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119 - Animal husbandry

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119769000 Hitching or tethering 211
119720000 Electromagnetic remote control 54
119719000 Mechanical wave producing device (e.g., sound, ultrasound, vibration, etc.) 47
119814000 Inhibiting use or movement of specific body part other than tail by re- straint carried solely by animal (e.g., for ear, head, foot, etc.) 25
119843000 Animal relocating, loading or unloading (e.g., gangway, chute, conveyor, turntable, elevator, etc.) 17
119753000 Platform (e.g., grooming table, etc.) 15
119713000 Bird 15
119729000 Head or neck stock 10
119725000 Body sling 9
119751000 Holding crate or trap 9
119718000 Responsive to voice (e.g., bark, cry, etc.) of animal 7
119840000 Stock sorting (e.g., cutting gate, etc.) 7
119728000 Suspending 4
20090314224ANIMAL SUPPORT HARNESS AND METHOD OF SUPPORTING AND RESTRAINING MOVEMENT OF THE ANIMAL - An animal support harness and method of supporting and restraining movement of an animal is provided. The apparatus includes a sling that can be routed around the abdomen of the animal, and a plurality of primary support straps extend and are joined at a handle. A leash strap is integrated with the handle, and extends to connect to the collar of the animal. The integral leash strap along with the primary support straps enables an owner to control not only an upward supporting force for the animal, but also provides an inherent restraint to prevent an animal from walking too quickly or lunging, which might otherwise harm the animal.12-24-2009
20090183690SOW CHUTE AND HOIST - A vertically moveable immobilizing sow chute to allow hoisting and holding horizontally of a sow for foot treatment is described. The unit avoids the use of slings, can be operated electrically, and has numerous fail safe features as well as mobility and stability.07-23-2009
20080276880PET SUPPORT SUIT AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A support suit including support fabric sized to fit around a torso of an animal, where the support fabric includes a bib. The support suit further includes a front girth strap connected to the support fabric and configured to secure the support fabric around a chest portion of the torso, a rear girth strap connected to the support fabric and configured to secure the support fabric around a belly portion of the torso, a first shoulder strap and a second shoulder strap connected to the support fabric and configured to secure the bib to an upper chest portion of the animal, where the first shoulder strap is located on a right side of a neck of the animal and wherein the second shoulder strap is located on the left side of the neck, and a bridge strap configured to fix a distance between the first shoulder strap and the second shoulder strap.11-13-2008
20080223309SOW CHUTE AND HOIST - An immobilizing sow chute to allow hoisting and holding horizontally a sow for foot treatment. The device immobilizes the animal, allows it to be conveniently lifted and allows close work on the animal's feet to provide needed inspection and treatment/therapy without risk of either harm to the animal or the operator by being kicked by the sow.09-18-2008
119801000 Handheld catching and holding tool 4
20100132630Weighted lariat - The present invention comprises a weighted lariat that improves ropers' chances of catching animals by the head, horns, or feet, particularly in competitive roping events. Weight is added to the tip of the loop by covering a portion of the loop with shrink-wrap tubing. Additionally, an adhesive lining may be applied to allow for a weighted embodiment of minimum thickness thus and maximum flexibility. Additionally, elongated, malleable metal wires of variable length can be laid in the groove between the strands of the lariat thereby adding still more weight.06-03-2010
20120012072ANIMAL CONTROL POLE - An animal control pole has a first end adapted to be held by a user, and a second end adapted to ensnare and assist in the control of an animal. The pole has an axial bore extending therethrough and a cable that extends through the axial bore and extends from each end of the pole. A retaining element is located at the second end of the pole and retains the free end of the cable that extends from the second end, so as to form a closed animal engageable adjustable loop. The animal control pole includes dual release mechanisms. A first release mechanism releases the free end of the cable that extends through the second end of the pole. A second release mechanism forces an additional length of cable through the axial bore of the second end and thereby increases the size of the loop.01-19-2012
20080257279Device for handling reptiles - A lightweight snake hook includes a hook portion attached to a distal end of a shaft portion. The shaft portion can be a hollow rod of aluminum or fiberglass, and an end of the hook portion can be attached to the hollow end with an epoxy. The hook portion has a profile, such as U-shaped, “recurve,” S-shaped, or rectilinear whereby the profile is substantially congruent with the snake, for supporting the snake. The hook portion is formed from a substantially cylindrical rod of polycarbonate or like material bent into the profile and having a thermal conductivity less than about 4 W/(m·K). The polycarbonate hook portion is lightweight and strong and allows a handler to use the hook on long shafts and with large bodied snakes. Furthermore, the hook portion has a diameter providing a broad base or resting area for the snake. For example, the broad base is beneficial for snakes having delicate ribs, such as the Gaboon Viper.10-23-2008
20100095904EQUIPMENT FOR ASEPTIC HANDLING OF LABORATORY ANIMALS - Disclosed herein are systems and methods to move animals.04-22-2010
119738000 Stanchion 3
20120132152Small animal support/restraint device - Small animal support/restraint device with a mount attached to building structure to station the device over the work surface, eliminating interference with accessing the animal and providing reliable stability. Descending from the mount, a height adjustable vertical post with pivot positioned at the lower end facilitates a rotating crossbar to which sliding eyes are attached for connecting loops and belts for tethering the animal.05-31-2012
20130192538FULLY AUTOMATED, SENSOR-DRIVEN, CATCH SYSTEM FOR A HYDRAULIC LIVESTOCK SQUEEZE CHUTE - A fully automated, sensor-driven, catch system for a hydraulic livestock squeeze chute which includes a plurality of spaced-apart sensors positioned on the chute.08-01-2013
20090101081Multiple Stanchion Headlock Arrangement with Ear Guards - A headlock stanchion panel has latch and release mechanism situated along the top rail for each release stanchion, and is adapted for individual or gang release. There are a pair of release latches each having a tongue that engages a latch member that extends from the end of the release latch. The latch members are mounted on the outsides of respective latch supports, and pivot on bushings. Finger lift members on the pivot latches facilitate individual release. Ear guards are provided to block access from the head side of the top rail to the pivot latches to prevent self-release of the cows.04-23-2009
119722000 Having tiltable support 3
20100319630Apparatus for Rotating Livestock (Roll and Tac 360) - An apparatus for inverting a cow or other livestock from an upright, standing position through a full 360° angle rotation is provided.12-23-2010
20090078217Hydraulic system for operating the gate on a chute for immobilizing animals - A hydraulic system for operating the front gate of a chute for immobilizing an animal where the gate can be unlatched/opened or closed/latched in a single operation. The system is comprised of a gate cylinder for opening and closing the gate and a latch cylinder for unlatching and latching the gate wherein the cylinders are interconnected by respective short and longer lengths of hose whereby hydraulic fluid will reach and actuate one of the cylinders (i.e. unlatches the gate or closes the gate) before it flows to and actuates the other cylinder (e.g. opens the gate or latches the gate).03-26-2009
