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Crucible or evaporator structure

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118 - Coating apparatus


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118726000 Crucible or evaporator structure 89
20120167825HALOGEN ASSISTED PHYSICAL VAPOR TRANSPORT METHOD FOR SILICON CARBIDE GROWTH - A physical vapor transport growth technique for silicon carbide is disclosed. The method includes the steps of introducing a silicon carbide powder and a silicon carbide seed crystal into a physical vapor transport growth system, separately introducing a heated silicon-halogen gas composition into the system in an amount that is less than the stoichiometric amount of the silicon carbide source powder so that the silicon carbide source powder remains the stoichiometric dominant source for crystal growth, and heating the source powder, the gas composition, and the seed crystal in a manner that encourages physical vapor transport of both the powder species and the introduced silicon-halogen species to the seed crystal to promote bulk growth on the seed crystal.07-05-2012
20100139564Evaporation source - The present invention relates to an evaporation source used in a vacuum deposition apparatus for forming an organic film or a metal film. The present invention provides an evaporation source including: a crucible accommodating a deposition material and having an opening portion through which the deposition material passes; a mesh member installed in the opening portion of the crucible and having a plurality of holes; and thermally conductive balls coated on the mesh member. Here, the thermally conductive balls are provided to cover the deposition material having a predetermined interval with the deposition material, not being mixed with the deposition material filling the crucible.06-10-2010
20100071623EVAPORATING APPARATUS - Disclosed is an evaporating apparatus for performing a film forming process on a target object to be processed by vapor deposition, wherein a processing chamber and a vapor generating chamber are disposed adjacent to each other, gas exhaust mechanisms for depressurizing an inside of the processing chamber and an inside of the vapor generating chamber are installed, a vapor discharge opening for discharging a vapor of the film forming material is disposed in the processing chamber, vapor generating units for vaporizing the film forming material and control valves for controlling a supply of the vapor of the film forming material are disposed in the vapor generating chamber, and flow paths, which are not exposed to an outside of the processing chamber and the vapor generating chamber, for supplying the vapor of the film forming material generated in the vapor generating units to the vapor discharge opening are installed.03-25-2010
20100071622POLYMERIC COATING OF SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM COMPONENTS FOR CONTAMINATION CONTROL - A method of treating a metal surface of a portion of a substrate processing system to lower a defect concentration near a processed surface of a substrate includes forming a protective coating on the metal surface, wherein the protective coating includes nickel (Ni) and a fluoropolymer. Forming the protective coating on the metal surface can further include forming a nickel layer on the metal surface, impregnating the nickel layer with a fluoropolymer, and removing fluoropolymer from the surface leaving a predominantly nickel surface so the fluoropolymer is predominantly subsurface. A substrate processing system includes a process chamber into which a reactant gas is introduced, a pumping system for removing material from the process chamber, a first component with a protective coating, wherein the protective coating forms a surface of the component which is exposed to an interior of the substrate processing chamber or an interior of the pumping system. The protective coating includes nickel (Ni) and a flouropolymer.03-25-2010
20090183684Plasma Treatment Device - A plasma abatement device comprises a gas chamber having a gas inlet for receiving a gas to be treated by the device and a gas outlet, at least part of the inner surface of the gas chamber being formed from, or coated with, an electrically conductive material that is resistant to corrosion during treatment of a gas containing a halocompound and water vapour.07-23-2009
20090173279VACUUM VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS - A crucible is a monolithic structure extending over an entire area of a vaporizing chamber and has at least one slit groove provided in the upper surface thereof. The at least one slit groove has a length from one end of the upper surface of the crucible to other end thereof. The at least one slit groove is used as a portion for containing the evaporation material (dopant material or the like). Alternatively, a crucible is a monolithic structure extending over the entire area of the vaporizing chamber and has a plurality of holes provided in the upper surface thereof. The holes are used as portions for containing the evaporation material. Further, the crucible is divided into a plurality of regions, and individual electric heaters are provided under the lower surface of the crucible for the respective regions, whereby temperature can be individually controlled for the respective regions by the electric heaters.07-09-2009
20100043711Thin-film deposition evaporator - A material source evaporator for use with an evacuable interior deposition chamber in which evaporated materials are deposited on substrates comprising a container with an associated heater that can heat an vaporizable material provided in the container to provide a vapor thereof. A manifold having a plurality of output apertures also has an associated heater that can heat the material vapor provided in the manifold to remain sufficiently vaporous to pass out of output apertures which are in a selected pattern to provide a calibrated spatial distribution of material vapor that results in a deposition thereof in a layer on an adjacent substrate in a fixed position. Thus, the layer has a relatively uniform thickness.02-25-2010
20100043710Inner plate and crucible assembly for deposition having the same - A crucible assembly for deposition and an inner plate used in the crucible assembly. The crucible assembly includes a main body having an inner space accommodating a deposition material and an opening arranged at an upper portion of the inner space, a cap having an aperture arranged at a top of the main body and combined with the main body and an inner plate arranged between the main body and the cap, the inner plate covering the opening of the main body, the crucible assembly including inner channels arranged to allow vapor of the deposition material from the inner space of the main body to be expelled to an outside of the aperture in the cap via a space arranged between an outer side surface of the inner plate and an inner side surface of the cap.02-25-2010
20080202426AMPULE TRAY FOR AND METHOD OF PRECURSOR SURFACE AREA - A high conductance, multi-tray film precursor evaporation system coupled with a high conductance vapor delivery system is described for increasing deposition rate by increasing exposed surface area of film precursor. The multi-tray film precursor evaporation system includes one or more trays. Each tray is configured to support and retain a solid precursor, and permit the flow of a carrier gas. Furthermore, each tray comprises precursor stabilization elements designed to maintain a substantially level solid precursor powder during transport of the multi-tray precursor evaporation system.08-28-2008
