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Inorganic settable ingredient containing

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106 - Compositions: coating or plastic


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106705000 Ash containing (e.g., fly ash, volcanic ash, coal ash, etc.) 121
106713000 Portland type cement 91
106802000 Organic material containing 69
106692000 Aluminous cement (e.g., high alumina, calcium aluminate, etc.) 52
106672000 Hollow, foam, cellular or porous material containing or method of forming cellular or porous product 44
106772000 Calcium sulfate (e.g., gypsum, anhydrite, plaster of Paris, etc.) 41
106640000 Free metal or alloy containing (e.g., dust, powder, etc.) 28
106668000 Bituminous material or tarry residue, pitch, or coal containing 23
106690000 Phosphate based cement 23
106661000 Higher fatty acid or ester, amide or salt thereof containing (e.g., fish oil, vegetable oil, soap, etc.) 16
106801000 Magnesium compound (e.g., vermiculite, talc, soapstone, dolomite, etc.) 13
106660000 Wax containing (e.g., petroleum wax, beeswax, montan wax, carnauba wax, spermaceti, etc.) 12
106645000 Protein containing (e.g., glue, gelatin, albumin, blood, etc.) 11
106712000 Color additive (other than whitener) 10
106817000 Rock, stone, gravel, trass, shell or carbonate containing (e.g., limestone, etc.) 10
106792000 Lime 8
106789000 Slag 7
106815000 Boron, sulfur, or halogen containing (e.g., alum, etc.) 6
106816000 Particle size specified 6
106698000 Perlite containing 5
20130025505LOW-STRENGTH AND LOW-DENSITY WATERPROOF PERLITE CONCRETE, AN AIRCRAFT-ARRESTING PAVING MATERIAL USING THE SAME, AND A PRODUCTION METHOD FOR THE SAME - The present invention relates to an aircraft-arresting paving material which is installed in locations such as aircraft runway safety zones or landing strips and is adapted to ensure that an aircraft do not leave the runway, by itself breaking if an aircraft which has landed overruns or departs and as a result proceeds upwards, and the present invention relates to a production method for the same, and also to a low-strength waterproof perlite concrete produced so as to include perlite aggregate having a waterproof coating so as to be suitable as the overrun prevention paving material.01-31-2013
20110139036Light Structural Mortar Compositions and Associated Methods for the Production and Use Thereof - Light structural mortar compositions containing light loads, type II synthetic anhydrite and additives and methods for the production and use thereof are disclosed and described. Such compositions may be useful for application in ferro-cement constructive systems in order to provide thermal, acoustic and anti-seismic characteristics desirable for coating on interior and exterior walls and ceilings/roofs, as a substitution of cement-based mortar.06-16-2011
20100175590SNAP-SET, READY-MIX JOINT COMPOUND - A joint compound system includes a set-inhibited, pre-wetted, setting-type, ready-mix joint compound and a set initiator. The set-inhibited, pre-wetted, setting-type joint compound includes a ready-mixed, setting-type joint compound base with a calcium-free phosphate set preventing agent that impedes chemical hydration of a gypsum component of the setting-type joint compound. The joint compound base is free of calcium carbonate. The set initiator includes alum to reinitiate the chemical hydration reactions.07-15-2010
20120325119Settable Compositions Comprising Unexpanded Perlite and Methods of Cementing in Subterranean Formations - An embodiment of the present invention comprises a method of cementing comprising: placing a settable composition into a well bore, the settable composition comprising unexpanded perlite, cement kiln dust, and water; and allowing the settable composition to set. Another embodiment of the present invention comprises a method of cementing comprising: placing a settable composition into a well bore, the settable composition comprising ground unexpanded perlite, Portland cement interground with pumicite, and water; and allowing the settable composition to set. Yet another embodiment of the present invention comprises a settable composition comprising: ground unexpanded perlite; cement kiln dust; and water.12-27-2012
20130008351Settable Compositions Comprising Cement Kiln Dust and Rice Husk Ash and Methods of Use - Embodiments disclose method and compositions that comprise cement kiln dust and rice husk ash. An embodiment comprises a method of cementing comprising: placing a settable composition into a subterranean formation, the settable composition comprising cement kiln dust, rice husk ash, and water; and allowing the settable composition to set. Another embodiment discloses a settable composition comprising cement kiln dust, rice husk ash, and water.01-10-2013
