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Selective diffusion of gases through substantially solid barrier (e.g., semipermeable membrane, etc.)

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095 - Gas separation: processes


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095051000 Carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide permeates barrier 32
095055000 Hydrogen permeates barrier 26
095046000 Degasification of liquid 21
095054000 Oxygen permeates barrier 17
095047000 Nitrogen or nitrogen containing compound permeates barrier 14
095052000 Water vapor permeates barrier 14
095050000 Organic compound permeates barrier 7
095049000 Sulfur containing compound permeates barrier 4
20110041687MULTI-STAGE MEMBRANE SEPARATION PROCESS - The invention concerns a process for the removal of gaseous acidic contaminants, especially carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulphide, in two or more stages from a gaseous hydrocarbonaceous feedstream (02-24-2011
20120297977Selective Polysulfide Composite Membrane - A composite membrane for separating a gas from a mixed gas stream includes a fibrous non-woven substrate including consolidated synthetic thermoplastic fibers, and coextensively disposed on a surface of the fibrous non-woven substrate a continuous polysulfide rubber film adhered thereto.11-29-2012
20130133515Separation of Acidic Constituents by Self Assembling Polymer Membranes - A method of removing an acidic gas from a gas stream by contacting said gas stream with a polymer, wherein the polymer is a macromolecularly self assembling polymeric material, the method including the steps of contacting the gas mixture with the membrane; and extracting the acidic gas from the gas stream.05-30-2013
20120285320PARTICLE DOPED HOLLOW-FIBER CONTACTOR - Methods and apparatus relate to recovery of carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulfide from a gas mixture. Separating of the carbon dioxide, for example, from the gas mixture utilizes a liquid sorbent for the carbon dioxide. The liquid sorbent contacts the gas mixture for transfer of the carbon dioxide from the gas mixture to the liquid sorbent. Contacting of the sorbent with the gas mixture and/or desorption of the carbon dioxide from the liquid sorbent utilize hollow-fiber contactors that have permeable walls and incorporate particles distinct from a remainder of the walls to influence wetting properties of the contactors.11-15-2012
095048000 Halogen containing compound permeates barrier 2
20110094377RECOVERY OF A GASEOUS COMPONENT FROM A MIXTURE OF GASEOUS COMPOUNDS - A process for recovering a gaseous component comprising at least one fluorine-containing compound from a mixture of gaseous compounds. The process includes, in a separation zone (04-28-2011
20100206164GAS PURIFICATION METHOD - A gas purification method of the present invention uses a carbon membrane having a molecular sieving action to purify at least one selected from the group consisting of a hydride gas, a hydrogen halide gas, and a halogen gas, each gas containing an impurity at 10 ppm or less. The present invention can be used for a recovery unit that recoveries a used gas to reuse it as an ultrapure semiconductor material gas, and a unit or equipment that produces or charges an ultrapure semiconductor material gas.08-19-2010
095053000 Helium permeates barrier 2
20090090241GAS SEPARATION MEMBRANES CONTAINING A MICROPOROUS SILICA LAYER BASED ON SILICA DOPED WITH A TRIVALENT ELEMENT - The subject of the present invention is a method for producing a gas separation membrane, comprising the deposition of a film from a silica sol onto a porous support followed by heat treatment of the film thus deposited, in which the silica sol deposited is prepared by hydrolysing a silicon alkoxide in the presence of a doping amount of a precursor of an oxide of a trivalent element, especially boron or aluminium. The invention also relates to the membranes as obtained by this method, and also to their uses, especially for the separation of helium or hydrogen at high temperature, and in particular for removing impurities in helium streams.04-09-2009
20100101410HELIUM RECOVERY PROCESS - Helium is recovered from gas streams containing high concentrations of hydrogen gas and low concentrations of helium gas, such as from the recycle stream from the production of ammonia. The inventive process provides for an integrated process for the recovery of both an enriched helium gas stream product and a high purity hydrogen gas stream product.04-29-2010
