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118713000 With means for visual observation 12
20130042808FILM CRACK DETECTION APPARATUS AND FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A film crack detection apparatus for performing a film crack detection operation, which is mounted to a film forming apparatus having a processing vessel for receiving an object to be processed and forming a thin film on a surface of the object to be processed, includes an elastic wave detection unit mounted to the film forming apparatus to detect an elastic wave, and a determination unit to determine whether performing a cleaning process of the processing vessel is necessary based on a detection result of the elastic wave detection unit.02-21-2013
20130042809ION IMPLANTER - The ion implanter includes a deflecting electrode and a shield member. The ion beam has a ribbon shape. The deflecting electrode deflects at least a part of the ion beam in a long side direction toward a short side direction of the ion beam, based on a result measured of a beam current density distribution in the long side direction. The shield member partially shields the ion beam deflected by the deflecting electrode. The deflecting electrode includes a plate electrode and an electrode group including plural electrodes. The electrode group is disposed to face the plate electrode to interpose the ion beam between the plate electrode and the electrode group. The plate electrode is electrically grounded, and the plurality of electrodes are electrically independent from each other. Each of the plurality of electrodes is connected to an independent power source from other power sources to perform a potential setting.02-21-2013
20130025538METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR DEPOSITION PROCESSES - Methods and apparatus for processing a substrate are provided herein. In some embodiments, the apparatus may include a ring to support a substrate in a position for processing, wherein the substrate is supported by a top side of the ring proximate a peripheral edge of the substrate such that a backside of the substrate, when present, is disposed over a central opening of the ring, a substantially planar member disposed below the ring, wherein substantially planar member includes plurality of slots, and a plurality of support arms which support the ring and the substantially planar member, wherein each support arm includes a terminal portion that supports the substantially planar member and extends through a respective one of the plurality of slots to support the ring01-31-2013
20090194025APPARATUS TO SENSE TEMPERATURE OF INK-JET HEAD - An apparatus to sense the temperature of an ink-jet head includes at least one or more CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) lateral BJTs (bipolar junction transistors) to sense the temperature of the ink-jet head, and a current supply unit to supply a current to the CMOS lateral BJTs. Minimum sized CMOS lateral BJTs are applied to an ink-jet printer head so that precise temperature control can be performed in a shuttle or array type ink-jet printer.08-06-2009
20090194024CVD APPARATUS - Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods and apparatus for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on a substrate, and, in particular, to a process chamber and components for use in metal organic chemical vapor deposition. The apparatus comprises a chamber body defining a process volume. A showerhead in a first plane defines a top portion of the process volume. A carrier plate extends across the process volume in a second plane forming an upper process volume between the showerhead and the susceptor plate. A transparent material in a third plane defines a bottom portion of the process volume forming a lower process volume between the carrier plate and the transparent material. A plurality of lamps forms one or more zones located below the transparent material. The apparatus provides uniform precursor flow and mixing while maintaining a uniform temperature over larger substrates thus yielding a corresponding increase in throughput.08-06-2009
20130081570MICRO BALLPOINT PEN AND PRINTING APPARATUS - Provided are a micro ballpoint pen enabling to print directly straight, oblique, curved, dashed, broken and wavy lines and a printing apparatus including the same. The micro ballpoint pen may include a tip body including a caulking portion, at least one inner protrusion, and at least one expansible or shrinkable elastic portion, a ball provided between the caulking portion and the inner protrusion, the ball contacting and rolling on a target printing object to eject ink onto the target printing object, a supporting bar pressing the ball toward the caulking portion to form an ink outflowing channel between the caulking portion and the ball, and a control part expanding or shrinking the elastic portion to control the ink outflowing channel.04-04-2013
20130032091CLEANING METHOD OF FILM FORMING DEVICE AND SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - A cleaning method of a film forming device capable of suppressing generation of static electricity is provided. The cleaning method of the film forming device includes the steps of humidifying surroundings of the film forming device; opening said film forming device to an atmosphere; and removing a deposit inside said film forming device.02-07-2013
20100043706Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object - Optical characteristic measuring systems and methods such as for determining the color or other optical characteristics of teeth are disclosed. Perimeter receiver fiber optics preferably are spaced apart from a source fiber optic and receive light from the surface of the object/tooth being measured. Light from the perimeter fiber optics pass to a variety of filters. The system utilizes the perimeter receiver fiber optics to determine information regarding the height and angle of the probe with respect to the object/tooth being measured. Under processor control, the optical characteristics measurement may be made at a predetermined height and angle. Various color spectral photometer arrangements are disclosed. Translucency, fluorescence, gloss and/or surface texture data also may be obtained. Audio feedback may be provided to guide operator use of the system. The probe may have a removable or shielded tip for contamination prevention. A method of producing dental prostheses based on measured data also is disclosed. Measured data also may be stored and/or organized as part of a patient data base. Such methods and implements may be desirably utilized for purposes of detecting and preventing counterfeiting or the like. Low cost and small form factor spectrometers, and methods for manufacturing the same, also are disclosed. Spectrometers and spectrophotometers embedded in printing and scanning and other type devices, as well as computer companion devices, scope-type devices and the like, also are disclosed. Data encoding based on such devices also may be implemented.02-25-2010
20100107978DEPOSITION FROM LIQUID SOURCES - A liquid injector is used to vaporize and inject a silicon precursor into a process chamber to form silicon-containing layers during a semiconductor fabrication process. The injector is connected to a source of silicon precursor, which preferably comprises liquid trisilane in a mixture with one or more dopant precursors. The mixture is metered as a liquid and delivered to the injector, where it is then vaporized and injected into the process chamber.05-06-2010
20130036973Method and apparatus for counting particles in a gas - The present disclosure describes a method and apparatus for detecting particles in a gas by saturating the gas with vapor and causing the gas to flow through a chamber with walls that are at a temperature different than the temperature of the entering gas creating a gas turbulence within the chamber resulting in the gas becoming super-saturated with vapor and causing said super-saturated vapor to condense on said particles and form droplets, which are then detected and counted by an optical light-scattering detector.02-14-2013
20120180724LIQUID VAPORIZATION SYSTEM - Provided is a liquid vaporization system capable of promoting vaporization of a liquid material while solving a problem of residual liquid material. A liquid vaporization system has a liquid vaporization apparatus having a pump and a vaporizer. The vaporizer has a case, a heater provided inside the case, a heat storage plate heated by the heater, and a mesh. The mesh is formed by interweaving wires and has an overall flat plate shape. By overlapping the mesh on an upper surface of the heat storage plate, minute irregularities are formed on the heat storage plate by the mesh. A nozzle is provided above the mesh, whereby the liquid material is dropped from the nozzle onto the heat storage plate. The liquid material spreads over the heat storage plate in a thin film and is heated and vaporized on the upper surface of the heat storage plate.07-19-2012
20120180723METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE FUNCTION OF A ROTARY ATOMIZER AND CORRESPONDING COATING INSTALLATION - Exemplary illustrations of a rotary atomizer and methods of using the same are disclosed. An exemplary illustration is directed to the function control of a rotary atomizer used for the serial coating of work pieces. This is achieved in that pressure values, which result within or outside of the directing air flow of the atomizer, may be measured and compared to predefined reference values for error-free atomizer functions.07-19-2012
20120180722ROTARY ATOMIZER AND METHOD FOR THE CONTROL OF THE SPRAYING BODY OF SAID ROTARY ATOMIZER - Exemplary illustrations of a bell cup for a rotary atomizer and method of using the same are disclosed. The exemplary illustrations are generally directed to the control of the rotating bell plate of a rotary atomizer used for the serial coating of work pieces. An air flow component may be created by the structural design of the bell plate and/or of an element of the rotary atomizer and by the rotation of the bell plate. The air flow component may correspond to the bell plate design, and the element may be adjacent to the bell plate and stationary relative to same. The air flow component may be measured and compared to a predefined reference value.07-19-2012
