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101126000 Stencil and work support 54
101127000 Stencils 53
101123000 Traveling-inker machines 44
101129000 Processes 40
101116000 Rotary machines 18
101115000 Multicolor 5
20120192734Stencil Printing Apparatus - A stencil printing apparatus includes a plate cylinder, a printing pressure cylinder, and a pressing unit. The plate cylinder is rotated and driven together with a master wound therearound. The master has been subjected to plate making by a plate making unit. The printing pressure cylinder is pressed against the plate cylinder and is rotated due to the rotation of the plate cylinder. The pressing unit presses the printing pressure cylinder against the plate cylinder, thereby performing stencil printing on a printing sheet of paper delivered between the plate cylinder and the printing pressure cylinder with ink supplied from an inner part of the plate cylinder. The pressing unit is configured to be capable of individually setting pressing forces at one end and the other end in a width direction of the printing pressure cylinder, which are to be applied to the plate cylinder.08-02-2012
20120204744ROTARY SCREEN PRINTING DEVICE AND METHOD - A rotary screen printing device includes a printing cylinder rotatably mounted about a printing cylinder axis. A cylinder jacket of the printing cylinder is formed at least in areas by a printing screen. An impression cylinder is rotatably mounted about an impression cylinder axis. A squeegee is movable relative to the cylinder jacket of the printing cylinder. The squeegee is arranged at least partly inside the printing cylinder for pressing printing ink through the printing screen onto a substrate to be printed. At least one adjustment device is provided for adjusting a distance between the printing cylinder axis and the impression cylinder axis or a radius of the printing cylinder or of the impression cylinder.08-16-2012
20110094397HEATING-TYPE MULTICOLOR PRINTING METHOD USING ROTARY MULTICOLOR SCREEN PRINTER - Disclosed are heating-type multicolor printing methods (i), (ii), and (iii). The heating-type multicolor printing method (i) uses a rotary multicolor screen printer and is characterized in that (1) an aqueous printing binder containing a thickening inhibiting component is used and (2) continuous printing is performed while keeping the temperature of the table (pallet) of the printer at 60 to 100° C. The heating-type multicolor printing method (ii) is characterized in that, in the method (i), the aqueous printing binder contains 10 to 60% of a hydrophilic solvent having a boiling point above the boiling point of water as a thickening inhibiting component. The heating-type multicolor printing method (iii) is characterized in that, in the method (i) or (ii), the aqueous printing binder further contains 2 to 10% of urea as the thickening inhibiting component.04-28-2011
20120318153Screen Printing System and Method - Screen printing systems and methods are disclosed. The disclosed systems and methods enable a user to employ a screen printing process to decorate a non-traditional surface.12-20-2012
101124000 Stationary-inker machines 2
20090205518METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR APPLYING AN ACCURATE PRINT PRESSURE DURING PRODUCTION - A stencil printer includes a frame, a stencil coupled to the frame, a substrate support coupled to the frame to support a substrate in a print position, and a print head, coupled to the frame, to deposit and print viscous material over the stencil. The print head may include a squeegee blade configured to engage the stencil, a squeegee blade mount configured to house the squeegee blade, a squeegee blade movement mechanism configured to move the squeegee blade mount in a z-axis direction from a raised position in which the squeegee blade is spaced from stencil and a lowered position in which the squeegee blade engages and applies a force on the stencil, and a connector configured to pivotally connect the squeegee blade mount to the squeegee blade movement mechanism. The connector may include a load cell configured to measure force of the squeegee blade against the stencil. Other embodiments and related methods are further disclosed.08-20-2009
20090071352PRINTING DEVICE, ADJUSTMENT METHOD AND PRINTING METHOD - The invention relates to a device (03-19-2009
101125000 Stencil and pad inker 1
20100162908Method and apparatus for manual rubber stamp printing - A method and apparatus that substantially improve quality of a stamped image, particularly as used with large or complex artistic hand stamps. Manufacturing cost of said apparatus is substantially less than presently-available and comparably-performing stamp presses.07-01-2010
20110203466Device for Recording and Transferring a Contour - The invention relates to a device for recording and transferring the contours of a wound or opening in tissue of a human being comprising a transparent polymer sheet having a first and a second surface, wherein the first surface faces the wound or opening and the second surface comprises a central portion and an edge portion wherein the edge portion is provided with an adhesive layer. The device is placed over the wound or opening and the contours are traced on the central portion of the device, then the device is reversed and transferred to an appliance, and an aperture is cut from the traced contours.08-25-2011
