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128853000 Fenestrated 27
128852000 With surgical implement retaining means 17
128856000 Tubular 8
128851000 With handle or applicator means 7
128855000 Folded or stacked 5
20090320857INTEGRATED OPERATING ROOM SHEET SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING THE SAME - Disposable operating room surgical draping systems are disclosed. Methods of using disposable operating room surgical draping systems are also disclosed.12-31-2009
20130092178Surgical wound closure device - A surgical wound closure device including a substrate having a proximal surface and a distal surface; a drape having a proximal surface and a distal surface, and being disposed proximally to said substrate; and an adhesive layer having a proximal surface and a distal surface; said drape being disposed releasably adherently to said distal surface of said adhesive layer. Also provided is a surgical procedure including the steps of providing a surgical wound closure device positioning the proximal surface of said adhesive layer on a patient; separating said substrate from said drape and adhesive layer to expose said distal surface of said drape; making a surgical incision through said drape; performing a surgical procedure; removing said drape from said adhesive layer to expose said distal surface of said adhesive layer; aligning said substrate and said adhesive layer; and adhering said proximal surface of said substrate to said adhesive layer.04-18-2013
20130092177Drape for Equipment Having Cylindrical or other Non-Planar Contours04-18-2013
20110214679Folded Telescopic Equipment Drape and Method of Folding and Using the Same - An equipment drape (09-08-2011
20110315150SURGICAL DRAPE - A surgical drape includes a base sheet of thin, flexible material. The base sheet includes an upper surface, a lower surface, a first lateral side edge, a second lateral side edge, a top edge and a bottom edge. A first support member extends between the first lateral side edge and the top edge, and a second support member extends between the second lateral side edge and the top edge, the first and second support members being shaped and dimensioned to support the sheet in a tented configuration. The base sheet includes a first aperture formed therein and a second aperture formed therein. The first aperture and the second aperture are symmetrically positioned along opposite sides of the sheet relative to a central axis extending between the top edge and the bottom edge.12-29-2011
128850000 Incision or cavity inserted 4
20100089409Postoperative Adhesion Prophylactic - A method for postoperative use of an adhesion prophylactic. After an operation that might have to be repeated, a non-reabsorbable membrane, made of material that is compatible with a body, is placed between an operation site and adjacent tissue. The membrane is configured such that during a repair operation the membrane can be used to facilitate exposure of the operation site.04-15-2010
20090211587Urology Drape - A urology drape is disclosed which comprises a flexible sheet (08-27-2009
20110120477Viscera protector - A composite viscera protector consisting of a silicone layer, a polypropylene mesh layer and an additional silicon layer having a thickness between 0.5 and 2.53 mm, with a repeating series of holes in a pattern over its entire surface or a portion thereof with the holes being slits on one or two planes non-intersecting and being of a size between 1 and 10 mm.05-26-2011
20080223378Viscera protector - A composite viscera protector consisting of a silicone layer, a polypropylene mesh layer and an additional silicon layer having a thickness between 0.5 and 2.53 mm, with a repeating series of holes in a pattern over its entire surface or a portion thereof with the holes being slits on one or two planes non-intersecting and being of a size between 1 and 10 mm.09-18-2008
20130025605FLUOROSCOPY C-ARM DRAPE CLIP, DRAPE CLIP ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF CLIPPING A STERILE DRAPE TO A FLUOROSCOPY C-ARM - A fluoroscopy C-arm drape clip for attaching a sterile drape to a C-arm of a fluoroscopy C-arm imaging unit and method of providing a sterile outer surface on a C-arm of a fluoroscopy C-arm imaging unit is provided. The drape clip includes a generally U-shaped band having a pair of legs and an arm. Each of the legs has a first end attached to the arm and a second end spaced from the arm. The legs extend away from the arm in non-parallel, laterally spaced relation with one another and have inner surfaces facing one another and an outer surfaces facing away from one another. Further, an elastic pad is attached to the inner surface of each of the legs adjacent the second ends.01-31-2013
20110174317PREPARATION OF ELASTIC COMPOSITE STRUCTURES USEFUL FOR COMPONENTS OF DISPOSABLE HYGIENE PRODUCTS AND ARTICLES OF APPAREL - Disclosed herein are articles and processes for making elastic composite structures which can be used as or converted into a component of disposable hygiene products or articles of apparel. At least one relatively inelastic substrate, for example a nonwoven substrate, is adhesively bonded with a hot melt adhesive to a certain selected type of elongated polyurethane material in the form of a film or one or more fibers or filaments. The elongated polyurethane material is then allowed to relax which provides an elastic composite structure which is gathered or puckered.07-21-2011
