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101 - Printing

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101463100 Lithographic plate making, and processes of making or using copy elements, and elements per se 52
101453000 Lithographic printing plates 52
101450100 Processes of lithographic printing 41
101147000 Dampeners 37
101141000 Rotary machines 19
101135000 Multicolor 2
20090095178Sheet-Fed or Web-Fed Printing Machine - The sheet-fed or web-fed printing machine comprises a main unit (04-16-2009
20120145018CLOSED LOOP COLOR CONTROL OF SELECTED REGIONS USING SOLID COLOR REGIONS WITHIN IMAGES - A color control system for use in a printing press is provided. The system includes a controller for reviewing digital data for a print job and identifying solid color regions of the print job that are greater than a predetermined size, a user interface allowing an operator to select solid color regions identified by the controller, a sensor for measuring a characteristic of the selected solid color regions of the print job on a printed substrate, the controller determining measured values of the characteristic for each of the selected solid color regions, and at least one inking unit for supplying ink in a plurality of ink zones to a plate cylinder, the controller varying the ink supplied to ink zones including the solid color regions as function of a difference between the measured value of the characteristic of each selected solid color region and a predetermined target value of the characteristic. A method for controlling printing of a printing press is also provided.06-14-2012
101131000 Copying apparatus 1
20110132214PRINTING UNIT - A printing unit contains a dampening unit and an inking unit which includes a screen roller with a circumference and an ink applicator roller with a circumference and a gap having an arc length or curve length, the ink applicator roller resting against the screen roller. The circumference of the screen roller and the circumference of the ink applicator roller and the arc length or curve length of the gap are dimensioned in predetermined proportions relative to each other so as to avoid ghosting.06-09-2011
20110132213Apparatus and Methods for Controlling Application of a Substance to a Substrate - Apparatus and methods for controlling application of a substance to a substrate involve the use of a gating agent that blocks the substance from or attracts the substance to the substrate. The apparatus and methods may utilize ink jet technology to apply the gating agent directly to the substrate or to an intermediate surface. The substance may be an ink, an electrically conductive material, a magnetic material, a carrier for a therapeutic, diagnostic, or marking substance other than an ink, or a carrier for any other type of substance.06-09-2011
20100011978Rotary Printing Press and Method for Adjusting a Cylinder Thereof - A printing press having a roller and scanning equipment adapted to scan the peripheral surface of the roller while the roller rotates in the printing press.01-21-2010
20110088575Printing press with mechanical development of imaged plate - On-press development of an imaged printing plate on a plate cylinder, in which ink is applied by an ink form roll, a blanket roll is in contact with the plate, a rubber roll is opposed to the blanket roll, and printable media passes between the blanket roll and the rubber roll. The plate comprises a substrate carrying an imaged coating, in which nonimage areas have cohesion C04-21-2011
20110088574Processless printing plates - A plate carries a solvent-soluble, radiation-polymerizable, oleophilic resin coating non-ionically adhered on a hydrophilic substrate, which can be imagewise exposed to polymerizing radiation and then directly processed by the application of disruptive mechanical forces such as compression or tension to remove the unimaged areas as undissolved particles, using pressurized water and brushing pre-press, or the tack of the ink on-press.04-21-2011
20110120327PRINTING APPARATUS AND PRINTING METHOD - A printing apparatus includes a plate forming member that forms a rewritable plate, a latent image forming unit, a projection forming unit configured to selectively adhere ink-repellent particles to a portion of a surface of the plate forming member where a latent image is formed in order to form a projection, a recording material supply unit, an intermediate transfer member for transfer of a recording material, a pressing unit configured to press the recording material on a surface of the intermediate transfer member during transfer of the recording material to a recording medium, and a conveying unit configured to convey the medium. The printing apparatus further includes a particle storage unit configured to store the particles, and a particle washing unit configured to wash at least part of the removed particles. At least part of the removed and washed particles is filled into the particle storage unit.05-26-2011
20120255451MIXTURE OF NON-AROMATIC SOLVENTS, PREPARATION METHOD THEREOF AND USE OF SAME FOR PRINTING INKS AND VARNISHES - The present disclosure relates to mixtures of non-aromatic solvents which can be used for the manufacture of varnishes and printing inks in particular for planographic printing (or offset printing). These mixtures of solvents include from 80 to 99.5% by mass of a slightly aromatic hydrocarbon oil and from 0.5 to 20% by mass of a composition composed predominantly of saturated and/or unsaturated C16 to C22 monocarboxylic fatty acids, optionally in a mixture with resin acids (unsaturated polycyclic—in particular tricyclic—monocarboxylic acids).10-11-2012

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