106697000 Organic garbage, refuse sewage, or waste material containing or treating (other than sulfite waste liquor) 5
20090266271Method of Brake Fluid Disposal and Grinding Aid for Cement Material - Provided is a method of brake fluid disposal which is characterized in that glycol-based brake fluid is recovered from vehicles, and the recovered glycol-based brake fluid is added to a grinding step of a cement material production facility. Furthermore, a method of brake fluid disposal is characterized in that the recovered glycol-based brake fluid is mixed with diethylene glycol. With these methods, it is possible to reduce troublesome works and effectively utilize the resources in cement material production facilities.10-29-2009
20100186635Method and composition for making a concrete product from sludge - A method for making a sludge aggregate concrete includes the steps of collecting and dehydrating sludge, sintering the sludge at a temperature of about 800˜900° C., grinding and sieving the sludge through a screen to obtain sludge ash, forming the sludge ash into an artificial sludge aggregate by mixing the sludge ash with an inorganic binder and water followed by granularizing, and mixing the artificial sludge aggregate with an inorganic binder and water to form the sludge aggregate concrete product.07-29-2010
20110126737METHOD FOR RECYCLING OILY WASTE IN ORDER TO PRODUCE A MULTI-USE DRY-TYPE MODIFIED PAVEMENT - The invention relates to a treatment process or recycling co process for oily wastes originating from the use of hydrocarbons, products manufactured therefrom and derivatives of same, without using aggregates from natural banks during the transformation process, thereby producing a novel material which can be used as an aggregate in hydraulic or asphaltic rolling surfaces, road sub-bases, bases and repair work involving cold patching, and which has the following mechanical characteristics and properties: zero plasticity; non toxicity; insolubility and impermeability to water, which prevents any form of leaching during the handling or use thereof; and optimum CBR and compacting, reducing construction times and costs and any negative impact on the environment, through the sustainable use of wastewater streams.06-02-2011
20110155020SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MAKING CEMENT AND CEMENT DERIVED THEREFROM - Integrated cement production systems and methods implementing the systems are disclosed, where the integrated cement production systems include a burnable fuel supply subsystem, a cement raw material supply subsystem, a kiln subsystem and a cement clinker composition storage subsystem. The burnable fuel supply subsystem is adapted to receive one or a plurality of used and/or unused healthcare materials. The burnable fuel supply subsystem can feed the materials directly into the kiln subsystem, can convert the materials into different form and feed the different form to the kiln subsystem or feed a combination of the materials, different forms and optionally conventional fuels to the kiln subsystem.06-30-2011
20130139729Providing Freeze-Thaw Durability to Cementitious Compositions - A cementitious freeze-thaw damage resistant composition includes hydraulic cement, and coffee grounds particles having a volume-weighted mean particle size of from greater than 50 μm to about 2000 μm. A method for preparing a freeze-thaw damage resistant cementitious composition includes forming a mixture of water, hydraulic cement, and coffee grounds particles having a volume-weighted mean particle size of from greater than 50 μm to about 2000 μm. The coffee grounds particles act to increase the freeze-thaw durability of the cementitious material. A cementitious freeze-thaw damage resistant composition comprising hydraulic cement, and organic particles comprising at least one of coffee grounds particles, leaf powder particles, starch microcontainers, ground tea leaf particles, or cork powder particles.06-06-2013
106683000 Oxy salt type cement 5
