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118 - Coating apparatus

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118256000 Movably mounted applicator 31
118209000 With work-handling or work-supporting 22
118264000 Pads or absorbent or porous applicators 10
118255000 Plural applicators and/or plural sources of coating material 9
118204000 With nonuniform removal of coating material from applicator 3
20100154704METHOD OF PRODUCING LITHIUM ION SECONDARY BATTERY - A method for producing lithium ion secondary batteries includes the steps of: (A) preparing an electrode sheet with lead-forming parts, (B) intermittently forming porous insulating layers containing an inorganic oxide filler and a binder on a surface of the electrode sheet excluding the lead-forming parts, (C) connecting a lead to each of the lead-forming parts, and (D) fabricating batteries by using the electrode sheet to which the leads are connected. The step B includes: the step of applying a slurry containing the inorganic oxide filler and the binder to the outer surface of a gravure roll, and transferring the slurry applied to the outer surface of the gravure roll on a surface of the electrode sheet that is being transported by a plurality of guide rolls excluding the lead-forming part; and the step of moving at least one selected from the gravure roll and the guide rolls to make the electrode sheet away from the gravure roll in the lead-forming part.06-24-2010
20110277683Microstamping Activated Polymer Surfaces - Methods of attaching a ligand to a surface are described that include contacting a surface with a substrate containing an amphiphilic comb polymer. The substrate is configured to provide a pattern of the amphiphilic comb polymer on a selected region of the surface. The substrate can be separated from the surface leaving the amphiphilic comb polymer on the selected region of the surface, thus providing a selected region of the surface having amphiphilic comb polymer on it. A ligand can then be deposited on the surface such that the selected region of the surface having the amphiphilic comb polymer is substantially free of the ligand.11-17-2011
20110094441ADHESIVE DISPENSING DEVICE - A layered object manufacturing system is described. The system in one arrangement provides for the use of water based adhesives to bind successive layers of paper in generation of a three dimensional model. The paper can be provided in conventional paper sizes and is moveable within the system from a storage stack to a build object location, individual pages at a time. The system typically effects the application of adhesive onto the paper using an adhesive applicator wheel having a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart recesses for receiving adhesive. The wheel is rotatable to convey adhesive filled in one or more recesses to a target substrate and to deposit controlled amounts of adhesive at discrete points thereon.04-28-2011
118203000 With cleaner or conditioner for applicator 3
20100077958CLEANING APPARATUS - A cleaning apparatus suitable for cleaning a roll coating machine is described, the cleaning apparatus having one or more rolls and including: a cleaning means; and a support chassis for supporting the cleaning means adjacent the one or more rolls. A roll coating machine is also described, which includes a cleaning apparatus, comprising a cleaning means; and a support chassis for supporting the cleaning means adjacent the one or more rolls.04-01-2010
20100180816PAINTING APPARATUS - A painting apparatus comprising a paint module, an applicator assembly having an applicator surface, and a pump, the paint module having a container receiving section, the applicator assembly being fluidly connectable to the container receiving section such that the pump can supply liquid contained in the container receiving section to the applicator assembly, in which the apparatus can operate in a painting cycle where the container receiving section receives a paint container with a supply of paint such that the paint can be supplied to the applicator assembly, and in a cleaning cycle where the container receiving section receives a liquid in the form of a cleaning fluid, such that the cleaning fluid can be supplied to the applicator assembly (FIG. 07-22-2010
20130092079Coated Medical Device and Method for Manufacturing the Same - The medical device of the invention comprises a surface comprising at least one outermost portion and a plurality of depressions. The depressions occupy at least about 80% of the surface area of the surface. The depressions contain a coating material that preferably comprises a biologically active material and/or polymer, and the outermost portion is substantially free of any coating material. The invention is also directed to a method for manufacturing a medical device. The method comprises applying a coating material to the surface of the medical device by using at least one roller.04-18-2013
118202000 Heater or cooler for applicator or for film-transfer feed member 2
20090255462DEVICE FORMED BY PROBE-BASED LITHOGRAPHY UTILIZING THERMOMECHANICALLY ACTIVATED POLYMERS - Device having features formed utilizing probe-based lithography, including: depositing a preceramic polymer on a substrate; writing nanoscale features in the polymer by locally transforming the preceramic polymer via a chemical reaction causing it to undergo a permanent phase change into hardened, ceramic material, the chemical reaction activated with a prescribed activation energy supplied by heat and/or pressure applied by a probe tip; depositing new layers and continuing according to a desired three-dimensional pattern; by cross-linking unactivated preceramic polymer to act as a support medium that isolates a formed ceramic structure mechanically and/or electrically; and where the ceramic pattern is made electrically conductive by (a) incorporating dopant elements into or onto the preceramic polymer, or (b) performing the write step in a chemically-active environment that supplies dopant atoms during the chemical reaction.10-15-2009
