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114361000 Protective cover or shield 58
114363000 Seat and foot support 43
114362000 Boarding aids 25
114345000 Inflatable 19
114364000 Deck or gunwale attachment 18
114347000 Canoe or kayak 15
114352000 Sectional 15
114355000 Hull construction 10
114344000 With wheeled buoyant landing or launching aid 6
114354000 Collapsible 6
114360000 With means to prevent capsizing or sinking 6
114348000 Lifeboat 4
20120291691EVACUATION CABIN - An evacuation cabin includes an upper housing and a lower housing. The upper housing has a joining portion along a bottom edge of the upper housing and an opening at middle of one side of the upper housing for receiving an upper part of a water-sealable door. The lower housing has a joining portion corresponding and sealed to the joining portion of the upper housing such that the upper housing and the lower housing are sealed integrally and water-sealably, and an opening corresponding to the opening of the upper housing and for receiving a lower part of the water-sealable door. There are accommodated in the lower housing a power source acting as a weight to lower the center of gravity of the evacuation cabin so as to maintain the evacuation cabin in a stable condition when water floods the ground. A chassis, provided underneath the evacuation cabin, is mounted with an axle for installing wheels so that the evacuation cabin can stand stationary or be transported as a trailer by a mobile.11-22-2012
20120227659FH2 1 Ocean Rescue Craft - The FH2 1 Rescue Craft is to be used on Oil rigs, Passenger ships, Commercial fishing ships, Cargo ships or any other Sea Vessel. The Rescue Craft would take the place of existing life boats used today. The outer shape of the craft is ball shaped and houses another ball shaped sphere inside the unit. The second ball shape houses the evacuees. The inside sphere that houses the evacuees has a Gyro to keep its rescued occupants in a stable environment free from dangerous Ocean waves, Severe winds or Pack ice outside the unit. The inside sphere is on smooth rollers that press up against the outer ball from inside. The Gyro located in the inner sphere provides its evacuees with a smooth safe trip. FH2 1 Ocean Rescue Craft was designed to save the lives of its occupants even in the most dangerous of situations.09-13-2012
20110253028NAVEL RESCUE VESSEL - This invention relates to a naval rescue vessel, comprising a propulsion unit (10-20-2011
20120125252 COUPLING - A coupling for coupling a fall (05-24-2012
114346000 Circular 1
20080308029FLOATING ISLAND - The present invention is a floating island (FI), which is a buoyant apparatus for a watery environment such as, for example a swimming pool. The FI may be designed as a playful apparatus enabling users to safely climb upon the FI. The FI may be designed especially, yet not exclusively, for users such as children, toddlers and the like. The FI may comprise a buoyant-section that may be separated and sealed from a weight-section. The weight-section may be a hollow cavity walled by a substantially solid material, where the weight section's walls may comprise upper and lower holes to allow water enter and exit the chamber like cavity in the weight-section and function as a dynamic weight. The buoyant-section may allow floating of the FI.12-18-2008
20130025524BOAT WITH A LATCH ASSEMBLY - A boat including at least two wall segments extending generally upwardly from a deck to define an interior space. The wall segments are spaced from one another to define a passage for allowing passengers to enter and exit the interior space. A gate is secured to one of the wall segments for controlling access to the interior space. A latch assembly including base and sliding members is coupled to an end of one of the wall segments. The sliding member is movable between a latched position for trapping a portion of the gate and an unlatched position for releasing the gate. At least one glide plate of a low-friction material is disposed between the base and sliding members. Additionally, when the sliding member is in the unlatched position, the base member presents a strike surface for receiving contact from the gate to protect the wall segment.01-31-2013
20100107960Retractable platform for transom of boat - A movable platform for attachment to a transom of a boat is disclosed. The movable platform includes a planar platform disposed horizontally and a planar frame coupled to an underside of the platform. The movable platform further includes at least one elongated tube coupled to the transom of the boat, wherein at least one element of the planar frame is movably disposed within the at least one elongated tube. The movable platform further includes at least one cylinder disposed horizontally, wherein a barrel of the at least one cylinder is secured to the at least one elongated tube and wherein a piston rod of the at least one cylinder is secured to the planar frame, such that the planar frame is moved horizontally when the piston rod moves within the barrel.05-06-2010