20130174796ANIMAL SQUEEZE WITH ADJUSTABLE CRADLE - There is provided an animal squeeze having a drop floor and a cradle in which an animal is suspended. A mechanism for altering the positioning of the cradle relative to the drop floor is described. The cradle can be raised or lowered to accommodate animals of differing size. The cradle can also be tilted horizontally to improve access to portions of the animal.07-11-2013
119839000 Device simulates animal (e.g., steer, calf, etc.) for training a pursuing or regulating horse 3
20130061820MOVABLE TARGET FOR TRAINING AND PROVING WITH MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - A movable target for training and proving with multiple applications comprising a movable target which can be moved at multiple speeds, and in multiple directions, and for multiple distances to simulate the natural movements of actual moving objects. Said movable target control and operation may be accomplished through a control interface, including but not limited to a remote transmitter or a control panel. Said target movements may be controlled by activating or creating programmed runs or by manual operation. Said user interface may be used to manually control said movable target behavior.03-14-2013
20080289585CUTTING HORSE TRAINER - A cutting horse trainer uses a transport device which rides on a rail of the fence of a pen. The transport device can be positioned behind the fence of a pen. The transport device is moved along the rail responsive to commands from a handheld remote control device. A pulley engaged with the rail is linked to an artificial calf, which is extended into the pen via a hinged arm. As the transport unit moves along the rail, the pulley coupled to the rail causes the artificial calf to rotate accordingly. Thus, during changes in direction, the calf appears to be turning, from the viewpoint of the cutting horse. When not in use, the arm can be folded upwards to remove any apparatus associated with the cutting horse trainer from the pen.11-27-2008
20110168108Device for training or proving horses - A device for training or proving horses comprising a movable target which can be moved in multiple speeds and in multiple directions to simulate the natural movements of a live cow. Said target movements may be controlled by activating or creating programmed runs or by manual operation. System control and operation may be accomplished through a remote transmitter or other control interfaces.07-14-2011
119758000 Animal-carried hook or extension for engaging and preventing breaching or lifting of fence or barrier (e.g., poke, drag hook, etc.) 2
20100077967Pet harnesss with restraint - The pet harness with restraint includes a rigid lateral bar or rod attached across the shoulder strap of a harness. The bar serves to prevent the animal from escaping between the vertical uprights of a fence or similar enclosure. The harness preferably comprises a pair of foreleg loops, a chest strap interconnecting the foreleg loops, and a pair of connecting straps that extend from the loops over the shoulders of the animal. Alternatively, the harness may comprise a collar portion and a body-encircling strap joined by longitudinal chest and dorsal straps. The bar may be permanently attached across the shoulder or dorsal straps of the harness, but is preferably removable to provide a versatile harness. The bar may be attached to the harness by snap fasteners, by insertion into a sleeve attached to the harness, etc. The harness may include elastic sections therein to provide greater adjustment for growing pets.04-01-2010
20120090558PET HARNESS WITH RESTRAINT - The pet harness with restraint includes a rigid lateral bar or rod attached across the shoulder strap of a harness. The bar serves to prevent the animal from escaping between the vertical uprights of a fence or similar enclosure. The harness preferably comprises a pair of foreleg loops, a chest strap interconnecting the foreleg loops, and a pair of connecting straps that extend from the loops over the shoulders of the animal. Alternatively, the harness may comprise a collar portion and a body-encircling strap joined by longitudinal chest and dorsal straps. The bar may be permanently attached to across the shoulder or dorsal straps of the harness, but is preferably removable to provide a versatile harness. The bar may be attached to the harness by snap fasteners, by insertion into a sleeve attached to the harness, etc. The harness may include elastic sections therein to provide greater adjustment for growing pets.04-19-2012
20130025544Methods and Systems to Dissuade Animals From An Area - Systems and methods for generating a laser beam illuminating a space around an object are provided. The laser beam illuminates an animal that is approaching the object in the space. The laser beam is generated by a laser illuminating at least a first micro-mirror that moves under control of a processor. Additional micro-mirrors are contemplated. The laser beam reflected from the moving micro-mirror illuminates the space around the object. Laser, processor and micro-mirrors are dimensioned to illuminate with a high probability an area with a cross-section perpendicular to a laser beam of 10 cm by 10 cm inside the space at a distance of up to 200 meters from the laser or farther.01-31-2013
20130042817Electrified Bird Deterrent Device with Cavity - An animal deterrent device includes an elongated carrier having an internal cavity. A conductive trace can be coupled to the carrier by a first fastener that extends from the conductive trace to the cavity, which prevents water from contacting the fastener and shorting the conductive trace.02-21-2013
20100154720DOG TRAINING DEVICE - A training device used to train a retrieving dog. The device comprises a head, wings, and a body. The body is configured to have a shape that is similar to that of a duck or other bird, while be easy to throw. The body may be constructed out of an American football.06-24-2010
20110192354Methods and apparel for simultaneously attenuating electromagnetic fields and odors emanating from a person - Attenuating, while in a given situation, a person's emanated electromagnetic field and the person's scent or odor, by the person wearing article(s) of apparel that include an electromagnetically shielding fabric. The shielding fabric comprises a substantially continuous system of conductive fibers combined with a non-conductive fabric. The conductive fibers attenuate both the emanated electromagnetic field and the emanated scent or odor. The given situation comprises hunting, animal handling, being in or on a body of water, or a human adversarial situation. Attenuating the person's emanated electromagnetic field decreases the likelihood of that emanated field affecting progress or an outcome of the given situation. Attenuating the person's emanated scent or odor decreases the likelihood of that emanated scent or odor affecting progress or the outcome of the given situation.08-11-2011
20130074781Escape Preventor - The Escape Preventor is a device made out of plastic tubing with a spiral cut that begins on one end and ends at the other. A tube is threaded onto both sides of a pet harness. This prevents the pet from squeezing through vertical slots that are used to confine the animal to that area.03-28-2013
