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With decomposition of a precursor (except impurity or dopant precursor) composed of diverse atoms (e.g., CVD)

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117 - Single-crystal, oriented-crystal, and epitaxy growth processes; non-coating apparatus therefor


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117094000 With pretreatment or preparation of a base (e.g., annealing) 36
117104000 Using an organic precursor (e.g., propane, metal-organic, MOCVD, MOVPE) 11
117089000 Including change in a growth-influencing parameter (e.g., composition, temperature, concentration, flow rate) during growth (e.g., multilayer or junction or superlattice growing) 10
117103000 Using an energy beam or field, a particle beam or field, or a plasma (e.g., ionization, PECVD, CBE, MOMBE, RF induction, laser) 9
117098000 With a movement of substrate or vapor or gas supply means during growth (e.g., substrate rotation) 9
117102000 With significant flow manipulation or condition, other than merely specifying the components or their sequence or both 8
117101000 Characterized by specified crystallography or arrangement of substrate (e.g., wafer cassette, Miller index) 8
117099000 With a chemical reaction (except ionization) in a disparate zone to form a precursor (e.g., transport processes) 4
20090056619Halogen Assisted Physical Vapor Transport Method for Silicon Carbide Growth - A physical vapor transport growth technique for silicon carbide is disclosed. The method includes the steps of introducing a silicon carbide powder and a silicon carbide seed crystal into a physical vapor transport growth system, separately introducing a heated silicon-halogen gas composition into the system in an amount that is less than the stoichiometric amount of the silicon carbide source powder so that the silicon carbide source powder remains the stoichiometric dominant source for crystal growth, and heating the source powder, the gas composition, and the seed crystal in a manner that encourages physical vapor transport of both the powder species and the introduced silicon-halogen species to the seed crystal to promote bulk growth on the seed crystal.03-05-2009
20110155049MODERN HYDRIDE VAPOR-PHASE EPITAXY SYSTEM & METHODS - Hydride vapor-phase deposition (HVPE) systems are disclosed. An HVPE hydride vapor-phase deposition system may include a reactant source chamber and a growth chamber containing a susceptor coupled to the reactant source chamber. The reactant source chamber may be configured to create a reactant gas through a chemical reaction between a solid or liquid precursor and a different precursor gas. The reactant source chamber can be configured to operate at a temperature T(M) significantly above room temperature. The reactant gas can be chemically unstable at or near room temperature. The susceptor is configured to receive a substrate and maintain the substrate at a substrate temperature T(S). The growth chamber includes walls can be configured to operate at a temperature T(C) such that T(M), T(S) are greater than T(C).06-30-2011
20120247386METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE SELECTIVE DEPOSITION OF EPITAXIAL GERMANIUM STRESSOR ALLOYS - A method and apparatus for forming heterojunction stressor layers is described. A germanium precursor and a metal precursor are provided to a chamber, and an epitaxial layer of germanium-metal alloy formed on the substrate. The metal precursor is typically a metal halide, which may be provided by subliming a solid metal halide or by contacting a pure metal with a halogen gas. The precursors may be provided through a showerhead or through a side entry point, and an exhaust system coupled to the chamber may be separately heated to manage condensation of exhaust components.10-04-2012
20120291698METHODS FOR IMPROVED GROWTH OF GROUP III NITRIDE SEMICONDUCTOR COMPOUNDS - Methods are disclosed for growing group III-nitride semiconductor compounds with advanced buffer layer technique. In an embodiment, a method includes providing a suitable substrate in a processing chamber of a hydride vapor phase epitaxy processing system. The method includes forming an AlN buffer layer by flowing an ammonia gas into a growth zone of the processing chamber, flowing an aluminum halide containing precursor to the growth zone and at the same time flowing additional hydrogen halide or halogen gas into the growth zone of the processing chamber. The additional hydrogen halide or halogen gas that is flowed into the growth zone during buffer layer deposition suppresses homogeneous AlN particle formation. The hydrogen halide or halogen gas may continue flowing for a time period while the flow of the aluminum halide containing precursor is turned off.11-22-2012
