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Electrically actuated injector

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123 - Internal-combustion engines


123445000 - Fuel injection system

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123478000 Actuator circuit (e.g., engine condition responsive electronic circuit actuates injector valve) 171
123476000 Magnetically actuated switching 19
123473000 Mechanically actuated switching 2
20100175670Reducing variations in close coupled post injections in a fuel injector and fuel system using same - An electrically controlled fuel injector includes an armature that is movable between a first armature position and a second armature position inside an armature cavity containing fuel. By reducing the size of the armature cavity to a squish film drag gap, the armature experiences a squish film drag phenomenon when the armature moves from the first armature position to the second armature position reducing the armature travel speed but also reducing the settling time of the armature after an injection event. By reducing the armature travel speed; the armature experiences a reduction in magnitude of armature bounce allowing the armature to settle down quicker and produce minimum controllable injection events with shorter dwell times than predecessor fuel injectors, especially for close coupled post injection events.07-15-2010
20090314259Electronic pressure relief in a mechanically actuated fuel injector - A mechanically actuated electronically controlled fuel injector includes a first electrical actuator that controls the position of a spill value, and a second electrical actuator to control pressure on a closing hydraulic surface associated with a nozzle check valve. The fuel injector is actuated via rotation of a cam to move a plunger to displace fuel from a fuel pressurization chamber either to a spill passage or at high pressure out of a nozzle outlet of the fuel injector for an injection event. Pressure in the fuel injector is moderated when the plunger is moving and the nozzle check valve is in a closed position by briefly cracking open the spill valve to relieve some pressure during the dwell between injection events, such as between a large main injection event and a small close coupled post injection event. This strategy allows for longer dwell times between injection events as well as smaller injection quantities in the post-injection.12-24-2009
123475000 Actuated by ignition pulse 1
20080236548Control Device for High-Pressure Fuel System - The present invention reduces exhaust emissions at startup, provides improved fuel pressure control performance in a low-load region, and detects high-pressure fuel system abnormalities. Disclosed is a high-pressure fuel system control device which includes a high-pressure pump for pressurizing fuel and discharging the pressurized fuel to a fuel rail, an injector for injecting the fuel stored in the fuel rail, and a fuel pressure sensor for measuring the pressure of the fuel stored in the fuel rail, and controls the high-pressure pump and the injector in accordance with an output generated from the fuel pressure sensor. The high-pressure fuel system control device includes a homo-elasticity coefficient estimation section for estimating a homo-elasticity coefficient of fuel in accordance with a pressure change which occurs when a fuel discharge amount of the high-pressure pump is not smaller than a predetermined value; a fuel pressure estimation section for estimating fuel pressure within the fuel rail in accordance with the homo-elasticity coefficient and control target values for the high-pressure pump and the injector; and a fuel control section for correcting an injection pulse of the injector in accordance with the fuel pressure estimated by the fuel pressure estimation section.10-02-2008
20090101112Piezo intensifier fuel injector and engine using same - A common rail fuel injection system includes a piezo intensifier fuel injector that includes a plurality of components. Among these are a needle valve member, an intensifier piston, a first piezo stack electrical actuator and a second piezo stack electrical actuator. These components have a first configuration at which the needle valve member blocks a nozzle outlet of the fuel injector, and a shoulder of the intensifier piston is exposed to fluid pressure in a common rail. The components have a second configuration at which the nozzle outlet is fluidly connected to the common rail for a low pressure injection event. The components have a third configuration at which the nozzle outlet is fluidly blocked from the common rail, but movement of the intensifier displaces fluid through the nozzle outlet for a high pressure injection event.04-23-2009
20100071669INJECTION VALVE - An injection valve (03-25-2010
