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With means to convey fluent medium through collector

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126 - Stoves and furnaces


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126651000 Conduit absorber structure 131
126640000 With storage tank for fluent medium 35
126643000 With heat exchanger 32
126635000 Having evaporator and condenser sections (e.g., heat pipe) 13
126646000 Pump 12
126638000 Thermosyphonic fluid circulation 8
126648000 With radiation trap 2
20100236543Method for the production of an absorber plate for solar collectors - A method for the production of an absorber plate for solar collectors from a strip of metal, in particular of aluminum or an aluminum alloy, includes coating the strip using a coil coating process with a highly selective coating, which has very good absorptive properties for sunlight and ensures very little heat emission.09-23-2010
20090126718Method and device for utilizing solar energy - Vertically placed solar collectors arranged in a circular formation aided by magnifying glasses and mirrors to increase the heating effect of solar energy. Mirrors and magnifying glasses placed around the outside and in the center of the circular formation. Optional computer controlled movement of the solar collectors and/or the mirrors and magnifying glasses to optimally catch the angle of the sun's rays as the earth moves relative to the sun and according to the season. Use of captured energy to heat water and produce electricity for a house and/or an electrically driven car.05-21-2009
20130025584VACUUM SOLAR THERMAL PANEL WITH NON-EVAPORABLE GETTER PUMP ASSEMBLY - Non-evaporable getter pump assembly (01-31-2013
20120174910SOLAR FIELD AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING THE SOLAR FIELD - A method for automatically assembling a solar field is provided with following steps: a) Providing at least one solar collector unit with a radiation concentrator collector including a radiation absorber with an absorber tube for a flow-through of a heat transfer medium and a parabolic mirror for focusing solar radiation onto the absorber tube of the radiation absorber for heating up the heat transfer medium flowing through the absorber tube; b) Transporting the solar unit to a target location of the solar field; and c) Assembling the solar unit on the target location of the solar field. Additionally a solar field with a plurality of prefabricated solar collector units is provided.07-12-2012
20090165780Thermal Electric Power Generation System, Heating Medium Supply System, and Temperature Fluctuation Suppressing Device - A temperature fluctuation suppressing device for a heating medium is provided which is capable of sufficiently suppressing temperature fluctuations of the heating medium at the time of supplying collected solar heat for steam generation. The temperature fluctuation suppressing device includes a heating medium mixer provided on a heating medium supply passage configured to supply a liquid heating medium to a heat exchanging device, the heating medium mixer including: a heating medium passage forming member having plural heating medium passages; an inlet member and an outlet member provided separately from the inlet member, whereby the heating medium continuously flowing into the heating medium passage forming member through the inlet member passes through the plural heating medium passages with time-lags to form respective streams, which are then joined together before flowing out through the outlet member.07-02-2009
20100051019SOLAR POWERED FURNACE AND FURNACE ARRAY - In some embodiments, a first solar powered furnace may be fluidically coupled to a second solar powered furnace in a solar powered furnace array by an array interconnect, which may include a first receiver, a second receiver, and an array interconnect stent that is at least partially inserted into each of the first receiver and the second receiver. In some embodiments, the solar powered furnace may include a back pass air channel defined by a duct floor and a solar absorption plate, and a distance between the duct floor and the solar absorption plate and a flow rate of air may be selected such that air flows through the back pass air channel in a laminar flow regime. In some embodiments, the solar powered furnace may include a mounting system including a mounting rail and a mounting channel defined in a back surface of the solar powered furnace.03-04-2010
20090095282Solar panel - A solar panel that utilizes the sun's rays to heat a liquid to be used for providing heat or hot water includes front and rear parallel but spaced apart clear plastic panels. Each panel has a front surface, a back surface and left and right side edges. The front panel is intended to face the sun and is substantially transparent so that the sun's rays can pass therethrough. The rear panel has a reflective coating thereon wherein rays from the sun that pass through the front panel and through the space between the panels is reflective back toward the space. Located within the space between the panels are a plurality of conduits formed by a plurality of internal walls that extend between the front and rear panels and between the left and right side edges. Within the conduits is a darkened oily liquid that is heated by the incoming rays of the sun and by the rays reflected by the rear panel. In a preferred embodiment, the front and rear panels and the internal walls are extruded as a single unit.04-16-2009