20100107982VACUUM DEPOSITION APPARATUS PART AND VACUUM DEPOSITION APPARATUS USING THE PART - A vacuum depositing apparatus part constituting a vacuum depositing apparatus for depositing a thin film forming material vaporized in a vacuum chamber on a substrate, the vacuum depositing apparatus part includes: a part body; and a sprayed film integrally formed to a surface of the part body, the sprayed film preferably has a plurality of dimples formed to a surface thereof, and the dimples preferably have an average depth of 10 μm or less. The vacuum depositing apparatus part is capable of stably and effectively preventing a peel-off and dropping-off of a film forming material adhered to the apparatus parts during the film forming operation, capable of suppressing a lowering of productivity of the film product or suppressing an increase of a film forming cost accompanied by a frequent cleaning of the depositing apparatus or a frequent exchange of the apparatus part, and capable of preventing a generation of fine particles.05-06-2010
20100006032CHAMBER COMPONENTS FOR CVD APPLICATIONS - Apparatus for use with a processing chamber are provided. In one aspect a blocker plate is provided including an annular plate having an inner portion of a first thickness and the annular plate having an aperture pattern including a center portion, a first patterned portion concentrically disposed around the center portion and comprising a first plurality of apertures having a first number of apertures, an second patterned portion concentrically disposed around the first patterned portion and comprising a second plurality of apertures having a second number of apertures greater than the first number of apertures, a perimeter portion concentrically disposed around the second patterned portion, and an outer portion comprising a raised concentric portion disposed on a perimeter of the annular plate. In another aspect, a second, third, and fourth blocker plates are provided. Additionally, a mixing apparatus and a liquid evaporating apparatus for use in a processing chamber are provided.01-14-2010
20130160712EVAPORATION CELL AND VACUUM DEPOSITION SYSTEM THE SAME - An evaporation cell includes a crucible (06-27-2013
20130118409ELECTRICAL CONTACTS FOR USE WITH VACUUM DEPOSITION SOURCES - The present invention provides electrical contact assemblies can be used with vacuum deposition sources. In one exemplary application, the electrical contact assemblies of the present invention provide electrical contact to an arcuate or otherwise curved surface of a heating device used with a vacuum deposition source.05-16-2013
20080216749EVAPORATION TUBE AND EVAPORATION APPARATUS WITH ADAPTED EVAPORATION CHARACTERISTIC - An evaporation crucible is described. The evaporation crucible includes: an electrically conductive chamber tube (09-11-2008
20110132262System and Method for Depositing a Material on a Substrate - A method and apparatus for depositing a film on a substrate includes introducing a material and a carrier gas into a heated chamber. The material may be a semiconductor material, such as a cadmium chalcogenide. A resulting mixture of vapor and carrier gas containing no unvaporized material is provided. The mixture of vapor and carrier gas are remixed to achieve a uniform vapor/carrier gas composition, which is directed toward a surface of a substrate, such as a glass substrate, where the vapor is deposited as a uniform film.06-09-2011
20110132263System and Method for Depositing a Material on a Substrate - A method and apparatus for depositing a film on a substrate includes introducing a material and a carrier gas into a heated chamber. The material may be a semiconductor material, such as a cadmium chalcogenide. A resulting mixture of vapor and carrier gas containing no unvaporized material is provided. The mixture of vapor and carrier gas are remixed to achieve a uniform vapor/carrier gas composition, which is directed toward a surface of a substrate, such as a glass substrate, where the vapor is deposited as a uniform film.06-09-2011
20120024232EVAPORATION SOURCE FOR ORGANIC MATERIAL AND VAPOR DEPOSITING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - The present invention described technology relates generally to an organic material evaporation source that can deposit an organic material on a large-sized substrate, and a vapor deposition apparatus including the same. An organic material evaporation source according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a crucible including a body and nozzle connected to an opening formed at one side of the body; a heater disposed adjacent to the crucible; and a housing receiving the crucible and the heater, and the crucible is formed of a metal coated with steel use stainless (SUS).02-02-2012
20100031888Electrical Contacts For Use With Vacuum Deposition Sources - The present invention provides electrical contact assemblies can be used with vacuum deposition sources. In one exemplary application, the electrical contact assemblies of the present invention provide electrical contact to an arcuate or otherwise curved surface of a heating device used with a vacuum deposition source.02-11-2010
20090277390Source, an Arrangement for Installing a Source, and a Method for Installing and Removing a Source - The invention relates to an arrangement for installing a source into a gas deposition reactor. The arrangement comprises at least one source fitting for the source such that the source fitting is connected to a reaction space of the gas deposition reactor, and a source installable at least partly inside the source fitting or a source space connected to the source fitting. According to the invention, the arrangement further comprises reception means in the source fitting for receiving the source, and charging means for installing the source in place in the source fitting for use, and a chamber (11-12-2009
20100122659METERING AND VAPORIZING PARTICULATE MATERIAL - Apparatus for metering and vaporizing a particulate material, includes: a metering device for metering particulate material having: a reservoir for receiving particulate material; a housing having first and second openings; a rotatable shaft disposed in the internal volume, the shaft having a smooth surface and a circumferential groove; a rotating agitator with a plurality of tines disposed in the reservoir and cooperating with the rotating shaft for fluidizing particulate material and transporting it from the reservoir into the groove; cooperating such that particulate material is transported by the groove; a scraper cooperates with the groove to dislodge particulate material retained therein, and deliver metered amounts of particulate material through the second opening; a structure fluidizes the particulate material at the second opening; and a flash evaporator that receives and flash vaporizes the metered particulate material.05-20-2010
20090283041SOLID ORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUND-FILLED CONTAINER AND FILLING METHOD THEREOF - A solid organometallic compound novel filled container stably supplies an apparatus for vapor phase epitaxial growth such as an MOCVD apparatus with a solid organometallic compound over a long term. The solid organometallic compound-filled container has a carrier gas inlet and a carrier gas outlet. The interior of the filled container is separated into a plurality of vertical compartments. A carrier gas introduced via the carrier gas inlet flows through each of the vertical compartments and is then discharged via the carrier gas outlet.11-19-2009
20090288604CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS - Provided is a chemical vapor deposition apparatus including a reaction chamber; a susceptor that is provided in the reaction chamber and has a plurality of wafers mounted thereon; a rotation driving unit that rotates the susceptor; a gas inlet that is provided in the reaction chamber and introduces reaction gas into the reaction chamber from the outside of the reaction chamber; a gas outlet that is provided in the reaction chamber and discharges the reaction gas, of which the reaction is finished, from the inside of the reaction chamber along the rotation-axis direction of the susceptor; and a variable gas-flow adjusting unit that is provided between the gas inlet and the gas outlet and is formed by superimposing a plurality of gas jetting plates having a plurality of holes.11-26-2009