20130074808FUEL INJECTION VALVE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A fuel injection valve includes a solenoid device which generates a magnetic sucking force; a core provided inside the solenoid device; a movable valve element composed of an armature coming into contact with the core, a pipe section whose one end is joined to the armature, and a valve section joined to the other end of the pipe section, the valve element being suctioned against a spring during energization of the solenoid device; and a valve seat unit having a valve seat to or from which the valve element is mounted or removed by the magnetic sucking force generated from the solenoid device and pressing force of the spring. The armature, the valve section, and the pipe section of the valve element are integrally configured by molding with resin, the armature and the valve section being joined by the pipe section.03-28-2013
20120204839ELECTROMAGNETIC FUEL INJECTION VALVE - Provided is an electromagnetic fuel injection valve capable of reducing fuel injection amount fluctuations by flattening chromium-coated impact surfaces of a movable core that impact with a stationary core or a valve plug.08-16-2012
20120180762METHOD FOR DRIVING A SOLENOID VALVE OF A FUEL INJECTOR - A battery supplies power to a solenoid valve at a voltage and by a DC/DC boost converter at a boost voltage that is higher than the battery voltage. Operating parameters of the injector are stored that include at least peak high and peak low currents and peak phase duration. A pull-in phase up is performed to current into the solenoid valve when a value greater than the peak high current is reached. Current is monitored into the solenoid and switching on the battery voltage to the solenoid if the current into the solenoid is equal to or lower than, the peak low current, then monitoring the current into the solenoid and powering the solenoid at the boost voltage if the current into the solenoid is still lower than the peak low current. Otherwise powering the solenoid at the battery voltage and performing a hold phase.07-19-2012
20090320802FUEL INJECTOR PROVIDED WITH A METERING SERVOVALVE OF A BALANCED TYPE FOR AN INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE - A fuel injector has an injector body and a control rod, which is movable in the injector body along an axis for controlling opening/closing of a nozzle that injects fuel in an engine cylinder; the injector body houses a metering servovalve, provided with a control chamber and with an open/close element of a balanced type, axial sliding of which causes a variation in pressure in the control chamber; the metering servovalve comprises a valve body made of two pieces coaxially coupled to one another via a deformable ring, which defines also a gasket for guaranteeing fluid tightness between the two pieces and maintains in a fixed position a disk on which a calibrated restriction is made.12-31-2009
20090320800FUEL INJECTOR WITH BALANCED METERING SERVOVALVE FOR AN INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE - The injector comprises a balanced metering servovalve for controlling a rod for opening/closing a nebulizer. The servovalve has a valve body having a control chamber provided with an outlet passage that is opened/closed by an axially mobile open/close element. The open/close element is made of a single piece with a bushing separate from an armature plate of an electromagnet. The bushing is coupled to a stem in an axially slidable way for closing an exhaust duct in communication with the outlet passage The open/close element is kept in a closed position by a spring that acts upon the bushing through an intermediate body connected thereto. The armature plate can be displaced with respect to the bushing between a flange of the intermediate body and a shoulder of the bushing, for eliminating the rebounds of the open/close element upon closing of the servovalve.12-31-2009
20090301440Piezoelectric Actuator - A piezoelectric actuator arrangement (12-10-2009
20120216782INTEGRATED FUEL INJECTOR IGNITERS HAVING FORCE GENERATING ASSEMBLIES FOR INJECTING AND IGNITING FUEL AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF USE AND MANUFACTURE - Embodiments of injectors configured for adaptively injecting and igniting various fuels in a combustion chamber are disclosed herein. An injector according to one embodiment includes an end portion configured to be positioned adjacent to a combustion chamber, and an ignition feature carried by the end portion and configured to generate an ignition event. The injector also includes a force generator assembly and a movable valve. The force generator assembly includes a first force generator separate from a second force generator. The first force generator creates a motive force to move the valve between the closed and open positions into the combustion chamber. The second force generator is electrically coupled to the ignition feature and provides voltage to the ignition feature to at least partially generate the ignition event.08-30-2012