20100006029Apparatus for aligning dispenser system, and dispenser alignment system - An apparatus for aligning a dispenser includes a table having a first alignment mark, an alignment plate provided along at least one side of the table, at least one syringe supplying a dispensing material to the alignment plate through a nozzle provided at one end portion thereof to form a second alignment mark, a first image camera provided along a side of the syringe and detecting an image of the second alignment mark, a second image camera detecting an image of the first alignment mark, and an alignment control unit aligning the image of the second alignment mark and a first reference position, and aligning an image of the first alignment mark and a second reference position.01-14-2010
20130087098METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENDPOINT DETECTION - A process control system is provided for use with a processing tool for thin film patterning by a material removal processing system. The system includes an optical end-point detector operable within a working area defined by the processing tool when the processing tool is applied to an article, the optical end-point detector performing in-situ measurements of parameters of patterned thin film on the article. An optical integrated monitoring tool is installed with the processing tool and operable outside the working area for measuring parameters of the patterned thin film on the article. A control unit is connected to the end-point detector and to the integrated monitoring tool, and includes processing and computational intelligence responsive to data received from the end-point detector and to the measured data received from the integrated monitoring tool for analyzing data and generating a signal for terminating the patterning of the thin film on the article.04-11-2013
20120216747CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION DEVICE AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL METHOD OF CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION DEVICE - A method capable of perceiving a temperature difference between a susceptor surface and a wafer surface even without special complicated or high-priced equipment is needed. To accomplish such a purpose, the present invention provides a chemical vapor deposition device that comprises: a chamber; a susceptor which is positioned on the inner side of the chamber to allow rotation therein, wherein a wafer is stacked on an upper side; a gas supplier which is disposed on the inner side of the chamber, and sprays gas toward the wafer; a heater which is disposed on the inner side of the susceptor, and heats the wafer; a temperature sensor which is positioned in the chamber, and measures the temperature of the susceptor; a rotation recognition mark which is equipped at the position in which the mark is integrally rotated with the susceptor; a rotation recognition sensor which is positioned in the chamber in order to determine the rotated state of the susceptor, and detects the rotation recognition mark; and a controller which calculates the temperature distribution of the upper side of the susceptor by using the rotation recognition sensor and the temperature sensor, and controls the heater on the basis of the temperature distribution.08-30-2012
20090095220TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED SHOWERHEAD - A temperature controlled showerhead for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) chambers enhances heat dissipation to enable accurate temperature control with an electric heater. Heat dissipates by conduction through a showerhead stem and fluid passageway and radiation from a back plate. A temperature control system includes one or more temperature controlled showerheads in a CVD chamber with fluid passageways serially connected to a heat exchanger.04-16-2009
20120186519PLASMA DOPING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A plasma doping method and apparatus in which a prescribed gas is introduced into a vacuum container while being exhausted by a turbomolecular pump as an exhaust apparatus. The pressure in the vacuum container is kept at a prescribed value by a pressure regulating valve. High-frequency electric power of 13.56 MHz is supplied to a coil disposed close to a dielectric window which is opposed to a sample electrode, whereby induction-coupled plasma is generated in the vacuum container. Every time a prescribed number of samples have been processed, a dummy sample is subjected to plasma doping and then to heating. The conditions for processing of a sample are controlled so that the measurement value of the surface sheet resistance becomes equal to a prescribed value, whereby the controllability of the impurity concentration can be increased.07-26-2012
20090000548SUBSTRATE HOLDER AND VACUUM FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS - A substrate holder includes a holding unit which holds a substrate, a temperature measurement unit which is provided at a surface on a substrate side of the holding unit and is brought into contact with the substrate to measure a temperature of the substrate and a signal output unit which outputs temperature measurement signals from the temperature measurement unit. A vacuum film deposition apparatus has at least one vacuum film deposition unit including the substrate holder a vacuum chamber, a holder support portion provided within the vacuum chamber, connected to a connection portion of the substrate holder and supporting the substrate holder, a film deposition device forming a film by vacuum film deposition on the substrate held in the substrate holder and a signal receiving unit connected to the signal output unit and receiving the temperature measurement signals.01-01-2009
20120234239COATING APPARATUS - A measuring unit 09-20-2012
20120234238INTEGRATED METROLOGY FOR WAFER SCREENING - Integrated wafer or substrate bow measurement modules are described. For example, a multi-chamber system includes a chamber housing a bow measurement module. In another example, a method of pre-screening a wafer includes inserting a wafer or a substrate into a multi-chamber system. A bow parameter of the wafer or the substrate is measured in a bow measurement module housed in a chamber of the multi-chamber system.09-20-2012
20080295771POWER-DELIVERY MECHANISM AND APPARATUS OF PLASMA-ENHANCED CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION USING THE SAME - A power-delivery mechanism is provided in the present invention, which utilizes an element with airtight and flexible characteristics coupled to a power-generating unit so as to generate a motion in a specific direction. Besides, an apparatus of plasma -enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is also provided in the present invention, which comprises the power-delivery mechanism to load/unload a workpiece onto a stage for processing automatically. Meanwhile, the present invention also provides a height-adjusting unit and a position-indicating unit allowing the operator to adjust the distance between an upper electrode and a lower electrode of the PECVD so that the operator is capable of monitoring and adjusting the distance easily between the upper electrode and the lower electrode outside the chamber of the PECVD.12-04-2008
20120318197SPIRAL COATING APPARATUS AND SPIRAL COATING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a spiral coating apparatus includes a stage, a rotation mechanism, a coating nozzle, a movement mechanical unit, a nozzle position detection unit, and a position adjustment unit. The movement mechanical unit enables the stage and the coating nozzle to relatively move across the rotational direction and in the direction of the axis of the rotation. The nozzle position detection unit is configured to acquire positional data on a bottom surface of the coating nozzle in the direction of the axis of the rotation. The position adjustment unit adjusts the positions of the coating nozzle and the surface in the direction of the axis.12-20-2012
20090126630Spindle Spray Coating System - A spindle spray coating system including a spindle conveyor system for horizontally transporting parts supported on spindles within the system. A spindle rotation station assembly is also provided for rotating individual spindles supporting parts during spraying. A spray containment closed spray booth for containment of parts supported on spindles during the spray operation by an adjustable spray system to minimize environmental and operator exposure to the coating materials being sprayed. A second spray containment closed spray booth may also be provided for containment of parts supported on spindles during a secondary spray operation by an adjustable secondary spray system. Following the spray operation(s), a vision inspection system is used to inspect the parts that have been coated. An automated defective part rejection assembly is also provided which includes a vertical lifting mechanism, and a gripper mechanism for gripping defective parts, and lifting and rotating the parts through a 180 degree motion using a balanced counterweight, followed by release of the parts from the gripper mechanism for disposal.05-21-2009
20120291704ELECTRODE MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - Provided is an electrode manufacturing apparatus having a manufacturing unit mixing a plurality of materials and manufacturing an electrode slurry, a reservoir tank connected to the manufacturing unit and storing the manufactured electrode slurry that is manufactured, a coarse particle removal filter connected to the reservoir tank and removing coarse particles in a stored electrode slurry, a defoamer connected to the coarse particle removal filter and removing bubbles in the electrode slurry from which the coarse particles are removed and then returning the electrode slurry, from which the bubbles are removed, to a position below a liquid level of the electrode slurry stored in the reservoir tank, and a coating unit connected to the reservoir tank and coating the stored electrode slurry to a base material.11-22-2012
