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105 - Railway rolling stock

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105355000 Freight 43
105239000 Dumping 37
105392500 Shock absorbing 14
105329100 Passenger 13
105314000 Sleeping 1
20110253005SLEEPER COMPARTMENT OF A RAILROAD PASSENGER CAR - The present invention relates to the technical field of railroad passenger car, and more particularly relates to a sleeper compartment of a railroad passenger car. The sleeper compartment may be an open type or a private booth type, comprising: sidewalls, partition walls, and two columns of longitudinally arranged sleepers that are parallel with each other; each column of the longitudinally arranged sleepers is formed by no less than two sleepers that are joined together, the sleepers comprise an upper-sleeper layer and a lower-sleeper layer; one partition wall is provided between adjacent sleepers; the length direction of the longitudinally arranged sleepers is consistent with the length direction of the railroad passenger car; the longitudinally arranged sleepers at two sides are fixed to the sidewalls respectively, and a corridor is provided between two adjacent columns of longitudinally arranged sleepers. The weight of the sleeper compartment of a railroad passenger car in this structure is evenly distributed, and passengers have better comfort when traveling.10-20-2011
105238200 Toy or model railway car 1
20120199040TOY CAR CONNECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A toy train car including a coupler or hitch. The coupler includes a first connector (e.g., socket) configured to be connected to the train car and a second connector (e.g., ball) configured to be connected to the train car. The first connector can be positioned in the front or rear of the train car. The second connector also can be positioned in the front or rear of the train car. Each train car can include a first connector and a second connector. The first and second connectors are configured to couple together to link a plurality of train cars together.08-09-2012
105393000 Expansible 1
20120174818RAILWAY VEHICLE HAVING FRONT COUPLING COVER - A railway vehicle has a cover for a front coupling of the railway vehicle. The cover is formed of at least one displaceable front hatch that can be displaced by a drive between an opened and a closed end position. A displacement of the at least one front hatch is guided such that the displacement takes place along a circular segment path about a rotary axis.07-12-2012
20100083868Rail Firefighting Platform - An apparatus for fighting fires comprises a rail carriage, a base mounted upon the rail carriage and an enclosure mounted upon the base. The enclosure includes a top wall having an aperture defined therein. At least one vertically extendible lift is mounted within the enclosure and carries a liquid discharging device. A pressurizer and connecting conduits deliver liquid from a liquid source to the liquid discharging device.04-08-2010
20080276827Transport System and Method for Simultaneously Transporting Workpieces and Assemblers on a Production Line - The invention relates to a transport system for simultaneously transporting workpieces and assemblers on a production line comprising at least one rectilinear production section for several guided motor vehicles, each of which is provided with a mounting platform which extends along the entire vehicle length and on which the assemblers can move, wherein said vehicles can form a train during the displacement thereof along the production line. Each mounting platform is provided with its own drive. Said drives are controllable in such a way that the vehicles are driven in the form of a train during the displacement thereof along the production section. A method for simultaneously transporting workpieces and assemblers along the production line provided with at least one rectilinear production section. The inventive method consists in driving the vehicles in the form of a train by means of the drives mounted on the vehicles during the displacement thereof along the production section.11-13-2008
20100300325RAILROAD TUNNEL FAN CAR - Disclosed is a car body for use in a train which includes a fan mounted thereon and constructed to generate airflow at least in part in a longitudinal direction of the train. The car body may be coupled to one or more locomotives or car bodies within the train. As the train moves through a tunnel, for example, the fan is rotated by a power source to increase movement of air within the tunnel annulus, thereby reducing locomotive overheating or stalls within the tunnel. Flow directors to direct air into or out of the inlet and outlet of the fan may also be provided on the car body. Also, the fan may be mounted to the car body via a pivoting connection to allow for adjustment of its inlet/outlet and thus the generated airflow direction.12-02-2010
20110132226METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CUTTING RAILROAD RAILS - A rail saw comprising a mounting boom having a pivotable arm and pivotably connected to a railroad machine with at least two pivotable axes, a saw frame rotatably connected to the pivotable arm with at least 180 degrees of rotation, a cutting frame pivotably connected to the saw frame, and a saw blade rotatably connected to the cutting frame.06-09-2011
20120160126ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT TROLLEY ASSEMBLY - A trolley assembly for a conveyor system includes a pair of trolley arms having wheels for rolling engagement with a track or rail of the conveyor system. A trolley attachment is adjustably mounted to the trolley arms and adjusted relative to the trolley arms to adjust a position of the trolley attachment relative to the wheels. The trolley attachment is positionable at a selected one of a plurality of vertical positions relative to the trolley arms and the trolley attachment is retained at the selected one of the plurality of vertical positions by engagement of the trolley attachment with the trolley arms. The engaging elements of the trolley arms or attachment may comprise projections, and the engaging elements of the other of the trolley arms or attachment may comprise recesses, with the recesses receiving the projections when the trolley attachment is positioned between the inner surfaces of the trolley arms.06-28-2012
20120260818LIGHTWEIGHT TRANSPORT VEHICLE - A lightweight transport vehicle includes a carriage, a connecting floor and a walking part. The connecting floor locates at a bottom of the carriage. The walking part connects both sides of a bottom of the connecting floor for supporting and conveying the connecting floor and the carriage. The distance between the connecting floor and the ground is at least larger than the height of the car. The width of the walking part between both sides of the bottom of the connecting floor is at least larger than a width of a car. The distance between the walking part and a side of the car is enough for the car to travel through. The carriage comprises at least one head and at least one body. The body includes a left half head part and a right half head part. There are connecting mechanisms responsible for connecting between the head and the body of each carriage and between the bodies.10-18-2012
20110120342MOVING PLATFORM ON RAIL VEHICLE - A rail vehicle having a single frame assembly and a movable platform coupled thereto is provided. The rail vehicle indexes, i.e. advances intermittently, along railroad rails. The movable platform advances in a single direction at a generally steady speed as the rail vehicle indexes along a railroad. The platform is the floor of, or a base for, a cabin preferably having a seat, roof support, and controls for the operator. The platform rides longitudinally with the machine on rollers or slides, thus separating the operator and controls from the rest of the machine. Thus, while the rail vehicle moves in an abrupt stop-and-go manner, the platform and the operator move generally consistently in a single direction.05-26-2011

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