20130068200Injector Valve with Miniscule Actuator Displacement - An injector comprising one or more piezoelectric driving stacks wherein a flow control member of the injector is driven directly by the one or more piezoelectric stacks without additional amplification means or interposing elements while a flow area of the nozzle is variably adjustable to deliver controlled flow rates in a desired flow profile to improve engine performance and reduce emissions. The injector is configured to support required flow rates with minimal linear movement of the flow control member. The injector and drive electronics are configured to deliver higher frequency operation and response with increased operational stability due to minimal response lag.03-21-2013
20090288640FUEL INJECTION VALVE - The objective of the present invention is to realize the structure, of a fuel injection valve, in which bouncing of the needle can be suppressed and the armature position can be fixed while the valve is closed, without increasing the number of components and the number of processes. In a fuel injection valve including an armature that is repelled or attracted by a core, by de-energizing or energizing a coil, a needle that opens or closes a valve seat in accordance with a reciprocal travel of the armature, and a valve-closing spring that biases the needle so as to close the valve, when the coil is de-energized, the valve-closing spring is disposed on the armature, and the needle and the armature are fixed in such a way that the armature can travel in an axis direction by a predetermined amount with respect to the needle.11-26-2009
20100031929Piezoelectric Actuator with a Sheathing Composed of a Composite Material - A piezoelectric actuator for flowing-around media, with a piezo element arranged between two end caps. The piezo element is surrounded by a ring-shaped sheathing connected to the end caps. The sheathing consists, at least in portions, of a composite material with at least two layers, at least one layer consisting of a metallic material and at least one layer consisting of a polymer.02-11-2010
20080276907Electromagnetic Fuel Injection Valve Device - An electromagnetic fuel injection valve device for an internal combustion engine is configured to carry out an energization to an electromagnetic coil of an injection valve actuator for a valve opening motion and additionally carry out a mid-term energization at a time interval between both an energization for valve opening of a previous fuel injection and an energization for valve opening of a subsequent fuel injection. A current of the mid-term energization is smaller than a current of the energization for valve opening motion and has the same direction as a direction of the current of the energization for valve opening motion.11-13-2008
20110197858FUEL INJECTION DEVICE - [Object] To allow smooth discharge of a gas accumulated in a fuel injection device for injecting/supplying fuel to an engine intake passage.08-18-2011
20080308069ENGINE FUELING CONTROL DURING CYLINDER VALVE MODE TRANSITIONS - A method of control fueling of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine, the cylinder having at least two intake valves, the method comprising of operating in a first mode with one active intake valve and one inactive intake valve during a cycle of the cylinder operating in a second mode with two active intake valves during a cycle of the cylinder and adjusting a fuel injection from an injector configured to deliver fuel through at least the two intake valves, where the fuel injection adjustment is responsive to a transition in modes and based on whether the transition is from the first mode to the second mode, or from the second mode to the first mode.12-18-2008
20090165749Engine and control valve assembly having reduced variability in operation over time - A control valve assembly includes a one-piece valve movable between a first position at which the valve closes a seat defined by a housing and positioned fluidly between a fluid inlet and a first fluid outlet, and a second position at which the valve is out of contact with the seat. The valve includes an outer diameter having an annular seating shoulder located thereon which is configured to contact a frustoconical surface of the seat when the valve is at the first position, and the annular seating shoulder is further configured to deform in response to contacting the frustonical surface without changing a seating diameter associated therewith. Closing the seat with the annular seating shoulder reduces performance variability of the valve over time.07-02-2009
20100006068FUEL INJECTOR - A fuel injector for fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines is described. The fuel injector includes an electromagnetic actuating element having a magnetic coil, a core and a valve jacket as the outer magnetic circuit component and a movable valve-closure member which interacts with a valve-seat surface assigned to a valve-seat member. The core and a connecting tube in an inner opening of a thin-walled valve sleeve and the valve jacket on the outer circumference of the valve sleeve are firmly connected to the valve sleeve by pressing them therein/thereon. The fixed press connection between two of these metallic components of the fuel injector is characterized in that at least one of the component partners has a structure including grooves in its press area and/or the particular press area has an inlet rounding in at least one transition to an adjacent component section.01-14-2010