20080245299MARKING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A marking system may hold a container from which markers are dispensed and identify a marker characteristic regarding the markers in the container. The marking system may also receive activation of a trigger, dispense a marker from the container when the trigger is activated, and store the marker characteristic and time data when the trigger is activated.10-09-2008
20090266298PLASMA DOPING APPARATUS - On an upper wall of a vacuum container opposing a sample electrode, a plasma-invasion prevention-and-electron beam introducing hole is installed which is communicated with an electron beam introducing tube, and is used for introducing an electron beam toward a substrate in the vacuum container, as well as for preventing invasion of plasma into the electron beam introducing tube. In this structure, supposing that the Debye length of the plasma is set to λ10-29-2009
20130118404Methods and Systems for Forming Thin Films - A method and apparatus for the deposition of thin films is described. In embodiments, systems and methods for epitaxial thin film formation are provided, including systems and methods for forming binary compound epitaxial thin films. Methods and systems of embodiments of the invention may be used to form direct bandgap semiconducting binary compound epitaxial thin films, such as, for example, GaN, InN and AlN, and the mixed alloys of these compounds, e.g., (In, Ga)N, (Al, Ga)N, (In, Ga, Al)N. Methods and apparatuses include a multistage deposition process and system which enables rapid repetition of sub-monolayer deposition of thin films.05-16-2013
20080251013Resist pipe and resist coating device - A resist pipe and a resist coating device are provided. Support portions are provided at an inner wall of a resist supply portion towards a cross-sectional center of the resist supply portion from three locations. The support portions are provided at equal intervals at the inner wall, and the leading ends thereof extend to positions at which a circular rod-shaped liquid level sensor portion is nipped by a peripheral surface of the liquid level sensor portion. In this manner, the support portions support the liquid level sensor portion from three directions, and gaps are formed between the liquid level sensor portion and the inner wall of the resist supply portion. The liquid level sensor portion inside the resist supply portion is supported by the support portions such that a sensing portion is substantially in the same plane as an inlet aperture of the resist supply portion.10-16-2008
20110005460VACUUM VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS - Provided is a vacuum vapor deposition apparatus in which a crucible as a container for vaporizing a vapor deposition material is placed inside a vacuum chamber and a film is formed on a substrate by use of the vapor deposition material vaporized in the crucible. The apparatus includes measuring means for measuring a bulk of the vapor deposition material in the crucible from an outside of the vacuum chamber.01-13-2011
20090114152APPARATUS FOR PLASMA TREATMENT - An apparatus for treating with plasma a specimen mounted on a specimen table and a next specimen mounted thereon after the treatment of the specimen is completed in a vacuumed container, comprises, a detector for measuring a temperature of the specimen table, and an adjustor for adjusting the temperature of the specimen table obtained when the next specimen is treated to have a value determined from a predetermined change in temperature of the specimen and one of the temperature of the specimen table measured by the detector and a temperature of returning refrigerant obtained after the treatment of the specimen is started, wherein the adjustor obtains the predetermined change in temperature of the specimen from the temperatures of the specimen measured in respective conditions in each of which conditions the treatment is continued until a changing rate of the temperature of the specimen becomes not more than a predetermined degree.05-07-2009
20090025638Apparatus for Forming Layered Object - A layered-object forming apparatus (01-29-2009
20120285379Manufacturing Apparatus and Manufacturing Method of Light-Emitting Device - Demands such as higher definition, higher opening aperture, and higher reliability on a full-color flat panel display have been increased. Such demands are big objects in advancing higher definition (increase in the number of pixels) of a light-emitting device and miniaturization of each display pixel pitch with reduction in size of the light-emitting device. An organic compound-containing layer is selectively deposited using a laser beam which passes through openings of a mask. An irradiated substrate provided with a light absorption layer and a material layer containing an organic compound and a deposition substrate provided with first electrodes are placed so as to face each other. The light absorption layer is heated by a laser beam which has passed through the openings of the mask, and the organic compound at a position overlapping with the heated region is vaporized, and accordingly the organic compound is selectively deposited over the deposition substrate.11-15-2012
20080264338PARTICLE-MEASURING SYSTEM AND PARTICLE-MEASURING METHOD - The present invention provides a particle measuring system which is provided in a processing system that generates an atmosphere obtained by exhausting air or a gas in a processing chamber by a vacuum pump and applies a process concerning semiconductor manufacture to a wafer W in the atmosphere, attached to an exhaust pipe which connects an exhaust opening of the processing chamber with the vacuum pump, and measures the number of the particles in the exhaust gas, and a measuring method thereof, the system and method providing a processing system and a cleaning method which terminate etching process by determining an end point based on the number of the particles in the exhaust gas and perform cleaning of unnecessary films.10-30-2008
20080264339Film forming method, film forming system and recording medium - After silicon nitride films have been formed on wafers by a film forming process in a reaction vessel, the reaction vessel is processed by a purging process specified by a purging recipe and compatible with the film forming process to suppress production of gases and particles by removing surface parts of films deposited on the inside surface of the reaction vessel and causative of production of gases and particles.10-30-2008
20110139071Method for fabricating copper-containing ternary and quaternary chalcogenide thin films - An apparatus for depositing a solid film onto a substrate from a reagent solution includes reservoirs of reagent solutions maintained at a sufficiently low temperature to inhibit homogeneous reactions within the reagent solutions. The chilled solutions are dispensed through showerheads, one at a time, onto a substrate. One of the showerheads includes a nebulizer so that the reagent solution is delivered as a fine mist, whereas the other showerhead delivers reagent as a flowing stream. A heater disposed beneath the substrate maintains the substrate at an elevated temperature at which the deposition of a desired solid phase from the reagent solutions may be initiated. Each reagent solution contains at least one metal and either S or Se, or both. At least one of the reagent solutions contains Cu. The apparatus and its associated method of use are particularly suited to forming films of Cu-containing compound semiconductors.06-16-2011
20130213299LIQUID TANK AND THIN FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A liquid tank includes at least one main tank, a supplemental tank and a transmission module. The main tank is supplied with a first liquid. The supplemental tank is supplied with a second liquid. The transmission module is connected between the supplemental tank and the at least one main tank. The transmission module is configured to supply the second liquid into the main tank while the first liquid in the main tank is lowered down to a first position, and to stop supplying the second liquid into the main tank while the first liquid in the main tank is raised up to the first position. A thin film deposition apparatus using the aforementioned liquid tank is also provided.08-22-2013
20130213300SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - Disclosed is a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus including at least one pocket on which a passive subject on which deposition will be executed is mounted, and a carrier body having an insertion space to which the at least one pocket is detachably attached. Therefore, the semiconductor manufacturing apparatus shortens process time and reduces process expenses. The semiconductor manufacturing apparatus allows respective pockets to have different structures according to the positions of the pockets on the wafer carrier, and thus achieves uniform growth of a material on the surfaces of wafers regardless of the positions of the pockets.08-22-2013
20090314204LEAKAGE DETECTION DEVICE FOR COATING MATERIAL AND COATING MATERIAL FILING SYSTEM - It is a subject to provide a coating material leakage detection device capable of finding contamination of a hydraulic fluid at an early stage and capable of preventing the degradation of a coating quality of a work. For this purpose, coating material leakage from a coating material chamber to a hydraulic fluid chamber in a coating material cartridge is detected by a coating material leakage detection device. The coating material cartridge is attached detachably to a coating material filling device, and the coating material chamber and the hydraulic fluid chamber are partitioned from each other by way of a deformable partition body. Further, the coating material leakage detection device has a contaminant detection means for detecting the contaminant in the hydraulic fluid attributable to the coating material leakage. Accordingly, contamination of the hydraulic fluid can be found at an early stage.12-24-2009
