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124 - Mechanical guns and projectors

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124071000 With control for discharge of fluid pressure 140
124063000 Provided by movement of user-actuated, projector-mounted pressure member 30
124062000 Provided by user's mouth or lungs 9
124057000 Self-contained in projectile or projectile-carrying cartridge 5
20100199960REUSABLE PELLET SHOOTING GRENADE - The present invention is an improved grenade which launches a plurality of pellet projectiles. The grenade includes a housing containing at least one spiral launch tube, said launch tube having a breech end and a muzzle end. A plurality of projectiles are loaded in the launch tube between the breech and muzzle ends. The grenade includes a gas reservoir for storing a compressed gas coupled to the breech end of the launch tube. A valve is interposed between the reservoir and the breech end of the launch tube for controlling the flow of compressed gas from the reservoir to the breech end of the launch tube. The valve is moveable between a closed state and an open state wherein said compressed gas enters the breech end of the launch tube to propel the projectiles from the muzzle end, the valve being biased towards its open state. The grenade also includes a trigger mechanism coupled to the valve, the trigger mechanism operating between a locked state wherein the trigger mechanism holds the valve in its closed state and an unlocked state wherein the valve is free to move into its open state.08-12-2010
20110056471PROJECTILES - A projectile (03-10-2011
20110083653CARTRIDGE-BASED AIR GUN - A cartridge-based air gun that fires a BB bullet or a resin bullet inside a cartridge using compressed gas, includes an engaging structure of an extractor that enables blowback and the automatic ejection of the cartridge. An extractor, which engages with a rim that is formed at the rear end of a cartridge loaded in a chamber, is pivotally provided on a side portion of a cylinder so as to be rotatable. A claw portion formed at the tip of the extractor engages with the rim of the cartridge by the urging force of a spring provided between the extractor and the cylinder. A slide moves rearward while the cartridge is held inside the chamber. As the cylinder moves rearward with the stopping of the supply of compressed gas from a gas reservoir, the cartridge comes into contact with an ejector, is released from the engagement by the extractor, and is ejected from the chamber.04-14-2011
20120298088SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING A PROJECTILE TOWARD A TARGET - Some embodiments relate to a system and method for delivering a projectile toward a target. The system includes a launcher and a propulsion system positioned within the launcher. The propulsion system includes a gas generator that produces enough gas within a certain period of time to direct the projectile from the launcher toward the target. The system for delivering a projectile may further include a targeting system that collects data regarding the location of the target. In addition, the launcher may include a venting system that exhausts a particular amount of gas from the launcher in order to direct the projectile from the launcher at a desired velocity based on data received from the targeting system.11-29-2012
20110220087Low Cost Rescue Launcher System - A rescue launcher system includes a reusable launcher and a one-time-use, pre-packed payload cartridge removably secured to the reusable launcher. The payload cartridge includes a plastic canister, a pressurization system located within the canister and selectively activated by reusable launcher, and a payload located within the canister and which is launched to a remote location upon actuation of the pressurization system. An actuation grip of the launcher selectively actuates the pressurization system, and an interlock is adapted to prevent actuation of the pressurization system unless the interlock and the actuation grip are simultaneously actuated. The payload can be a buoyancy device including a sealed tube and deflated foam within the sealed tube which inflates using internal vacuum after launch of the buoyancy device.09-15-2011
124059000 Having common supply to plural projector barrels 3
20100282228Water rocket launch system - The water rocket launch system is an automated system for launching multiple water rockets simultaneously with additional visual and auditory effects. The water rocket launch system includes a platform, with at least one launching base slidably mounted on an upper surface thereof. The at least one launching base is selectively and controllably driven to slide on the platform. At least one water rocket storage chamber is mounted on the platform, with the at least one water rocket storage chamber having an open interior region for receiving and storing a plurality of water rockets, and further having an open bottom end. A plurality of launching assemblies are mounted on the at least one launching base, so that the plurality of water rockets stored within the at least one water rocket storage chamber may be released thereon, with each launching assembly engaging and releasably supporting a respective one of the water rockets.11-11-2010
