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099 - Foods and beverages: apparatus

099275000 - BEVERAGE

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099295000 Cartridge type 141
099280000 Automatic control 118
099300000 With liquid supply or directing means 73
099289000 With infusive material feeding and/or discharging 60
099288000 With cooking or heating means 32
099290000 Combined 29
099287000 With agitating or compacting 25
099285000 With signal, indicator or observation means 23
099293000 Steamer or condenser type 23
099286000 With prior handling or treating (e.g., roasting or grinding) 18
099297000 Plunger type 18
099323000 Infusing receptacles 17
099316000 Plural compartment 15
099299000 With infusive rate or interval control means 10
099298000 Plural bed or filter type 7
099284000 Convertible 6
099292000 Pressure-vacuum or reflex type 3
20110107920PUMP FOR LIQUID BEVERAGE PREPARATION DEVICES - Devices for the preparation of a liquid food or beverage. One device includes a housing, pump, pump support for securing the pump to the housing, a rigid duct that is connected by an elastic sealing member to the housing and to an inlet or outlet of the pump. The pump support includes an elastic support member for resiliently supporting the pump chamber in the housing. Another device includes a pre-suction chamber connected to a liquid inlet of a pump and being designed to intermittently provide liquid to said liquid inlet. A further device includes a connector of at least one elastic sealing member designed to absorb vibrations from a pump of the device and to enable a relative movement of a duct and a liquid inlet or outlet of the pump.05-12-2011
20110174161Drink preparation machine, particularly espresso machine, comprising a height adjustable drink outflow unit - In a drink preparation machine, particularly espresso machine, with a height adjustable drink outflow unit (07-21-2011
20100175561REFILLABLE MULTI-DOSE CONTAINER APPLICABLE TO A MACHINE FOR PREPARING BEVERAGES - The invention relates to a refillable multi-dose container (07-15-2010
099291000 Plural infusors 3
20120234183COMBINATION CONCENTRATE MIX AND FRESH BREWED BEVERAGE DISPENSING DEVICE - A hot tea dispensing machine is disclosed. The hot tea dispensing machine has a tea brew basket with an urn situated below. Housing is provided for supporting the urn and the brew basket above the urn. Flow control circuits are provided that deposit hot water above the brew basket and makeup water and a concentrate directly into the urn. The makeup water and concentrate is pressurized and the flow directed from nozzles will direct a stream of the concentrate and the makeup water so they intersect within the interior of the urn.09-20-2012
20100224075COFFEE MACHINES WITH AT LEAST TWO BREWING GROUPS - The coffee machine (09-09-2010
20130174743AIRCRAFT BREWING APPARATUS - The present invention is a beverage brewing apparatus for an aircraft galley that includes a stow away platen to support a coffee cup or mug during brewing and that can be withdrawn when not in use to eliminate the intrusion of space in the galley if the platen were not stowable. The platen can operate like a pull out drawer, extending from its designated cavity when needed and pushed back into a withdrawn position when finished.07-11-2013
099296000 Invertible type 1
20130139701REMOVABLE FILTRATION DEVICE, PARTICULARLY FOR A CONTAINER SUCH AS A BOTTLE - Filtration device for a closed container having a lower element and an upper element provided with an evacuation opening, the upper element adapted to be fixed in a sealed manner on the lower element; an internal filtration device including a reservoir provided with an opening in its upper portion allowing for its content to flow when the container is tilted toward the left or right; a filter, a filter support adapted to receive in a sealed manner the upper portion of the filter and the reservoir, a structural element cooperating with the filter support to define an intermediary volume adapted to receive the liquid after it has flowed through the opening, the structural element including a channel for the liquid to flow upward; the internal filtration device being arranged inside the container so as to enable collection of filtered liquid after passage through the filter.06-06-2013
20100083840INFUSIBLE SUBSTANCE DISPENSER - A device for dispensing an infusible substance, and a method for using the device are disclosed. The device may include a bag for holding the infusible substance. A cord may be attached to the bag for manipulating the bag. The bag and cord may be sealed in a pouch to maintain the infusible substance fresh. The device may be used by opening an upper portion and a lower portion of the pouch such that the cord extends out the top and the bag extends below the pouch. The bag may be placed in a liquid to dispense the infusible substance. The bag may then be drawn into the pouch with the cord and the pouch may be squeezed to compress excess fluid out of the bag. The bag may be discarded inside the pouch to further enhance the cleanliness of the dispensing procedure.04-08-2010
