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116 - Signals and indicators

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116284000 Rotary indicator with actuating means 74
116201000 Methods 51
116206000 Chemically activated type 40
116216000 Temperature responsive or compensating means 28
116234000 Page type 24
116209000 By location 21
116306000 Operator movable 21
116264000 Fluid flow 20
116205000 By touch 15
116222000 Game type 12
116203000 Impact type 9
116227000 Liquid level 8
116202000 Visual light signal 8
116327000 Index structure 6
116204000 Magnetically actuated 3
20080295760Magnetic Actuated Wear Indicator for Personal Care Appliances - The wear indicator (12-04-2008
20100132606Safety label - The invention relates to a safety label (06-03-2010
20110146563MAGNETIC EXCAVATION SAFETY MARKER - A magnetic excavation marker is described below that includes a magnet and a stiff, resilient and brightly colored visual indicator. The marker is used by placing the marker onto an object to be protected, such as a manhole cover or valve. The magnet attaches the marker to the protected object with magnetic force. The marker will then protect the object by providing a highly visible indication of the presence of the object, even if the object is buried. The stiff and resilient qualities of the visual indicator ensure that it will remain upright and visible, even after it has been stepped on or run over. A handle is attached to the magnet or to a housing holding the magnet. The handle gives a user added leverage to aid in overcoming the force of the magnet when the user desires to remove the maker from the protected object.06-23-2011
116212000 Stress type 3
20090301383INDICATING FASTENER LOADING - An amplified indication of the elongation of a fastener is provided for determining instantaneous loading conditions of a fastener. A load indicator is couplable to a fastener for instantaneous load measurement and includes a housing defining a fastener interface configured to removably couple the housing to a fastener. A moveable datum probe extends from the housing in contact with a datum rod anchored within an internal bore of the fastener. A first lever is pivotally mounted within the housing and is moveable in response to displacement of the datum probe. A load display indicates a degree of loading of a fastener as a function of displacement of the datum probe. A second lever can be used to further amplify the reading from the displacement of the datum probe. An inclined visual scale and a multi-faceted lens allows for viewing of loading values from multiple directions or angles.12-10-2009
20080264327Strain-Responsive Visual Indicator - A strain-responsive visual indicator comprises a pair of overlapping shutter strips (10-30-2008
20080251002Tension Indicator - A tension indicator comprises a housing (10-16-2008
116208000 Element wear type 2
20120160150Slide Bar for a Track System - A slide bar for the track system of a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle comprises colored, or otherwise visually distinctive, wear indicating marks extending longitudinally along at least one of the side walls thereof. The colored wear indicating marks generally provide an indication to the operator of the vehicle that the slide bar needs to be replaced.06-28-2012
20120132129GLAZING EROSION INDICATOR - An aircraft glazing component is provided having at least a partially transparent body and a visual wear indicator positioned on or in the body which indicator is configured such that a predetermined amount of erosion on the body changes the appearance of the indicator.05-31-2012
116334000 Scale structure 2
20090205560THREE DIMENSIONAL DIAL - A motor vehicle display device includes a dial with a backing layer. The backing layer is three-dimensionally formed. The backing layer may be a film and may have a layer of reflective material, such as chromium, and a color layer. The display device may be translucent and may include display means, such as a color layer and gaps for permitting passage of back light.08-20-2009
20100326348INSTRUMENT DIAL AND ITS MANUFACTURING METHOD - [Problem] To provide an instrument dial and its manufacturing method wherein it is possible to shorten a print time and achieve a reduction in cost.12-30-2010
116214000 By smoke or odor 2
20100224119Wind Detector Devices and Methods of Detecting Wind - This invention is directed to an exemplary wind detector device. The device includes a container having an interior and a nozzle in fluid communication with the interior. The device further includes powder in the interior of the container and a strip of material having first and second ends. The first end is secured to the container and the second end is configured to be secured to a support structure such as clothing.09-09-2010
20100132607MERCURY RELEASE ALERTING - Methods provide an alert to the release of mercury. A sealed container containing an odor-producing agent is provided proximate to a sealed breakable enclosure containing mercury, the container and/or the breakable enclosure physically separating the agent from the mercury. In response to a breaking of the breakable enclosure, the agent produces an odor as a function of the breaking, the odor providing an alert to a release of the mercury. Service methods are also provided, for example wherein a service provider provides the sealed breakable enclosure containing mercury and deploys the odor-producing agent. Articles of manufacture, systems, articles and programmable devices are also provided.06-03-2010
