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101484000 Condition responsive 38
101485000 Position or alignment 30
101492000 Transfer or offset 28
101491000 Specific ink 14
101487000 With heating or cooling 9
101490000 Plural impressions on single article 3
20120186475TANDEM PRINTING SYSTEM AND METHOD TO CONTROL A TANDEM PRINTING SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - In a printing system or method a first printing apparatus and a second printing apparatus are respectively selectively operable in simplex mode and duplex mode. Each of the printing apparatuses in simplex mode process print jobs independently of the respective other printing apparatus, and in duplex mode processing print jobs jointly by both of the printing apparatuses. The printing apparatuses are connected with one another for control at least in duplex mode. An activation operating unit is provided via which at least one of the two printing apparatuses is selectively activated for the simplex mode or both of the printing apparatuses are selectively activated for the duplex mode.07-26-2012
20110219976METHOD OF PRINTING NEWSPAPERS - A system and method is described for providing an insert in a finished newspaper which is printed by a different process than the process by which the newspaper itself is printed, yet where the insert is not inserted after the newspaper is printed, but while the newspaper is printed.09-15-2011
20100116163FIREARM TARGETS AND METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING FIREARM TARGETS - Firearm targets and methods for manufacturing firearm targets are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a target includes a substrate, a release layer on the substrate, and an ink layer on the release layer such that the release layer is positioned between the ink layer and the substrate. The ink layer at least partially defines a target image. The ink layer has a first section with a first color and a second section with a second color different than the first color.05-13-2010
101493000 Resilient surface 1
20090211480Flexo Cushion - A method of improving performance of a relief image printing plate on a printing cylinder which includes mounting a compressible cushion element on a surface of the printing cylinder. The surface of the cushion element that is contactable with the relief image printing plate is a low friction surface that allows a relief image printing plate to slide freely across its surface and settle into position on the printing cylinder. The use of a cushion element having a low friction surface reduces smut and improves registration of the printing plate on the printing cylinder.08-27-2009
20130042778PRINTING ON USED SHEETS OF PAPER - A method of printing on a sheet of paper comprises drawing a first sheet of paper from a first paper source into a printer having an optical scanner and a print head, scanning a first face of the first sheet to determine the presence or absence of print thereon. In response to detecting print on the first face, the print head is caused to print an obstruction on the first face. In response to detecting no print on the first face, the print head is caused to print new matter on the first face. The method enables a printer to accept used paper while eliminating confusion over which face contains the new matter.02-21-2013
20130042779STAMP, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND IMPRINTING METHOD USING THE STAMP - A stamp includes at least one protrusion on a protrusion pattern, and an end portion of the at least one protrusion may have a non-planarized surface. The end portion of the protrusion may have a concave structure, that is, the end portion includes a center region and an edge region, and the edge region is higher than the center region.02-21-2013
20100018425METHOD FOR OPERATING A WEB-FED PRINTING PRESS - A method for starting up a web-fed printing press is disclosed. In an embodiment, the method includes: a) a first start-up sequence is executed while using predetermined preset parameters that are specific to the printing press and/or the print job for the color register adjustment, cut-off compensator control and the ink density control; b) the web-fed printing press is subsequently stopped, where copies printed during the first start-up sequence are evaluated with respect to the color register, the cut-off compensator and the ink density, and where the preset parameters are adjusted as a function of this evaluation while the printing press is stopped; c) following this, a second start-up sequence is executed, where the preset parameters that are adjusted during the standstill are not used for printing until defined printing press speeds are reached and/or exceeded.01-28-2010
20080257189METHOD FOR OPERATING AN INKING SYSTEM OF A PRINTING PRESS - A method for operating an inking system of a printing press, where the inking system has an ink fountain in which printing ink is kept in readiness, where the inking system has a doctor roller which holds printing ink kept in readiness in the ink fountain, where the inking system has ink sliders or ink blades which adjust the amount of ink to be transferred per ink zone from the ink fountain to the doctor roller, and where the inking system has a film roller which transfers printing ink from the doctor roller to at least one inking system roller downstream from the film roller. At least one ink slider or ink blade is controlled in such a way that the amount of ink transferred zonally to the doctor roller varies over the circumference of the doctor roller.10-23-2008
20100071575APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR APPLYING A DAMPING SOLUTION ONTO A FORM CYLINDER OF A PRESS UNIT - A printing unit having a press unit is disclosed. Damping solution is applied to a form cylinder by way of direct damping-solution supply via a damping unit in such a way that a damping-solution applicator roll which is set away from an ink distributor roll and is driven by way of friction by the form cylinder rolls only on the form cylinder and thus applies the damping solution to the form cylinder only directly via the damping-solution applicator roll. In the event of indirect damping-solution supply in which the damping-solution applicator roll rolls exclusively on the ink distributor roll and is driven by way of friction by the ink distributor roll, in order to switch over to direct damping-solution supply, the damping-solution applicator roll is set away from the ink distributor roll more quickly than the damping unit, and thus the damping-solution applicator roll, is set against the form cylinder.03-25-2010
20130036928NON-CONTACT TRANSFER PRINTING - A transfer printing process that exploits the mismatch in mechanical or thermo-mechanical response at the interface of a printable micro- or nano-device and a transfer stamp to drive the release of the device from the stamp and its non-contact transfer to a receiving substrate are provided. The resulting facile, pick-and-place process is demonstrated with the assembling of 3-D microdevices and the printing of GAN light-emitting diodes onto silicon and glass substrates. High speed photography is used to provide experimental evidence of thermo-mechanically driven release.02-14-2013
20090120316PROCESS FOR CREATING A UNIT DOSE PRODUCT WITH A PRINTED WATER SOLUBLE MATERIAL - A process for selectively and repeatedly printing at least two graphics onto a water soluble material to create a randomized print for unit dose products.05-14-2009