20090293810ARRANGEMENT FOR COATING A SUBSTRATE - The invention relates to an arrangement for coating a substrate (12-03-2009
20080245306Vaporizer and semiconductor processing system - A vaporizer for generating a process gas from a liquid material includes a heat-exchange lower block having a hollow internal space and disposed below the spray port of an injector inside the container. A run-up space for the atomized liquid material is defined between the spray port and the heat-exchange lower block, and an annular space continuous to the run-up space is defined between an inner surface of the container and the heat-exchange lower block. An internal heater is disposed in the internal space of the heat-exchange lower block and includes a carbon wire formed of woven bundles of carbon fibers and sealed in a ceramic envelope. The internal heater is configured to heat the atomized liquid material flowing through the annular space to generate the process gas.10-09-2008
20080245305Metal Evaporation Heating Element and Method for Evaporating Metal - A metal evaporation boat having improved wettability to a molten metal and having a prolonged life, and a method for evaporating a metal employing it.10-09-2008
20110197816METHOD FOR VAPORIZING LIQUID MATERIAL CAPABLE OF VAPORIZING LIQUID MATERIAL AT LOW TEMPERATURE AND VAPORIZER USING THE SAME - A vaporizer is provided with a vaporizing chamber heated by heaters; a primary filter positioned in a bottom end portion of the vaporizing chamber and heated by the heater; a liquid material supply portion for dropping down a flow-controlled liquid material from upper portion of the vaporizing chamber toward the primary filter; a carrier gas guiding passage for guiding a carrier gas into the underside of the primary filter; and a material delivering passage for discharging a mixed gas including the carrier gas and a vaporized liquid material from the top of the vaporizing chamber. The liquid material dropped down onto the primary filter is partially vaporized, while the rest thereof is atomized by being subjected to bubbling effect provided by the carrier gas flowing from underneath.08-18-2011
20080251018GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - A gas supply system according to the present invention comprises a gas filter disposed in a gas supply flow passage through which a gas is supplied to a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and a metal component remover disposed in the gas supply flow passage downstream relative to the gas filter, which removes a volatile metal component contained in the gas flowing through the gas supply flow passage by liquefying the volatile metal component. The structure adopted in the gas supply system prevents entry of the volatile metal component, which cannot be eliminated through the gas filter, into the semiconductor manufacturing apparatus as the corrosive gas is supplied thereto by the gas supply flow passage.10-16-2008
20080282983High Temperature Vacuum Evaporation Apparatus - A filament, heat shield, supporting base comprised of SiC with ceramic insulators and top plate that together form an effusion assembly for use in the vacuum evaporation, molecular beam epitaxy, and ultra high vacuum deposition of epitaxial materials. The effusion assembly used together with a crucible and source material allow for the vacuum evaporation of species above 1250° C. when quantities of reactive gaseous species such as oxygen, sulphur, or reactive nitrogen are present in the deposition chamber. The relative chemical inertness of SiC even at elevated temperatures allows the SiC filament assembly to be used at high temperature especially in the presence of oxygen for the high purity epitaxial nucleation and growth layered electronic materials including semiconductors, metals, oxides, dielectric multilayer stacks, sulfides and oxides.11-20-2008
20130118408SYSTEM FOR USE IN THE FORMATION OF SEMICONDUCTOR CRYSTALLINE MATERIALS - A system used in the formation of a semiconductor crystalline material includes a first chamber configured to contain a liquid metal and a second chamber in fluid communication with the first chamber, the second chamber having a greater volume than a volume of the first reservoir chamber. The system further includes a vapor delivery conduit coupled to the first chamber configured to deliver a vapor phase reactant material into the first chamber to react with the liquid metal and form a metal halide vapor phase product.05-16-2013
20110005462VACUUM VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS - In a vacuum vapor deposition apparatus including a plurality of linear-shaped vaporization sources, equal-thickness surfaces are calculated for vaporization containers, respectively. Each of the equal-thickness surfaces indicates where a deposition amount of vapor of a vaporization material released from release holes in the corresponding vaporization container is the same per unit time. Then, the vaporization containers are placed in such a manner that contact points of the respective equal-thickness surfaces all coincide with each other on a deposition surface of a substrate, each of the contact points being where the corresponding equal-thickness surfaces come in contact with the surface of the substrate.01-13-2011
20090114157AMPOULE SPLASH GUARD APPARATUS - Embodiments of the invention provide an apparatus for generating a precursor gas used in a vapor deposition process system. The apparatus contains a canister or an ampoule for containing a chemical precursor and a splash guard contained within the ampoule. The splash guard is positioned to obstruct the chemical precursor in a liquid state from being bumped or splashed into a gas outlet during the introduction of a carrier gas into the ampoule. The carrier gas is usually directed into the ampoule through a gas inlet and combines with the vaporized chemical precursor to form a precursor gas. The splash guard is also positioned to permit the passage of the precursor gas from the gas outlet. In one example, the gas outlet contains a stem with a tapered tip and the splash guard is positioned at an angle parallel to the plane of the tapered tip.05-07-2009
20120285381HEATING SYSTEM FOR A VAPOR-PHASE DEPOSITION SOURCE - A vapor-phase deposition source includes a vessel equipped with two zones. The first zone is for the production of vapor. It is equipped with a receptacle for the material and elements for heating the material placed in the receptacle. The second is a diffusion zone having a vessel communicating with the production zone and equipped with at least one orifice so that the vapor-phase material is transmitted towards the exterior of the vessel through the orifice. The source is characterized in that, on the one hand, the room includes an inner wall and an outer envelope defining an intermediate space filled with a heat-transporting liquid and, on the other, it is equipped with elements for heating the coolant.11-15-2012
20090199767DEVICE FOR CLAMPING AND POSITIONING AN EVAPORATOR BOAT - The invention relates to a vacuum treatment plant comprising an evaporator (08-13-2009
20120067287EVAPORATION BOAT FOR VACUUM VAPOR DEPOSITION AND VACUUM VAPOR DEPOSITION SYSTEM - The present invention provides an evaporation boat, comprising: a source material container configured to contain source material and provided with an opening; a cover plate disposed, with a predetermined gap, above the opening of the source material container, wherein the vertical projection of the cover plate covers the opening of the source material container, so that the scattering range of the source material vapor formed by evaporating the source material is controlled by the cover plate as the source material vapor scatters through the predetermined gap to the outside of the evaporation boat; and a supporting member connecting the source material container and the cover plate to maintain a predetermined gap therebetween.03-22-2012