20120160095Novel Nanoporous Supported Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer Membranes and Methods of Preparing and Using Same - The invention includes a nanoporous LLC polymer membrane wherein ultra-thin films or clusters of inorganic material are deposited inside the porous structure of the LLC polymer membrane. The membranes of the invention have high levels of pore size uniformity, allowing for size discrimination separation, and may be used for separation processes such as gas-phase and liquid-phase separations.06-28-2012
20100116130METHOD OF MAKING A HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUPPORTED GAS SEPARATION MOLECULAR SIEVE MEMBRANE USING A SHORTENED CRYSTALLIZATION TIME - A method of making a supported gas separation molecular sieve membrane. In this method a porous support, which is preferably pretreated, is contacted with a molecular sieve synthesis mixture under hydrothermal synthesis conditions. The contacting step is conducted for a shortened crystallization time period. The resulting coated porous support is calcined to yield the supported gas separation molecular sieve membrane having particularly good gas separation characteristics.05-13-2010
20100071550METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PURGING UNWANTED SUBSTANCES FROM AIR - An air filter for purging unwanted substances from air, the air filter comprising:03-25-2010
20130074691WATER-PROOF AIR-PERMEABLE FILTER AND USE OF THE SAME - A water-proof air-permeable filter (03-28-2013
20100313752GAS SEPARATION MEMBRANES AND PROCESSES FOR THE MANUFACTURE THEREOF - The present invention relates to gas separation membranes for separating carbon dioxide from other gas species, polymer compositions suitable for this application, and processes for the manufacture thereof. In particular, the present invention relates polymeric compositions comprising a host polymer that is permeable to the targeted gas species, such as carbon dioxide and has a selectivity for the target gas species over other gas species. The polymeric composition also comprises domains of a polymeric material that are, for example at least 0.5 nm in diameter and that have a higher permeability for the targeted gas compared to the host polymer. The present invention can provide membranes that have a permeability and selectivity above the Robeson's upper bound.12-16-2010
20120180657METHOD FOR PRODUCING AT LEAST ONE GAS HAVING A LOW CO2 CONTENT AND AT LEAST ONE FLUID HAVING A HIGH CO2 CONTENT - The present invention relates to a process for producing at least one CO07-19-2012
20120180656APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR POWER-FREE FILTRATION USING OSMOTIC PRESSURE - Provided is an apparatus and method for filtration using osmosis, which induce osmotic pressure and allow separation of pure fluid by using the reduced osmotic pressure as an energy source, and thus carry out filtration without any additional energy supply.07-19-2012
20100126341POLYMER PI-BOND-PHILIC FILLER COMPOSITES - The instant invention generally provides polymer pi-bond-philic filler composite comprising a molecularly self-assembling material and a pi-bond-philic filler, and a process of making and an article comprising the polymer pi-bond-philic filler composite. The instant invention also generally provides a process of separating a pi-bond-philic gas from a separable gas mixture comprising the pi-bond-philic gas.05-27-2010
20110290110INTEGRATED PROCESS FOR FLOATING LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS PRETREATMENT - The present invention provides a membrane/amine column system and process for removing acid gases from natural gas on a floating liquefied natural gas vessel. Several process configurations are provided to deal with a reduction in the effectiveness of the amine column by increasing the amount of acid gases being removed by the membrane system prior to the natural gas being sent to the amine column.12-01-2011
20080210086Dispenser For Carburetor, Carburetor For Mocvd Using the Dispenser For Carburetor, and Carrier Gas Vaporizing Method - An object of the present invention is to provide a disperser for vaporizer capable of preventing a fluid dispersion from being crystallized when a carrier gas into which thin-film forming materials are dispersed is injected from a terminus end injection port, a vaporizer for MOCVD using the disperser for vaporizer, and a carrier gas vaporizing method. A plurality of thin-film forming materials are dispersed into a carrier gas introduced into a gas passage by a dispersion section located in a midway portion of a gas passage 09-04-2008
20110197762Template-Free Clathrasils And Clathrasil Membranes - The present invention relates to template-free clathraslls whose framework comprises essentially SO08-18-2011
20090031897Cross-Linkable and Cross-Linked Mixed Matrix Membranes and Methods of Making the Same - The present invention is for novel high performance cross-linkable and cross-linked mixed matrix membranes and the use of such membranes for separations such as for CO02-05-2009