20120318193DEVICE FOR APPLYING ADHESIVES, OPTIONALLY IN A RETROFIT-FREE MANNER - The invention relates to a device for applying adhesives, optionally in a retrofit-free manner, in particular PUR adhesives and dispersion adhesives, in particular PVAc adhesives, to planar objects, in particular panel-shaped components, which are made of wood, derived timber products, plastic material or the like at least in some sections, comprising at least one application roller for applying the adhesive and at least one metering roller for metering out the adhesive, the rollers being arranged next to one another forming a tapering gap into which the adhesive is supplied, wherein a glue reservoir for hot-melt adhesive and a glue reservoir for dispersion adhesive are provided, which are connected to the gap by means of a supply system or adhesive.12-20-2012
118206000 Combined with other type coating applier 2
20130081569VEHICLE TIRE COATING APPARATUS - A tire coating apparatus for applying fluid to vehicle tires in a vehicle washing system, includes a pair of mechanical applicators, which each have at least one coating applicator disposed thereon for contacting the vehicle tires to apply the fluid. One mechanical applicator is intended to engage the tires on a right side of a vehicle while the other mechanical applicator is intended to engage the tires on a left side of the vehicle. The mechanical applicators also include a guide portion for guiding the vehicle wheel when a patron had elected not to have a coating fluid applied to the vehicle wheels. The mechanical applicators are rotatable between an initial position where the coating applicators are in a non-coating position to a second position where the coating applicators are intended to contact a vehicle tire.04-04-2013
20120234232FLOW-THRU LIQUID COATING APPLICATOR - A flow-thru liquid coating applicator comprises a handle and an applicator head including a blade having a filament bundle extending crosswise adjacent the distal end of the blade. A cover surrounds the distal end of the blade and a substantial portion of the length of the blade and has side openings through which opposite end portions of the filament bundle extend.09-20-2012
118254000 Coating inside of hollow work 1
20110061590DEVICE AND METHOD FOR LINING OR REPAIRING OFFSET CHIMNEYS - A device for repairing or relining an offset chimney includes a spreader assembly for spreading a repair material on the interior walls of a chimney as the device is pulled up the chimney, a pull assembly for pulling the device through the chimney, and an optionally reticulated centering device for keeping the portion of the pull assembly directly above the spreader assembly away from the chimney walls when the spreader blade assembly is moved through a chimney offset.03-17-2011
20130160705REDUCTION OF EDGE CHIPPING DURING WAFER HANDLING - Methods and systems for reinforcing the periphery of a semiconductor wafer bonded to a carrier are disclosed. In one embodiment, additional adhesive is applied to the semiconductor wafer prior to bonding. The additional adhesive seeps into a crevice between the carrier and wafer and provides reinforcement. In another embodiment, adhesive is applied to the crevice by a dispenser after the wafer is bonded to the glass carrier.06-27-2013
20090308308METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DEPOSITING COPLANAR MICROELECTRONIC INTERCONNECTORS USING A COMPLIANT MOLD - A method and apparatus for the formation of coplanar electrical interconnectors. Solder material is deposited onto a wafer, substrate, or other component of an electrical package using a complaint mold such that the terminal ends of the solder material being deposited, i.e., the ends opposite to those forming an attachment to the wafer, substrate, or other component of an electrical package are coplanar with one another. A complaint mold is used having one or more conduits for receiving solder material and having a compliant side and a planar side. The compliant side of the mold is positioned adjacent to the wafer, substrate, or other component of an electrical package allowing solder material to be deposited onto the surface thereof such that the planar side of the compliant mold provides coplanar interconnectors. An Injection Molded Solder (IMS) head can be used as the means for filling the conduits of the compliant mold of the present invention.12-17-2009
20090199764Paint Supplying System and Apparatus - A paint supplying system and apparatus for delivering paint to a container system from a supply of paint at a remote location by a paint delivery system to permit application of the paint delivered to the container by a separate coating implement is provided. The container system includes a vessel having a bottom and a peripheral side wall, the peripheral side wall and the bottom define an open interior space. A connector includes a body with opposed first and second ends, a first port on the first end, a second port on the second end, and a through passage connecting the first and second ports, the body being attached at the first end to the bottom such that the first port is in fluid communication with the open interior space, and connectable at the second end to the hand wand such that the second port is in fluid communication with the supply passage.08-13-2009
