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124 - Mechanical guns and projectors

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124086000 For archery projector 94
124045000 Magazine 63
124031000 Trigger or releasing mechanism 44
124410100 Projectile holder or carrier 32
124083000 Projector barrel 7
124082000 Means for feeding projectile or ejecting cartridge 7
124081000 Means for producing projectile spin or deflection 3
20110056473BALL LAUNCHER - The present invention generally relates to an automated ball launching method and apparatus. The apparatus includes ball pick and place mechanisms, an air cannon, spin and velocity inducing belt drive assemblies, electric leveling jack stands, electric angle linear drive, and a computer control system. The apparatus is capable of automatically controlling ball spin, velocity, and launch angle.03-10-2011
20090095274PAINTBALL PROJECTILE DROP COMPENSATOR - A barrel attachment for a paintball gun is provided to impart spin onto a paintball exiting the barrel of the paintball gun thereby providing projectile drop compensation. The attachment is made up of a structure having an elongated aperture with a first end that attaches over the barrel of a paintball gun thereby extending the barrel. A second end of the attachment has an open passage that is disposed at an angle to the centerline of the barrel so that a spin is imparted onto a paintball fired from the gun as it passes through the open passage.04-16-2009
20130118467TARGET LAUNCHING DEVICE - Device for launching targets comprising a surface supporting a target to be launched and a launch arm capable of applying a launch force to the target, characterized in that the supporting surface includes frictional means for rotating the target when it is launched by the launch arm. Application in particular to launching archery targets.05-16-2013
20110192387GUN BOLT TRANSMISSION MECHANISM FOR ELECTRIC TOY GUN - A gun bolt transmission mechanism used in an electric toy gun is disclosed to include a driving member pivotally mounted in the gun body of the electric toy gun at one side of a bolt body that accommodates a piston set, and a push rod located on a gear set for moving the driving member to push the bolt body backwards during rotation of the gear set and for enabling the bolt body to be returned after rotation of the gear set through a predetermined angle to disengage the push rod from the driving member. Thus, the bolt body simulates the motion of a real gun and the movement of the piston set does not interfere with the movement of the bolt body.08-11-2011
20130081603ANTI-CHOP EYES FOR A PAINTBALL MARKER - An anti-chop system for a pneumatic paintball marker that is automatically cleaned. The anti-chop eye system includes a transmitter and receiver arranged so as to sense the presence of a paintball within a breech using a beam of light. A moving member of the paintball marker automatically wipes at least one surface of the transmitter and/or receiver to remove contaminants such as paint, grease, dirt and the like. By automatically cleaning the anti-chop eye system, the reliability of the system is improved.04-04-2013
20100071680PNEUMATIC TOY GUN - A pneumatic toy gun with a hammer assembly disposed inside a barrel is provided. The hammer assembly includes a first hammer and a second hammer, wherein the first hammer is disposed in front of the second hammer and the second hammer includes a notch. A first elastic element pushes the rear end of the first hammer and a second elastic element pushes the rear end of the second hammer. A first tackling block is disposed below the hammer assembly and rotatable around the pivot. The rear end of the first tackling block is stuck into the notch of the second hammer. A second tackling block is disposed adjacent to the first tackling block and includes a trough allowing the pivot to be disposed in. The rear end of the second tackling block is stuck into the notch of the second hammer. A third elastic element pushes the underneath of the rear half portion of the first tackling block. A fourth elastic element pushes the underneath of the rear half portion of the second tackling block. A rotor is disposed in front of the first tackling block. A switch includes a hook and a flange. The switch can be changed between a mode of repeater and a mode of single-shoot.03-25-2010
20130133636Portable and Adjustable Clay Target Launching Apparatus - A portable and adjustable clay target launching apparatus for use with a clay pigeon launcher includes a framework. A tilt adjustment assembly is coupled to the framework, and includes a shaft and a tilt assembly input member operatively coupled to the shaft such that the shaft is rotated by operation of the tilt assembly input member. A base member is configured to secure the clay pigeon launching device, the base member being operatively coupled to the shaft and configured to tilt side to side when the shaft is rotated by operation of the tilt assembly input member. A rotational adjustment assembly operatively couples the base member to the tilt adjustment assembly, the rotational adjustment assembly being movable between a released configuration at which the base member is selectively rotatable about a sprocket and a locked configuration at which the base member is not rotatable.05-30-2013
20100170493Apparatus for detecting the position of the paintball of a paintball gun - An apparatus for detecting the position of the paintball of a paintball gun includes an induction plate responsive to electrostatic capacity. The induction plate is positioned at a corresponding side of the ball-falling tube within the firing area of the gun barrel, and the induction plate consists of a conductive terminal piece and equivalent electrostatic capacity. An insulated body is interposed between the terminal piece and the gun barrel. Besides, an electrostatic capacity detection circuit is electrically coupled to the induction plate for detecting the change of the electrostatic capacity of the induction plate. Moreover, the signal of the change of the electrostatic capacity is transmitted to the paintball-firing circuit for a reliable detection if the paintball accurately reaches the firing area such that the push tube may be actuated in accordance with this information. In this way, an accurate detection is ensured without being disturbed by other light sources. Moreover, an undesired firing action is avoided when the paintball is still not fed in position. In addition, it is not required to clean up the firing area. Furthermore, a low power consumption is achieved.07-08-2010