20090139490Control method for closed loop operation with adaptive wave form of an engine fuel injector oil or fuel control valve - A method and system controls motion of an armature 06-04-2009
20090020102APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MAXIMUM CYLINDER PRESSURE IN AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An Engine Control Module includes an electronic controller for controlling the position of an EGR valve, the timing of opening and closing of the engine combustion valves, and the timing of the individual cylinder fuel injectors of an engine. Each engine cylinder includes a pressure sensor. Peak cylinder pressure is sent to the ECM during each firing cycle. The ECM is programmed with required maximum percentages of EGR and optimal combustion valve timing for each engine operating condition, and sets the EGR valve and/or the camshaft phaser accordingly to adjust combustion in all the engine cylinders. The ECM also compares the measured peak pressure for each cylinder and adjusts the timing of fuel injection for the next firing cycle to trim the measured peak pressure in each cylinder to a predetermined level at or below the maximum allowable peak firing pressure for the engine.01-22-2009
20100186719Self-guided armature in single pole solenoid actuator assembly and fuel injector using same - A self-guided armature assembly for a single pole solenoid assembly includes an armature stem and an armature. The solenoid assembly includes a flux ring component and an actuator body. The armature is movable inside the flux ring. An axial air gap is defined between the top armature surface of the armature and a bottom stator surface of a stator assembly. A sliding air gap is defined between an inner diameter surface of the flux ring and an outer diameter surface of the armature. The self-guided armature is guided along the flux ring via a guiding interaction between the armature and the flux ring. The sliding air gap is smaller than the axial air gap. A stem clearance gap is defined between the armature stem and the actuator body. The sliding air gap is also smaller than the stem clearance gap.07-29-2010
20100258087EMISSION REDUCTION RETROFIT METHOD AND KIT FOR EMD TWO-CYCLE DIESEL ENGINES - A method for retrofitting an existing EMD 567/645 two-cycle diesel engine to reduce exhaust emissions includes the steps of removing mechanical fuel injectors and associated components and installing of electronic unit fuel injectors and associated components. Also disclosed is a kit for retrofitting an existing EMD 567/645 two-cycle diesel engine to reduce exhaust emissions.10-14-2010
20100258086Piezoelectric Device - A piezoelectric device comprising a device body bearing encapsulation means to protectively encapsulate the device body wherein the encapsulation means includes an ion exchange membrane.10-14-2010
20100186718Method for operating an injector - A method is described for operating an injector, in particular an injector of an injection system of an internal combustion engine, the injector including a piezoelectric actuator that is connected to a valve needle via a coupling element, an electric voltage being applied to the piezoelectric actuator, resulting in an increase and/or decrease in the length of the piezoelectric actuator, a holding voltage being applied to the piezoelectric actuator when the injector is closed. The voltage of the piezoelectric actuator is brought to the holding voltage by a recharge sequence.07-29-2010
20100252002FUEL INJECTOR WITH FUEL PRESSURE SENSOR AND ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTION METHOD OF THE SAME - In a fuel injector, a body has formed therein a spray hole and a fuel supply passage. Fuel supplied to the fuel supply passage is delivered to the spray hole. A fuel pressure sensor produces a signal indicative of a pressure of the fuel. First terminals are attached to the fuel pressure sensor, and include a terminal for outputting the signal. The fuel pressure sensor is threadedly installed in the body while the plurality of first terminals are rotated about a preset axis. A connector includes a housing attached to the body, and second terminals supported by the housing for external electric connection of the fuel pressure sensor. Electrodes are each arranged to extend around the preset axis in a circular arc. Each of the electrodes electrically connects a corresponding one of the first terminals to a corresponding one of the second terminals.10-07-2010
