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118313000 Plural projectors 25
118323000 Moving projector 17
118308000 Applying solid particulate material 14
118302000 With projector heating, cleaning or conditioning 14
118301000 With mask or stencil 10
118317000 Inside of hollow work 9
118320000 Rotating work 6
118326000 With hood or offtake for waste material 5
20100071617PAINT BOOTH - A paint booth that eliminates paint mist from air containing paint mist and volatile organic compounds (VOC) generated within a paint room in a highly-efficient manner is provided.03-25-2010
20100101489PAINTING INSTALLATION - The invention provides a painting installation comprising a spray booth having an application zone in which parts are to be painted, at least one auxiliary zone being separated from said application zone, an air supply and an air exhaust system having a first air supply and a second air supply, an air-conditioning device, at least one baffle element being arranged between said application zone and said at least one auxiliary zone, wherein said first air supply is provided for said application zone and is conducted via said air-conditioning device, said second air supply is provided for said auxiliary zone and is separated from said air-conditioning device, said at least one baffle element is configured for optimizing the air flow conditions in the transition area between said application zone and said auxiliary zone, wherein said exhaust air from said spray booth is recycled and at least partially fed to said air-conditioning device, and wherein said application zone is supplied only with air-conditioned air via said air-conditioning device, while said auxiliary zone is supplied with air that is not air-conditioned or only partially air-conditioned.04-29-2010
20090031949Painting Equipment With Air Purifying Means - Water is sprayed from a water nozzle of a water-washing device to wash polluted air in a painting booth, and then, a liquid polymer substance having a character to adsorb a VOC is spayed from an adsorbent spraying nozzle to remove the VOC from the air. A baffle is provided in a discharge duct to prevent the VOC-contained mixed liquid mist from moving with the air. Namely, by causing the air to hit the baffle, the VOC-contained mist turns into drops. Through the water-washing by the water-washing device, VOC adsorption by the mixed liquid and mixed liquid mist removal by the baffle, the polluted air can be sufficiently purified.02-05-2009
20120266812Filter Device, Painting Booth Using Filter Device, and Simplified Painting Booth Using Filter Device - Distribution of a precoat agent is made uniform in a target gas directing to a filter. To this end, an intake opening of a filter device is formed as a slit-like or rectangular opening extending in a width direction. An accumulation recess is formed in an upper edge portion of the intake opening to have a profile that opens downward as viewed from a longitudinal direction of the intake opening. The accumulation recess is continuously formed in the longitudinal direction of the intake opening. A precoat agent nozzle is provided in a longitudinal predetermined position of the intake opening for ejecting the precoat agent and carrier gas toward an inner depth surface of the accumulation recess.10-25-2012
20100199912METHOD FOR SUPPLYING AUXILIARY MATERIAL AND RECEPTACLE FOR AUXILIARY MATERIAL - In order to provide a method for supplying fresh auxiliary material, which is added to a stream (08-12-2010
118305000 Work-supported and guided carriage 5
20090013928MARKING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A marking tool and a method for marking a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility is presented. The method includes dispensing a marker when a trigger of a marking tool is actuated. The method further includes identifying at least one characteristic associated with the marker or the dispensing of the marker. The method further includes storing the at least one characteristic associated with dispensing the marker when the actuation of the trigger is signaled.01-15-2009
20090277380METHOD AND APPARATUS TO COAT EPS FOAM CORED MOULDINGS - A method and apparatus to coat preformed polystyrene cores with a layer of stucco-like material. The apparatus includes a coating chamber which is adjustable vertically and horizontally to suit the core height and width and includes a knife guide to maintain straightness of the core. Three chains with teeth drive the cores through the apparatus. The three chains can be individually raised or lowered to engage the core from the bottom by a depth suited to the core thickness. A roller table provides a low friction surface to ride on as the core is guided with guide fences and held down with wheels. The cores are placed close to the operator side for easy access.11-12-2009
20090145356Supporting device having a repositionable suction base for an air spray gun - A supporting device includes a suction base having a central base body interconnecting opposite suction units operable between non-sucking and sucking states. A supporting unit includes a rod-mounting seat having a connecting end portion disposed in a pivot groove in a top side of the central base body and connected pivotally to the central base body, and a mounting end portion disposed outwardly of the pivot groove and mounted rotatably with a supporting rod therein. The rod-mounting seat is positioned adjustably at a desired angular position relative to the central base body. A gun-mounting unit is mounted on the supporting rod, and is mounted with an air spray gun thereon.06-11-2009
20080251010Automatic Painting Device - An automatic painting device. There is: a vertical track member; a paint applicator, slidably coupled to the vertical track member; a top bracketing drive mechanism, coupled to a top of the vertical track member; a bottom drive mechanism, coupled to a bottom of the vertical track member opposite the top bracketing drive mechanism; a power module, in communication with the top bracketing drive mechanism; and a control module, in communication with the power module. The top bracketing drive mechanism includes: a top horizontal arm member; a top vertical arm member; a top bracket wheel; a front angular arm member; a first front bracket wheel; a second front bracket wheel; a top rear arm member; and a rear bracket wheel. The bottom drive mechanism includes: a bottom horizontal arm member; and a bottom front wheel.10-16-2008
20090000545Strand positioning guide having reversely oriented V-shaped slots for use in connection with strand coating applicators - Strand positional guide implements, for use in connection with hot melt adhesive strand coating applicator assemblies, comprise a plurality of V-shaped strand guide slots wherein the apex portions are oriented outwardly away from the hot melt adhesive material dispensing nozzles. Accordingly, an enlarged air space is effectively defined between the plurality of elongated strands and its respective hot melt adhesive material dispensing nozzle such that the plurality of elongated strands are not adversely affected by the heat or thermal radiation generated by or emanating from the hot melt adhesive material dispensing nozzles thereof.01-01-2009
118324000 Endless conveyer for work 3