20120180713Aquatic Vegetation Removal Device and Method - A device for cutting aquatic vegetation is provided. In one embodiment, the device has a plurality of cutting blades that rotate freely on an elongate shaft and cut aquatic vegetation as the device travels through a body of water. In one approach, the device includes an impact accommodating mechanism that permits the device to absorb an impact between the device and submerged objects in the body of water. A method is also provided that includes providing an aquatic vehicle having disposed thereon a cutting device, the cutting device having a shaft with at least one cutting blade journaled for free rotation on the shaft. The vehicle is moved through a body of water to cause rotation of the cutting blade and cutting of aquatic vegetation in the body of water.07-19-2012
20120216738Kayak Capsize Recovery System - A kayak capsize recovery system. It includes a paddle with a blade on each end; a paddle float for releasable connection to one end of the paddle; a pouch connected to the kayak to receive the other end of the paddle; and a strap with inner and outer ends for releasable connection to kayak and paddle float. The pouch and said strap connect to opposite sides of the kayak cockpit. The length of strap and depth of pouch enable the system to stabilize a capsize orientation of kayak.08-30-2012
20090272309WATERCRAFT ATTACHMENT DEVICE - The present invention relates to a watercraft attachment device for joining two watercrafts comprising: a pair of parallel tubes, where said parallel tubes are substantially parallel to the watercrafts; a pair of perpendicular tubes, where said perpendicular tubes are substantially perpendicular to the two parallel tubes and adjoin the parallel tubes; four abutting corners, where the four abutting corners are formed by the intersecting tubes; a plurality of hook attachments extending from the each corner, where said hook attachments extend over a lip of each cockpit within the watercrafts to connect the watercrafts to the watercraft attachment device; and at least one tension cord extending from each corner, where said tensioning cords tighten the hook attachments to secure the watercraft attachment device in place.11-05-2009
20110011327ADJUSTABLE PIVOTING HANGER - A hanger for retaining a portion of line associated with watercraft is disclosed. The hanger comprises a tower, an arm extending outwardly from the tower and coupled for pivotal rotation thereto. A dampening mechanism is mounted to the tower and coupled to the arm. The dampening mechanism retards the pivotal movement of the arm relative to the tower. Furthermore, a cleat is coupled to the arm at a distal end thereof.01-20-2011
20130061794Small Craft Locking Device - A small craft locking device comprising two rings, one being smaller than the other, each ring connecting to an eye at their midpoint, a rigid hook ending with an eye on a long end of said hook and a padded piece on a short end of said hook, the eye of the hook connecting to the eye of the smaller ring, and the eye of the larger ring being connected to the hall hook at the first bend in the hook relative to its long end by a flexible piece.03-14-2013
20120192783Boat casting platform - A casting platform apparatus for a fishing boat includes a frame which can be attached to the bow of a boat. The frame has a floor to allow a fisherman to be supported thereon and includes both a handrail and a body support rail along with a fishing line collection net therebetween and a gate for entering onto and off the casting platform.08-02-2012
20090235857Onboard Boat Lift Structure And Method - An onboard lift for a pontoon boat has four legs pivotally attached underneath a platform and extending between the outer pontoons. Each leg terminates in a slide foot. The pivot pin for each leg is canted, such as at 13° relative to horizontal. In a stowed position, the legs and slide feet extend forward in the direction of travel and tight to the platform. When used to lift the boat, actuation of the legs pushes the slide feet outward due to the cant of the pivot axis, such that the slide feet are positioned underneath the outer pontoons when the boat is fully raised. The control allows separate powering of the front legs from the rear legs, and further has a display so the user can see the amount of extension of each set of legs.09-24-2009
20110297072Instrument Rail - A rail for positioning at least one instrument on board a vessel, the rail having a longitudinal axis extending in the main transversely to the longitudinal axis of the vessel, the rail being arranged in connection with a wheel pedestal in the vessel and the rail being arranged for releasably fixing the instrument.12-08-2011
