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105 - Railway rolling stock

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105182100 Bogie 57
105218100 Axle bearing mounting 18
105165000 Radial 13
105215100 Supplemental wheel 11
105209000 Equalizers 2
20110079168VEHICLE SUSPENSION CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD - Methods and systems are provided for a vehicle having a plurality of axles and a lift mechanism configured to dynamically transfer weight from one axle to another. In one example, the method comprises, responding to an operating condition by adjusting the lift mechanism to provide a determined amount of lift, and in response to vehicle braking, a vehicle stall risk, poor infrastructure conditions, and/or a high vehicle penalty, reducing the determined amount of lift.04-07-2011
20120167797DYNAMIC WEIGHT MANAGEMENT FOR A VEHICLE VIA HYDRAULIC ACTUATORS - Methods and system are provided for a vehicle truck assembly which includes a spring coupling an axle carrier to a truck frame. In one example, the system comprises a substantially vertically-mounted hydraulic actuator which generates hydraulic forces between the axle carrier and the truck frame. The actuator includes a cylinder, a piston, and a piston rod. Further, the actuator is coupled between the axle carrier and the truck frame with longitudinal and lateral play so that the axle carrier can move laterally and longitudinally with respect to the truck frame while the actuator applies hydraulic force.07-05-2012
105171000 Lateral motion 2
20100170415Method for minimizing tread damage and profile wear of wheels of a railway vehicle - A method for minimizing tread damage and profile wear of wheels of a railway vehicle is provided. The railway vehicle includes two sets of wheels, or a bogie of a railway vehicle with two sets of wheels, wherein setpoint values for parameters characterizing the position of a wheel relative to the track are determined based on measured values of a variable parameter relevant for the creation of tread damage and profile wear during the movement of the railway vehicle, on condition that the tread damage and profile wear on the wheels of the railway vehicle are minimized, wherein the position of one set of wheels is adjusted according to the setpoint values by means of actuation, control, or a combination of both.07-08-2010
20120118194Vehicle Having Rolling Compensation - A rail vehicle includes a car body, a first chassis, and a second chassis. The car body is supported on the first chassis by a first spring device, the car body is supported on the second chassis by a second spring device, the car body is coupled to the first chassis by a first roll compensation device, and is coupled to the second chassis by a second roll compensation device. The first roll compensation device and the second roll compensation device counteract roll motions of the car body toward the outside of the curve about a roll axis parallel to the vehicle longitudinal axis during curved travel. The first roll compensation device is designed in such a way and/or the first roll compensation device and the second roll compensation device are coupled to each other in such a way that a torsional load on the car body about the vehicle longitudinal axis is counteracted.05-17-2012
105163100 Overhead crane 1
20100282123GUIDE ROLLER ARRANGEMENT FOR CRANES - A guide-roller arrangement for gantry cranes(11-11-2010
105226000 Bolster 1
20120291662SIDE FRAME AND BOLSTER FOR A RAILWAY TRUCK AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME - A method for manufacturing a bolster of a railway car truck includes providing a drag portion and a cope portion of a mold. In a main body section of the mold, a parting line that separates the drag portion from the cope portion is substantially centered between portions of the mold that define brake window openings in sides of the bolster. One or more cores are inserted into the mold and a molten material is poured into the mold to thereby case the bolster.11-22-2012
105177000 Multidirectional 1
20120097065BOGIE FOR GUIDE RAIL TYPE VEHICLE - A bogie for a vehicle of a guide rail type which is guided by guide wheels that rotate while keeping contact with a guide rail arranged along a guideway of the vehicle, comprises: a guide frame which includes a pair of transverse beams and a connecting member arranged between the pair of the transverse beams, each of the traverse beams being equipped with the guide wheels rotatably on both ends thereof; an axle which is supported on a non-turning part of the bogie such that the axle is capable of turning; and running wheels which are attached to both ends of the axle, wherein the running wheels are rigidly fixed to the axle and the guide frame is fixed to the axle so as to steer the guide frame, the axle and the running wheels integrally.04-26-2012
105159000 Vehicle carrying 1
20090151596Fastload rail carrier for motor vehicles, freight and passengers - This invention is a rail grade load/unload rail carrier with primary vertical load bearing sub-assemblies positioned above the carrier body floor. Carrier body sub-assemblies are vertical columns with stay cables attached to rail carrier bar joist sides. The design features carrier body floor elevation slightly above rail grade, and detachable rail wheel bogies outside the carrier body, to enable motor vehicle rail grade loading/unloading. Rail wheel bogie variants may be used for rail gage adaptation. Further, loaded motor vehicles provide rail carrier motive power; drive wheels protruding downward through carrier floor apertures to bear on rail flanking traction strips. Traction strips connect to a vehicle staging platform which has; integral rails, rail line connection, and highway access. Autonomous motor vehicle carrier translation along rails and across the staging area, negates need for conventional rail terminal handling facilities. Alternatively, the staging platform provides a maneuvering surface for portable lifting equipment to handle non-motorized cargo, including intermodal freight containers and passenger enclosures.06-18-2009
105216000 Supplemental skids 1
20090301343Bogie Lateral Movement-Limiting System - A bogie lateral movement-limiting system capable of effectively restricting the lateral movement of a derailed bogie. The system comprises derailment prevention guards (12-10-2009
105178000 Changeable gauge 1
20110265682VARIABLE GAUGE BOGIE WITH ROTATING AXLES AND FIXED TRACK GAUGE CHANGE INSTALLATION - The invention relates to a variable-width bogie with rotating axles and a stationary apparatus for changing track width. The bogie includes: a platform supporting a railway car; at least one rotating axle (11-03-2011
