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126512000 Fluid fuel 25
126544000 Front barrier or guard 9
126502000 Condition responsive control 9
126523000 With heat exchanger for room heating air 7
126540000 Grate structure 7
126501000 Hopper feed of solid fuel 5
20130160757FIREPLACE ASSEMBLY WITH BIOMASS FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM - A biomass-burning fireplace assembly with a hopper and an outlet adjacent to the hopper outlet. A fuel metering assembly is adjacent to the hopper outlet and the barrier member. The fuel metering assembly has a fuel metering receptacle that receives the biomass fuel from the hopper. The fuel metering receptacle is moveable relative to the hopper between first and second positions on opposite sides of the barrier member. The barrier member is a physical barrier between the fuel metering receptacle and the hopper outlet when in the second position. A fuel feed assembly receives fuel from the fuel metering receptacle when is in the second position. The fuel feed assembly moves the fuel onto a burn platform assembly coupled to the firebox adjacent to the fuel inlet opening.06-27-2013
20090293860SYSTEMS AND METHODS RELATING TO FIREPLACES COMPRISING MODULAR FEED AND COMBUSTION SYSTEMS FOR BIOMASS SOLID PARTICULATE FUELS - Fireplaces suitable for outdoor patio and built-in fireplaces, fire pits and the like that burn biomass solid particulate fuels wherein such fireplaces comprise at least one feed system that is modular which can feed from at least one feed bin onto one or more burn grates. This allows for greater control over aspects such as heat output, energy generation, mixing different varieties of fuels such as flavored pellets or chips when used in a barbecue grill or smoker or other food preparation device, and if desired a wider, more full flame for example where aesthetic considerations are important.12-03-2009
20090320825Gate device - The invention relates to a gate device (12-31-2009
20110073101CONTROL SYSTEM FOR HEATING SYSTEMS - Provided are exemplary embodiments, which may include a heating system controller, which may be capable of controlling a heating system to reduce inefficiencies, and/or allow the heating system to operate in a relatively optimum manner.03-31-2011
126519000 Circular viewability of flame 4
20090107483PORTABLE FIRE PIT - A portable fire pit includes a base for supporting and containing combustible material, a plurality of legs for supporting the base above the ground or other surface, and a plurality of fire screens movably mounted to the base for movement between a first, compact position for transport and storage of the portable fire pit and a second, extended position in which the screens are substantially upright to contain the fire. Each of the fire screens comprises a frame and a wire screen mounted therein. Additionally, the fire screens are movably mounted to the base using sliding hinges and guides such that in the second, extended position the fire screens are maintained in the upright position by the guides.04-30-2009
20080264408DECORATIVE GAS BURNER - A burner assembly having a burner plate provided with a plurality of spaced apart nozzles thereon. A plurality of pilot burners are disposed at different locations proximate the burner plate. The pilot burners can be partially shielded within canopies with the burner plate being unshielded.10-30-2008
20100288263PORTABLE OUTDOOR FIREPLACE - A portable outdoor fireplace which can also be used as a cooking grill. The fireplace includes a base member, a four-sided screened enclosure, a top member and two wheels. Only a few fasteners are needed to assemble and hold all of the components together.11-18-2010
20120006316FIRE CONTAINER ASSEMBLY - An air-intake assembly adapted for use with a fire container assembly includes a first plate and a plurality of vanes. The plurality of vanes is engaged to the first plate. Each of the vanes includes a first longitudinal side engaged to the first plate and an oppositely disposed second longitudinal side. The plurality of vanes defines a plurality of pathways. A chamber is cooperatively defined by the first plate and the plurality of vanes. The chamber extends through the first plate. The plurality of pathways swirl air about a longitudinal axis of the chamber.01-12-2012
126552000 Heat reflecting structure 4
20120216798REFRACTORY PANEL FOR A FIREPLACE - A refractory panel for a fireplace comprising interconnected sub-panels forming a textured surface. Adjacent ones of the sub-panels are partially separated from each other by gaps located between edges of the adjacent subpanels.08-30-2012
20120216797BAFFLE FOR A FIREPLACE - A heat deflection member having a first bend along a central axis of the heat deflection member that forms first and second opposing panels, and opposing first and second parallel edges of the heat deflection member having second and third bends formed parallel the central axis that form opposing first and second coupling flanges along at least a portion of a length of the opposing edges. A method of manufacturing a fireplace baffle and a pre-fabricated fireplace are also provided.08-30-2012
20130118476Outdoor fireplace - An outdoor fireplace is disclosed, the outdoor fireplace including a housing chamber having walls formed from a natural stone material and a metal insert disposed in the housing chamber to militate against a transfer of heat to the natural stone material and further surrounding area.05-16-2013
20090038606Knockdown ventless shallow sheetmetal fireplace firebox - In accordance with the present invention a knockdown ventless sheetmetal fireplace firebox that is simple and inexpensive to manufacture, easy to assemble, and is less than 10″ in exterior depth.02-12-2009
126521000 With air pump 3