20090056623COATING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An apparatus and system for electromotively coating a part can include a conveyor that has a plurality of hangars that are configured to be positively connected to respective parts that are to be coated. An attachment mechanism can be provided on the hangar and the part, the attachment mechanism being configured to exert force in more than a single direction. The part can be a conductive plastic part and can include an attachment structure that is formed thereon, for example, screw threads integrally formed in the part. The hangar can include a similar fastener that is configured to connect to the attachment structure of the part. For example, the fastener of the hangar can be a screw thread that mates with threads integrally or otherwise formed on the part. Other combinations of attachment structures and fasteners can be used to provide the mechanical and electrical coupling between the hangar and the part such that a robust electrical and mechanical connection can be achieved between the conveyor and the part to be coated.03-05-2009
20130061802PAINT MIST COLLECTING DEVICE AND PAINT BOOTH USING THE SAME - A paint mist collecting device for collecting a mist of paint particles produced when a paint is sprayed onto a workpiece within a paint booth includes a tubular duct having one end adapted to be connected to an outlet of the paint booth from which air containing the paint mist and a cleaning air are allowed to flow out, and a swirl-generating guide fin unit disposed inside the tubular duct and configured to force axial flows of the paint-mist-containing air and the cleaning liquid into a rotational movement to thereby generate a helical vortex as the paint-mist-containing air and the cleaning liquid flow downward along the tubular duct.03-14-2013
20110174216GLUING UNIT FOR APPLYING ADHESIVE TO A SUCCESSION OF OPENING DEVICES FOR GLUING TO SEALED PACKAGES OF FOOD PRODUCTS POURABLE INTO A TUBE OF PACKAGING MATERIAL - A gluing unit for applying adhesive to a succession of opening devices to be fitted to respective sealed packages of food products pourable into a tube of packaging material, the unit having a conveyor for feeding the opening devices along a path, and an adhesive dispenser located along the path, interacting with each opening device to apply adhesive to a portion of the opening device, and movable in a plane parallel to the path as well as crosswise to the plane.07-21-2011
118325000 Flexible web or strand work 3
20080271672Device for Later Application of a Two-Component Material on a Substrate11-06-2008
20120285376Device for Applying Adhesive in a Slitter-Winder of Fiber Web Machine11-15-2012
20080276862SYSTEM FOR APPLYING ABSORBENT MATERIAL TO A SUBSTRATE - A method and system for applying an adhesive/superabsorbent mixture to a substrate, the method and system being adapted for heating an adhesive and superabsorbent polymer mixture to a first temperature at a first pressure, the first temperature being less than the boiling temperature of said mixture at the first pressure; heating the mixture through a heat exchanger at a second pressure, the second pressure being higher than the first pressure, the heat exchanger being adapted to raise the temperature of the mixture to a second temperature that is higher than the first temperature; and selectively applying the mixture to a substrate.11-13-2008
118319000 Rotating turret work support 3
20110259266COATING SYSTEM - A coating system includes a housing, a coating umbrella, a rotatable assembly, a lift driver, a solvent storage chamber, and a jet device. The housing includes a block dividing the housing into a coating chamber and a painting chamber. The coating umbrella is configured for receiving a number of workpieces. The rotatable assembly is connected to the coating umbrella to drive the rotatable assembly to rotate. The lift driver lifts the rotatable assembly to switch the position of the coating umbrella between the coating chamber and the spray painting chamber. The solvent storage chamber is configured for storing paint solvent. The solvent storage chamber communicates with the painting chamber. The jet device is received in the solvent storage chamber, and communicated with the painting chamber to spray the paint solvent onto the workpieces.10-27-2011
20090101065Apparatus for the flocking of articles, in particular of textile materials - Apparatus for the flocking of articles, with a central column which has a rotary drive rotating about a vertical axis, with a least one pallet carrier arranged on the central column and having in each case a pallet, arranged on the pallet carrier, for receiving an article to be flocked, with at least one frame carrier, arranged above the pallets revolving around the vertical axis, for receiving a flocking device, the frame carrier and a frame arranged on it and also the pallet being arranged so as to be moveable in the vertical direction in relation to one another, and the pallet carrier on the central column assuming a plurality of rotary positions predetermined in steps along a circular path with respect to the frame, characterized in that a mechanical actuating device is provided, which lifts off the flocking device at least partially from the frame, so that a stencil arranged on the frame is accessible.04-23-2009
20100206223PRODUCTION COATER WITH EXCHANGEABLE DRUMS - A coater for coating a material with a solution or a suspension includes an access door and a process port separately openable within a housing. A rotating coating drum is removably connected with respect to the coater and the coater is configured for exchange of drums having a wide range of production capacities.08-19-2010
118303000 Coating moving mass of solid particulate work 3
20100095886Fluid Bed Granulation Process - A fluid bed granulation process of a predetermined substance comprises the steps of: forming, through a fluidification. air flow of predetermined flow rate, a fluid bed of granules of said substance to be granulated fed to it in the form of seeds,—feeding said fluid bed with a continuous flow of a growth substance (or liquid).04-22-2010
20090145355APPARATUS FOR TREATING PARTICLES - An apparatus for treating a plurality of particles, such as ammonium sulfate, with a coating, such as a wax, to prevent caking of the particles. The apparatus includes a feed chute, a diffuser and an exit chute. An applicator is mounted adjacent a base of the diffuser for spraying the coating downwardly away from the diffuser into a predefined pattern. The exit chute includes a deflector for intersecting a curtain of particles falling from the diffuser and for redirecting the particles into the predefined pattern of the coating. A heating element is mounted to the deflector for maintaining a predetermined temperature of the deflector thereby preventing accumulation of the coating on the deflector.06-11-2009
20120012052CONTINUOUS FEED TABLET COATING SYSTEM - A system for coating tablets and other small articles is provided, comprising a housing, a drum or other pan within said housing for retaining a bed of coatable articles, and a coating dispenser for dispensing coating from a source onto the bed. The dispenser includes an extendible support member and opposing spray assemblies in end to end linear relation overhead of the pan. The spray assemblies include an elongate nozzle support, an array of spray nozzles mounted to the nozzle support for connection to a source of pressurized coating fluid and optionally to a source of compressed air, and an arm at an end of the nozzle support connecting the nozzle support to the extendible support member. The support member is extendible in length to permit retraction of at least one of the assemblies independently of the other assembly.01-19-2012