116230000 Machine tool position 1
20080271664Feedback Systems for Adjustment Mechanisms on Power Tools - The present invention relates to feedback systems that are used with power tools to provide the user with sensory feedback information allowing the user to determine the position of an adjustable portion of a power tool with respect to a stationary portion of a power tool or with respect to a workpiece without having to refer to a scale or manual measuring device. This feedback information may make it easier and faster for the user to determine the orientation or location of an adjustable portion of a power tool or determine the orientation or location of the workpiece with respect to an operational member of the power tool allowing the user to concentrate his thinking on executing the operation instead of concentrating on set up.11-06-2008
116215000 Gravity type 1
20090283027Global gravitational horizon - The Global Gravitational Horizon (GGH) is a system of two concentric spheres, one affixed to the center of gravity, the other affixed to the aircraft, both in juxtaposition representing a reference so that a pilot can always know the exact flight attitude without having to rely on any complicated, vulnerable, and conventional flight attitude indicators. The GGH requires virtually no experience or training to understand, therefore will be extremely helpful to new and novice pilots as well as seasoned pilots who are desirous of having a constant real time reference to their position relating to the horizon/ground without having to worry about maintenance or failure.11-19-2009
116281000 Rectilinear indicator with actuating means 1
20110220009INDICATOR MOTION ARCHITECTURE FOR VEHICLE SYSTEM STATUS INDICATION - A motion system includes a semi-rigid actuator member movable along a pre-determined path, an indicator coupled to the actuator member, a rigid guide device disposed adjacent the actuator member to direct the actuator member along the pre-determined path, and a drive device for engaging the actuator member to selectively cause the indicator to move along the pre-determined path.09-15-2011
116278000 Flexible ribbon, band, or link with indicia 1
20120285366PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE INDICATION ADD-ONS TO REDUCE MEDICATION ERRORS - Label add-ons for decreasing medication errors and associated fatalities in the pharmacy dispensing process and for indicating the intended use of a drug in people ranging from the blind to the sighted, consisting of a circular, hollow, semi-flexible, ring-like material that is attached onto a prescription bottle. This invention serves as a vital safety-tool to the pharmacy dispensing process where duplicate medications become easily detected by the pharmacy personnel if device is properly attached to the prescription bottle. Imprinted, raised, or engraved legend in grapheme positioned over the outer surface of the device informs the reader the drug indication. Raised Braille coding and raised or engraved grapheme characters become vital in assisting the blind and visually impaired in identifying the drug through their sense of touch. Other distinctive features such as color, markings, and messages to uplift the mood on the apparatus, can further assist individuals in recognizing the correct drug indication. The apparatus can be reused from one prescription to the next if a patient desires a drug-refill.11-15-2012
20120216742Timing Whistle - A timing whistle for setting the timing of an internal combustion engine comprising: a threaded tip, where the tip provides a means for coupling the whistle into a spark plug port; a means to rotate and secure the whistle into the spark plug port; a body portion, where said body portion extends from the means to rotate and secure; and an opening along the body portion, where said opening provides a means for the emission of a whistling sound indicating optimum timing of the engine. In one particular embodiment, the means to rotate includes a bolt type assembly and the body portion includes a pipe and a cap attached to the bolt assembly.08-30-2012
20130125808DEVICE TO INDICATE PRIMING OF AN INFUSION LINE - A priming indicator for a fluid infusion system includes a luer cap or other component of the infusion system having an indicator surface covered by a membrane. The membrane exhibits a first visual characteristic, such as being opaque, when dry and exhibits a second characteristic, such as becoming less opaque, when wet. Once the membrane becomes wet, indicia on the surface, which may be provided on a rod at least partially covered by the membrane, becomes visible, thereby indicating an intravenous tube to which the luer cap is secured has been primed or is nearly primed. The indicator may alternately be employed at an upstream end of an infusion set, such as at the port of a medical bag providing a supply of fluid, to indicate a low level of fluid in the medical bag.05-23-2013
20110214599Circuit Breaker - A circuit breaker is disclosed that provides a warning that the current through the circuit breaker exceeds a warning threshold. The circuit breaker comprises: a switch that carries a current I; an indicator for alternatively indicating: (i) that the current I has not exceeded I09-08-2011