20100071633Descenting Systems And Methods - Systems and methods for using a scent elimination device to conceal contraband and then training service animals to determine if an ozone-based scent-removal technique has been used to remove scent from contraband are disclosed. The systems and methods comprise providing a plurality of packages. At least one of the plurality of packages containing a predetermined amount of a contraband substance. Further, the systems and methods comprise generating a gaseous stream of descenting material from a portable device. The gaseous stream of descenting material contains ozone. Further, the systems and methods comprise dispersing the gaseous stream of descenting material over the contraband in a concentration sufficient to eliminate the scent. The descented contraband may be placed in an enclosure for transport. Further, the systems and methods comprise introducing a service animal to the plurality of packages. Finally, the systems and methods comprise rewarding the service animal for the successful detection of the at least one of the plurality of packages containing the ozone-based scent remover.03-25-2010
20130081578Electrified Bird Deterrent Device with Treads - An animal deterrent device includes an elongated carrier having a conductive trace. The carrier can further include a bottom surface with a tread pattern having a pattern of grooves. The conductive trace can be coupled to the carrier by a fastener that extends from the conductive trace to the pattern of grooves, which can prevent water from contacting the fastener and shorting the conductive trace.04-04-2013
20100107991Systems and methods for detecting descented material - Systems and methods for detecting presence of a thing, the thing treated with a descenter, one method including in an area in which it is possible that a thing treated with a descenter is present, using a detector to detect a descenter level in the area, producing a detected descenter level, comparing the detected descenter level to a normal descenter level for the area, determining that the detected descenter level is different from the normal descenter level, said determining indicating the possible presence of a thing treated with a descenter; and using a trained service animal to facilitate such a method.05-06-2010
20100064984Joint stabilized straight plane movement stretching method - Generally, a joint stabilized planar motion stretching system for an animal. Specifically, a method of stretching an animal which includes joint stabilization and straight plane motion of the stretched anatomy about the stabilized joint.03-18-2010
20130047933Apparatus and Method to Protect a Stored Vehicle from Infestation - In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus to prevent infestation in vehicles. The apparatus includes a first border, a second border, and a third border disposed on a receptacle. The receptacle interrupts a pathway to the vehicle. The first border includes a tactile barrier providing a repulsive feel for at least a first creature to contact. The second border includes an olfactory blocking powder which prevents olfactory paths from being followed through the second border by at least a second creature. The third border includes an olfactory repellent irritating the nasal passages of at least a third creature.02-28-2013
20120216755System For Training Dogs To Track Scents - A method of training a dog to track a scent, by: placing an odor-emitting substance in a solution in a pressurized fluid reservoir; carrying the pressurized fluid reservoir along a path; spraying the solution on the ground at intervals along the path by activating a hand-held spray release valve positioned mid-way along each of a pair of fluid supply lines extending from the pressurized fluid reservoir, wherein there is a sprayer at the ends of each of the fluid supply lines, and wherein one sprayer is attached to the person's left footwear and the other sprayer is attached to the person's right footwear; and; and training a dog to follow the path by having the dog detect the locations where the odor-emitting solution was sprayed on the ground.08-30-2012
20090272334METHOD OF REDUCING HERBACEOUS FUELS IN AREAS SUSCEPTIBLE TO WILDFIRES - A method of reducing herbaceous fuels may include identifying a region to reduce herbaceous fuels, dividing the region into susceptible areas, placing the susceptible areas in an order, and introducing an ingestible into a first susceptible area in the order. The method may also include selecting an ungulate group and the ingestible may be highly palatable, portable, and self-limiting. Placing the susceptible areas in an order may include analyzing the susceptible areas for a level of susceptibility, prioritizing the susceptible areas based on each area's conditions and surroundings, and/or considering practical aspects of treating all of the susceptible areas of the region. The ingestible may be moved throughout the region to reduce herbaceous fuels.11-05-2009
20130061817METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERRING NUISANCE ANIMALS - A life like three-dimensional version of a predatory animal, used to scare off nuisance animals, is disclosed. A three-dimensional animal unit is mounted to a mounting unit which allows for installation in any type of pervious or non-pervious surface. A joint mounting system penetrates through a body cavity of the animal unit which allows for the animal unit to move with minimal air breezes, mimicking real life movement.03-14-2013
20090013938PET REPELLENT CORD COVER - A pet repellent plastic cover is placed over cords to prevent pets from chewing the cords. This cover prevents injury to the pet and damage to the cord.01-15-2009
20080295783Controlled Odor Mimic Permeation System - The primary aspect of the Controlled Odor Mimic Permeation System (COMPS) is that it provides a field deployable instant and reproducible source of known amounts of target odors. This technology consists of a permeable polymer container (chosen to suit target odor and release rate required), stored inside a non-permeable package. The design allows for the pre-equilibration of the target odors such that the outer surface of the inner package can saturate with odor during storage. Removal of the inner item then provides an instant and reproducible source of known target vapor flux. We have successfully demonstrated this technology by placing the target odor chemicals within permeable membranes such as low density polyethylene which are then sealed within a non-permeable membranes such as metallized polyester. This design has multiple advantages including preventing cross contamination when storing multiple odor targets (5-10 targets are commonly employed) as well as being light-weight disposable, low unit cost potential, no external power/operating unit/machinery/hardware, simple to use and providing a known reproducible concentration of the target odors to the detector in the field. The applications of these COMPS include the whole range of biological (e.g. detector dog) and electronic (e.g. field sensors) detectors with examples such as explosives (e.g. 2-ethyl-1-hexanol simulating plasticized explosives), drugs (e.g. 3,4-methylenedioxybenzaldehyde simulating ecstasy), human remains (including dimethyl disulfide and pentanoic acid) and live human scent (including 5-heptene-2-one and nonanol).12-04-2008
20130019813Burrow Filling Compressed Growing Medium - A growing medium for use in plugging pest orifices includes a bulking agent and a water-retentive polymer blended together and compressed at a volume-to-volume ratio greater than 3:1, wherein the growing medium is at least 50% superabsorbing polymer.01-24-2013
20110290198Method and device for preventing pets from clawing home furnishings - An apparatus and method is provided for controlling animal activity with an adhesive sheet. In one embodiment, the sheet includes strips uniformly spaced apart on a transfer layer including a bisected protection layer. In another embodiment, the sheet is flat and generally rectangular. In another embodiment, the sheet is rolled. In yet another embodiment, the sheet is deployed from a dispenser. In one embodiment of the method, the sheet is deployed by locating an area of activity to be controlled, removing the control sheet from the transfer sheet, placing the control sheet on an the area of activity to be controlled and then systematically and sequentially removing the first protection sheet and the second protection sheet. In another embodiment, the area to be controlled includes a surface discontinuity requiring placement of the control sheet along the discontinuity.12-01-2011