20090050059CATHODE EVAPORATION MACHINE - The invention relates to a cathode evaporation machine, comprising an evaporation chamber (02-26-2009
20080264342DEPOSITION APPARATUS - A deposition apparatus is provided that includes a plurality of line-type evaporation sources provided to be arranged in a predetermined direction; and a movement and support device which supports the plurality of line-type evaporation sources so as to be individually movable in the arrangement direction and/or longitudinal direction of the evaporation sources.10-30-2008
20110226182CRUCIBLE, CRYSTAL PRODUCTION DEVICE, AND HOLDER - A crucible includes a body portion having a hollow inner portion, and a projection portion connected to an inner circumferential surface of the body portion and projecting toward the inner portion. The projection portion has a side surface provided with a thread. A holder includes a base and a protrusion connected to an end portion of the base. The protrusion has an inner circumferential side provided with a thread. A crystal production device includes the crucible and the holder. The holder is attached to the projection portion of the crucible by means of the threads formed in the holder and the crucible.09-22-2011
20090250007Apparatus for Depositing Thin Films Over Large-Area Substrates - An apparatus for increasing uniformity of thin films deposited on a substrate includes multiple deposition sources to accommodate and discharge evaporation material. A member supports the deposition sources in a selected arrangement. A heater can be used to apply heat to the deposition sources. In another embodiment, the apparatus can include a container to accommodate evaporation material. The container may include aperture at or near its center. A cover caps an opening of the container and includes multiple gas outlets. The apparatus further includes a heater disposed along an inner surface of the aperture and along an outer surface of the container.10-08-2009
20090250006RAW MATERIAL FEEDING DEVICE AND FILM FORMATION SYSTEM - A raw material feeding device for feeding a gaseous raw material formed by sublimating a solid raw material to a film formation system includes a raw material container for holding the solid raw material therein, a first heating unit placed at a first side of the container, a second heating unit placed at a second side thereof, the first temperature control unit for conducting a first process of controlling the first and the second heating unit to make the temperature of the first side higher than that of the second side to thereby sublimate the solid raw material disposed at the first side, and the second temperature control unit for conducting a second process of controlling the first and the second heating unit to make the temperature of the second side higher than that of the first side to thereby sublimate the solid raw material disposed at the second side.10-08-2009
20100147220EVAPORATION CONTAINER AND VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS - To provide an evaporation container and a vapor deposition apparatus in which vapor deposition can be performed stably with use of an evaporation container formed of an inexpensive material being easily processed without clogging the material. The side surface of a lid for the evaporation container is provided with an accordion-shaped structure. The lid of the evaporation container is made larger than an opening of an evaporation source such that the lid is directly contacted to a heating portion. According to the structure, the periphery of the opening for the lid is not easily cooled downs and therefore the variation in temperature between the body and the lid of the container is hardly generated. Consequently, an evaporated material hardly clog at the opening, vapor deposition can be stably performed for a long time, thereby increasing productivity.06-17-2010
20090107402DEPOSITION APPARATUS AND CLEANING METHOD THEREOF - A deposition apparatus including a vaporizer; a chemical supplier; a pipe line coupled between the vaporizer and the chemical supplier; and a solvent supplier coupled to the pipe line.04-30-2009
20090078203HOT SOURCE - A hot source for vapour deposition apparatuses for supplying source substance into a reactor, the source comprising a source container having a source space for the source substance. The source further comprises a lid comprising first heating means for heating the lid, the lid being detachably installable in the source container in such a way that the heat generated by the first heating means is transmitted by conduction to the source container and further to the source space to heat the source substance.03-26-2009
20090038550EVAPORATION SOURCE, MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF AN ORGANIC EL DISPLAY DEVICE - An evaporation source includes: an insulating substrate; first electrode patterns formed in a striped manner on the substrate; second electrode patterns formed in a striped manner on the substrate so as to intersect with the first electrode patterns and be electrically insulated therefrom; and resistance layers which are disposed at intersecting portions between the first and second electrode patterns and sandwiched between the first and second electrode patterns at the intersecting portions.02-12-2009
20090038549SHAPED CRUCIBLE AND EVAPORATION APPARATUS HAVING SAME - A crucible for an evaporation apparatus with the crucible having a length, a width, and a thickness is provided. The crucible comprises an evaporation side for receiving and evaporating material to be evaporated and a back side located on the back of the evaporation side with the evaporation side and the back side having a non-flat surface. Further, an evaporation apparatus having at least one crucible is provided.02-12-2009
20090107401DEVICE FOR VAPORIZING CONDENSED SUBSTANCES - The invention relates to a device for the vaporisation of condensed (solid or liquid) materials, in particular, of starting materials for OLED production, comprising a container (04-30-2009
20100300361DELIVERY DEVICE - Delivery devices for delivering solid precursor compounds in the vapor phase to reactors are provided. Such devices include a precursor composition of a solid precursor compound with a layer of packing material disposed thereon. Also provided are methods for transporting a carrier gas saturated with the precursor compound for delivery into such CVD reactors.12-02-2010
20110023784EVAPORATOR - An evaporator includes a heating part that heats and sublimates a solid source material to generate a source gas; a supplying part that is provided above the heating part and supplies the solid source material to the heating part; a gas introduction part to which a carrier gas that transports the source gas generated in the heating part is introduced; and a gas discharging part that discharges the generated source gas along with the carrier gas. The carrier gas introduced from the gas introduction part flows through the heating part.02-03-2011
20110023783MULTIPLE NOZZLE EVAPORATOR FOR VACUUM THERMAL EVAPORATION - Disclosed is a multiple nozzle evaporator in which a material to be evaporated in the evaporator can be deposited on a substrate with an improved efficiency of use of the material, thereby forming a large-area uniform thin film. The evaporator includes a rectangular post-shaped crucible with an open top face; and a nozzle having a body portion having a rectangular post-like shape with a height smaller than that of the crucible and assembled to an upper portion of the crucible, and a plurality of evaporation tubes penetrating through the body portion between top and bottom faces of the body portion. The evaporation tubes are divided into four groups of which evaporation tubes are inclined toward respective four corners of a top face of the nozzle unit. An evaporated material spouts toward peripheral areas of a substrate due to the inclined evaporation tubes, thereby improving the uniformity of a thin film to be deposited and the efficiency of use of the evaporated material, and preventing condensation of the evaporated material at a spouting portion.02-03-2011