20120216694Method For Centering A Print Track - A method for depositing a material on a surface of a substrate includes depositing a first print material and a second print material on the surface of the substrate using a printing apparatus, and depositing a marker element on a portion of the substrate surface. The deposited first print material forms a plurality of first print tracks in a pattern and the deposited second print material forms one or more second print tracks on the surface of the substrate. In addition, the second print tracks includes a centering feature, where there is no second print material within the centering feature and at least a portion of the centering feature is disposed on the portion of the surface of the substrate having the marker element. Further, at least a portion of the second print tracks cover at least a portion of the plurality of first print tracks.08-30-2012
20120222578ABSORBENT FIBROUS WEB SUBSTRATES HAVING DISTINCT GRAPHICS AND METHOD FOR PRINTING SUBSTRATES - Fibrous web substrates and a process for printing a series of different graphics in the manufacture of fibrous web substrates, such as tissue and towel products, utilize flexographic printing with endless belts and have graphic repeats of at least about 58 inches. In addition, these substrates have color to color MD registration of less than about 1.5 mm.09-06-2012
20120222577UNIQUE PROCESS FOR PRINTING MULTIPLE COLOR INDICIA UPON WEB SUBSTRATES - A process for printing a web substrate in contacting engagement with an external surface of a central roll of a contact printing system is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: a) providing the central roll with a plurality of cells disposed upon an outer surface thereof; b) providing a first fluid satisfying a first system of equations to a first of the cells from a position internal to the central roll; c) providing a second fluid satisfying a second system of equations to a second of the cells from a position internal to the central roll; d) contactingly engaging the web substrate with the external surface of said central roll and, e) fluidically displacing the first and second fluids from the first and second cells onto the web substrate.09-06-2012
20120222576UNIQUE PROCESS FOR PRINTING MULTIPLE COLOR INDICIA UPON WEB SUBSTRATES - A process for printing a web substrate in contacting engagement with an external surface of a central roll of a contact printing system is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: a) providing the central roll with a plurality of discrete cells disposed upon an outer surface thereof; b) contactingly engaging at least two primary fluids internal to the central roll to form a first secondary fluid; c) fluidically displacing the first secondary fluid into a first portion of the plurality of discrete cells from a position internal to the central roll; and, d) displacing the first secondary fluid from each of the first portion of discrete cells onto the web substrate.09-06-2012
20130061770DIGITAL SHEET-FED PRINTING METHOD - A digital sheet-fed printing method includes providing one cycle of printing to print on a series of sheets of paper whose number is equal to the least common multiple of respective numbers of allocated positions; producing a reference signal on the basis of which an image in each color is printed on the sheet of paper; detecting with an image detection sensor means a mutual out of register between images in different colors printed on each sheet of paper in the series, furnishing the printing control means with a detection signal for each sheet of paper from the image detection sensor, and correcting the timing at which each image is printed on each sheet of paper in one cycle of printing so that timings to print the images in different colors on each sheet of paper coincide with one another; and printing images in the different colors.03-14-2013
20120111215METHOD FOR PASTY INK FLEXOGRAPHY PRINTING ASSOCIATED TO INK LOAD VARIATION DUE TO THERMAL MODULATION - The present invention refers to a “Method for pasty ink flexography printing associated to ink load variation due to thermal modulation” developed to allow a novel printing technology in central drum flexography equipments with high viscosity inks and 100% solids with later UV radiation (UV) or electron beam (EB) curing. The invention provides a central drum flexographic printing system which by means of modifications in the inking systems allows applying high viscosity inks with no intermediate drying or curing system between the successive appliance of several colors having only the final drying with a curing device, preferably based on electron beam or optionally by actinic radiation (UV light).05-10-2012
20120024177Method of Printing Fabric-Inspired Designs On Absorbent Articles - Method of printing graphics on absorbent articles. A graphic is selected, the graphic's color(s) are determined, the substrate on which to print the graphic is selected, the size and layout of the graphic are manipulated to make it fit the area of the absorbent article it is to be printed on, and the graphic is printed on a substrate.02-02-2012
20110277655Forming Interconnect Structures Using Pre-Ink-Printed Sheets - A method of forming a device includes printing conductive patterns on a dielectric sheet to form a pre-ink-printed sheet, and bonding the pre-ink-printed sheet onto a side of a substrate. The conductive feature includes a through-substrate via extending from a first major side of the substrate to a second major side of the substrate opposite the first major side. A conductive paste is then applied to electrically couple conductive patterns to a conductive feature in the substrate.11-17-2011
20100313782CURABLE LIQUIDS AND INKS FOR TOYS AND FOOD PACKAGING APPLICATIONS - A free radical curable liquid for inkjet printing of food packaging materials includes no initiator or otherwise one or more initiators selected from the group consisting of non-polymeric di- or multifunctional initiators, oligomeric initiators, polymeric initiators, and polymerizable initiators; and a polymerizable composition of the liquid consists essentially of: a) 25-100 wt % of one or more polymerizable compounds A having at least one acrylate group G1 and at least one second ethylenically unsaturated polymerizable functional group G2 selected from the group consisting of a vinlyether group, an allylether group, and a allylester group; b) 0-55 wt % of one or more polymerizable compounds B selected from the group consisting of monofunctional acrylates and difunctional acrylates; and c) 0-55 wt % of one or more polymerizable compounds C selected from the group consisting of trifunctional acrylates, tetrafunctional acrylates, pentafunctional acrylates and hexafunctional acrylates. If the weight percentage of compounds B>24 wt %, then the weight percentage of compounds C>1 wt %, and all weight percentages of A, B, and C are based upon the total weight of the polymerizable composition. At least one polymerizable compound B or C is present in the polymerizable composition if the free radical curable liquid contains no initiator.12-16-2010
20110290137IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - According to one embodiment, an image recording apparatus includes a printing unit and an entry angle changing mechanism. The entry angle changing mechanism is disposed further along the upstream than the printing unit in a conveying direction and changes the entry angle of the paper with an upper surface not printed and a lower surface printed, after printing on the first surface if printing on both sides is performed by the printing unit.12-01-2011