20130025534FLUID DISCHARGING DEVICE - A fluid discharging device that discharges fluid from a plurality of discharge openings towards a continuous sheet member which is continuously transported in a transporting direction. The fluid discharging device includes: a plurality of valves that correspond to the discharge openings and intermittently discharge the fluid from the discharge openings by opening and closing operations; and a controller that controls the opening and closing operations of each of the valves individually depending on a transportation amount of the continuous sheet member. The controller calculates a shared compensation value that is represented by a value indicating the transportation amount, based on a transport velocity of the continuous sheet member. The controller shifts an open-close timing of at least several valves of the plurality of valves from a previously-determined open-close timing, based on the shared compensation value.01-31-2013
20090120358Spray coating member having excellent injury resistance and so on and method for producing the same - For the purpose of solving problems inherent to a white Al05-14-2009
20100006026DEVICE FOR APPLYING LIQUID COATING MATERIALS - The invention relates to a device (01-14-2010
20090272316DEVICE FOR SPRAYING A COSMETIC COMPOSITION - The present invention relates to a cosmetic assembly comprising a cosmetic or dermatological composition contained in a reservoir, the said composition being liquid and comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least one pulverulent phase, and the said composition having a viscosity ranging from 5 to 500 mPa·s, and to a device for spraying the said composition, comprising a sonotrode (11-05-2009
20090056620Thermal spraying nozzle device and thermal spraying system using the same03-05-2009
20100031881ROTOR PROCESSOR FOR DRY POWDERS - The improved rotor processor of the present invention includes a stator with a rotatable rotor defining a rotor chamber in which particles are circulated for coating or layering. A spray gun mounted to the stator adjacent the rotor directs liquid into the rotor chamber, while a powder feed system mounted in the stator adjacent the rotor directs dry powder into the rotor chamber. The spray gun and powder feed system are spaced apart circumferentially so as to define a spray zone and a separate powder zone through which the circulating particles repeatedly and sequentially pass. The powder feed system includes a feed screw conveyor, an eductor, and a flexible conduit for delivering micronized powders, such as polymers or glidants, to the rotor chamber.02-11-2010
20130112137CURTAIN COATER - Curtain coater for discharging liquid or pasty application medium in the form of a curtain moving substantially under the force of gravity onto a moving paper or board web, comprising a nozzle body which has a first distributor chamber extending along a discharge width, to which the application medium is supplied via at least one supply line, and in the flow direction (S), a flow channel which breaks up the application medium into sectional flows, and has a second distributor chamber, which discharges the application medium as a curtain via an outlet slot, wherein in the flow direction, the second distributor chamber has a flow path with a plurality of direction changes, which runs through throttling points and expansion chambers.05-09-2013
20120234233SUPPLY TUBE FOR A PAINTING SYSTEM - Exemplary illustrations of a supply tube, e.g., for a painting system, such as for supplying compressed air to a turbine in a rotary atomizer or for supplying an atomizer with a fluid medium, such as paint or a rinsing agent, are disclosed. An exemplary supply tube may include an upstream tube section and a downstream tube section. The upstream tube section may have a larger inner cross-section than the downstream tube section. A painting robot is also disclosed, which includes an exemplary supply tube.09-20-2012
20080295768Modular spray gun with replaceable components - A system, in certain embodiments, may include a spray coating device leaving a plurality of casings coupled together to define an exterior contour and a hollow interior of the spray coating device. The spray coating device also may include a plurality of modular components disposed in the hollow interior, wherein the plurality of modular components are configured to cooperate with one another output a spray coating.12-04-2008
20090084314SPRING MEMBER, LIQUID CARTRIDGE INCLUDING THE SPRING MEMBER, AND RECORDING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE LIQUID CARTRIDGE - A spring member made by a simplified working process in which mistakes in assembling work are prevented, a liquid cartridge using the spring member, and a recording apparatus with the liquid cartridge are provided. A particular member of a spring member 04-02-2009
20090255463SPLASH PLATE RETENTION METHOD AND APPARATUS - A splash plate assembly is retained in a rotary bell cup by a barbed skirt that interfaces with an inner surface of the bell cup. The splash plate assembly includes a splash plate or deflector that is secured to the front side of an insert. The insert has barbed extensions that may form a skirt around an outer periphery thereof. The insert is snapped into the front bell opening of a bell cup, and the barbed extensions elastically deform and snap back outwardly to interface with a shoulder formed in the bell cup inner surface.10-15-2009
20110277685COATING MATERIAL ATOMIZER - This atomizer (P) comprises: a body comprising an inner portion (11-17-2011
20110030613CURTAIN COATER - Curtain coater for discharging coating medium in the form of a curtain moving substantially under the force of gravity onto a moving paper or board web, comprising a hopper, which has a first cavity extending along a discharge width, to which the coating medium is fed via at least one feed line, and a metering channel which discharges the coating medium via an outlet slot as a curtain, wherein the metering channel (02-10-2011
20110271903COATING TOOL FOR APPLYING A FLUID FILM ONTO A SUBSTRATE - The invention relates to a coating tool for applying a fluid film onto a substrate, wherein disposed upstream of a slot nozzle (11-10-2011
20090158998OPERATING METHOD FOR AN ATOMISER AND A CORRESPONDING COATING APPARATUS - The invention relates to a coating device, in particular for painting motor vehicle bodies, comprising a sprayer (06-25-2009
20110297079APPARATUS FOR APPLYING GLUE TO REGIONS OF PAPER OR PLASTIC WEBS OR PAPER OR PLASTIC WEB-SECTIONS AND A METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The invention describes an apparatus for applying glue to regions of paper or plastic webs or paper or plastic web-sections for the production of paper sacks. This apparatus comprises: 12-08-2011
20120097097NOZZLE ROTATION MECHANISM AND APPLICATION DEVICE THEREWITH - Disclosed is a nozzle rotation mechanism that is small in size, has a simple structure, and can accurately adjust the rotational direction of a nozzle tip. Also disclosed is a coating device provided with the aforementioned nozzle rotation mechanism. The nozzle rotation mechanism is provided with: a nozzle having a discharge outlet from which a liquid material is discharged; a nozzle unit having a channel that connects the nozzle and a liquid material supply source; a base member; and a rotation device that is provided on the base member and rotates the nozzle unit. The nozzle is disposed in the nozzle unit such that the centerline of the discharge outlet of the nozzle forms an angle with the rotational centerline of the nozzle unit, and the nozzle unit is removably mounted to the rotation device.04-26-2012
