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With treating means (e.g., jarring)

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118 - Coating apparatus


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118723000 By creating electric field (e.g., gas activation, plasma, etc.) 288
118724000 By means to heat or cool 187
20110192347SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES MANUFACTURING METHOD - Substrate processing of a substrate is performed in a processing chamber and the evenness in in-plane film thickness is enhanced. An exhaust unit exhausts the atmosphere in the processing chamber and a processing gas is supplied that is excited by an exciting unit. A rotational drive unit horizontally rotates a support unit that supports a mounting substrate on which the substrate is mounted; and a coolant supply/discharge unit is connected to the lower end of the support unit through a connecting unit. The substrate mounting unit has a coolant circulation path therein. The support unit includes a first coolant flow path for passing coolant through the coolant circulation path. The coolant supply/discharge unit includes a second coolant flow path. The connecting unit connects the first coolant flow path and the second coolant flow path together and is provided outside the processing chamber.08-11-2011
20090120365Substrate processing apparatus - To provide a substrate processing apparatus capable of easily installing a plasma discharge electrode having flexibility at a prescribed position in an electrode protective tube, and is capable of holing the plasma discharge electrode having flexibility at the prescribed position. This apparatus includes: a processing chamber that houses a plurality of substrates, with a space provided from each other in a state of being stacked; a gas supply unit that supplies a desired gas into the processing chamber; an exhaust unit that exhausts an atmosphere in the processing chamber; electrodes having flexibility that extend in a stacking direction of the substrates; a protective tube that contains each electrode; a first fitting member fixed to the tip end of each electrode; and a second fitting member disposed in a tip end part of each protective tube, the electrode being contained in the protective tube, with the first fitting member and the second fitting member connected to each other.05-14-2009
20090283038FILM FORMING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A film forming method, for depositing a thin film on a surface of a substrate mounted on a mounting table disposed in a vacuum processing chamber, includes an adsorption process for adsorbing a film forming material on the substrate by introducing a source gas into the processing chamber; and a reaction process for carrying out a film forming reaction, after the adsorption process, by introducing an energy transfer gas into the processing chamber and supplying thermal energy to the film forming material adsorbed on the substrate. By repeating the above process, the thin film is formed on the substrate in a layer-by-layer manner.11-19-2009
20120031334GAS EXHAUST SYSTEM OF FILM-FORMING APPARATUS, FILM-FORMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING EXHAUST GAS - A film-forming apparatus includes a processing chamber, and TiCl02-09-2012
20080251016Bubbler For the Transportation of Substances By a Carrier Gas - A bubbler (10-16-2008
20080282980Cooled Device for Plasma Depositing a Barrier Layer Onto a Container - The invention relates to a device (11-20-2008
20090114153METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SEALING AN OPENING OF A PROCESSING CHAMBER - A method and apparatus for sealing an opening of a processing chamber are provided. In one embodiment, the invention generally provides a closure member integrated within a wall of a process chamber for sealing an opening within the wall of the chamber. In another embodiment, the invention provides a closure member configured to seal an opening in the wall of a processing chamber from the inside of the chamber.05-07-2009
20080282979METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INTRODUCING PROCESS FLUID THROUGH A CHAMBER COMPONENT - A method and system for introducing a process fluid through a chamber component in a processing system is described. The chamber component comprises a chamber element having a first surface on a supply side of the chamber element and a second surface on a process side of the chamber element, wherein the process side is opposite the supply side. Furthermore, the chamber component comprises a conduit extending through the chamber element from the supply side to the process side, wherein the conduit comprises an inlet configured to receive a process fluid and an outlet configured to distribute the process fluid.11-20-2008
20090250004Gas Head and Thin-Film Manufacturing Apparatus - A gas head that, at low cost, is capable of suppressing any deactivation of radical gas and capable of uniformly introducing a raw material gas on a substrate; and a relevant thin-film manufacturing apparatus are provided. A gas head (10-08-2009