20090078198CHAMBER COMPONENTS WITH INCREASED PYROMETRY VISIBILITY - The present invention generally provides method and apparatus for non-contact temperature measurement in a semiconductor processing chamber. Particularly, the present invention provides methods and apparatus for non-contact temperature measurement for temperature below 500° C. One embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus for processing semiconductor substrates. The apparatus comprises a target component comprises a material with higher emissivity than the one or more substrates.03-26-2009
20090044750Apparatus for wafer level arc detection at an electrostatic chuck electrode - Wafer level arc detection is provided in a plasma reactor using an RF transient sensor sensing voltage at an electrostatic chucking electrode, the RF sensor being coupled to a threshold comparator, and a system controller responsive to the threshold comparator.02-19-2009
20100212590APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING MOLTEN ZINC COATED STEEL SHEET - An apparatus for manufacturing a molten zinc coated steel sheet includes a molten zinc coating device, a temper rolling mill, an acid solution contacting device, and a cleaning device connected in tandem, wherein the acid solution contacting device and the cleaning device are separated from each other with a region therebetween and an absolute humidity controller is disposed in the region between the acid solution contacting device and the cleaning device.08-26-2010
20130125814Painting System Operating in Recirculating Air Mode - A painting system operating in recirculating air mode, comprising a spray booth (05-23-2013
20120192789DEPOSITION SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES - This disclosure enables gas recovery and utilization for use in deposition systems and processes. The system includes a thin-film semiconductor layer deposition system comprising a deposition reactor, precursor gas feeds, and a gas recovery system.08-02-2012
20100031884SUSCEPTOR RING - A one-piece susceptor ring for housing at least one temperature measuring device is provided. The susceptor ring includes a plate having an aperture formed therethrough and a pair of side ribs integrally connected to a lower surface of the plate. The side ribs are located on opposing sides of the aperture. The susceptor ring further includes a bore formed in each of the pair of side ribs. Each bore is configured to receive a temperature measuring device therein.02-11-2010
20090255466REAGENT DISPENSING APPARATUS AND DELIVERY METHOD - This invention relates to a vapor or liquid phase reagent dispensing apparatus that may be used for dispensing vapor or liquid phase reagents such as precursors for deposition of materials in the manufacture of semiconductor materials and devices. This invention reduces the number of container designs required to support different applications. A standard two port container without a tube can be converted to a container capable of being used in applications which require a tube (i.e., bubbler tube for gas delivery or a dip tube for liquid delivery), by inserting a gasket/tube adapter between one of the ports and the corresponding valve in accordance with this invention.10-15-2009
20090107399System and Method of Measuring Film Height on a Substrate - A system of film height measurements and method of measuring film height on a substrate are disclosed. A radiation source illuminates a beam of radiation in the optical range onto a substrate being coated with a layer having a nominal film height is provided. Reflected signals are recorded for two positions and a film height difference of the layer is calculated.04-30-2009
20120031331SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - In a manufacturing process of a semiconductor device by forming a structure film on a substrate in a reaction chamber of a manufacturing apparatus, cleaning inside the reaction chamber is performed. That is, a precoat film made of a silicon nitride film containing boron is deposited on an inner wall of the reaction chamber, a silicon nitride film not containing boron is formed as the structure film on the substrate in the reaction chamber, and the inner wall of the reaction chamber is dry etched to be cleaned. At this time, the dry etching is terminated after boron is detected in a gas exhausted from the reaction chamber.02-09-2012
20110079178THICKNESS MEASURING DEVICE, COATING INSTALLATION, METHOD OF MEASURING THE THICKNESS OF A LAYER, AND USE OF A THICKNESS MEASURING DEVICE - A thickness measuring device for measuring the thickness of a layer on a substrate surface of a substrate is provided, including multiple piezoelectric crystal elements, which are arranged in an array corresponding to multiple positions on the substrate surface and which are adapted to monitor the deposition rate of a vapor to be deposited on the substrate surface.04-07-2011
20110247555DEVICE FOR CREATING AND CONVEYING A GAS-POWDER MIXTURE - The invention relates to a device for creating and conveying a gas-powder mixture having a powder receiving space (10-13-2011
20100058983Methods, Systems, and Products for Marking Concealed Objects - Methods, systems, apparatuses, and products are disclosed for locating concealed objects by discharging the contents of an aerosol container. A housing encloses an inner volume, and a hollow conduit extends along the housing. An elongate rod slides within the conduit. An actuator of the aerosol container is engaged between a discharge position and a non-discharge position by movement of the elongate rod.03-11-2010
20100122656PARTICULATE MATERIAL METERING AND VAPORIZATION - Apparatus for metering and vaporizing a particulate material, includes a metering device for metering particulate material including: a reservoir for receiving particulate material; a housing having an internal volume and having first and second openings; a rotatable shaft disposed in the internal volume, the shaft having a smooth surface and a circumferential groove; a structure disposed in the reservoir for delivery and cooperating with the rotating shaft for fluidizing particulate material and transporting it from the reservoir into the groove; the shaft and internal volume cooperating such that particulate material is transported by the groove; a scraper cooperates with the groove to dislodge particulate material retained therein and fluidize the scraped particulate material, and deliver metered amounts of particulate material through the second opening; and a flash evaporator that receives and flash vaporizes the metered particulate material.05-20-2010
20110048325Gas Distribution Apparatus and Substrate Processing Apparatus Having the Same - Provided are a gas distribution apparatus and a substrate treating apparatus including the same. The substrate treating apparatus includes a chamber comprising a reaction space, a substrate seat unit disposed in the reaction space of the chamber to radially seat a plurality of substrates with respect to a center thereof, and a gas distribution device comprising a first gas distribution part configured to eject at least two source materials onto a substrate through routes different from each other and a second gas distribution part configured to eject a source material having a decomposition temperature greater than an average of decomposition temperatures of the at least two source materials onto the substrate. The first gas distribution part is divided into at least two sections and disposed such that the second gas distribution part is positioned therebetween; and couplable and separable to/from one another.03-03-2011
20110146573MASK ASSEMBLY FOR THIN FILM DEPOSITION OF FLAT PANEL DISPLAY - A described technology relates generally to a thin-film deposition mask assembly of a flat panel display for correcting form distortion caused by tension of a division mask. The thin-film deposition mask assembly includes: a frame for forming a penetrated opening; a first change compensating member and a second change compensating member disposed across the opening, fixed to a free end member formed by partially cutting the frame from the opening, and arranged as a pair; and a plurality of division masks being disposed to cross the first change compensating member and the second change compensating member on top sides of the first change compensating member and the second change compensating member, being fixed to both sides of the opening to receive tension in a length direction, being fixed to the first change compensating member and the second change compensating member to receive tension in a width direction, and forming a pattern opening.06-23-2011
20110247554SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR PREPPING A SURFACE USING A COATING PARTICLE ENTRAINED IN A CONTINUOUS OR PULSED WATERJET OR AIRJET - Prepping a surface entails entraining a coating particle into a fluid stream, directing the fluid stream containing the coating particle at the surface to be prepped to thereby prep the surface using the coating particle. The prepped surface can then be coated using the same or substantially similar coating particle. This technique can be used with a continuous airjet, a forced pulsed airjet, a continuous waterjet or a forced pulsed waterjet as the carrier stream. This invention solves the problem of foreign blasting particles becoming embedded in the atomic matrix of the surface to be prepped, which can result in unpredictable behaviour of the surface properties and even catastrophic failure.10-13-2011
