being coupled to a directly to the mesh of the vibrating mist nebulizer via a connecting portion, activating the nebulizer to create aerosolized medication from liquid medication in the chamber, directing the aerosolized medication through the connecting portion to the nosepiece; and dispensing, from apertures in the nosepiece, the aerosolized medication directly through the patient's nose.12-15-2011
20120017893METHODS FOR AMELIORATING PAIN AND DEVICES FOR DELIVERING A MEDICAMENT - A method for delivering medicament such as for ameliorating pain in a patient includes introducing an injector through a nasal passage of the patient into a region substantially medial and/or posterior and/or inferior to a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) of the patient; and delivering a medicament from the injector superiorly and/or laterally and/or anteriorly towards the SPG. A device for delivering a medicament to a patient in need thereof includes (a) an injector containing a first end configured to remain outside a nasal passage of the patient and a second end configured for entry into the nasal passage of the patient; and (b) an introducer configured for engagement with a nostril of the patient and containing a passageway configured for slidably receiving the injector. The injector is moveable between a storage position preceding the engagement and an engaging position pursuant to the engagement.01-26-2012
20120017892USE OF SALT OF AN ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID FOR THE TREATMENT OF VIRAL INFECTIONS - The invention relates to a method of use of a composition comprising a salt of the o-acetylsalicylic acid with a basic amino acid for producing a pharmaceutical composition for the prophylaxis or treatment of viral infections of humans or of animals, in particular mammals and birds.01-26-2012
20130192593NOZZLE UNIT AND DISPENSER - A nozzle unit for discharge of a pharmaceutical medium and a dispenser equipped therewith. The nozzle unit includes a common supply channel for supply of the medium and first and second discharge nozzles each having a discharge orifice for discharge of the medium supplied through the common supply channel. The nozzle unit is configured for atomized delivery of the medium and includes a first vortex chamber assigned to the first discharge nozzle and a second vortex chamber assigned to the second discharge nozzle for the purpose of atomizing.08-01-2013
20120085343NEBULIZER SYSTEMS, APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR RESPIRATORY THERAPY - Nebulizer systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed. The apparatus includes a body, a breathing gas inlet and outlet, and a barrier. The body is sized to be positioned within an adaptor of the nebulizer system. The breathing gas inlet and the breathing gas outlet are at opposite ends of the body. The barrier is coupled to the body. A plurality of holes are formed in the barrier. The plurality of holes open in a direction orthogonal to the breathing gas inlet. The system employs the apparatus in conjunction with a nebulizer and an adaptor. The method includes generating an aerosolized medicament, providing the aerosolized medicament to the adaptor, passing the aerosolized medicament through the barrier of the apparatus, providing a breathing gas to the apparatus, and flowing the aerosolized medicament and the breathing gas through the breathing gas outlet of the apparatus.04-12-2012


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