20090183630APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REDUCING PARTICLE CONTAMINATION IN A VACUUM CHAMBER - An apparatus and method for maintaining low gas velocity variation across a diffuser membrane during the vent-up of a vacuum chamber is disclosed. The diffuser membrane permeability and the pressure conditions across the membrane are chosen to minimize variation in gas flow velocity through the membrane during the vent-up cycle. This reduces re-distribution of particles from a vacuum chamber onto sensitive substrates in the vacuum chamber during vent-up from sub-atmospheric pressure to atmospheric pressure.07-23-2009
20090139400Diffuser For Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems - This catalytically active or inactive diffuser is suitable for exhaust gas cleaning systems of internal combustion engines. It consists of a ceramic structure (06-04-2009
20120067207METHOD OF MAKING A GAS SEPARATION MOLECULAR SIEVE MEMBRANE - A method of preparing a supported gas separation membrane, comprising: preparing crystalline seeds from a synthesis mixture comprising an aluminum source, a phosphorous source, a silicon source, at least one organic templating agent and water; applying the seeds to a porous support to produce a seeded porous support; contacting the seeded porous support with a synthesis gel under hydrothermal synthesis conditions to produce a coated porous support; and calcining the coated porous support is described. A supported gas separation membrane made by this method is also described.03-22-2012
20110138999METAL ORGANIC FRAMEWORK POLYMER MIXED MATRIX MEMBRANES - Metal-organic framework (MOF)-polymer mixed matrix membranes (MOF-MMMs) can be prepared by dispersing high surface area MOFs into a polymer matrix. The MOFs allow the polymer to infiltrate the pores of the MOFs, which improves the interfacial and mechanical properties of the polymer and in turn affects permeability. These mixed matrix membranes are attractive candidates for practical gas separation applications such as CO06-16-2011
20100031816METHOD FOR THE SORPTION OF GASEOUS CONTAMINANTS BY MEANS OF NANOSTRUCTURED SORBERS IN THE FORM OF A FIBER - There is described a method for the removal of gaseous contaminants from the housings of devices sensitive to the presence of such contaminants by means of nanostructured sorbers, wherein the sorber is in the form of a fiber containing an active material at its inside. Nanostructured sorbers and their manufacturing method are also described.02-11-2010
20100218675GAS SEPARATION APPARATUS - A gas separation apparatus comprising: a first chamber; a second chamber, separated from the first chamber by a porous partition; a first inlet for conveying a mixture of components to the first chamber; a first outlet for discharging the remainder of the mixture of components after at least part of the first component has been removed from the first chamber; a second inlet for conveying a sweeping component into the second chamber; a second outlet for discharging a mixture of sweeping component and diffused first component from the second chamber, and a pressure equilibrating device connecting and mediating between the first and the second chamber; and a separation process using the separation apparatus.09-02-2010
20090114089Microporous Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieve Membranes for Highly Selective Separations - The present invention discloses microporous aluminophosphate (AlPO05-07-2009
20100313751APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR GAS SEPARATION - Herein disclosed is an apparatus comprising (12-16-2010
20100313753Polyethylene membrane and method of its production - The invention relates to a porous membrane having a particle filtration value of at least 10 under U.S. Military Standard MIL-STD-282 (1956), where the porous membrane is a polyethylene membrane. The membranes according to the invention are particularly useful for filters such as ASHRAE filters, HEPA filters and ULPA filters for example in heating, ventilating, respirators and air conditioning applications.12-16-2010
20110107911Membrane And Process For Steam Separation, Purification And Recovery - A process of steam separation using a separation membrane in a separation vessel where the separation membrane separates the vessel into an intake chamber and a recovery chamber. The separation membrane comprises at least one porous support; and a cross-linked hydrophilic polymer membrane material with an inorganic particulate material or a precursor to an inorganic particulate material. The membrane material is applied to the porous support. The process comprises supplying steam to be purified to the intake chamber of the vessel, the pressure in the intake chamber being greater than the pressure in the recovery chamber; and recovering the purified steam from the recovery chamber of the vessel.05-12-2011