20090025650LCD Window for Animal Training Device and Method for Manufacture - A housing forming a portion of an animal training device having a framing wall adapted to frame an LCD disposed internally of the housing. The framing wall defines an interior surface and a window for viewing of the LCD. A window pane is integrally formed with the window about the outer perimeter of the window and extends laterally outwardly of the perimeter of the window to overlie a portion of the inner surface of the framing wall proximate the window thereby integrating the pane with the framing wall, thereby effecting an extended seal between the pane and the framing wall and simultaneously enhancing the strength and rigidity of the framing wall. In one embodiment, the pane is integrally molded with the framing wall.01-29-2009
20090151650Apparatus to prevent pets climbing a christmas tree - An apparatus to prevent a pet climbing up a Christmas tree includes a screen member having a first predetermined shape and a first predetermined size. The screen member is formed from a pre-selected material. An aperture, having a second predetermined size, is formed through the screen member at a predetermined location for receiving therein a trunk of such Christmas tree. A slit is formed through the screen member beginning at an outer edge thereof and extending to an edge of a perimeter of such aperture to enable placing the screen member around the trunk. There is further a mechanism engageable with each of the screen member and a bottom branch of the Christmas tree for connecting such screen member to such Christmas tree beneath bottom the bottom branches thereof.06-18-2009
20110168106ANIMAL RESTRAINT DEVICE AND METHOD - An animal restraining device and method provide dual capability for restraining an animal and administering medications. A first embodiment provides an administration tube connected to a body with handles which can be grasped by user to position the device either for restraining or administering medications. A second embodiment is a continuous hook-shaped member having a hollow passageway in order to introduce medications. The second embodiment is reversible to place either end of the device in the animal's mouth for restraining or administering medications, depending upon the size of the particular animal. The method of restraint includes positioning the device in the animal's mouth and applying a force to elicit a natural response by the animal which causes the animal to pause or remain motionless for a period of time while a caregiver may treat or examine the animal. Third and fourth embodiments of the device include opposing hook portions that can be used to hook or secure the leg of an animal prior to administering medications. The opposing hook portion has an end opposite curvature as opposed to the hook or curved form between the administration tube and body of the first embodiment, and an opposite curvature as compared to the hook shaped second embodiment.07-14-2011
20090205581High-throughput operant sensory discrimination apparatus and method - Described herein are various apparatus and systems useful in sensory discrimination. Through the use of a multi-well sample plate, the high-throughput analysis apparatus and method allow for rapid sensory discrimination of a large number of samples.08-20-2009
20110203529Mechanically Compliant Probe for Delivering an Electrical Stimulus to an Animal - Described is a mechanically compliant stimulus delivery probe for delivering an electrical stimulus to an animal. The stimulus delivery probe is mechanically secured to an animal training device that is adapted to be carried by the animal and to generate the electrical stimulus. When the animal training device is carried by the animal, the stimulus delivery probe is positioned in physical contact with the animal such that the stimulus delivery probe delivers the electrical stimulus to the animal. The stimulus delivery probe is also mechanically compliant to the extent that the force applied by the animal training device against the stimulus delivery probe is substantially absorbed by the stimulus delivery probe, reducing the localized force realized by the animal. The reduction of the force realized by the animal promotes safety and comfort for the animal.08-25-2011
20100275856Pinch-Induced Behavioral Inhibition in Domestic Cats - A clip device that pinch induces a behavior inhibition response in a mammal by means of two jaws that close to form a skin fold loop. The clips device provides manual scruffing by means of gathering skin between the two jaws such that internal surfaces of the skin structure are in juxtaposition to each other and external surfaces of a mammal's skin are at interfaces to the jaws. The clip device is placed on the mammal's neck region or its tail head at a non-noxious pressure between systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The clip device induces a passive response from a mammal so a procedure can be performed on the mammal with two free hands of a user.11-04-2010
20100126429Dog Relaxing Clip - A clip that grasps loose skin to the nape of the neck of a dog to relax the animal is provided. The clip has two blades pivotally connected, whereby each blade has a jaw section on the ventral side of pivot, a handle section on the dorsal side of the pivot, sufficient cushioning on the lip of each jaw to prevent injury when applied to the animal. An optional embodiment provides a control to lock the blades in position. The clip may be useful in dog grooming or to relax dogs in veterinary medicine.05-27-2010
20090266307POROUS ARTICLE FOR TRAINING ANIMALS FOR URINATION AND DEFECATION - Disclosed is a porous article for attracting animals to excrete urinal and fecal wastes thereof at a predetermined location. The porous article includes a scent producing agent that is capable of generating a fragrance to attract the animals to the porous article. Further, the porous article includes an absorbent material that is capable of retaining the scent producing agent. Further disclosed is a method for training the animals to excrete urinal and fecal wastes thereof at the predetermined location using the porous article.10-29-2009
20080289584Rechargeable Herbal Containing Fabric Products for Domestic Animals - Pet products including pet collars, rope bones, blankets, harnesses and pet wraps are described that are charged with an herbal extract/essence. The pet product typically includes a fabric portion, such as fleece, intended to hold the herbal extract/essence therein. The pet products can be packaged in combination with an herbal solution along with instructions to periodically recharge the pet product with the herbal extract/essence.11-27-2008
20080282993ANIMAL TRAINING DEVICE AND METHOD - Devices and methods for training a domestic animal to alert a human that the animal needs to urinate or defecate. Embodiments of the training device include a lower component, a rope-like element, and a locking mechanism. The human utilizes an embodiment of the training device, along with treats or rewards, via an operant conditioning training method to teach the animal to notify the human when the animal needs to relieve itself outside.11-20-2008
20080202445Monitoring System for Animal Husbandry - A monitoring system (08-28-2008
20090188440LICK DETERRENT TUBING - A deterrent apparatus having a non-conductive tubing having a length, an outer surface and an inner surface defining a lumen, and at least a first electrical conductor and a second electrical conductor present on the outer surface of the non-conductive tubing. A power source comprising a battery having a first terminal and a second terminal is connected to the conductors so that the first terminal is electrically connected to the first conductor and the second terminal is electrically connected to the second conductor. The deterrent apparatus is suitable for use on medical tubing or veterinary tubing, for example, to deter animals from chewing or biting at the tubing.07-30-2009
