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102 - Ammunition and explosives

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102206000 Ignition or detonation circuit 96
102202500 Electrical primer or ignitor 56
102221000 Arming devices 37
102275110 Initiating devices 12
102202100 Accidental fuse ignition prevention means 9
102201000 Laser or light initiated 7
102275900 Fuse 6
102204000 Percussion primers or ignitors 6
102202000 Propellant ignitors 5
20120137912CONTROLLABLE DIGITAL SOLID STATE CLUSTER THRUSTERS FOR ROCKET PROPULSION AND GAS GENERATION - A thruster stack assembly and method for manufacturing the same is provided. The thruster stack assembly includes a plurality of grain elements having a common core region (e.g., a channel or passageway), where each grain element comprises a volume of electrically ignitable propellant. The thruster stack assembly further includes electrodes associated with the plurality of grain elements, the electrodes adapted for selectively igniting the plurality of grain elements. In one example, one or more of the grain elements may be ignited and combusted without igniting or damaging adjacent grain elements of the stack. The core region serves to channel combustion gases and exhaust from the thruster stack. Multiple stacks may be assembled together to form three-dimensional thruster arrays.06-07-2012
20120067240RING-SHAPED OR PLATE-LIKE ELEMENT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME - A ring-shaped or plate-like element, in particular for a metal-sealing material-feedthrough, for example for devices which are subjected to high pressures, such as igniters for airbags or belt tensioning devices, includes a feedthrough opening, whereby the feedthrough opening is located substantially in the center of the ring-shaped or plate-like element and whereby the ring-shaped or plate-like element has a thickness. The ring-shaped or plate-like element has a relief region in the area of the feedthrough opening. Further, the ring-shaped or plate-like element in the relief region has at least one thickness which is reduced by the height of the relief region and which is selected so that the feedthrough opening can be punched out of the ring-shaped or plate like element having the reducing thickness.03-22-2012
20110072996PROPELLANT CHARGE - A propellant charge for use for ammunition, in which the propellant charge is separate from the projectile, has a propellant charge substance which can be initiated by a fuse. In order to solve the problem of providing a propellant charge for use in a two-part munition, which on the one hand can be produced easily and at low cost and on the other hand does not present any risk of damage when mechanically loaded before use, it is proposed that a propellant charge casing be provided which surrounds the propellant charge substance, with the propellant charge casing being in the form of a plastic part which is composed of a non-combustible, temperature-stable plastic material.03-31-2011
20110259225PROPELLANT CHARGE IGNITER - The invention relates to producing a propellant charge igniter tube (10-27-2011
20110155011PLASMA JET IGNITER USED FOR AN ELECTRO-THEREMAL-CHEMICAL (ETC) GUN, MACHINE GUN OR OTHER BARRELED WEAPON OR EQUIVALENT TYPE. - A method is provided for an electric activation of a plasma jet igniter for firing Electro-Thermal-Chemical (ETC) guns, machine guns and other equivalent ETC barreled weapons, without complete consumption of any of the components necessary for its activation upon activating the igniter. Each activation of the igniter by means of one or several voltage pulses, which from an electric pulse generator (06-30-2011
102275100 Fuse cord (e.g., blasting cord) 5
20100037793DETONATING CORD AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - The velocity of detonation of an explosive such as detonating cord (02-18-2010
20100251919CONNECTOR BLOCK FOR SHOCK TUBES, AND METHOD OF SECURING A DETONATOR THEREIN - A method of producing an assembly of a connector block (10-07-2010
20110146518Carbon nanotube-based detonating fuse and explosive device using the same - A detonating fuse includes at least one CNT wire shaped structure. The at least one CNT wire shaped structure includes a plurality of CNTs and an oxidizing material. The oxidizing material is coated on an outer surface of each of the CNTs.06-23-2011
20100024674RELIABLE PROPAGATION OF IGNITION IN PERFORATION SYSTEMS - The invention relates to a method and a device for propagating the detonation effect from one detonation cord (02-04-2010
20100050896Detonation of Explosives - A chemical detonator includes a housing, having an open end and a closed end; and a detonation element located in the housing, into which a shock tube for initiating the detonation element intrudes, wherein the housing and the shock tube are of plastics construction and the housing is substantially cylindrical cup shape, and wherein the shock tube intrudes into, and is welded to, the open end to hold the shock tube at a desired spacing from the detonation element. The detonator includes a detonation element that includes a series of charges.03-04-2010
102276000 Time controlled 4
20100064924DELAY UNITS AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - A delay unit (03-18-2010
20130112098SEALER ELEMENTS, DETONATORS CONTAINING THE SAME, AND METHODS OF MAKING - A gas-impermeable sealer element (05-09-2013
20090020032IGNITION DELAY MODULE FOR AN AIRBAG INFLATOR - An ignition delay module (01-22-2009