20090205634Residential fireplace insert system improvements - This CIP titled “Residential Fireplace Insert System Improvements” involves an improvement in the efficiency of the slide-in “Residential Woodburning Fireplace Insert System”, formerly application Ser. No. 11/507,343 filed Aug. 21, 2006, (now Pat. No. 7,509,954) wherein the heat output and fuel consumption are improved by controllably shutting off free air flow into the the combustion chamber by using a framed panel of heat-tolerant plastic film (as an alternate to using the glass doors) at the surround door location, then controlling the generated heat and fuel combination by carefully injecting just the proper ratio of the oxygen-to-fuel necessary for controlling both the heat output rate and fuel consumption parameters which include soot and creosote control improvements.08-20-2009
20120192854UNVENTED GAS FIREPLACE - An unvented gas fireplace in which air flow through a closed combustion chamber is controlled by means of a restriction in the air flow path through an outer plenum chamber surrounding the combustion chamber. The restriction in the air flow path through the plenum causes a pressure differential between the plenum and combustion chamber, forcing air from the plenum into the combustion chamber, where it is combusted and mixed with the cool air that has passed the restriction in the plenum, before the air mixture is exhausted into the surrounding room, thereby heating the room.08-02-2012
20120192855FIRE GRATE FOR ENHANCED COMBUSTION - An improved fire grate may provide fresh oxygen rich air to a secondary combustion zone, created by the improved fire grate, of a combustion chamber where a combustion gas stream is typically oxygen starved assisting in the burning process of incompletely burned particulates and reducing other harmful emissions. A baffle plate may be introduced in the secondary combustion zone to increase a combustion chamber temperature, encourage mixing of oxygen starved air with oxygen rich air and increase a residence time of the combustion gas within the combustion chamber. These aspects of the baffle plate promote more efficient burning of the biomass/fuel. Additionally, log lighter(s) may be disposed in the secondary combustion zone to increase a temperature of the combustion chamber for the purposes of reducing harmful emissions.08-02-2012
126554000 With means facilitating ash removal 1
20090283092Firelog Pan - A light weight, reusable, disposable, and relatively inexpensive pan that can be placed in a fireplace. One embodiment of the firelog pan includes a base, risers in the base that permit airflow under a firelog placed on the risers (thus helping the firelog to burn properely), and sidewalls that retain ash from a firelog burned in the firelog pan. The pan preferably is made of a lightweight heat resistant material. The pan preferably can be re-used several times before being discarded. The pan preferably is relatively inexpensive, so the pan can be replaced when desired.11-19-2009
20100043775ARTIFICIAL LOG SET ASSEMBLY - An artificial log set assembly including a burner and an electric ember bed for creating a more realistic simulated wood fire experience. The burner may be a yellow flame burner, a blue flame burner or an infrared burner, and may be configured for installation in a vented or unvented hearth product. The artificial log set assembly may include a common controlling device for remote control of various components of the artificial log set assembly, including, for example, the control valve assembly for controlling the on or off function of the burner flame and the ignition device for sting the pilot flame. In another aspect of the disclosure, an artificial log set assembly may include an electric artificial log set and a burner for creating a glowing ember bed.02-25-2010
20100095952MASONRY STRUCTURE - An apparatus and a method of producing the same are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a panel, a plurality of fasteners, and a plurality of bricks secured to the panel by the fastener.04-22-2010
20100095953Brick Assembly with Magnetic Attachment, and Methods of Making and Use Thereof - A brick assembly may include a molded brick having a planar surface and at least one magnetic attachment for magnetically securing the brick assembly to a ferromagnetic surface. A mold assembly for manufacturing a brick assembly may include a mold chamber and at least one magnetic attachment seat or a hinged metal door. A method for manufacturing a brick assembly may include using a mold assembly, a mold material, and at least one magnetic attachment.04-22-2010
20090120426Fireplace hearth pad - The FIREPLACE HEARTH PAD is a configuration of rectangles that contour a raised surface. Used to provide protection, this form covers the flat top, a pivot within the form continues the protection, covering the outer most protruding edge. Another pivot within the form allows the coverage to continue for the front vertical portion of a raised surface. Sections of the like, adjoined side to side, provide protection for the most extended of raised surfaces. The top, middle, and bottom segments, which make up the form, can be independently removed leaving remaining segments and sections undisturbed.05-14-2009
20090320824Arrangement for reflection of heat radiation, process of making same and uses of same - The heat reflecting arrangement with an improved high heat resistance, e.g. 100 hours at 500° C., includes a substrate, a heat reflecting layer (A) on at least one side of the substrate, which contains indium tin oxide (ITO), and a barrier layer (B) that covers the heat reflecting layer (A), which contains a metal oxide and/or a metal nitride. A fireplace or baking oven with a viewing window having this layer system with the heat reflecting layer is also described. In addition a process for providing the heat reflecting arrangement is described.12-31-2009
20090159073Self-Lighting Firewood Stack With Handle - A portable firewood stack is described, the firewood stack designed o be easily transportable and possessing all the elements necessary for a good fire. The firewood stack is composed of a pyramidal stack of wood logs, a base made of compressed paper, and a cone of starter material placed on the base placed directly under the stack of firewood06-25-2009