20100212493Methods of Generating and Utilizing Utility Gas - The present application is directed to a method and system for preparing gaseous utility streams from gaseous process streams, nitrogen process streams, and other types of streams. The methods and systems may include at least one swing adsorption process including pressure swing adsorption, temperature swing adsorption, and rapid-cycle adsorption processes to treat gaseous streams for use in dry gas seals of rotating equipment such as compressors, turbines and pumps and for other utilities. The systems and processes of the present disclosure are further applicable to high pressure gaseous streams, for example, up to about 600 bar.08-26-2010
20110079143SORBENT DEVICES AND METHODS OF USING THEM - Certain aspects and examples are directed to sorbent devices and methods of using them. In certain embodiments, a sorbent device comprising a body comprising a sampling inlet, a sampling outlet and a cavity between the inlet and the outlet, the cavity comprising a serial arrangement of at least four different sorbent materials is described. In some embodiments, the sorbent materials are arranged from a material with a weakest sorbent strength to a material with a strongest sorbent strength with the weakest sorbent strength material adjacent to the sampling inlet.04-07-2011
20100064887Membrane support module for permeate separation in a fuel cell - A gas separation unit 03-18-2010
20120240763MICROPOROUS UZM-5 INORGANIC ZEOLITE MEMBRANES FOR GAS, VAPOR, AND LIQUID SEPARATIONS - The present invention discloses microporous UZM-5 zeolite membranes, methods for making the same, and methods of separating gases, vapors, and liquids using the same. The small-pore microporous UZM-5 zeolite membrane is prepared by two different methods, including in-situ crystallization of one or more layers of UZM-5 zeolite crystals on a porous membrane support, and a seeding method by in-situ crystallization of a continuous second layer of UZM-5 zeolite crystals on a seed layer of UZM-5 zeolite crystals supported on a porous membrane support. The membranes in the form of disks, tubes, or hollow fibers have superior thermal and chemical stability, good erosion resistance, high CO09-27-2012
20110100211METHOD FOR PRODUCING CARBON MOLECULAR SIEVE MEMBRANES IN CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERES - The invention concerns carbon molecular sieve membranes (“CMS membranes”), and more particularly the use of such membranes in gas separation. In particular, the present disclosure concerns an advantageous method for producing CMS membranes with desired selectivity and permeability properties. By controlling and selecting the oxygen concentration in the pyrolysis atmosphere used to produce CMS membranes, membrane selectivity and permeability can be adjusted. Additionally, oxygen concentration can be used in conjunction with pyrolysis temperature to further produce tuned or optimized CMS membranes.05-05-2011
20090126567Mixed Matrix Membranes Containing Molecular Sieves With Thin Plate Morphology - The present invention discloses mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) comprising a polymer matrix and molecular sieve particles and methods for making and using these membranes. The molecular sieve particles contain micropores or mesopores and exhibit a thin plate morphology with high aspect ratio and the plate thickness no more than 300 nm. This invention also pertains to controlling the alignment of the thin plate molecular sieve particles in the continuous polymer matrix of the thin dense selective layer of the asymmetric mixed matrix membranes. These MMMs exhibited much higher selectivity improvement than those comprising molecular sieve particles with other kinds of morphology for gas separations such as CO05-21-2009
20090126566Polymer Functionalized Molecular Sieve/Polymer Mixed Matrix Membranes - The invention discloses the use of polymer functionalized molecular sieve/polymer mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) with either no macrovoids or voids of less than several Angstroms at the interface of the polymer matrix and the molecular sieves by incorporating polyethersulfone (PES) or cellulose triacetate (CTA) functionalized molecular sieves into a continuous polyimide or cellulose acetate (CA) polymer matrix. The MMMs, particularly PES functionalized AlPO-14/polyimide MMMs and CTA functionalized AlPO-14/CA MMMs, in the form of symmetric dense film, asymmetric flat sheet membrane, or asymmetric hollow fiber have good flexibility and high mechanical strength, and exhibit significantly enhanced selectivity and/or permeability over the polymer membranes made from the corresponding continuous polymer matrices for carbon dioxide/methane (CO05-21-2009