20100252001FUEL INJECTOR WITH FUEL PRESSURE SENSOR AND ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTION METHOD OF THE SAME - In a fuel injector, a body has formed therein a spray hole and a fuel supply passage. Fuel supplied to the fuel supply passage is delivered to the spray hole. A fuel pressure sensor produces a signal indicative of a pressure of the fuel. First terminals are attached to the fuel pressure sensor and include a terminal for outputting the signal. The fuel pressure sensor is threadedly installed in the body while the first terminals are rotated. A connector includes a housing attached to the body, and second terminals supported by the housing for external electric connection of the fuel pressure sensor. Wires are operative to establish electrical connection between the first terminals and the second terminals. A wire holder is configured to hold each of the plurality of wires at least partly around the fuel pressure sensor.10-07-2010
20100139621STACKED PIEZOELECTRIC DEVICE - A stacked piezoelectric device 06-10-2010
20100199952PIEZOELECTRIC ACTUATOR MODULE WITH A PROTECTIVE LAYER SYSTEM, AND A METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION - A piezoelectric actuator module is proposed having one or a plurality of piezoelectric actuators which is or are clamped in between an actuator head and an actuator base. According to the invention, at least the piezoelectric actuator is provided with a protection layer system. Provision is made of at least one surrounding element for tightly fixing the protection layer system to the actuator head, to the actuator base and/or to the piezoelectric actuator. The at least one surrounding element is composed of a material having a shape memory and can be pressed onto the protection layer system after a mounting-dictated expansion.08-12-2010
20100180865Barrier Coatings for a Piezoelectric Device - Provided are barrier coatings and methods for applying barrier coatings to piezoelectric actuators that are intended for use in automotive fuel injectors. The barrier coatings are characterised by the presence of at least one organic layer, and additionally metal and/or non-metallic inorganic layers. The barrier coatings described show advantage in resisting permeation by liquid fuel, water and other contaminants.07-22-2010
20100180866SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DEFINING PIEZOELECTRIC ACTUATOR WAVEFORM - A system and method for defining a signal for driving a piezoelectric actuator, comprising defining a wave profile corresponding to a voltage waveform of a signal for actuating a piezoelectric actuator; modifying the wave profile such that an operational profile of the piezoelectric actuator is adjusted; and providing the signal to the piezoelectric actuator to operate the piezoelectric actuator.07-22-2010
20090320801FUEL INJECTOR WITH HIGH STABILITY OF OPERATION FOR AN INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE - The injector comprises a dosing servo valve for controlling a rod for opening/closing a nebulizer. The servo valve has a valve body having a control chamber provided with an outlet passage that is opened/closed by an open/close element that is axially movable. The open/close element is separate from an anchor of an electromagnet, and is slidable on an axial guide element for closing the outlet passage. The open/close element is held in the closing position by a spring acting through an intermediate body. The anchor can be displaced with respect to the axial guide element between a flange of the intermediate body and a projection element of the guide member, for eliminating the rebounds of the open/close element upon closing of the solenoid valve.12-31-2009
20080302337Apparatus for the Transmission of a Deflection of an Actuator - An apparatus for the transmission of a deflection of an actuator, in particular of a piezoelectric actuator of an injection valve, comprises at least one first lever device which has a first transmission element which transmits the deflection of the actuator. In this case, there is provision for at least one first spring element to be provided for guiding or mounting the first transmission element.12-11-2008
20110048381Fuel injector actuator assemblies and associated methods of use and manufacture - The present disclosure is directed to integrated injector/igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. One example of such an injectors/igniter can include a body having a base portion opposite a nozzle portion. The base portion receives the fuel into the body and the nozzle portion can be positioned adjacent to the combustion chamber. The injector further includes a valve carried by the nozzle portion that is movable between a closed position and an open position to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber. An actuator is coupled the valve and extends longitudinally through the body towards the base portion, and a driver is carried by the body and is movable between a first position and a second position. In the first position the driver does not move the actuator and in the second position the driver moves the actuator to move the valve to the open position.03-03-2011