20090031911SLOW BURNING, GASLESS HEATING ELEMENTS - A structure includes a substrate of a first material and a second material coating at least a portion of the substrate, where the second material is different from the first material, where the first and second materials, upon being thermally energized, react with each other in an exothermic and self-sustaining alloying reaction that propagates from a first location within the structure along a travel path to a second location within the structure at a rate that depends upon one or more characteristics of the first and second materials.02-05-2009
102205000 Heat, friction, or chemical primers or ignitors 3
20090183648Thermally Initiated Venting System and Method of Using Same - An apparatus includes a heat-to-detonation transition manifold, a heat pipe connected to the transition manifold, a linear shaped charge, and a transfer line connecting the heat-to-detonation transition manifold and the linear shaped charge. An apparatus includes a thermally-activated pyrotechnic train and a linear shaped charge coupled with the pyrotechnic train. A method includes initiating a deflagrating material at a predetermined temperature or within a predetermined range of temperatures, initiating a detonating material with the deflagrating material, and initiating a linear shaped charge with the detonated material.07-23-2009
20100058945IN-SITU AND EX-SITU ELECTROPHORESIS-BASED FORMATION OF ALIGNED NANOSTRUCTURE TRIGGERS FOR SOLID EXPLOSIVES - An electrophoresis process is used to form a more efficient and controllable triggering mechanism for solid explosives ignited through the application of electromagnetic energy. Electrophoresis is used to overcome the Van der Waals forces that hold the nanostructures together to disperse and align the nanostructures to the field lines of an applied electric field in-situ in the explosive or ex-situ in a pre-preg layer (or layers) that is then introduced to the explosive. The in-situ process requires fewer steps but is more constrained in the trigger structures that can be formed and care must be taken not to detonate the explosive during the electrophoresis process. The ex-situ process requires additional steps but provides greater flexibility to create trigger structures and the electrophoresis process is performed on a lower viscosity non-explosive material.03-11-2010
20120266770APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SUSPENSION WICKING OF NANOPARTICLES INTO MICROCHANNELS - A method of forming a device on a substrate comprising creating a depository and at least one attached capillary; the depository being of millimeter scale; providing a liquid containing particles in the range 1 nanometer to 1 millimeter; depositing into the depository the liquid containing particles which flows into at least one capillary by capillary action; evaporating the liquid such that the particles form an agglomerate beginning at the end of the at least one capillary with a substantially uniform distribution of the particles within the agglomerate; which is used to form a device. A microelectronic integrated circuit device comprising a substrate; a depository coupled to said substrate, the depository being formed by at least one wall adjacent to the substrate; at least one capillary channel coupled to at least one depository that is formed by walls adapted to be filled with a liquid (by capillary action) comprising nanoparticles.10-25-2012
102275120 Holders for fuse or fuse cord to blasting cartridge, igniting device, or detonator 2
20080210118CONNECTOR BLOCK WITH SHOCK TUBE RETENTION MEANS AND FLEXIBLE AND RESILIENT CLOSURE MEMBER - A connector block for retaining at least one shock tube in signal transfer relationship with a detonator. The connector block comprises a housing (09-04-2008
20090211481FUZE MOUNTING FOR A PENETRATOR AND METHOD THEREOF - A fuze mounting assembly for a penetrating weapon configured as a projectable device, the fuze mounting assembly having fasteners, a fuze well and a fuze. The fuze includes an integral bolt flange for securing to the fuze well with the fasteners, wherein an amplification of acceleration of less than 3.0 is satisfied when the penetrating weapon is subjected to impact and penetration shock. Additionally, a projectable device having the fuze is provided. Also, a fuze mounting and a method for mounting a fuze are provided.08-27-2009
102265000 Multiple mode fuzes 2
20110041720GUIDED WEAPON WITH IN-FLIGHT-SWITCHABLE MULTIPLE FUZE MODES - A method for operating a guided munition with a switchable fuse arrangement includes launching the guided munition towards a target. During flight of the guided munition, images are provided to a remote operator, who supplies a switching input. Responsive to said switching input, the fuze arrangement is switched to either of at least two of the following states: a delayed detonation state in which detonation of the explosive charge is delayed by a time delay after impact of the guided munition, an impact detonation state in which detonation of the explosive charge occurs on impact of the guided munition, a proximity detonation state in which detonation of the explosive charge is triggered by a proximity sensing arrangement, and a disabled state in which the guided munition functions as a guided kinetic shell without detonation of the explosive charge.02-24-2011
20100005995METHOD TO ENSURE PAYLOAD ACTIVATION OF ORDNANCE - A method to ensure payload activation of ordnance independently of a preset period of time including the steps of providing a power source to a clock, a detonator and a trigger circuit; the clock providing an initial count and a terminal count; the initial count providing a trigger signal to the trigger; the trigger circuit providing a terminal count signal to a self-destruct system if a malfunction results in no clock operation.01-14-2010