20120222686Surgical Drape With Selectively Detachable Barrier - The present technology is directed to a surgical drape which decreases the likelihood of infection by protecting the surgical site both during and after the operation. Further, the present technology can be used in conjunction with a fluid-collection system for surgical procedures which result in a large volume of fluid to be collected from the surgical site.09-06-2012
20120234333Medical Fabric With Asymmetrical Layers - There is provided an SMS laminate for use as a medical fabric. The multilayer non-woven SMS fabric is designed to have the basis weight of the fabric asymmetrically skewed toward one side. In one embodiment the medical fabric is a laminate used as a sterilization wrap having a first spunbond layer, a meltblown layer and a second spunbond layer in which the first spunbond layer is on the side, once an item to be sterilized is wrapped, that is away from the item and that has a greater basis weight than the second spunbond layer that is on the side nearer the item to be sterilized. The medical fabric may also used to produce medical gowns to and drapes.09-20-2012
20110030702MEDICAL DRAPE - A medical drape is disclosed. The drape comprises a base drape portion and an insert drape portion removably attached to the base drape portion. A plurality of independently configured insert drape portions may be used, each insert being configured differently for a different procedure. The base drape portion may be made of environmentally friendly biodegradable material.02-10-2011
20110277775SURGICAL SYSTEM INSTRUMENT STERILE ADAPTER - A sterile adapter, a drape including the adapter, and a method of draping a manipulator arm are provided. In one embodiment, the sterile adapter includes a housing configured to receive a distal face of an instrument manipulator having a plurality of manipulator actuator outputs, and a membrane interface disposed at a distal end of the housing, the membrane interface including a plurality of actuator interfaces. The adapter further includes a pair of supports coupled to the housing, the pair of supports configured to retain a surgical instrument having a plurality of instrument actuator inputs so that the plurality of instrument actuator inputs are positioned opposite to corresponding manipulator actuator outputs with an actuator interface between each corresponding instrument actuator input and manipulator actuator output.11-17-2011
20110297163Surgical Procedure Bag - A surgical procedure bag allowing for rapid preparation of a surgical procedure while ensuring the sterility of the patient and the surgical instruments. The surgical procedure bag comprises a top layer and a bottom layer. The bottom layer is placed above and against the surgical site and, wearing gloves, the surgeon inserts his/her hands through the top layer and manipulates the pre-sterilized surgical instruments placed inside the bag to perform the surgical procedure.12-08-2011
20110290260Catheter Tray, Packaging System, Instruction Insert, and Associated Methods12-01-2011
20110290259Chlorhexidine-Containing Antimicrobial Laminates - Antimicrobial laminates of the invention comprise at least one adhesive layer; a backing outwardly exposed on a first side of the adhesive layer; and, optionally, a release liner outwardly exposed on a second side of the adhesive layer opposite from the first side of the adhesive layer. At least one of the at least one adhesive layer and the backing comprises an antimicrobially effective amount of substantially pure chlorhexidine.12-01-2011
20100059067Disposable hygiene article, surgical covering item, or surgical garment - A disposable hygiene article (03-11-2010
20120186590WRAPPABLE STERILE RADIATION SHIELD DRAPE, COMBINATION OF A RADIATION SHIELD AND STERILE DRAPE THEREFOR AND METHOD OF PROVIDING A STERILE DRAPE ABOUT A RADIATION SHIELD - A wrappable sterile radiation shield drape, a wrappable sterile radiation shield drape in combination with a radiation shield, and a method of providing a sterile surface about a suspended radiation shield is provided. The drape includes a flexible wall having a sterilized outer surface. The wall has opposite side edges extending between upper and lower ends. The upper end has an everted portion providing an inverted pocket. The wall includes an upper fastener adjacent its upper end. The upper fastener is configured to releasably fix the upper end of the wall relative to the radiation shield. The wall further includes an edge fastener adjacent at least one of its side edges. The edge fastener is configured for releasable attachment adjacent the opposite side edge to releasably maintain the wall in a wrapped configuration about the radiation shield with the side edges being releasably maintained in overlapping relation with one another.07-26-2012
20090205669APPARATUS FOR INFECTION CONTROL OF A SHOULDER POSITION DEVICE - A disposable sleeve adapted to be applied to a shoulder position device. The disposable sleeve includes a first flexible side wall, a second flexible side wall connected to the first flexible side wall at a first edge and a second edge, and an opening at a first end of the sleeve, the opening adapted to receive the shoulder position device. The disposable sleeve also includes a pad secured to a second end of the sleeve, the pad defining a radius of curvature, and a plurality of tabs secured to the sleeve, the tabs having a layer of adhesive adapted to be secured to a portion of the shoulder position device.08-20-2009