20110100243METHOD AND AN APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING A LENTICULAR PRINTING SUBSTRATE - A method for preparing a lenticular guide roll for use in a lenticular printing run. The method comprises providing a printing roll of a printing press and a first piece of lenticular media. The first piece of lenticular printing substrate has a pitch which is substantially identical to a second lenticular printing substrate to be used in the lenticular printing run. The, method further comprises attaching the first piece of lenticular printing substrate to the printing roll to allow the maneuvering of the second lenticular printing substrate by the printing roll in the printing press.05-05-2011
20110297027Method for adjusting an area coverage and a corresponding method for execution in a printing press having a plurality of printing Units - An area coverage, which is carried out by a volume of printing ink transferred to a print stock by an inking unit of a printing press, can be adjusted. An ink feed to the inking unit can be disengaged in zones or can be interrupted in the inking and upon reaching of a final phase of a printing process which was previously carried out by the printing press. The volume of printing ink remaining on the print stock after such a disengagement or interruption in the ink feed in the inking unit in the final phase of the printing process previously carried out by the printing press, is transferred to the print stock until the area coverage made by the volume of printing ink transferred to the print stock equals a specified target value of area coverage for an impression of a subsequent printing process. A corresponding method is also provided for execution in a printing press that has a plurality of printing units.12-08-2011
20100294153METHOD FOR PRINTING WATER-SOLUBLE FILM - A method for on-line printing onto water-soluble film on-line with water-soluble detergent pouch process.11-25-2010
20110088581CERAMIC INKS AND VEHICLES - Ceramic inks comprising ceramic pigments dispersed in vehicles based on water and glycols and containing urea, and method for decorating green or fired ceramic bodies by the use of said inks.04-21-2011
20100005990INCORPORATED PRINTER WITH SEPARATE-SHEET PRINTING AND BOOK PRINTING CAPABILITIES - An integrated printing apparatus is capable of printing on a separate sheet and of book printing on a block of pre-bound pages. The apparatus includes a a block support structure comprising two height-adjustable tables for supporting the block in two adjacent stacks, so that when a page is turned from atop a first stack to an adjacent second stack, the two adjacent stacks present substantially co-planar printable top surfaces. The apparatus also includes an automatic page-turning mechanism for redeploying a top page from the first stack to the second stack, holder for separate sheets, and a printing head. A relative motion mechanism provides relative motion between the printing head and a page of the block of printable pages or a sheet of the separate sheets while printing.01-14-2010
20110168045METHOD FOR PRINTING SUBSTRATES - In a method for printing substrates with a printing ink and/or a printing varnish at least comprising solvents and binders, at least one of the binders comprises a polyetheramine polyol.07-14-2011
20090101036Printing Press and Method for Operating a Printing Unit of a Printing Press - A method for operating a printing unit of a printing press includes operating the printing unit in a first operating mode, for example printing operation, and in a second operating mode, for example maintenance operation. In the first operating mode, a printing unit cylinder and a distributor roller are driven rotationally by a first motor and the distributor roller is driven axially by a second motor. In the second operating mode, the distributor roller is driven rotationally by a third motor and the distributor roller is driven axially by the second motor. A printing press for carrying out the method is also provided.04-23-2009
20120097059NANOWIRE INK COMPOSITIONS AND PRINTING OF SAME - Described herein are ink compositions suitable for forming conductive films by printing, in particular, by gravure, flexographic, and reverse offset printing.04-26-2012
20080236429IMAGING SYSTEM WITH MEDIA CARRIER STORAGE POSITION - An apparatus for imaging a media is able to accommodate, in an imaging position, a drum for loading flat sheets of media or a mandrel for loading sleeve media. The apparatus includes a storage position for locating the drum or mandrel when not in use and provides mechanisms for safe transport of the drum or mandrel between the storage and imaging positions.10-02-2008
20090007811Method of printing panel material - The invention relates to a method of printing panel material (01-08-2009
20120291649Electret composition - A printing method and composition that is constructed from an electrostatically charged sheet having a top and bottom surface and a backing sheet. The backing sheet has top and bottom surfaces. The top surface includes a binding material. The top surface of the backing sheet is in contact with the bottom surface of the electrostatically charged sheet and retained by an attractive force. The binding material is preferably chosen to provide an electrostatic attraction between the electrostatically charged sheet and the backing sheet of approximately between 4 g/inch and 400 g/inch. The attractive force should be sufficient to couple the charged film to the backing sheet during the printing process all the way through until a user decides to uncouple the charged film from the backing sheet.11-22-2012
20120291648METHOD FOR PRODUCING FABRIC MEMORY KEEPSAKE - A method for producing a fabric keepsake comprises placing a fabric removeably on a poster board so as to form a sign-in board to be used at an event, and so that a surface of the fabric is exposed for marking by guests at the event; removing the fabric from the poster board after the sign-in board has been marked by at least one person, at the event; and forming a keepsake using the fabric. An image can be placed on the fabric, as by printing, prior to the fabric being fastened to the poster board. The keepsake can be a pillow, a wall hanging, a quilt, a blanket, or a table covering such as a tablecloth. The method may comprise producing an image of the fabric after it has been marked at the event; and storing the image for later use in producing a keepsake.11-22-2012
20120291647METHOD OF PRINTING SCANNABLE CODES ON PACKAGING - A method of printing a two-dimensional scannable code onto a corrugated cardboard product package using a flexographic printing press. The method includes spacing a relief on a flexographic printing press die for the two-dimensional scannable code in a machine direction to compensate for stretching of the corrugated cardboard as it passes through the flexographic printing press.11-22-2012
20080271632Method for Controlling Luminance of Transmissive Board and Transmissive Board - A method for controlling luminance of a transmissive board at the moment of transmissive illumination, in a short time, at a low cost. The luminance of a control object is made the target luminance by a rough control step of printing ink having a constant light transmittance on a front side or a back side of the control object in a transmissive board. The rough control step is repeated a number times within a range such that the luminance does not exceed the target luminance. The ink is printed on the front side or the back side by controlling the amount of the ink to be printed to a unit area in accordance with a luminance difference between the target luminance and the control luminance which is not eliminated in the rough control step.11-06-2008