20100251964SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GLAZING - A system for glazing a sash is disclosed. The system comprises at least two position assemblies, a back bedding glazing compound applicator assembly, and a stabilizer assembly. The position assemblies each include a position member defining a distal end and a housing. Each position member is selectively slidable between a stored position and an extended position; wherein the distal end of the positioner member is extend outwardly from the housing and contacts a glazing leg of the sash when the positioner member is moved into the extended position. The back bedding glazing compound applicator assembly is configured to move from a stored position to a dispensing position, wherein the back bedding glazing compound applicator assembly includes a nozzle head that is configured to fit within a gap defined between an interior surface of the sash and an outer edge of a viewing element disposed within an opening of the sash when the back bedding glazing compound applicator assembly is in the dispensing position and wherein the back bedding glazing compound applicator assembly is fluidly connected to a back bedding glazing compound supply source. The stabilizer assembly is configured to retain the viewing element in a fixed position with respect to the sash while back bedding glazing compound is being dispensed by nozzle head.10-07-2010
20090000549Substrate processing method and apparatus - There is provided a substrate processing method and apparatus which can measure and monitor thickness and/or properties of a film formed on a substrate as needed, and quickly correct a deviation in process conditions, and which can therefore stably provide a product of constant quality. A substrate processing method for processing a substrate having a metal and an insulating material exposed on its surface in such a manner that a film thickness of the metal, with an exposed surface of the metal as a reference plane, is selectively or preferentially changed, including measuring a change in the film thickness and/or a film property of the metal during and/or immediately after processing, and monitoring processing and adjusting processing conditions based on results of this measurement.01-01-2009
20080314316MONITORING SYSTEM AND MONITORING METHOD FOR SUBSTRATE PRODUCTION APPARATUS - The substrate production apparatus monitoring system of the present invention comprises a data collection unit, a data storage unit, a control state identification unit, and a data evaluation unit. The data collection unit collects control parameter data from the substrate production apparatus including a subsidiary equipment. The control parameter data collected by the data collection unit are stored in the data storage unit. The control state identification unit identifies the control state of the substrate production apparatus based on the data in the data storage unit. The data evaluation unit evaluates the identified, individual control state as to whether it is abnormal/normal. In this way, any abnormal event in the apparatus even in the idle mode can be detected prior to the substrate processing, preventing reduction in the production yield.12-25-2008
20110120372PLASMA DEPOSITION APPARATUS AND DEPOSITION METHOD UTILIZING SAME - A plasma deposition apparatus is provided. The plasma deposition apparatus comprises a chamber. A pedestal is placed in the chamber. A plasma generator is placed in the chamber and over the pedestal. The plasma generator comprises a plasma jet for plasma thin film deposition having a discharge direction angle θ05-26-2011
20090308314VAPOR DEPOSITION DEVICE - A vapor deposition device includes a connecting member, a support member and an inspecting member. The connecting member has a connecting end. The support member has a bottom portion and a top portion positioned on the connecting end. Receiving holes are defined in the support component between the top portion and the bottom portion and configured to receive workpieces. Several pairs of through holes are defined in the support component adjacent to the bottom portion. Each pair of through holes is substantially coaxial with each other and positioned in a horizontal plane. The inspecting component includes a light emitting member and a light receiving member configured to be aligned with one pair of through holes.12-17-2009
20110185971Laser doping - The disclosed apparatus and method provides substrate impurity doping wherein a laser rapidly scans a substrate while simultaneously a uniform laminar flow of reactive gas is injected, the interaction of the laser radiation and the dopant results in a uniform diffusion of the dopant species in all planes (X,Y,Z) of the substrate. Laser energy density, wavelength, and pulse geometry are adjustable, in a simple system for volume manufacturing, to provide depth and dose control of the dopant. The system optics can be focused to form a high resolution laser beam to directly write the doping area pattern geometry. Alternatively the laser beam can be optically expanded to form a large diameter beam for large area diffusion of the dopant through a patterned mask.08-04-2011
20100089317APPARATUS FOR COATING LENSES - [Problem] To provide a coating apparatus capable of automatically executing a series of steps of measuring the shape of a lens and applying a primer solution thereon, drying the primer solution and applying a photochromic coating solution thereon, and curing the coated solutions by the UV irradiation, liberating the operator from the work of setting the lenses piece by piece.04-15-2010
20090056627METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING PLASMA-INDUCED DAMAGE USING DC FLOATING POTENTIAL OF SUBSTRATE - A method for monitoring plasma-induced damage to a substrate while being processed in a plasma CVD apparatus includes: measuring DC floating potential of the substrate using a detection electrode in contact with the substrate while the substrate is processed in the apparatus; and detecting abnormality as plasma-induced damage based on the measured DC floating potential.03-05-2009
20080216741DYNAMIC FILM THICKNESS CONTROL SYSTEM/METHOD AND ITS UTILIZATION - A dynamic film thickness control system/method and its utilization consisting of a minimum of one mask plate arranged between a substrate and a vapor source. A film thickness control device is utilized for real-time control over deposited film thickness and gradually moves the mask plate according to the film thickness control value acquired by the film thickness control device, enabling the mask plate to mask film zones on the said substrate to achieve the film thickness of a design objective. When the required zones of deposition are masked, the deposition of a particular film layer is completed.09-11-2008
20120145077ORGANIC LAYER DEPOSITION APPARATUS - An organic layer deposition apparatus for forming an organic layer while a substrate is being moved, in which an interval between the substrate and the organic layer deposition apparatus can be measured at a vacuum condition.06-14-2012
20120037076MULTI-ENVIRONMENT COATING DEVICE - A coating device includes a main body defining a first and a second receiving rooms, a base received in the first receiving room for supporting work-pieces, a cleaning device opposing the first receiving room, a spraying device positioned on the top of the first receiving room for spraying coating materials to the work-pieces, a rotary drum device received in the first receiving room for uniformly coating the coating materials on the work-pieces, a heating device opposing the first receiving room for heating the coating materials to form a first film, a drive device for rotating, raising and lowering the base, a transportation device positioned in the second receiving room for transporting the base from the first receiving room to the second receiving room, a vacuum coating device opposing the second receiving room for coating a second film on the work-pieces after completing coating the first film on the work-pieces.02-16-2012
20120304928APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR POSITIONING A SUBSTRATE USING CAPACITIVE SENSORS - Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatus and methods for positioning a substrate in a processing chamber using capacitive sensors. One embodiment of the present invention provides an apparatus for processing a substrate. The apparatus includes first and second capacitive sensors disposed in an inner volume. The first capacitive sensor is positioned to detect a location of an edge of the substrate at a first angular location. The second capacitive sensor is positioned to detect a vertical position of the substrate.12-06-2012
20120304929PIEZOELECTRIC DISPENSER WITH A LONGITUDINAL TRANSDUCER AND REPLACEABLE CAPILLARY TUBE - Systems, devices and methods are provided, for acquiring and dispensing predetermined volumes of liquids and, in particular, to a unique piezoelectric dispenser for acquiring and dispensing of small volumes of fluid in an automatic or manual production of DNA arrays and assays, wherein droplets are dispensed in a single drop format with volumes that may range from about a few picoliters to several nanoliters. The dispenser can advantageously utilize a disposable capillary tube assembly while desirably retaining the piezoelectric actuator for subsequent further uses, thereby mitigating the possibility of cross contamination of fluids and providing an economical and cost effective approach with reuse of the piezoelectric actuator for further operation such as with a variety of liquids to be dispensed and transferred. A unique longitudinal transducer can transmit radial tube displacement into controlled axial motion of the tube.12-06-2012
20120000421CONTROL APPARATUS FOR PLASMA IMMERSION ION IMPLANTATION OF A DIELECTRIC SUBSTRATE - A control apparatus for plasma immersion ion implantation of a dielectric substrate which includes an electrode disposed above a generated plasma in a plasma chamber. The electrode is biased with negative voltage pulses at a potential that is higher than a potential of a substrate or cathode configured to receive ion implantation. The electrode is more negative to give the electrons generated as secondary electrons from the electrode sufficient energy to overcome the negative voltage of the high voltage sheath around the substrate thereby reaching the substrate. These electrons are accelerated toward the substrate to neutralize charge build-up on the substrate.01-05-2012