20110168189STERILE DRAPE INTERFACE FOR ROBOTIC SURGICAL INSTRUMENT - A robotic surgical system includes a sterile surgical instrument, a robotic surgical manipulator, and a sterile drape covering at least a portion of the robotic surgical manipulator. The surgical instrument has a proximal interface and a distal end effector. The proximal interface includes a gimbal assembly with two intersecting rotational axes coupled to the distal end effector. The robotic surgical manipulator has a drive plate that bears against the gimbal assembly. The drive plate has two degrees of rotational freedom about a center of motion that is coincident with an intersection of the axes of the gimbal assembly. The sterile drape includes a sterile sheet covers at least a portion of the robotic surgical manipulator, a frame bonded to the sterile sheet, an instrument interface that covers the drive plate of the robotic surgical manipulator, and a diaphragm that connects the instrument interface to the frame.07-14-2011
20080236598Drape for open tracheal suctioning - A surgical drape that promotes enhanced protection of the surgical site from pathogens is provided. The surgical drape includes a base sheet and a connecting element in communication with the drape, the connecting element being adapted to enable a male or female fit into a connector of a medical device and further adapted to occlude an opening in the central region of the base sheet.10-02-2008
20080210245DISPOSABLE, SELF-OPENING BODILY FLUID BARRIER - Shown is a disposable, self-opening bodily fluid barrier formed of a sheet of impermeable material. The device may include a main body panel, side panels, and a foot panel to fully wrap and encase an injured or diseased patient and contain any bodily fluids released from the patient. The device may also include fluid expansion chambers such that, when filled with a pressurized gas, will cause the device to fully open into position for use without assistance.09-04-2008
20090211585Coverings for Phototherapy and Topical Treatment - A method to effectively cover parts of the body that should not receive phototherapy treatment. The invention can also be used to cover parts of the body that are not receiving topical treatments and are adjacent to such areas being treated. Three variations of the covering device can be used separately or together in various combinations. An extremity covering device covers a large portion of a hand, foot or other extremity. A digit covering device covers one finger or toe. A skin covering device is used to cover areas not covered by the extremity or digit covering devices, or can be used separately to cover a finite area of the skin, nails, or other portion of a patient.08-27-2009
20100186753Sani-Thyro Cover for Thyroid Shields - Thyroid shield covers will be used to improve overall sanitary conditions in the field of Radiology. The Sani-Thyro thyroid shield cover will be used to protect lead thyroid shields from becoming soiled with blood and other bodily fluids during Radiological procedures in which lead apparel is necessary. Lead apparel is expensive and therefore re-used throughout the lifetime of the integrity of the lead itself. The more often used, lead apparel becomes quite soiled over time. These thyroid shield covers will keep the thyroid shields clean and therefore help maintain personal hygene for all in the field of Radiology.07-29-2010
20090255540Method and Apparatus for Warming Medical Solutions in a Thermal Treatment System Employing a Removable Basin - A drape device is provided for use with a thermal treatment system, where the thermal treatment system includes a receptacle dimensioned to receive a basin, a heater to heat items placed within the receptacle and a limit switch that is operable to identify when the basin or other item is placed within the receptacle and to further activate the heater upon identification by the limit switch of the basin or other item being placed within the receptacle. The drape device includes a drape that can be placed within the receptacle to provide a barrier between items placed on the drape and the receptacle. The drape device further includes engaging structure configured to engage the drape and one of the basin and the receptacle. In one embodiment, the engaging structure includes an actuation member that facilitates operation of the limit switch and activation of the heater without the use of the basin. In another embodiment, the engaging structure is securable to the basin to facilitate securing of the drape within the basin during use of the thermal treatment system.10-15-2009
20110126845Surgical cover having integrated fluid barrier - The invention relates to a disposable surgical cover having a fluid impermeable base cover material with a lower side facing the patient during use and an upper side, wherein the upper side comprises an absorbent layer, a first absorbent region, and at least one second absorbent region. For this purpose the second absorbent region is overlapped by a fluid absorbent and fluid permeable material section having outer edges and adjoining edge regions. The surgical cover as such extends in a longitudinal direction LR between an upper end and a lower end. The absorbent material section is undetachably fixed across the entire circumference on the upper side of the base cover material, and is substantially not connected to the base cover material outside of the edge regions such that a pocket is formed between the absorbent material section and the fluid impermeable base cover material. At least one of the edge regions of the absorbent material section has a fluid barrier, at least in sections, wherein the fluid barrier is formed by means of a joining means which undetachably fixes the material section to the upper side of the base cover material.06-02-2011
