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119 - Animal husbandry

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119245000 Aquarium 87
119215000 Fish culturing 86
119204000 Crustacean culturing 28
119234000 Mollusk culturing 21
119201000 Handling and transportation 19
20090159010SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AQUACULTURE OF MARINE LIFE FORMS - Disclosed is a system for aquaculturing marine life forms such as coral utilizing a rotating tray that exposes the marine life forms to variable water flow conditions during each revolution of the tray.06-25-2009
20110192352CORAL CULTIVATION METHOD, MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR CORAL-GROWTH SUBSTRATE PRECIPITATED WITH ELECTRODEPOSITED MINERALS, AND CORAL-GROWTH SUBSTRATE - A coral cultivation method includes: an electrodeposited-mineral precipitating procedure for precipitating electrodeposited minerals on a coral-growth substrate for growing coral, which is placed in seawater, by applying an electric current between the coral-growth substrate and a first anode that is electrically connected to the coral-growth substrate and placed in the seawater; a coral-larvae growing procedure for growing coral larvae on the coral-growth substrate precipitated with the electrodeposited minerals; a coral-cultivation-structure configuring procedure for configuring a coral cultivation structure from a plurality of the coral-growth substrates on which the coral larvae are grown; and a coral cultivating procedure for cultivating coral by applying an electric current between the coral-growth substrate on which the coral larvae are grown and a second anode.08-11-2011
20100126424Managed Co-cultures of Organisms Having Prophylactic and Health-Promoting Effects - The invention is directed to novel methods that enhance aquaculture of valuable crops. The invention is exemplified by co-culture of 05-27-2010
20090050067AQUATIC FARMING SYSTEMS - A system related to inland farming of seafood products within an environmentally-controlled seafood-farming environment. The seafood-farming environment is preferably established within at least one substantially buried space. The associated apparatus preferably comprises at least one nutrient supplier to supply adequate nutrients to at least one aqueous medium supporting the farming of the seafood, and at least one waste remover to remove unwanted waste from the aqueous medium. Surface crops are grown above and around the seafood-farming environment to maximize production within the farming site. A kit and methods of implementation are also discussed.02-26-2009
20110290189Modular Aquaculture System and Method of Use - A modular aquaculture system and method of use for providing a flexible cost effective system and method for producing aquaculture. The modular aquaculture system and method of use includes aquaculture holding tank for at least facilitating the grow-out of the aquaculture species, at least one oxygenation apparatus operationally couples to each one of the aquaculture holding tanks, and a filter apparatus operationally coupled to the aquaculture holding tanks.12-01-2011
20090050066METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CULTURING MARINE LARVAE - An agitator is provided including an open system having a base holding a plurality of culturing beakers as well as a lid holding a tube transporting fresh seawater into each beaker, gently stirring the water within and eliminating any decaying embryos. Each beaker has at least a bottom made of mesh allowing water to flow through. The agitator can be used to culture any fragile planktonic organisms that require an extended rearing time.02-26-2009
20110139083DEVICE FOR COLONIZING AND HARVESTING MARINE HARDGROUND ANIMALS - A device for colonizing and harvesting marine hardground animals in an underwater region of a ground-based offshore edifice includes at least one rail device configured to extend vertically on the offshore edifice along a height of the underwater region to above a waterline. The device also includes a netting array including a habitat carriage having a habitat and trapping basket that is adapted to contain the hardground animals. A lifting device is configured to move the netting array along the at least one rail device. Additionally, the device includes a scavenging carriage including a basic unit and a running unit that is configured to detachably couple the scavenging carriage with the at least one rail device so as to be movable thereon. The scavenging carriage is configured to detachably couple with the habitat carriage and the lifting device.06-16-2011
20120067291Processes For Treating Aquatic Organisms And Liquid - The disclosure provides processes that maintain or adjust levels of ammonia and nitrite in a liquid. The processes utilize a bacterial composition capable of oxidizing ammonia and nitrite. The processes are useful in the rescue or preservation of aquatic organisms.03-22-2012
20110017144Marine Nursery Habitat - A multi-tier marine nursery habitat, comprised of a plurality of fiberglass or other non-degrading tier panels, secured in vertically spaced relation by vertical tie rod elements passing through spacer elements of plastic (inserted “plastic, deleted “PVC”) pipe sections, with flotation elements attached at the top. The surfaces of the panels are covered with crushed shells. Sections of polypropylene or other non-degrading rope extend vertically through the assembled tier panels in a predetermined closely spaced-apart relation to provide simulated prop roots providing high surface area for attachment of marine organisms. The habitat is comprised of inexpensive components and is particularly suitable for manual assembly at low cost with relatively unskilled labor.01-27-2011
20110120381PREPARATION OF FEED COMPOSITIONS - The invention provides a method of producing an aquaculture feed composition which method comprises causing water, optionally together with a lipid, to be taken up by protein-containing feed pellets, characterised in that said pellets contain as a binder a plant seed flour.05-26-2011
20080236505System for raising animals - The present invention relates to systems and apparatuses for raising aquatic animals in controlled environments in order to avoid disease and pollution, and for increasing the number of shrimp that can be raised in controlled environments. More particularly, the present invention generally relates to a shelving unit for raising aquatic animals in a controlled environment comprising a plurality of shelves having a top and bottom surface, wherein at least one surface is substantially solid to support the aquatic animals thereon and to allow feeding thereon by the aquatic animals. Also provided are systems comprising closed environments for containing water, at least one shelving unit, a feeding system for dispensing food onto the shelving unit, and a waste disposal system.10-02-2008
20080223303Growing System for Aquatic Animals - The invention provides for an apparatus (09-18-2008
20130118413Artificial Marine Habitat - An artificial marine habitat having a vertically-disposed structure incorporating a plurality of deep, open, radially-disposed cells arranged in multiple tiers, the structure can be made monolithic by molding a suitable material over a plurality of radially-arranged molds or assembled from pre-molded, modular elements in stacked arrangement.05-16-2013
20130174792METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING GROWTH AND SURVIVABILITY OF AQUATIC ORGANISMS - A method for enhancing the production of aquatic organisms under cultivation, including the steps of exposing the aquatic organisms to a submerged illumination source inside water of a rearing unit; and maintaining illumination in the rearing unit for a rearing period.07-11-2013
20130192531DEVICE FOR DEVELOPING HABITATS IN THE UNDERWATER AREA OF AN OFFSHORE CONSTRUCTION - A device for habitat development of marine fauna in an underwater region of an offshore structure having foundations laid in a bed of a body of water includes climbing aids disposed on the offshore structure in the underwater region and at the bed of the body of water. The climbing aids include guide profiles configured to allow vagile hard floor animals to climb the offshore structure that are disposed on the offshore structure, in sections or continuously, in at least one of a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction.08-01-2013

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