20080257222Cementitious Veneer and Laminate Material - A cementitious veneer and laminate composition is provided. The cementitious laminate composition includes a substrate, a primer layer applied to the substrate, the primer layer comprising a mixture of polyvinyl alcohol catalyst, Portland cement, and sand; and a cementitious veneer layer applied to the primer layer, the veneer layer comprising a mixture of magnesium sulfate, filler, magnesium oxide, gypsum cement, and polyvinyl alcohol catalyst. The polyvinyl alcohol catalyst comprises a mixture of polyvinyl alcohol fibers dissolved in water and mixed with butylene carbonate. The veneer layer is applied to the substrate and primer layer by means including spraying and manual spreading. The veneer layer can be ornamentally manipulated either before or after curing of the veneer layer. The veneer composition can be formed into laminated tiles or panels for use in building applications.10-23-2008
20100077939Extruded Cross-Banded Magnesium Oxide Construction Board and Method of Making Same - Embodiments of the invention comprise a method of making a construction board (also known as wallboard) and a device for making same. The resulting construction board is formed by mixing of at least magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and a binding agent into a slurry, adding particulized solid material while funneling the slurry, and extruding the slurry comprising the particulized solid material.04-01-2010
20110088597DURABLE MAGNESIUM OXYCHLORIDE CEMENT AND PROCESS THEREFOR - A magnesium oxychloride cement (MOC) composition comprising: 04-21-2011
20090084289Lime Independent Cementitious Mixtures - A lime independent cementitious mixture including: an iron oxides constituent comprising one or more oxides of iron; and an activator. The activator is selected from one or more metal non-chloride salts, including metal phosphates and nitrates, or non-alkaline earth metal salts. The activator is also selected from those which may form one or more megalithic molecules with the iron oxides constituent when co-activated with water. A lime independent cementitious mixture including an iron oxides constituent comprising one or more oxides of iron; a silicates constituent comprising one or more calcined metal silicates; and an activator selected from one or more metal non-chloride salts which may form one or more megalithic molecules with the iron oxides and/or silicates constituents when co-activated with water.04-02-2009
20090188409GROUTING MATERIAL - A grouting material which contains a fine particle material having a Blaine specific surface area of 5000 cm07-30-2009
106639000 For use underwater 3
20110174194 PUMPABLE CEMENTITIOUS GROUT SYSTEM FOR USE IN THE PRODUCTION OF UNDERGROUND ROOF-SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND OTHER LOAD-BEARING STRUCTURES - A pumpable grout mixture includes a first grout stream including a hydraulically active cementitious material suitable for cementing in underground applications and water, and a second grout stream including a pozzalanic material and an inorganic gelling agent wherein the two grout streams are combined into a grout mixture to form a self-supporting load bearing structure.07-21-2011
20080257221Non-dispersible concrete for underwater and underground construction - A non-dispersible concrete for underwater and underground construction is disclosed, whose composition primarily comprises: coarse aggregate in a range of from 600 to 1200 kgw/m10-23-2008
20090120329Hardening and Setting Accelerator Additive, Use of the Latter and Method for Producing Said Additive - The invention relates to a hardening and setting accelerator additive consisting of two components. The first component contains agents for developing the rigidity of the binding agent and the second component is an activating component and/or a texturing component.05-14-2009
106657000 Natural resin containing (e.g., shellac, turpentine, balsam, copal, etc.) 3
20090031924METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR IMPROVING AIR ENTRAINMENT IN CEMENTITIOUS MIXTURES - A method for improving air entrainment comprising the steps of: providing a compound selected from an amphoteric, an alkyl polyglycoside, an ester, a triglyceride, a triglyceride derivative, a fatty alcohol, an alkoxylated fatty alcohol, an alkoxylated polyhydric fatty alcohol, and mixtures thereof; dispersing the compound on a finely particulate carrier to form a treated carrier; and adding the treated carrier to a cementitious mixture is provided. A composition for improving air entrainment, including a compound selected from an amphoteric, an alkyl polyglycoside, an ester, a triglyceride, a triglyceride derivative, a fatty alcohol, an alkoxylated fatty alcohol, an alkoxylated polyhydric fatty alcohol, and mixtures thereof, wherein the compound is dispersed on an organic particulate carrier and added to a cementitious mixture, is also provided. The composition may be incorporated into a concrete structure.02-05-2009
