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Ignition or detonation circuit

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102 - Ammunition and explosives


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102215000 Including logic means 40
102207000 Including activated generator 16
102216000 Including impact or inertia switch 8
102217000 Plural sequentially fired ignitors or detonators 6
102211000 Proximity fuze 4
20080307993Wireless Detonator Assemblies, Corresponding Blasting Apparatuses, and Methods of Blasting - A wireless or partially wireless detonator assembly (12-18-2008
20110185935OPTICAL PROXIMITY FUZE - Described herein is an optical fuze for a guided missile that comprises an array of a large number of optical apertures distributed about the outer surface of the missile. An optical waveguide network selectively couples the array of apertures to a laser source and to a photodetector such that light from the laser source is emitted by selected ones of said apertures, and light returned from a target is received by selected ones of said apertures and directed by said optical waveguide network to said photodetector. These apertures might be arranged to form a composite target images in a particular direction, and/or may be arranged to perform a sensing operation along selected directions. The optical proximity fuze described herein provides inherent flexibility in the way the fuze can be configured in the missile for optimisation for different applications.08-04-2011
20100229748PROXIMITY TO TARGET DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - There is provided a proximity to a target, detection system, including a laser transmitter for transmitting a beam of radiation at a predetermined wavelength temporal and spatial shape, towards a target from which the proximity is to be determined, a small dimensions body having an opening for admitting radiation reflected from the target, the body housing a receiver for receiving the reflected beam radiation from the target and directing it towards a detector in the body for producing a signal. The detector includes a detection logic circuit allowing detection of reflected radiation for producing an output signal when the body is at a predetermined range from the target and in consideration of the temporal or spatial relative strength of the signal produced by the detected radiation of the reflected beam. A method for detecting the proximity of a body to a radiation-reflecting surface of a target, is also provided.09-16-2010
20100107915PROJECTILE WITH TELEMETRY COMMUNICATION AND PROXIMITY SENSING - A projectile fuze sends a signal having encoded telemetry data. The telemetry data may be encoded by modulating an aspect or characteristic of the signal, such as frequency modulation of the signal. The fuze may receive and interpret reflections in order to determine proximity to a target or other object, such as by functioning as a height of burst sensor. The signal may include a series of random or seemingly random pulses (a keyed pattern of pulses), such as pulses in amplitude of the signal. The fuze includes a pair of transceivers for sending signals of different frequencies through an antenna, and for receiving signals through the antenna. The transceivers are configured such that one or the other is used at any one time when telemetry data is sent, with telemetry being encoded by changes in frequencies.05-06-2010
102218000 Electronic switch discharges capacitor 2
20080282922DETONATOR SYSTEM HAVING LINEAR ACTUATOR - Disclosed is a detonation initiator that can form part of a demolition assembly. The detonation initiator can include a linear actuator assembly having a core with a permanent magnet disposed with respect to a coil, and a firing pin coupled to the core and disposed along a longitudinal axis of the linear actuator assembly. A capacitor can be used to store electrical energy derived from an electrical pulse received by the detonation initiator. An electrical circuit can be used to monitor the charge on the capacitor and to discharge the capacitor through the coil of the linear actuator assembly to propel the core along the longitudinal axis of the linear actuator assembly when the charge on the capacitor reaches a charge threshold.11-20-2008
20090314175Networked electronic ordnance system - A networked electronic ordnance system and method for controlling a variety of pyrotechnic devices at different energy levels include a bus controller controlling at least one pyrotechnic device operating at a first energy level and a smart connector adapting at least one pyrotechnic device operating at a second energy level to control by the bus controller. The smart connector may also include a plurality of capacitors for firing the pyrotechnic device(s). In an embodiment, at least one pyrotechnic device operating at a first energy level and at least one pyrotechnic device operating at a second level include a logic device have a unique identifier. The smart connector may also include an energy reserve capacitor and an emitter follower circuit electrically connected to a logic device. Additionally, the smart connector may be connected to an initiator for firing at least one pyrotechnic device at the second energy level.12-24-2009
20090193992EXPLOSIVES INITIATOR, AND A SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING IDENTIFIABLE INITIATORS - There is provided an explosives initiator with one or more identification means, and a system and method for tracking identifiable initiators. In the preferred embodiment the identification means is an RFID. A first identification means is disposed internally of the initiator and a second identification means disposed externally of the initiator. Advantageously, if the second identification means is removed from the initiator, the initiator may still be identified by the internally disposed first identification means.08-06-2009
20130036931TWO WIRE DAISY CHAIN - A detonator (02-14-2013