20090211586DISPOSABLE COVER FOR CONTACT-TYPE LENS PIECE - In one embodiment, a pliable film adapted to conform to parts of an optical examination device and provide a barrier between the eye of a patient being examined and the optical examination device.08-27-2009
20120132217RADIATION SHIELD ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF PROVIDING A STERILE BARRIER TO RADIATION - A radiation shield assembly and method of providing a sterile barrier to radiation is provided. An assembly includes a rigid support member and a radiopaque sheet operably fixed to the support member. A sterile flexible drape covers the radiopaque sheet. Another assembly includes a sterile flexible drape and a through opening. A radiopaque member is disposed about the through opening. A method includes laying a first flexible drape having an access opening over a patient and then laying a radiopaque member substantially about the access opening on the first flexible drape. Another method includes providing a flexible drape having a sterile outer surface and a through opening and disposing a radiopaque member about the through opening. Another method includes laying a sterile flexible drape having a pocket and a through opening over a patient. Then, disposing at least one radiopaque member in the pocket about the through opening.05-31-2012
20100065068DRAPE FOR MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, DRAPE FOR ENDOSCOPE, AND MEDICAL APPARATUS - A drape for a medical equipment includes a covering portion configured to cover a surface of the medical equipment, a fixing portion which relatively fixes the covering portion to the medical equipment, a coupling portion which couples the fixing portion with the covering portion, and holding means which is provided to the covering portion and configured to liquid-tightly hold the covered inside when the medical equipment is covered with the covering portion.03-18-2010
20100263678Patient warming drape - A patient warming device includes a gasket coupled to an interior surface of a base film to define a target region that is attachable to a body surface of a patient. The base film extends from a perimeter of the gasket to provide a surgical drape. An evacuation port is in fluid communication with the target region. When attached to the patient, suction applied to the target region via the evacuation port vasodilates the body surface of the patient such that a heat source communicating with the target region increases a core temperature of the patient.10-21-2010
20110247634Unitary Structured Multi-Tier Drape - A drape having a pair of elongated sheets connected at distal ends to define a skirt, with opposing side walls in a first portion of the elongated sheets having a first width and in a second portion having a different width so the drape has a stair-step structure, with a paper and plastic laminated first and second tier panels attached to the elongated sheets in spaced-relation and a central panel attached therebetween, for covering a tiered surgical operating table.10-13-2011
20110253152Polypropylene Based Fibers and Nonwovens - The present invention relates to fibers and nonwovens made from plasticized polyolefin compositions comprising a polyolefin, a non-functionalized hydrocarbon plasticizer and a slip agent.10-20-2011
20110162659Surgical barrier device incorporating an inflatable thermal blanket with an attached surgical drape - A surgical barrier device includes an inflatable thermal blanket with an attached surgical drape. The inflatable thermal blanket is inflatable through an inlet by a thermally-controlled inflating medium. An aperture array on the undersurface of the inflatable thermal blanket exhausts the thermally controlled inflating medium from the inflatable thermal blanket. The surgical drape extends from the inflatable thermal blanket and is sized to substantially cover the entirety of the patient's body. Where patient access is required, that drape has an opening to provide access to a surgical site.07-07-2011
20100319712PROTECTIVE APPAREL HAVING COLOR-CODING FOR IDENTIFYING BARRIER PROTECTION LEVELS AND METHODS OF MAKING SAME - A disposable surgical gown having a neck binding that includes a visual indicator to identify the barrier protection level associated with the disposable surgical gown. In particular, the disposable surgical gown has a neck binding that is color-coded for identifying the barrier protection level associated with the disposable surgical gown for protecting against penetration of body fluids and infectious materials. Also disclosed is a disposable surgical drape having a visual indicator, such as color-coding, to identify the barrier protection level associated with the disposable surgical drape. A surgical kit includes the disposable surgical gown and/or disposable surgical drape having visual indicators, such as color-coding, to identify the barrier protection level. The surgical kit may include other items to be used in a surgical setting which may also have visual indicators, such as color-coding, to identify the barrier protection level associated with the disposable surgical gown and/or disposable surgical drape.12-23-2010