20100199977PANEL SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR SOLAR BOILERS - A boiler for a solar receiver includes a panel support structure. A boiler stay is operatively connected to the panel support structure. A panel stay is slideably engaged to the boiler stay. A boiler panel is operatively connected to the panel stay with the panel stay being affixed to a plurality of tubes of the panel. The boiler stay and panel support assemblies are configured and adapted to slide with respect to one another to accommodate thermal expansion of the boiler panel. In certain embodiments, a pin connects the boiler stay and the panel stay, wherein the pin is removable for installation and removal of the panel from the support structure.08-12-2010
20090090354Device for Pumping and Desalination of Water at a Depth - The present invention provides a device for pumping water from a depth. The device includes a pressure-containing conduit with a first end located at a depth within a body of water, an inlet portion in fluid communication with the pressure-containing conduit to allow water to enter therethrough, a float portion for maintaining the device at a desired depth, a boiler mirror for reflecting light at the pressure-containing conduit, thereby heating water contained therein, and an outlet portion for water to exit the device, preferably in the form of water vapor.04-09-2009
20090288657SOLAR ENERGY ABSORBER - The solar energy absorber is capable of reducing weight, being directly connected to a water supply pipe, increasing pressure of heated water, omitting a pressurizing pump, etc. The solar energy absorber comprises: a water-flowing section including heat collection tubes, which are composed of stainless steel, and connecting pipes; a heat-retaining box accommodating the water-flowing section, including a heat insulating material and having an opening part which is located on the heat collection side; and a cover plate being composed of a transparent multilayer plastic and closing the opening part of the heat-retaining box. The heat collection tubes are arranged parallel. End plates closing ends of the heat collection tubes are connected to the connecting pipes. Each of the heat insulating tubes is coated with a heat-absorbing layer. Parts of the heat collection tubes which are located on the opposite side of the heat collection side contact the heat insulating material.11-26-2009
20110139147SYSTEM FOR CAPTURING AND CONVERTING SOLAR INSOLATION INTO THERMAL, KINETIC AND ELECTRICAL ENERGY - A selective/reflective solar screen, shade and panel system includes a woven material that creates a plenum between itself and a building envelope. The woven material may selectively admit solar energy into the plenum during the winter months and block the solar energy from it during the summer months. The system captures the solar insolation between the woven material and the building envelope so that it can be used as a source of renewable energy for heating the building. This air can be vented to the exterior so that the building envelope is shaded from the summer sun, which offers a substantial reduction in air conditioning costs.06-16-2011
20100147289Solar Water Heater - A low-cost absorber panel for a solar hot water heating system is provided. An aluminum absorber plate, under exposure to solar radiation, makes an efficient transfer of heat to water circulating within the collector panel by direct contact with the medium in an optimized area-to-volume configuration. An innovative use of fasteners makes it possible to accommodate expansion for freezing and to allow for disassembly and maintenance.06-17-2010
20100154787Solar Thermal Unit - A solar thermal unit adapted for fitting into one or more connectors designed for receiving one or more panes of glass (06-24-2010
20100199976SPRAY STATIONS FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL IN SOLAR BOILERS - A boiler for a solar receiver includes a plurality of solar receiver panels. The panels are fluidly connected to one another by way of a steam circuit. At least one spray station is in fluid communication with the steam circuit and is configured and adapted to provide temperature cooling spray into the steam circuit to control the temperatures of the panels.08-12-2010
20110030675SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF GENERATING ENERGY FROM SOLAR RADIATION - A solar reflector assembly is provided for generating energy from solar radiation. The solar reflector assembly is configured to be deployed on a supporting body of liquid and to reflect solar radiation to a solar collector. A solar reflector assembly comprises an inflatable elongated tube having an upper portion formed at least partially of flexible material and a lower ballast portion formed at least partially of flexible material. A reflective sheet is coupled to a wall of the tube to reflect solar radiation. The elongated tube has an axis of rotation oriented generally parallel to a surface of a supporting body of liquid.02-10-2011
20100024803Solar Panel, In Particular Tile - A solar panel, particularly a tile, comprising solar energy absorbing material, at least one conduit in contact with the absorbing material and heat transport fluid passing through the conduits is described. The conduits are incorporated in the absorbing material according to the invention.02-04-2010