20110139057WAKEBOARD TOWER SYSTEM - A boat tower and methods for making in which the tower is made of one or more composite members, each including a structural member and molded decorative members attached to opposite sides of the structural member, resulting in a tower system that requires substantially less finishing of the surfaces of the structural members as compared to conventional boat towers.06-16-2011
20120291690APPARATUS FOR HOLDING FISHING NETS OUTSIDE A BOAT - A net holster holds fishing nets outside a boat and out of the way of anglers inside the boat. The net holster of the present invention has over 100 adjustable positions to keep the net out of the way. The net holster can keep a net in place outside the boat of speeds of at least 30 miles per hour. The net holster of the present invention is designed to hold most nets. A universal clamp and a tie down clamp enable the net holster to fasten to a variety of marine vessels with very little effort.11-22-2012
20080264324Motor Boat - A motorboat, in particular a yacht, with a cabin which merges on a rear side into a cockpit which is delimited laterally by side sections. To improve the wind comfort in the cockpit, a respective side guiding element for guiding the flow is disposed on each side of the boat. The side guiding element extends generally vertically upward and generally in the longitudinal direction of the boat from a rear end section of the respective side section.10-30-2008
20100258048Boat with battery carriers - A boat includes a boat body and an accompanying device. The boat body includes a hull defining a first accommodation space and having left and right sides, an electric motor disposed on the hull, and a propulsion unit driven by the motor. The accompanying device includes at least one carrier assembly. The carrier assembly includes a carrier attached to either the left or right side of the hull and disposed outwardly of the hull so as to define a second accommodation space, and a battery set disposed within the second accommodation space and connected electrically to the motor for supplying electricity to the motor.10-14-2010
20100242827Boat mounted interface for directing a bend in a flexible element - An interface between the gunwale or other surface of a boat and a tool such as a electronic device such as a fish finder. The interface is tucked under the mount of the electronic device and includes an opening running radially from the interior of the interface to and beyond an outer diametrical portion of the mount such that a power cord and/or other electrical connections can run from a power source in an inner portion of the boat, then to a central portion of the interface, then to the portion of the interface disposed beyond the outer diametrical portion of the mount, and then to the electrical device.09-30-2010
20110126753ADJUSTABLE BOAT SEATS AND ACCESSORIES - Relocateable boat accessories, such as seats having a second extension that can be positioned through a second extension slot, and then pivoted to position a locking member through a finger slot. The locking member can have a tip that is positioned under a floor so secure the seat to the floor. The floor may have several second extension slots and several finger slots to accommodate various accessory or seat position possibilities.06-02-2011
20100319601ANCHOR HANDLING DEVICE - An anchor handling device for an anchor handling vessel, the anchor handling device being adopted to bring an anchor from a substantially horizontal position resting at an aft deck of the vessel, to a substantially vertical position hanging astern of the vessel, wherein the device comprises two arms (12-23-2010
20110017120Automatically Adjustable Bunk - Automatically adjustable bunk apparatus are described that can be used, for example, in applications in which space is limited, such as, for example, boats and recreational vehicles. The automatically adjustable bunk apparatus can be configured in an extended bunk configuration or a space saving retracted configuration. The automatically adjustable bunk apparatus have a substantially horizontal portion and an adjustable portion either of which can be configured to be movable between a retracted position and an extended position. When the automatically adjustable bunk apparatus is in its retracted configuration, the adjustable portion is positioned outside the plane of the horizontal portion, and when the automatically adjustable bunk apparatus is in its extended position, the horizontal portion and the adjustable portion form a substantially flat surface.01-27-2011
20090064915Watercraft - A watercraft (03-12-2009
20090126620Device for lifting, supporting, transporting and unloading a kayak or canoe - A device for lifting, supporting, transporting and unloading a kayak, comprising, engagement means for releasably and securely engaging the coaming of the kayak support means for stably supporting the engagement means and engaged kayak on an individual's shoulders and rotation means in engagement with the support means and the engagement means adapted to rotate the engagement means relative to the support means.05-21-2009