20090050054DEVICE FOR APPLYING A SUSPENSION ONTO A BASE PLATE - A device for applying a suspension to which particles, in particular corundum particles, have been added onto a base plate, with a roller mill comprising an applicator roll and a metering roll interacting with the applicator roll. An application groove with two groove halves project laterally and tilt downwards at an angle a to the horizontal with slots on the base side arranged above the roller mill.02-26-2009
20100058979SHEATHLIKE APPLICATOR AND PROCESS FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A sheath-shaped application implement, as well as a manufacturing method thereof, where said sheath-shaped application implement comprises a base sheet(s) and a protective film(s) that are sealed together in a manner providing an empty area in which to insert the palm or fingers, and at least one base sheet mentioned above is constituted by a retention layer having at least one type of application composition on it, and by a barrier layer, where the barrier layer prevents permeation or leakage of the application composition, while the protective film is structured in such a way as to protect the application composition from exposure to the outside. This application implement can be stored in a manner retaining the quality of the application composition, is not bulky, can be carried with ease, and when used the application implement allows the protective film to be removed with ease and the application composition to be applied to desired locations at various parts of the body.03-11-2010
20110146568MODIFICATION OF NANOIMPRINT LITHOGRAPHY TEMPLATES BY ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION - Methods of forming thin films on nanopatterning templates, such as nanoimprint lithography (NIL) templates are provided. In some embodiments, an atomic layer deposition (ALD) type process for modifying the surface of a NIL template comprises alternately and sequentially contacting a substrate in a reaction space with vapor phase pulses of two or more reactants.06-23-2011
20080216738Ultimate cove corner tool - A ultimate cove corner tool is provided for use in applying plaster material or a drywall taping compound to an inside corner joint between drywall panels to form a controlled and smoothly radiused surface. The tool includes a tool head in the form of a forwardly open resilient cup carried at a forward end of a tool handle, wherein the cup is adapted to support a quantity of the plaster or a drywall taping compound as the handle is manipulated to press and spread the plaster material or a drywall taping compound inside corner joint. The resilient cup deforms upon engagement with the drywall panels at the corner joint to spread the plaster material or a drywall taping compound material with a desired and smoothly radiused surface. The specific radiused geometry of the plaster material or a drywall taping compound surface in variably controlled by varying the orientation of and manual pressure applied to the resilient cup. At the end of the handle are threads which a person can screw a paint pole onto to give added length to the handle for reaching the higher inside corner joints between the drywall panels.09-11-2008
20090133618COATING APPARATUS - A coating apparatus is provided which does not form lines having a constant pitch in applying a coating solution to a web or a sheet medium by using a coating rod or a coating roller even at a high speed. The present invention relates to a coating apparatus for applying a coating solution to a continuously running support medium via a coating rod. A coating rod (05-28-2009
20120132136Roller for an Inking System of a Printing Machine - A roller to contact an oscillating ink transfer drum in an inking system for a printing machine is disclosed. It comprises a cylindrical body having a longitudinal axis and a curved outer surface. A recess is formed in the curved outer surface at an end of the cylindrical body that extends axially inward from said end of the cylindrical body by a depth that gradually reduces in a circumferential direction extending around said axis.05-31-2012
20110265713Finishing Element of a Coating for a Typographic Cylinder and Manufacturing and Finishing Method Thereof, Coating of a Typographic Cylinder and Manufacturing Method Thereof, Typographic Cylinder Comprising Such a Coating, and Method of Application of Such a Coating to the Typographic Cylinder - In a typographic plate cylinder comprising a groove or gap (11-03-2011
20120318192APPLICATION ROLLER AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF APPLICATION ROLLER - A manufacturing method of an application roller that applies a coating solution onto a surface of a substrate, wherein the application roller includes a roller body that includes a large diameter portion and small diameter portions coaxially extended from both ends of the large diameter portion, the manufacturing method includes: overlaying a resin layer on at least an outer periphery of each of the small diameter portions; forming a masking portion on the outer periphery of each of the small diameter portions by processing an outer periphery of the resin layer; and forming an application groove portion on an outer periphery of the large diameter portion.12-20-2012

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