20110113958METHOD OF MAKING A HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUPPORTED GAS SEPARATION MOLECULAR SIEVE MEMBRANE USING A SHORTENED CRYSTALLIZATION TIME - A method of making a supported gas separation molecular sieve membrane. In this method a porous support, which is preferably pretreated, is contacted with a molecular sieve synthesis mixture under hydrothermal synthesis conditions. The contacting step is conducted for a shortened crystallization time period. The resulting coated porous support is calcined to yield the supported gas separation molecular sieve membrane having particularly good gas separation characteristics.05-19-2011
20100116131METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING POLYIMIDE ASYMMETRIC MEMBRANE, AND POLYIMIDE ASYMMETRIC MEMBRANE - A process of producing an asymmetric membrane of multicomponent polyimide. The process includes the steps of (1) preparing a multicomponent polyimide blend solution by mixing a polyimide component A having a number-averaged polymerization index N05-13-2010
20110185897REMOVAL OF CARBON DIOXIDE FROM AIR - The present invention is directed to methods for removing CO08-04-2011
20110185896GAS PURIFICATION PROCESSES - A method for removing contaminants from a natural gas stream such as a biogas/landfill gas stream. The natural gas stream is fed to a first adsorption unit for removal of certain contaminants and then to a second adsorption unit for the removal of additional contaminants. Alternatively, a membrane stage may be employed between the adsorption units. The method utilizes the external purge to enhance pressure swing adsorption working capacity so that the vacuum level required for regeneration is not as high.08-04-2011
20080216648Biofilter - A biofilter for use in treating contaminated gasses is provided with a container having a layer of particulate rubber, which serves as a filter media. One preferred source of the rubber particulate is recycled tires. Smaller containers may be provided with apertures in their bottom walls and a cover for the top of the container, so that the containers can be incorporated within municipal sewage systems as manhole covers. Another embodiment floats the layer of rubber particulate on a layer of water or sludge. Various systems are provided for the delivery of gaseous, liquid or solid waste to the container. The rubber particulate provides a platform for the growth and maintenance of a microbial ecosystem that substantially treats the contaminated gases emanating from the waste.09-11-2008
20100319534GAS STORAGE AND SEPARATION BY ELECTRIC FIELD SWING ADSORPTION - Gases are stored, separated, and/or concentrated. An electric field is applied across a porous dielectric adsorbent material. A gas component from a gas mixture may be selectively separated inside the energized dielectric. Gas is stored in the energized dielectric for as long as the dielectric is energized. The energized dielectric selectively separates, or concentrates, a gas component of the gas mixture. When the potential is removed, gas from inside the dielectric is released.12-23-2010
20100186586Process for Upgrading Natural Gas with Improved Management of CO2 - Disclosed herein are processes for producing a CO07-29-2010
20110308385METHOD FOR SELECTIVELY ISOLATING HYDROGEN OR HELIUM USING A NATROLITE-BASED ZEOLITE, AND NOVEL NATROLITE-BASED ZEOLITE - The present invention relates to selectively isolating gases using a natrolite-based zeolite, and more particularly, to a novel natrolite-based zeolite and to selectively isolating hydrogen and/or helium gas using a natrolite-based zeolite. The present invention is characterized in that gas containing hydrogen is brought into contact with a natrolite-based zeolite to selectively isolate the hydrogen. The present invention provides a sorbent which can selectively isolate hydrogen and/or helium, and provides a method for isolating the hydrogen and/or helium at room temperature or at a high temperature.12-22-2011
20100326273PLASTICIZATION RESISTANT MEMBRANES - This invention discloses a composition of, a method of making, and an application of high plasticization-resistant chemically cross-linked organic-inorganic hybrid membranes such as cross-linked cellulose acetate-cellulose triacetate-polyurethanepropylsilsesquioxane membranes. These cross-linked membranes with covalently interpolymer-chain-connected hybrid networks were prepared via a sol-gel condensation polymerization of cross-linkable organic polymer-organosilicon alkoxide precursor membrane materials. CO12-30-2010