20080314306Bimini misting system - The present invention is a water misting device built in to a boat's bimini framework. The water for the device is taken from a lake, river, ocean or any other water body or source, and pumped through a screening or filtration system for endless misting opportunity. As the device is concealed within the framework, it is aesthetically pleasing to the boat owner and fellow boaters. The device can also be completely removed and reattached at the owner's discretion.12-25-2008
20100180811WATER LEVEL DETECTOR - According to one example embodiment, an apparatus may include a chamber, a flotation device inside the chamber, a magnetic sensor circuit, a timing circuit, and a switch circuit. The chamber may be configured to receive water through a first opening and allow water to exit through a second opening. The chamber may also be configured to prevent water from exiting the chamber other than through the first opening or the second opening. The flotation device may include a magnetic material. The magnetic sensor circuit may be configured to determine whether the flotation device is in proximity with a top portion of the chamber. The magnetic sensor circuit may be configured to output a water level signal to a timing circuit based on the determining. The timing circuit may be configured to output an alarm signal to a switch circuit based on the water level signal continually indicating a low water level for a predetermined period of time. The switch circuit may be configured to remove power from an external device based on the alarm signal.07-22-2010
20100071608Outrigger Appendage - An appendage for an outrigger for trolling baits and lures outboard of the hull and forward of or close to the boat's stern wake which is created when the boat moves through the water. The appendage is configured for attachment to the outrigger, and movable from an retracted position to an extended position after attachment to the outrigger. The appendage may comprise a hinge, spring or other mechanism to allow the appendage to swing, fold or otherwise move between retracted and extended positions, and a control line or other means to control the movement of the appendage between retracted and extended positions. The appendage may also comprise one or more halyards and release clips for releasably holding lines attached to baits or lures.03-25-2010
20090260560WATERCRAFT INCLUDING A FLOATABLE SLIDE AND A BOAT - The invention features a watercraft that includes a boat and a floatable slide coupled to at least one side wall of the boat.10-22-2009
20120037064BRAKING SYSTEM FOR WATERCRAFT - A braking system for a watercraft moving upon a body of water. A hull has a bow portion, a bottom portion and a port opening in the bow. A water inlet is formed in the bottom of the hull. A duct extends between the water inlet and the port opening. A generally U-shaped hub has an intake portion and an output portion. The hub is selectably movable between a stowed position with the intake portion within the hull and a deployed position with the intake portion extending into the body of water. The intake portion of the hub, when deployed, diverts water from the intake portion to the output portion of the hub. The moving watercraft is braked by drag induced upon the hull by the deployed hub extending into the body of water and by the diverted water urged through the duct and out of the port opening.02-16-2012
20110155040LOW-PROFILE FOLDING PUSH-POLE HOLDERS - A folding push-pole holder for recreational boats and the like has a flush-mounted body member, a foldable hook member and a detent mechanism. The flush-mounted body member has facilities for mounting on an associated boat surface, requiring only screw-diameter holes drilled in the boat surface. The foldable hook member lies flat when not in use, and upright when extended for holding a pole. A detent mechanism keeps the foldable hook member in either the extended or retracted position until it is changed by a force exerted on the foldable hook member.06-30-2011
20100162938Rescue Boat - A multi-purpose boat has a two angle V hull with a rounded fore-aft profile and slightly convex deck. The hull has steeply angled edge portions and shallowly angled center portions. The edge portions are sufficiently sloped away from vertical to allow the boat to be lifted and not pushed by waves. The rounded fore-aft profile allows the boat to slide over waves, especially during a beach entry. The boat includes a keel having a horizontal base and separating downward from the hull at the fore and aft of the boat to resist yawing. The dry weight of the boat is about 25 pounds with a foam core with a resin coating and the keel is preferably hollow and includes ports to allow water to enter the keel to add about 25 pounds after entering the water. Approximately four inches of freeboard is provided separating riders from cold water and predators.07-01-2010