20110259347Orthopedic Disposable Bilateral Split Sheet - A sterile surgical sheet comprising two parallel slits and bands of adhesive bonding for prepping a patient for bilateral knee replacement surgery and providing adequate shielding from an upper thigh tourniquet. The sheet is of one-piece construction and utilizes two parallel slits for placement around a patient's legs to maintain a sterile field and seal off a tourniquet area. Outer sections of material are wrapped around and over each leg from the outside, while an inner section between the slits is folded over the patient's groin and over the outer section wrapping. Bands of adhesive bonding along the slits secure the folded assembly against the patient's legs and ensure the sheet does not come unwrapped. This provides doctors and nurses with a bounded sterile region and uninhibited access to a patient's legs. The one-piece drape provides convenience for users and reduces effort when preparing a patient prior to surgery, eliminating the use of multiple, overlapping sheets that are prone to separation.10-27-2011
20100024831SURGICAL DRAPE HAVING AN ABSORBENT EDGE - A surgical drape (02-04-2010
20110297164SURGICAL DRAPE WITH SEPARABLE ELEMENTS - The present disclosure relates to a one piece customized disposable surgical drape to be used in any surgery, and more specifically to a one piece customized disposable surgical drape that includes one or more of the following: (1) a patient drape for use with a standalone non-draped image acquisition device (requiring circumferential access to the patient); (2) a patient drape for use with a standalone non-draped image acquisition device with image guidance navigation technology; (3) the means to provide temporary sterile coverage of an underlying sterile field; (4) the means to provide sterile separation of at least a portion, if not the entire temporary sterile coverage; and (5) the means to provide covering of the undersurface of the operating surface and enclosing any suspended medical devices, wires, cables, tubes, etc.12-08-2011
20110155145MEDICAL LENS ASSEMBLIES AND STERILE DRAPES WITH A LENS ASSEMBLY - Medical lens assemblies and sterile drapes with a lens assembly are presented herein. In one embodiment, a lens assembly includes an annular lens housing that is attachable to a medical drape. The lens housing is configured to releasably attach to a medical device, such as a surgical microscope. An annular lens cover holder is removably attachable to the lens housing. A lens cover for shielding the objective lens is pivotably hinged to the lens cover holder. In another embodiment, a drape assembly includes a flexible body sized to cover an optical device. A lens housing attached to the drape body is engageable with the optical device to attach proximate to an objective lens thereof. A lens cover holder is removably attached to the lens housing to rotate about a first axis. A lens cover is mounted to the lens cover holder to pivot about a second, different axis.06-30-2011
20110174316STERILE RADIATION SHIELD DRAPE, COMBINATION OF A RADIATION SHIELD AND STERILE DRAPE THEREFOR AND METHOD OF PROVIDING A STERILE DRAPE ABOUT A RADIATION SHIELD - A sterile radiation shield drape configured to be disposed about a radiation shield while the radiation shield is hanging from a support at its top end and extending to a free bottom end is provided. The radiation shield drape includes a circumferentially continuous wall having a sterilized outer surface and an inner surface extending between an upper end and a lower end. The inner surface circumferentially bounds a cavity sized for receipt of the radiation shield. The upper end has an everted edge providing at least one pocket extending along the upper end and further includes at least one fastener provided adjacent the upper end. The at least one fastener is configured to releasably fix the circumferentially continuous wall about the radiation shield.07-21-2011
20120247489STERILE SURGICAL ADAPTOR - A sterile drape with integrated sterile adaptor, a telerobotic surgical system, and method of use are provided for draping portions of a telerobotic surgical system to maintain a sterile barrier between the sterile surgical field and the non-sterile robotic system while also providing an interface for transferring mechanical and electrical energy and signals.10-04-2012
20120247488DISPOSABLE APPARATUS FOR SECURING A PATIENT - Embodiments of an apparatus are described. In one embodiment, the system is an apparatus for securing a patient to a board. The apparatus includes a board and a disposable cover that covers at least a portion of the board. The disposable cover includes a securing mechanism for securing the cover in place around a portion of the board. The disposable cover further includes at least one strap to wrap around the body of a patient or other object. The disposable cover also includes at least one second strap to wrap around the first strap. The second strap may include an adhesive material to secure the second strap around the first strap.10-04-2012