20120060713Ink Jet Decorative Wood Fire-Rated Door and Method - A decorative, wood fire-rated door with a graphic or image imprinted or applied to a front or rear face on a pre-assembled door that does not change or impact the door's overall fire-rating. With the use of a flatbed or large format UV inkjet printing machine, a fine art quality image that utilizes ultraviolet inks can be produced directly onto the planar surface of a pre-assembled fire-rated door. Alternatively, the photographic files can also be produced onto an adhesive backed graphic panel with a protective laminated layer that can be applied directly onto the door surface.03-15-2012
20120060712METHOD FOR SETTING THE INKING IN PRINTING PRESSES - A method for controlling the inking in printing presses having at least one control computer and at least one printing unit with an inking unit and a dampening unit, includes carrying out settings for controlling the inking in the inking unit and/or dampening unit of the printing press through the use of the control computer. The settings are displayed on a display device and the settings that are carried out are recorded and stored periodically by the control computer.03-15-2012
20110219975Method of Colour Setting in a Rotary Printing Press - A method of colour setting in a rotary printing press, in which a composition of an ink is adjusted until colour specifications of a printed product, that is formed by a substrate with the ink printed thereon, match given target colour specifications, including the steps of measuring (S09-15-2011
20090199734PRINTING PRODUCTION PLAN GENERATION SYSTEM - A system for generating printing production plans (08-13-2009
20090320708RECORDING SHEET WITH IMPROVED PRINT DENSITY - This invention is directed to a composition that, when applied to a cellulosic substrate, provides a recording media that has enhanced print density for cyan, magenta and black flexographic printing inks, as well as methods of using and making the composition and media. Also, the present invention relates to a method of achieving enhanced print density with flexographic printing ink compositions at reduced concentrations.12-31-2009
20080264285Method of processing and printing print job portions for enabling bindery efficiencies - A method is provided for preparing one or more print jobs for finishing. The method includes dividing a portion of the one or more print jobs into a first set of pages corresponding with a first print output stack having one stack height and a second set of pages corresponding with a second print output stack having another stack height. A printing instruction is provided for causing at least one of the first and second sets of pages to be printed in a multiple up format when either one of the output stack heights is greater than a selected output stack height, or when the sum of the stack heights is greater than the selected output stack height. The printing instruction is used, pursuant to printing the first and second sets of pages with the printing instruction, for (1) causing the at least one of the first print output stack and the second print output stack to be printed in multiple-up format, and (2) preventing either one of the print output stack heights from exceeding the selected output height.10-30-2008
20080264286OFFSET HAND PROOFER TOOL - A method of predicting the performance of a printing press for a printing job includes preparing a first printing plate and securing the printing plate to a proofing device then adjusting the proofing device to optimize ink transfer from an anilox roll to the printing plate and from the printing plate to a substrate. An operator then prepares a printing proof on the substrate and evaluates the printing proof to predict the performance of a second printing plate on the printing press. The invention may also include a plate for printing that includes a printing press portion that is dimensioned to be secured to a printing press and a proofing portion that is dimensioned to be secured to a proofing tool that are separable.10-30-2008
20090241793Printing Press, Folder, and Methods of Operation - Systems and methods for allowing existing rotary printing press units to produce smaller pages at a faster rate of speed without having to replace the press unit. Specifically, the systems and methods relate to retrofitting an existing press unit to produce three pages of material in each full rotation instead of the traditional two pages.10-01-2009
20100154668Sheet materials with precise gage pin-accurate elements on front and reverse side - Sheet material with security features disposed on front and reverse side with length and side registration precision, characterized in that a carrier substrate is imprinted with the corresponding features on both sides with gage-pin position accuracy, the tolerance being maximally ±100 μm.06-24-2010
20120103221Cleaning Method for a Variable Data Lithography System - An cleaning method for a variable data lithography system employs a first cleaning member having a conformable adhesive surface disposed for physical contact with an imaging member such that residual ink remaining on the imaging member, such as following transfer of an inked latent image from the imaging member to a substrate, adheres to the conformable adhesive surface and is thereby removed from the imaging member. The cleaning method may further employ a second cleaning member, in physical contact with the first cleaning member, having a relatively hard, smooth surface such that residual ink removed from the imaging member and adhering to the adhesive surface of the first cleaning member may split onto the second cleaning member.05-03-2012
20100218694SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXPOSING A DIGITAL POLYMER PLATE - An improved process for producing flexographic printing plates using a digital workflow is described. After creating an in-situ digital mask over the photopolymerizable layer, the photopolymerizable layer is exposed to actinic radiation through the mask layer in a reduced oxygen environment. After subsequent development, the resulting relief printing form is composed of flat topped dots with crisp edges and steep bevel angles that can be used to print directly on corrugated materials.09-02-2010
20110056398DIRECT IMPRINTING OF POROUS SUBSTRATES - Provided are methods of patterning porous materials on the micro- and nanometer scale using a direct imprinting technique. The present methods of direct imprinting of porous substrates (“DIPS”), can utilize reusable stamps that may be directly applied to an underlying porous material to selectively, mechanically deform and/or crush particular regions of the porous material, creating a desired structure. The process can be performed in a matter of seconds, at room temperature or higher temperatures, and eliminates the requirement for intermediate masking materials and etching chemistries.03-10-2011
20090071360METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A PROCESSING MACHINE FOR SHEET MATERIAL - The invention relates to a method for controlling a machine processing sheet material. The processing machine has at least one printing or coating group and a cylinder that is coupled to a direct drive and is decoupled mechanically from a main drive acting on a gear train of a plurality of sheet transport cylinders and that can be driven in a given way at least relative to the sheet-guiding cylinders. The cylinder having an associated inking group with an inking group roller that can be driven by the main drive and gear train. Printing contact in a contact zone of the cylinder carrying the printing form with an adjacent rubber blanket cylinder is cancelled for cleaning. The inking group roller of the inking group is separated on a drive side from the sheet transport cylinders driven by the main drive and gear train. The inking group roller is coupled on the drive side to the cylinder carrying the printing form. The inking group roller is driven according to a cleaning program stored in a selection menu for an individual cleaning period at an individual rotational speed by the direct drive.03-19-2009