20130042803Substrate Processing Apparatus and Method of Manufacturing Semiconductor Device - A substrate processing apparatus includes: a process chamber having an object to be heated therein and configured to process a plurality of substrates; a substrate holder configured to hold the substrates with an interval therebetween in a vertical direction in the process chamber; a first heat exchange unit supporting the substrate holder from a lower side thereof in the process chamber and configured to perform a heat exchange with a gas in the process chamber; a second heat exchange unit provided in the process chamber, the second heat exchange unit being horizontally spaced apart from the first heat exchange unit with a gap therebetween and being configured to perform a heat exchange with the gas in the process chamber; and an induction heating unit configured to subject the object to be heated to an induction heating from an outer side of the object to be heated.02-21-2013
20120160157METHOD OF MANUFACTURING LIGHT EMITTING DIODE - There is provided a method of manufacturing a light emitting diode, the method including: growing a first conductivity type nitride semiconductor layer and an active layer on a substrate in a first reaction chamber; transferring the substrate having the first conductivity type nitride semiconductor layer and the active layer grown thereon to a second reaction chamber; and growing a second conductivity type nitride semiconductor layer on the active layer in the second reaction chamber, wherein an atmosphere including a nitride source gas and a dopant source gas supplying a dopant to be included in the second conductivity type nitride semiconductor layer is created in an interior of the second reaction chamber prior to the transferring of the substrate to the second reaction chamber. This method improves a system's operational capability and productivity. In addition, the crystallinity and doping uniformity of semiconductor layers obtained by this method may be improved.06-28-2012
20120174859METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING EPITAXIAL WAFER - After removing deposit on a susceptor in an epitaxial growth furnace by a cleaning recipe (step S07-12-2012
20100101486SUBSTRATE FOR EPITAXIAL GROWTH AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING NITRIDE COMPOUND SEMICONDUCTOR SINGLE CRYSTAL - Provided is a technique for stabilizing characteristics of an NdGaO04-29-2010
20130047917DIRECT LIQUID INJECTION FOR HALIDE VAPOR PHASE EPITAXY SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Methods of depositing compound semiconductor materials on one or more substrates include metering and controlling a flow rate of a precursor liquid from a precursor liquid source into a vaporizer. The precursor liquid may comprise at least one of GaCl02-28-2013
20090301389Method for Metal-Free Synthesis of Epitaxial Semiconductor Nanowires on Si - The present invention relates to epitaxial growth of nanowires on a substrate. In particular the invention relates to growth of nanowires on an Si-substrate without using Au as a catalyst. In the method according to the invention an oxide template is provided on a passivated surface of the substrate. The oxide template defines a plurality of nucleation onset positions for subsequent nanowire growth. According to one embodiment a thin organic film is used to form the oxide template.12-10-2009
20120216743ATTACHMENT FOR SUBSTRATES HAVING DIFFERENT DIAMETERS, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SUBSTRATE OR SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A downsized substrate may be housed in a substrate accommodation vessel (FOUP) constituting a transfer system corresponding to a large diameter substrate. An attachment includes an upper plate and a lower plate supported by a first support groove that can support an 8-inch wafer, and holding columns installed at the upper plate and the lower plate and including a second support groove that can support a 2-inch wafer (if necessary, via a wafer holder and a holder member). Accordingly, the 2-inch wafer can be housed in a pod corresponding to the 8-inch wafer, and the pod, which is a transfer system, can be standardized to reduce cost of a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus. In addition, a distance from each gas supply nozzle to the wafer can be increased to sufficiently mix reactive gases before arrival at the wafer and improve film-forming precision to the wafer.08-30-2012
20110011332METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING LARGE, SINGLE-CRYSTALS OF ALUMINUM NITRIDE - A method and apparatus for producing bulk single crystals of AlN having low dislocation densities of about 10,000 cm01-20-2011
20120234229SUBSTRATE SUPPORT ASSEMBLY FOR THIN FILM DEPOSITION SYSTEMS - Substrate support assemblies and deposition chambers employing such support assemblies to improve temperature uniformity during film depositions, such as epitaxial growths of group-V material stacks for LEDs. In one embodiment, the support assembly includes a first component having a first thermal resistance and a top surface upon which the substrate is to be disposed at a first location. The support assembly further includes a second component to be disposed over the first component and cover a second location of the susceptor while the substrate is disposed over the first location and having a second thermal resistance to insulate regions of the susceptor adjacent to the substrate by an amount approximating that of the substrate during a deposition process. In embodiments, the second component is removable from the first component and supports the substrate in absence of the first component during transfer of the substrate between multiple deposition systems.09-20-2012