20080223257METHODS OF MANUFACTURING ASPHALT WITH LIME PELLETS - Lime pellets can be used in preparing asphalt compositions. The pellets are characterized as having a substantially rigid structure with a dimension greater than about 1.5 mm and being compatible with a hot mix asphalt so as to dissolve in liquid asphalt. The pellets condition an end product of asphalt pavement by being dissolved into a hot mix asphalt composition during the manufacture of such an asphalt. The method of conditioning includes providing the lime pellets, and mixing the lime pellets with a hot mix asphalt ingredient, wherein the ingredient is at least one of an aggregate or asphalt cement. The asphalt and lime pellets are heated to a temperature sufficient for the lime pellets to be dissolved.09-18-2008
20120118206SULPHUR CEMENT PRODUCT - A sulphur cement product comprising from 10 to 30 wt % sulphur, 70 to 90 wt % of particulate inorganic material and from 0.4 to 2 wt % wax, and comprising less than 5 wt % bitumen, wherein the weight percentages are based upon the weight of the sulphur cement product, is disclosed. Further disclosed is a process for preparing a sulphur cement product; a process for preparing a sulphur cement surfacing on a structural material; and use of a wax to improve the fouling deposit removal and/or graffiti removal properties of a sulphur cement product.05-17-2012
106811000 Soil, diatomaceous earth, clay, slate or shale containing, or material for treating soil or earth (e.g., soil stabilization, etc.) 3
20100258038Clay Plaster - A clay plaster formulation and application. The clay plaster is a mixture of various clays, and aggregate. This plaster is both functional and decorative and is for use on new and existing construction.10-14-2010
20100319587METHOD FOR PRODUCING HYDRAULIC POWDER - According to the present invention, a hydraulic powder is prepared by including a step of grinding a hydraulic compound in the presence of (A) glycerin and (B) polyethyleneglycol that are present in a fixed weight ratio.12-23-2010
20130139732MANUFACTURING METHOD OF LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS USING SLUDGE WASTE - The present invention relates to a manufacturing method of manufacturing lightweight construction materials using sludge waste, more specifically to a manufacturing method of manufacturing lightweight construction materials using the sludge waste which is manufactured by adding feldspar, bentonite, zeolite, loess, mica and agalmatolite to sludge waste and the lightweight construction materials manufactured thereby. According to the present invention, lightweight construction materials can be manufactured which are environmentally friendly by recycling waste sludge, can reduce energy consumption by simplifying the processes, and have superior strength and water permeability by mixing specific inorganic materials.06-06-2013
106711000 Mineral fibers or glass fibers containing (e.g., slag wool, cotton wool, mineral wool, rock wool, etc.) 3
20090301353Corrosion-Resistant Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Mix - A fibre-reinforced concrete mix with a high resistance to corrosion and a low volume weight, having higher mechanical strength values than those of a standard concrete and a lower volume weight. The inventive concrete is different from those currently available owing to the formulation, mix and novel mechanical behaviour of its constituents. In addition, the concrete has a longer service life than other concretes due to its resistance to chemical attack and corrosion.12-10-2009
20090133606Cement Compositions Comprising High Aspect Ratio Materials and Methods of Use in Subterranean Formations - The present invention relates to subterranean well cementing operations, and more particularly, to cement compositions that include high aspect ratio materials, and methods for using such cement compositions in subterranean formations. An example of a method of the present invention is a method of cementing in a subterranean formation. An example of a composition of the present invention is a cement composition for use in a subterranean formation.05-28-2009
20080264302Curable Composition Containing as Constituent Material Silica Obtained by Decomposing Chrysotile and Cured Object - Chrysotile or chrysotile-containing serpentinite containing chrysotile is treated to convert the chrysotile contained therein into a non-asbestos material, so that the non-asbestos material is used as a material that can be recycled safely and is effective from the view point of environmental protection.10-30-2008
106814000 Mica, cinder, glass or elemental carbon containing 1