20110126730SOLVENT ASSISTED METHOD OF MICROCONTACT PRINTING - A method of microcontact printing comprises (a) providing an elastomeric stamp comprising a printing surface inked with an ink comprising surface-functionalizing molecules, (b) treating the inked printing surface of the stamp with solvent, and (c) contacting the treated inked printing surface of the stamp to a surface of a substrate. The printing surface of the stamp comprises a first relief pattern, or the surface of the substrate comprises a second relief pattern, or both of the surfaces comprise the relief patterns, and a pattern of surface-functionalizing molecules is transferred to the substrate according to one or both of the relief patterns.06-02-2011
20130167745Anti-Marking Coverings for Printing Presses - In a printing press and attached onto the transfer cylinders, an anti-marking system that uniformly supports the transport and the release of the wet printed sheet from one station to the next. The anti-marking sheet consists of a two plus layer system, the outer layer being a textured surface and the inner layer being a microcellular material that is both compressible and resilient. The outer textured layer may be treated with either conductive/anti-static layers or an ink repellent layer or both. The two plus layer system is easily attached to both transfer cylinders and tracking/skeleton wheels using any combination of fixtures from Velcro™, magnetic, metallic, and pressure sensitive double sided tape to elastic loops.07-04-2013
20110017085AQUEOUS RADIATION CURABLE POLYURETHANE COMPOSITIONS - The present invention relates to aqueous radiation-curable compositions comprising from 5 to 95% by weight, relative to the total weight of (A) and (B), of at least one water-dilutable (meth)acrylated urethane (A) containing at least one polyethylene glycol segment and at least one pendant hydrophilic group, and from 5 to 95% by weight, relative to the total weight of (A) and (B), of at least one other (meth)acrylated compound (B) selected from the group of water-dispersible(meth)acrylated polyurethanes (B1), water-dilutable (meth)acrylates (B2) different from the (meth)acrylated urethane (A), and mixtures thereof and their use for making inks and overprint varnishes.01-27-2011
20110000386REAL TIME CARD PRINTING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A method for personalizing a presentation instrument for an account holder while the account holder is present is described. The method includes transmitting to a server computer a request to personalize a presentation instrument for an account holder who has a financial account with a financial institution. The request includes the account holder's name and background information indicating a background to be placed onto the presentation instrument. The method further includes receiving, at the server computer from the financial institution, presentation instrument data to be included on the presentation instrument. The presentation instrument data comprises an account number and an expiration date. Further, the method includes transmitting from the server computer through a financial institution network, personalization information usable by a printer to place printed personalization information onto a blank presentation instrument, and to electronically store account information onto the blank presentation instrument while the account holder is present.01-06-2011
20110120334Process and Device for Printing a Substrate - The invention relates to a method and device for printing a substrate. The printable substrate is moved through at least one printing mechanism in order to print a static or non-variable printing image. According to the invention, the printable substrate is moved through at least one printing device, which is coupled in-line to the printing mechanism to individualize the static pattern with at least one dynamic or variable printing image.05-26-2011
20110239885Printed Security Features - The invention relates to improvements in security features which comprise at least one printed image and, in particular, to such security features which provide an improvement in the resolution of printed images forming security features using inks, pigments or printing processes which do not lend themselves to the production of sharply defined or high resolution images. The security feature comprises an opaque first image and a second image at least partially overlying the first image, the second image being a printed image which has a lower visual resolution than the first image. The formation of the second image is such that, when the security feature is viewed in transmitted and/or reflected light, only the shape of the first image is readily discernable.10-06-2011
20110239886SECURITY DEVICE COMPRISING A PRINTED METAL LAYER IN FORM OF A PATTERN AND METHODS FOR ITS MANUFACTURE - A security device including a transparent base layer having a surface provided with an optically variable relief microstructure; a transparent high refractive index layer on the surface of the base layer, the high refractive index layer conforming to the surface relief microstructure; and a reflective metal layer printed on the transparent high refractive index layer. The metal layer is printed in the form of a pattern. The thickness of the transparent high refractive index layer is selected so as to achieve constructive interference of light with a wavelength λ in the range 450-650 nm reflected at each surface of the high refractive index layer.10-06-2011
20110209640METHOD OF FORMING THREE-DIMENSIONAL PATTERNS ON ARTICLE SURFACE - The present invention relates to a method of forming three-dimensional patterns on an article surface, and in particular, a method of forming patterns having a lumpy feel on an article surface by hydraulic transfer printing method.09-01-2011
20120240802LASER-ENGRAVEABLE FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING PRECURSORS - A laser-engravable flexographic printing precursor or other patternable material can be laser-engraved to provide a relief image. The relief image is formed in an elastomeric, relief-forming, laser-engravable layer comprising a thermoplastic elastomeric nanocrystalline polyolefin that is melt processable. The laser-engraveable composition can be readily recycled and reformed into another flexographic printing plate precursor.09-27-2012
20110174180Methods of Making Customized Articles for Applying Color on Surfaces - A decorative dry color laminate includes a dry color layer, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on one side of the dry color layer, and a carrier in releasable contact with the dry color layer on a side opposite from the pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). In use, the adhesive layer adheres the dry color laminate to the surface under application of pressure, and the carrier is peeled away to expose the dry color layer. Methods for providing a substantially permanent color effect on an architectural surface comprise delivering such an article to the architectural surface.07-21-2011
