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118 - Coating apparatus

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118666000 Temperature responsive 32
118668000 Responsive to attribute, absence or presence of work 30
118688000 Responsive to condition of coating material 24
118665000 Condition of coated material 9
118664000 Sampling of associated base 1
20090205566Line marking apparatus - A line marking apparatus includes a chassis (08-20-2009
20130087097FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - An apparatus is configured to include a gas supplying part configured to supply a plasma generating gas on a surface on a substrate mounting area side in a turntable and an antenna configured to convert the plasma generating gas to plasma by induction coupling and provided facing the surface of the substrate mounting area side in the turntable so as to extend from a center part to an outer edge part of the turntable. The antenna is arranged so as to have a distance from the turntable in the substrate mounting area not less than 3 mm longer on the center part side than on the outer edge part side.04-11-2013
20110271907Device for processing a substrate, method of processing a substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device - Provided is a substrate processing apparatus and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, which are hard to cause a defect in processing a substrate owing to that a pressure inside a process chamber is not kept constant, and which enable a better processing of a substrate.11-10-2011
20100170434Method for controlling the volume of a molecular beam - A molecular beam source for use in thin-film accumulation, which enables the adjustment of the volume of a molecular beam, which is discharged per hour by using a needle valve, to be constant irrespective of a decrease in a thin-film element-forming material remaining within a crucible, contains heaters 07-08-2010
20110297082PLASMA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND SAMPLE STAGE - A plasma processing apparatus includes a metallic basic material arranged in a sample stage, a dielectric film of dielectric material disposed on an upper surface of the basic material, the dielectric film being formed through a plasma spray process; a film-shaped heater disposed in the dielectric film, the heater being formed through a plasma spray process; an adhesive layer arranged on the dielectric film; a sintered ceramic plate having a thickness ranging from about 0.2 mm to about 0.4 mm, the sintered ceramic plate being adhered onto the dielectric film by the adhesive layer; a sensor disposed in the basic material for sensing a temperature; and a controller for receiving an output from the sensor and adjusting quantity of heat generated by the heater.12-08-2011
20100089316Plasma treatment apparatus and plasma treatment method - A plasma treatment apparatus includes a susceptor, a silica cover covering a plasma generating area above the susceptor, a chamber housing the susceptor and the silica cover, a gas inlet introducing conditioning gas into the chamber, a plasma generator generating a plasma of the conditioning gas configured to perform conditioning of the silica cover, an analyzing unit configured to monitor changes in a nitride layer on the surface of the silica cover, and a control unit connected to the analyzing unit configured to determine completion of the conditioning based on the change in the nitride layer.04-15-2010
20090266296ATOMIC LAYER GROWING APPARATUS - An atomic layer growing apparatus includes a film forming chamber (10-29-2009
20090183676COATING SOLUTION SUPPLY APPARATUS - A coating solution supply apparatus of the present invention has a closed-type coating solution supply source which stores the coating solution therein; a supply pipe for supplying the coating solution from the coating solution supply source to the coating nozzle; and a pump which is provided along the supply pipe and pressure-feeds the coating solution to the coating nozzle, wherein an inside of the coating solution supply source is pressurized to a predetermined pressure by supply of an inert gas to prevent the inside of the coating solution supply source from being brought to a negative pressure even when the pump is operated to pressure-feed the coating solution to the coating nozzle.07-23-2009
20110005458METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING SCRIBE ACCURACY IN SOLAR CELL MODULES - Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a process and apparatus for monitoring and controlling the accuracy and spacing of isolation trenches scribed in a solar module during the fabrication process. In one embodiment, encoder marks, and optionally, encoder lines are scribed into a front contact layer of a solar cell device substrate. The encoder marks and lines may then be used via one or more subsequent scribe modules to control the pulsing and positioning of a laser device to provide accurate and consistent trench lines in various layers of the completed solar module.01-13-2011
20110220022THIN FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS - A thin film deposition apparatus includes: a deposition source that discharges a deposition material; a deposition source nozzle unit disposed at a side of the deposition source and including a plurality of deposition source nozzles arranged in a first direction; a patterning slit sheet disposed opposite to the deposition source nozzle unit and including a plurality of patterning slits arranged in the first direction; a position detection member that detects a relative position of the substrate to the patterning slit sheet; and an alignment control member that controls a relative position of the patterning slit sheet to the substrate by using the relative position of the substrate detected by the position detection member, wherein the thin film deposition apparatus and the substrate are separated from each other, and the thin film deposition apparatus and the substrate are moved relative to each other.09-15-2011