20090101130Backlash vibration structure for toy rifle - A backlash vibration structure for toy rifle (air soft rifle, BB-rifle) formed of a receiver extension, a weight, a reaction spring and a buttcap spacer is disclosed. The weight has a front extension inserted through the lower receiver of the toy riffle and connected to the rear end of the piston spring at the rear side of the piston so that the component parts of the backlash vibration structure doe not touch the piston during movement of the piston. An adjustment knob is provided at the buttcap spacer for adjustment of the reaction spring to adjust the level of the backlash vibration.04-23-2009
20090217919Motion control mechanism of electric toy guns - This invention is a motion control mechanism for use in electric toy guns. The mechanism includes a gear set, a piston set that is inside the electric toy gun's body and driven by the said gear set, a primary repositioning spring that is between the said piston set and the toy gun's rear end, and the repositioning set that is installed on the gun body, and moves backward when driven by the said piston set. The said repositioning set is fixed to the piston set, and will move backward when driven by the gear set. It will then reposition itself by the force of primary repositioning spring. The electric toy guns with this invention have the following advantageous features: Since it has a repositioning set, and air release holes, it provides for motions that are more similar to those of real guns. Thus it is more suited for military training and lasts longer.09-03-2009
20120138038BACKWARD MOMENTUM TRANSFERRING MECHANISM FOR TOY GUN - A toy gun includes a housing; a barrel extending forwardly of the housing; a motor in a pistol grip; a speed reduction gear in the housing and operatively connected to the motor; a bullet loading unit in a forward end of the housing; a spring biased piston in a fixed cylinder of the housing; a trigger for activating the motor for firing; and a backward momentum transferring mechanism partially disposed in a gunstock and including an intermediate weight, a forward sliding rod disposed rearward of the piston, and a rear recoil spring having a front end urging against a rear end of the weight and a rear end urging against an internal wall in the gunstock. The sliding rod is disposed in the housing and spaced apart from the weight. The backward momentum transferring mechanism can simulate recoil by generating a recoil shock.06-07-2012
20090260613Air bottle securing device for paint ball gun - A securing device for paint ball gun includes an adjustment member connected to a barrel and a positioning member has an end pivotably connected to the adjustment member. The adjustment member includes a contact end for contacting an end of the air bottle and an operation end which is located outside of the barrel. A curved groove is defined in an outer surface of the adjustment member. The positioning member includes a space defined between two sidewalls thereof such that a part of the air bottle is supported. A pin is fixed to the barrel and engaged with the curved groove. When pivoting the positioning member about the axis of the adjustment member, the adjustment member moved axially due to the engagement of the pin and the curved groove and the air bottle can be removed from the paint ball gun.10-22-2009
20090071460Grip for a paintball marker having a replaceable insert - A paintball marker of the kind used for propelling a paintball towards a target during the game of paintball. The paintball marker includes a handle to be grasped by the hand of a user during play. A comfortable grip is detachably connected to the handle and a replaceable insert is removably received within an insert opening through the grip. The replaceable insert has a particular color, indicia, and/or three-dimensional design to provide an ornamentally and visually distinctive grip to identify the user or represent his team. The insert can be quickly and easily separated from the grip to be replaced by a different insert having a different color, indicia, or design according to the needs of the user. Accordingly, the ornamentality of the grip of the paintball marker may be quickly and easily changed without having to replace the entire grip.03-19-2009
20100229843Firing control mechanism for toy gun - A firing control mechanism for an air-soft toy gun is disclosed for enabling a user to rotate a switch in selecting a single shot, 3-shot continuous firing, multi-shot continuous firing or safety lock mode, having a ratchet wheel pivotally mounted on an axle of the hammer thereof, which ratchet having two shadow teeth and one deep tooth arranged in a series around the periphery at one side and sloping teeth arranged around the periphery at an opposite side. The hammer has a stop rod meshed with one sloping tooth of the ratchet wheel. During a continuous 3-shot firing action, the ratchet wheel is rotated following down stroke of the hammer, and a pawl is meshed with one shadow tooth or the deep tooth, and the stop rod of the hammer is shifted into mesh with a next sloping tooth of the ratchet wheel to prohibit reverse rotation of the ratchet wheel when the hammer is returned after a firing action.09-16-2010
20110061638Systems and Methods for Providing Operating Parameters to a Paintball Gun and Paintball Accessories - An electronic device provides parameters to a paintball gun and/or paintball accessories. The gun performs an operation in accordance with the parameters. The accessories respectively perform a function of the accessories in accordance with the parameters. The electronic device does not perform a function of the paintball gun or a function of the accessories.03-17-2011