20090183689Portable, rechargeable insect control apparatus and method of operation - A system for controlling insects is provided. The system includes an insect control compound reservoir. A pump receives an insect control compound from the insect compound reservoir and pressurizes the insect control compound. A rechargeable battery provides power to the pump. A plurality of nozzles receive the pressurized insect control compound and generate an insect control compound mist. A controller receives a first command to cause the pump to begin operation and a wireless signal to cause the pump to stop operation.07-23-2009
20120067295DEVICE AND METHODS FOR DETERRING SQUIRRELS - A device and methods of using the device to deter squirrels from accessing an elevated location such as a bird feeder or birdhouse. The device includes an exposed coiled spring that surrounds the supporting pole, stick, wire or string. The coil is exposed, with no structure (e.g., a tube, cylinder, etc.) covering at least the bottom of the coil, preferably the entire length of the coil. When the device is on pole and a squirrel jumps on it as it attempts to climb, the coiled spring collapses under the weight of the squirrel, dropping it back to the ground. When the device is hung above a bird feeder around the support and a squirrel attempts to descend to the feeder, the coiled spring collapses under the squirrel's weight, stretching the squirrel's body and causing it to pull itself back up to the tree branch.03-22-2012
20090107417Low Impedance Probe - A low impedance probe for delivery of a corrective stimulus to an animal. The low impedance probe includes an electrode for directing an electrical stimulus from an electrical source toward the skin of an animal. A conductive gel source is configured to provide conductive gel to a region between the electrode and the animal upon positioning of the electrode proximate the skin of the animal. The conductive gel establishes improved electrical connectivity between the electrode and the animal.04-30-2009
20090241853Animal Training Device Responsive to an Audible Signal - Described is an animal training device for delivering a response signal in response to receiving an audible signal. The animal training device is adapted to be carried by an animal and delivers the response signal, which includes a stimulus to the animal and an animal location indicator, in response to receiving the audible signal, which includes a voice command and other distinguishable sounds. The animal training device allows an animal handler to deliver a stimulus to the animal and generate a location indicator without using an additional device, such as a handheld transmitter.10-01-2009
20090078215Non-medical in home monitoring method for diabetic cats and dogs - A non-medical in-home monitoring method for diabetic cats and dogs. The method comprises the steps registering a pet as a client with a veterinarian and a technician. The method includes the steps having such pet owner recording frequency of urination for waking and sleeping hours and sending results to the technician. Having technician compile results for a period of time and plot results on a graph. Having owner and veterinarian review results. Meet with such veterinarian for a behavior medication review wherein the veterinarian will adjust the insulin dosage if deemed necessary.03-26-2009
20100242858CHUTE INFLATABLE - An inflatable device for shifting an animal's position in a chute, and specifically a bull in a bull riding event. The wedge includes an inflatable bladder with an opening to receive the inflatant from an inflatant source and one or more communicating passages transporting the inflatant to and from the inflatable bladder wherein inflation and deflation of the inflatable bladder controls the position of the animal in a chute.09-30-2010
20100218732DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR DETERRING ORAL HABITS - A device for application on an animal for deterring the animal from wound licking is provided. The device includes a flexible first layer of material and a deterrent composition in contact with the flexible first layer of material. A layer of adhesive is connected with the flexible first layer of material, and a second layer of material is connected with the layer of adhesive opposite the flexible first layer of material. A method for deterring an animal from licking a wound is also provided.09-02-2010
20100139575SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING, MONITORING, AND LOCATING ANIMALS - A light accessory is provided for a remotely controlled animal training system, allowing visual tracking of an animal in low ambient light conditions. The light accessory may be a stand-alone accessory or be in conjunction with a wireless receiver. The light accessory may be controlled by an accessory channel that exists in the remotely controlled animal training system, or may be controlled by the presence of a generic proximate radio frequency transmission.06-10-2010
20090071413Animal control system having correction monitor - A receiver for an animal control system having a correction monitor which indicates that the animal has attempted to challenge the system, as determined by the occurrence of one or more correction events within a specified period of time. A correction event occurs when a stimulus is applied to the animal. The stimulus may be an audible alert, or may be an electrical shock. The correction monitor is operative to monitor correction events and to provide an indication that an event has occurred. In one embodiment, the correction event can be signaled to a user at the receiver by use of an LED or other indicator or display which is latched on for a defined period of time. In another embodiment, the correction event can be signaled to a user at a central location, such as by an indicator or display in the animal owner's house. The correction event may also be signaled remotely via a communications path or network, and displayed in any suitable manner at one or more remote locations. The time of correction events and location information can be provided in association with the event indication.03-19-2009
20090064943Method of selective breeding based on ob genotype - A method for improving efficiencies in livestock production comprises grouping livestock animals, such as cattle and pigs, during the period of their retention in a feeding facility according to the genetic predisposition of individual livestock animals to deposit fat, and then feeding the animals in each group substantially uniformly. Such genetic predisposition is determined by determining homozygosity or heterozygosity of each animal with respect to alleles of a gene encoding an adipocyte-specific polypeptide, termed leptin, which gene is hereinafter referred to as ob, segregating such animals into groups based on genotype and optionally phenotype, feeding and otherwise maintaining animals in a group together and apart from other groups of animals, and ceasing to feed the animals in the group at a time when the median body fat condition of the animals of that group is a desired body fat condition. Packers can also more accurately predict the fat deposition in carcasses of live animals it purchases, leading to increased efficiencies.03-12-2009
20100132628Cool-Pet System - Included is an invention that deals with animal and pet nuisance, behavior control, obedience training, urinary and potty training, and repellent/discouragement method where a solution having vinegar and flavors being dispensed from a spray bottle is found to be effective in stopping or discouraging dogs, birds or animals from being noisy, being hyperactive, and behaving badly. The solution is also useful for obedience training purposes and can also be applied as a repellent/discouragement method when sprayed onto desired spots or onto the animal.06-03-2010