20110083654Paintball loader and paintball Galting gun - A gatling gun style projectile launcher comprising an assembly of rotating, pressurized-air driven guns. A loader assembly mounted on the gun assembly rotates synchronously through mating of drive gears with the assembly of guns. The loader applies centrifugal force to the paintballs within, urging them into loader tubes positioned in the wall of the loader. Synchronous timing gears align the rotating loader tubes with cognate breech openings in the guns, thereby transferring paintballs into the firing positions from which the paintballs are launched.04-14-2011
20110146645Toy air gun - A toy gun includes a body, a piston adapted to move relative to the body between an extended position and a retracted position and to be moved rapidly toward the retracted position during a firing stroke. A number of firing chambers each receive a projectile and air compressed by the piston during a firing stroke to fire the projectile from the toy gun. An air delivery mechanism conveys the compressed air to one of the firing chambers and co-operates with the piston to advance as a result of piston movement to a configuration whereat it can convey compressed air to another of the chambers.06-23-2011
124061000 Applied to intermediate projectile-engaging member 1
20130186383STRIKING APPARATUS OF PAINTBALL GUN - In one embodiment, a striking apparatus of a paintball gun is provided. The striking apparatus is received in a receiving chamber of a gun body. The gun body has a screw-jointing hole for being screwed and fixed to the striking apparatus. The striking apparatus includes a sleeve, a striking unit, a valve, and a pressure adjuster. The striking unit and the valve are received in the sleeve in sequence, and then the pressure adjuster is screwed to the sleeve. Being a unitary structure, the striking apparatus can be separated from the gun body completely and directly, and thus is easy to disassemble, maintain, and assemble.07-25-2013
124060000 Provided by surge of pressure into evacuated projector barrel 1
20130087130FIRING LINKAGE MECHANISM FOR TOY SUBMACHINE GUN - A firing linkage mechanism for submachine gun includes a link biasable forwardly following a forward displacement of a firing pin and an air plug upon striking of a hammer against the firing pin and forcible to return the firing pin and the air plug after the striking action of the hammer, and a stop rod for engaging the link to hold the link, the firing pin and the air plug in position and to stop the link from returning the firing pin and the air plug after the striking action of the hammer and movable by a counterweight set to release the link for stopping a compressed gas from flowing out of a magazine into a bolt when the counterweight set is moved along oblique sliding rail portions of sliding rails in the submachine gun.04-11-2013
20100147277Toy gun - A toy gun for individually shooting soft projectiles has a body and a magazine attached to the body for housing an array of soft projectiles and delivering them individually to a firing position within the body. A firing mechanism in the body fires a first projectile from the firing position. A projectile separator acts upon a second projectile adjacent to the first projectile to at least reduce frictional interaction between the first and second projectiles during firing and to smooth the projectile loading process.06-17-2010
20090301457Lightweight deployment system and method - The disclosed system, device and method for deploying a sub-module from a carrier vehicle generally includes: a sub-module projectile (12-10-2009
20130055996TEXAS PEST PISTOL - A pest deterrent device comprising a barrel trigger and stock, utilizing pressurized carbon dioxide to launch a capsule which may contain a pest deterrent or insecticide at remote pests such as insects or their nests at distances of five to forty feet.03-07-2013
20130061840System for Loading a Paintball - The plural option loading system for a pneumatic gun. The pneumatic gun has a receiver with the first and second loading port disposed to permit loading either by gravity or forced loading such as from a magazine. The barrel can be locked to the receiver to permit loading through only one of the two ports depending on the orientation in which it is locked to the receiver and permits selective loading through only a selected port at any time.03-14-2013
20110271940SOFT-PROJECTILE LAUNCHING DEVICE - A device for projecting a soft-projectile made from a super absorbent polymer, the device comprising a holder designed for containing the soft-projectile made from a super absorbent polymer; and a firing mechanism operatively arranged to accelerate the holder from a firing position.11-10-2011
20110290227Apparatus and method for adapting a pneumatic gun to fire from a fluid source - Embodiments of the present disclosure include an apparatus including a tank for pneumatic gun comprising a fluid outlet, including an adapter that includes a first end attached to the tank, a second end comprising a fitting, wherein the fitting is capable of receiving a fluid hose, wherein the fluid hose is connected to a source of compressed fluid. The apparatus allows the gun to be fired from the source of compressed fluid. Other embodiments include a method of connecting the apparatus to a pneumatic gun, attaching the fluid hose to the fitting, and firing the gun.12-01-2011