20120060742ON BOARD LIFT LEG CONSTRUCTION FOR PONTOON BOATS WITH ONBOARD ENGINE - An onboard lift leg construction for a pontoon boat has a plurality of movable support legs including rear telescoping tube support legs that are fixed to a frame of a pontoon boat. The telescoping tube support legs each include an outer tube fixed to the frame, and an inner tube slidably mounted within the outer tube. A linear hydraulic actuator is secured to a head member that is supported on the outer tube. The actuator has an extendable and retractable rod that is attached or secured to the lower end of the inner tube such that when the actuator is extended, the inner tube is also extended to effectively lift the pontoon boat to which the outer tube is attached. The forward portions of the pontoon boat frame can be provided with pivoting lift legs for lifting the pontoon boat.03-15-2012
20110094434AUTOMATIC REVERSING-REPOSITION ROCKER ARM - An automatic reversing-reposition rocker arm includes a rocker arm body, and the rocker arm body is a steel box beam. A rocker arm pivoting shaft is attached on a middle of the body. The rocker arm body has a ballast tank, a water inlet, and a water outlet. The ballast tank is located in a back end of the rocker arm body. The water inlet is located in an upper edge of the ballast tank. The water outlet is located in a lower edge of the ballast tank. A left side and a right side of a lengthwise forth end of the rocker arm pivoting shaft match each other, and a plurality of connecting devices are attached on the forth end of the rocker arm body. A plurality of gas-liquid buffers connects with the rocker arm body via the connecting devices.04-28-2011
20120222608METHOD OF FABRICATING PAD FOR SUPPORTING PORTION OF A VESSEL HULL - In a method of fabricating a one-piece pad for supporting a portion of a vessel hull thereon, a product design for a mold is initially created in software. Creating the product design includes forming an upper planar surface portion with a plurality of ribs in spaced-apart relation there across and which extend substantially upward, the ribs serving as contact points to a surface portion of the vessel hull adapted to be supported by a structure supporting the to-be-formed one-piece pad thereon, forming a rear support ribbing portion representative of a bottom surface of the pad, and forming vertical sides between the upper planar surface portion with ribs and rear support ribbing portion. The method further includes forming a mold based on the created product design, mounting the mold on an injection molding machine, and forcing plastic materials into the mold on the machine to form the one-piece pad.09-06-2012
20120227657FLOATING FIRE ENCLOSURE - The invention relates to a floating fire enclosure, comprising a floating platform having an upper surface and an opening in the upper surface; and a fire enclosure fixed to said the floating platform, a method of making such a floating fire enclosure, and a method for supporting such a fire enclosure on a body of water.09-13-2012
20120079978ADJUSTABLE RAILING APPARATUS FOR A VESSEL - An adjustable rail apparatus for a vessel includes a horizontal support member and a pair of vertical legs extending downward to an attachment unit for securing the apparatus to a vessel. Each of the vertical legs can be adjustable for allowing a height of the horizontal bar to be changed. The horizontal bar can have an adjustable length for allowing the apparatus to be mounted to a wide variety of different vessel configurations.04-05-2012
20120279435Boat Separator Useful For Separating Boats with Wakeboard Racks - A boat separator comprising a boat extender having a first cross member attached to a first end of the boat extender, and a second cross member attached to the second end of the boat extender. The boat separator preferably has an adjustable length such that the boat extender can be extended between 20 and 30 inches.11-08-2012
20120279436FIN SYSTEM - A fin collar including a body having a proximal region locatable adjacent to an underside of a water craft. The fin collar also including a distal region, the body including a longitudinally extending slot adapted to receive a watercraft fin, the slot extending through the body between the proximal and distal regions. An outer surface of the body includes a fluid flow modification surface which extends around a perimeter of the body.11-08-2012