20100263631FUEL INJECTOR - A fuel injector includes an excitable actuator in the form of an electromagnetic circuit having a magnetic coil, an outer magnetic circuit component and a movable armature for actuating a valve-closure member, which interacts with a valve seat provided on a valve seat body. The outer cup-shaped magnetic circuit component has a component bottom. On the side opposite the component bottom, a disk-shaped cover part is inserted into the outer magnetic circuit component. The coil space for the magnetic coil is bounded by the outer magnetic circuit component, the cover part and a thin-walled sleeve element.10-21-2010
20100077994Fuel injector having integral body guide and nozzle case for pressure containment - A fuel injector includes a body piece that defines a nozzle supply passage and a chamber in fluid communication therewith and configured to contain a fluid pressure within the fuel injector. The body piece has a threaded segment and a second, unthreaded segment that includes an outer surface of the fuel injector. A tip piece is clamped via a clamping piece to the body piece to form a fluid seal therewith, and a needle check extends within the body piece and the tip piece. The body piece is configured to contain fluid pressures, for example up to and exceeding 200 MPa, and has a wall thickness between the chamber and the unthreaded segment that is linked to a fluid pressure of fuel passing through the chamber. The fuel injector is configured via integrating portions of a nozzle case and a body guide to contain the extremely high fuel pressures.04-01-2010
20080314367Control system using pulse density modulation - A method for modified pulsed control of an electromechanical actuator in accordance with the invention comprising the steps of a) setting a common time length for all of the pulses in a pulse train, and b) varying (modulating) the number of such pulses per unit time (repetition rate) by varying the length of time between pulses in the train. Such control is defined herein as pulse-density modulation, or PDM. Especially in applications having a relatively low percent duty cycle if controlled by the prior art Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), PDM control results in more accurate control of an actuator, with higher resolution. The method is especially useful in controlling flow of a fluid, through a valve, such as a fuel injector, and especially at relatively low flow rates at high supply pressures P12-25-2008
20110162623FUEL INJECTION NOZZLE AND FUEL INJECTION VALVE, AND FUEL INJECTION CONTROL SYSTEM USING THE SAME - Needles include a cylindrical outer needle that is brought into contact with and moved away from a nozzle body (07-07-2011
20100180867LEAD-ZIRCONATE-TITANATE CERAMIC HAVING TEXTURING, METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF THE CERAMIC, AND USE OF THE CERAMIC - A lead-zirconate-titanate ceramic has texturing, with textured nuclei containing barium-titanate crystallites, wherein the barium-titanate crystallites have a substantially equal crystal characteristic, including form anisotropy, and an orientation in the lead-zirconate-titanate ceramic. A method for the production of a PZT ceramic has the following steps: a) providing the barium-titanate crystallite, b) mixing the barium-titanate crystallite and a starting material of the lead-zirconate-titanate into a ceramic green body such that the barium-titanate crystallites in the green body have an orientation, and c) heat-treating the green body. The heat treatment has calcination and sintering of the piezo-ceramic composition. The barium-titanate crystallites are used in a “template grain growth process” as crystallization nuclei. The piezo-ceramic component is, for example, an ultrasonic transducer or a piezo-ceramic bender actuator. In particular, the piezo-ceramic component is a multilayer piezo actuator, which is used to actuate a fuel valve of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle.07-22-2010
20100175669METHOD OF POLING FERROELECTRIC MATERIALS - A method of poling a ferroelectric sample suitable for use in a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine, the method comprising providing a ferroelectric sample having a stack of ferroelectric layers, wherein adjacent layers are separated by internal electrodes, forming a first group and a second group of electrodes; applying a multiaxial pressure to the ferroelectric sample; reducing the bonding strength between each pair of adjacent ferroelectric layers and internal electrodes; and generating a first electric field between the first and second group of electrodes to pole each ferroelectric layer in a first poling direction.07-15-2010
20090308353FUEL INJECTOR WITH AN IMPROVED CONTROL VALVE - The invention relates to a fuel injector (12-17-2009