20120097096Coating Head and Coating Apparatus Using The Same - The invention discloses a coating apparatus for coating slurry on a substrate. The coating apparatus comprises: a container for storing the slurry; a slurry pushing means connecting with the container through a discharging pipe; a coating head connecting with the slurry pushing means through another discharging pipe and connecting with the container through a feed-back pipe, and a controlling valve provided within the feed-back pipe. The coating head comprises: a coating slit; a discharging concave; a feed-back concave; a separator provided between the feed-back concave and the discharging concave; and an extending concave for correspondingly covering and matching with the discharging concave and the feed-back concave. The discharging concave and the feed-back concave are respectively provided with a discharging aperture and a feed-back aperture for respectively connecting with the discharging pipe and the feed-back pipe.04-26-2012
20090056621COATING MATERIAL CARTRIDGE - For providing a coating material cartridge capable of reliably discharging air and coating material stagnated in a hydraulic fluid chamber, a coating material cartridge has a cartridge main body, a partition body, a coating material transfer path and a plurality of hydraulic fluid transfer paths. The cartridge main body is detachably attached to a coating material filling device. The partition body partitions the inner region of the cartridge main body into a coating material chamber and a hydraulic fluid chamber. The coating material transfer path communicates the coating material chamber and the outer region of the cartridge main body, and each of the hydraulic fluid transfer paths communicates the hydraulic fluid chamber and a outer region of the cartridge main body. Each of the hydraulic fluid transfer paths has a plurality of openings that opens in the hydraulic fluid chamber and the distance for each of the openings from the connection end face is different from each other.03-05-2009
20110168085PAINT SPRAY BOOTH SYSTEM - A paint drying booth includes a plurality of walls, a ceiling, and an access door for egress and ingress. A turbine generates heated compressed air which is delivered to the interior of the booth via a duct system. The duct is in fluid communication with an air knife having a slit which delivers a stream or sheet of air into the interior of the booth. More than one air knife can be provided, and the orientation of the plurality of air knives are coordinated to provide a flow of heated turbulent air within the booth to accelerate the drying of painted items within the booth. The turbine comprises a multi-stage compressor including a plurality of rotors and stators for compressing air passing therethrough. Optionally a pneumatic spray gun can be provided for painting the items within the booth as well.07-14-2011
20090090297Air brush - To provide an air brush that can maintain a stable spray without a clog of a nozzle for discharging a coating material. In the air brush for atomizing and spraying the coating material by the compressed air inducted into the main body of the air brush, an air valve that is mounted in an air induction part provided on the main body of the air brush is opened by pushing of an operational button and an adjusting device for adjusting a discharge amount of the coating material is provided on a position deviated from an axis line of the nozzle in a passage of the coating material communicated with the nozzle.04-09-2009
20090120359Solution Deposition Assembly - Methods and devices are provided for improved sputtering systems. In one embodiment of the present invention, a deposition system for use with a substrate, the system comprising a solution deposition apparatus; at heating chamber; and at least assembly for holding solution over the substrate to allow for a depth of at least about 0.5 microns to 10 mm.05-14-2009
20090120357LIQUID DELIVERY APPARATUS - [Object] To provide a liquid delivery apparatus capable of cutting the number of installation steps, eliminating the necessity of connectors such as couplings, and reducing the apparatus size.05-14-2009
20090090298Apparatus for Anisotropic Focusing - A substantially planar assembly for depositing material. The assembly comprises plates which, when assembled, define at least one aerosol channel, a sheath gas plenum, and a nozzle. These components are preferably anisotropic, and preferably rectangular. The aerosol channel may be divided further to improve uniformity of aerosol flow.04-09-2009
20080245297Material supply apparatus - A container of a material supply apparatus is configured of a crucible and an orifice. The crucible has a cylindrical shape, a rectangular-column shape or the like, and is hollow. Heat sources such as heaters are disposed around the crucible. The orifice including an opening is provided on a side of the crucible in a material element supplying direction. The orifice includes a pipe portion that extends in the material element supplying direction. The opening is formed on a tip of the pipe portion. An opening area of the pipe portion is formed to become gradually narrower towards the material element supplying side, namely in a direction of the opening.10-09-2008
20080245296Coating Machine and Rotary Atomizing Head Thereof - A coating machine is capable of reducing VOC and CO10-09-2008
20090266295TILING ADHESIVE APPLICATOR - Apparatus (10-29-2009
20090314200APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING GLUE ONTO OPTICAL ELEMENT - An apparatus for dispensing glue onto an optical element includes a cylindrical main body and an pneumatic source. The main body defines a cavity configured for accommodating glue. An end of the main body has a bottom surface, which defines a recess in a central portion thereof and an annular groove in a peripheral portion thereof. The annular groove surrounds the recess and is in communication with the cavity. The pneumatic source communicates with the cavity and is configured for providing pressurized air to the cavity thereby allowing the glue to flow out from the annular groove and dispense onto a peripheral portion of the optical element.12-24-2009
20080210160Applicator and method for transferring dispersion liquid - The present invention provides applicators reducing generating bubble. Dispersion liquid is supplied while the pressure of a circulation tank on the delivery side is lower than the atmospheric pressure but higher than the pressure of the space in buffer tanks. The dispersion liquid in the discharge chambers is recovered while the pressure in a circulation tank serving as recovery destination is lower than the atmospheric pressure. Gas dissolution can be reduced because the dispersion liquid does not come into contact with gases at pressures higher than the atmospheric pressure and engulffing gas or deformation of solid microparticles can be avoided because no pump is used.09-04-2008
20100126413FLUID BED APPARATUS FOR COATING SOLID PARTICLES - Disclosed herein is a fluid bed apparatus for coating solid particles. The apparatus comprises a housing having upwardly extending walls surrounding a perforated base plate, a nozzle for atomizing a coating liquid, said nozzle being provided in the upwardly extending walls, and means for providing fluidisation gas through the perforations of the base plate for the maintenance of a fluidised layer. The coating liquid nozzle is provided in a channel for co-current introduction of a dispersion gas, said channel debouching into the fluid bed through an orifice having a radius of 5 mm or more.05-27-2010