20110277681GAS INJECTORS FOR CVD SYSTEMS WITH THE SAME - The present invention provides improved gas injectors for use with chemical vapour deposition (CVD) systems that thermalize gases prior to injection into a CVD chamber. The provided injectors are configured to increase gas flow times through heated zones and include gas-conducting conduits that lengthen gas residency times in the heated zones. The provided injectors also have outlet ports sized, shaped, and arranged to inject gases in selected flow patterns. The invention also provides CVD systems using the provided thermalizing gas injectors. The present invention has particular application to high volume manufacturing of GaN substrates.11-17-2011
20080251008Substrate Processing Apparatus and Semiconductor Device Producing Method - Disclosed is a hot wall type substrate processing apparatus, including a processing chamber which is to accommodate at least one product substrate therein; a heating member which is disposed outside of the processing chamber and which is to heat the product substrate; a processing gas supply system connected to the processing chamber; and an exhaust system, wherein with a member from which a Si film is exposed being disposed such as to be opposed to a surface on which selective growth is to be effected of the product substrate, an epitaxial film including Si is allowed to selectively grow on a Si surface of the product substrate.10-16-2008
20120291696METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CRYSTAL GROWTH USING A MEMBRANE-ASSISTED SEMI-CLOSED REACTOR - A method and apparatus for depositing III-V material is provided. The apparatus includes a reactor partially enclosed by a selectively permeable membrane 11-22-2012
20080308036VAPOR-PHASE GROWTH APPARATUS AND VAPOR-PHASE GROWTH METHOD - There is provided a vapor-phase growth apparatus which shortens a temperature decrease time of a wafer substrate after an epitaxial growth step to make it easy to realize a high throughput in film formation of an epitaxial layer. The vapor-phase growth apparatus includes a gas supply port formed in a top portion of a reactor, a gas distribution plate arranged in the reactor, a discharge port formed in a bottom portion of the reactor, an annular holder on which a semiconductor wafer is placed to face the gas distribution plate. A separation distance between the gas distribution plate and the annular holder is set such that a cooling gas which flows downward from the gas supply port through the gas distribution plate to decrease the temperature is in a laminar flow state on a surface of the semiconductor wafer or a surface of the annular holder.12-18-2008
20090101063Method of Manufacturing GaN Crystal Substrate - Affords a method of manufacturing GaN crystal substrate in which enlargement of pit size in the growing of GaN crystal is inhibited to enable GaN crystal substrate with a high substrate-acquisition rate to be produced. The method of manufacturing GaN crystal substrate includes a step of growing GaN crystal (04-23-2009
20120067274FILM FORMING APPARATUS, WAFER HOLDER, AND FILM FORMING METHOD - A wafer holder used in a film forming apparatus is disclosed. The wafer holder including a boat holding a plurality of wafers and a reaction gas supply part supplying a reaction gas from a side surface of the plurality of wafers held by the boat, and the wafer holder further includes an upper wafer holder being placed to cover an upper surface of each of the plurality of wafers when the plurality of wafer is supported by the boat and including a gas introduction suppression part suppressing an introduction of the reaction gas onto the upper surface of each the plurality of wafers by surrounding each of the plurality of wafers.03-22-2012
20100162945GALLIUM NITRIDE-BASED MATERIAL AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A method to make gallium nitride-based material by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth is provided.07-01-2010
20100139553Method of Growing III-Nitride Crystal - Affords a method of growing, across the entirety of a major surface of a first III-nitride crystal, a second III-nitride crystal by HVPE, in an ambient temperature higher than 1100° C. The present III-nitride crystal growth method comprises: a step of preparing a first III-nitride crystal (06-10-2010
20110000425METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SUBSTRATE, AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A substrate processing apparatus comprises: a reaction chamber to process a substrate; a heating target object disposed in the reaction chamber to surround at least a region where the substrate is disposed, the heating target object having a cylindrical shape with a closed end; an insulator disposed between the reaction chamber and the heating target object to surround the heating target object, the insulator having a cylindrical shape with a closed end facing the closed end of the heating target object; an induction heating unit disposed outside the reaction chamber to surround at least the region where the substrate is disposed; a first gas supply system to supply at least a source gas into the reaction chamber; and a controller to control the first gas supply system so that the first gas supply system supplies at least the source gas into the reaction chamber for processing the substrate.01-06-2011
