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117 - Single-crystal, oriented-crystal, and epitaxy growth processes; non-coating apparatus therefor

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117206000 For crystallization from liquid or supercritical state 98
117201000 With means for measuring, testing, or sensing 8
117204000 With means for treating single-crystal (e.g., heat treating) 4
20110197809SINGLE CRYSTAL COOLER AND SINGLE CRYSTAL GROWER INCLUDING THE SAME - Provided are a single crystal cooler and a single crystal grower including the same. The single crystal cooler includes a cooling main body and a passage. The passage is formed on an inner wall and an outer wall of the cooling main body. The passage allows cooling materials to move therethrough. The single crystal cooler has a cylindrical shape. A first inner diameter R08-18-2011
20110067626Apparatus for the fabrication of periodically poled frequency doubling crystals - A laser heated pedestal growth system for growing a periodically poled, single crystal rod having domain interfaces substantially parallel to the rod's long axis. Suitable crystalline ferroelectric feed materials have a Curie temperature no greater than ˜200° C. below its melting point and include Lithium Niobate and MgO doped Lithium Niobate. The system comprises:03-24-2011
20100018455System for Forming SiC Crystals Having Spatially Uniform Doping Impurities - A physical vapor transport system includes a growth chamber charged with source material and a seed crystal in spaced relation, and at least one capsule having at least one capillary extending between an interior thereof and an exterior thereof, wherein the interior of the capsule is charged with a dopant. Each capsule is installed in the growth chamber. Through a growth reaction carried out in the growth chamber following installation of each capsule therein, a crystal is formed on the seed crystal using the source material, wherein the formed crystal is doped with the dopant.01-28-2010
20090020069Multi-Beam Optical Afterheater for Laser Heated Pedestal Growth - A post-growth optical afterheater system includes an appropriate choice of optical heat source for the single crystal material to be heated, a power adjustment module for controlling the optical power heating the crystal, and suitable focusing optics to focus the heating beam onto the crystal. The heat source may be a laser of appropriate wavelength or an incoherent source of sufficient power. In one embodiment, the power adjustment module is an optical attenuator, either of crossed-polarizer design or of intersecting wire grids. The focusing optics may be refractive, reflective, or catadioptric, depending on factors such as diameter, cost target, and space available in the crystal growth apparatus.01-22-2009
20090173275Supporting table having heaters inside crystal-growing furnace - A supporting table having heaters inside a crystal-growing furnace includes a table plate and a plurality of supporting posts, wherein the supporting posts support the table plate and are, respectively, electrically connected with the heaters. Each supporting post includes, among others, a graphite electrode post, a metal electrode post, and an anchoring base. The supporting posts are each with its graphite electrode post screwed to a nut portion of the metal electrode post, and with the metal electrode post fixed to a wall of the crystal-growing furnace. The anchoring base includes, among others, a flange and an elastic washer, where the flange is welded to the wall of the furnace, and with the help of elasticity adjustment of the elastic washer, the supporting table can bear an equal distribution of loading from the supporting posts. To distribute weight of the supporting table and to stably secure the supporting table on the wall of the crystal-growing furnace will make a crucible in the furnace not easy to fall down so as to avoid incurring of public casualty. Further, to thin the table plate of the supporting table will facilitate a uniform transfer of heat to the crucible, and will facilitate a uniform crystal growth for silicon slurry when the crucible is cooled.07-09-2009
20090158995Crystal-Growing furnace with convectional cooling structure - A crystal-growing furnace with a convectional cooling structure includes a furnace body, a heating room, and at least one heater. The heating room is accommodated in the furnace body, and includes an upper partition, a plurality of side partitions, and a lower partition. The upper partition is provided with an upper opening, and the lower partition with a central opening. Further, the heating room is provided with an upper door, a lower door, an upper driver, and a lower driver. When silicon slurry is to be cooled and solidified, cooling gaseous stream flows into a lower portion of the heating room through the central opening. Then the upper opening is opened by the upper door which is driven by the upper driver, so that heated gaseous stream is discharged from the upper opening and flows downward along furnace inside wall, and flows back to the heating room from the central opening. Therefore, an automatic convectional circulating cooling flow field can be formed, such that the silicon slurry can be cooled quickly with time saved and production efficiency improved. Further, in the process of cooling and crystal growing from the silicon slurry, solidification and crystallization start from bottom to upward of the silicon slurry, such that inner stress and corner fracture may not be occurred to the silicon crystal ingots, and that a desirable quality of the silicon crystal ingots can be obtained.06-25-2009
20110277682DIRECTIONAL SOLID PHASE CRYSTALLIZATION OF THIN AMORPHOUS SILICON FOR SOLAR CELL APPLICATIONS - Embodiments of the invention provide a system for heat treating a substrate which includes a first processing chamber having a first processing region coupled with a precursor source assembly configured to deliver a silicon containing gas to an upper surface of a substrate disposed within the first processing region in order to form an amorphous silicon film on the upper surface. The system further includes a substrate support having a heating element configured to heat the substrate to a temperature sufficient to crystallize the amorphous silicon film by solid phase crystallization and to create a temperature gradient in which a temperature at the lower surface of the substrate is greater than a temperature at the upper surface of the amorphous silicon film and the temperature gradient is within a range from about 2° C. to about 10° C.11-17-2011
