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101 - Printing

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101395000 Plates 50
101401100 Blanks and processes 48
101375000 Rolling contact 44
101382100 Plate mountings 9
101401000 Surfaces 8
101405000 Stamp handles 6
101379000 Yielding surface 2
20120192737RESIN COMPOSITION FOR LASER ENGRAVING, RELIEF PRINTING PLATE PRECURSOR FOR LASER ENGRAVING, AND RELIEF PRINTING PLATE AND PROCESS FOR MAKING THE SAME - Disclosed are a resin composition for laser engraving including a resin having two groups having specific structures and having a number average molecular weight of 5,000 or more and 500,000 or less, a relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving comprising a relief-forming layer formed from the resin composition on a support, a process for making the relief printing plate precursor, a process of making a relief printing plate using the relief printing plate precursor, and a relief printing plate having a relief layer which is manufactured by the process.08-02-2012
20080216692Pressured Based Method and Apparatus for Applying a Decoration Onto an Object - A method and an apparatus for applying a decoration onto an object (09-11-2008
101390000 Chase-securing means 1
20120186471MAGNETIC CHASE AND GRAPHIC ARTS DIE ASSEMBLY WITH A SELECTIVELY ACTUATABLE MEANS FOR RAISING AND SUPPORTING THE DIE PLATE DURING ALIGNMENT - A graphic arts die assembly and chase for use in a graphic arts press are disclosed for use in conjunction with a press. The die assembly includes a die plate formed at least partially of ferromagnetic material and a chase with a plurality of magnet assemblies configured to provide a magnetic coupling force to selectively secure the die plate to the chase. The chase includes an actuatable releasing assembly to exert a disengagement force to separate the magnetic securement between the plates.07-26-2012
101381000 Type groove 1
20130074717RELIEF PRINTING PLATE - A relief printing plate includes: a plate material; and a relief formed on the plate material. The relief includes: a cap part including the top face; and a frustum part configured to support the cap part. The cap part includes: the top face including a flat surface parallel to a horizontal plane orthogonal to a gravitational direction when the top face is oriented upward; a cap chamfered part including a flange part of the top face, the flange part at least partially chamfered to form a curved surface not perpendicular to the top face; and a cap steep part formed downward from the cap chamfered part in the gravitational direction at a steep angle nearly perpendicular to the top face. The frustum part has a shape thicker than the cap steep part, and a cross sectional area of the frustum part gradually increases toward a bottom of the relief.03-28-2013
101391000 Chases 1
20120227600ADJUSTABLE PRESS CHASE - An apparatus and methods for the adjustment and positioning of a slider bars (and in turn, tools, dies, etc.) in a chase for use in a press are disclosed. The apparatus and methods provide for the adjustment of slider bars within a chase. The slider bars are slidably secured in one or more channels in a guide portion of a chase to permit movement and adjustment of the slider bars (and in turn, tools, dies, etc.) in the horizontal and the vertical axis.09-13-2012
20130036926PRINTING FORM - A printing form includes a bonding layer, an intermediate layer and a top layer. The top layer includes silicon nitride.02-14-2013
20090277351Coplanar-joined printing carrier made from at least two partial printing carriers, the partial printing carriers, and the method for their fabrication - A coplanarly joined print carrier composed of at least two laminar partial print carriers. One of the partial print carriers contains a paper layer. The paper layer of one partial print carrier is attenuated in thickness along an edge strip by removing a partial layer. The other partial print carrier has a lesser thickness along one edge strip than elsewhere. The two partial print carriers are bonded together along their two edge strips. A method suitable for making such a print carrier is also provided.11-12-2009
20100147170System and Method for Matching a Corrected Sleeve to a Substrate Printing Cylinder - A system and method of identifying the match of a printing cylinder and sleeve when the combination thereof has been dressed by laser ablation to achieve a degree of cylindricity. It is desirable to retain the identification of this match for reuse purposes and thereby avoid unnecessary redressing. The identification convention of the invention represents simple encoding, conventional marking means, and readability on sight.06-17-2010
20110139024SAFETY ELEMENT HAVING INCIDENT AND TRANSMITTED LIGHT INFORMATION - A security element for a data carrier (06-16-2011
20100251913IMPRINT LITHOGRAPHY - An imprint template configured to imprint an imprintable medium by an imprint lithography process is disclosed, the imprint template having a pattern with a pattern density corresponding to a volume of imprintable medium used to substantially fill pattern features per unit area of a contact face of the imprint template, wherein adjacent regions of the pattern on the imprint template contact face, each of which will provide different functionality once imprinted onto a substrate, have substantially the same pattern density, have differences in pattern density which are minimized, or differences in pattern density which are maintained below a maximum.10-07-2010