20110247568Horse Harness - A harness used for restraining a horse or other animal during training and grooming is disclosed. The harness consists of an upper strap connected to a lower strap. The strap is placed around the front legs of the horse by a buckle. The upper strap is placed over the front shoulder of the horse.10-13-2011
20100236497System for controlling the interaction of animals and objects - The interaction of an animal and an object is controlled by causing a surface of the object to reflect light with a wavelength that induces a response by the animal.09-23-2010
20110100305OUTRIGGER - An outrigger, for carrying an electric wire at a distance outward from a support, comprises a first elongate arm (05-05-2011
20090126651Electric Deterrent Device - A deterrent device for delivering an electric shock to an animal, pest or bird to be deterred, having the typical components of a non-conductive base to which the electrically conductive elements are attached. Instead of the typically-used copper wire, however, the braided elements comprise smaller strands of a conductive material, such as copper, aluminum or stainless steel wire, is used and is mechanically attached to the non-conductive base. The braided elements can be mechanically attached using a simple sewing operation in which the braid is sewn to the base. Because of the mechanical attachment and the ability of the braided elements to flex in both contraction and extension, the device of this invention can be used in tight corners and other contorted locations without having the wires of the typical prior art device pull free of the base.05-21-2009
20110174235HIGH EFFICACY SIGNAL FORMAT & THIN-PROFILE ANKLE-MOUNTING FOR ELECTRONIC SHARK DETERRENT - A device operable as an electronic shark deterrent has a high-voltage pulse signal waveform generator for pulses to be applied to electrodes immersed in water to deter sharks and other aquatic creatures. A preferred output waveform has a train of pulse bursts of alternating-polarity pulses in a series. Preferably, the timing intervals between pulses are of irregular duration, the amplitudes of pulses are varied to be irregular, and the interval between pulse bursts is kept to less than about 5 seconds, in order to be more effective as a shark deterrent signal. The device has the signal waveform generator enclosed in a thin, planar case mounted to a belt connector and a fastener strap for attachment to a part of a user's body. It can include a water-detection probe for automatic activation when immersed in water, a status LED indicator, and electrodes embedded in a layer at opposite ends of the fastener strap with an insulative screen layer for reducing electrostatic effects on the user.07-21-2011
20110041776Indicator Device for an Animal and Method of Indicating How an Animal Should be Approached - An indicator device for an animal includes an indication region and an indication means disposed upon the indication region and arranged to visibly indicate to a person whether and how the person should approach the animal. The indicator device also includes fastening means for fastening the indicator device to the animal. A method of coordinating interaction between a person and an animal is also provided. An indicator system for a plurality of animals is also provided. The system includes at least first and second indicator devices. The method includes determining how the animal should be approached and fastening an indicator device to the animal.02-24-2011
20110162588PROCESS FOR DETERRING AND TRAINING PETS - A device for deterring behavior of pets which is a laminate of a reflective plastic layer having a thickness of about 0.5 to 10.0 mils and capable of making a sound when the sheet is flexed, a fibrous layer, and a decorative fabric layer, where the layers are joined together to form the device.07-07-2011
20110107979Dressage whip and system and method for guiding a horse - A dressage whip for guiding a horse may have a curved segment and a tip. The curved segment may connect a first segment to a second segment, and the first segment and the second segment may be substantially co-linear. The curved segment may accommodate a thigh of a rider of a horse and may maintain the tip in a position proximate to the horse. The dressage whip may have a handle which may be a shaft having a substantially oval cross section formed by two opposed substantially flat sides and two opposed substantially curved sides.05-12-2011
20110253063Animal Toileting System and Method - An animal toileting system including a device (10-20-2011
20110259283DETERMINING RESPIRATORY OR CIRCULATORY HEALTH CONDITION IN ANIMALS FOR IMPROVED MANAGEMENT - A method and system for managing at least one animal is disclosed. The method can include imaging, such as ultrasound imaging, a lung of a live animal, such as a ruminant or bovine. The imaging can be performed to determine a degree of respiratory damage from past respiratory illness. After imaging, information regarding respiratory damage can be used to select at least one aspect of the treatment, care or disposition of the animal. For example, the information can be used to select the amount or type of feed provided to the animal at a feedlot. The information also can be used to select how long the animal should be housed at the feedlot prior to slaughter. If an animal is diagnosed with a respiratory illness, information about its degree of respiratory damage from past respiratory illness also can be used to select the appropriate medical treatment or lack of treatment.10-27-2011
20080216764Confining Animal Training Device and Methods of Use - An animal training device that can be used to confine an animal during training, as well as methods for its use, is described. Embodiments of the present invention comprise a marginally unstable base that makes the device prone to rocking or toppling when physically disturbed by the movement of an animal in the device. Animals usually find the rocking or toppling unpleasant. An advantage of the animal training device is that an animal receives negative feedback from its undesirable behavior (excessive movement in or straining against the device) in the absence of disciplinary action by a human trainer. Additional advantages of the confining animal training device include, but are not limited to, reducing physical stress on a human trainer and decreasing the time required to train an animal.09-11-2008
20110094453IMPROVED APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ASSESSING VISUAL LEARNING - An improved test apparatus and method for assessing visual learning in mammals is provided. The stimuli presented to the mammal are disposed and arranged on the floor of the test apparatus instead of on the walls.04-28-2011
20120145092Identification of the causative mutation for leopard complex spotting & congenital stationary night blindness in equines and a method for testing for same - Methods are provided for determining whether or not a horse is genetically normal, is a carrier of, or is affected with or predisposed to Congenital Stationary Night Blindness and/or leopard complex spotting. The method is based on detection of an insertion in an intron in the horse Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel, Subfamily M, Member 1 (TRPM1) gene.06-14-2012