20110232559Boat Lift Attachment With Side Mount Actuators - An onboard lift for lifting a boat such as a pontoon boat includes legs that have one end pivotally attached to a bottom substantially horizontal surface of a boat deck. The legs are typically continuous substantially imperforate tubes throughout essentially the entire length. The lower ends of the legs carry support feet or pads. One end of an actuator attaches to an outer side of one of the tubular legs and another end of the actuator is attached to a bottom substantially horizontal bottom surface of the boat deck. The actuators are manipulated to pivot each of the legs between a retracted or stowed position where the legs are substantially parallel to the bottom substantially horizontal surface of the boat deck and a working or lifting position where a pad or foot engages the bottom of the body of water and as the legs are further pivoted downwardly, the boat is lifted upward and out of the water.09-29-2011
20130174771MARINE EQUIPMENT PLATFORM - A platform for holding marine equipment. A vertical section has a pair of rail grippers at one end for hanging the platform from the rail of a boat, and is hinged to a horizontal section at the other end. A pair of cables each attached between the top of the vertical section and the distal end of the horizontal section support the horizontal section at a right angle, such that a generator or other marine equipment may be supported by the horizontal section.07-11-2013
20080216734MARINE TELESCOPING GRAB BAR - The marine grab bar of the present invention is intended for use on a boat wherein a passenger needs a gripping post when standing. The grab bar assembly includes a base mounted to a wall or upright surface in the boat, and a telescoping bar moveable between a lower retracted storage position and a raised extended gripping position. A lock is provided in the assembly for retaining the bar in the raised position relative to the base.09-11-2008
20130133564Bracket For A PWC - A bracket invention is mounted to the rear area of a personal watercraft or PWC, for the purpose of providing a method and means of attaching items such as but not limited too; rod holders, sonar, lights, cooler accessories, beverage holder, fuel containers, wiring, gun case, camping supplies, fishing/hunting accessories, and water sports equipment. The bracket invention is formed in such a way that these items can be firmly attached and/or located to the PWC, extending and adding to its useful functionality. The bracket is designed to be easily attached and removed from the PWC using existing holes and location points. The bracket invention allows for easy tie off when mooring at dock, a integral mounting point for a drag bucket used to modify the PWC's speed, and/or a lighting system extending the useful period of time that a rider can operate the PWC safely and legally.05-30-2013
20100275833APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COLLECTING MATERIAL FROM WATER SYSTEMS - The invention relates to an apparatus and method for collecting material from a water system, especially from the surface or close to the surface of a water system. The method comprises: maneuvering an apparatus with a cargo space in a water system; conducting water, present in the surface and close to the surface of the water system, and material therein to be collected, in response to the vessel's advancing speed through a collect opening, located in a fore section of the apparatus in its traveling direction, into the cargo space; conducting water from the cargo space back into the water system through an exhaust opening in the cargo space's bottom.11-04-2010
20130192508Boat Buoyancy Tube Retention - A system and method of installing an outer cover over a buoyancy tube associated with a rigid hull buoyant boat includes installing a first portion of an outer cover onto the rigid hull buoyant boat, the first portion including a plurality of grommets. A second portion of the outer cover is installed onto the rigid hull buoyant boat, the second portion including a plurality of female connective elements, each female connective element associated with a male connective element. The first portion is connected to the second portion such that the first and second covers enclose the buoyancy tube, wherein connecting includes inserting each of the male connective elements through their associated grommet to be further received by their associated female connective element.08-01-2013
20120024217Party Lounger and Floating Hammock - This invention embodies a floating hammock that attached to the front or side of a boat in a manner that allows for ease of deployment and storage. This invention has stiffeners on the front and sides that prevent the device from collapsing upon itself while users may lie in the middle in a partially submerged fashion for maximum enjoyment of the water while on a boat in a static position. The device then easily stores by rolling up and locking down on the front or side of the boat for use at a later time.02-02-2012

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