20080271669POLYMERIC COVER FOR ROBOTS HAVING AN INCREASED TOTAL SURFACE ENERGY - The present invention involves cover for robots having spray nozzles wherein the surface material of the covers have been enhanced for residue retention. The robot covers of the present invention may be formed from a polymer, which in one exemplary embodiment may be polyethylene. For example, the polymer may be received in the form of a cast or blown extruded plastic film. In one exemplary embodiment, the polymer may be processed to increase the surface energy and/or surface area of the polymer. By increasing at least one of the surface energy and the surface area of the polymer, the total energy of the surface of the polymer is increased.11-06-2008
20090013927STAGE APPARATUS AND COATING TREATMENT DEVICE - A stage apparatus includes a stage over which a substrate is to be transferred, and a levitation mechanism which levitates the substrate over the stage. The stage includes a plurality of gas spray ports (01-15-2009
20080264336MECHANICAL AND ACOUSTICAL SUSPENSION COATING OF MEDICAL IMPLANTS - The present invention has several plausible embodiments. In one embodiment an apparatus for coating a medical device is provided. This apparatus includes a coating chamber, a vibrating structure within the coating chamber the vibrating structure capable of suspending a medical device positioned in the coating chamber, and a coating source, the coating source positioned to introduce coating into the coating chamber. In another embodiment a method of coating a medical device is provided. This method includes moving a medical device into a predetermined coating area, vibrating a structure below the medical device, the vibration of the structure forcing the medical device away from the vibrating structure, and coating at least a portion of the medical device that has moved away from the vibrating structure.10-30-2008
20080264335SYSTEM FOR IMPARTING STRETCH AND RECOVERY TO FABRICS - A system for imparting a desired stretch and recovery characteristic to woven fabric that contain yard strands. The system has a surface for receiving the fabric in a compacted state, the fabric having been stabilized to retain the compaction. The system also comprises an applicator for applying at least one adhesive liquid with known stretch and recovery characteristics to the fabric with the yarn strands in a compacted state. The affixed adhesive liquid thereby facilitates maintaining the desired stretch and recovery characteristic of the fabric after the stabilization has been removed from the fabric. An elongated stabilizer is applied to the fabric to stabilize the yarn strands in their compacted state while the adhesive liquid is being applied. A trough guides the fabric while a dispenser dispenses the adhesive liquid and a spreader spreads the adhesive liquid on the fabric. An oven is used to cure the adhesive liquid affixed to the fabric.10-30-2008
20090050055Swirl Coating Applicator - An applicator for coating a suture line is disclosed. The applicator includes a coating cavity having an inlet port for entry of the suture line into the coating cavity and an outlet port for exit of the suture line out of the coating cavity. The applicator also includes one or more injection ports configured to supply a coating composition into the coating chamber in a direction substantially tangential to the coating cavity.02-26-2009
20080314313Canister with a Resilient Flexible Chamber for Electrostatic Applicators - A canister for a coating applicator system has a flexible barrier separating a coating-containing region in the canister from a region containing a force applicator for moving the barrier to dispense the coating. While the volumes of each region change upon movement of the barrier, surfaces defining the regions remain in that region.12-25-2008
20100192847Miniature Aerosol Jet and Aerosol Jet Array - A miniaturized aerosol jet, or an array of miniaturized aerosol jets for direct printing of various aerosolized materials. In the most commonly used embodiment, an aerosol stream is focused and deposited onto a planar or non-planar target, forming a pattern that is thermally or photochemically processed to achieve physical, optical, and/or electrical properties near that of the corresponding bulk material. The apparatus uses an aerosol jet deposition head to form an annularly propagating jet composed of an outer sheath flow and an inner aerosol-laden carrier flow. Miniaturization of the deposition head facilitates the fabrication and operation of arrayed deposition heads, enabling construction and operation of arrays of aerosol jets capable of independent motion and deposition. Arrayed aerosol jets provide an increased deposition rate, arrayed deposition, and multi-material deposition.08-05-2010
20120031327APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLED APPLICATION OF LIQUID STREAMS TO A SUBSTRATE WITH DIVERTED LIQUID COLLECTION SYSTEM - An improved system for application of liquid streams to a substrate. The system incorporates open face flow channels for carrying the liquid away from fully enclosed flow segments prior to discharge along an unconstrained flow path. The present invention further provides an improved, self-aligning modular assembly for delivery of impingement jet to the liquid streams for diverting the direction of the liquid streams. The present invention further provides an improved arrangement for collection of the deflected liquid in response to application of the impingement jet without excess residue build-up.02-09-2012
20090320751TEXTURE SPRAYER - A texture spray pump unit (12-31-2009
20090071397ROTARY ATOMIZER HEAD TYPE PAINING MACHINE - A coupling portion is provided on an outer peripheral side of a rotational shaft, a stationary ring is mounted on a fore end portion of an air motor, a rotatable ring is rotatably attached to a stationary ring, and slide plates are provided between the stationary ring and the rotatable ring movably in radially inward and outward directions of the rotational shaft. A slider shift mechanism provided on the stationary ring and the rotatable ring brings each slide plate into and out of engagement with the coupling portions in step with a rotational movement of the rotatable ring. Thus, for locking the rotational shaft in a fixed state, an operator grips and turns the rotatable ring with one hand to engage the slide plates with the coupling portions by the slider shift mechanism. In this state, a rotary atomizing head can be mounted on or dismantled from the rotational shaft.03-19-2009
20110017130DEVICE FOR PASTILLIZING - A device for expelling drops of a flowable product. The invention relates to a device for expelling drops of a flowable product, comprising a rotating outer drum and a feed channel for the product to be expelled extending into the outer drum, wherein the outer drum comprises passage openings on the circumference thereof, through which the product to be expelled runs from the feed channel and then exits in droplet shape. According to the invention, at least one outer circumference of the outer drum is provided with a coating that reduces wetting with the product to be tabletted compared to a base material of the outer drum. For example, the invention can be used for tabletting flowable products.01-27-2011