20090288599SELF-WELDED METAL-CATALYZED CARBON NANOTUBE BRIDGES AND SOLID ELECTROLYTIC NON-VOLATILE MEMORIES - Systems and methods for simultaneously creating a plurality of carbon nanotubes on substrates and across large wafers via employing vapor deposition of material on the surface of the substrate and fluid flow to aid in and direct the growth of the nanotubes in pre-specified locations and directions. In addition, the nanotubes created can be used as gas and chemical sensors, electronic switches, resonators, and non-volatile memory devices.11-26-2009
20120006263FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS - When a film is to be deposited on a semiconductor substrate or the like in a heating ambient, the semiconductor substrate is caused to warp (curve) to a considerable extent merely due to an increased temperature. The warpage leads to problems such as degradation of the homogeneity of the quality of the film deposited on the substrate and a high possibility of generation of a crack in the substrate. Accordingly, a film deposition apparatus of the present invention heats the substrate both from above and from below a main surface of the substrate so that a temperature gradient (temperature difference) between the upper side and the lower side of the main surface is reduced and the warpage of the substrate is suppressed. More preferably a measurement unit for measuring the curvature or warpage of the substrate is included.01-12-2012
20120152167Wallpaper Border Sizing Sealant Applicator Tool & Paint Trim Guide - A wallpaper border sealant applicator tool includes a cross-beam member having slide block members attached to each end thereof with a through opening in each slide block member. A column member is mounted in each of the through openings for sliding engagement of the cross-beam member with respect to the column members. Each end of a guide bar member is attached to the column members such that a wallpaper border width can be set between the cross-beam member and the guide bar member to provide a tool for applying sealant to the wall for the subsequent attachment of a wallpaper border.06-21-2012
20110088620DRUM COATER HAVING A NIR MEASURING UNIT - The film coating device having a perforated drum is provided with a stationary NIR measuring unit on the outside of the rotating drum wall. The measurement is made through the drum wall.04-21-2011
20090133625Coating Apparatus - The present invention provides a coating apparatus which can form a stable photochromic coating film. In the invention, a centering device, a lens height measuring device, a primer fluid applicator device, a primer spinning device, a drying device, a photochromic fluid applicator device, a photochromic spinning device, a UV device and a lens transport means comprising a pair of handling devices are provided to a coating apparatus. In the coating apparatus, it is possible to produce many photochromic lenses more efficiently by arranging devices and the lens transport means in such a manner that lens support portions of the centering device, the lens height measuring device, the primer spinning device, and the lens drying device are disposed inside the track of one handling device of the lens transport means, lens support portions of the UV device are disposed inside the track of the other handling device of the lens transport means, and the lens support portion of the photochromic spinning device is disposed inside both of the tracks.05-28-2009
20090133624Coating Apparatus - The present invention has as an object to provide a coating apparatus for forming a coating film on each of many lenses in a short time. To attain this object, in the coating apparatus for a lens according to the invention, a lens support portion of a lens centering device, a lens support portion of a lens spinning device, and a lens support portion of a lens drying device are arranged at equal distances. A pair of lens holding portions of a lens transport device are provided at the same distance as the distance between the lens support portions. The first lens holding portion of the lens holding portions transports the lens from the lens support portion of the centering device to the lens support portion of the applicator device, and the second lens holding portion of the lens holding portions simultaneously transports the lens from the lens support portion of the applicator device to the lens support portion of the drying device.05-28-2009
20100288195PLASMA PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS - Plasma processing of plural substrates is performed in a plasma processing apparatus, which is provided with a plasma processing chamber having an antenna electrode and a lower electrode for placing and retaining the plural substrates in turn within the plasma processing chamber, a gas feeder for feeding processing gas into the processing chamber, a vacuum pump for discharging gas from the processing chamber via a vacuum valve, and a solenoid coil for forming a magnetic field within the processing chamber. At least one of the plural substrates is placed on the lower electrode, and the processing gas is fed into the processing chamber. RF power is fed to the antenna electrode via a matching network to produce a plasma within the processing chamber in which a magnetic field has been formed by the solenoid coil. This placing of at least one substrate and this feeding of the processing gas are then repeated until the plasma processing of all of the plural substrates is completed. An end of seasoning is determined when a parameter including an internal pressure of the processing chamber has become stable to a steady value with plasma processing time.11-18-2010
20120210935APPLICATION AND INSPECTION SYSTEM - An application and inspection system comprises an application system for applying sealing compound to an edge region of a can end (08-23-2012
20100050940SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM, CARRYING DEVICE AND COATING DEVICE - A substrate processing system includes a processing unit, a substrate loading unit, a substrate unloading unit, and a carrying unit. A carrying device has a constitution in which a suction portion suctioning and holding a substrate is rotatable about an arm portion provided in a base portion and the substrate is rotated in the state where the substrate is held by a holding portion. A coating device has a constitution in which a liquid material is ejected from a nozzle to both surfaces of the substrate rotating in an upright state.03-04-2010
20100050939METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE PERFORMANCE OF IMPLANTING APPARATUS - A method for determining the performance of an implanting apparatus comprises the steps of forming a dopant barrier layer on a substrate, forming a target layer on the dopant barrier layer, performing an implanting process by using the implanting apparatus to implant dopants into the target layer such that the target layer becomes conductive, measuring at least one electrical property of the target layer, and determining the performance of the implanting apparatus by taking the electrical property into consideration. In one embodiment of the present invention, the dopant barrier layer is silicon nitride layer, the target layer is a polysilicon layer, and the electrical property is the sheet resistance of the conductive polysilicon layer.03-04-2010
20100012031Method and apparatus for optically characterizing the doping of a substrate - The invention relates to a method of optical characterization, comprising a step of evaluating the doping of a substrate (SUB) using a reflected beam emanating from a light source, said method being carried out using apparatus comprising: said light source (LAS) to produce an incident beam (I) in an axis of incidence; a first detector (DET01-21-2010
20120255491SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLASMA MONITORING USING MICROWAVES - A plasma detector system may include a high frequency generator arranged to send incident electromagnetic radiation through a plasma chamber of a plasma system; and a high frequency detection system arranged to detect signal intensity of high frequency radiation sent from the high frequency generator and transmitted through the plasma chamber.10-11-2012
20100206228Chemical Mechanical Vapor Deposition Device for Production of Bone Substitute Material - A method for fabricating a substitute component for bone, including the processes of: provision of a chemical spray including at least three of calcium chloride, hydrogen phosphate, hydrogen carbonate and water to form a combined solution; reaction and precipitation of the combined solution onto a substrate; allowing the precipitated particles to form a porous structure on the substrate; applying substantially isostatic pressure to the porous structure to form a compressed structure; and (optional) providing one or more through-holes in the compressed structure to promote osteoinduction.08-19-2010
20120298038DESKTOP WORKING APPARATUS - Provided is a full-automatic working apparatus which has a work-object conveying mechanism and can be used on a desk. The desktop working apparatus works a work-object as desired by moving relatively the work-object and a working head. The desktop working apparatus comprises a base desk, a working section placed on the base desk and having a working head and a working-head-driving mechanism, a loader placed integrally at the side portion of the desktop working apparatus, an unloader placed integrally at the side portion of the desktop working apparatus, a conveying section placed on the base desk to convey the work-object fed by the loader to the unloader, and a controlling section; the conveying section having a fixing mechanism for fixing the work-object at the working position, the working section having a working head placed above the working position, the controlling section having a first controller unit placed in the base desk and a second controller unit placed at the side portion or upper portion of the tabletop working apparatus.11-29-2012