20110048228FILTER CONSTRUCTION FOR USE WITH AIR IN-TAKE FOR GAS TURBINE AND METHODS - The filter of the invention is a cartridge filter comprising a structure that can maintain a filter medium in an air stream to filter particulates to protect a gas turbine power system. The filter combines a mechanically adequate filter structure and an effective filter medium for to obtain a useful system.03-03-2011
20120060687METHOD OF MAKING A GAS SEPARATION MOLECULAR SIEVE MEMBRANE - A method of preparing a supported gas separation membrane, comprising: preparing crystalline seeds from a synthesis mixture comprising an aluminum source, a phosphorous source, a silicon source, at least one organic templating agent and water; applying the seeds to a porous support to produce a seeded porous support; contacting the seeded porous support with a synthesis gel under hydrothermal synthesis conditions to produce a coated porous support; and calcining the coated porous support is described. A supported gas separation membrane made by this method is also described.03-15-2012
20100288122CROSSLINKED ORGANIC-INORGANIC HYBRID MEMBRANES AND THEIR USE IN GAS SEPARATION - The present invention is for crosslinked membranes and in particular for crosslinked poly(ethylene oxide)-cellulose acetate-silsesquioxane (PEO-CA-Si) organic-inorganic hybrid membranes and their use in gas separation. These crosslinked PEO-CA-Si membranes were prepared by in-situ sol-gel co-condensation of crosslinkable PEO-organotrialkoxysilane and CA-organotrialkoxysilane polymers in the presence of acetic acid catalyst during the formation of membranes. The crosslinkable PEO- and CA-organotrialkoxysilane polymers were synthesized via the reaction between the hydroxyl groups on PEO (or on CA) and the isocyanate on organotrialkoxysilane to form urethane linkages under mild conditions. The crosslinked PEO-CA-Si membranes exhibited both increased selectivity of CO11-18-2010
20120312161METHOD AND DEVICE FOR REDUCING THE HUMIDITY OF A GAS IN A HOUSING INTERIOR - A method and a device for reducing the humidity of a gas in a housing interior, in particular in a battery housing interior, includes leading a gas through a first selectively permeable membrane and into an intermediate space. The intermediate space has the first selectively permeable membrane as an inlet and a second selectively permeable membrane as an outlet. The gas is then cooled in the intermediate space by a cooling unit such that a water vapor portion of the gas is condensed into water and the gas having a reduced water vapor content is directed through the second selectively permeable membrane into the housing interior.12-13-2012
20120210870METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SEPARATING GASEOUS MIXTURES BY MEANS OF PERMEATION - The invention relates to a method for purifying a specific gas stream containing one or more components to be recovered, one or more impurities to be eliminated and one or more poisons, for a unit for separation by means of permeation, including the following steps: a) in a unit for separation by means of absorption, separate from said unit for separation by means of permeation, the specific gas stream is placed in contact with one or more liquid solvents suitable and intended for selectively absorbing said poisons in order to obtain at least one first gas stream depleted of said poisons and a second liquid stream; and b) said first gas stream produced in step a) is separated in said unit for separation by means of permeation, at a specific absolute pressure P, into at least one third gas stream depleted of impurities and a fourth stream; the separation performed in step a) being carried out at an absolute pressure of between 50% and 200% of said specific absolute pressure P.08-23-2012
20120210869DELAMINATION FREE MEMBRANE - The present invention relates to a membrane, in particular to a hollow fiber membrane comprising a membrane, comprising at least two layers, wherein the at least two layers each comprise at least one layer forming material comprising at least one polymer and the at least two layers differ from each other with respect to the layer forming material, wherein the at least two layers are at least partly covalently and delamination free bonded to each other. The present invention relates furthermore to a method of production of the said membrane as well as to its use.08-23-2012