20110239941EVAPORATION APPARATUS - Provided is an evaporation apparatus which reduces deformation of a mask, improves adhesion between a substrate and an evaporation mask, and improves accuracy of dividing a region on which a film is to be formed and a region on which the film is not to be formed. The evaporation apparatus includes a pressing mechanism for pressing a film forming substrate disposed on an evaporation mask including a magnetic material against the evaporation mask. The pressing mechanism includes a magnet for attracting the mask toward at least a corner portion of the film forming substrate.10-06-2011
20110079179LIQUID MATERIAL VAPORIZER AND FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS USING THE SAME - The present invention is a liquid material vaporizer comprising a liquid-material supply part configured to make a liquid material into a droplet state and to discharge the same, and a vaporizing part configured to vaporize the liquid material in a droplet state so as to generate a source gas, the vaporizing part including: an inlet port to which the liquid material in a droplet state is introduced from the liquid-material supply part; a housing body of a bottomed tubular shape, the housing body having an opening end on a side of the inlet port; a columnar block having a flange for closing the opening end of the housing body, the columnar block being fitted in the housing body in such a manner that a gap serving as a vaporizing path is defined between the columnar block and an inside surface of the housing body; a breathable mist trap member disposed in the vaporizing path formed between the inside surface of the housing body and an outside surface of the columnar block, in such a manner that the mist trap member is in contact with the inside surface of the housing body and covers the outside surface of the columnar block; a heating part disposed to cover the housing body, the heating part being configured to heat the mist trap member through the housing body; a spout formed in the columnar block in such a manner that the spout is in communication with the inlet port, and passes through the columnar block from an end surface of the columnar block on the side of the inlet port to a side surface of the columnar block, the spout being configured to spout the liquid material in a droplet state, which has been introduced from the inlet port, toward an inside surface of the mist trap member; and an outlet port disposed in a bottom part of the housing body, the outlet port being configured to deliver a source gas generated by the mist trap member that vaporizes the liquid material in a droplet state in the vaporizing path.04-07-2011
20090217876Coating System For A Ceramic Evaporator Boat - A coating system is applied to a ceramic evaporator boat to extend the life of the boat. The coating system includes a ceramic layer is applied over the surface of an evaporator boat reservoir. Optionally, a refractory metal layer is applied as an intermediate layer between the surface of the evaporator boat reservoir and the ceramic layer. The ceramic layer is form of a ceramic material selected from metal borides, metal nitrides, metal carbides, metal oxides, and combinations thereof, and wherein the metal component of the ceramic material is selected from zirconium, aluminum, titanium, silicon, tantalum, vanadium, and combinations thereof. The resulting coating system reduces corrosion and/or erosion that occur primarily in the reservoir region of the evaporator boat. One method of applying or depositing the ceramic layer or the optional refractory metal layer includes sputtering.09-03-2009
20110247562Vaporizing Material at a Uniform Rate - A method of vaporizing material at a uniform rate for forming a layer on a substrate includes feeding a column of vaporizable material from a temperature controlled region maintained below the vaporizable material's effective vaporization temperature to a source of vaporization energy, wherein the volume of the column can vary during vaporization; and providing a source of vaporization energy delivering a constant heat flux to the surface of the column so that a uniform volume per unit time of the vaporizable material is vaporized to form the layer on the substrate, irrespective of the feeding rate.10-13-2011
20120240858SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SOLID RAW MATERIAL REPLENISHING METHOD - Disclosed is a substrate processing apparatus that includes: a processing chamber that accommodates a substrate; and a raw material supply system that sublimates a solid raw material to generate a gas raw material used for processing of the substrate, and supplies the generated gas raw material to the processing chamber. The raw material supply system includes: a solid raw material container that stores the solid raw material; a first piping connected between the solid raw material container and the processing chamber; and a second piping connected with the solid raw material container and equipped with an attachment portion to which a raw material replenishing container that holds the solid raw material for replenishment is attached.09-27-2012
20110041768HEAT EQUALIZER AND ORGANIC FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A heat equalizer includes a container structure having a heating block in which a working fluid is held for heating and vaporizing a material to be heated, a heater placed at the bottom of the container structure, and a material feed pipe allowing the outside and the inside of the container structure to communicate with each other. In the heating block, as a flow path in which the material to be heated flows, a main header pipe connected to the material feed pipe and extending in the horizontally, and a riser pipe branching from the main header pipe and extending vertically are formed. As a condensation path in which the working fluid is cooled and condensed, condensation holes formed respectively on the opposite sides of the riser pipe and extending horizontally, and a condensation pit formed under the riser pipe are formed. Between the condensation holes and the condensation pit, the main header pipe is placed.02-24-2011
20110146579LINEAR EVAPORATION SOURCE AND DEPOSITION APPARATUS HAVING THE SAME - A linear evaporation source and a deposition apparatus having the same are disclosed. In one embodiment ,the linear evaporation source includes i) a crucible being open on one side thereof and configured to store a deposition material and ii) a plurality of partitions dividing an internal space of the crucible, wherein each of the partitions has at least one opening in a lower portion thereof. The source further includes i) a nozzle section located on the open side of the crucible and comprising a plurality of nozzles, ii) a heater configured to heat the crucible and iii) a housing configured to accommodate to the crucible, the nozzle section, and the heater.06-23-2011
20120304935BUBBLER ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR VAPOR FLOW CONTROL - Disclosed is a bubbler assembly. The bubbler assembly includes a vessel configured to contain a liquid source material and its vapor. It also includes a carrier gas supply line, a downstream end of which discharges in a lower portion of the vessel, and a gas outlet line, an upstream end of which is in fluid communication with an upper portion of the vessel. The gas outlet line includes a constriction. The bubbler assembly further includes a pressurizing gas supply line, a downstream end of which discharges in either the upper portion of the vessel or in the gas outlet line at a point upstream of the constriction.12-06-2012