20110017129COATING APPARATUS HAVING COATER CHUCK - Disclosed is a coating apparatus having a coater chuck capable of improving a photoresist coating uniformity by preventing the coater chuck for performing a photoresist coating process from being sunk, in a manner of employing a different type of a material for making the coater chuck, wherein the coater chuck is made of stone and connected to a servo motor via a drive shaft, the driving shaft being movable up and down, and a glass substrate coated with photoresist through a slit nozzle is placed on the coater chuck.01-27-2011
20090320752TEXTURE SPRAY GUN - A texture spray gun having an air passageway (12-31-2009
20090217868DEVICE FOR SUPPLYING PASTY MATERIAL - The invention relates to a device for supplying pasty materials, said device comprising an end piece (09-03-2009
20090038545Liquid applicator - The present invention provides a liquid applicator which enables easy application of an application liquid even if it is high in viscosity and which can protect the application liquid held therein against the contamination by microbes etc. from the external air and the outside, and includes a liquid pressing means 02-12-2009
20100058981FILM COATING APPARATUS - A film coating apparatus for coating a substrate includes a number of film coating units. Each film coating unit includes a container, a transfer roller, a liquid jet, and a heater. The container is used for receiving coating liquid. The coating liquid includes coating material. The transfer roller is capable of conveying the substrate. The liquid jet is configured for jetting coating liquid received in the container toward the transfer roller. The heater is used for heating the coating liquid on the substrate to solidify the coating material of the coating liquid on the substrate to form films.03-11-2010
20100064967APPARATUS FOR APPLYING FLUIDS - An apparatus for applying fluids such as adhesive, in particular hot melt adhesive, to a substrate movable relative to the apparatus, comprising a main body having a feed passage connectable to a fluid source, an application valve for selectively interrupting or enabling the flow of fluid in the feed passage, and a nozzle arrangement having a distributor passage connectable to the feed passage and at least one nozzle opening communicating with the distributor passage for delivery of the fluid. A body is movable in the distributor passage and has through passages which can be selectively associated with the nozzle opening by means of movement of the body in such a way that fluid is passed out of the distributor passage into the nozzle opening through at least one through passage.03-18-2010
20110073035DIE HEAD AND LIQUID COATER - A die head is disclosed comprises: a feed slot which is positioned downstream of the moving direction of the substrate and continuously feed the coating solution; a gas suction slot which is positioned upstream of the moving direction of the substrate and suctions a gas so as to create vacuum in the vicinity of the upstream edge of the bead with respect to the moving direction of the substrate; and a gas ejection slot which is positioned between the feed slot and gas suction slot and ejects a gas so as to prevent inflow of the coating solution into the gas suction slot.03-31-2011
20110048319SUBSTRATE TRANSFER PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate transfer processing apparatus capable of processing a substrate at high speed is provided. A mounting table on which a substrate is mounted includes a plate-shaped main body and a recessed part formed in a rear surface of the plate-shaped main body. Since the mounting table is lightweight as compared to the mounting table before the recessed part is formed therein, the load on a motor is small and the running cost is low even when the mounting table is moved at high speed. Because the plate-shaped main body is made of granite, the mounting surface can be made flat and smooth by polishing. Since the mounting surface is flat and smooth, the accuracy in positioning the substrate is high.03-03-2011
20110253039FLUID AGENT APPLYING MULTI-VENT NOZZLE - The present invention is directed to a fluid agent applying multi-vent nozzle capable of densely disposing ejecting vents, and the multi-vent nozzle comprises a main body configured in a casing block, a raised surface provided at a distal end of the casing block, and contoured and dimensioned corresponding to a target area to apply fluid agent to, and a plurality of ejecting vents defined in the raised surface.10-20-2011
20090145354MICRODROPLET COATER - According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a microdroplet coater including: a container in which a substrate is placed; a coating solution discharge unit that is installed in the container and that processes a coating solution containing a solute and a solvent into microdroplets to discharge the microdroplets onto the substrate; and an atmosphere adjustment unit that adjusts an atmosphere in the container so that the solvent is prevented from evaporating.06-11-2009
20090126626ANNULAR NOZZLE STRUCTURE FOR HIGH DENSITY INKJET PRINTHEADS - A method for fabricating an orifice plate with high density arrays of nozzles entails disposing a photoresist layer on a glass with a metalized layer forming a photomask blank and patterning the photomask blank with one or more openings. Second openings are formed by etching through the initial openings into the photoresist layer. The photoresist layer is removed and a second photoresist layer is added to the formed patterned structure forming a mandrel. One or more rings are patterned onto the mandrel. Each ring has an outer diameter larger than the diameter of the second openings and an inner diameter smaller than the diameter of the second openings. The mandrel with formed rings is plated with a metal forming an orifice plate. The orifice plate is separated from the patterned mandrel, forming an orifice plate with a high density array of nozzles05-21-2009
20110041756COATING TOOL - Provided is a coating tool for forming a film having uniform thickness on a target by controlling precisely a flow-rate of a coating liquid, even if its viscosity is high. In the coating tool, a coating head 02-24-2011
20110162577THERMAL SPRAY STREAM FOCUSING - A thermal spray stream focusing approach is provided. In one aspect, at least two pairs of rollers are located about a spray device. The at least two pairs of rollers are configured to shape a raw spray stream generated from the spray device to a shape-defined spray stream that is focused towards a surface of a workpiece.07-07-2011
20100116200COATING APPARATUS - A coating apparatus includes, a container unit which contains liquid, a container support unit which supports the container unit, a work support unit which supports a work oppositely to a discharge unit of the liquid in the container unit, a base unit which supports the container support unit, and is grounded, and an insulating unit which is provided between the base unit and discharge unit, and insulates the base unit and discharge unit.05-13-2010
20110259265VOLUME COMPENSATION FOR APPLICATION HEADS WITH APPLICATION WIDTH ADJUSTMENT - A device for dispensing fluid onto a substrate includes a basic body, a fluid supply channel connectible to a fluid source for supplying the fluid, and a nozzle assembly which has a distribution channel that communicates with the fluid supply channel and which has an essentially elongated slit that communicates with the distribution channel. The slit includes at least one discharge opening for dispensing the fluid. The effective length of the distribution channel is variable by means of a closure element that is movable in the distribution channel. An equalization channel is connected with the distribution channel, and the volume of the equalization channel is adjustable.10-27-2011
