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123564000 Boost control 50
123563000 Intercooler 21
123565000 Supercharger is driven independently of the engine 8
123562000 Multiple superchargers 8
123559200 Pressure exchange with exhaust gas 7
123559300 With clutch 6
123561000 Variable ratio compressor driven supercharger 1
20090173318Compressor drive system with variable rotational speed - A compressor drive system for driving a compressor of an internal combustion engine contains a variable speed drive unit and a planetary gear set, the planetary gear set being connected to the internal combustion engine and the compressor in such a way that a first output shaft of the planetary gear set is connected to the compressor, a first drive shaft of the planetary gear set is connected to the internal combustion engine, and a second drive shaft of the planetary gear set is connected to the internal combustion engine through the variable speed drive unit.07-09-2009
20100154756SUPERCHARGING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a kind of supercharging device, which comprises: One frame body, which is being formed into a shape of cylindrical tube, has one primary end and one secondary end respectively, wherein the port of said primary end is being formed into the serrated shape along with a plurality of serration structures, however, the port of said secondary end has a smooth plane instead; one axial structure is being formed into the said frame body; there is also a plurality of blades, in which, each blade being formed into a trapezoidal-shaped blade has a upper plate and a lower plate respectively, therein the said upper plate is shorter than the said lower plate; in addition, the said plurality of blades and the said plurality of serration structures have been formed into the same number, and the upper plate of each blade is being connected to each of the said axial structure, the lower plate is being connected to internal surface within the said frame body, and it is extended from the secondary end to the peak portion of said serration structure of the said primary end, and each of blade is corresponding to each of serration structure; wherein, the said supercharging device will be able to supercharge intake air and hence to improve the said engine's horsepower by enlarging air inflow of the engine.06-24-2010
20100154757ENGINE INTAKE QUANTITY CONTROL APPARATUS - An engine intake air quantity control apparatus is provided with a throttle valve, a supercharger, a variable intake valve operating device and an intake air control device. The throttle valve varies an intake air flow passage area of an intake passage. The supercharger supercharges intake air. The variable intake valve operating device changes an intake valve timing of an intake valve in accordance with an engine operating state. The intake air control device increases an opening degree of the throttle valve in accordance with a detected increase of an accelerator pedal depression amount, and increases an intake air quantity by starting to supercharge the intake air with the supercharger upon a prescribed throttle valve opening degree having been reached. The intake air control device changes the prescribed throttle valve opening degree in accordance with the intake valve timing of the intake valve.06-24-2010
20100077997Engine Unit and Vehicle Comprising Engine Unit - An engine unit includes an engine body, and a supercharging machine having a main body. The main body of the supercharging machine is coupled to the engine body via a component or a member disposed therebetween.04-01-2010
20100116254Roots type gear compressor with helical lobes having communication with discharge port - A gear compressor or supercharger for compressing compressible fluids such as air, having a pair of intermeshing helical lobed rotors. An aperture is provided on the bottom of the compressor, at a rear end thereof, which permits air from the rear interior of the compressor to be in communication with high pressure supply air which is discharged from such compressor proximate the front of such compressor, on the bottom underside portion thereof. The above modification improves the efficiency of the compressor, particularly at high revolutions.05-13-2010
20130074813SUPERCHARGER FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES - A supercharger for an internal combustion engine including a turbocompressor having at least one compressor impeller and a suction side and a pressure side, a flywheel mass for storing drive energy, an auxiliary motor for driving the compressor impeller and the flywheel mass, and a first shut-off element which is arranged on the suction side of the turbocompressor, the region between the first shut-off element and the compressor impeller of the turbocompressor forming a suction-side compressor air space, and the turbocompressor being designed in such a way that, after the first shut-off element is closed, the suction side compressor air space can be substantially evacuated.03-28-2013
20100095940SUPERCHARGED INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - Turbocharger supercharged internal combustion engine, of which the exhaust manifold (04-22-2010
20090044788ENGINE AIR BOOST SYSTEM - One implementation of an air boost system for an engine includes a boost device and an accumulator adapted to store pressurized fluid and selectively provide pressurized fluid to the boost device. A pump may deliver fluid under pressure to one or both of the accumulator and the boost device in at least some operating conditions. A first control valve may be disposed between the pump and the accumulator to control fluid flow to the accumulator, and a bypass may be provided between the pump and the first control valve. The bypass may, in at least some operating conditions, permit at least some of the pressurized fluid from the pump to bypass the accumulator and be delivered to the boost device. In one form, the accumulator is carried by the boost device in a compact unit.02-19-2009
