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Pigment, filler, or aggregate compositions, e.g., stone, shale, pebbles, rock, etc.

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106 - Compositions: coating or plastic


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106401000 Composition contains identified material other than water 254
20100006007COLOR POWDER FOR COATING - A method for producing a bonded color powder concentrate, the method comprising dry mixing a base powder, a pigment powder and a bonding agent; and during the dry mixing, applying heat so as to bring the bonding agent to an adhesive state while the base powder and the pigment powder remain in a stable state, thereby forming agglomerates essentially each comprising a component of the base powder and a component of the pigment powder, bonded together using a component of the bonding agent.01-14-2010
20090007820Processed Pigment and Use Thereof - A purpose of the present invention is to provide a treated pigment usable in fields where the pigment is required to give high transparency and a high contrast ratio in the case where an organic pigment is used as the pigment by treating primary particles of the pigment and making the particles finer and more uniform and dispersing the particles.01-08-2009
20120024194Method of Reducing Toxicity of Coal Combustion Residues - Methods, processes, and systems for reducing the solubility of toxic constituents found in coal combustion residues are provided. In one embodiment, methods for adding chemical reagents to the coal combustion process that changes the chemical composition of the coal combustion residues and convert the form of a toxic constituents to one with lower aqueous solubility is provided. In some embodiments compounds containing toxic constituents are converted to compounds that are less soluble in aqueous solvents. In various embodiments, the chemical reactions are aided by the ambient heat at various zones within the coal combustion system. In some embodiments, precursor reagents are added to the coal combustion system and converted to reagents to aid in interacting with toxic constituents or compounds. In various embodiments, the reagent or reagent precursor is added before, during, or after the coal combustion zone. These methods can aid in rendering coal combustion products less hazardous when the products are recycled, stored, or disposed.02-02-2012
20090145332PROCESS - The present invention provides a process of preparing particulate products, the process comprising the steps of: (i) subjecting a precursor film to a non-mechanical particulate-defining treatment; and (ii) separating the particulate portion and the non-particulate portion of the film.06-11-2009
20100258034PRODUCING A SOLID PIGMENT PREPARATION IN THE FORM OF GRANULES BY SPRAY DRYING - In a process for producing a solid pigment preparation in the form of granules which comprises the steps of 10-14-2010
20090007821Functional material, dispersion containing the functional material, and process for producing the functional material - A functional material comprising fine coloring particles having an average primary particle diameter of 1 to 50 nm in a dried state, and having a BET specific surface area value of to 500 m01-08-2009
20090241801METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING FINE PARTICLES - A method for producing fine particles by allowing a dissolved solution prepared by dissolving a material for forming the fine particles into a solvent with the use of a dissolution auxiliary agent and a poor solvent for varying a solubility of the material for the fine particles to mix each other, wherein the fine particles are generated by flowing the dissolved solution, the poor solvent and a dispersing agent solution for dispersing the fine particle through respectively independent supply channels to join each other at one joining channel and flow together. A decomposition and deterioration caused by a reaction between the dispersing agent and a component of the solution is suppressed and fine particles with high monodispersing property can be produced.10-01-2009
20100300327 PARTICULATE DRY TINTER - A particulate dry tinter for use in tinting a coating composition including at least two coloured pigments, in which the particulate tinter has a colour hue predictive of the colour hue of the tinted coating composition and the coating when applied (FIG. 12-02-2010
20090031923FLUID-PROCESSING DEVICE AND FLUID-PROCESSING METHOD - A fluid-processing device is provided for bringing two kinds of fluids into contact to mix or react with each other. The device comprises a first supply path connected to a first feed inlet for feeding a first fluid for supplying the first fluid, and plural second supply paths connected to a second feed inlet for feeding a second fluid for supplying the second fluid; the second supply paths being arranged along supply direction of the first fluid, the second supply paths being surrounded by the first fluid, the second fluid discharged from fluid outlets of the second supply paths being brought into contact with the first fluid in the first supply path.02-05-2009
20090217842FLAKES WITH UNDULATE BORDERS AND METHOD OF FORMING THEREOF - The invention provides a plurality of substantially same planar pigment flakes, each formed of one or more thin film layers. Each flake has a face surface and a flake border delimiting the face surface; the flake border undulates in the plane of the flake. The flakes have a pre-selected shape, may have a symbol or a grating thereon. A method of manufacturing of these flakes including the steps of: (a) providing a substrate having a plurality of one-flake regions and a plurality of depressions or protrusions disposed therebetween and not extending into the one-flake regions, (b) coating the substrate with a releasable coating, and (c) removing the releasable coating and breaking it into the flakes; wherein two adjacent of the one-flake regions are separated by at least three of the depressions or protrusions for facilitating the breaking of the releasable coating into the flakes.09-03-2009
20110247522METHOD OF ADVANTAGEOUS MANIPULATION OF THE SOLID PIGMENT COLORS - A method is provided for adjusting the color associated with a pigment particle, to achieve a desired value of the L*a*b* color space associated with such pigment particle. The method comprises the step of reducing the amount of impurities vicinal to the pigment particle in order to achieve the desired L*a*b* color coordinate, or increasing the amount of impurities vicinal to the pigment particle in order to achieve the desired L*a*b* color coordinate. A pigment particle composition comprising pigment particles and impurities with a desired value of the L*a*b* color coordinate is also provided.10-13-2011
20100263575Novel Dispersants - The present invention relates to novel dispersants containing at least two lipophilic groups, and the dispersants contain a hydrophilic component present in an amount sufficient to at least partially disperse the amphiphilic compound in aqueous media. The invention further provides for the use of the novel dispersants in various applications.10-21-2010
20090025611ORGANIC PIGMENT FINE PARTICLES AND METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME - According to the method of producing organic pigment fine particles of the present invention, when producing organic pigment fine particles by allowing two or more solutions at least one of which is an organic pigment solution in which an organic pigment is dissolved to flow through a microchannel, the organic pigment solution flows through the microchannel in a non-laminar state. Accordingly, the contact area of solutions per unit time can be increased and the length of diffusion mixing can be shortened, and thus instantaneous mixing of solutions becomes possible. As a result, nanometer-scale monodisperse organic pigment fine particles can be produced in a stable manner.01-29-2009

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