20090173235BEVERAGE PRODUCTION MACHINE WITH FUNCTIONAL BLOCK AND SUPPORT BASE - A beverage production machine that includes a functional block including a beverage extraction module and a beverage delivery outlet, and a support base on which the functional block is arranged and which is designed to supply the functional block electrically, wherein at least the beverage delivery outlet is mounted free in rotation around a vertical axis relative to the support base.07-09-2009
20100107885SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ON DEMAND ICED TEA - A beverage brewing system for producing on demand iced tea. The beverage brewing system may include a concentrated beverage brewer, one or more brew water circuits in communication with the concentrated beverage brewer, one or more makeup water circuits, and one or more back pressure valves in communication with the brew water circuits and the makeup water circuits.05-06-2010
20090120299Line Pressure Brewer05-14-2009
20130055901Tea Maker - A tea maker provides a simple structural configuration, stable and rigid structure, and low manufacturing cost, and is adapted to effectively separate the tea leaves from the brewed tea for adjustably controlling the concentration of the brewed tea. The tea maker includes a supporting frame, a tea infusing container with a container lid, a tea basket disposed in the tea infusing container, and a control circuit. A sliding arrangement includes a vertical support, a sliding frame slidably coupled at the vertical support, and a resilient element. The sliding frame includes a hanger, an actuator, and a first permanent magnet. The hanger is supported above and aligned with an electromagnet. A second permanent magnet is provided at the outer side of the surrounding wall of the tea basket and is magnetically attracted with the first permanent magnet.03-07-2013
20090272275System For Preparing A Beverage Suitable For Consumption, And Exchangeable Holder For Such System And Method For Manufacturing The Exchangeable Holder11-05-2009
20090272274System and method for preparing a beverage suitable for consumption11-05-2009
20110011270DISPOSABLE TEA SET AND TEAPOT THEREOF - A disposable tea set includes a teapot and a teacup. The teapot is folded from a first sheet, and the first sheet includes a pot bottom portion, a plurality of pot wall portions, a plurality of folding portions, and a pot lid portion. The pot wall portions surround and are connected with the pot bottom portion, and the pot wall portions and the pot bottom portion form seamless connections. The folding portions are connected with the pot wall portions which are adjacent to each other, respectively, and they are folded to make the pot wall portions to form a pot body. One of the folding portions extends to outside of the pot body to form a spout. The pot lid portion is connected with one of the pot wall portions. The teacup is folded from a second sheet and is accommodated in the teapot.01-20-2011
20090260521Dripper - Provided is a dripper that is light-weight and deformable into an arbitrary shape to be stored compactly and that enables coffee extraction irrespective of the existence of a filter. Provided is a dripper 10-22-2009
20090013874Beverage Making Device - A beverage making device comprising a brewing chamber for enclosing a pad (01-15-2009
20090007791Cup Having Floatable Strainer - A cup includes a hollow cup body, a floatable strainer floatably mounted in the cup body, and a movable handle movably mounted on the cup body. Thus, the floatable strainer is lifted in the cup body slowly and gradually during the tea brewing process so that the tea bag is spaced from the hot water during a determined period of time so as to prevent the tea bag from being soaked in the hot water too long and to prevent the tea contained in the receiving chamber of the cup body from being too dense so that the tea density in the receiving chamber of the cup body is kept at the optimum state.01-08-2009
20120234182Apparatus for Extracting Cold-Brewed Coffee Concentrate - The invention provides an hourglass shaped apparatus for cold brewing coffee, comprising a brew chamber, and extract chamber and a middle unit connecting the brew and extract chambers. The extract and brew chambers comprise two ends of the hourglass shaped middle unit. The brew chamber houses a free-standing self-contained filter containing coffee grounds inside a water-permeable barrier. Water is poured into the brew chamber to generate coffee extract through cold water infusion. After the brewing process, the apparatus is inverted, and the coffee travels into the extract chamber through the middle unit for dispensing. Coffee brewed in this manner is less acidic and more flavorful than the conventionally hot-brewed beverage. All the components of the apparatus, the filter, the brew chamber, the extract chamber, and the middle unit, are detachable.09-20-2012