20120042806Highly concentrated nano-reinforcement suspensions for cementitious materials and method of reinforcing such materials - Highly concentrated carbon nanotube or other nano-reinforcement suspensions and/or masses are prepared for use as admixtures in cement base materials to make cementitious composite materials.02-23-2012
106699000 Asbestos containing (e.g., amosite, chrysotile, etc.) 1
20130061778PRODUCTION METHOD FOR A LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL USING ASBESTOS WASTE - The present invention relates to a production method for a lightweight construction material using asbestos waste, and more specifically to a production method for a lightweight construction material using asbestos waste in which the production takes place with the addition of loess, silicon carbide, a zeolite and half silty clay to asbestos waste, and relates to a lightweight construction material produced thereby. By adding silicon carbide, loess, a zeolite and half silty clay to asbestos waste, the present invention has the advantageous effect that construction materials can be made lighter in weight without the asbestos component being detected, and an environmentally friendly lightweight construction material can be produced which has outstanding strength, thermal insulation properties, forming properties, water-absorbing power and water-retaining ability.03-14-2013
20100050905ACTIVATING COMPOSITIONS IN SUBTERRANEAN ZONES - The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for managing cement in a subterranean zone. In some implementations, a method of cementing in a subterranean formation includes positioning a cement slurry including a plurality of activation devices in a wellbore. The activation devices configured to release an activator that increases a setting rate of the cement slurry. A signal is transmitted to at least a portion of the cement slurry to activate the activation devices. The activation device releases the activator in response to at least the signal.03-04-2010
20120222586HUMIDITY-CONTROLLING BUILDING MATERIAL AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - A humidity-controlling building material, which is produced by subjecting a molded product obtained by dehydration pressing a kneaded product of a hydraulic composition comprising an autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete powder and cement, and water; to autoclave curing, wherein a volume of pores with a diameter of 0.1 μm or more is 0.1 to 0.25 cc/g and a pore volume resulting from subtracting a volume of pores with a diameter of 0.1 μm or more from a total pore volume is 0.2 to 0.5 cc/g exhibits remarkably excellent performance in terms of both strength and moisture absorption and desorption performance.09-06-2012
20110277670SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING CO2 - Systems and methods for lowering levels of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants are provided. Economically viable systems and processes capable of removing vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants from gaseous waste streams and sequestering them in storage-stable forms are also discussed.11-17-2011
20110107942LARGE SCALE PRODUCTION OF CARBON NANOTUBES IN PORTLAND CEMENT - The present invention describes a chemical vapor-phase deposition for carbon nanotube synthesis in which cement clinker is used as a ceramic matrix for anchoring transition-metal nanoparticles. Using cement clinker as nanoparticle anchoring base of transition metals allows carbon nanotubes to be generated on cement clinker particles and grains, in this way producing a kind of cement that is nanostructured with carbon nanotubes. By this process, the carbon nanotube synthesis and integration to clinker are carried out in just one continuous and large-scale stage. The process described herein can be applied to conventional cement industry whose production may be rated as tons per day. The present invention also proposes—as part of the carbon nanotube synthesis on cement clinker—several enrichment alternatives of cement clinker by using transition metals for producing such nanostructured composite, which may or not be integrated to the conventional cement industry.05-12-2011
20090283016METHOD FOR TREATING CEMENT KILN DUST - A method for treating cement kiln dust containing alkaline metal salts includes the steps of hydration (formation of calcium hydroxide), dehydration i.e. drying, fractionation by sieving and carbonation (reaction of the fractionated moistened cement kiln dust) with CO11-19-2009
20090266270PRECAST CEMENTITIOUS PRODUCTS WITH PHOTOCATALYTIC ACTIVITY - The present invention relates to new precast cementitious products with photocatalytic activity, and to a process to obtain them.10-29-2009