20130087126ENRICHING AIR FOR AN ENGINE - There is provided a method of enriching an air supply for an engine, said method comprising conveying pressurised air to a chamber containing a liquid and causing said air to pass through the liquid to enrich the air with one or more additives and then conveying enriched air from the chamber for supply to an engine. Also provided are an engine air supply assembly (04-11-2013
20090301446BLOW-BY GAS REFLUX APPARATUS FOR ENGINES WITH SUPERCHARGERS - The present invention includes an air introduction device capable of introducing air into a crankcase of the engine during a supercharging operation of a supercharger, so that blow-by gas within the crankcase can be scavenged into the intake air passage.12-10-2009
20100000498SUPERCHARGER - A supercharger for an internal combustion engine having an internal reservoir adapted to receive a supply of lubricating oil. An oil slinger is mounted on the impeller shaft for rotation therewith that extends into the reservoir for collecting and slinging lubricating oil onto the supercharger bearings, shafts and the drive and impeller gears. A baffle assembly is carried by the interior of the supercharger housing for controlling the volume and flow of lubricating oil onto said gears and bearings and directing oil flow therefrom back into said reservoir to prevent excessive lubrication buildup on the gears and the deleterious effects that result therefrom.01-07-2010
20090056681SUPERCHARGER WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR - In a supercharger (03-05-2009
20120222658INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE WITH DUAL-CHAMBER CYLINDER - Improvements in a gas powered engine. Said improvements include use of a piston with a fixed piston arm that extends through a seal in the lower portion of the cylinder. The piston arm operates on an elliptical crank that drives the output shaft. Valves that move air and exhaust into and out of the pistons are lifted by a cam located on the crank. A unique oil injector passes oil to the piston and the cylinder wall. An energy recovery unit recovers energy from the cooling system and from the exhaust system.09-06-2012
20110011375SUPER CHARGED ENGINE - An engine with an output shaft extending through the engine block and generally parallel to the piston, the engine includes a boost piston cylinder integral to the cylinder, and a boost piston for producing compressed air so as to supercharge the engine. The engine further includes an energy translation mechanism translating linear movement into rotary movement, an energy translation mechanism for reducing the side force that the piston exerts against the inner wall of the combustion chamber, an energy transforming member working in concert with an engine torque absorbing/motion control torque reaction device to eliminate the lemniscate motion from being translated to the piston and to absorb all engine torque to case ground through a rolling element bearing, and a port time control system having a shaft phaser to adjust the phase of the pistons or the position of the air control valve.01-20-2011
20130160748ENGINE BLOWER SCROLL - A blower system for an engine includes a base of a blower scroll coupled to an engine crankcase. The base has a bottom wall with an opening sized to accommodate an end of a crankshaft. The base also has a sidewall extending away from the crankcase. The blower system further includes a blower housing fastened to the base, without the use of threaded fasteners. Together the blower housing and the base form a chamber having an inlet and an outlet. Also, the blower system includes a fan within the chamber. The fan is driven by the crankshaft and is designed to direct a flow of air through the outlet of the chamber.06-27-2013
20100139629AIR CLEANER ARRANGEMENTS; SERVICEABLE FILTER ELEMENTS; AND, METHODS - An air cleaner arrangement or assembly is provided. The air cleaner arrangement includes a serviceable filter cartridge. The air cleaner assembly also includes an arrangement for positioning the filter cartridge into a preferred, sealing, orientation and for securing the filter cartridge in that location. Preferred serviceable filter cartridges are provided, as well as methods of assembly and use.06-10-2010
20100000499DEAERATING AND AERATING DEVICE FOR A SUPERCHARGED INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - The present invention relates to a deaerating and aerating device (01-07-2010
20100031936Supercharged Internal Combustion Engine and Method for Monitoring Whether the Crankcase Vent Has Been Connected - A supercharged internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle includes a venting device for the crankcase of the internal combustion engine and a compressor for supercharging the internal combustion engine. A discharge opening for discharging the crankcase gas is provided upstream of the compressor and a sensor for determining the charge pressure of the compressor is provided downstream of the compressor. The discharge opening is connected to the crankcase by a first connection for the airflow, in particular a hose connection. In order to cost-effectively monitor the venting of the crankcase of the internal combustion engine, an opening, to which the charge pressure of the compressor is applied, is provided downstream of the compressor. The first connection for the airflow includes a closing device for closing the opening to which the charge pressure is applied, wherein the closing device closes the opening if the first connection is connected to the discharge opening.02-11-2010