20120097105MOLECULAR BEAM EPITAXY APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING WAFERS OF SEMICONDUCTOR MATERIAL - A molecular beam epitaxy apparatus for producing wafers of semiconductor material includes a growth chamber surrounding a process area, a main cryogenic panel having a lateral part covering the inner surface of the lateral wall of the growth chamber, a sample holder, at least one effusion cell able to evaporate a material, a gas injector to inject a gaseous precursor into the growth chamber, a pumping element connected to the growth chamber to provide high vacuum capability. The apparatus includes an insulation enclosure covering at least the inner surfaces of the growth chamber walls, the insulation enclosure including cold parts having a temperature T04-26-2012
20120103261APPARATUS AND SYSTEMS FOR INTERMIXING CADMIUM SULFIDE LAYERS AND CADMIUM TELLURIDE LAYERS FOR THIN FILM PHOTOVOLTAIC DEVICES - An apparatus for sequential deposition of an intermixed thin film layer and a sublimated source material on a photovoltaic (PV) module substrate is provided, along with associated processes. The process can include introducing a substrate into a deposition chamber, wherein a window layer (e.g., a cadmium sulfide layer) is on a surface of the substrate. A sulfur-containing gas can be supplied to the deposition chamber. In addition, a source vapor can be supplied to the deposition chamber, wherein the source material comprises cadmium telluride. The sulfur-containing gas and the source vapor can be present within the deposition chamber to form an intermixed layer on the window layer. In one particular embodiment, for example, the intermixed layer generally can have an increasing tellurium concentration and decreasing sulfur concentration extending away from the window layer.05-03-2012
20100095892EVAPORATOR DEVICE, METHOD OF MOUNTING AN EVAPORATOR DEVICE, METHOD OF OPERATING AN EVAPORATOR DEVICE, AND COATING DEVICE - An evaporator device is provided, including: a frame having an opening and being connectable to a cooling unit for cooling the frame, an evaporator being adapted for supporting an evaporator crucible within the frame, and a shielding frame, wherein the shielding frame is substantially concentrically within and adjacent to the frame detachably installable through the opening of the frame.04-22-2010
20090133632SAFE LIQUID SOURCE CONTAINERS - Containers for providing vapor phase reactant from liquid sources include bubbler designs and designs in which carrier gas flows over the liquid surface. Among the bubbler arrangements, a bypass conductance is provided to release excess pressure from the gas volume inside the container, or an enlarged bubbler tube is provided with a volume sufficient to accommodate all possible liquid backflow without having the liquid exit the container. Among the overflow designs, flow dividers provide a tortuous path for the gas to increase the time exposure of carrier gas packets to the evaporating liquid surface. The flow dividers can be microporous to encourage capillary action, thereby increasing the evaporating surface. The tortuous gas flow path can be separated from the liquid phase by a breathable semi-porous membrane that permits vapor phase reactant to pass through but prohibits liquid from passing in the other direction.05-28-2009
20120160172RAW MATERIAL SUPPLYING DEVICE AND FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A raw material supplying device includes a raw material supplying pipe including a vertically extending rising pipe. The device further includes a first raw material discharging pipe which is provided to branch from the lower end of the rising pipe. The device further includes a cleaning fluid supplying pipe configured to supply one of purge gas and cleaning solution in order to extrude and discharge liquid raw material in the raw material supplying pipe to the first raw material discharging pipe. The device further includes a first raw material supplying valve and a first raw material discharging valve which are respectively provided in the side of the repository and the first raw material discharging pipe other than a connection portion of the raw material supplying pipe with the first raw material discharging pipe. The device further includes a cleaning fluid supplying valve provided in the cleaning fluid supplying pipe.06-28-2012
20120160171INJECTOR FOR A VACUUM EVAPORATION SOURCE - An injector for a vacuum evaporation source includes an injection duct (06-28-2012
20110180002VAPORIZER AND DEPOSITION SYSTEM USING THE SAME - To prevent a liquid material outlet from being clogged with accretion. Disclosed is a vaporizer, which vaporizes a liquid material, discharged from the outlet of a nozzle, in a heated vaporization chamber to produce a raw gas, and which is provided with a cylindrical heated member, which is disposed between the front end of the nozzle and the vaporization chamber so as to cover the perimeter of the outlet, a carrier gas ejection port, which ejects a carrier gas from the vicinity of the outlet, a mixing chamber, wherein the liquid material discharged from the outlet is mixed with the carrier gas, which ejects the mixture toward the vaporization chamber, a first heating part, which heats the vaporization chamber from its exterior, and a second heating part, which heats the heated member from its exterior.07-28-2011
20100269755VAPOR DEPOSITION SOURCE AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING ORGANIC EL ELEMENT - Heat controllability of an evaporating vessel of a vapor deposition source is improved. The vapor deposition source of the present invention includes the evaporating vessel where an organic material is arranged; and a heating wire is wound around an outer periphery of the vapor deposition source. The portion of the organic material, which contacts a side wall of the evaporating vessel, is arranged below a lower end of the heating wire, and a substrate is attached to a substrate holder. When activating an electric power supply to make the heating wire generate heat for heating the evaporating vessel, a vapor of the organic material is discharged into a vacuum chamber through holes directed upward to attach to the substrate and form a thin film. Since the heating wire is arranged up to the upper end of the evaporating vessel, its opening can be heated to the evaporation temperature or higher; and since the evaporating vessel is made of any kind of metallic material of copper, copper-berylium alloy, Ti or Ta and its side wall and bottom wall are formed from 0.3 mm or more to 0.7 mm or less thick, the heat capacity is small and the controllability is high.10-28-2010
20120186522VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS FOR OPTICAL LENS - A vapor deposition apparatus for an optical lens includes a lens holding body including a plurality of lens holes formed to be slightly larger than the optical lens. This apparatus also includes a holding means for pressing the outer peripheral surface of the optical lens in each lens hole of the lens holding body. This apparatus moreover includes lens receptacles which are provided in portions opposed to the holding means on the inner peripheral surface defining each lens hole, and receive the outer peripheral surface of the optical lens. A film can be formed on the entire optical surface of the optical lens with little possibility that this optical surface will be scratched.07-26-2012
20120298040Vapor Delivery Device, Methods of Manufacture And Methods of Use Thereof - A method comprises transporting a first stream of a carrier gas to a delivery device that contains a solid precursor compound. The first stream of carrier gas is at a temperature greater than or equal to 20° C. The method further comprises transporting a second stream of the carrier gas to a point downstream of the delivery device. The first stream and the second stream are combined to form a third stream, such that the dewpoint of the vapor of the solid precursor compound in the third stream is lower than the ambient temperature. The flow direction of the first stream, the flow direction of the second stream and the flow direction of the third stream are unidirectional and are not opposed to each other.11-29-2012