20090283015Method and Device for Use of Alternative Fuels in Clinker and Cement Production - In a method for utilizing alternative fuels in the production of clinker or cement the alternative fuels are employed in reactors (11-19-2009
20120067250Dosing Bag Structure for Dispensing Fiber and Admixtures into Cementitious Mixtures - A dosing bag for additives that are mixed into a cementitious mixture, wherein the dosing bag is made from a dissolvable starch-based film material. When the dissolving dosing bag with its contents are introduced into a mixture that uses water as an ingredient, the dosing bag dissolves at a particular rate such that the additives are released into the mixture in an even manner. The dosing bag has structural features that enable it to dissolve and release material over an extended period of time. Consequently, the material in the dissolving dosing bag is not released as a clump, but is rather released in a manner that ensures is even distribution during mixing. When the additives are more evenly dispensed throughout a mixture, the quality of the final product is greatly improved.03-22-2012
20100147194Formulation for Obtaining a Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Mixture with High Mechanical Strength and Low Volume Weight - A method of obtaining a fibre-reinforced concrete with high strength and low volume weight. The concrete mixture has greater mechanical strength properties than those of a standard concrete and a lower volume weight. The invention comprises a matrix of cement, water and fibres, preferably glass-fibre waste, to reinforce the stone aggregates. The formulation comprises a type of concrete that is different from those currently available, owing to the formulation, mixture and novel mechanical behaviour thereof.06-17-2010
20120192766SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR METERING AND ADDING FIBRES TO A CEMENT MATRIX - A system for metering and adding fibres to a cement matrix comprising means (08-02-2012
20100186634SINGLE-PHASE HYDRAULIC BINDER, METHODS FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF AND STRUCTURAL MATERIAL PRODUCED THEREWITH - The invention relates to a monophase hydraulic binder containing silicon, calcium, oxygen and hydrogen atoms in an arrangement comprising silicate building units having an average connectedness of no more than Q07-29-2010
20100154679DESALINATION METHODS AND SYSTEMS THAT INCLUDE CARBONATE COMPOUND PRECIPITATION - Desalination methods that include carbonate compound precipitation are provided. In certain embodiments, feed water is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions prior to desalination. In certain embodiments, desalination waste brine is subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions. In yet other embodiments, both feed water and waste brine are subjected to carbonate compound precipitation conditions. Aspects of embodiments of the invention include carbon dioxide sequestration. Embodiments of the invention further employ a precipitate product of the carbonate compound precipitation conditions as a building material, e.g., a cement. Also provided are systems configured for use in methods of the invention.06-24-2010
20110239904MANUFACTURED AGGREGATE MATERIAL AND METHOD - The present invention provides a manufactured aggregate material that converts waste materials and/or recyclable materials (10-06-2011
20080245272Microbial Biocementation - A method of forming a high strength cement in a permeable starting material, the method comprising the step of combining the starting material with effective amounts of (i) a urease producing micro-organism; (ii) urea; and (iii) calcium ions and wherein the effective amount of the urease producing organism provides a urea hydrolysis rate, under standard conditions, of 0.5-50 mM urea hydrolysed.min-1.10-09-2008
20120167801MIXTURE FOR SLAB PRODUCTION - A method for producing a cementitious slab including mixing together cement with other materials with the combined mixture of materials having physical particle sizes sufficiently small to allow the material to be cut with a vibrating cutting tool when the material is a semi-set state.07-05-2012
20110197789STRONTIUM BASED SOLUTIONS AND PROCESSES FOR SURFACE HARDENING OF CONCRETE AND OTHER CEMENTEOUS MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES MADE THEREBY - The invention relates to a composition and method for effectively increasing the hardness of a concrete surface and other cementeous materials. More specifically, increasing hardness of concrete by applying a strontium based solution to its surface, and the structure made by the method. The invention also relates to application of surfactants and/or other additives in order to improve the penetration of the hardening agent into the concrete surface and other cementeous materials, improve the water and/or oil repellant properties of the concrete, and/or improve its stain resistance.08-18-2011