20100031934INTERNAL COMBUSTION EXTERNAL COMPRESSION ENGINE - An engine comprising at least one piston moving inside a cylinder in a first direction and a second direction, wherein the piston is in an operational relationship with a crankshaft such that each cycle of the crankshaft result from the piston moving once in each of the first and the second directions; and a compressor situated external to the cylinder for compressing air in an air tank, wherein the air after being externally compressed by the compressor is provided into a combustion chamber in the cylinder and mixed with fuel injected into the combustion chamber as the piston is moving in the first direction, and wherein the fuel/air mixture is ignited to generate a combustive force pushing the piston in the second direction.02-11-2010
20100101544Method and Device for Determining an Operating Characteristic of an Injection System - In a method and a device for determining an operating characteristic of an injection system, to determine an operating characteristic (04-29-2010
20100269797TUNING DEVICE WITH COMBINED BACKFLOW FUNCTION - A supercharger has an inner wall defining an inner cavity for receiving lobed rotors for rotation therein, a low-pressure inlet and a high-pressure outlet. A sound attenuator is associated with the housing and located adjacent to the high-pressure outlet. The sound attenuator has a tuner chamber and circumferentially spaced tuner ports fluidly connecting the tuner chamber with the internal cavity of the housing to define a Helmholtz resonator. A land is defined between the circumferentially spaced tuner ports such that the high-pressure outlet and low-pressure inner chambers defined between the rotor lobes and the inner wall are fluidly connected when the rotor lobes are in alignment with the land to reduce the pressure differential between the high-pressure outlet and the low-pressure inner chambers.10-28-2010
20120186565ENGINE SUPERCHARGER DRIVE DEVICE - A supercharger drive device (07-26-2012
20110265770INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An internal combustion engine includes a combustion chamber defined by a cylinder, a piston defining a piston top, a cylinder head with an intake port and an exhaust port, and a corresponding intake valve and an exhaust valve. The internal combustion engine further includes an intake manifold for supplying air to the combustion chamber and an exhaust manifold for drawing exhaust gas from the combustion chamber. The flow dynamics of the internal combustion engine are improved by including textured surfaces on one or more of the piston top, the cylinder head, the intake valve, the intake port, the exhaust valve, the intake manifold, the exhaust manifold, or the fuel supplier. The textured surface may include indentations, protrusions, or combinations.11-03-2011
20110203556Engine - In an engine such as an engine for driving a pump or dynamo, in which a load increasing state does not appear as an accelerating state of rotation speed, it is intended to prevent the smoke emission in an abruptly load-increasing state, which might otherwise be caused by the suppression or interruption of an EGR quantity. The engine 08-25-2011
20080289610Pulse Supercharger in the Intake Tract of an Internal Combustion Engine - A pulse supercharger for internal combustion engines, in which the pulse supercharger is situated in a charge air duct. The flow cross-section of the charge air duct for a charge air flow is opened or closed via the pulse supercharger. The pulse supercharger includes two synchronously operatable rotary slide elements.11-27-2008
20080308077Indirect-Injection Internal-Combustion Engine, Notably Spark-Ignition Supercharged Engine, with Two Intake Means for Carrying Out a Burnt Gas Scavenging Stage - The present invention relates to an internal-combustion engine, notably an indirect-injection supercharged engine, that can run with a burnt gas scavenging stage, comprising at least a cylinder (12-18-2008
20080308078Engine having supercharging device - An engine includes a cylinder having a spindle and a pulley attached to the spindle, a supercharger includes a receptacle having an air intake port, a gear rotatably supported in the receptacle with a shaft, another pulley attached to the shaft, and a coupling member engaged with the pulleys for allowing the gear to be rotated and driven by the spindle, and a turbine is rotatably supported in the receptacle with an axle and aligned with the air intake port of the receptacle, and coupled to the gear for allowing the turbine to be driven by the gear and to draw an air from ambient into the air intake port and into the cylinder and for supercharging the intake air to increase the fuel consumption effect.12-18-2008
20080271719Vented Gear Drive Assembly for a Supercharger - A gear drive assembly for a supercharger is provided. The gear drive assembly has at least one gear member rotatable about an axis of rotation and includes a cover member operable to substantially enclose the at least one gear member. A tube member extends though the cover member and is generally aligned along the axis of rotation. The tube member is operable to vent the gear drive assembly. A supercharger assembly incorporating the gear drive assembly is also disclosed.11-06-2008
20090025696NEW ENHANCED SUPERCHARGING SYSTEM AND AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE HAVING SUCH A SYSTEM - The invention refers to a supercharging system for an internal combustion engine incorporating in combination, a turbine, a compressor and an electrical driven system that is connected by any power transmission system to the crankshaft or any other vehicle drive shaft of an internal combustion engine and which are arranged along a common axis, where the turbine inlet is subjected to exhaust gases, causing the turbine wheel to rotate and thereby via the drive shaft causing mechanical rotating power.01-29-2009