20090158953Glass-Metal Feedthrough, a Method of Fabricating It, and an Electro-Pyrotechnic Initiator Including It - A glass-metal feed-through transmits an electrical signal from one face to another face that is opposite. The feed-through includes a glass plug, two metal pins passing through the plug, and a metal part surrounding the plug. The feed-through includes an electrically-conductive link between a first of the pins and the part. The link includes a brazing preform secured to the first pin and to the part.06-25-2009
20120180679PYROTECHNIC TRAINING SYSTEM - A pyrotechnic training system includes a firing block assembly housed in a first container, a pressure-armed trigger module having two triggers housed in a second container, and a power pack/switch system that connects the firing block assembly and triggers. The first and second containers are remote from each other, and may be made from common objects that might be found in combat zones. Quick-release pins inserted through components of the firing block prevents their separation by exploding ordinance within the firing block, maintaining close electrical contacts within the firing block. The pressure-armed triggers employ a mechanical system that energizes an electrical circuit when pressure is released. Such triggers are arranged such that opening or moving the container triggers an explosion at the remote firing block assembly.07-19-2012
20100326306CONNECTOR BLOCK - Embodiments of the present invention disclose a connector block that has at least two channels therein for connecting one signal transmission line with multiple signal transmission lines in a blasting system for transferring blasting signals, wherein one of the channels is the input end of signal transmission and one or more of the others are output ends, and wherein each channel is opened to a center cavity, thus enabling the input end and output end of transmission line to transfer the blasting signal through center cavity.12-30-2010
20080295725THREE-WAY CONNECTOR BLOCK - The invention provides a connector block which has at least two channels (12-04-2008
20090314174ARM-FIRE DEVICES AND METHODS FOR PYROTECHNIC SYSTEMS - An ARM-FIRE device for a pyrotechnic system includes a first pyrotechnic, a second pyrotechnic, a passage extending between the first and second pyrotechnics, and an actuator/blocking device positioned between the first and second pyrotechnics. The first pyrotechnic is configured to be ignited by a heat source, and the second pyrotechnic is configured to be ignited by the first pyrotechnic in the FIRE arrangement. The actuator/blocking device includes a body configured to move between a first position in the SAFE arrangement and a second position in the FIRE arrangement, an aperture extending through the body, and an actuator. The aperture is offset from the passage in the first position of the body and is aligned with the passage in the second position of the body. The actuator is configured to move the body between the first and second positions. The first pyrotechnic, the second pyrotechnic, and the actuator/blocking device occupy a volume of approximately 3.0 cubic inches or less.12-24-2009
20110283910SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING IDENTIFIABLE INITIATORS - A system and method of tracking an identifiable initiator comprising providing an initiator comprising: an initiator casing, an explosive composition confined within the initiator casing, and a firing signal receptor for receiving a firing signal and conveying said firing signal to initiate the explosive composition, wherein the initiator is provided with a first identification means disposed internally of the initiator casing and a second identification means disposed externally of the initiator casing, wherein the first and second identification means are identical and unique to the initiator; prior to dispatch of the initiator, recording and storing the unique identity of the initiator as retrievable data in a database; after dispatch of the initiator, reading the first and/or second identification means of the initiator to determine the unique identity of the initiator; retrieving data from the database; and matching the unique identity of the initiator to the retrieved data.11-24-2011
20120012019TIMING MODULE - A timing module for use in a detonating system which includes discriminating and validating arrangements which sense and validate at least one characteristic of at least one parameter produced by at least one shock tube event and an electronic timer which executes a timing interval in response thereto.01-19-2012
20120067241SAFETY AND ARMING DEVICE FOR A SPIN-STABILISED EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILE AND A PRIMING DEVICE IMPLEMENTING SUCH A SAFETY AND ARMING DEVICE - A safety and arming device for a spin-stabilized explosive projectile, said device incorporating a screen obstructing a transmission channel linking a detonator and a pyrotechnic relay, said screen comprising two half-screens able to move with respect to one another and transversally with respect to said channel, said two half-screens obstructing said channel when contacting one another, wherein said two half-screens are able to slide in a bore hole carried by a rotor coaxial to said projectile, said rotor is able to pivot on the axis of said projectile and carries said channel, said two half-screens locked into the position obstructing said channel by at least two locks, a first lock or inertial lock which retracts when said projectile is fired and a second lock or centrifugal lock formed by a spiral spring surrounding an external cylindrical surface of said rotor and applied against the ends of said half-screens.03-22-2012
20100300315Multi-Port Transmission Line Connector - A multi-port transmission line connector (12-02-2010
20100058946SMART FUZE GUIDANCE SYSTEM WITH REPLACEABLE FUZE MODULE - A smart fuze system includes a radome used to hold a replaceable smart fuze module in place. An internally-threaded collar screws onto threads on the main body of the smart fuze system. Pressure from the radome presses the smart fuze module against electrical connections in the main body. The smart fuze module may thereby be held in place without potting material, allowing different types of fuzes to be swapped into place. The different types of fuzes may include a type that communicates height of burst (HOB) information a type that communicates telemetry, and a type that communicates both HOB and telemetry information.03-11-2010