20120247370METHOD AND PLANT FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CEMENT CLINKER - The method according to the invention for producing cement clinker comprises substantially the following method steps:10-04-2012
20130167755CONCRETE REINFORCING MEMBERS, AND ASSOCIATED METHODS OF MANUFACTURE AND USE - Concrete reinforcing members having rolled cross sections, and methods for manufacturing and using such reinforcing members in concrete construction are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a concrete reinforcing member is formed from a piece of metal having a first elongate edge portion spaced apart from a second elongate edge portion. The piece of metal further includes an inner surface portion extending between the first and second edge portions, and an outer surface portion extending between the first and second edge portions. In this embodiment, the piece of metal is rolled about a longitudinal axis in an overlapping fashion into coiled or spiral cross-sectional shape.07-04-2013
20130098268FLOW SPLITTER FOR SLURRY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A flow splitter can include an inlet conduit and first and second outlet conduits separated by a junction portion. The inlet conduit can include an inlet end and a junction end. The inlet conduit is disposed along a main flow axis extending between the inlet end and the junction end. The inlet end defines an inlet opening. The junction end defines first and second junction openings. The first junction opening is disposed in spaced relationship to the second junction opening. The junction portion is disposed at the junction end of the inlet conduit between the first and second junction openings. The junction portion includes a substantially planar wall region that is substantially perpendicular to the main flow axis. The flow splitter can be placed in fluid communication with a cementitious slurry mixer and a slurry distributor with the flow splitter disposed therebetween.04-25-2013
20130112113METHOD FOR PRODUCING HYDRAULIC POWDER - The present invention provides the production of the hydraulic powder containing C05-09-2013
20130145967MULTIVARIATE MANAGEMENT OF ENTRAINED AIR AND RHEOLOGY IN CEMENTITIOUS MIXES - The invention relates to a method and system for monitoring and adjusting both air content and rheology (e.g., slump, slump flow) properties of a hydratable concrete mix contained within a concrete mixer. The system simultaneously tracks dosage of both rheology-modifying admixture (e.g., polycarboxylate polymer cement dispersant) and air control agent or “ACA” (e.g., air entraining agent) by reference to at least four nominal dose response (“NDR”) curves or profiles, which at least four NDR profiles are based on the respective behaviors of each of the ACA and rheology-modifying agent on air content and rheology.06-13-2013
20130180435PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF CEMENT, MORTARS, CONCRETE COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING A CALCIUM CARBONATE-BASED FILLER (PRE) -TREATED WITH A SUPERPLASTICIZER, COMPOSITIONS AND CEMENT PRODUCTS OBTAINED AND THEIR APPLICATIONS - The invention concerns a PROCESS for the preparation of cement/mortar/concrete (for simplicity: “cement”) compositions or systems, (hereafter “cement” compositions or systems for simplicity), of a general known type, in which the filler(s) is/are comprising or consist of “calcium carbonate-based filler(s)”, comprising at least one step where the said filler(s) is/are treated with an efficient treating amount of at least one treating agent consisting of or comprising superplastifier(s). The main purpose of this invention is to build a process aimed at providing improved, “High performance”, FLUID, cement or mortars or concrete systems or compositions having an improved compacity, an improved flowability, and globally speaking a definitely improved “workability”, and “regularity” of the properties of the final systems. The present invention also concerns a filler for “cement” compositions, characterized in that if consists of or comprises, a calcium-carbonate-based filler or blends of same, pre-treated with an “efficient amount” of at least one superplastifier.07-18-2013

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