20080229959SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MARKING COLLECTIBLES TO INCREASE THEIR UNIQUENESS - According to an embodiment of the present invention, a method for marking collectible items to increase their collectible uniqueness includes creating a multiplicity of unique date codes, each of the multiplicity of unique date codes including a representation of a calendar month and a representation of a day in the calendar month, randomly selecting one of the multiplicity of unique date codes, and affixing the randomly selected one of the multiplicity of unique date codes to a collectible item. According to other embodiments, a system with a computer and a marking device may apply a date code to a collectible item. According to yet other embodiments, a method for marking collectibles includes creating at least three hundred sixty-five collectibles in a time period shorter than a year, and marking each with a unique date code combination such that no two visually identical collectibles share the same date code.09-25-2008
20120145025METHOD FOR OPERATING A PRINTING PROCESS - A method for operating a printing process for production of printed products includes integrating at a suitable location in the printing process at least one processing station for realizing a finishing process that is directed toward a specific location on the printed product. The processing station, or the finishing process realized with the processing station, is activated or deactivated according to a product-related sequence.06-14-2012
20120145024Printing of Game Tickets - In a row of lottery tickets each ticket has variable image printing game data printed onto a base layer on a substrate and a series of covering layers including at least one sealing layer and at least one scratch-off layer. Simultaneously game information is printed as a multi-color digital image for each ticket using a variable image printing system. The game information graphics can indicate different values for different ones of the tickets. The tickets in the row can be of different series for sale to different retailers. The printing system automatically correlates the game data and game information to ensure no registration errors thus allowing much improved variability and allowing the game to take into account both game data and game information in determining a winning ticket.06-14-2012
20110132220POLYMER PEN LITHOGRAPHY - The disclosure relates to methods of printing indicia on a substrate using a tip array comprised of elastomeric, compressible polymers. The tip array can be prepared using conventional photolithographic methods and can be tailored to have any desired number and/or arrangement of tips. Numerous copies (e.g., greater than 15,000, or greater than 11 million) of a pattern can be made in a parallel fashion in as little as 40 minutes.06-09-2011
20110259224TABLOID PRINTING PRESS AND RETROFITTING METHOD - A 3 by 2 tabloid printing press includes a plate cylinder having a straight across lock-up and a blanket cylinder contacting the plate cylinder; a blanket cylinder printing a web; and a folder superstructure having at least one slitter for slitting the web into three ribbons and a folder for forming a tabloid newspaper from the three ribbons.10-27-2011
20110185934METHOD FOR FORMING CONDUCTIVE PATTERNS USING MICROWAVE - The present invention relates to a method for forming conductive patterns. In the method, a substrate is provided, and a pattern is formed on the substrate using a conductive pattern-forming composition and a printing method. The substrate with the pattern formed is positioned between two microwave-permeable panels and the pattern is fired using microwave. According to the method for forming conductive patterns, the substrate is fixed by the microwave-permeable material during the firing of conductive patterns, and accordingly the deformation of substrate can be prevented and the firing process can be facilitated.08-04-2011
20110079161PLATE MONITORING SYSTEM - A system for processing printing plates (04-07-2011
20090025594Inspection System for a Sheet-Fed Recto-Verso Printing Press - There is described a sheet inspection system for a sheet-fed recto-verso printing press of the type comprising two printing cylinders (01-29-2009
20100282104ROLL PRINTING DEVICE, ROLLING PRINTING METHOD AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY DEVICE USING THE SAME - A roll printing device, a roll printing method, and a method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display device using the same. The roll printing device includes a dispenser; an anilox roll to receive a designated material dispensed by the dispenser; a printing roll engaged with the anilox roll to rotate with the printing roll to receive the designated material supplied from the anilox roll; and a substrate stage fixed below the printing roll for mounting a substrate. The printing roll is movable on the substrate stage to deposit the designated material on the substrate.11-11-2010
20120037025RETROREFLECTIVE ARTICLES INCLUDING PRINTED AREAS - This disclosure generally relates to retroreflective articles that include a low-index material and a printed region. This disclosure also generally relates to methods of making retroreflective articles.02-16-2012
20120097058Multiplexed Biomolecule Arrays Made By Polymer Pen Lithography - Methods of patterning multiple biomolecules on a surface are disclosed. The method includes inking a polymer pen array, where tips are inked with selected inks comprising the biomolecules, and transferring the biomolecules to a surface using a polymer pen lithography technique. Methods of using the multiple patterned biomolecules on a surface are also disclosed.04-26-2012
20110315035PRINTING METHOD AND TO-BE-PRINTED OBJECT - A printing method includes a step of dividing the to-be-printed surface 12-29-2011
20120000386TRANSPORT FOR PRINTING SYSTEMS - A transport system for cut sheet media has a first and second cylinder to form a nip, a support subsystem to transport edges of cut sheets having at least one image into and out of the nip, and an array of contact points on each cylinder to make contact with the cut sheets without marking the image. A wheel for a print medium transport system has an outer rim having a series of contact points, an inner hub supporting a means to accommodate a drive shaft, and an internal spring connecting the outer rim to the inner hub. A method of transporting cut sheets in a printing system forms a nip between at least one pair of cylinders, each cylinder having an array of contact points, guides a first edge of a cut sheet into the nip, and uses the arrays of contact points to transport the cut sheets through one of either a fusing or drying process.01-05-2012
20120055364METHOD OF HYDRAULIC TRANSFER AND HYDRAULIC TRANSFER BASE FILM - In a method for hydraulic transfer printing, comprising floating a transfer sheet comprising a polyvinyl alcohol polymer film and a print layer formed thereon on a surface of an aqueous solution while directing the print layer upward, and then pressing an article against the surface of the aqueous solution to transfer the print layer to the article, wherein the surface tension of the aqueous solution is adjust to 45 mN/m or less and the extension ratio of the transfer sheet is adjusted to 1.30 or less during the transfer. This makes it possible to transfer a high-definition print pattern to the surface of an article having irregularities or a curved surface.03-08-2012
20110048266Crafting Apparatus Including a Workpiece Feed Path Bypass Assembly and Workpiece Feed Path Analyzer - A method of operating a crafting apparatus. The method includes moving a workpiece along a first feed path for printing on the workpiece with a printer and moving the workpiece along a second feed path for cutting the workpiece with a cutter. The first feed path bypasses a workpiece mover of the cutter.03-03-2011