20080236566REFRACTORY PANELS WITH GROUT-CAPTURING CHANNELS - A refractory panel is formed with recesses delineating a pair of adjoining brick relief patterns. One or more depressions are formed in the recesses such that grout or the like placed in the recesses form fingers that harden into position.10-02-2008
20090199845Folding Flue - The present invention relates to a folding chimney flue cap [08-13-2009
20110220090HYBRID WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE ASSEMBLY - A hybrid wood-burning fireplace assembly configured for burning wood-based fuel, wherein the burning generates combustion exhaust. The assembly comprising a fire box having an interior area, a baffle in the interior area defining lower and upper combustion chambers relative to the baffle. The upper combustion chamber has an upper exhaust passageway between baffle and the top portion of the firebox. A secondary combustion airway has air outlets in the firebox that direct the secondary combustion air adjacent to the baffle to mix with the exhaust for non-catalytic secondary combustion of the exhaust before the exhaust flows through the upper exhaust passageway. A catalytic combustion unit is positioned above the baffle and across the upper exhaust passageway, whereby the exhaust will pass through the catalytic combustion unit after the non-catalytic secondary combustion of the exhaust and before the exhaust exits the upper combustion chamber through the upper exhaust passageway.09-15-2011
20100175684Decorative fireplace system and apparatus - A decorative fireplace system configurable for display interchangeable decorative panels to enhance the visual appearance of the interior and exterior portions of an already existing fireplace. Each decorative panel is positioned so that all viewable regions of the decorative panel cover any imperfections seen from the exterior of the fireplace.07-15-2010
20100229849Screenless simulated flame projection system - A standalone flame screenless flame projection device that can be removably seated in the hearth of a conventional or simulated fireplace includes a light projection system that can project a flame-like light onto the back panel of the fireplace to simulate the visual effects of an actual wood-burning fireplace.09-16-2010
20080216819FIREPLACE WITH REPLACEABLE LINING ELEMENTS - The invention relates to a fireplace (09-11-2008
20080216818FIREPLACE INSTALLATION WITH SOUND SYSTEM - A fireplace installation is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a fireplace installation includes a fireplace installation accessory having a recess and a fireplace unit positioned in the recess. The fireplace installation also includes a sound system positioned within the fireplace installation. The sound system includes an amplifier, one or more speakers, and a connector for connecting to a music player.09-11-2008
20120204857FIREPLACE UNIT - A fireplace unit includes a pair of spaced apart opposite, upright sidewalls defining an interior compartment of the fireplace unit. The sidewalls each have a forward end and rearward end substantially aligned along lines that converge rearwardly. The sidewalls are one of (1) joined directly together at the rearward ends and (2) joined together at the rearward ends by an upright rear wall having a transverse width that is less than ¾ of the transverse width of each of the sidewalls for at least a majority of the rear wall's length. The upper end of each of the sidewall slopes upward from the forward end toward the rearward end. A floor extends between the sidewalls for closing the lower end of the interior compartment. A cover is coupled to the upper ends of the sidewalls for closing the upper end of the interior compartment. A flue is also provided.08-16-2012
20090188485FIREPLACE COMBUSTION SYSTEM - A fireplace system having a fireplace cavity and a secondary combustion assembly disposed adjacent to a rear wall of the fireplace cavity. The secondary combustion assembly includes a plurality of combustion chambers configured to facilitate secondary combustion. A plurality of inlets are disposed in the rear wall of the fireplace cavity. One or more of the plurality of inlets are configured to provide fluid communication between the fireplace cavity and a respective one of the plurality of combustion chambers. An exhaust gas collection chamber is in fluid communication with at least the secondary combustion assembly. The exhaust gas collection chamber includes a vent configured to release exhaust gas into a chimney. An ambient air bypass aperture is disposed in a top baffle of the fireplace cavity. The ambient air bypass aperture is configured to divert at least a portion of ambient air entering the fireplace cavity into the exhaust gas collection chamber.07-30-2009
20110088683Fireplace asembly - A firebox assembly having a refractory firebox and a metal hood, the walls of the metal hood having an interior sheet member and an exterior sheet member defining an interior air gap for heat insulation.04-21-2011
20080216820MODULAR FLUE ADAPTER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A modular flue adapter system and method is described to accommodate a conduit for exhaust between a firebox and a firebox flue, wherein the firebox is inserted into a firebox opening, by providing an offset distance and/or direction between the exhaust of the firebox and the firebox flue.09-11-2008
20100307477REMOVABLE FIREPLACE ASSEMBLY - A fireplace assembly comprising a base defining a recess for receiving a fireplace, a fireplace releasably held within the recess, and wherein the base is a functional piece of furniture when the fireplace is removed. A method of removing and replacing a fireplace comprising the steps of providing a first base defining a recess, locating a fireplace within the recess, removing the fireplace from the first base to provide a functional piece of furniture, and locating the fireplace within the recess.12-09-2010

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