20090173337Solar Heat Collector, Sunlight Collecting Reflector, Sunlight Collecting System and Solar Energy Utilization System - A sunlight collecting system and a solar energy utilization system which collects sunlight with the sunlight collecting system are provided, a sunlight collecting system including a solar heat collector which includes a heat collecting element which is formed by a helically wound heat exchange medium circulation pipe inside which the heat exchange medium flows, in such a way to have an incurved light receiving surface which narrows and converges towards the sunlight inlet and a sunlight collecting reflector which includes a reflector group which includes a plurality of reflector segments each of which includes a reflecting surface which makes sunlight converge on a heat collector, a sunlight collecting system in which a plurality of heliostats Bm are arranged in places which are irradiated by the sunlight between a plurality of heliostats An, in which each of the heliostats An and the heliostats Bm reflect light in a direction to a light collecting point of a heliostat group in which the heliostat is included.07-09-2009
20100051018LINEAR SOLAR ENERGY COLLECTION SYSTEM WITH SECONDARY AND TERTIARY REFLECTORS - A modular linear solar energy collection system comprises one or more reflector units each having a light-weight generally planar aluminum frame that mounts a number of solar panels in a fixed position at angles which progressively increase from the frame centerline outwardly to its perimeter so as to collectively form a surface having a shape approximating that of a parabola. Sunlight incident on the solar panels is reflected by a combination of secondary and tertiary reflectors onto a receiver tube mounted in a fixed position concentric to the centerline of the frame. The frame is connected to a drive mechanism operative to pivot the frame and solar panels in order to track the position of the sun during the course of a day.03-04-2010
20110120450PORTABLE SOLAR ENERGY COLLECTING DEVICE - A portable solar energy collecting device includes a container configured with an accommodating space therein and including a transparent housing. The transparent housing is formed with a vacuum chamber defined between the inner and outer surrounding walls and surrounding the accommodating space. A heat-absorbing unit is disposed in the accommodating space in the container, absorbs solar energy when the housing is irradiated by solar radiation, and converts the solar energy into thermal energy that is accumulated in the accommodating space in the container.05-26-2011
20120279490WAVE GENERATED ENERGY FOCUSING LENS AND REFLECTOR FOR SOLAR CONCENTRATION, COLLECTION, AND HARNESSING - A solar concentration system and a solar collection and concentration system both comprising a wave generator immersed in a fluid and processes for collecting and/or concentrating solar energy are disclosed. The solar collection and concentration system comprises a vibrating ring or ring assembly (11-08-2012
20100132694Solar Thermal Electric Power Generation System, Heating Medium Supply System, and Temperature Fluctuation Suppressing Device - A temperature fluctuation suppressing device for a heating medium is provided which is capable of sufficiently suppressing temperature fluctuations of the heating medium at the time of supplying collected solar heat for steam generation, by suppressing the temperature fluctuation even if the temperature of the heating medium inevitably fluctuates with time. The temperature fluctuation suppressing device includes a heating medium mixer (06-03-2010
20130125873MODULAR SOLAR RECEIVER AND SOLAR POWER PLANT COMPRISING AT LEAST ONE SUCH RECEIVER - A solar receiver for a thermal power plant including a plurality of absorber modules, each absorber module including at least one face configured to be illuminated by a solar flux, wherein the modules are arranged side by side forming a paving. Each absorber module further includes its own fluid circuit in which a fluid to be heated by the solar flux can flow, the fluid circuits of the absorber modules being connected to one another.05-23-2013
20130139806SYSTEM FOR SOLAR HEATING WATER USING A GLASS ABSORBER - A system of passively heating water using solar energy and an absorber formed from two identical halves of molded darkened glass that are fused together. The absorber is essentially a plurality of black glass struts that are sandwiched between two black glass surfaces. The struts act as baffle plates and define cells. Water is carried through the system via the thermosiphoning effect.06-06-2013
20080276929SOLAR COLLECTOR - The invention provides a solar collector comprising a trough-like reflector for receiving solar rays and for concentrating the rays in a direction generally transverse to the length of the reflector between its ends. Concentrator means is provided for receiving the concentrated rays from the trough-like reflector and for concentrating the rays in one or more of a direction generally along said length and a direction generally transverse to said length.11-13-2008
20120272948HEAT STORAGE SYSTEM - The invention relates to a thermal energy storage system comprising at least one thermal reservoir and at least one thermal energy transfer means that, at least at times, are able to transfer thermal energy from at least one first section of the thermal reservoir to at least one second section of the thermal reservoir. The invention also relates to a method changing the energy distribution of a thermal reservoir wherein thermal energy is transferred from at least one first section of the thermal reservoir to at least one second section of the thermal reservoir.11-01-2012

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