20110239880PRINTER - The present invention provides a printer which can facilitate temperature control of a machine-plate cylinder section, can allow simple setup, and can facilitate maintenance of printing quality in continuous printing. In the printer, a machine plate is mounted on the outer circumference of a machine-plate cylinder section 10-06-2011
20110132219PRINTING PRESS COMPRISING SOUND ABSORBING ELEMENTS - The invention describes a printing machine with at least one central impression cylinder, to which several inking units are allocated, in which a printing material sheet can be fed along a feed path to the impression cylinder in the area between the first inking unit and the last inking unit, and an unwinding station, from which the printing material sheet can be unwound, in which a passable area is provided between the impression cylinder and the unwinding station, at which the printing material sheet can be passed.06-09-2011
20110120331IMAGE TRANSFER BLANKETS FOR PRINTING APPARATUSES - An image transfer blanket for use in a printing apparatus. In one embodiment, the blanket includes an inner layer and an outer layer that overlies the inner layer and that defines an outer surface from which an ink image can be transferred to a print medium, the outer layer not bonded to the inner layer to enable removal and replacement of the outer layer independent of the inner layer.05-26-2011
20110155007PLATELESS TRANSFER PRINTING FILM, DEVICE WITH COLORED PATTERN AND THE METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Disclosed is a device with colored pattern which is made by a plateless transfer printing technology. The device includes a body, an adhesive layer, a white ink layer and a pattern layer. The adhesive layer is formed on the body. The white ink layer is formed on the adhesive layer. The pattern layer is on the white ink layer. In particular, the pattern layer is customized to be a color ink layer which is printed with colored picture, character, symbol or number. In the manufacturing method of the device, a plateless transfer printing film is prepared to cover the body. Next, the film is transferred to the surface of the body, especially by a roller-embossing process. A blowing-embossing process is then applied to the plateless transfer printing film. Therefore, a fast and uniform transfer printing is achieved.06-30-2011
20120222574METHOD FOR PRINTING ON SPHERICAL OBJECT AND PAD TO BE USED THEREFOR - A method and apparatus for printing is provided. The method includes preparing a hollow printing pad having a transfer surface, the printing pad being configured so that when the transfer surface is pushed, the gas in the hollow part is released to the outside of the printing pad; transferring ink or paint in recesses formed on the surface of a printing plate to the transfer surface of the printing pad by applying the ink or paint onto the surface of the printing plate and by pressing the transfer surface of the printing pad against the surface of the printing plate; and transferring the ink or paint to the object to be printed by pressing the transfer surface of the printing pad against the object to be printed until at least the hemispherical portion of the object to be printed is wrapped by the transfer surface of the printing pad.09-06-2012
20120279406DOUBLE-SIDED RECEIPT PRINTING METHOD AND DOUBLE-SIDED RECEIPT PRINTER - A first printhead that prints on one side of the paper, a second printhead that prints on the other side of the paper, and a cutter are disposed to the paper conveyance path with a specific gap therebetween approaching the paper exit for the paper, and a conveyance unit that conveys the paper through the conveyance path in a device that prints duplex receipts. Based on reception of a transaction end statement, the printer prints part of the transaction information by the first printhead; prints the remaining part of the transaction information by the second printhead; prints store information, the length of which fits between the cutter and the first printhead, by the first printhead after printing the transaction information; and then cuts the paper by the cutter at a position between the area where the transaction information was printed and the area where the store information was printed.11-08-2012
20130139714METHOD FOR MAKING FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING FORMS BY WELDING EDGES OF PHOTOSENSITIVE ELEMENTS WITH MICROWAVE ENERGY - This invention pertains to a process for making flexographic printing forms, particularly relief printing forms, from two or more photosensitive elements welded to one another at their edges, wherein the welding is accomplished by microwave energy. This invention also relates to sealing edges of a cylindrically-shaped photosensitive element. Using microwave energy provides a smooth surface upon welding with a near disappearance of the weld-lines.06-06-2013
20130206026STAMP PRESS - This apparatus is small, compact, and light-weight, relatively inexpensive in terms of manufacturing cost, and will substantially improve the quality of a stamped image, also used for repetitive printing on individual sheets of card stock or any flat printable surface, in the same pre-determined location, set be the user, which provides maximum flexibility in arrangement and adjustment to permit the apparatus to be used with various sizes of stamps, and various types of card stock and to be used to make a consistent inked impression at virtually any location on selected card stock.08-15-2013

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