20100018503Upper guide system for solenoid actuated fuel injectors - An upper guide system for a solenoid actuated fuel injector of an internal combustion engine includes an armature and a guide ring having a cylindrical shape and surrounding the armature and positioning the armature in a radial direction. The location of the upper guide system is substantially in the same axial location as the radial magnetic forces imposed on the armature. Features such as flutes or grooves are disposed on an outer diameter surface of the armature and/or holes through a body portion of the armature. Accordingly, the response performance of the solenoid actuated fuel injector is improved.01-28-2010
20100229833REVERSE OPERATING NONLINEAR SPRING - The present invention provides an apparatus for enabling operation of a piezoelectric actuator, comprising a spring configured to provide a compressive force to a piezoelectric element of a piezoelectric actuator, wherein the compressive force varies with displacement of the piezoelectric element such that the compressive force is less at a first displacement than at a second displacement, and wherein the first displacement is greater than the second displacement.09-16-2010
20110155104Multi-Layer Piezoelectric Element, And Injection Device And Fuel Injection System Using The Same - Provided is a highly durable multi-layer piezoelectric element wherein an external electrode has less possibilities of being peeled off from a side face of a stacked body even when the element is continuously driven for a long period of time in a high electrical field under high pressure. In a multi-layer piezoelectric element (06-30-2011
20120006301Apparatus for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine - In an apparatus for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine, including an injection nozzle (01-12-2012
20090000597Piezoceramic Multilayer Actuator, Method for Producing a Piezoceramic Multilayer Actuator, and Inujection System - A piezoceramic multilayer actuator has at least one outer electrode which can expand and provides at least two current paths between a supply potential connecting area of the outer electrode and a respective inner electrode, with which the outer electrode makes contact, of a piezo-stack of the multilayer actuator.01-01-2009
20120247428Method and Control Unit for Operating a Valve - In a method for operating a valve, e.g., a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle which is activated with the aid of an actuator, the actuator is activated using a control variable which has a predetermined control period. The control period is formed as a function of a setpoint value for a closing delay time of the valve which characterizes a time difference between an end of the control period and a closing point in time of the valve.10-04-2012
20120247427FUEL INJECTION VALVE - A fuel injection valve includes a valve element movably disposed to a valve seat member having a valve seat and formed with an opening located at a downstream side thereof. A swirl imparting chamber is formed to impart a swirl force to fuel within the swirl imparting chamber by turning fuel. An injection hole is opened to the bottom of swirl imparting chamber to inject fuel to outside. Additionally, a communication passage is formed to connect the swirl imparting chamber with the opening of the valve seat member. In this fuel injection valve, the swirl imparting chamber and the communication passage are formed to satisfy the following equation:10-04-2012
20120222654GAS COMBUSTION TYPE DRIVING TOOL - A gas combustion type driving tool is provided with a combustion portion; a fuel container for containing a fuel; an electromagnetic valve device for injecting the fuel into the combustion portion; and a grip portion. A distance from the fuel container to the combustion portion is set substantially equal to or less than a distance from the electromagnetic valve device (09-06-2012
20120227709Fuel Injection Device - In a fuel injection device, a driving unit structure has a magnetic aperture, in which an inner diameter is gradually enlarged toward the mover side, provided in an inner peripheral surface of the magnetic core. It is possible to reduce magnetic delay time upon valve opening from the supply of the electric current to the coil to the rise of magnetic flux and magnetic delay time upon valve closing from the stoppage of the electric current to the coil to reduction of magnetic flux, by providing a magnetic aperture in the inner peripheral surface of the magnetic core. Thus it is possible to improve the dynamic responsiveness upon valve opening and valve closing.09-13-2012
20120080011FUEL INJECTOR - A fuel injector includes a nozzle body with a nozzle bore, a first valve needle received within the nozzle bore and being engageable with a first seat region to control fuel delivery through a first set of nozzle outlets, and a second valve needle received within a valve bore provided in the first valve needle and being engageable with a second seat region arranged to control fuel delivery through a second set of nozzle outlets. A control chamber for fuel is provided between the first valve needle and the second valve needle, wherein movement of the first valve needle is responsive to fuel pressure in the control chamber, and wherein movement of the second valve needle is mechanically coupled to an armature of the first actuator arrangement. A second actuator arrangement to controls movement of the first valve needle by controlling fuel flow into the control chamber.04-05-2012