20110017126COLOURED DIAMOND - A diamond layer of single crystal CVD diamond which is coloured, preferably which has a fancy colour, and which has a thickness of greater than 1 mm.01-27-2011
20110209660METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR DEPOSITION PROCESSES - Methods and apparatus for deposition processes are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus may include a substrate support comprising a susceptor plate having a pocket disposed in an upper surface of the susceptor plate and having a lip formed in the upper surface and circumscribing the pocket, the lip configured to support a substrate on the lip; and a plurality of vents extending from the pocket to the upper surface of the susceptor plate to exhaust gases trapped between the backside of the substrate and the pocket when a substrate is disposed on the lip. Methods of utilizing the inventive apparatus for depositing a layer on a substrate are also disclosed.09-01-2011
20110114014METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING EPITAXIAL WAFER AND WAFER HOLDER USED IN THE METHOD - A susceptor having a recessed portion and a ring-like step portion is arranged in a reaction chamber, and a plurality of through bores are formed in a bottom wall in the recessed portion excluding the step portion. A lift pin inserted in each of the through bores temporarily holds a wafer, then a lower surface of an outer peripheral portion of the wafer is mounted on the step portion to accommodate the wafer in the recessed portion, and a raw material gas is circulated in the reaction chamber to form an epitaxial layer on a wafer surface in the recessed portion. When forming the epitaxial layer on the wafer surface, the lift pin protrudes upwards from an upper surface of the bottom wall, and a height h of a top portion of the lift pin based on the upper surface of the bottom wall as a reference is set to the range from a position where the height h exceeds 0 mm to a position immediately before the lift pin comes into contact with the wafer.05-19-2011
20090199763Process for the production of gan or aigan crystals - The invention concerns a process and an apparatus for the production of gallium nitride or gallium aluminium nitride single crystals. It is essential for the process implementation according to the invention that the vaporisation of gallium or gallium and aluminium is effected at a temperature above the temperature of the growing crystal but at least at 1000° C. and that a gas flow comprising nitrogen gas, hydrogen gas, inert gas or a combination of said gases is passed over the surface of the metal melt in such a way that the gas flow over the surface of the metal melt prevents contact of the nitrogen precursor with the metal melt.08-13-2009
20120060750METHOD OF FORMING CRYSTALLINE OXIDE SEMICONDUCTOR FILM - An oxide semiconductor film with excellent crystallinity is formed. At the time when an oxide semiconductor film is formed, as a substrate is heated to a temperature of higher than or equal to a first temperature and lower than a second temperature, a part of the substrate having a typical length of 1 nm to 1 μm is heated to a temperature higher than or equal to the second temperature. Here, the first temperature means a temperature at which crystallization occurs with some stimulation, and the second temperature means a temperature at which crystallization occurs spontaneously without any stimulation. Further, the typical length is defined as the square root of a value obtained in such a manner that the area of the part is divided by the circular constant.03-15-2012
20120118226Method of Synthesizing Nitride Semiconductor Single-Crystal Substrate - Fracture toughness of AlGaN single-crystal substrate is improved and its absorption coefficient reduced. A nitride semiconductor single-crystal substrate has a composition represented by the formula Al05-17-2012
20100206216Method of Producing High Quality Relaxed Silicon Germanium Layers - A method for minimizing particle generation during deposition of a graded Si.sub.1-xGe.sub.x layer on a semiconductor material includes providing a substrate in an atmosphere including a Si precursor and a Ge precursor, wherein the Ge precursor has a decomposition temperature greater than germane, and depositing the graded Si.sub.1-xGe.sub.x layer having a final Ge content of greater than about 0.15 and a particle density of less than about 0.3 particles/cm.sup.2 on the substrate.08-19-2010