20120192790Apparatus with Two-Chamber Structure for Growing Silicon Carbide Crystals - An apparatus with two-chamber structure for growing silicon carbide (SiC) crystals is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a sample feed chamber and a crystal growth chamber, both of which are separately connected with each other by a vacuum baffle valve and connected with a vacuum system. The crystal growth apparatus ensures that the insulation materials in the crystal growth chamber cannot contact with air, minimizes the adsorption of nitrogen and pollutants on the insulation materials and the growth chamber, improves purity of SiC crystals and achieves precise control of the impurities so that growth of high-quality SiC crystals such as conductive, doped semi-insulating or high-purity semi-insulating SiC crystals and the like is enabled.08-02-2012
20090288601COATING FORMATION BY REACTIVE DEPOSITION - Light reactive deposition uses an intense light beam to form particles that are directly coated onto a substrate surface. In some embodiments, a coating apparatus comprising a noncircular reactant inlet, optical elements forming a light path, a first substrate, and a motor connected to the apparatus. The reactant inlet defines a reactant stream path. The light path intersects the reactant stream path at a reaction zone with a product stream path continuing from the reaction zone. The substrate intersects the product stream path. Also, operation of the motor moves the first substrate relative to the product stream. Various broad methods are described for using light driven chemical reactions to produce efficiently highly uniform coatings.11-26-2009
20090217873ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION APPARATUS - An atomic layer deposition apparatus includes: a metal source gas supply tube, disposed in a side of a wafer to extend over the entire surface of the wafer, and capable of being supplied with a source gas from a first end to a second end; and an active gas supply tube, disposed in a side of a wafer to extend over the entire surface of the wafer, and capable of being supplied with a source gas from a first end to a second end, wherein the active gas supply tube is provided with a plurality of gas blow openings for blowing the active gas that is active over the wafer, and wherein the gas blow openings are disposed with gradually reduced inter-opening distances as being further from the first end to the second end of the active gas supply tube.09-03-2009
20100282167Linear Deposition Source - A deposition source includes a crucible for containing deposition material and a body comprising a conductance channel. An input of the conductance channel is coupled to an output of the crucible. A heater heats the crucible so that the crucible evaporates the deposition material into the conductance channel. A heat shield comprising a plurality of heat resistant material layers is positioned around at least one of the heater and the body. A plurality of nozzles is coupled to an output of the conductance channel so that evaporated deposition material is transported from the crucible through the conductance channel to the plurality of nozzles where the evaporated deposition material is ejected from the plurality of nozzles to form a deposition flux.11-11-2010
20110162581ATOMIC LAYER DEPOSITION APPARATUS USING NEUTRAL BEAM AND METHOD OF DEPOSITING ATOMIC LAYER USING THE SAME - Disclosed are an atomic layer deposition apparatus using a neutral beam and a method of depositing an atomic layer using the apparatus, capable of converting an ion beam into a neutral beam and radiating it onto a substrate to be treated. The method uses an apparatus for supplying a first reaction gas containing a material that cannot be chemisorbed onto a substrate to be treated into a reaction chamber in which the substrate is loaded, and forming a first reactant adsorption layer containing a material that cannot be chemisorbed onto the substrate; and radiating a neutral beam generated by the second reaction gas onto the substrate on which the first reactant adsorption layer is formed, and removing a material not chemisorbed onto the substrate from the first reactant adsorption layer to form a second reactant adsorption layer. It is possible to perform a process without damage due to charging with the apparatus for depositing an atomic layer using a neutral beam and the method of depositing an atomic layer using the apparatus.07-07-2011
20100282166HEAT TREATMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD OF HEAT TREATMENT - Provided is a heat treatment apparatus. The heat treatment apparatus comprises a process chamber configured to grow silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial films on SiC substrates, a substrate holding tool configured to hold a plurality of substrates in a state where the substrates are vertically arranged and approximately horizontally oriented, so as to hold the substrates in the process chamber, a first reaction gas supply nozzle configured to supply a carbon-containing gas into the process chamber, a second reaction gas supply nozzle configured to supply a silicon-containing gas into the process chamber, a magnetic field generating coil disposed at an outside of the process chamber for electromagnetic induction heating, and a coil supporter configured to support the magnetic field generating coil. An upper end of the second reaction gas supply nozzle is lower than a lower end of the coil supporter configured to support the magnetic field generating coil.11-11-2010