20120285330BEVERAGE BREWING DEVICE - A beverage brewing device for use with a beverage brewer having an inlet probe for dispensing water and an outlet probe includes a body defining a brew chamber configured to contain a dry beverage medium and at least one outlet probe receptacle defined in the body and extending upwardly from a bottom surface of the body. The at least one outlet probe receptacle is sized and configured to receive the outlet probe. A lid is removably securable to the body and engageable with the body to selectively enclose a top opening of the body. An inlet probe opening is defined in the lid for receiving the inlet probe, and a filter is secured within at least one opening defined in the body. The filter is configured to retain a dry beverage medium within the brew chamber while allowing a brewed beverage to pass through the brew chamber.11-15-2012
20100199846APPLIANCE FOR DISPENSING BEVERAGES - An appliance for dispensing a beverage includes a brewing unit through which hot water can flow through an extraction substance to produce a brewed beverage. A collecting container is arranged to receive the brewed beverage from the brewing unit. A beverage dispenser is arranged to receive a prepared beverage from the collecting unit and to fill a container with the prepared beverage. A device is arranged to supply ice to the collecting container. The brewed beverage is permitted to flow through the collecting container with the ice therein as the prepared beverage to the beverage dispenser.08-12-2010
20090320692COFFEE CAPSULE WITH A DEFORMABLE SEALING ELEMENT - A portion packaging for receiving a substance to produce a drink. This packaging includes a curved base, a transition region integrally formed in this base, a side wall which is integrally formed on this transition region and extends conically, and an edge which is integrally formed on this side wall and protrudes outwardly. The base, the transition region and the side wall form a cavity for receiving the substance. The cavity has an opening which is closable with a film. A deformable sealing element is arranged on the portion packaging. Also, a device for producing a drink by extraction of same from a substance contained in a portion packaging.12-31-2009
20090211456SYSTEM FOR PREPARING A BEVERAGE SUITABLE FOR CONSUMPTION, AND EXCHANGEABLE HOLDER FOR SUCH SYSTEM - A system for preparing a predetermined amount of beverage suitable for consumption, provided with an exchange-able holder and an apparatus provided with a fluid dispensing device which is detachably connected to the holder for dispensing at least one amount of at least a first fluid such as water under pressure to the exchangeable holder, while the exchangeable holder is provided with at least one storage space which is filled with a second fluid such as a concentrate.08-27-2009
20090255407SHEET METAL BEVERAGE BREWER HOUSING AND METHOD OF MAKING SAME - A beverage brewer housing (10-15-2009
20100031826BEVERAGE DISPENSING MACHINE AND OPERATING METHOD - The present invention relates to a beverage dispensing machine, for instance a coffee machine, provided with a brewing chamber and at least one valve for totally and/or partially blocking the beverage from exiting the chamber. Advantageously, the valve is an electrovalve, in particular a piezoelectric valve, which is continuously controllable to adjust the beverage flow rate being permitted to exit the chamber.02-11-2010
20100147154BEVERAGE PREPARATION SYSTEM, HOLDER ADN APPARATUS - A system for preparing a predetermined amount of beverage suitable for consumption, provided with an exchangeable holder and an apparatus provided with a fluid dispensing device which is detachably connected to the holder for supplying a first fluid under pressure to a first mixing chamber of the exchangeable holder. The exchangeable holder is provided with a storage space which is filled with a second fluid, and a fluid communication between the storage space and the first mixing chamber for dispensing the second fluid to the first mixing chamber. The holder comprises a blister pack. The fluid communication is formed by a blister chamber and is a channel having, in longitudinal direction of the channel, a first curvature in a plane parallel to a covering of the blister pack.06-17-2010