20090114195Hybrid Vehicle - A hybrid vehicle comprises a deceleration mechanism adapted to decelerate a wheel of the vehicle and adapted to drive an air compressor attached to the vehicle from the wheel deceleration. An engine of the vehicle comprises at least one cylinder assembly having a cylinder with an air in-take opening, and the cylinder assembly being adapted to rotate at least in part a crankshaft which is adapted to apply torque to the wheel of the vehicle. An air passage connects the compressor directly to the in-take opening, and the compressor comprises a flow regulator adapted to control an amount of air which passes from the compressor into the cylinder through the in-take valve.05-07-2009
20100147271Compressed Air System - A compressed-air system for supplying a compress-air injection module of a turbocharged internal combustion engine and the pneumatic systems of the vehicle comprises a compressor is provided. The compressor is connected via a line to a pressure accumulator for the supply of a compressed-air injection module and to a device for compressed-air preparation having an air dryer and a pressure regulator for supplying pressure circuits for compressed-air-actuated consumers. The line for supplying the compressed-air injection module branches off upstream of the device for compressed-air preparation.06-17-2010
20090078240Push Rod Engine With Inboard Exhaust - A multiple cylinder internal combustion engine having an engine block with first and second cylinder banks arranged at an angle and longitudinally offset relative to one another and a camshaft disposed within the engine block for actuating valves associated with each cylinder includes first and second cylinder heads associated with the first and second cylinder banks and having an intake runner for each cylinder with an entrance disposed on an outward side, and an exhaust runner for each cylinder exiting the cylinder head on an inward side of the cylinder head generally rearward of an associated cylinder to facilitate positioning of one or more turbochargers and a fuel pump in the valley generally between the cylinder heads with the fuel pump disposed forward of the exhaust runner exits and associated exhaust manifolds while accommodating four valves per cylinder actuated by four pushrods extending through the cylinder heads forward of corresponding exhaust runner exits.03-26-2009
20120192839ENGINE SUPERCHARGING DEVICE - An engine supercharging device includes are a supercharger (08-02-2012
20090031998Air super charger - Disclosed herein is an air supercharger for vehicle engines. The air supercharger includes a cylindrical housing. Support ribs extend from the inner circumference of the housing to the center thereof. A shaft support pipe is provided at a predetermined position on the support ribs. A locking surface is provided on an upper end of the inner circumference of the housing. A stationary blade body is inserted into the housing and held between the locking surface and a stop surface of the housing. The stationary blade body includes support rims, stationary blades, and elastic parts. A rotating shaft is installed in the shaft support pipe. A rotary blade body is inserted into the stationary blade body and coupled to the rotating shaft. The rotary blade body includes a blade support pipe and rotary blades. Locking rings are provided on upper and lower ends of an outer circumference of the housing.02-05-2009
20100300414Methods and Systems for Engine Control - Methods and systems for controlling an engine are provided. In some examples, the engine has at least a cylinder and a compression device coupled to an intake of the engine, and the method includes, during engine re-start operation of an engine idle-stop condition, commencing combustion in the cylinder from a non-combusting condition, the combustion in a two-stroke combustion cycle of the cylinder. However, in some examples, at least partially electrically powered boosting operation may also be used to extend the two-stroke operation during a start.12-02-2010
20100018509ENGINE AND SUPERCHARGER WITH LIQUID COOLED HOUSINGS - The present invention reduces the overheating of sealed oil gear cases and excessive charge air temperatures at high engine speeds in automotive supercharger use by providing liquid cooling of one or more of the housings of a supercharger. Cooling the front cover of the supercharger will reduce the gear case temperatures under boost. Cooling the bearing housing will also reduce gear case temperatures in the adjacent gear case. Cooling the rotor housing, in combination with cooling of the rotors by a separate system, will maintain more uniform clearances under continuous boost, as with racing and autobahn applications. Cooling may be by traditional liquid coolant or with oil, and with separate or combined systems. The invention discloses liquid coolant systems for controlling sealed gear case lubricant temperatures as well as supercharger charge air temperatures if desired. Combined coolant handling and flow systems and their advantages are also disclosed. An exemplary engine-supercharger combination is described and illustrated.01-28-2010
20090064974METHOD FOR OPERATING AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - Method for the operation of an internal combustion engine, wherein the internal combustion engine comprises a combustion chamber, at least one intake valve and at least one exhaust valve, whose opening times are adjustable, wherein fresh mixture is introduced into the combustion chamber during an intake stroke; and by the introduction of fuel, an ignitable gas mixture is produced in the compression chamber and is compressed during a compression stroke and wherein the gas mixture is ignited toward the end of the compression stroke, thereby characterized, in that the fresh mixture is introduced into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke by means of a compression device and in that the intake valve is closed in such a way that the geometric compression is reduced in comparison to a closing angle, which optimal for combustion.03-12-2009