20110220021APPARATUS FOR VAPOR PHASE PROCESSING OPHTHALMIC DEVICES - This invention discloses apparatus for processing one or more of a Lens Precursor, a Lens Precursor Form and an ophthalmic Lens. The apparatus provides for vapor phase processing of the subject Lens Precursor, a Lens Precursor Form and an ophthalmic Lens.09-15-2011
20100212588SEMICONDUCTOR SINGLE CRYSTAL PRODUCTION APPARATUS - An apparatus designed to increase the quality of a low-resistance semiconductor single crystal doped with an N-type volatile dopant to a high concentration and increase the production yield by controlling the pressure inside the furnace with good controllability. A vacuum line, a pressure control valve, and an open valve are newly added to the conventional semiconductor single crystal production apparatus. A controller controls the pressure control valve on the basis of a detection value of pressure detection means so as to obtain the desired low resistance value of the semiconductor single crystal. The open valve is controlled so that the open valve is opened in a case where the pressure inside the furnace detected by the pressure detection means reaches an abnormal value.08-26-2010
20110023777CYLINDRICAL INTERNAL SURFACE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A cylindrical internal surface processing apparatus has an internal diameter measuring device and a controller. The internal diameter measuring device measures an internal diameter of an internal cylindrical bore formed in a base member to obtain a measurement result of the internal diameter of the internal cylindrical bore. The controller includes a surface roughening control section and a quality determining section. The surface roughening control section controls operation of a surface roughening equipment to form a rough surface section and an internal diameter measuring surface section on the internal cylindrical bore. The internal diameter measuring surface section is smoother than the rough surface section. The quality determining section determines if the rough surface section is acceptable to allow a subsequent thermally sprayed coating to be applied on the rough surface section based on the internal diameter measurement result at the internal diameter measuring surface section of the internal cylindrical bore.02-03-2011
20090217871THIN FILM DEPOSITION APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MAINTAINING THE SAME - A thin film deposition apparatus and a method of maintaining the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a thin film deposition apparatus includes: a chamber including a removable chamber cover; one or more reactors housed in the chamber; a chamber cover lifting device connected to the chamber cover. The chamber cover lifting device is configured to move the chamber cover vertically between a lower position and an upper position. The apparatus further includes a level sensing device configured to detect whether the chamber cover is level, and a level maintaining device configured to adjust the chamber cover if the chamber cover is not level. This configuration maintains the chamber cover to be level as a condition for further vertical movement of the chamber cover.09-03-2009
20110061591ELECTRON BEAM LAYER MANUFACTURING - A process and apparatus for free form fabrication of a three-dimensional work piece comprising (a) feeding raw material in a solid state to a first predetermined location; (b) depositing the raw material onto a substrate as a molten pool deposit under a first processing condition; (c) monitoring the molten pool deposit for a preselected condition; (d) comparing information about the preselected condition of the monitored molten pool deposit with a predetermined desired value for the preselected condition of the monitored molten pool deposit; (e) solidifying the molten pool deposit; (f) automatically altering the first processing condition to a different processing condition based upon information obtained from the comparing step (d); and repeating steps (a) through (f) at one or more second locations for building up layer by layer a three-dimensional work piece. The apparatus is characterized by a detector that monitors a preselected condition of the deposited material and a closed loop electronic control device for controlling operation of one or more components of the apparatus in response to a detected condition by the detector.03-17-2011
20110253043Nozzle, Substrate Processing Apparatus Including The Nozzle, And Processing Solution Supply Method Using The Apparatus - In one embodiment, the nozzle includes a first body having an open lower surface and a plurality of buffer spaces to store a processing solution therein. A first shutter is disposed at a lower part of the first body to selectively open and close lower surfaces of the buffer spaces, and a driving unit configured to move the first shutter or the first body so that a position of the first shutter is varied relative to the buffer spaces.10-20-2011
20100095889PLASMA DOPING APPARATUS - There are installed, on a surface of an window on a vacuum chamber side, an insulating side face portion, which extends radially from the center of a generating unit of a plasma generating device and is disposed so as to be orthogonal to a substrate mounting face of an electrode, and a conductive layer, which is made of a material identical to that for the substrate and placed in an area corresponding to the generating unit on the surface of the window on the vacuum chamber side.04-22-2010
20100095888PLASMA GENERATING APPARATUS AND PLASMA FILM FORMING APPARATUS - A plasma generating apparatus is provided with an impedance matching member, which is connected to a feeding line that supplies an antenna element with a high frequency signal, and has variable characteristic parameters for impedance matching; a distribution wire, which is arranged corresponding to the impedance matching member and connects the impedance matching member with at least two antenna elements; and a control section which changes at the same time impedance matching statuses of at least the two antenna elements connected to the impedance matching member through the distribution wire by changing the characteristic parameters of the impedance member. Thus, the number of impedance matching devices is smaller than that of the antenna elements, and a mechanism relating to impedance matching is made relatively small.04-22-2010