20090071342THERMAL CARAFE ENCLOSURE TO CAPTURE STEAM AND INCREASE COFFEE TEMPERATURE - A drip coffee maker is provided which include a means for impeding the infiltration of cold air into a gap between a bottom surface of the brew basket housing and the lid of a carafe as the coffee is brewed. The coffee maker includes a base, reservoir housing, and brew basket housing, where a carafe is removably positionable on the base. The carafe including a lid portion, which defines a gap between the lid portion and a bottom surface of the brew basket housing when the carafe is positioned on the base. A means for substantially encircling the gap between the lid portion of the carafe and the bottom surface of the brew basket housing is provided. The means for substantially encircling the gap is operable between an open and a closed position. In the open position, the carafe can be inserted onto the base. As the carafe is inserted, the means for substantially encircling the gap rotates to the closed position. As the carafe is removed from the base, the means for substantially encircling the gap rotates to the open position.03-19-2009
20090241782APPARATUS, METHOD AND KIT FOR RETROFITTING AN INDOOR WATER DISPENSER OF AN EXISTING REFRIGERATOR - Apparatuses, methods and systems for retrofitting an indoor water dispenser of an existing refrigerator having a water outlet with one or more components to provide secondary water conditioning to dispense an enhanced beverage using water from the water outlet of the indoor water dispenser are provided.10-01-2009
20090064866APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING A BEVERAGE - An apparatus for producing a beverage includes a water tank, a concentrate container, and a mixing chamber. A water conduit supplies water by gravity from the water tank to a water discharge mixing opening and a concentrate conduit supplies the liquid concentrate by gravity from the concentrate container to a concentrate discharge mixing opening. The discharge openings open directly and separately into the mixing chamber. A dispenser assembly opens and closes the discharge openings and the released water and liquid concentrate directly leaves the mixing chamber to produce the beverage. In another embodiment, an apparatus includes a sealable chamber, and an air pump for pressurizing the sealable chamber and the concentrate container. A dispenser and methods for producing a beverage from a liquid concentrate and water are also disclosed.03-12-2009
20110239870Brewed Beverage Maker - A beverage maker including a housing, a lid, a brew chamber, and a removable dispensing assembly. The lid rotates to selectively permit access to the brew chamber, which is enclosed by the housing. The dispensing assembly includes a brewed beverage reservoir, dispensing channel, and dispensing outlet. The dispensing outlet and channel extend outwardly from the brewed beverage reservoir and the front face of the beverage maker. In use, the beverage maker dispenses coffee to a brewed beverage receptacle, such as a travel mug, coffee cup or the like.10-06-2011
20110239869METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR HOUSING AND DISPENSING LIQUID - An apparatus and system for brewing coffee. One exemplary embodiment may include a housing formed in the shape of a helmet and having a moveable visor and an openable flap. The embodiment may also include a coffee maker disposed inside the housing and receiving ground coffee through the openable flap. Further, the embodiment can also have a coffee pot disposed inside the housing, the coffee pot receiving coffee brewed by the coffee maker and removable from the housing when the moveable visor is moved to an open position.10-06-2011
20090217823SYSTEM FOR PREPARING A PREDETERMINED AMOUNT OF BEVERAGE SUITABLE FOR CONSUMPTION, EXCHANGEABLE HOLDER, AND APPARATUS FOR SUCH A SYSTEM - A system for preparing a predetermined amount of beverage suitable for consumption, provided with an exchangeable holder and an apparatus provided with a fluid dispensing device with an outlet opening which in use is detachably connected with an inlet opening of the holder for dispensing a first fluid under pressure to a first mixing chamber of the exchangeable holder. The exchangeable holder is provided with a stop against which a fluid supply element of the fluid dispensing device forming at least a part of the outlet opening abuts in use, such that in use the first fluid is supplied through the inlet opening of the holder into the first mixing chamber and then, along a certain path within the first mixing chamber, does not hit any inner walls of the first mixing chamber.09-03-2009