20110088580System and Method for Producing a High Surface Friction Material with at Least One Predetermined Graphical Image Embedded Therein - The system and method implement a production process that involves embedding one or more predetermined pre-selected graphical images into an image transfer receptive target layer of the novel HSF material that is positioned below at least one image transfer compliant HSF surface layer(s). An alternate embodiment of the present invention provides a system and method, implementable in a self-contained configuration (e.g., kiosk, vending machine, etc.), and/or implementable as an e-commerce platform over a communication network (e.g., as an Internet-based e-Commerce service), that enables each user to purchase, and/or to order, various pre-made or custom-produced inventive HSF material products (e.g., in grip tape form, etc.), having one or more user-selected and/or user-provided graphical images embedded therein.04-21-2011
20120132095DOCTOR BLADE ASSEMBLY - Doctor blade assembly for rotogravure printing units, having a support structure for a doctor blade, a holding device of the support structure and a moving device for moving the holding device. The holding device includes a mounting suitable to fix either a chambered doctor blade or a non-chambered doctor blade to the moving device.05-31-2012
20110179961PRINTING APPARATUS, PRINTING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM CAPABLE OF MAKING QUALITY INSPECTION - A printing apparatus capable of improving the printing quality and at the same time reducing the printing failure occurrence rate. An inspection controller of the printing apparatus causes an image reader to read plural pages, which are printed on a sheet according to first image data from a host computer, and generates second image data based on a result of the reading. The inspection controller detects, based on the first and second image data, an amount of printing displacement on each page printed on the sheet, and determines whether the detected amount of printing displacement on each page falls within an allowable range defined by an allowable value. If a saddle-stitching book-binding process is specified in print settings, the allowable value is changed between particular pages where there is an image in a peripheral area around a folded sheet portion and other pages.07-28-2011
20120222575UNIQUE PROCESS FOR PRINTING MULTIPLE COLOR INDICIA UPON WEB SUBSTRATES - A process for printing a web substrate is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: a) providing a contact printing system for printing X colors upon a web substrate wherein X is a whole number and X>1; b) providing the contact printing system with X−Y printing components where Y is a whole number and 009-06-2012
20120255454METHOD FOR PRINTING A PATTERN ON A SUBSTRATE - The invention provides a method for printing a pattern of ink on a substrate, such as corrugated paperboard, with a relief printing form made from a photosensitive element. The method includes forming an in-situ mask for the photosensitive element, exposing the element to actinic radiation through the in-situ mask in an environment having an inert gas and a concentration of oxygen between 190,000 and 100 ppm, and treating the exposed element to form the relief printing form having a pattern of printing areas. Printing is accomplished by securing the relief printing form to a print press, applying the ink to the printing areas on the printing form, and contacting the ink from the printing areas to the substrate to transfer the pattern of ink onto the substrate.10-11-2012
20120298002Printing Method With a Printing Apparatus Provided With an Anilox Roll - A printing apparatus has a printing device having a supply for a substrate to be printed and a supply for ink. The printing device has a printing roll with an image and an anilox roll mounted in a bearing. The anilox roll comprising a cylinder having a surface with a fluid distribution structure for receiving the fluid. The fluid distribution structure has a channel formed in the surface for distributing the fluid over the fluid distribution structure. The channel having a course and opposite channel walls positioned next to each other in a relative parallel oscillating fashion. Printing in a first operational mode, heavy layers of ink on said substrate with relatively large fluid droplets and Printing in a second operational mode, details on said substrate with relatively small fluid droplets.11-29-2012
20110226147Method of producing a transparent polychromatic printed iridescent image - A method of producing a transparent polychromatic printed iridescent image (09-22-2011
20120279409METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR APPLYING CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC LABELS TO UNPRINTED SIDE OF PRINTED PRODUCTS - Systems and methods for applying customer-specific labels to an unprinted or non-displayed side of printed products.11-08-2012
20120325101ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRIBUTION SUPPORTING APPARATUS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRIBUTION SUPPORTING METHOD - According to one embodiment, an environmental contribution supporting apparatus provided for a system including a printing apparatus and an erasing apparatus includes a duplex-reduction calculating unit, an aggregation-reduction calculating unit, a sheet-reduction-ratio calculating unit, a printing-state-character selecting unit, a sheet-reuse-ratio calculating unit, a reuse-state-character selecting unit, a sheet-reduction-message selecting unit, a sheet-reuse-message selecting unit, an advice setting unit, and a report creating unit configured to edit a character selected by the printing-state-character selecting unit, a character selected by the reuse-state-character selecting unit, and a message set by the advice setting unit into a predetermined form.12-27-2012
20120090488METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MULTICOLOR PROCESS PRINTING EMPLOYING BOTH PROCESS COLORS AND SPOT COLORS IN THE PROCESS INK SET - Spot colors reproduce high value brand colors to supplement conventional process colors for printed images and packaging A printing press can utilize hi-fidelity process inks with at least three unique colors and black, and spot colors for printing solid brand colors and for printing over other colors to produce wide-gamut, half-toned color reproductions printing logos on a substrate includes (i) printing the spot colors using spot inks, and (u) printing the remainder of the image using a substituted original process ink set. Such method can alternatively include (in) reading the spectral characteristic of the inks, (iv) determining if any color in the image is identified by a color management method from the default process ink set palette, (v) processing the out-of-palette-colors using spot colors and the standard process ink set, and (vi) applying a tone scale value increase (TVI) to the process color sets04-19-2012
20130008332ANTI-COUNTERFEIT PRINTED PACKAGING MATERIAL - The present invention provides a packaging material comprising a plurality of layers, said material having discernible indicia for authentication characterized by the presence of at least one predetermined anti-counterfeit feature at, at least one predetermined location in at least one predetermined visible layer. Also, provided in accordance with the present invention is a process for manufacturing said packaging material.01-10-2013
20120137910Printed Security Features - The invention relates to improvements in security features which comprise at least one printed image and, in particular, to such security features which provide an improvement in the resolution of printed images forming security features using inks, pigments or printing processes which do not lend themselves to the production of sharply defined or high resolution images. The security feature comprises an opaque first image and a second image at least partially overlying the first image, the second image being a printed image which has a lower visual resolution than the first image. The formation of the second image is such that, when the security feature is viewed in transmitted and/or reflected light, only the shape of the first image is readily discernable.06-07-2012