20100282232PNEUMATIC PAINTBALL GUN WITH VOLUME RESTRICTOR - A volume restrictor can be provided for a pneumatic paintball gun to reduce the volume of compressed gas available within a compressed gas storage area for a firing operation of the paintball gun. In one embodiment, the volume restrictor includes a body having a forward end and a rearward end. A forward sealing member can be arranged on the forward end to seal around a bolt of the paintball gun. A rearward sealing member can be arranged on the rearward end of the body to seal against a rearward endwall of the compressed gas storage area. By placing the volume restrictor within the compressed gas storage area of the paintball gun, the volume of compressed gas available for a firing operation is reduced, thereby requiring an increased operating pressure to achieve the same paintball velocity. The increased chamber pressure can result in a shorter recharge time and less velocity drop off in successive shots. A set of volume restrictors can be provided to permit a user to selectively adjust the available volume of compressed gas in the compressed gas storage chamber. Other configurations of volume restrictors are also contemplated within this invention, for example, such as non-sealing volume restricting rings having various wall thicknesses.11-11-2010
20110094488STABILIZING DEVICE - The invention relates to a device for stabilising a launcher, in particular during the firing of camouflage bodies and decoy flares or other systems, in which the vibrations can build up, subjecting them to shocks. According to the invention, a stabiliser (04-28-2011
20100170494AIMING SYSTEM FOR SLINGSHOTS AND PROJECTILE-LAUNCHING DEVICES - An aiming system is disclosed. The aiming system may be used with various slingshot and projectile-launching devices, but is particularly useful for use with “shoot-over” slingshots. The aiming system comprises a clip or other device with an integrated aiming or sighting system. In the preferred embodiment, the integrated aiming system comprises a plurality of fiber optic strands disposed within the clip and terminating at the rearward face of the clip. In this matter, the tips of the fiber optic strands provide a series of illuminated points allowing the user of a device to look forward while shooting and to align the points with the target. The points may be color coded to aid in the aiming process.07-08-2010
20100229844BREECH SEAL FOR AIR GUN - A barrel break air gun includes a pair of opposed, generally planar faces defining a narrow gap between the breech and the barrel. The barrel face includes a circular groove concentric with the barrel bore that receives an annular seal, and a recessed annular land defined between the circular groove and the barrel bore. The annular seal may be either an o-ring nominally disposed within the circular groove, or an annular urethane washer that is slightly radially-compressed when placed into the circular groove such that the inner diameter of the washer projects slightly away from the barrel face prior to closing the barrel breech. In one embodiment featuring the annular washer, the washer's internal diameter is slightly smaller than the maximum skirt dimension of an air gun pellet, such that the pellet's skirt is retained by the washer upon closing the barrel breech.09-16-2010
20120090587PISTON STRUCTURE FOR A TOY GUN - A piston structure for a toy gun includes a piston body and a detachable toothed member. The piston body has a chute which is axially disposed on an outer surface of the piston body. The detachable toothed member is made of a metallic material and moveably disposed in the chute. The detachable toothed includes a plurality of teeth which are equally spaced in a lengthwise direction. The piston structure of the present invention provides a longer service life. In case the teeth of the detachable toothed member suffer a lot of wear and tear, the detachable toothed member can be detached from the chute and replaced with a new one to save the cost and to provide an environmental protection effect.04-19-2012
20120285436Apparatus and Method for Detecting the Dart in a Barrel of a Toy Gun - An apparatus for detecting the dart in a barrel of a toy gun is provided. The apparatus includes a dart sensor lever, a linkage, a transmission mechanism between the dart sensor lever and the linkage, and a pivot attached to the gun body. The dart sensor lever is linked with the pivot so that it will swing around the pivot. The transmission mechanism is linked with the linkage, which causes the linkage to move. Other modifications and features suitable for practice therewith, and methods and means of operating the device, are also disclosed.11-15-2012
20130014736Pointer illuminator device for autonomous use and with a toy weaponAANM RISICATO; RobertoAACI Paderno Dugnano (Milano)AACO ITAAGP RISICATO; Roberto Paderno Dugnano (Milano) IT - A pointer illuminator device for autonomous use and with a toy weapon, having means for producing an incoherent light for illumination and at least one laser unit for producing a laser marking light, characterized in that it has: a light emission unit; a control and supply unit structurally separate from the light emission unit; and electric circuit connection means of supply, control and push button means of the control and supply unit relative to lighting means, indicator means and coherent light emission or laser marker means of the light emission unit. Moreover, the device has detachable mechanical connections of certain parts such that said same device can be used selectively in combination with the toy weapon and as an autonomous and portable entity with handgrip, for pointing of the same toy weapon, for lighting and/or as indicator light.01-17-2013
20120240912Electric Toy Gun - An electric toy gun includes a gun body carrying a piston set and a gear set having a first gearwheel provided with a side pin and rotatable to move the piston of the piston set, the gear set is arranged above the axis of movement of the piston of the piston set, a backlash vibration mechanism for producing a backlash vibration when the electric toy gun fires a bullet, and an attached cartridge carrier, which simulates the cartridge feeding operation of a real gun. The backlash vibration mechanism includes a connection block arranged on the axis of movement of the piston of the piston set, a weight fixedly connected to the bottom side of the connection block beneath the axis of movement of the piston.09-27-2012

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