102272000 Impacting devices 1
20100089269SELF DESTRUCTION IMPACT FUSE - The present invention provides a self destruction impact fuse for fail-proof detonating a projectile, preferably a low velocity projectile. The present invention further provides a projectile that can be detonated reliably even at low velocity.04-15-2010
20100000434Micro fuel cell with membrane storage - An apparatus for the generation of electricity that may be in a “standby” mode for long periods of time, i.e. many years. Thus, in one embodiment of the invention, a fuel cell may include at least one of the following features or components: a membrane, and/or storage tanks or cells for hydrogen and oxygen, and/or an “inertial” switch, which may optionally be assembled in close proximity to a membrane. The inertial switch, when activated, may rupture the membrane and allow the hydrogen and oxygen to mix in a fuel cell.01-07-2010
20080245251Power Management Of Blasting Lead-In System - A blasting system (10-09-2008
20090114109Stamped and molded igniter body for airbag inflators - An igniter body for an airbag inflator comprising a stamped metal body portion having a generally annular flange and a central opening. A generally cylindrical plastic connector portion is disposed within the annular flange and is connected to the body portion. The connector portion may be integrally molded within the body portion. The central opening in the body portion is constructed to receive an initiator therein, and the connector portion is constructed to receive a power module therein for connection to an initiator disposed in the central opening and surrounded by a sleeve that is secured to the body portion to retain the initiator thereon.05-07-2009
20110023741FUSE INFORMATION DETECTION CIRCUIT - A fuse information detection circuit includes a fuse unit comprising a plurality of fuse sets and configured to output a plurality of fuse state signals, in parallel, at different levels according to whether fuses of the plurality of fuse sets are cut, a signal alignment unit configured to receive and store the plurality of fuse state signals and sequentially output the plurality of fuse state signals whenever a read pulse is inputted, and a fuse information signal generation unit configured to generate a fuse information signal by counting output of the signal alignment unit whenever the read pulse is inputted.02-03-2011
20110146517Deflagration to Detonation Transition Device - A detonator assembly is provided. The detonator assembly comprises a deflagration to detonation transition body, a first thermally stable secondary explosive contained by the body, and a bulkhead coupled to the deflagration to detonation transition body. The bulkhead contains pressure within the body associated with firing the detonator assembly at least until a transition from a deflagration operation mode of the detonator assembly to a detonation operation mode of the detonator assembly has occurred. A second thermally stable secondary explosive may alternatively be included in the deflagration to detonation transition body, either separated from the first thermally stable secondary explosive or mixed with the first thermally stable secondary explosive. The detonator assembly comprises effectively no primary explosive.06-23-2011
20110041718SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CHEMICAL AND/OR MECHANICAL REMEDIATION OF NITRO COMPOUNDS AND NITRATE ESTERS - Systems and methods for chemoremediation or mechanical destruction of undetonated explosive materials. An explosive apparatus contains an explosive material in close proximity to a chemical reagent selected for its chemoremediative properties. A barrier is interposed between the explosive material and the chemical reagent to delay the chemoremediation of the explosive material.02-24-2011
20100018426EXPLOSIVE DEPLOYMENT BAG - An explosives deployment bag includes a main body portion having a chamber for containing and carrying at least one flexible material. The bag further includes a hole disposed through the main body portion through which a flexible elongate material can be controllably pushed or pulled into or out of and attached to one or more initiator(s). The bag also includes enclosing means disposed at the top of the main body portion for selectively covering the top of the main body portion through which another end of the flexible elongate material can be attached to a blasting material. A cap covers the blasting material and the top of the main body portion. Protective siding selectively covers the initiator(s). A handle and label means are also provided with the bag.01-28-2010
20120006216ACOUSTIC CRYSTAL EXPLOSIVES - An acoustic crystal explosive, which gains its properties from both its periodic structure and its composition, may be configured to suppress or enhance the sensitivity of detonation of the explosive in response to an acoustic wave. An explosive material and a medium (explosive or inactive) are arranged in a periodic array that provides local contrast modulation of the acoustic index to define a band gap in the acoustic transmission spectrum of the explosive materials. At least one defect cavity in the periodic array creates a resonance in the band gap. The defect cavity concentrates energy from an incident acoustic (shock) wave to detonate the explosive. Multiple defect cavities may be configured to provide a desired shaped charge or volumetric detonations. Means may be provided to reprogram the defect cavity(ies) to reconfigure the explosive.01-12-2012

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