20080271617Stencil printing machine with a plurality of drum units and method of controlling the same - A controller reads out image data of an area frame that a user has drawn on an original and accurately extracts the area frame by removing noise from the read-out image data to divide image data of an area outside the area frame and image data of an area inside the area frame into separate stencils, according to a separation program. It is therefore possible to execute a separation process desired by the user without increasing costs and man-hours and with easy operations not making the user feel troublesome.11-06-2008
20090090257Combined stencil and digital printing system - A carousel and station-based printing system for textiles comprises one or more stations with a digital printing apparatus and optionally other stations with a stencil printing apparatus. The system allows for high speed printing of images having details of high resolution, rich colors, or variability, optionally also comprising a wetting apparatus operative to wet at least a part of the printed object prior to the digital printing.04-09-2009
20110061549CLEANING APPARATUS AND SCREEN PRINTING APPARATUS - A screen printing apparatus that prevents degradation of a printing tact and print quality is provided. There are included a cleaning unit 03-17-2011
20110239878SCREEN PRINTING MACHINE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING INSIDE TEMPERATURE OF SCREEN PRINTING MACHINE - An object of the invention to provide a screen printing machine allows, during maintenance work for one printing device, the other printing device to continue its screen printing work, and a method for controlling an inside temperature of a screen printing machine. A space surrounded by a base (10-06-2011
20090217830SCREEN PRINTER PRINT CARRIAGE - A squeegee or flood bar for the print carriage of a screen printing machine which consists of a mounting bracket and blade portion in which the bracket portion is adapted for quick attachment and detachment to the print carriage and the bracket is attached to the blade portion on one side of the blade portion. The bracket attaches to one face of the blade near the upper edge and this offset position means that a change in the angle of inclination of the blade does not result in a large change in position of the bottom edge of the blade. The attachment means is preferably a toggle clamp on the carrier bar for the squeegee and flood bar. By simply releasing the toggle clamp the bracket and blade can be quickly removed and replaced.09-03-2009
20090217829SCREEN PRINTING DEVICE WITH INK CONTROL - An exemplary screen printing device includes a blade, a rotatable connecting element, a lower baffle, and an adjusting element. The rotatable connecting element is fixed to the blade. The lower baffle rotatably connects with the rotatable connecting element. The lower baffle and the blade cooperatively define a chamber for receiving ink therebetween. The adjusting element is connected to the rotatable connecting element. The adjusting element is capable of making the lower baffle rotate thereby opening a bottom of the chamber.09-03-2009
20120304876SCREEN PRINTING APPARATUS - A screen printing apparatus includes a printing execution unit that performs screen printing on a substrate. At least one substrate support table that is provided movably along a specific direction orthogonal to the conveying direction. A table drive mechanism that moves the substrate support table at least between substrate entry and exit positions along a specific direction. The substrate entry and exit positions are set asymmetrically with respect to the specific direction. A printing execution unit drive mechanism is provided to drive the printing execution unit along the specific direction. A control unit is provided to control the printing execution unit drive mechanism so that the printing execution unit is driven to set the printing position on a substrate conveying path needed for the substrate support table to move from the substrate entry to the substrate exit.12-06-2012
20110315028SCREEN PRINTING MACHINE AND SCREEN PRINTING METHOD - It is an object to provide a screen printing device and screen printing method in which, in screen printing which is to be applied to a cavity circuit board configured by bonding board members together, printing misalignment hardly occurs. A mask member 12-29-2011
20120000380SCREEN PRINT SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CLEANING A MASK OF THE SAME - It is an objective to provide a screen print system and a method for cleaning a mask of the screen print system that enable sufficient cleaning of the mask used for subjecting a cavity substrate to screen printing. A mask contact area R of a paper member 01-05-2012
20090293744AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC GRIPPER - An automatic pneumatic gripper applied to a screen printing machine includes a pneumatic cylinder disposed on a top surface of a fixing post and two elastic grippers pivoted on two transverse sides of the pneumatic cylinder respectively. The lower part of two grippers extend downward beyond a bottom surface of the fixing post and projects inwards to form a hook. When a plunger of the pneumatic cylinder protrudes downward and leans against the top surface of the fixing post 12-03-2009
20130139710Screen-Printing Squeegee and Apparatus for Screen Printing - A screen-printing squeegee, as well as an apparatus for screen printing, includes an elastic application element and a holding apparatus for the application element. The holding apparatus is divided, as viewed over the width of the application element, into a plurality of holding sections which can move with respect to one another, in which a leaf spring element is provided. The leaf spring element interconnects the holding sections which can move with respect to one another.06-06-2013

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