20100095887Electronic Systems and Methods for Distributing a Food Product Over a Turntable - A method and system for distributing sauce is disclosed. The method and system may include retrieving runtime parameters from memory or from user input, for distributing sauce onto pizza dough from an arm positioned over a turntable. The method and system may include coordinating turntable speed, sauce dispensing speed, and arm movement speed.04-22-2010
20090133622PLASMA ASSISTED APPARATUS FOR ORGANIC FILM DEPOSITION - A plasma assisted apparatus for organic film deposition, comprising: a plasma chamber, capable of thermally cracking a precursor in the plasma chamber; and a deposition chamber, being channeled with the plasma chamber for receiving the thermally cracked precursor. In an exemplary embodiment, the deposition chamber further comprises a substrate device, being provided for the thermally cracked precursor to deposit thereon to form an organic film. As the plasma chamber is separated from the deposition chamber in the aforesaid apparatus, a low-temperature film deposition process can be used for forming organic films while preventing the substrate device from being bombarded directly by plasma. In addition, as there is a flow guiding device arranged at the outlet of the plasma chamber, the thermally cracked precursor is guided or disturbed and thus is prevented from overly concentrating at the outlet or the center of the substrate device. Thereby, surface roughness as well as uniformity of the organic film can be effectively improved.05-28-2009
20110232566METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SHAPING A GAS PROFILE NEAR BEVEL EDGE - A method for etching a bevel edge of a substrate in a processing chamber is provided. The method includes flowing an inert gas into a center region of the processing chamber defined above a center region of the substrate and flowing a mixture of an inert gas and a processing gas over an edge region of the substrate. The method further includes striking a plasma in the edge region, wherein the flow of the inert gas and the flow of the mixture maintain a mass fraction of the processing gas substantially constant. A processing chamber configured to clean a bevel edge of a substrate is also provided.09-29-2011
20080223298RECOVERY PROCESSING METHOD TO BE ADOPTED IN SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS AND PROGRAM - The present invention provides a recovery processing method to restore the substrate processing apparatus to an operating state after correcting an abnormality having occurred in the substrate processing apparatus in operation and having resulted in a stop in the operation, comprising a substrate retrieval step in which substrate salvage processing is first executed for a wafer W left in a chamber in the substrate processing apparatus in correspondence to the extent to which the wafer has been processed at the time of the operation stop and the substrate having undergone the substrate salvage processing is then retrieved into the cassette storage container and an apparatus internal state restoration step in which the states inside the individual chambers of the substrate processing apparatus are restored.09-18-2008
20130092083PHOTORESIST COATER CARRYING SYSTEM AND PHOTORESIST COATER HAVING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a photoresist coater, which includes a receiving space consisting a top slab and a bottom slab, supporting pins and a carrying tray disposed in the receiving space. The supporting pins are coupled to the carrying tray. The photoresist coater further includes an adjustment mechanism disposed in the receiving space for automatically adjusting a height of the carrying tray. The adjustment mechanism is coupled to the carrying tray. The present invention further relates to a photoresist coater carrying system. The carrying system and the corresponding photoresist coater have a simpler way of operation and higher adjustment accuracy.04-18-2013
20120272897Pipe Conditioning Tool - A pipe conditioning tool comprising a drive unit to move the tool along a pipe and a work head rotatable about an axis of the pipe to condition a surface of the pipe, the drive unit includes a frame extending to opposite sides of the pipe, the frame having legs extending radially beyond the work head to provide support for the tool upon removal from said pipe.11-01-2012
20100064969SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING PLANT - Fluorine gas generators are connected with semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses through a gas supplying system including a storage tank that can store a predetermined quantity of fluorine gas generated in the on-site fluorine gas generators. When one or more of the on-site fluorine gas generators are stopped, fluorine gas is supplied to the semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses from the storage tank storing a predetermined quantity of fluorine gas, so as to keep the operations of the semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses. Thereby obtained is a semiconductor manufacturing plant in which fluorine gas generated in the fluorine gas generators can be safely and stably supplied to the semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses, and with superior cost performance.03-18-2010
20120024226LIP DRIVE PART FOR T-DIE - A lip drive part for a T-die that adjusts a gap between first and second lips includes an actuator acts on a flexible lip part forming at least one of the first and second lips of a T-die body, includes a lever that acts on the flexible lip part, a first bellows that narrow the gap by acting on the lever when being expanded, and a second bellows that widen the gap by acting on the lever when being expanded.02-02-2012