20090293808Light-Emitting Device, Film-Forming Method and Manufacturing Apparatus Thereof, and Cleaning Method of the Manufacturing Apparatus - This invention provides a new film forming method in which, on the occasion that pressure is decreased by pressure decreasing means which was connected to a film forming chamber, and a film is formed by evaporating an organic compound material from a deposition source in the film forming chamber, minute amounts of gas (silane series gas) which comprises smaller particles than particles of the organic compound material, i.e., a material with a smaller atomic radius are flowed, and the material with a small atomic radius is made to be included in an organic compound film.12-03-2009
20100024728SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate processing apparatus comprises: a process chamber configured to accommodate a substrate; a gas supply line configured to supply gas into the process chamber; and an exhaust line configured to exhaust the inside of the process chamber. In the substrate processing apparatus, the gas supply line comprises: a preheating unit configured to preheat the gas before supplying the gas into the process chamber; a metal pipeline configured to supply the preheated gas into the process chamber; and a heat dissipation member covering the outer periphery of a bend section formed in the metal pipeline.02-04-2010
20120097103PHYSICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION DEVICE FOR COATING WORKPIECE - A physical vapor deposition device includes a deposition chamber, a workpiece carrier received in the deposition chamber, a plurality of plate-shaped inner targets, and a plurality of plate-shaped outer targets. The workpiece carrier rotates about a rotation axis thereof. The workpiece carrier includes an inner carrier, and an outer carrier fixed relative to the inner carrier. The outer carrier surround the inner carrier. The inner targets are arranged between the inner carrier and the outer carrier. The outer targets surround the outer carrier.04-26-2012
20110155058SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS HAVING A RADIANT CAVITY - Methods and apparatus for processing substrates are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for processing a substrate may include a substrate support having a base having a convex surface, an annular ring disposed on the base, and an edge ring disposed on the annular ring to support a substrate, wherein the base, annular ring, and edge ring form a radiant cavity capable of reflecting energy radiated from a backside of a substrate when disposed on the edge ring and wherein the backside of the substrate faces the convex surface of the base. Alternatively or in combination, in some embodiments, the base may include a metal layer encapsulated between a transparent non-metal upper layer and a non-metal lower layer.06-30-2011
20120312232INLINE DEPOSITION APPARATUS - An inline deposition apparatus includes a chamber; a loading unit inside the chamber and loaded with an object to be processed to be moved in a first direction; a plurality of first deposition modules in the chamber for depositing a first layer to the object to be processed; and a plurality of second deposition modules in the chamber for depositing a second layer to the object to be processed, wherein at least one of the plurality of second deposition modules is positioned between neighboring first deposition modules, and wherein the first layer is different from the second layer.12-13-2012
20100275845ULTRAVIOLET-RESISTANT MATERIALS AND DEVICES AND SYSTEMS INCLUDING SAME - UV-resistant materials are disclosed that include at least one self-supporting film of UV-resistant clay particles and that are substantially non-reactive to incident UV radiation. An exemplary material is substantially non-transmissive to at least one UV wavelength of less than 300 nm, can include a polymeric material for enhanced flexibility, and can include an additive that is non-transmissive to at least one UV wavelength of greater than 300 nm. The material can be multiple layers of respective clay films. The materials can be used to form UV-resistant devices such as seals, mounting cushions, and light-shields for use in any of various UV-illumination sources and process systems. An example UV-illumination source is an excimer laser. An example system is a light-CVD system.11-04-2010
20090071403PECVD PROCESS CHAMBER WITH COOLED BACKING PLATE - The invention generally relates to a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber for depositing amorphous or microcrystalline silicon on a glass substrate to fabricate solar voltaic cells. The chamber includes a backing plate having at least one fluid receiving conduit to receive cooling fluid to remove heat generated within the chamber by the plasma, thereby stabilizing and cooling the backing plate to assure the uniformity of deposition of materials on the surface of the substrate.03-19-2009

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