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101 - Printing

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101216000 Rotary 245
101250000 Bed-and-cylinder 8
101214000 Rotary and bed-and-cylinder 4
20120079953OFFSET PRINTING APPARATUS - An offset printing apparatus includes a frame; guide rails that are provided on the frame; a plurality of guide blocks that are provided on the guide rails; a plate table that travels via one portion of the guide blocks among the plurality of guide blocks; a print target table that travels via another portion of the guide blocks among the plurality of guide blocks; and a blanket roll that is provided on the frame; wherein transfer from the plate to the blanket roll, and retransfer from the blanket roll to the print target are performed by causing the blanket roll to successively make contact from above with a plate that is held on the plate table, and a print target that is held on the print target table; a step portion for positioning that consists of a vertical surface that is formed by a machining process so that the linearity increases and a horizontal surface is provided at mounting locations of the guide rails on the upper surface portion of the frame; and one side surface and the bottom surface of the guide rails are pressed against the vertical surface and the horizontal surface of the step portion, respectively, to be fixed.04-05-2012
20080216686Cantilevered Credential Processing Device Component - A credential production device is disclosed. The credential production device includes a frame, a support member and a credential processing device component. The support member is coupled to the frame and includes a first portion cantilevered from the frame. The credential processing device component is coupled to the first portion of the support member.09-11-2008
20090120311ROLLER PAD PRINTER - A roller pad printer for printing on an associated object includes a frame, a flat cliché operably mounted to the frame for receiving and a resilient roller pad operably mount to the frame for rolling contact, at a first location and in a first direction along the cliché, to receive ink transferred from the cliché. The roller pad is adapted for rolling contact with the object, at a second location and in a second direction, to transfer the ink from the roller pad to the object.05-14-2009
20110120329METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ROLL-TO-ROLL TYPE PRINTING - A method and apparatus for high-speed roll-to-roll printing, ensuring high-precision printing previously available only under a static condition. In the present invention, a pattern mask is wound on a print roll, and an ink injector and the roll are configured to maintain a substantially zero linear speed difference between the pattern mask and a print substrate at the moment the ink injector injects ink onto the print substrate through a perforated pattern in the pattern mask. The ink injector may be mounted on the print roll, may rotate separately from the rotating roll with a different rotational speed and direction, and may axially move to ensure no relative movement existing between the pattern mask and the substrate at the moment of printing. The roll may move linearly in the same direction as the substrate. A position sensor may be employed for more precise alignment between substrates in a multilayer printing.05-26-2011
101213000 Rotary printer and web roll with roller inker 1
20120160115PRINTING DEVICE USING THERMAL ROLL IMPRINTING AND PATTERNED PLATE, MICROFLUODIC ELEMENT USING THE SAME, FILM LAMINATING DEVICE FOR SENSOR, AND PRINTING METHOD - A printing device using thermal roll imprinting and a patterned plate according to the present invention includes: a first supply roll continuously supplying a patterning film; a heating roll and a first sub-roll imprinting a first pattern in the patterning film supplied from the first supply roll by pressing the patterning film from both sides thereof to form a patterning plate; an imprinting mask provided with an original pattern to be imprinted to the patterning film and mounted on the surface of the heating roll; a first recovery roll recovering the patterned plate; a rotatable inking roll inking the first pattern imprinted to the patterned plate; a doctor blade forming a second; a blanket roll forming a third pattern; and a second sub-roll forming a fourth pattern by pressing a printing film and printing the third pattern of the blanket roll to the printing film.06-28-2012
20100024669RFID printer and antennas - A shielded antenna system is provided for reading from and/or writing to an RFID transponder wherein the RF energy radiated from the antenna system has a narrow beam width so that only one RFID transponder in a record member along a web of record members is read from and/or written to without affecting or being affected by any other RFID transponder along the web. It is preferred to provide shielding that enables more energy to be radiated in the upstream direction from the antenna than in the downstream direction from the antenna to provide for earlier reading and/or writing to the transponder in the moving web. The shielding is selectively configured and/or positionable to narrow or broaden the RF energy field of the antenna.02-04-2010
20110203467Printer - Provided is a printer in which attachment and detachment manipulation of a platen roller can easily be performed, in which the platen roller can be retained with high reliability at a time of attachment, and in which downsizing of the entire printer is achieved due to use of the platen roller smaller in diameter. A printer (08-25-2011
20090114107PRINTING PRESS WITH A DEVICE OF CONTACTLESS MEASURED DATA ACQUISITION - A printing press is disclosed. The printing press includes at least one rotating reel changer, which receives the to-be-printed paper web as a roll, and a printing couple, which applies ink and dampening solution via the rotating cylinder rollers to the paper web, as well as a folding unit with rotating folding unit cylinders for assembling the printed paper web into the desired printed products. A transponder is arranged in at least one rotating component of the printing press and a receiver is arranged in a non-moving part of the printing press.05-07-2009
20110017082Printing system - Print system, having two substrate roll supports for mounting substrate rolls, a drive assembly arranged to rotate substrate rolls, and a transmission arranged to transmit a torque from the drive assembly to the substrate roll supports so that during use the torque acting on each substrate roll is approximately equal.01-27-2011

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