20100031896Method for manufacturing feedstuff - A method for manufacturing feedstuff including the steps of: preparing wood chips containing large quantities of saw-dusts and/or wood fibers; preparing large quantities of fermentation bacteria, and mixing the wood chips with the large quantities of fermentation bacteria to obtain feedstuff for livestock; the method further including the steps of: preparing ultrafine organic particle substances by ultrafinely shattering waste organic substances such as garbage by using high-speed water flows of 8 m/second or more wherein the ultrafine organic particle substances include those of micrometer sizes created by shearing action of the high-speed water flows, adding the fermentation bacteria to the ultrafine organic particle substances to ferment them and proliferate the fermentation bacteria in great quantities, preparing the fermented ultrafine organic particle substances containing the large quantities of fermentation bacteria, and using the fermented ultrafine organic particle substances as the fermentation bacteria to be mixed with the wood chips.02-11-2010
20120304940Methods of Genotyping Livestock - The present invention relates to methods of genotyping for selecting an animal with a desired trait such as the level monounsaturated fats in muscle tissue, the types and/or ratio of different monounsaturated fats in muscle tissue, marbling, carcass weight, meat quality, speed of finishing, feedlot efficiency and/or consumer preference. In particular the invention relates to methods of selecting an animal with a desired trait by analysing the M-RIP, NT5M and/or TCAP genes for one or more polymorphisms.12-06-2012
20100122666LICK DETERRENT WITH BATTERY PACK - A lick deterrent device having a surface mounted battery pack that is in electrical contact with two sets of traces on the lick deterrent device. The surface mounted battery pack is readily attachable to the lick deterrent device, and in some embodiments, may be readily removable and replaceable. At least one of the battery terminals is in direct electrical contact with a trace on the substrate. The second terminal may have electrical contact with a different trace via a terminal extension element.05-20-2010
20120012069METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVED MONITORING AND MANAGING OF LIVESTOCK - Operations in a livestock facility can be automated and made more efficient by utilizing an interrogator system that reads and writes data to tags associated with livestock. For instance, gates can be automated to sort livestock based on data read by interrogators from tags and livestock can be identified for examination when data suggest that their behavior deviates from expected or normal behavior. The tag associated with a livestock can carry and accumulate information across multiple facilities throughout the livestock production and processing cycle. Gathering information across facilities allows for more informed decision making and a more cooperative approach to improving the livestock production and processing cycle.01-19-2012
20120111285DYNAMIC CANINE TRACKING METHOD FOR HAZARDOUS AND ILLICIT SUBSTANCES - Vapor wake detection is a highly advantageous method and system for detecting explosives and other illicit substances. With vapor wake detection, a canine and a handler are used; however, unlike other detection schemes, the canine leads the handler. After the handler positions the canine in a desired location, the canine detects scents in the air that come to the canine. When the canine detects a trained scent, the canine leads the handler to or follows behind the carrier of the item with the scent. Once the carrier is identified by the handler, the proper personnel are contacted. To implement vapor wake detection effectively, specific rigorous training is utilized.05-10-2012
20120210948UNIVERSAL DETECTOR CALIBRANT - A method of calibrating a biological detector can include training a biological detector to detect a calibration compound, wherein the calibration compound comprises an odor that is detectable by the biological detector and is not used in an environment for which the biological detector is trained to detect odors, presenting the biological detector with a device comprising the calibration compound, and determining whether the biological detector will alert to the calibration compound.08-23-2012
20120060767Progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) as an indicator of fertility in animals - Methods of evaluating fertility of an animal based on determination of a PGRMC1 characteristic that correlates with animal fertility. In one embodiment, a sample is obtained from an animal, a PGRMC1 characteristic is determined and compared to a baseline PGRMC1 characteristic, wherein a variation between the determined PGRMC1 characteristic and the baseline characteristic indicates a level of fertility of the animal. A PGRMC1 characteristic can be one or more of PGRMC1 expression, transcription, translation, amino acid sequence, nucleic acid sequence, post-translational modification, cell localization or tissue localization. A sample can be a cell sample, a tissue sample, a blood sample, a lymphocyte sample, an oocyte sample, or a sperm sample. The animal can be male or female. In one embodiment, a variation of PGRMC1 nucleic acid sequence indicates reduced fertility of the animal.03-15-2012
20090050074Perfect pocket trainer - Perfect pocket training and practice device is a circular stand of a desirable circumference representative of the perfect pocket of a turn around barrels, poles or other course markers used for performance horse racing competition. The stand comprises an impact resistant material that is light in weight to relent more safely to impact and relative in the structured height for safe visibility of both horse and rider. The device simplifies more safely training and practice methods for children, youth and adults beginning competition as well as experienced competitors and trainers.02-26-2009
20120312247Canine-Actuated Devices and Systems - Devices and systems are disclosed which are specially adapted to enable trained animals, particularly canines, to actuate electrical and electronic circuits in order to control various mechanical, electronic, and electrical equipment on behalf of one or more humans. At least one embodiment of the present invention comprises a bezel-protected contact plate connected to a household electrical circuit enabling canines weighing between 5 to 250 pounds to transmit emergency alert signals to first responders, to operate lights and household appliances, and to perform any other similar functions. The bezel-protected contact plate is mounted in a stationary control box containing internal electric components to modulate the output of the signal resulting from the animal's actuation of said plate. The present invention permits canines to assist humans in generating appropriate responses to emergency conditions or commands.12-13-2012
20120312249OWL EFFIGY - An assembly can include a hollow owl effigy with holes, methyl anthranilate and a carrier to carry the methyl anthranilate within the hollow owl effigy and to retard release of the methyl anthranilate through the holes of the hollow owl effigy. Other devices, system and methods are also disclosed.12-13-2012
20120312248PEST DETERRENT APPARATUS - A pest deterrent apparatus which includes a base module which resembles a body portion of a predator, a movable head module which resembles a head portion of the predator, the head module movably coupled to the base module through a first spring, and a tail module which resembles a tail portion of the predator, the tail module movably coupled to the base module through a second spring wherein the first and second spring are configured to allow the head module and the tail module to move in a random pattern.12-13-2012
20100269762Animal Deterrent Apparatus - An animal deterrent apparatus and method is disclosed to help prevent an attack by an animal, the apparatus includes a base extending to a surrounding sidewall that terminates in an aperture, the base and sidewall defining an interior. The apparatus also includes a valve disposed within the aperture, the valve having a selected open state and a normally closed state. Further the apparatus includes a nozzle adjacent to the valve being in fluid communication with the valve, when the valve is in the open state fluid communication is from the interior to the environment and when the valve is closed state fluid communication is precluded from the interior to the environment. Further, a composition is disposed within the interior that includes a capsicum element, a heavy solvent, an emulsifier, and a light propellant, operationally the composition is dispersed from the interior to the environment being directed at the animal.10-28-2010