20100186673VAPORIZER, MATERIAL GAS SUPPLY SYSTEM INCLUDING VAPORIZER AND FILM FORMING APPARATUS USING SUCH SYSTEM - A vaporizer having a simple structure with improved thermal efficiency is provided. A vaporizer includes a nozzle unit for jetting a liquid material in a mist state, a vaporizing unit having vaporizing paths which vaporize the material mist and form a material gas, and an ejection unit for sending the material gas to the subsequent stage. The vaporizing unit includes a vaporizing unit main body having the vaporizing paths, a main body container containing the vaporizing unit main body, a heater for heating the material mist passing through the vaporizing paths, and connecting members arranged on both end sections of the main body container. The vaporizing unit main body and the main body container are formed of a material having thermal conductivity higher than that of the material of the connecting members. The end sections of the main body container and the connecting members are bonded by explosion bonding.07-29-2010
20120325150APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING SILICON CARBIDE SINGLE CRYSTAL - The apparatus for producing a single crystal is an apparatus for producing a silicon carbide single crystal including the crucible configured to house the seed crystal containing silicon carbide and the raw material for sublimation arranged opposite the seed crystal and used for growing the seed crystal. The crucible includes the crucible body configured to house the raw material for sublimation and the lid configured such that the seed crystal is arranged on the lid, and the thickness of the lid at the center area thereof corresponding to the radial center portion of the seed crystal is set to be larger than the thickness of the lid at the peripheral area thereof corresponding to a portion located radially outside the radial center portion of the seed crystal.12-27-2012
20120137975GAS FLOW GUIDING DEVICE FOR USE IN CRYSTAL-GROWING FURNACE - The present invention relates to a gas flow guiding device for use in a crystal-growing furnace. The gas flow guiding device has an insulation layer enclosing a crucible, a gas inlet mounted in the upper insulation layer, and a gas exit formed in the lateral insulation layer. A plurality of guide plates are radially arranged around the opening of the gas inlet, so that the free surface of the melt is blown by the guided gas flow in such a manner that the gas flow takes the impurity away from the free surface efficiently. As a result, the crystal ingot obtained by solidifying the melt will exhibit a reduced concentration of impurities and an improved crystal quality.06-07-2012
20120137976HOT ZONE DEVICE - The present invention relates to a hot zone device for use in a crystal-growing furnace. The hot zone device has a gas inlet. The gas inlet is mounted in an insulation layer at a position above the crucible in a manner protruding into an interior of the crucible. The insulation layer is formed with a gas exit. The gas inlet is positioned such that the opening thereof is spaced apart from the free surface of the melt contained in the crucible by a distance substantially equal to or shorter than 10 cm, so as to allow the free surface of the melt to be blown by the guided gas flow in such a manner that the gas flow takes the impurity away from the free surface efficiently. As a result, the crystal ingot obtained by solidifying the melt will exhibit a reduced concentration of impurities and an improved crystal quality.06-07-2012
20130174784SINGLE CRYSTAL MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - A cover member (07-11-2013
20100206234SIMPLIFIED POWDER FEEDING AND VAPORIZATION APPARATUS - An apparatus for vaporizing a particulate material, including: a metering apparatus including: a reservoir for receiving particulate material; the reservoir having an opening for discharging the particulate material into a vaporizing chamber; a rotatable wire wheel brush disposed in the reservoir; wherein the dimensions of the reservoir and the wire wheel brush are selected so that the wire wheel brush cooperates with the interior walls of the reservoir to fluidize the particulate material and wherein a metered portion of the particulate material is entrained in the tines of the wire wheel brush and subsequently forcefully released into the reservoir opening; and a flash evaporator that receives and vaporizes the metered material.08-19-2010
20110303153DEVICE AND METHOD FOR FABRICATING THIN FILMS BY REACTIVE EVAPORATION - A device for fabricating thin films on a substrate includes a vacuum chamber, a rotatable platen configured to hold one or more substrates within the vacuum chamber, and a housing disposed within the vacuum chamber. The housing contains a heating element and is configured to enclose an upper surface of the platen and a lower portion configured to partially enclose an underside surface of the platen which forms a reaction zone. A heated evaporation cell is operatively coupled to the lower portion of the housing and configured to deliver a pressurized metallic reactant to the reaction zone. The device includes a deposition zone disposed in the vacuum chamber and isolated from the reaction zone and is configured to deposit a deposition species to the exposed underside of the substrates when the substrates are not contained in the reaction zone.12-15-2011
20090183683Plasma Processing Apparatus and Method for Venting the Same to Atmosphere - In a plasma processing apparatus provided with control means, gas supply means includes a first gas supply path for supplying a vent gas into a processing chamber by way of a shower plate and a second gas supply path for supplying a vent gas into the processing chamber without via the shower plate, and the control means is capable of adjusting a flow rate of the vent gas of at least one of the first and second gas supply paths in such a manner that a pressure on a back side of the shower plate becomes a pressure that is a positive pressure relative to a pressure in the processing chamber and less than a withstand pressure of the shower plate.07-23-2009
20130186339Dry Coating Apparatus - Provided is a dry coating apparatus for coating a coating material, i.e., deposition vapor (metal vapor) on a substrate (a steel strip). The dry coating apparatus includes a coating part disposed in a vacuum to coat deposition vapor generated through heating and evaporation of a supplied coating material onto a proceeding object to be coated and a heating source disposed in an atmosphere to heat and levitate the coating material in the coating part.07-25-2013
20100170444ORGANIC MATERIAL VAPOR GENERATOR, FILM FORMING SOURCE, AND FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A thin film having a uniform film thickness is formed without increasing the film deposition rate. When an organic material is supplied from a supply unit to an evaporation chamber and evaporated on an evaporation surface of an evaporation device, a heating filter provided in advance is heated, and a carrier gas is made to flow therein to be heated and is introduced into the evaporation chamber. Organic material vapor thus produced and the carrier gas are mixed; and the mixed gas is introduced into a discharger. Whereas a molecular flow is formed in the discharger in a case that only the organic material vapor is introduced into the discharger, the pressure inside the discharger is raised by the carrier gas so that a viscous flow is formed. Thus, the mixed gas is filled in the discharger and uniformly discharged. It is preferable that the organic material be supplied by a small amount so as not to make the film deposition rate too high.07-08-2010
20100170443FILM MANUFACTURING DEVICE - A film manufacturing device for forming a film on a substrate includes a vaporizing device, a container, an absorption tower and a film deposition device. The vaporizing device is configured for vaporizing a dopant containing solution. The container is configured for containing a film forming solution. The absorption tower is configured for mixing the film forming solution with the vaporized dopant containing solution to obtain a precursor solution. The film deposition device is configured for forming the film on the substrate using the precursor solution.07-08-2010