20120240775LOCKING STRUCTURE OF INFUSION BARREL FOR BEVERAGE MAKING DEVICE - A locking structure of an infusion barrel for a beverage making device includes a barrel having a protrusion portion and a first pivotal portion. The protrusion portion has a shaft pivotably connected with a locking member and a first resilient member. The first resilient member has a first end fixed to the protrusion portion and a second end contacting the locking member. A cover includes a protrusion and a second pivotal portion. An axle extends through the second pivotal portion and the first pivotal portion of the barrel to pivotably connect the cover to the barrel. The protrusion has an engaging member which is located corresponding to the locking member of the barrel. The cover is easily connected with the barrel.09-27-2012
20100242738SUPPORT TO HOLD CUPS AND COFFEE MACHINE OR THE LIKE COMPRISING SAID SUPPORT - There is described a support (09-30-2010
20080314254Disposable Coffee Maker - A disposable coffee pot includes a lower section containing water which is heated by an external heat source. Pre-packaged ground coffee beans are located above and isolated from the water until the temperature of the water is elevated. When the bottom of the coffee pot is heated by a heat source, the water is allowed to boil increasing the pressure in the lower section causing that boiling water to rise out of the lower section. The heat applied to the coffee pot also ruptures a partition wall separating the water from the coffee beans, to allow the hot water to contact the beans and form a coffee extract. The coffee is extracted and then accumulated in an upper section through a pipe so that it is possible to collect and drink the coffee from the upper section.12-25-2008
20110162529Kitchenware Device for Preparing Hot Beverages or for Cooking - The present invention relates to a cover (07-07-2011
20110162530INFUSION DEVICE FOR COFFEE MACHINES AND THE LIKE - An infusion device including an infusion chamber formed by portions movable with respect to each other along an opening and closing direction; a first duct for feeding an infusion liquid in the infusion chamber; a second duct for dispensing a food product from the infusion chamber; a pair of oscillating arms movable with respect to at least one of the portions forming the infusion chamber, along the opening and closing direction, and provided with retaining members for retaining a capsule in a space between the first and the second portion of the infusion chamber and for inserting said capsule inside the infusion chamber; divaricating members for causing the reciprocal divarication of the two arms and of the respective retaining members and the release of the capsule inside the infusion chamber; in one of the portions of the infusion chamber, an ejector for ejecting the capsule from the infusion chamber.07-07-2011
20110185906Height Adjustable Beverage Brewer - A beverage brewer assembly has a base configured to rest on a surface, an upward facing vessel support, and a tower coupled to and extending up from the base. The tower has a stationary lower section and an upper section vertically height adjustable relative to the lower section. A head is coupled to the upper section of the tower and has a cantilevered section extending forward from the tower and spaced above the vessel support. A height adjust mechanism includes a vertically oriented male threaded shaft interconnecting the upper and lower sections of the tower. Relative rotation between the male threaded shaft and a female threaded element carried on a part of the tower selectively raises and lowers the vertical position of the upper section and head relative to the lower section and base.08-04-2011
20080216663BREWED BEVERAGE MAKER WITH DISPENSING ASSEMBLY - The invention relates to a dispensing assembly for a coffee maker, such as a high capacity coffee urn, where the dispensing assembly includes an upper and lower body, a valve seat, a valve lever, and a valve seal. Pivoting the valve lever selectively engages the valve seal to lift it up and off the valve seat. In one preferred embodiment, the coffee maker/urn includes an actuatable button that is connected, via a linking mechanism, to the dispensing assembly. The linking mechanism transmits force applied to the actuating button so that the valve lever is engaged. An optional filter may be located adjacent to, and upstream from, the valve seal. The dispensing assembly is assembled as an integrated unit to provide a more robust dispensing apparatus that reduces or eliminates the likelihood of leaking from the valve. The dispensing assembly, therefore, provides pause and serve-type functionality for large capacity urns or standard coffee makers.09-11-2008
20120037006DISPOSABLE BREWING DEVICE - The invention relates to a disposable brewing device including at least one inner compartment formed by a liquid-permeable material and containing aroma material, at least one outer compartment forming a brewing container where the brewing container is formed by a liquid-impermeable material, the at least one liquid-permeable inner compartment being integrated within the brewing container.02-16-2012