20120298037MICROCHEMICAL NANOFACTORIES - Embodiments of an apparatus, system, and method for chemical synthesis and/or analysis are disclosed. One embodiment of a disclosed apparatus comprises a laminated, microfluidic structure defining a reactor and a separator. Such apparatuses, or portions thereof, generally have dimensions ranging from about 1 micrometer to about 100 micrometers. To implement synthetic processes, disclosed embodiments of the apparatus generally include at least one unit operation, such as a mixer, a valve, a separator, a detector, and combinations thereof. Individual apparatuses may be coupled both in series and in parallel to form a system for making chemical compounds. An individual apparatus or a system also can be used in combination with known devices and processes.11-29-2012
20120298036LIQUID DROPLET DISCHARGING DEVICE - A liquid droplet discharging device includes a stage section, a discharge head, a moving section, a maintenance device and a testing device. The stage section is configured and arranged to retain a substrate. The discharge head has a nozzle for discharging a liquid droplet of a liquid onto the substrate. The moving section supports the discharge head to move integrally with the discharge head relative to the stage section. The maintenance device is configured and arranged to perform a predetermined maintenance process on the discharge head. The testing device is configured and arranged to test liquid droplet discharge characteristics of the nozzle. The maintenance device and the testing devices are disposed at opposite sides in a direction of relative movement of the moving section and the stage section, with the stage section being disposed therebetween.11-29-2012
20100326355SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING PARTS HAVING APERTURES WITH DEPOSITED COATINGS AND METHODS FOR FORMING THE SAME - Holes in semiconductor processing reactor parts are sized to facilitate deposition of protective coatings, such as by chemical vapor deposition at atmospheric pressure. In some embodiments, the holes each have a flow constriction that narrows the holes in one part and that also divides the holes into one or more other portions. In some embodiments, the aspect ratios of the one or more other portions are about 15:1 or less, or about 7:1 or less, and have a cylindrical or conical cross-sectional shape. The holes are coated with a protective coating, such as a silicon carbide coating, by chemical vapor deposition, including chemical vapor deposition at atmospheric pressure.12-30-2010
20100326354SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM, CARRYING DEVICE, AND COATING DEVICE - A substrate processing system includes a processing unit, a substrate loading unit, a substrate unloading unit, and a carrying unit. A carrying device has a constitution in which a suction portion suctioning and holding a substrate is rotatable about an arm portion provided in a base portion and the substrate is rotated in the state where the substrate is held by a holding portion. A coating device has a constitution in which a liquid material is ejected from a nozzle to both surfaces of the substrate rotating in an upright state.12-30-2010
20120266818ATMOSPHERIC FILM-COATING DEVICE AND FILM-MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - An atmospheric film-coating device and a film-manufacturing apparatus are described. The atmospheric film-coating device includes a delivery device and a nebulization device. The delivery device is suitable for delivering at least one substrate. The nebulization device is used to gasify a film coating solution toward a direction indirectly to the at least one substrate into a plurality of film coating vapor molecules to deposit on a surface of the at least one substrate.10-25-2012
20100186667VERTICAL HEAT PROCESSING APPARATUS AND COMPONENT FOR SAME, FOR FORMING HIGH DIELECTRIC CONSTANT FILM - A vertical heat processing apparatus for forming a high dielectric constant film of a metal oxide by deposition includes a reaction container configured to accommodate a plurality of target substrates at intervals in a vertical direction; a support member configured to support the target substrates inside the reaction container; a heater configured to heat the target substrates inside the reaction container; an exhaust system configured to exhaust gas from inside the reaction container; and a gas supply system configured to supply a metal source gas and an oxidizing gas into the reaction container, wherein the gas supply system includes a gas nozzle disposed inside the reaction container, and the gas nozzle is made of a metal consisting mainly of titanium.07-29-2010
20120279447COATING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REAL-TIMELY MONITORING THICKNESS CHANGE OF COATING FILM - A method for real-timely monitoring thickness change of a coating film is disclosed. In the method, a coating module having a chamber and a film thickness-monitoring module containing an SPR optical fiber sensor, a light source, a light-receiving detector, and optical fibers are first provided. The optical fibers are used to connect the SPR optical fiber sensor with the light source and the light-receiving detector. The SPR optical fiber sensor has a sensing area and is arranged in the chamber. The light source provides the SPR optical fiber sensor with light. Then, a substrate is put into the chamber. While coating process is performed on the substrate, a film is also formed on the sensing area of the SPR optical fiber sensor. The light-receiving detector receives signals output from the sensing area of the SPR optical fiber sensor and then outputs signals of light-intensity change.11-08-2012
20120325146Plasma Processing Apparatus - Disclosed is a plasma processing apparatus which performs plasma processing under substantially atmospheric pressure to a non-planar subject to be processed. In the plasma processing apparatus, a pair of conductive wires are disposed at an interval of 1 mm or less on a dielectric board that conforms with the shape of the subject, the conductive wires are covered with a dielectric thin film having a thickness of 1 mm or less by, for instance, thermally spraying a dielectric material over the conductive wires, and plasma is generated along the shape of subject by applying high-frequency power to the pair of conductive wires.12-27-2012
20120318196SYSTEM FOR FORMING SUPERCONDUCTOR MATERIAL ON A TAPE SUBSTRATE - There is disclosed a system for forming a superconductor material on a substrate. The system may comprise a dispensing reel; a spooling reel; and at least two modular reaction chambers, wherein at least one modular reaction chamber is connected to a supply of buffer precursor material and at least one other modular reaction chamber is connected to a supply of superconductor precursor material. The modular reaction chambers may include connections capable of being modified to add or remove adjacent components. It is understood that at least one of the spooling reel and/or the dispensing reel are exposed to normal atmosphere. The deposition chamber may also comprise a distribution head that provides a laminar flow of precursor materials onto the substrate, as well as at least one lamp comprising a reflector that directs UV and/or visible light towards the tape substrate to enhance a growth rate of material.12-20-2012
20120090542REACTOR DEVICE WITH REMOVABLE DEPOSITION MONITOR - A reactor apparatus includes a first chamber coupled to a first source of vacuum, a monitor chamber isolated from the first chamber and coupled to a second source of vacuum, and at least one removable deposition monitor disposed in the monitor chamber.04-19-2012
20120137972FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A film forming apparatus which forms a film on a long substrate includes a film forming unit, a transport unit which transports the long substrate, a supply portion which supplies an inspection substrate onto the long substrate, and a substrate recovery portion which recovers the inspection substrate that was placed on the long substrate and that has a film formed thereon by the film forming unit.06-07-2012
20130008379ORGANIC LAYER DEPOSITION APPARATUS - An organic layer deposition apparatus that may be precisely aligned with a substrate during a deposition process. The apparatus includes: a deposition source; a deposition source nozzle unit; and a patterning slit sheet, which is spaced from and smaller than the substrate, and having a plurality of patterning slits arranged in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction. Deposition is performed while the substrate is moved relative to the deposition apparatus in the first direction. The patterning slit sheet includes first and second alignment marks that are spaced from each other. The substrate includes first and second alignment patterns that are spaced from each other. The deposition apparatus also includes first and second camera assemblies for respectively photographing the first alignment mark/pattern and the second alignment mark/pattern. A moving speed of the substrate is synchronized with shooting speeds of the first and second camera assemblies.01-10-2013
20130014697Container Having Multiple Compartments Containing Liquid Material for Multiple Wafer-Processing ChambersAANM Kanayama; HirokiAACI Nagaoka-shiAACO JPAAGP Kanayama; Hiroki Nagaoka-shi JP - A container for containing a liquid material for processing a wafer includes: a container body; a divider dividing the interior of the container body and defining compartments fluid-tightly sealed off from each other except for bottom portions of the compartments; gas inlet ports for introducing gas to the respective compartments and gas outlet ports for discharging gas from the respective compartments; and a liquid level sensor provided in one of the compartments for keeping a liquid surface of a liquid material above the bottom portions when the container is in use conditions.01-17-2013
20110146574INKJET ULTRASONIC CLEANING STATION - A microdeposition system includes a printhead carriage that includes N rows of nozzles and that moves along a first axis; a stage that holds a substrate; and a maintenance station located at a position along the first axis that is past an edge of the substrate. The N rows of nozzles selectively deposit droplets of fluid manufacturing material onto the substrate. The maintenance station includes a capping station and an ultrasonic cleaning station located in a middle of the capping station. N is an integer greater than one.06-23-2011