20120227678Multi-anchoring device incorporating a bearing system for tethering or securing articles such as animals, including, but not limited to a suction base - A multi-anchoring device incorporating a bearing for tethering or securing animals, including, but not limited to a suction base that can be secured on ground as well as hard surfaces. The inventive device includes a base, a ball joint with a bearing, and an eye-bolt. The base is comprised of plastic having multiple holes for securing it to the ground or hard surface. The ball joint is housed within the base and secures the eye bolt with the bearing for rotational properties for tethering the animal.09-13-2012
20120090557METHOD OF USE OF DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE AS AN ANTLER SCENT - A method of producing the scent of deer antlers on a surface by forming an aqueous solution of dicalcium phosphate, and applying the aqueous solution to a surface so that the surface gives off a scent of deer antlers. The solution can be applied to the surface of an object and then a dog can be trained to locate the object, whereby the dog, after this training, will be able to locate shed antlers hidden in the environment; or the solution can be applied to a person or object whereby the application will mask the scent of the person and/or object with regard deer; or can be applied to any surface to attract deer to a desired location.04-19-2012
20130008390Electrode design for deer repellent device - An improved electrode design is provided for a baited, shock-producing, deer repellent device deployed in an area to be protected. This device has straight, parallel, positive and negative, un-insulated metal electrodes extending vertically from the top. The electrodes are spaced and sized so that they surround and protect the bait. This electrode design increases the chance that a deer will make effective contact with the electrodes while also allowing easy access to the bait for servicing. This electrode design also decreases the chances of the device collecting ice or snow, and it decreases the chance of discharge of the device by moisture or by contact between the electrodes.01-10-2013
20110146588Rising Sun Twilight Scent Training System - The invention will revolutionize dog/animal training by providing a scent based language. It works by utilizing programmable variations of scent and labeling them with teaching commands. The handler gives a teaching command by pressing a button on the (Twilight) remote. The (Rising Sun) headset/harness picks up the signal through a receiver and then delivers the designated scent and voice command.06-23-2011
20080223307METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF BIRDS BY THEIR VOCALIZATIONS - An apparatus for detecting and identifying birds based upon electronic analysis of their bird calls and songs and method for doing so by utilizing a step-by-step hierarchical method of breaking down bird vocalizations according to order, family, and species of the specific bird. Several embodiments of the apparatus are disclosed particularly a hand held computational device, microphone, audio capture card, user application software and a collection of prerecorded audio data.09-18-2008
20080216765SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMPUTER-CONTROLLED ANIMAL TOY - A computer-aided training and management system that uses a computer or other processor in wireless communication with an instrumented dog collar and/or optionally, one or more dog interaction devices, such as, for example, video monitors, loudspeakers, video cameras, training toys (e.g., ball, bone, moving toy, etc.), an animatronics “trainer,” a treat dispenser, a food dispensing and monitoring device, a water dispensing and monitoring device, tracking devices, a dog door, dog-monitoring doghouse, a dog-monitoring dog toilet, is described. In one embodiment, the instrumented dog collar is in two-way communication with a central computer system.09-11-2008
20130133590ATTACHMENT FOR FENCE SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USE - An attachment and method for a fence system to prevent a pet from escaping a fenced comprising at least one first support member adapted to be attached substantially horizontally to at least a portion of the fence system, a plurality of second support members adapted to be attached substantially vertically to the at least one first support member, and a plurality of inserts adapted to be received within the plurality of second support members. Each of the plurality of inserts is capable of extending out of a lower portion of the each of the plurality of second support members upon digging the fenced area by the pet animal such that the extended plurality of inserts block the dug area to prevent the pet animal from escaping the fenced area.05-30-2013
20130112152SNP Alleles Associated with Leopard Complex Spotting and Congenital Stationary Blindness and Agents, Methods and Kits Thereof - The present disclosure relates to single nucleotide polymorphisms and primers and probes useful for screening for, diagnosing or detecting congenital stationary night blindness or for selecting or detecting horse coat patterns.05-09-2013
20130152872Lighting Fixture for Deterring Predation - A lighting fixture for deterring predation has a case containing a battery and one or more sources of illumination. A controller acts to cause random intermittent flashing of the sources of illumination because the illusion of apparent motion deters predators.06-20-2013
20130192537ELECTRODE DESIGN FOR DEER REPELLANT DEVICE - An improved electrode design is provided for a baited, shock-producing, deer repellent device deployed in an area to be protected. This device has straight, parallel, positive and negative, un-insulated metal electrodes extending vertically from the top. The electrodes are spaced and sized so that they surround and protect the bait. This electrode design increases the chance that a deer will make effective contact with the electrodes while also allowing easy access to the bait for servicing. This electrode design also decreases the chances of the device collecting ice or snow, and it decreases the chance of discharge of the device by moisture or by contact between the electrodes.08-01-2013
20120017845Wild Animal Deterrent Device and Method - An animal deterrent device and method of using the device is disclosed. The device consists of a dazzler laser that produces eye irritation in an animal which results in the animal turning away from the user of the device. The device incorporates a diverging lens such that the dazzler laser produces a beam with a wide spread that makes it is easy to shine the beam on a potentially dangerous animal, but where the light is of sufficient intensity to irritate the animal's eyes.01-26-2012
20120017844LOOSE LEASH ANIMAL TRAINING APPARATUS - A canine training device configured to work in conjunction with the leash of a dog to transmit a non-invasive stimulus to a dog based on the relative positioning of the dog leash connected to the dog or dog collar. The canine training device includes a position sensor in the form of a tilt switch that is either attached to or built into the dog leash. Movement of the dog in any direction beyond that permitted by its handler causes a change in relative position of the leash, thereby closing the tilt switch and activating a vibratory stimulus generator that transmits vibration to the dog, thus alerting the dog to correct its course well prior to creating any significant tension on the leash.01-26-2012