20110239995BLOWER RETROFIT AND METHOD TO IMPROVE DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE - A blower retrofit is provided to reduce diesel locomotive emissions. A method of using the blower retrofit is also described.10-06-2011
20100037870INTAKE MANIFOLD CONFIGURATION - An intake manifold configuration is provided for a chargeable internal combustion engine. The intake manifold configuration includes, but is not limited to an intake pipe leading to a turbocharger, an intake manifold leading from the turbocharger to the internal combustion engine, and a first blow-by channel leading from a crankcase of the internal combustion engine to the intake manifold, the first blow-by channel being connected via a valve to the intake manifold, and the intake manifold configuration comprising a second blow-by channel, which runs from the first blow-by channel to the intake pipe. In this way, on the one hand, a more compact construction of the internal combustion engine is made possible and, on the other hand, the susceptibility to frost is minimized and thus sufficient crankcase ventilation is ensured.02-18-2010
20100065025INTEGRATED INLET AND BYPASS THROTTLE FOR POSITIVE-DISPLACEMENT SUPERCHARGED ENGINES - A supercharged engine has a charge air intake and an engine exhaust outlet, a positive displacement supercharger connected to the air intake, a charge air and bypass control valve comprising a rotary body throttle valve including a rotary valve body, a primary air passage and a separate bypass air passage each extending through the rotary body. The primary air passage is fully open in a first rotary position of the rotary body wherein the bypass air passage is closed, and the bypass air passage is fully open in a second rotary position wherein the primary air passage is closed. Airflow through the passages varies in an inverse manner as the rotary body is rotated between the first and second positions, whereby airflow through the control valve is controlled with a single actuator movable through the full range of positions and airflow through the primary and bypass passages is inversely varied.03-18-2010
20100059026METHOD AND DEVICE FOR OPERATING AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - The invention relates to a method for operating an internal combustion engine in the form of a spark-ignition engine (03-11-2010
20120240908SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE SPEED AIR PUMP AND MULTI-POSITION GATED CHECK VALVE - A secondary air system comprising a variable speed air pump and a gated check valve connected between the variable speed air pump and an IC engine. The gated check valve has two ports, and generally, a first of the two ports is connected to a first bank of engine cylinders, and a second of the two ports is connected to a second bank of engine cylinders. The system further comprises a controller for controlling the speed of the variable speed air pump, and the positioning of the gated check valve. The gated check valve is operable to fully close air flow to both ports, fully open air flow to one of the two ports, or variably split air flow between the two ports.09-27-2012
20110061633Internal combustion engine having intake manifold combined with holding tank - An internal combustion engine with a plurality of cylinders operating in a four-stroke mode, with pistons moving with reciprocating motion, employs at least one holding tank that is formed within a branch of an intake manifold. The holding tank may be shared among a plurality of cylinders. The holding tank, in response to an opening and a closure of a holding valve within the manifold, serves alternately as a conduit and a tank to convey a pre-combustion gas (fuel-air mix in gasoline engines) to and from the cylinders. Intake valves are held open beyond termination of induction strokes for entry and extraction a quantity of pre-combustion gas from a cylinder to reduce the compression ratio to a value less than the expansion ratio.03-17-2011
20110048387Supercharger Lubricating Structure for Internal Combustion Engine - A supercharger lubricating structure for an internal combustion engine is provided that can supply oil to a supercharger through a short oil passage without use of external piping and downsize a lubricating oil pump. A supercharger lubricating structure for an internal combustion engine can be characterized by the following: A rotating shaft can be connected to a crankshaft via a joint. A connection pipe can be insertably passed through the crankshaft and the rotating shaft to allow an intra-crankshaft oil-feed passage and an intra-rotating-shaft oil-feed passage to communicate with each other. An eccentric shaft portion can be provided on the rotating shaft. A supercharger composed of an orbiting movable scroll and front and rear fixed scrolls can be provided on the eccentric shaft portion via needle bearings. The front and rear fixed scrolls can be provided with ball bearings and the needle bearing supporting the rotating shaft. Oil passages can be disposed to allow the intra-rotating-shaft oil-feed passage, the ball bearing, the needle bearing and the needle bearings to communicate with one another.03-03-2011