20110083560Portable Multifunctional Coffee Extracting Device and Its Application - A portable multifunctional coffee extracting device and its application are provided. The extracting device includes an outer container (04-14-2011
20120000370APPARATUS FOR MAKING A HOT DRINK - An electric coffee machine has a housing, a brewing unit in the housing having an outlet from which used grounds are ejected, a removable receptacle in the housing spaced below the outlet and adapted to receive the ejected used grounds, and a removable funnel-shaped liner in the housing between the outlet and the receptacle. This liner surrounds a pathway traveled by the used grounds when moving from the outlet to the receptacle so that the liner protects the machine from being soiled by the used grounds when moving from the outlet to the receptacle.01-05-2012
20120006204MODULAR VENDING MACHINE AND CARTRIDGE SYSTEM - A refillable vend module includes at least one canister configured to contain an ingredient for a beverage, and a connecting mechanism configured to slidably connect to any one of a plurality of modular vend spaces in a vending machine. In some embodiments, the at least one canister comprises a poka-yoke refill connection configured to couple an ingredient cartridge to the canister, where the poka-yoke refill connection matches a type of the canister to a type of the ingredient cartridge. A vending machine includes a plurality of modular vend spaces and a plurality of refillable vend modules.01-12-2012
20120204729EXTRACTION DEVICE FOR IMMERSION BEVERAGE PRIMARY LIQUID - An extraction device is disclosed, mainly including a frame, an elastic fixing ring and a filter. The frame includes a circular opening frame and a lower section formed with a hollowed cup-shaped structure. The filter includes a top section outwardly clamped by the elastic fixing ring to be positioned and clamped outside the filtration stand. The filtration stand includes a downward-bent handle outwardly extended from the frame, and the bottom end of the handle is disposed with an inwardly-bent concave hanging opening, thereby forming a filter stand with a cup-shaped liquid-filtering area. When the filter stand is lifted to be held above a cup opening of the liquid-collecting cup or to be stayed above the liquid-collecting cup, the primary liquid is drained out to downwardly or outwardly flow through the filter to rapidly drop in the liquid-collecting cup, and the residue can be collected in the filter.08-16-2012
20120055342Dispensing System and Method - A system and method for dispensing a final fluid product using optimal parameters are disclosed. The dispensing system includes a pumping system and a capsule holder operatively coupled to the pumping system, the capsule holder configured to receive a capsule containing a product to be dissolved, the capsule holder further configured to receive a fluid through the capsule from the pumping system. The capsule holder includes one or more encoding recognition systems configured to interact with encoding means of the capsule, and the encoding recognition systems determine parameters based on the encoding means. The parameters control the pumping system and are used for dispensing of the fluid through the capsule holder and through the capsule to produce the final fluid product by dissolving the product to be dissolved using the parameters. The dispensing system may further use user information to adjust the parameters.03-08-2012
20110072976METHOD OF REDUCING THE QUANTITY OF LEAD RELEASED BY BRONZE AND/OR BRASS WATER-SYSTEM COMPONENTS INTO LIQUIDS THAT ARE INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION - A method of reducing the quantity of lead released by water-system components made of metal alloys containing lead when they are in contact with liquids intended for making beverages for human use comprises at least the following steps in sequence: 03-31-2011
20100011964Coffee Maker with Single Serve Setting - A coffee maker comprises a filter basket assembly that enables two coffee dispensing modes. The assembly comprises a filter basket, an actuator that cooperates with a carafe and a motor driven valve. The actuator stops coffee from dispensing when the carafe is removed, but can be defeated by the user to dispense into a cup or mug when the carafe is absent.01-21-2010
20120227590COFFEE FILTER WITH COFFEE MEASUREMENT INDICATOR - A coffee filter comprising gradations for measuring coffee grounds retained with the coffee filter. Gradations may be embossed into or printed on the filter material, or molded into a frame of a filter basket. The gradations may be labeled with a value defining a volume of coffee grounds retained within the coffee filter.09-13-2012
