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101 - Printing

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101022000 Rolling-contact machines 29
101028000 Die members 16
101026000 Piercing machines 14
101032000 Processes 13
101004000 Special-article machines 10
101027000 Hot die machines 8
101018000 Selective machines 3
20110100237Adjustable Character Stamp - An adjustable stamp for stamping characters on a workpiece, including a base plate with a platen, a plurality of stamps each having a raised character on one side, a stamp holder, and a support securing the stamps to the holder in an array while allowing limited free motion of the stamps relative to each other in the stamping and retract directions. The support is mounted to the base plate for movement in a plane substantially perpendicular to the stamping direction to selectively position one of the stamps over the platen. The base plate and the workpiece may be pressed together, whereby the raised character of the one stamp is stamped into the workpiece by the platen pressing against the opposite side of the one stamp, with the free motion of the other stamps preventing their raised characters from being stamped into the workpiece.05-05-2011
20100269716PORTABLE ELECTROMECHANICAL BRAILLE LABEL MAKER - A portable apparatus to electromechanically emboss Braille patterns includes a user input, such as a six-key with spacebar keyboard, actuators that drive embossing pins via cam shafts coupled to servo or stepper motors, a tape advancing mechanism, and a cutter and scoring assembly. Three actuators, such as servo or stepper motors, may each be coupled to one shaft on which two or more cams drive two or more embossing pins for each row of two dots in the six dot Braille cell.10-28-2010
20120000378COMBINATION STAMPING AND EMBOSSING IMPLEMENT AND SEAL HAVING ENHANCED SECURITY FEATURES - A combination embosser and printing system. The combination embosser and printing system creates a raised seal or image having one or more areas of inked image in and/or around the raised image. The combination embossing and printing system is adapted to emboss and print a substrate in a single actuation of the system. The system generally includes an embossing assembly adapted to form at least one raised image area on a substrate and a printing assembly adapted to form at least one inked image area on the substrate.01-05-2012
101310100 Seal presses 3
20080314265METHOD FOR AFFIXING A SEAL IMPRESSION ON A PAPER DOCUMENT AND HAND-HELD DEVICE USING THE SAME - A hand-held device and a method for affixing a seal impression on a paper document are provided. The hand-held device includes a processor, a memory unit, an input unit, and a seal impression generation unit for generating a seal impression. The processor generates a file code in response to a file code generation request and generates a control signal. The seal impression generation unit generates a seal impression according to the control signal of the processor. After the seal impression is affixed on a paper document, the processor generates a log file in response to a log file generation request.12-25-2008
20120073458Crimping and inking notary seal - The invention provides an integrated inkpad and embosser which serves to apply ink and emboss simultaneously the surface of a document. The device applies ink to only the embossed areas of a document. Thus perfectly rendering the seal easily visible on originals and copies. Positioned on the distal end of the unit is a set of two embossing plates which emboss and ink a document when the jaws of the plates are squeezed together. The novel feature taught by the present invention is the inclusion of an inkpad positioned on the bottom of the upper jaw so that ink is applied to the surface of the document when the jaws are squeezed together. The inkpad is covered with a surface having openings to allow the flow of ink selectively to the tops of the embossed characters.03-29-2012
20080216679Variable leverage embossing seal - An embossing seal includes a support frame having an opening at a first end thereof and a die assembly disposed in the opening of the support frame. The embossing seal includes a handle pivotally connected to the frame for moving between an extended position and a compressed position for closing the die assembly, a first link having a trailing end pivotally connected to the frame and a leading end coupled with the die assembly, and a second link having a first end pivotally connected with the handle and a second end pivotally connected with the first link. In operation, when the handle is moved from the extended position to the compressed position, the first and second links close the die. The arrangement of the first and second links provides increased leverage on the die assembly during the later stages of the compression stroke of the handle.09-11-2008
101012000 Matrix material 1
20090277346EMBOSSING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR EMBOSSING CARDS - The invention relates to an embossing apparatus for embossing cards, in particular plastic cards, comprising a feed unit for feeding a card into an embossing region, and an embossing device. The embossing device comprises a displaceable, actuatable embossing die which can be positioned above a position that is to be embossed in the embossing region; a plunger unit which has a displaceable plunger for moving forward the actuatable embossing die, and a striking mechanism for applying pressure to the plunger of the plunger unit in order to carry out an embossing on a card in the embossing region by means of the embossing die.11-12-2009
20130025478INDUCTIVELY HEATABLE CYLINDER - A device for heating at least one tool that is disposed on the circumference of a rotating cylinder, for example on the circumference of an embossing cylinder. The embossing tool is produced from a magnetizable material and it is fixed to a carrier sleeve that is produced from a non-magnetizable material.01-31-2013
20110168039STAMPING MACHINE - An engraving device that forms a desired image via a plurality of engraved marks in a surface of an object via a working tool is presented. The engraving device includes a base comprising a retainer configured to retain the object, a X-direction displacement means located above the base, configured to displace the working tool along a X-axis along the surface of the object, a Y-direction displacement means located above the base, configured to displace the working tool along a Y-axis perpendicular to the X-axis along the surface of the object, and a Z-direction displacement means located above the base, configured to displace the working tool along a Z-axis toward and away from the object.07-14-2011
20100162907EMBOSSING TOOLS AND TAPE PRINTERS - A tape printer for providing an image on a tape medium, the tape printer permitting inputting an image; providing the image on the tape medium; obtaining input image information; and using the input image information to provide an audible output in dependence on the input image.07-01-2010
20080302254Marking Device - The invention concerns a marking device comprising a support frame, marking means including a marking member and means for moving the marking member parallel to two mutually perpendicular movement planes and to the surface to be marked to produce, on the surface to be marked, two-dimensional symbols inscribed in a marking window. The invention is characterized in that it comprises means for compensating, at least partly, the influence of the rotation over the distance between the marking member and the marking point of the surface to be marked.12-11-2008
20080202361ADJUSTABLE DIE FIXTURE FOR A PRINTING PRESS - An apparatus and methods for the adjustment of the position of a die in a printing press are disclosed. The apparatus and methods provide for the adjustment of a die frame within a chase. The chase defines a horizontal and a vertical axis. The die frame is slidably secured in a chase to permit movement and adjustment of the die frame in the horizontal and the vertical axis. The die frame may be slidably mounted to one or more vertical guides and one or more horizontal guides to facilitate movement and adjustment in the horizontal and vertical axis.08-28-2008
20080202360Imprinting Apparatus For Forming Pattern at Uniform Contact by Additional Constant Pressure - The present invention provides an imprinting apparatus (08-28-2008

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