20090090296APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING POLY CRYSTALINE SILICON INGOT FOR SOLAR BATTERY HAVING DOOR OPEN/CLOSE DEVICE USING HINGE - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for manufacturing a polycrystalline silicon ingot for solar batteries having a door control device using a hinge. The apparatus includes a vacuum chamber, a crucible, a susceptor which surrounds the crucible, a heater which heats the crucible, and an insulation plate which is disposed below the susceptor and has an opening therein. The apparatus further includes a cooling plate which moves upwards through the opening of the insulation plate and comes into close contact with or approaches the lower end of the susceptor, a cooling plate moving unit which actuates the cooling plate, a temperature sensor which measures the temperature of the crucible, and a control unit which controls the temperature in the crucible and the cooling plate moving unit. Furthermore, a door is provided on the insulation plate to open or close the opening of the insulation plate. The hinge is provided between the door and the insulation plate. Thus, after the raw silicon material is melted, when the cooling plate moves upwards to cool the crucible and thus pushes the lower surface of the door upwards, the door is opened by the hinge in a swinging manner, and when the cooling plate approaches or comes into contact with the lower end of the susceptor, one end of the opened door is leaned on a corresponding surface of the cooling plate.04-09-2009
20090211517CRUCIBLE HOLDING MEMBER AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A crucible holding member includes a mesh body which includes a plurality of strands woven each including a plurality of carbon fibers. The mesh body has a triaxial weave structure including a plurality of first strands, a plurality of second strands and a plurality of third strands. The plurality of first strands are provided in a first direction inclined at a first angle with respect to a central axis of the mesh body. The plurality of second strands are provided so that the plurality of first strands and the plurality of second strands are substantially symmetrical with respect to the central axis. The plurality of third strands are provided substantially along the central axis. A matrix is filled in interstices between the carbon fibers.08-27-2009
20100212582MODIFICATION PROCESS OF SYNTHETIC SILICA POWDER AND ITS QUARTZ GLASS PRODUCT - A modification process of the synthetic quartz powder, which can make a quartz glass product hardly having bubbles at the time of fusing, is provided, along with a modification process of the synthetic quartz powder and a glass product using said modified quartz powder are provided, wherein the synthetic quartz powder is kept in helium atmosphere at least in the temperature falling process, when the amorphous synthetic quartz powder produced by the sol-gel method is carried out by heat treatment in a vacuum furnace at more than the degas temperature and less than the baking temperature, wherein the highest temperature in the helium atmosphere is preferably set to from more than 700° C. to less than 1400° C., and the helium atmosphere is kept to less than 400° C.08-26-2010
20110132256CAPSULE AND ELEMENTS FOR SYNTHESISED DIAMOND PRODUCTION - The present invention consists in obtaining, with the capsule described, a vertical gradient favorable for diamond growth that prevails over any radial gradient by means of heating discs placed at the ends of the heating area, which implies a considerable control over the growth conditions. More specifically, in regard to the rate of growth, it allows for a better control of the quality of large crystals. Another important novelty is to use a source of carbon with a special design formed by cylindrical and conical hollows (graphite, amorphous carbon, diamond or other) with a solvent metal with a number of gases that are introduced in the capsule.06-09-2011
20120152166APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING SILICON CARBIDE SINGLE CRYSTAL - An apparatus for manufacturing a silicon carbide single crystal grows the silicon carbide single crystal on a seed crystal by supplying a material gas from below the seed crystal. The apparatus includes a heating container and a base located in the heating container. The seed crystal is mounded on the base. The apparatus further includes a first inlet for causing a purge gas to flow along an inner wall surface of the heating container, a purge gas source for supplying the purge gas to the first inlet, a second inlet for causing the purge gas to flow along an outer wall surface of the base, and a mechanism for supporting the base and for supplying the purge gas to the base from below the base.06-21-2012
20120160158COMPOSITE CRUCIBLE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The purpose of the present invention is to provide a crucible which has high viscosity at high temperature, can be used for a long time, and can be manufactured at low cost, and a method of manufacturing the crucible. The present invention provides a composite crucible including a vitreous silica crucible body having a sidewall portion and a bottom portion, and a reinforcement layer provided on an outer surface side of an upper end portion of the vitreous silica crucible body, wherein the reinforcement layer is made of mullite material whose main component is alumina and silica.06-28-2012
20120167821VITREOUS SILICA CRUCIBLE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a vitreous silica crucible including: a taking-out process of taking out the vitreous silica crucible from the mold, a honing process of removing the unfused silica powder layer on the outer surface of the vitreous silica crucible, and further comprising, after the taking-out process and before the honing process, a marking process of marking an identifier comprised of one or more groove line on the outer surface of the vitreous silica crucible, wherein the groove line after the honing process has a depth of 0.2 to 0.5 mm, and a width of 0.8 mm or more at the opening of the groove line.07-05-2012
20080223288Crystal growing apparatus - An object of the invention is to carry out the flux method with improved work efficiency while maintaining the purity of flux at high level and saving flux material cost. The sodium-purifying apparatus includes a sodium-holding-and-management apparatus for maintaining purified sodium (Na) in a liquid state. Liquid sodium is supplied into a sodium-holding-and-management apparatus through a liquid-sodium supply piping maintained at 100° C. to 200° C. The sodium-holding-and-management apparatus further has an argon-gas-purifying apparatus for controlling the condition of argon (Ar) gas that fills the internal space thereof. Thus, by opening and closing a faucet at desired timing, purified liquid sodium (Na) supplied from the sodium-purifying apparatus can be introduced into a crucible as appropriate via the liquid-sodium supply piping, the sodium-holding-and-management apparatus, and the piping.09-18-2008

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