20120097144EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION PROPULSION SYSTEM - A projectile propulsion system includes a launch tube, multiphase material, and a membrane. The launch tube has an interior cavity, the multiphase material disposed therein. The launch tube also has an opening to receive the multiphase material. The membrane seals the opening while the multiphase material is disposed in the interior cavity of the launch tube so as to allow the launch tube to be pressurized. When the membrane is broken, a supersonic wave thrusts the contents of the interior cavity, such as a projectile, outwards with a high velocity and force.04-26-2012
20090050127FOAM PROJECTILE - A combat game weapon system includes a pneumatic launcher and an elastic projectile. The pneumatic launcher includes a barrel. The barrel includes a distal end and a bore with an inside diameter. The elastic projectile is configured for being expelled from the distal end of the barrel. The elastic projectile includes a cavity configured for expanding when the cavity receives a propellant from the pneumatic launcher and thereby for causing the elastic projectile to sealingly engage the inside diameter.02-26-2009
20100071678Method and apparatus for introducing an item into a conduit - A projectile is utilized to introduce an item into a conduit which already has a cable therein. The projectile includes a body member having a longitudinal opening therethrough. The body member is longitudinally split so that the cable may be received in the opening. The item is attached to the body member. When the projectile with a portion of the cable received therein is put into a conduit and air under pressure is introduced into the conduit, the projectile is pushed along the cable and if the cable is undulating in the conduit, it is straightened and positioned out of the way of the item being introduced.03-25-2010
20120037138Toy launcher for launching projectiles and methods thereof - A toy launcher that can house a substantially large amount (e.g., 40, 60, 100, 200, etc.) of projectiles along the length of a rotatable projectile feed assembly. During use, a user can cause rotatable projectile feed assembly to rotate about it own axis and can cause projectiles to advance from the rotatable projectile feed assembly to a projectile launch assembly. At the projectile launch assembly, projectiles interact with at least one accelerator launching the projectile out of the toy launcher. The accelerator can be at least one rotating body.02-16-2012
20110315134SPRING-PISTON AIRSOFT GUN - A spring-piston airsoft gun includes a cylinder-and-piston assembly disposed in a barrel to force air through a muzzle end to make a shooting action, and a coil spring disposed to exert a biasing action to drive a piston head of the cylinder-and-piston assembly when changed from a compressed state to a released state. Front and rear anchor shanks are disposed for respectively mounting front and rear coil segments of the coil spring. A major shell and a minor ring are sleeved on the rear anchor shank to permit the coil spring to be sleeved thereon. The minor ring is in frictional contact with and angularly moveable relative to the major shell such that, when the coil spring is released to expand to the released state, the rear coil segment is tensed to drag the minor ring to angularly move therewith so as to minimize the frictional force therebetween.12-29-2011
20120060812MICROPROSSESOR BASED VEHICLE EJECTION DEVICE USED TO DEFLATE TIRES - This invention relates to a device that ejects upon triggering, a vehicle tire deflation means such as the popular product STOP-STICKĀ® or any projectile method means. For instance, STOP-STICKĀ® tire-deflation devices are individually engineered and constructed to respond to the specific needs of law enforcement in stopping a moving vehicle or preventing movement of a stationary vehicle.03-15-2012
20110094487INTERACTIVE AIR CANNON SYSTEM - An air cannon system may include a cannon barrel and a blower that creates forced air flow through the cannon barrel for propelling projectiles out of the cannon barrel.04-28-2011
20090133681Multi-purposes mechanism for shooting apparatus - A multi-purposes mechanism for shooting apparatus includes a gun body, a barrel, a shooting member, and a rear cap. The gun body comprises a hollow tube perpendicularly interconnecting with a first loading hole at a center portion of the hollow tube. A first stage is formed on an inner wall of the tube in front of the first loading hole. A second stage is formed on the inner wall of the tube in back of the first loading hole. The barrel is disposed in the tube before the first loading hole, and has a first engaging ring corresponding to the first stage of the tube. The shooting member is disposed in the tube after the first loading hole, and has a second engaging ring on an outer wall thereof corresponding to the second stage of the tube. The rear cap is connected to a rear end of the tube.05-28-2009