20110253111Condensate Management for Motor-Vehicle Compressed Air Storage Systems - A method for providing air to a combustion chamber of an engine, the engine including an intake manifold selectably coupled to a boost tank. The method comprises pressurizing and storing air in the boost tank, discharging some of the air stored in the boost tank to the intake manifold, and releasing condensate from the boost tank.10-20-2011
20100282221INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE AND VEHICLE EQUIPPED WITH SUCH ENGINE - The invention relates to an internal combustion engine (11-11-2010
20100031935SUPER-TURBOCHARGER HAVING A HIGH SPEED TRACTION DRIVE AND A CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION - A super-turbocharger utilizing a high speed, fixed ratio traction drive that is coupled to a continuously variable transmission to allow for high speed operation is provided. A high speed traction drive is utilized to provide speed reduction from the high speed turbine shaft. A second traction drive provides infinitely variable speed ratios through a continuously variable transmission.02-11-2010
20100024785CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A control apparatus for an internal combustion engine including a supercharging device, which includes: a valve-drive mechanism that variably controls the valve timings for at least intake valves; a target valve timing setting mechanism setting a target valve timing for at least the intake valves in accordance with an operation condition of the engine in a low engine speed range; and a valve-drive mechanism controller controlling the valve-drive mechanism based on the target valve timing. Each of the target valve timings is differently set such that (a) a valve-overlap duration is provided in a negative pressure region; (b) the valve-overlap duration in the negative pressure region is made shorter in a first supercharging region; and (c) the valve-overlap duration in the first supercharging region is made longer in a second supercharging region where the higher load of the engine is required.02-04-2010
20120037131PRESSURE WAVE SUPERCHARGER - A pressure wave supercharger for installation on an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle includes a rotor casing having an inner surface, and a rotor received in the rotor casing. A coating is applied on the inner surface of the rotor casing for absorbing heat radiation. The rotor casing is surrounded by an insulation jacket.02-16-2012
20110067678METHOD AND DEVICE FOR OPERATING AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE AND AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An internal combustion engine has an air intake system with an air intake pipe and which communicates with a combustion chamber of a cylinder as a function of a switch position of a gas inlet valve. Furthermore, a compressor is disposed in the air intake system and is embodied for the purpose of compressing a mass air flow. Also, a throttle valve is disposed in the air intake system downstream of the compressor and by which the compressed mass air flow into the air intake pipe can be throttled. The internal combustion engine furthermore has a differential pressure sensor which is disposed in the air intake system and is embodied for the purpose of measuring a differential pressure between a charge pressure that prevails downstream of the compressor and upstream of the throttle valve and an ambient pressure that prevails outside of the air intake system.03-24-2011
20120012086VEHICLE CONTROL APPARATUS - In an internal combustion engine provided with a rotary intake control valve, preferable position convergence at the end of inertia supercharging is ensured while avoiding an influence on combustion performance. In an engine provided with an impulse valve, if the implementation of the inertia supercharging is stopped and a request to maintain the impulse valve at a fully-opened position is made, an ECU stops the supply of a braking force to the impulse valve until the rotational phase of the impulse valve enters dead band, and the ECU performs a BRK mode for stopping the impulse valve under the condition that the rotational phase enters the dead band and that the impulse valve is in a deceleration state. At this time, electrification or power distribution for acceleration of the impulse valve during stop control of the impulse valve is forbidden. Moreover, the converging position of the impulse valve by the BRK mode is allowed to deviate in a range with an allowable width set in advance with respect to a target.01-19-2012
20120118274VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT ENGINE ASSEMBLY INCLUDING PARTIAL BOOST ARRANGEMENT - An engine assembly may include an engine structure, a first intake valve, a first valve lift mechanism, a second intake valve, a second valve lift mechanism, and a boost mechanism. The first intake valve may be located in a first intake port and the first valve lift mechanism may be engaged with the first intake valve. The second intake valve may be located in a second intake port and the second valve lift mechanism may be engaged with the second intake valve and operable in first and second modes. The second intake valve may be displaced to an open position during the first mode and may be maintained in a closed position during the second mode. The boost mechanism may be in communication with an air source and the first intake port and isolated from the second intake port.05-17-2012
20090288648SUPERCHARGERS WITH DUAL INTEGRAL ROTORS - In an exemplary embodiment, a dual rotor supercharger includes a pair of rotor housings. Each housing has an air inlet end and an air outlet adjacent a drive end. Each rotor housing contains a pair of coacting rotors with a pair of engaged timing gears operative to rotate the rotors on parallel axes in their housings to pump air from the inlet ends to the outlets of their respective housings. A drive housing encloses the two pairs of timing gears connected within the drive housing for simultaneously rotating the rotors in each rotor housing for delivering air through the outlets of their respective housings. At least one drive member is directly connected with one of the rotors and operative to rotate all of the rotors through the connected timing gears. Various alternative embodiments of the superchargers and operating mechanisms are disclosed.11-26-2009