20090020008Gas separation membrane module assembly with residue manifold - A gas-separation membrane module assembly and a gas-separation process using the assembly. The assembly includes a set of tubes, each containing gas-separation membrane elements, arranged within a housing. The housing contains tube sheets that divide the space within the housing into three separate, gas-tight spaces, with the tubes mounted in the central space. Feed gas enters the tubes through apertures positioned to feed multiple membrane elements within a tube in parallel, and one or more manifolds are used to collect residue gas from the membrane elements and direct the gas to the residue port or to a second group of membrane elements within the tube. The assembly can be used in various ways to carry out gas separation processes.01-22-2009
20110120304POLYMER MEMBRANE - The invention relates to a method for producing membrane, in particular gas separation membrane, wherein the membrane comprises a selective separating layer. The following steps are carried out: a) a polymer solution is produced from at least one polymer and at least one polyglycol ether, b) the polymer solution is cast into a film, c) in a further step, the selective separating layer is produced from the film, preferably by drying. The invention, among other things, further relates to a membrane, in particular gas separation membrane, comprising a selective separating layer.05-26-2011
20120137878GAS-SEPARATION PROCESSES USING MEMBRANES WITH PERMEATE SWEEP TO RECOVER REACTION FEEDSTOCKS - A gas separation process for treating off-gas streams from reaction processes, and reaction processes including such gas separation. The invention involves flowing the off-gas across the feed side of a membrane, flowing a sweep gas stream, usually air, across the permeate side, and passing the permeate/sweep gas mixture to the reaction. The process recovers unreacted feedstock that would otherwise be lost in the waste gases in an energy-efficient manner.06-07-2012
20130014642GAS SEPARATION MEMBRANE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND METHOD FOR SEPARATING GAS MIXTURE, GAS SEPARATION MEMBRANE MODULE AND GAS SEPARATION APPARATUS USING THE SAMEAANM Sano; SatoshiAACI KanagawaAACO JPAAGP Sano; Satoshi Kanagawa JP - The gas separation membrane of the present invention provides a gas separation membrane that exhibits superior gas permeability and separation selectivity and plasticity to the extent that it can endure bending testing and has little pinholes and a method for producing the gas separation membrane. Through the gas separation membrane of the present invention, it is possible to provide a superior gas separation method, a gas separation membrane module, and a gas separation and purification apparatus including the gas separation membrane module.01-17-2013
20130174732METHOD FOR FILTRATION OF GAS EFFLUENTS FROM AN INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATION - A method for filtration of harmful gas effluents from an industrial installation including the steps of providing a gas effluent from an industrial installation, the gas effluent including a mixture of gases; filtering the harmful, elements from the gas effluent by membrane separation through a plurality of membranes, the membrane separation being achieved by sifting, sorption and/or diffusion, each membrane being adapted for filtering a specific harmful element; sorting the filtered harmful elements and storing them in separate storage reservoirs, and discharging the processed gas effluent to the atmosphere.07-11-2013
20130145931TETRAZOLE FUNCTIONALIZED POLYMER MEMBRANES - The present invention discloses a new type of high selectivity UV-cross-linked tetrazole group functionalized polymer nanosieve (TZPIM) membranes, their preparation, as well as their use for gas and liquid separations. The UV-cross-linked TZPIM membrane showed more than 50% improvement in CO06-13-2013
20120255437Air Dryer Assembly - An air dryer cartridge assembly, used in a compressed air system, includes a rigid porous layer, a fibrous material layer, a diffusing layer and a desiccant for filtering and drying compressed air passing in a first direction during a charging cycle. The compressed air passes through diffusing layer, the fibrous material layer and the rigid porous layer in a second direction during a purging cycle. The desiccant, which is downstream of the rigid porous layer, the fibrous material layer and the diffusing layer during the charging cycle, reduces moisture in the compressed air during the charging cycle. The use of diffusing layer downstream of the fibrous material layer during a charging cycle disperses the compressed air so that moisture removal is improved in the desiccant.10-11-2012
20130192459HOLLOW FIBRE MEMBRANE - The present invention relates to a process for manufacturing a hollow fibre membrane having a supporting layer and a separating layer, said process comprising: 08-01-2013

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