20130174811FUEL SUPPLY DEVICE FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A temperature reduction control for reducing the temperature of an injector is performed through first to third fuel supply control routines executed by an electronic control device. When the temperature of the injector is reduced by the execution of the temperature reduction control, heat transfer to the vicinity of the nozzle of the injector is reduced. Since the vicinity of the nozzle of the injector is less likely to be placed in a high-temperature environment by in accordance with reduction in heat transfer to the vicinity of the nozzle of the injector, the formation of deposit around the nozzle of the injector is suppressed.07-11-2013
20100313853PIEZOELECTRIC DIRECT ACTING FUEL INJECTOR WITH HYDRAULIC LINK - A piezoelectric-actuated fuel injector for injecting fuel into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine is provided which includes a piezoelectric actuator movable to expand in a first direction and movable to contract in a second direction opposite the first direction, and a hydraulic link assembly disposed within a nozzle cavity formed in a nozzle housing containing a nozzle valve element. The hydraulic link assembly is positioned close to the injector orifices to minimize needle valve element length and mass, thereby reducing seat impact forces and enhance response time. A refill valve operates to move into an open position to refill a hydraulic link chamber. An actuator power source operates to vary voltage to cause multiple injection pulses and to selectively maintain the voltage above a predetermined lower level between injection pulses to maintain the refill valve in a closed position to prevent refilling of the hydraulic link chamber.12-16-2010
20100313852INJECTION NOZZLE FOR FUEL WITH BALL VALVE - The invention relates to a fuel injector comprising a nozzle retainer or an injector body, a valve body and a nozzle body, in which a preferably needle-shaped injection valve member is arranged to be vertically movable, said member releasing or closing at least one injection port leading to a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine depending on the pressure relief of or the pressure load on a control chamber. The invention is characterized in that a valve comprising a preferably ball-shaped valve element is arranged in the nozzle retainer or in the injector body for the pressure relief of the control chamber.12-16-2010
20130180506Method and Control Unit for Controlling an Internal Combustion Engine - A method and a control unit are disclosed for controlling a single-cylinder or multiple-cylinder internal combustion engine having at least one fuel injector per cylinder, at least one camshaft for actuating inlet valves and/or outlet valves, and having a control unit which controls the fuel injectors in such a way that they inject in each case one fuel pre-injection per cylinder during a starting phase of the internal combustion engine. In order to make an improved pre-injection strategy possible during the starting phase, according to the invention at least one cylinder pressure signal which is supplied by a cylinder pressure sensor for measuring the pressure in a cylinder is evaluated with regard to interference signals, and the evaluation result is taken into consideration at least during the starting phase in a determination of the camshaft angle.07-18-2013
20110283974INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - An internal combustion engine has at least one combustion chamber which may be closed by an intake valve, at least one air intake port which leads to the intake valve, and a fuel injection device which in association with the at least one combustion chamber has a first injector and a second injector for the metered injection of fuel into at least one intake port. To achieve significantly improved mixture preparation and combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, the two injectors are configured such that the first injector injects a widely divergent spray cone having a large cone angle, and the second injector injects an only slightly divergent spray cone having a much smaller cone angle.11-24-2011
20130199501FUEL INJECTOR WITH A VARIABLE ORIFICE - A variable orifice fuel injector has both an inward opening needle valve and an outward opening needle valve and has means to inject fuel in different hollow conical spray patterns and conventional multiple jet spray patterns selectively and independently.08-08-2013
20120085323FLUID INJECTOR HAVING A NOVEL INLET VALVE ARRANGEMENT - With reference to FIG. 04-12-2012

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