20120298041Deflecting Device for Electron Beams, Magnetic Deflecting Unit for Such a Deflecting Device, and Device for Vapor Coating a Planar Substrate Using Such a Deflecting Device - A vaporizing device is provided, wherein an elongated pot having material to be vaporized is impinged upon by an electron beam, preferably via several electron guns. Each electron gun is responsible for a certain section of the pot. The electron beam is guided over the melt in a pendular manner. For this purpose, a first magnetic deflecting unit is provided, which produces a variable parallel displacement of the electron beam. In order to achieve this, two magnetic fields are provided, the magnetic field boundaries of which form a type of lens system, wherein the outlet side of the first magnetic field is convex and the inlet side of the second magnetic field is concave. In order to deflect the electron beam into the pot, a second magnetic deflecting unit is provided, the magnetic field of which can be moved synchronously with the beam displacement parallel to the pot.11-29-2012
20100154712SOURCE GAS GENERATING DEVICE AND FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A source gas generating device includes a liquid accommodation unit that accommodates therein the liquid source obtained by liquefying the solid source; a first energy feed unit that supplies energy to raise a temperature of a first region within the liquid accommodation unit to a melting point of the solid source; a second energy feed unit that supplies energy to raise a temperature of a second region within the liquid accommodation unit to a temperature higher than the temperature of the first region, the second region being distanced apart from the first region via a liquid flowing region; a solid source feed unit that supplies the solid source into the first region of the liquid accommodation unit; and an outlet port that discharges the source gas produced by the evaporation of the liquid source within the second region of the liquid accommodation unit.06-24-2010
20130263785Crucible for Growing Crystals - A crucible is used for allowing a seed crystal to grow via the source of materials. The crucible includes a growth chamber, a holder, a reflecting device, and a plurality of gas guiding devices. The holder is located on the top of the crystal growth chamber for holding the seed. The reflecting device is located around the holder. The plurality of gas guiding devices is located on the bottom of the growth chamber, for containing the material source and guiding the gasification or vaporization of the material source.10-10-2013
20080236496VACUUM EVAPORATION APPARATUS - The vacuum evaporation apparatus includes a vacuum chamber, a substrate holder which is disposed in the vacuum chamber and holds a substrate, and an evaporation source which is disposed in the vacuum chamber and evaporates a film-forming material. The substrate holder has a substrate holding portion which is made of a first material having a heat conductivity of at least 100 W/m·K and a specific gravity of up to 4.0×1010-02-2008
20130019805DEPOSITION SOURCE AND DEPOSITION APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A deposition source including: a dopant vaporization source; a first host vaporization source including a first vaporization source unit on a side of the dopant vaporization source and a second vaporization source unit on another side of the dopant vaporization source; and a second host vaporization source including a third vaporization source unit on the side of the dopant vaporization source and arranged in parallel with the first vaporization source unit, and a fourth vaporization source unit on the another side of the dopant vaporization source and arranged in parallel with the second vaporization source unit.01-24-2013
20130276706DEPOSITION APPARATUS - A deposition apparatus includes a crucible having an inlet, a first heater heating the crucible, a tank supplying an object to be deposited to the crucible and having an outlet, a second heater heating the tank, and a transfer pipe connecting the outlet of the tank and the inlet of the crucible. The first heater has a first temperature range, and the second heater has a second temperature range lower than the first temperature range. The object to be deposited may be liquefied within the tank and transferred in the liquid state to the crucible via the transfer pipe. The amount of the object to be deposited within the crucible may be continuously maintained at an approximately constant value by regulation of the flow of the liquefied object to be deposited from the tank to the crucible based upon the weight of the object to be deposited within the crucible.10-24-2013
118727000 Movable crucible 4
20130032092APPARATUS FOR COATING SUBSTRATES USING THE EB/PVD METHOD - An apparatus for coating substrates with a coating material is disclosed. The apparatus includes a frame, a crucible arrangement including a first crucible and a second crucible disposed offset from one another in a horizontal plane, where the crucible arrangement is disposed on the frame. At least one first shaft is associated with the first crucible and at least one second shaft is associated with the second crucible, where the at least one first and second shafts are disposed in the frame beneath the first and second crucibles, respectively. A first lifting device is associated with the at least one first shaft and a second lifting device is associated with the at least one second shaft, where the first and second lifting devices are disposed in the frame. The frame is linearly displaceable in the horizontal plane.02-07-2013
20090320757DEVICE FOR FILM COATING - An exemplary device for film coating, is provided. The device has an evaporating unit, wherein the evaporating unit includes a driving member and a carrier. The driving member has an extending rotatable shaft. The carrier includes a main body, a plurality of branches and a plurality of crucibles. The branches each extend from the main body. The crucibles each are supported by a respective one of the branches and configured for receiving a film material therein. The rotatable shaft is engaged in the main body and thereby rotating the carrier.12-31-2009
20120312236Point source assembly for thin film deposition devices and thin film deposition devices employing the same - A point source assembly for a thin film deposition device having a chamber for holding a substrate, includes a crucible configured for holding and vaporizing a deposition material therein, where the crucible is configured for operative engagement to the chamber, an opening in the crucible configured for directing therefrom a vaporized form of the deposition material, where the opening includes a longitudinal line extending through the center of the crucible opening, and means operatively engaged to the crucible for facilitating rotational movement of the crucible for varying the orientation of the longitudinal line relative to the position of the substrate in the chamber.12-13-2012
20100192858THIN FILM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FORMING THE SAME, AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT INCORPORATING THE SAME - A method for forming a thin film includes the steps of: supplying a deposition material in the form of a liquid onto a heated surface; heating and vaporizing the deposition material on the heated surface while the deposition material is undergoing movement; and depositing the deposition material onto a deposition surface. The deposition material is supplied onto a position of the heated surface where the vaporized deposition material does not reach the deposition surface.08-05-2010

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