20080223299SYSTEM FOR DETECTING PLASMA REACTION AND METHOD FOR USING THE SAME - A system for detecting a plasma reaction and a method for using the same are provided. When the plasma reaction changes its reaction power, a lightness variation accompanies the power change. The system comprises a sensing device with a resistance that the resistance of the sensing device will be changed in response to the lightness variation; thereby the system can detect the status of the plasma reaction.09-18-2008
20130167772FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A film forming apparatus includes a substrate holding unit holding substrates at intervals; a reaction chamber accommodating the substrate holding unit; a raw material gas supply pipe supplying a raw material gas of a thin film to the substrate; a support unit supporting the reaction chamber; a heating unit being disposed outside the reaction chamber and heating the substrates; a protection pipe including one end portion fixed to the support unit, being extended along an arrangement direction of the substrates between the substrate holding unit and the reaction chamber, and including a temperature measuring unit inserted therein; and a protrusion portion being provided on at least one of an outer surface of the protection pipe and an inner surface of the reaction chamber, and providing a gap between the outer surface of the protection pipe and the inner surface of the reaction chamber.07-04-2013
20130133576VACUUM PROCESSING DEVICE - An exhaust opening of a process chamber (05-30-2013
20130133575METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING THE THICKNESS OF A COATING LAYER ON A RUNNING STRIP - A method and device for measuring the thickness of a coating material layer of a running strip according to which, by means of an eddy current sensor for at least one area of the strip, a quantity is measured, representative of the thickness of the coating layer and the thickness of the coating layer is determined from the measured quantity and from at least one calibration value. The measurement made with an eddy current sensor comprises the measurement of the complex impedance of a coil facing the running strip for a low excitation frequency and a high excitation frequency and the elaboration of a quantity representative of the thickness of the coating layer from said complex impedance measurements. A device for applying the method and a coating installation equipped with the device.05-30-2013
20130092084Systems and Methods for Measuring, Monitoring and Controlling Ozone Concentration - Systems and methods to determine ozone concentration in a gas mixture of ozone and oxygen, based on measurements of a total mass flow and a corresponding change in a chamber pressure accepting the mixture flow, can enable the measurements of ozone concentration at low pressure settings. The ozone concentration determination can be applied to a vacuum processing chamber, enabling precision semiconductor processing.04-18-2013
20130112140APPARATUS FOR GROWTH OF DILUTE-NITRIDE MATERIALS USING AN ISOTOPE FOR ENHANCING THE SENSITIVITY OF RESONANT NUCLEAR REACTION ANALYSIS - In certain desirable embodiments, the present invention relates to the use of 05-09-2013
20100307414Take-Up Type Vacuum Deposition Apparatus - [Object] To provide a take-up type vacuum deposition apparatus capable of preventing a thermal deformation of a base material due to charged particles leaked from a neutralization unit without an increase in size of the apparatus.12-09-2010
20120272899SYSTEM FOR APPLYING HOT MELT ADHESIVE POWDER ONTO A NON-METALLIC OBJECT SURFACE - A system for applying hot melt adhesive powder onto a non-metallic object surface comprises a convey belt, a radiation chamber, a spraying chamber and a heating chamber. The convey belt is used to deliver a non-metallic object treated by a cleaning agent and a conductive liquid through the radiation chamber where the surface of the non-metallic objected is radiated by ultraviolet rays and ozone and then through the spraying chamber where the surface of the non-metallic object is sprayed with charged hot melt adhesive powder, and finally into the heating chamber where the hot melt adhesive powder attached onto the non-metallic object will be melted into a liquid adhesive film ready to be bonded.11-01-2012
20130118403CHEMICAL BATH DEPOSITION SYSTEM - A chemical bath deposition system is used for forming a buffer layer on a back electrode substrate having a photoelectric transducing layer. The chemical bath deposition system includes a chemical bath tank, a chemical-solution purification device, and a dosing device. The chemical bath tank is used for storing a buffer-layer solution including cation and anion. The cation is adapted to react with the anion to form the buffer layer when the back electrode substrate is immersed in the buffer-layer solution. The chemical-solution purification device is communicated with the chemical bath tank for removing residual cation to obtain a purified solution after the cation reacts with the anion to form the buffer layer. The dosing device is for performing compensation of the cation according to a component ratio of a purified solution.05-16-2013
20130186331QUALITY INSPECTION OF CONTAINER COATINGS - A method and apparatus are disclosed for testing and inspecting containers coated by means of a plasma treatment, e.g. plastic bottles, which are coated for instance with amorphous silicon oxide or carbon compounds. The containers are tested by a measuring device trace-gas-analytically, e.g. mass-spectrometrically, for undesired foreign substances, such as acetaldehyde and/or antimony, escaping from the container material after a plasma coating treatment.07-25-2013
20130186332PROCESSING APPARATUS AND PROCESS STATUS CHECKING METHOD - A processing apparatus includes a processing chamber, gas supply paths provided in a corresponding relationship with the kinds of process gases supplied into the processing chamber, and valves respectively arranged in the gas supply paths. The apparatus further includes a measuring unit for measuring a physical parameter associated with each of the process gases passing through the gas supply paths, a register unit which stores the physical parameter, and a control unit configured to determine a process status based on the physical parameter stored in the register unit. The register unit is provided in a lower-hierarchy control device connected to the control unit of a higher hierarchy to transmit and receive signals to and from the control unit. The lower-hierarchy control device is configured to control input and output signals between the control unit and end devices under the control of the control unit.07-25-2013
20130186333METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR OVERLAYING ELECTRONIC MARKING INFORMATION ON FACILITIES MAP INFORMATION AND/OR OTHER IMAGE INFORMATION DISPLAYED ON A MARKING DEVICE - A marking device for a marking operation to mark a presence or an absence of one or more underground facilities is configured to access and display facilities map information, and/or other image information, as a visual aid to facilitate the marking operation. In various aspects, methods and apparatus relate to: selection of a “base” facilities map, or information from a database of facilities map data, relating to a given work site/dig area; selection of a pan and/or zoom (resolution) for displaying facilities map information; updating displayed facilities map information while a marking device is used during a marking operation (e.g. changing pan, zoom and/or orientation); overlaying on the displayed facilities map information marking information and/or landmark information relating to the marking operation; and storing locally on the marking device, and/or transmitting from the marking device, facilities map information and/or overlaid marking/landmark information (e.g., for further processing, analysis and/or subsequent display).07-25-2013
20130206063ADHESIVE APPLICATION APPARATUS AND METHODS - Adhesive application apparatus and methods are disclosed herein. An example adhesive application apparatus includes a spray assembly to apply a quantity of mixed adhesive to a designated spray area of a panel. The spray assembly has a spray boom to support a spray nozzle and an adhesive mixing chamber. The adhesive mixing chamber is coupled to the spray assembly upstream from the spray nozzle. A first fluid path provides a first adhesive component to the adhesive mixing chamber and a second fluid path provides a second adhesive to the adhesive mixing chamber.08-15-2013
20130206064GLOSS PROCESSING APPARATUS - A sheet of paper is set on a paper-supplying portion of a back surface gloss processing apparatus while its top surface is faced upward. A gloss level sensor measures a gloss level of a back surface of the sheet of paper. Data of this measurement is compared with a previously set threshold value. When this measurement result does not exceed the threshold value, it is determined that the gloss processing has not been performed on the back surface thereof. It is then determined whether or not the presently set operation mode is a top surface gloss processing mode. When determining that the present operation mode is not the top surface gloss processing mode, the operation mode is automatically changed from a presently set back surface gloss processing mode to the top surface gloss processing mode.08-15-2013
20130206065IN SITU SUBSTRATE DETECTION FOR A PROCESSING SYSTEM USING INFRARED DETECTION - Infrared detection is used to monitor the temperature within a vapor transport deposition processing chamber. Changes in temperature that occur when a substrate passes an infrared detector are detected and used to precisely locate a position of the substrate within the chamber. Position correction of the substrate can also be implemented.08-15-2013