20130167744METHOD FOR REGULATING A WEB TENSION IN A PROCESSING MACHINE - A method for regulating a web tension in a processing machine for processing a product web, in particular a shaftless printing press, includes separating a first product-web section from a second product-web section by a delay section. The web tensions in the first and second product-web sections are influenced by first and second actuators, respectively. To regulate the web tension in the first product-web section, the method further includes defining a regulation output value from which an actuating command for the first actuator is derived. An actuating command for the second actuator is defined from the regulation output value and a delay element to decouple the web tension in the second product-web section from the regulation of the web tension in the first product-web section. The delay element delays the effect of the regulation output value on the actuating command for the second actuator by a delay time.07-04-2013
20130112097IMPRINT METHOD IMPRINT APPARATUS, AND ARTICLE MANUFACTURING METHOD - An imprint method of transferring a pattern formed on a mold onto a resin on a substrate. The substrate is held on a holding surface in a holding step. A shape of a substrate-side pattern area where the pattern is formed on the substrate is deformed in a deforming step. A resin on the deformed substrate-side pattern area is brought into contact with the mold in a contacting step. The resin is cured in a curing step, and the mold is released from the resin in contact with the mold in a mold-releasing step. In the deforming step, a deformation force, which is greater than a maximum static frictional force acting between a rear surface of the substrate corresponding to the substrate-side pattern area and the holding surface, is applied to the substrate in a direction along the surface thereof.05-09-2013
20130145947METHOD OF PRINTING ONTO A SUBSTRATE - A method for printing is disclosed. In one embodiment the method is performed by a digital printer. A substrate is secured to a front side and a back side of a liner sheet. The lined substrate is fed into the digital printer, and an image is printed onto both the front side and the back side of the lined substrate. In one embodiment, the substrate may include a tissue.06-13-2013
20110247516New Alkali Soluble Resin - An alkali soluble resin is disclosed comprising a first monomeric unit including at least one sulfonamide group and a second monomeric unit derived from the monomer according to the following structure (I) wherein R10-13-2011
20110247515PRINTING PROCESS - The invention provides a process for use in printing branding, the process comprising the steps of: a. identifying the colours used in the branding b. specifying the required colours, and c. determining the minimum number of colours which can be used to form a palette of colours which can be mixed to obtain the required colours to within a specified tolerance. The process leads to the creation of a tailored and limited colour palette.10-13-2011
20110247514GENERATING A GRAPHIC FOR APPLICATION TO A SURFACE TO PRODUCE A PLAQUE - A method, processing system, and/or computer program product for generating a graphic for application to a surface to produce a plaque. In one aspect, the method includes, in a processing system: receiving, from a user, first location data indicative of a first location; receiving, from the user, second location data indicative of a plurality of second locations; determining for each second location, a displacement pair, each displacement pair being indicative of: a distance between the first location and the respective second location; and a direction of the respective second location relative to the first location; and generating, using each displacement pair, graphical data indicative of a graphic for application to a surface, wherein the graphical data is indicative of the distance and direction of each second location relative to the first location.10-13-2011
20100031840BLOG PROCESSING - The invention proposes a method for producing a printed product, in which a printed product, preferably produced in a forme-bound high-capacity printing process, in the form of a main product (02-11-2010
20120255453METHOD FOR PRODUCING A COMPONENT THAT CAN BE ACTIVATED TO EMIT LIGHT - A process to manufacture a component that can be activated to emit light whereby the light emission is done by electroluminescence (EL) includes the following process steps: 10-11-2012
20130152810Anti-marking Jackets Comprised of Fluoropolymer and Methods of Using in Offset Printing - In a printing press having a transfer cylinder for transferring a freshly printed substrate, an anti-marking device is provided. The anti-marking device comprises a flexible jacket comprised of fluoropolymer to engage the freshly printed substrate as it is transferred over the transfer cylinder, the anti-marking device removably attached with free play to the transfer cylinder. In an embodiment, a base cover is installed on the transfer cylinder between the anti-marking device and the transfer cylinder.06-20-2013
20110283908High Opacity Polymer Composition for Printing Inks - High-opacity polyurethane resins are produced by polymerization of polyisocyanates with polymeric polyols and subsequent chain extension with polyamines. The resins provide high-opacity inks when formulated with white pigments, which maintain good extrusion and adhesive lamination bonding strength properties. The inks are useful in flexographic and/or gravure printing processes, particularly as back-up for laminated packaging.11-24-2011
20130186293PRINTED GELATIN CAPSULE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A paintball or other gelatin capsule has a printed image applied to its shell before encapsulation using a gelatin ribbon printing machine. The printing machine includes a motor driven cylindrical casting drum, a cylindrical print roll having a pattern formed on and around its outer periphery, said print roll being positioned relative to said casting drum so that said gelatin ribbon is sandwiched in between and in contact with both said casting drum and said print roll and so that the print roll is rotary driven by said casting drum solely through frictional contact with the gelatin ribbon. A rotary ink roller is in contact with the print roll to drives the ink roller solely through frictional contact between said print roll the inking roller. A doctor blade is configured to scrape excess ink from said inking roller. A method of printing on a gelatin capsule is also provided.07-25-2013
20120017790MEDICATION PACKAGING AND LABELING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method for generating a label for a medication for a patient includes obtaining information about the prescription and printing the information on the label in a hierarchical manner with more important information in a more prominent location or more prominent type relative to other less important information. The information about the prescription includes the patient's name and home address; the name, form, purpose, and expiration date of the medication; the manner in which the medication is to be taken; the number of refills of the prescription; the quantity of medication to be dispensed; the prescribing doctor's name and DEA number; and the date the prescription is written.01-26-2012

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