20120199031DEVICE FOR VERIFYING DETONATOR CONNECTION - A perforating system having a perforating gun with shaped charges, a chassis sub, a communication line in communication with a controller and extending through the chassis sub and perforating gun, a selectively opened and closed continuity switch in the communication line, a lead line connecting the communication line to a detonator, and an arming switch in the lead line. A method of testing the detonator involves confirming electrical continuity through the detonator.08-09-2012
20100282106AIR-POWERED ELECTRO-MECHANICAL FUZE FOR SUBMUNITION GRENADES - A fuze for a submunition comprises a fuze housing with a stabilizer ribbon for aerodynamic orientation, a fuze slider released by tension on the stabilizer ribbon, an air-powered electric generator extended into the airstream by the fuze slider and powered in flight by high-speed airflow, a MEMS safety and arming device, a fuze circuit board including an explosive fireset, and an electrically initiated firetrain. The fuze is fixed to and communicates explosively with the end of a grenade warhead.11-11-2010
20100282107Anti-terrorist system - A system and/or method for securing areas (e.g. airport terminals, courtrooms, embassies, borders, property, surrounding critical infrastructure, areas within cities/towns, etc.) against terrorists is provided. In certain example embodiments, a system and/or method is provided wherein individuals pass (e.g. walk, drive, etc.) through a gateway before gaining access to a secured area. Signals capable of detonating certain explosives that might be carried by the individuals passing through the gateway are emitted in or proximate the gateway. The gateway may be shielded to minimize damage to the surrounding areas. In certain example embodiments, arc currents are generated to trigger the detonation of explosives. In certain example embodiments, explosives may be detonated using cellular signals.11-11-2010
20100170411REMOTE INITIATOR FOR THE REMOTE INITIATION OF EXPLOSIVE CHARGES - A remote initiator for the remote initiation of explosive charges. The remote initiator having: (i) a transmitter with means for generating and transmitting a coded signal and input means for inputting operational commands into the transmitter for generating the coded signal, (ii) at least one receiver adapted to be connected with the explosive charges, the receiver having means for receiving the coded signal from the transmitter and input means for inputting operational commands into the receiver for generating an output signal for the remote initiation of explosive charges upon receipt of a valid transmitted coded signal, (iii) a power source for each of the transmitter and receiver, and dual processing means that are independent of each other are adapted to provide independent control of a firing circuit and adapted to synchronize with each processing means before initiation can occur so as to enhance safety and reliability of the transmitter and receiver and the initiation of the remote initiator.07-08-2010
20100170410REMOTELY CONTROLLED IGNITION SYSTEM FOR PYROTECHNICS - A remote pyrotechnic ignition system includes a power supply for producing an electrical current in a transmitting induction coil to induce an electrical current in a receiving induction coil for igniting a pyrotechnic device. Thus, a wireless ignition communication section allows pyrotechnic mortars to be reused and substantially reduces set-up time by eliminating the wiring of fireworks normally required for a pyrotechnic production. Optionally, a capacitor is charged by the power source via a charging circuit and discharged via a firing circuit to produce the electric current in the transmitting coil in a pulse. The capacitor provides a two-stage firing safety feature. An electronic control device such as a circuit board may be mounted on the pyrotechnic device for controlling ignition of the pyrotechnic device and is especially useful in controlling ignition sequencing and overall ignition timing of a lift charge and burst charge of the pyrotechnic device.07-08-2010
20130174755CONNECTORS FOR SEPARABLE FIRING UNIT ASSEMBLIES, SEPARABLE FIRING UNIT ASSEMBLIES, AND RELATED METHODS - Connection cables for separable firing unit assemblies comprise a first mating connector at a first end and a second mating connector at a second, opposing end. A stripline cable electrically connects the first mating connector to the second mating connector. Separable firing unit assemblies comprise an initiation device. An electronics assembly is configured to transmit a firing pulse to the initiation device. One of a first mating connector and a second mating connector is coupled to the initiation device and the other of the first mating connector and the second mating connector is coupled to the electronics assembly. A second housing of the second mating connector is configured to receive a portion of a first housing of the first mating connector therein.07-11-2013
20130125772NON-ENERGETICS BASED DETONATOR - A detonator system is provided for use with explosives that utilizes two subsystems. A first subsystem functions as a non-explosives based detonator, which does not contain any explosives. The second subsystem is an initiating subsystem, which includes an initiating pellet. To set off an explosive event, the non-energetics based detonator is coupled to the initiating subsystem and the non-energetics based detonator is commanded to provide a suitable signal to the initiating subsystem that is sufficient to function the initiating pellet. Further, the initiating subsystem can be integrated directly into an associated explosive such as a booster that has been configured to receive the initiator subsystem without changing the hazard class of the booster.05-23-2013
20130180422BLASTING ARRANGEMENT - For use in a blasting system (07-18-2013

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