20130068126Self-Steering Device for Railway Vehicle - The present invention relates to a self-steering device for a railway vehicle, which includes axles installed on a truck supporting a vehicle body of the railway vehicle, wheels, each of which is connected to the axle and has a wheel tread moving on a top surface of a rail and supporting a vertical load of the railway vehicle, and a wheel flange protruding from the wheel tread to prevent the railway vehicle from derailing and being in contact with a lateral surface of the rail during straight movement of the railway vehicle to form an interference section, and guide rollers, each of which is in rolling contact with a top surface edge or a lateral surface of the rail in front or to the rear of the wheel when the railway vehicle enters curved rails and supports a greater transverse load than the interference section. The guide rollers can be directly installed on the railway vehicle or at least one of the vehicle body, the truck, and the axle.03-21-2013
20090266268Monorail bogie having improved roll behavior - A monorail bogie for supporting a monorail car travelling over a monorail track. The monorail bogie comprises a load-bearing wheel having an axis of rotation that is parallel to the running surface. The monorail bogie further comprises an inboard pair of guide wheels and an outboard pair of guide wheels. Each guide wheel of the inboard pair of guide wheels has an axis of rotation and each guide wheel of the outboard pair of guide wheels has an axis of rotation. The axes of rotation of the inboard pair of guide wheels and the axes of rotation of the outboard pair of guide wheels are offset in opposite directions in relation to the axis of rotation of the load bearing wheels. The monorail bogie further comprises at least one stabilizing wheel positioned co-axially with each one of the inboard pair of guide wheels.10-29-2009
20100175580ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR VEHICLE SUSPENSION - Truck assemblies, systems and methods are provided for transferring weight supported by various wheels, and axles. The vehicle suspension method includes operating the suspension in a first mode with a first effective suspension spring rate; and operating the suspension in a second mode with a second, different, effective suspension spring rate.07-15-2010
20110005424UNDERCARRIAGE CROSS MEMEBER FOR A RAIL VEHICLE - An undercarriage cross member is disclosed for a rail vehicle. In at least one embodiment, the cross member is constructed solely from aluminium extruded sections.01-13-2011
20120240813CHASSIS FRAME FOR RAIL VEHICLES - A chassis frame for rail vehicles includes two longitudinal beams and at least one transverse beam which is disposed between the longitudinal beams and hinged thereto. The longitudinal beams are designed in a bent shape and extend through a corresponding cutout of the transverse beam.09-27-2012
20100175581VEHICLE AND TRUCK ASSEMBLY - Truck assemblies, systems and methods are provided for transferring weight supported by various wheels, and axles. An example truck assembly may include a truck frame element, and a carrier coupled with the truck frame element. A bias may be configured to bias the carrier away from the truck frame element. An actuatable linkage arrangement may include a compliant linkage coupled with the carrier. The compliant linkage may pull the carrier against the bias in a first direction.07-15-2010
20120012028TRACK GUIDED VEHICLE WHEEL TRUCK - A track-guided vehicle wheel truck facilitates vehicle maintenance and enables reduction in costs. The track vehicle wheel truck includes guide frames arranged along the forward and rearward directions of the vehicle on the inside of the vehicle width direction in the running wheels, and fixed to knuckles; a tie rod arranged on the center side of the forward and rearward directions in the vehicle along the vehicle width direction, and interlock with the guide frames; guide wheel receivers disposed toward the inside of the vehicle width direction from the guide frames on the vehicle end side and the center side relative to an axis of the running wheels; and a steering axle arranged along the vehicle width direction, and are able to turn the running wheels, the knuckles, and the guide frames by installing a kingpin at both ends thereof.01-19-2012
20120234201Running Gear Frame for a Running Gear of a Rail Vehicle - A running gear frame for a rail vehicle includes a central transverse beam, and two longitudinal beams connected together in a frame transverse direction via the transverse beam, wherein the transverse beam has at least a front web element, a rear web element and a transverse beam lower chord. The web elements run between the longitudinal beams in the frame transverse direction and in a frame height direction and are connected therewith and are arranged spaced apart in a frame longitudinal direction. The transverse beam lower chord extends on an underside of the transverse beam between the longitudinal beams and is connected with the web elements. Furthermore, the transverse beam lower chord extends beyond the front web element and/or the rear web element by at least 10% of the web element distance.09-20-2012
20120255459Running Gear for a Rail Vehicle - A running gear for a rail vehicle includes a wheel unit and a cooperating unit. The running gear defines a longitudinal direction, a transverse direction and a height direction, while the wheel unit defines a wheel unit axis. The cooperating unit is connected to the wheel unit and cooperates with the wheel unit during operation the running gear to drive and/or brake the wheel unit. Furthermore, during operation of the running gear, an airflow passes the wheel unit and the cooperating unit, in the height direction, at a first height level below the wheel unit axis. At least one air guide device is provided, the air guide device being arranged and adapted to guide an airflow portion of the airflow towards a section of the cooperating unit located at a second height level, the second height level being located above the first height level above the wheel unit axis.10-11-2012
20130199407HIGH FRICTION RAILROAD CAR COMPONENTS WITH FRICTION MODIFYING INSERTS - High friction railroad car components with component friction modifying inserts which are configured to coat an engagement surface on a corresponding component on the railroad car to modify or control the friction between an engagement surface of the high friction railroad car component and the engagement surface of the corresponding component while allowing such components to engage each other. The initial movement of the high friction component with the friction modifying inserts causes transfer material of the friction modifying inserts to be spread over or coat a portion of the engagement surface of the corresponding component. This forms a lubrication layer which modifies or controls the friction between these components while these components are in engagement.08-08-2013

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