20120247438BLOWBY GAS RETURNING APPARATUS FOR ENGINE WITH SUPERCHARGER - An upstream side and a downstream side of a supercharger in the intake passage are connected through a bypass passage in which an ejector is provided. An outlet of a first blowby gas returning passage is connected to the bypass passage through the ejector. An outlet of a second blowby gas bypass passage is connected to the intake passage downstream of a throttle valve. An inlet of the first blowby gas returning passage and an inlet of the second blowby gas returning passage are placed adjacent to each other in a head cover. A check valve is provided in the first blowby gas returning passage.10-04-2012
20100269798INTEGRAL ROTOR NOISE ATTENUATORS - A supercharger is provided, comprising a plurality of rotatable supercharger rotors each having a plurality of interleavable lobes configured to move air from an inlet to an outlet of the supercharger. Inner chambers in the lobes define an end opening and perforated end faces, at the end openings defining at least one port, having a length and a diameter. The at least one port is configured to operate with an associated air mass in the inner chamber to attenuate sound adjacent to the end opening.10-28-2010
20120186564METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE OXYGEN CONCENTRATION O2 IN A GAS FLOW - Embodiments for determining oxygen concentration using an oxygen sensor are provided. In one example, a method for determining oxygen concentration O07-26-2012
20120260894INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An internal combustion engine comprises a four stroke working cylinder, a four stroke EGR cylinder, an intake system for supplying a combustion air charge to the cylinders, a first exhaust system for removing exhaust gas from the four stroke working cylinder and to the atmosphere and a second exhaust system for removing exhaust from the four stroke EGR cylinder and to the intake system, wherein the combustion air charge is a combination of combustion air and exhaust gas from the four stroke EGR cylinder.10-18-2012
20100192927 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING A COMPOUND BEARING ASSEMBLY OF A CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for rotationally controlling a bearing assembly using a geared coupling system in combination with a supercharger including an input shaft. Generally, the geared coupling system includes a bearing assembly rotatably supporting a high speed shaft associated with an impeller, the bearing assembly including at least one inner bearing and at least one outer bearing; a drive gear associated with the input shaft and including a plurality of engaging members; and a geared coupler extending from a towards a plurality of engaging members adapted for engagement with the low speed gear, the geared coupler presenting an inner surface for receiving said inner bearing and an outer surface for receiving said outer bearing.08-05-2010
20100326406TWIN FLOW SUPERCHARGED ENGINE - Systems and methods for operating a twin flow supercharged engine are provided. The exhaust lines of engine cylinders are grouped into separate manifolds connected to respective inlet ducts of the twin-flow turbine. The inlet ducts of the twin-flow turbine are of different sizes, with different-sized cross sections and/or different-sized exhaust-gas volumes. The exhaust line of a manifold with a smaller exhaust-gas volume is connected to the larger inlet duct, and the exhaust line of a manifold with the larger exhaust-gas volume is connected to the smaller inlet duct.12-30-2010
20120260896SUPERCHARGER INTAKE DUCT - An air intake duct (10-18-2012
20120260895INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An internal combustion engine comprises a compressor disposed in an intake system configured to compress combustion air and deliver it to cylinders of the engine. A compressor inlet assembly has a combustion air inlet, in fluid communication with, and configured to receive combustion air from the intake system. A combustion air passage extends through the assembly to an outlet located downstream of the inlet and is configured for fluid communication with the compressor. An EGR mixing conduit is disposed within the compressor inlet assembly and has an EGR inlet configured for fluid communication with, and receipt of EGR from, an EGR supply conduit. An EGR passage extends from the EGR inlet to an EGR supply annulus disposed about the combustion air inlet opening and a plurality of EGR ports extend between the EGR supply annulus and the combustion air passage for delivery of EGR thereto.10-18-2012
20110005502SINGLE COMPONENT INTAKE/EXHAUST VALVE MEMBER, FUEL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, AND COOLING SYSTEM FOR COMBUSTION-POWERED FASTENER-DRIVING TOOL - A new and improved combustion-powered fastener-driving tool utilizes a new and improved single component in-take/exhaust valve member which integrally defines both the intake and exhaust valves thereon. The intake/exhaust valve member is axially movable within the combustion chamber, and operatively cooperates with wall structure of the combustion chamber. When the intake/exhaust valve member is disposed, for example, at a first upper position, both the intake and exhaust ports defined within the wall structure of the combustion chamber are closed so as to permit the ignition and combustion phases of the tool-firing cycle to proceed, whereas, conversely, when the intake/exhaust valve member is disposed, for example, at a second lower position, both the intake and exhaust ports within the combustion chamber are open so as to permit incoming air to scavenge combustion exhaust products and to subsequently mix with injected fuel in preparation for the commencement of another tool-firing cycle.01-13-2011