20120192784Transportation device with reciprocating part and kinetic storage - Manual drive energy is input into a transport device of one embodiment by linearly reciprocating a first drive member that couples by way of a ratchet mechanism (or other mechanical motion rectifier means) and a mechanical motion amplifier means to one or more faster spinning flywheel masses. The one or more flywheel masses are formed in part by a combination electric motor/generator and it has rechargeable electric batteries distributively provided about a flywheel mass portion thereof. Tapered roller bearings having ferromagnetic material are interposed between the one or more flywheel masses and/or between one of the flywheels and a stationary frame of the transport device so as to repeatedly make and break closed magnetic flux conducting loops and thus provide at least one of an electric motoring and electricity generating function.08-02-2012
20100218715Faulted Circuit Indicator Device Having An Improved Clamping Mechanism - A faulted circuit indicator device for mounting on an overhead conductor cable for electrical power distribution systems to detect an abnormally high electric current therein includes a housing having an enclosure formed therein and current sensing circuitry for detecting the presence of the abnormally high electric current in the cable. An indication unit is responsive to the current sensing circuitry to produce a visual indication in the presence of the abnormally high electrical current. A clamping mechanism formed of a yoke and a pair of opposed pressure plates is disposed above the housing for securely mounting the cable therein to detect the abnormally high electric current. Compression springs are provided for resiliently urging the pair of opposed pressure plates upwardly for automatically trapping the cable in a fixed central position between the yoke and the pair of opposed pressure plates.09-02-2010
20090107391Combined State Of Charge Meter And Fuel Gauge - A vehicle meter can include first and second inputs and a gauge. The first input can be configured to receive a fuel level value from a fuel system. The second input can be configured to receive a power level value from a battery system. The gauge can be configured to display one of the fuel level or the power level. The gauge can display the fuel level when the first input is in communication with the fuel system and the power level value when the second input is in communication with the battery system.04-30-2009
20110067622Non-Adhesive Screen Target - In accordance with one or more embodiments use one or more non-adhesive materials to create, a graphical, or shape oriented reference point, or points that allow the game player, or players to quickly acquire visually defined areas (FIG. 03-24-2011
20090126621Water resistant protable object including a sound generator - The invention concerns a water resistant portable object such as a diving watch including a sound generator device (05-21-2009
20120012046INSECT MONITORING DEVICE AND METHOD OF DETECTION - The invention relates to a bed bug detection device (01-19-2012
20120227660INDICATOR APPARATUS - An indicator apparatus for signaling that a foldable backrest of a seat in a motor vehicle is not locked includes a handle pivoted between a locked position and an unlocked position about a pivot axis, a locking apparatus having a catch that, by working of the handle can be moved between a blocked position and an unblocked position, and an indicator element guided between a non-indication position and an indication position and movable by a transition element. The transmission element comprises a spring element that is fixedly connected both to the handle and to the indicator element. The spring element is resistant to deformation as the indicator element is moved by the handle, but can be deformed in an elastic manner when the handle is located in the unlocked position and the indicator element is moved out of the indication position into the non-indication position.09-13-2012
20110259258HEAVY EQUIPMENT SAFETY DEVICES AND SYSTEMS, AND METHODS THEREOF - A safety device includes an elongated wand having an enlarged impact head. The elongated wand is flexible in vertical and horizontal directions with respect to a lengthwise direction of extension of the elongated wand.10-27-2011
20130139747UNIVERSAL ROCKER FOR INDICATING AN OCCUPANCY STATE IN AN OVERHEAD-CONVEYOR SYSTEM - A rocker comprising: an inquiry sword having a long body, wherein a longitudinal extension of the long body comprises a first end and an opposite second end, wherein a continuous opening is provided in the body, the opening preferably being arranged closer to the second end than to the first free end, wherein the sword is arranged within a region which is crossed by the conveying goods when the conveying goods pass the rocker; and a bearing comprising a socket, that reaches through the opening of the sword.06-06-2013
20130206054Device for facilitating detection of hygienic hand washing - A door mountable device for facilitating detection of hygienic hand washing. A dye dispenser is mounted on a door handle in a manner such that a soap washable dye is deposited on hands that contact the handle upon entry into a restroom facility. The resulting dye stain area is removed by thorough hand washing. Any stain remaining upon exiting the restroom is an indicator that hands have not been hygienically washed.08-15-2013

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