20120079947APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING MILK FOR A COFFEE MAKER - The apparatus (04-05-2012
20130014647VIBRATION PROOF WATER TANK OF A BEVERAGE MACHINEAANM Mori; PeterAACI WalperswilAACO CHAAGP Mori; Peter Walperswil CHAANM Gavillet; GillesAACI UrsyAACO CHAAGP Gavillet; Gilles Ursy CH - A beverage preparation machine (01-17-2013
20130019755BREWING DEVICE - The brewing device contains a container and a functional unit beneath the container conductive to the container. The functional unit contains a pressure section and an exit section. The pressure section is conductive to and is smaller than the container. The pressure section is configured with air holes for drawing outside air. The exit section is conductive to and is smaller than the exit section. As the brewed liquid (such as the coffee brewed from the coffee powder) flows through the pressure section, it undergoes a pre-determined pressure through the air holes. Additionally, the container and the functional unit jointly achieve Venturi effect so that the brewed liquid is sped up under greater pressure difference as it passes through the exit section. As such, the molecules of the brewed liquid are activated and thinned to achieve enhanced flavor.01-24-2013
20130019754BREWING DEVICE WITH LEAK-PROOF STRUCTURE - A brewing device includes a receptacle, which has a bottom forming a bore. A filtering member is received in the receptacle. A flow control assembly is arranged below the receptacle and is vertically movable with respect to the receptacle. The flow control assembly includes a bar extendible through the bore. An upward movement of the flow control assembly pushes away a closure member sitting on the bore. A guidance section is formed below the bore. The flow control assembly includes a flow guide section corresponding to the guidance section. When the flow control assembly is moved upward, the guidance section and the flow guide section collectively form a water passage. A brewing liquid contained in the receptacle, when discharged through the bore, is shielded by the water passage and is confined and concentrated for smooth flow thereby eliminate the occurrence of leak, splash, and overflow of the brewing liquid.01-24-2013
20120240774INFUSION BARREL STRUCTURE FOR BEVERAGE MAKING DEVICE - An infusion barrel structure for a beverage making device includes a barrel body, a cover and an outflow unit. By dosing the cover to touch a touch switch of the barrel body, the outflow unit is closed. By opening the cover, the touch switch is not pressed by the cover and the outflow unit is opened. The outflow of beverage in the barrel body of the present invention is automatic, without the need of waiting.09-27-2012
20110232499BREWING DEVICE FOR A COFFEE MACHINE - A brewing device (09-29-2011
20110259200DRINKS MACHINE - A drinks machine is provided that has a drinks outlet, a housing region under the drinks outlet, and a drinks vessel housed by the housing region during a filling process. The housing region is a separate part and removable from the drinks machine.10-27-2011
20130118358BEVERAGE PREPARATION AND DISPENSING SYSTEM - A beverage preparation and dispensing system includes a container having an open top end; a cover having a bottom portion removably attachable to the top end of the container; at least first and second infusers removably attachable to the bottom of the cover: and a juicer device removably attachable to the top end of the container when the cover is removed. In a specific embodiment, the container includes a container body having an open top, and a lid ring having a bottom portion removably attachable to the open top of the container body and a top portion defining the open top end of the container to which the cover and the juicer are removably attachable. At least a first one of the infusers is configured to hold herbal material. and at least a second one of the infusers is configured to hold crushed fruit or fruit pulp.05-16-2013
20120000369DRIP BAG - A drip bag having a bag body and a holder which is formed from a sheet material and is adhered to the bag body. The holder is folded into two parts, a front surface and a rear surface, on a center fold line, and the center fold line overlaps a lateral side of the bag body. V-shaped fold lines bent in V-shapes and extending from the open edge of the drip bag toward the bottom direction thereof are formed in regions on the side of the center fold line of the front surface and the rear surface of the holder. In addition, overhanging parts, which have concave portions for hooking, are formed in a manner that allows them to be pulled open on both the left and right sides of the lower end of each of the front surface and the rear surface of the holder.01-05-2012

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