20120285425BLOWBY FLOW CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A TURBOCHARGED ENGINE - A flow control system is provided having an engine, a turbocharger, and positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) line, and a flow regulating device. The engine has an air-oil separator and an intake manifold. The air-oil separator separates oil droplets and oil mist from a blowby gas. The turbocharger has an air inlet and an air outlet, where the air outlet is connected to the intake manifold of the engine. The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) vent line has a first end connected to the air-oil separator and a second end connected to the air inlet of the turbocharger. The PCV vent line delivers the blowby gas from the air-oil separator to the air inlet of the turbocharger. The flow regulating device is located in the PCV vent line. The flow regulating device selectively limits the flow of blowby gas from the air-oil separator to the air inlet of the turbocharger.11-15-2012
20120240909METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CONTROLLING TRANSIENT ENGINE RESPONSE - Various methods and systems for operating an internal combustion engine are provided. In one embodiment, an example method for operating an internal combustion engine includes, under a first condition, charging a compressed air storage vessel via a compressor. The method further includes, under a second condition, directly injecting compressed air from the storage vessel to a cylinder of the engine to enhance fuel combustion.09-27-2012
20130152907ELECTRONIC INDUCTION SYSTEM TUNING - Electronic induction system tuning featuring electronic pressure charging for an intake tract of an internal combustion engine is disclosed herein. The electronic pressure charging system includes a pressure sensor, a signal generator, and a wave generator. The signal generator causes the wave generator to create a pressure wave in response to monitored parameters and a pressure wave detected by the pressure sensor. The generated pressure wave may be added to, cancel, or otherwise modify the detected pressure wave to increase, decrease, or otherwise manipulate the pressure within a combustion chamber of the engine.06-20-2013
20110308502TURBOCHARGER - In a gas inlet casing of a turbocharger that compresses combustion air for an internal combustion engine and forcibly feeds high-density air into a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine, a space formed between an inner casing and an outer casing is configured to serve as a first exhaust gas channel for guiding exhaust gas discharged from the internal combustion engine to the outer periphery side of a turbine nozzle. A second exhaust gas channel for guiding exhaust gas that branches at an intermediate point in the first exhaust gas channel to the inner periphery side of the turbine nozzle is formed at the inner periphery side of the inner casing. An intermediate portion of the first exhaust gas channel and a gas inlet of the second exhaust gas channel are communicated through an exhaust gas pipe, and an on/off valve is connected at an intermediate point thereof.12-22-2011
20120017878DRIVE DEVICE - One embodiment includes a combination including a secondary air pump; and a first control valve constructed and arranged to control flow of air into the secondary air pump from one or more lines connected to the first control valve; and/or a second control valve constructed and arranged to control flow of air from the secondary air pump through one or more lines connected to the second control valve. The combination being particularly useful in a system including a combustion engine.01-26-2012
20130192567SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COMPENSATING AIRFLOW DETERMINATIONS FOR AIR COMPRESSOR BLEED - Systems and methods are disclosed for compensating a mass airflow (MAF) sensor reading to account for the bleeding or diversion of intake airflow for compressor operation in determining fresh air flow into an engine. The engine is downstream from the compressor diversion.08-01-2013
20130206116METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A CHARGE PRESSURE IN AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE HAVING A PRESSURE-WAVE SUPERCHARGER - A method for adjusting charge pressure of a combustion engine is disclosed, wherein the charge pressure is built up by a pressure-wave supercharger to which a channel 08-15-2013
20130206117EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION APPARATUS FOR ENGINE - An exhaust gas recirculation apparatus for engine includes an EGR passage, a first EGR valve and a second EGR valve provided in series in the EGR passage to regulate an EGR flow rate in the EGR passage. The first EGR valve is configured as a poppet valve and is configured to open in a range of opening degree from full open to full close. The second EGR valve has a maximum opening degree restricted to a predetermined small opening degree smaller than full open. The second EGR valve is configured to open in a range of opening degree from the predetermined small opening degree to full close and to allow the first EGR valve to provide a maximum exhaust flow rate when the second EGR valve is held at the predetermined small opening degree.08-15-2013

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