20120118276COMPRESSED GAS OPERATED FIREARM - A compressed gas firearm is capable of firing either cartridges filed with pellets, or solid unitary projectiles. The firearm includes a barrel that is hinged to the butt so that cartridges or an adapter can be inserted into the end of the barrel. A compressed gas chamber in the butt is capable of releasing compressed gas against the rear of the cartridge or adapter to fire the pellets or the unitary projectile. When the adapter is inserted into the barrel, a projectile can then be inserted into the adapter before the barrel is closed for firing. Indentations may be formed in the rear of the barrel to facilitate removal of the cartridges or adapter.05-17-2012
20100288255APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR LAUNCHING A GRANULAR SUBSTANCE - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for launching a granular substance. The method may include providing a granular substance, an air gun, a compressed air source, an insertion tube, a passage, a loading chamber, a recess, a cover, and a fastening assembly. The method may further include inserting the granular substance into the recess and dispensing the granular substance from the recess into the loading chamber. The method continues with releasing the stored, compressed air in the air gun. The compressed air moves into the insertion tube, through the passage, through the loading chamber disposed within the passage, and finally launches the granular substance from an outlet of the passage.11-18-2010
20120312289CHEMICAL DISPERSAL APPARATUS SYSTEM - A system for airborne dispersal of chemicals comprising a compressed gas gun having a gun body, a grip, a barrel, a trigger, a compressed gas source and a cylindrical collar positioned at an exit end of said barrel, having a bore therethrough and equipped with a depth-adjustable knife-edge disposed at an exit end of the collar, protruding into the bore, so as to slit a capsule containing a chemical solution or suspension upon exit from the collar and disperse the chemical solution or suspension.12-13-2012
20080223350DEVICE FOR OPTICALLY EXCITING AND DELIVERING LUMINESCENT PROJECTILES - A theatrical device for optically exciting and delivering objects coated with luminescent material has an enclosure with an inner reflective surface with a hollow transparent excitation passageway extending therethrough. A light source illuminates the objects in the passageway for exciting the luminescent material so that the objects glow brightly. A blower moves the objects through the passageway to an outlet where the glowing objects are projected into an audience for dramatic effect.09-18-2008
20130125870TOY LAUNCHER FOR LAUNCHING PROJECTILES AND METHODS THEREOF - A toy launcher that can house a substantially large amount (e.g., 40, 60, 100, 200, etc.) of projectiles along the length of a rotatable projectile feed assembly. During use, a user can cause rotatable projectile feed assembly to rotate about it own axis and can cause projectiles to advance from the rotatable projectile feed assembly to a projectile launch assembly. At the projectile launch assembly, projectiles interact with at least one accelerator launching the projectile out of the toy launcher. The accelerator can be at least one rotating body.05-23-2013
20130180512BACKWARD MOMENTUM GENERATING DEVICE WITH COUPLE SPRING BIASED ROD MECHANISMS FOR TOY GUN - A backward momentum generating device with coupled spring biased rod mechanism, being disposed through an internal wall settled between a housing and a stop wall of a toy gun, is disclosed. While a piston in the housing produces compressed air, a weight of the backward momentum generating device is pushed along a moving direction of the reciprocating motion of the piston, produces a reaction force, and results in an effect of a backward momentum applied to the housing of the toy gun. The coupled spring biased rod mechanisms include at least one front-section spring biased rod and at least one back-section spring biased rod, wherein the back-section spring biased rod is moveably disposed through a hollow channel formed in the weight of the toy gun.07-18-2013
20130192574TOY GUN - A panel that conceals a gas cartridge attached to a toy gun is easily attached and detached without impairing the appearance of the toy gun. The gas cartridge is housed in a housing space formed in a cartridge housing portion and supplies compressed gas for firing a bullet. An introduction port for introducing the gas cartridge is provided in a first face of the cartridge housing portion. A working portion is provided in the cartridge housing portion and is moved in a direction along the first face. The panel is detachably attached to the cartridge housing portion and covers the introduction port. A protruded portion is extended from the lid portion of the panel. The protruded portion is provided with an inclined portion. The working portion is brought into slide contact with the inclined portion and moves the panel.08-01-2013

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