20120325138FILM-FORMING APPARATUS AND FILM-FORMING METHOD - A film-forming apparatus and method comprising a film-forming chamber for supplying a reaction gas into, a cylindrical shaped liner provided between an inner wall of the film-forming chamber and a space for performing a film-forming process, a main-heater for heating a substrate placed inside the liner, from the bottom side, a sub-heater cluster provided between the liner and the inner wall, for heating the substrate from the top side, wherein the main-heater and the sub-heater cluster are resistive heaters, wherein the sub-heater cluster has a first sub-heater provided at the closest position to the substrate, and a second sub-heater provided above the first sub-heater, wherein the first sub-heater heats the substrate in combination with the main-heater, the second sub-heater heats the liner at a lower output than the first sub-heater, wherein each temperature of the main-heater, the first sub-heater, and the second sub-heater is individually controlled.12-27-2012
20110283933METHOD, SYSTEM, AND APPARATUS FOR THE GROWTH OF SiC AND RELATED OR SIMILAR MATERIAL, BY CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION, USING PRECURSORS IN MODIFIED COLD-WALL REACTOR - An approach for the growth of high-quality epitaxial silicon carbide (SiC) films and boules, using the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique is described here. The method comprises modifications in the design of the typical cold-wall CVD reactors, providing a better temperature uniformity in the reactor bulk and a low temperature gradient in the vicinity of the substrate, and an approach to increase the silicon carbide growth rate and to improve the quality of the growing layers, using halogenated carbon-containing precursors (carbon tetrachloride CCl11-24-2011
20080223286Method for producing a semiconductor crystal - Objects of the invention are to further enhance crystallinity and crystallinity uniformity of a semiconductor crystal produced through the flux method, and to effectively enhance the production yield of the semiconductor crystal. The c-axis of a seed crystal including a GaN single-crystal layer is aligned in a horizontal direction (y-axis direction), one a-axis of the seed crystal is aligned in the vertical direction, and one m-axis is aligned in the x-axis direction. Thus, three contact points at which a supporting tool contacts the seed crystal are present on m-plane. The supporting tool has two supporting members, which extend in the vertical direction. One supporting member has an end part, which is inclined at 30° with respect to the horizontal plane α. The reasons for supporting a seed crystal at m-plane thereof are that m-plane exhibits a crystal growth rate, which is lower than that of a-plane, and that desired crystal growth on c-plane is not inhibited. Actually, a plurality of seed crystals and supporting tools are periodically placed along the y-axis direction.09-18-2008
20120255486CLEANING APPARATUS AND METHOD, AND FILM GROWTH REACTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for cleaning an inner surface of a film growth reaction chamber, including a supporting unit, a cleaning unit, an electric motor and a power supply apparatus. The cleaning unit includes a surface facing the inner surface of the reaction chamber, and the surface is provided with a plurality of scraping structures. The electric motor is provided on the supporting unit and includes a driving shaft. One end of the driving shaft is connected to the cleaning unit so as to drive the cleaning unit to move. The power supply apparatus is connected to the electric motor. The cleaning apparatus of the present application provides a method for cleaning the inner surface of the reaction chamber, which is highly automatic, effective and timesaving, and may ensure the quality and consistency of cleaning process.10-11-2012
20130152852LARGE ALUMINUM NITRIDE CRYSTALS WITH REDUCED DEFECTS AND METHODS OF MAKING THEM - Reducing the microvoid (MV) density in AlN ameliorates numerous problems related to cracking during crystal growth, etch pit generation during the polishing, reduction of the optical transparency in an AlN wafer, and, possibly, growth pit formation during epitaxial growth of AlN and/or AlGaN. This facilitates practical crystal production strategies and the formation of large, bulk AlN crystals with low defect densities—e.g., a dislocation density below 1006-20-2013
20130152853FILM-FORMING APPARATUS AND FILM-FORMING METHOD - A film-forming apparatus 06-20-2013
20130180447SUSCEPTOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING EPITAXIAL WAFER - A susceptor is disclosed that can increase a heat capacity of a susceptor outer peripheral portion by enlarging the thickness of the susceptor and equalize thermal conditions for an outer peripheral portion and the inner peripheral portion of a wafer and a method for manufacturing an epitaxial wafer that uses this susceptor to perform vapor-phase epitaxy of an epitaxial layer. Back surface depositions have a close relationship with heat transfer that occurs between a wafer and a susceptor, i.e., a wafer outer peripheral portion has a higher temperature than a wafer inner peripheral portion since the wafer is in contact with or close to the susceptor at the wafer outer peripheral portion and hence the back surface depositions are apt to be generated. This is solved by equalizing thermal conditions for the wafer outer peripheral portion and the inner peripheral portion of the wafer back surface.07-18-2013

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