20120167896Surgical drape - A surgical drape (07-05-2012
20120298114WOUND DRESSING SYSTEM - System, method, and components for hygienic maintenance of a surgical wound configured for drainage of ascites from a body cavity. Different aspects of the system may include one or more of a wound dressing, a pocket for low-profile, hygienic, and aesthetic storage of a drainage catheter configured for attachment to a patient and/or wound dressing, and an apron device configured for installation and/or exchange of a wound dressing.11-29-2012
20120080040STERILE DRAPE HAVING MULTIPLE DRAPE INTERFACE MECHANISMS - A sterile drape configured for isolating a portion of a surgical device within a sterile environment, comprising: a plurality of drape interface mechanisms comprising: at least one drape/handle interface mechanism comprising a first ring defining a first opening through the sterile drape and configured for coupling with a control mechanism, the control mechanism comprising a surgical device for controlling a surgical instrument; and at least one drape/shaft interface mechanism comprising a second ring defining a second opening through the sterile drape, and configured for sealingly receiving a shaft there through as the shaft moves with a piston and is detachably coupled with the piston, wherein the piston is configured for responding to a first set of control signals sent by a first mechanical manipulation mechanism via a first connector by moving between a proximal end and a distal end of a first mechanical slave cylinder.04-05-2012
20120138070LIQUID APPLICATOR AND METHOD OF USE - An applicator for dispensing uniform thickness layers of liquid to surfaces and especially surgical sealants to surgical sites to create, in situ, a surgical incise drape is disclosed. The applicator employs a supported thin layer of foam which achieves layer thickness which are substantially independent of the pressure applied to the applicator during use. Methods of using the applicator are also disclosed.06-07-2012
20120240942PRODUCTS FOR REDUCING TISSUE TRAUMA USING WATER-RESISTANT STRESS-DISTRIBUTING MATERIALS - Methods and products for protecting tissue of a patient during a surgical procedure that involve making an incision in the tissue and retracting the tissue to make a larger opening, wherein the methods and products use a water-resistant stress-distributing layer.09-27-2012
20120247487METHODS AND PRODUCTS FOR REDUCING TISSUE TRAUMA USING WATER-ABSORBING STRESS-DISTRIBUTING MATERIALS - Methods and products for protecting tissue of a patient during a surgical procedure that involve making an incision in the tissue and retracting the tissue to make a larger opening, wherein the methods and products use a water-absorbing stress-distributing layer.10-04-2012
20100275928Professional massage draping sheet set - A professional massage draping sheet set comprised of a one piece textile fabric featuring a veil covered abdomen opening to access the stomach region and two openings for each leg with an angle cut to the pelvic region. All openings are fastened with special open-closure mechanism including light-weight, strong-hold magnets. And a second professional massage fitted sheet fitted for professional massage tables that includes an opening at each end to accommodate access to the head and foot rest attachments.11-04-2010
20110220126BIODEGRADABLE MEDICAL MATERIAL - A biodegradable monolayer medical material, comprising at least 20 percent cellulose fibers by dry weight, with a remainder consisting of at least 75 percent by dry weight of natural fibers, the monolayer medical material providing a barrier to liquids and/or microorganisms meeting at least level 1 performance based on a standard defined by AAMI PB70, and at least a portion of the monolayer medical material comprises a softening process pattern configured to soften the monolayer medical barrier material.09-15-2011
20130152945SEALING SYSTEMS AND METHODS EMPLOYING A SWITCHABLE DRAPE - A sealing system that includes a switchable drape is presented. The drape provides enhanced sealing by using a high-strength adhesive. In one instance, the switchable drape has a plurality of perforations through which a switching solution may be delivered to the high-strength adhesive. The switching solution causes the high-strength adhesive to become less adhesive so that the switchable drape may be removed more easily. Other systems, methods, and drapes are presented.06-20-2013
20130199543STERILE DRAPE SUPPORT - A sterile drape support includes a clamp, a swivel mechanism coupled to the clamp, and an elongate support bar extending from a proximal end to a distal end. The proximal end of the support bar is coupled to the swivel mechanism so that the support bar is pivotable with respect to the clamp. For use during a medical procedure, the clamp is coupled to a bed, procedure table, or another object positioned near the bed or table during the procedure, such as a cart. A sterile drape or dressing is draped over the support bar so that the drape is held off the patient's face during the procedure. A method of preparing a patient for a medical procedure includes obtaining a sterile drape support, attaching the support to an object near the patient's bed or procedure table, and draping a sterile dressing over the drape support.08-08-2013

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