20120304923METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING FROZEN ADHESIVE PARTICLES - Method and system for moving a frozen adhesive particle towards a target body, comprising launching means (12-06-2012
20120204790APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING OBJECTS ON A SUBSTRATE - An apparatus (08-16-2012
20120000418SPINDLE MOTOR TRAY ADHESIVE DISPENSING METHOD AND SUPPLEMENTARY APPARATUS - A spindle motor tray adhesive dispensing method and supplementary apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a base block and a pressure block. The base block supports the tray to be processed, having a blind hole for receiving one end of the center axle of the tray and three adhesive troughs around the blind hole. The pressure block pressed on the tray above the base block and axially movable relative to the base block, having a guide hole for receiving the other end of the center axle of the tray. An open space is defined above the base block around the pressure block within which an adhesive dispenser is movable to dispense a polymer adhesive to the through holes on the tray and the adhesive troughs of the base block to form rubber pads at the tray when cured.01-05-2012
20120204789METHOD FOR COATING WITH COATING LIQUID, COATING APPARATUSES FOR USE THEREIN, AND METHOD FOR DESIGNING THE SAME - A method for coating with a coating liquid according to the present invention is a method for coating an object-to-be-coated with a coating liquid containing dispersed particles, using a die, wherein the flowage of the coating liquid within a manifold 08-16-2012
20120204788DROPLET DEPOSITION APPARATUS - Droplet deposition apparatus comprising an array of fluid chambers defined by a pair of opposing chamber walls, and in fluid communication with a nozzle for droplet ejection therefrom; a cover member is joined to the edges of the chamber walls and thus seals one side of the chambers. The cover member has a ratio of cover thickness to chamber wall separation less than or equal to 1:1.08-16-2012
20120055397HOLDER HAVING DETACHABLE LIQUID HOUSING CONTAINER, AND LIQUID HOUSING CONTAINER - A liquid housing container in which a liquid to be supplied to a head can be stored may be attached to or detached from a holder, which is provided to a liquid ejecting device having the head for ejecting a liquid. The holder has a rotation point where the mounted liquid housing container may be rotated in a predetermined so as to be detached from the holder.03-08-2012
20090277378COATING APPARATUS - A round outer periphery of a valve mount member (11-12-2009
20100236474PAINT APPLICATOR WITH VACUUM REGULATOR - A paint spraying system having a paint reservoir (09-23-2010
20100012024DEVICE FOR COATING THE OUTER EDGE OF A SUBSTRATE DURING MICROELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING - New baffles and methods of using these baffles are provided. The baffles comprise a body having an edge wall configured to direct the flow of a composition against a substrate (e.g., silicon wafer) edge. The edge wall comprises a vertical surface, a curved sidewall coupled to the vertical surface, and a lip coupled to the curved sidewall. A preferred baffle is annular in shape and formed from a synthetic resinous composition. Even more preferably, the baffle is not formed of a metal. The inventive methods comprise positioning the baffle adjacent a substrate during a spin coating process so that the edge wall causes the composition to cover the edges of the substrate and preferably a portion of the back side of the substrate.01-21-2010
20100012025COATING APPARATUS COMPRISING A METERING DEVICE - A coating apparatus for serially coating workpieces with different shades or colors is disclosed. A metering device comprises a plunger-type dosing mechanism or a metering pump that has a separate inlet with an integrated color valve for each of the most commonly used colors is located in or near the sprayer of the coating apparatus. A separate color changer can be provided for less frequently used colors. The outlet of said color changer may be connected to another inlet of the metering mechanism or to the discharge valve of the sprayer via a separate metering mechanism.01-21-2010
20100269749Absorbable Cyanoacrylate Compositions - An adhesive composition is provided including one or more polymerizable cyanoacrylate monomers and boron trifluoride as a stabilizer or complexing agent. The adhesive composition may also include or be used with a decomplexing agent, particularly one or more quaternary ammonium fluoride salts or one or more quaternary ammonium ether salts. A polymerization initiator or accelerator may also be used. The viscosity of the adhesive composition may be controlled by addition of a thickening agent which may be a polymer or copolymer catalyzed by a boron trifluoride complex or compound. Methods for the application of the adhesive compositions to living tissue are also provided.10-28-2010
20120073497Nozzle assembly for dispensing liquid material - The invention concerns a nozzle arrangement for dispensing liquid material, in particular for applying hot melt adhesive onto a substrate, comprising a nozzle orifice for dispensing the liquid material, said orifice being associated with a first and/or a second component, and positioning elements for fixing the position of the first component with respect to the second component. The invention concerns in particular a nozzle arrangement in which the positioning elements are formed as centering screws extending into fitting bores of the second component and into corresponding recesses of the first component. The invention further concerns an applicator and a production facility for applying liquid material.03-29-2012
20100186664METHOD FOR SETTING UP A PAINTING SYSTEM IN A PREDEFINED SETUP LOCATION - The invention relates to a method for setting up a painting system (07-29-2010
20120325141Method and System for Providing Targeted and Individualized Delivery of Cosmetic Actives - A system and method are provided for targeted and individualized delivery of multiple skin benefit agents to the skin of a user. The image of a predetermined treatment area of the user's skin is first captured by an imaging device. The captured image data is then analyzed by a computing device to generate a unique skin profile for the user, which is indicative of the skin conditions at the predetermined treatment area. Based on such skin profile, a printing device prints out one or more cosmetic delivery sheets that can be applied to the predetermined treatment area. Each of the cosmetic delivery sheets contains a substrate with multiple isolate, discrete regions, while at least two of the regions are imprinted with different skin benefit agents for treating different skin conditions of the predetermined treatment area according to the unique skin profile of the user.12-27-2012
20120137968INK JET FOR A BELL PLATE OF A ROTARY ATOMIZER - An ink jet is disclosed that may be placed in a bell plate of a rotary atomizer and, when thus placed, forms an annular gap between the ink jet and a distribution disc recess of the bell plate. An exemplary illustration has a common rinsing agent channel running in the ink jet for conducting a rinsing agent for rinsing the bell plate, a first rinsing agent outlet that is supplied with rinsing agent by the common rinsing agent channel and directed forward in a substantially axial direction toward a distribution disc of the bell plate, and a second rinsing agent outlet that is supplied with rinsing agent by the common rinsing agent channel. In the installed state, an exemplary second rinsing agent outlet may empty into the annular gap between the distribution disc recess and the ink jet in order to clean the annular gap with the rising agent.06-07-2012
20130019798FLUID DISCHARGING DEVICE - A fluid discharging device that discharges fluid from a plurality of discharge openings towards a continuous sheet member which is continuously transported in a transporting direction. The fluid discharging device includes: a plurality of valves that correspond to the discharge openings and intermittently discharge the fluid from the discharge openings by opening and closing operations; and a controller that controls the opening and closing operations of each of the valves individually depending on a transportation amount of the continuous sheet member. The controller has a shared adjustment value that is represented by a value indicating the transportation amount. the controller shifts open-close timing of at least several valves of the a plurality of valves from a previously-determined open-close timing that the several valves are subject to, based on the shared adjustment value.01-24-2013
20130019799NAIL PRINT APPARATUS - A nail print apparatus which prints on a nail. The nail print apparatus includes a partition wall and a printing section. A first surface of the partition wall is in contact with at least one first finger inserted on the first surface. A second surface of the partition wall is in contact with at least one second finger, which is different from the first finger, inserted on the second surface. The first surface and the second surface are held between the first finger and the second finger from a first end of the partition wall. A thickness of the partition wall between the first surface and the second surface increases from the first end toward a second end opposite to the first end.01-24-2013
20100018458CURTAIN COATING DEVICE WITH POROUS CURTAIN GUIDE STRUCTURE, CURTAIN GUIDE STRUCTURE FOR A CURTAIN COATING DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE CURTAIN GUIDE STRUCTURE - A curtain coater for coating a substrate, comprising: a nozzle system for creating a curtain of at least one coating fluid dropping onto the substrate, a porous curtain guide structure, which has a guide surface for providing a lateral guiding action for the curtain, which cambers round convexly towards the curtain across a width extending beyond the thickness of the curtain measured transversely to the curtain, at least one cavity extending in the longitudinal direction of the curtain guide structure for an auxiliary fluid to be guided on the guide surface and a cavity wall surrounding the cavity, of which the curtain guide structure forms only a circumferential segment, and the circumferential segment bounding the cavity is a part of an external contour of the curtain guide structure extending about a longitudinal axis of the curtain structure.01-28-2010
20080230002Sealer Gun - The object of the present invention is to provide a sealer gun in which even an operator having no expert skill can easily conduct application by optionally setting the bead width, and keep the application uniform from the initial stage to the final stage. In the sealer gun, the needle valve is moved backward by predetermined strokes by operating the trigger, and a sealer is spouted from the gap between the valve seat and the needle valve. In this instance, with the adjusting knob of the notch portion provided in the base portion of the gun body, the position-adjusting member is moved back and forth, and the moving-backward stroke of the needle valve is controlled. The tapered portion 8b is formed at the tip of the needle valve, and the orifice member is provided in the sealer passage in the downstream of the valve seat so as to absorb the pulsating pressure variation of the sealer.09-25-2008
20130092080Valve Assemblies Including Valve Seat Assemblies - A valve seat assembly includes a gasket retainer comprising an outer wall, an inner wall, an upper face extending between the outer and inner walls, and a lower face extending between the outer and inner walls. The inner wall defines an insert receiving bore extending from the upper face inwardly toward the lower face to a recess that receives a gasket. A gasket is located in the recess. A retainer insert is located in the insert receiving bore that applies a compressive force to the gasket.04-18-2013
20080202413Canister for Electrostatic Applicators - A canister (08-28-2008
20100307408COATING DEVICE - Provided is a coating device which can spray, while mixing uniformly, a plurality of kinds of base materials and a curing agent. The coating device comprises a supply pipe (12-09-2010
20130152855Pneumatic repair mortar gun - One embodiment of a hand held elongated material cylinder (06-20-2013
20130192520NOZZLE FOR DISPENSING RANDOM PATTERN OF ADHESIVE FILAMENTS - A nozzle for dispensing a random pattern of liquid adhesive filaments generally includes a plurality of liquid outlets positioned in a liquid discharge plane and first and second pluralities of air passages. The first plurality of air passages is positioned in a first plane oriented at a first angle relative to the liquid discharge plane, while the second plurality of air passages is positioned in a second plane oriented at a second angle relative to the liquid discharge plane. The first angle is different than the second angle so that pressurized process air streams from the first and second pluralities of air passages are directed asymmetrically toward adhesive filaments discharged from the liquid outlets to produce the random pattern.08-01-2013
20120291701DEVICE FOR PRODUCING THREE-DEMENSIONAL MODELS - The present invention relates to a device for manufacture of three-dimensional models by means of a 3D printing process, whereby the build material is deposited on a build platform in layers and the build platform is moveable in the Z-direction and one or several drive units and one or several guide elements is/are provided to move the build platform. In so doing, drive units and guiding elements are arranged in such a way that a movement of the drive units is decoupled from the movement of the guiding elements.11-22-2012
20130206058GAS ENCLOSURE ASSEMBLY AND SYSTEM - The present teachings relate to various embodiments of an hermetically-sealed gas enclosure assembly and system that can be readily transportable and assemblable and provide for maintaining a minimum inert gas volume and maximal access to various devices and apparatuses enclosed therein. Various embodiments of an hermetically-sealed gas enclosure assembly and system of the present teachings can have a gas enclosure assembly constructed in a fashion that minimizes the internal volume of a gas enclosure assembly, and at the same time optimizes the working space to accommodate a variety of footprints of various OLED printing systems. Various embodiments of a gas enclosure assembly so constructed additionally provide ready access to the interior of a gas enclosure assembly from the exterior during processing and readily access to the interior for maintenance, while minimizing downtime.08-15-2013

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