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095 - Gas separation: processes

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095008000 Concentration sensed 79
095019000 Pressure sensed 53
095014000 Temperature sensed 37
095002000 Electric or electrostatic field (e.g., electrostatic precipitation, etc.) 28
095023000 Gas flow rate sensed 20
095024000 Liquid level sensed 10
20100147145AIR ELUTRIATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING A FILTER ELEMENT IN AN AIR ELUTRIATION DEVICE - An air elutriation device for an air conveying household appliance includes a housing with an air elutriation zone delimited by a filter element, a detection element in a storage space for the filter element, and a cover sheet on the filter element. The detection element can be actuated via the filter element by the cover sheet.06-17-2010
20120180655AIR TREATMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - An air treatment apparatus and method are disclosed in the present invention, wherein, at least one air treatment unit is included. The unit comprises air inlet, air outlet, air treatment devices and connecting components. The air treatment device is located between the air inlet and the air outlet. The air treatment device comprises at least one of the following components: component for air purification and filtering, blow-through fan, draw-through fan, pump, component for heating, component for dehumifying, component for humidifying, component for air-cooling. The air treatment unit can be used alone for improving the air quality of the environment. When more than one unit are connected together with the connecting components, the units are teamed up and work together, and an air treatment system is formed.07-19-2012
20120222548HUMIDIFIER - A humidifier includes a base having a sound machine module and a humidifier module, a water reservoir in fluid communication with the humidifier module, a user interface supported by the base, and a controller in communication with the user interface, the humidifier module, and the sound machine module. The controller is configured to operate the humidifier module to provide humidified air using water contained in the water reservoir in response to a humidifier input to the user interface. The controller is also configured to operate the sound machine module to provide sound in response to a sound input to the user interface.09-06-2012
20110011259Cleaning of an air filter screen of an agricultural vehicle - A method and apparatus are disclosed for unblocking a perforated rotary filter screen. In the invention, at least one jet of high pressure air is directed at a surface of the filter screen as the filter screen is rotated and the or each jet of air is moved in a direction transverse to the direction of movement of the perforations in the screen in order to cause the or each air jet to trace a spiral or helical path over the surface of the screen.01-20-2011
20090090240BIOFILTRATION PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR ODOUR OR VOC TREATMENT - A bioreactor and process is described which offers a transition or continuum between one or more of (a) from biotrickling filter conditions to biofilter conditions, (b) changing media characteristics, c) liquid or nutrient recirculation rates or frequency, (d) pH, (e) gas velocity, (f) retention time along the gas flow passage or (g) cross-sectional area. For example, media may be arranged in sections of a rectangle, with gas flow in a horizontal direction sequentially through the sections, and liquid flow in a vertical direction from top to bottom in one or more sections. Zonal control of process conditions may be provided as the gas passes from inlet to outlet and liquid is introduced at the top of one or more zones and flows down by gravity.04-09-2009
20080289492Method and system for treating metal-containing fluid emissions - A system and associated method for removing metal, including metal in vapor form, from high temperature fluid emissions such as may occur at the exhaust of furnaces or thermal treatment equipment. One embodiment is the Integrated Metal Emissions Control System (IMECS™) incorporating both a Steel Screen Particulate (SSP) Filter System and a Perlite Based Sorbent (PBS) System. IMECS™ uses the SSP Filter System, with pore sizes down to one micron, to capture toxic metal particulate materials and the PBS System to capture vapor phase metals using surface-modified perlite. Using the IMECS™, EPA-listed heavy metals have been removed from representative high-temperature emissions in field tests to easily meet the NESHAP standards.11-27-2008
20090000471Filter service system and method - According to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, a system for removing matter from a filtering device of a work machine includes a gas pressurization assembly. An element of the gas pressurization assembly is removably attachable to a first orifice of the filtering device without removing the filtering device from a work machine to which the filtering device is connected. The system also includes a heat source fluidly connected to the gas pressurization assembly.01-01-2009
20080314242Mercury removal systems using beneficiated fly ash particles and methods thereof - A mercury removal system and methods thereof include at least one supply system, at least one cooling system and at least one separation system. The supply system is connected to introduce at least beneficiated fly ash particles into an exhaust stream. The exhaust stream comprises at least one exhaust gas and mercury and at least a portion of the mercury in the exhaust stream adheres to the introduced beneficiated fly ash particles. The cooling system cools the exhaust stream before or after the connection of the supply system to the exhaust stream. The separation system separates from the exhaust stream and outputs at least a portion of the introduced beneficiated fly ash particles with the adhered mercury.12-25-2008
20110061527DIRECT REPLACEMENT AIR FILTER WITH AUTOMATIC FILTER MEDIA ADVANCE AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - The invention is directed to a direct replacement air filtration or handler filter that is placed within an air flow channel within an air handler unit having a housing. A motor in communication with a controller and having an at least one sensor input or a timer or a transceiver and processing module. A filter media storage area is located on one end of the housing, with a pleated, folded filter media folded and compactly stored inside the filter media storage area. An exposed filter media containment area is located on an opposed end within the housing with the filter media extending therebetween. The filter media being paid out or advanced from the filter media storage area across the housing where it is exposed to air within the air flow channel as it removes contaminants from the air. The motor can be activated by said controller in response to input from the at least one sensor or based on a timed input from said timer and rotate an at least one movement member to move the filter media across the exposure area. This allows for higher efficiency operation and reduces maintenance and energy costs. The sensors and communications capability allow for the use of the filter in providing Air Quality Management (AQM). AQM allows the filter to monitor the quality of the air as it passes through the filter and interact with a network system to monitor the air quality at the point of filtration.03-17-2011
20110154985Water, Light and Airflow Control System and Configuration for a Plant Air Purifier - A plant air purifier and associated method for purifying air, comprising: at least one grow container; a filter bed comprising a surface which is horizontal within 20 degrees of a horizontal plane; at least one plant which grows within the filter bed; a reservoir for containing water for watering the at least one plant; a mechanical watering device which waters the filter bed from the top down; a pump for pumping water from the reservoir to and through the mechanical watering device; and an air propulsion mechanism for propelling air through the filter bed.06-30-2011
20120055330SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REMOVAL OF DISSOLVED GASES IN MAKEUP WATER OF A WATER-COOLED NUCLEAR REACTOR - The present invention relates to a system and method for removing dissolved gas from makeup water in a water-cooled nuclear reactor. The present invention includes a storage tank for containing the makeup water that includes the dissolved gas, a membrane system positioned downstream of the storage tank to at least partially remove the dissolved gas front the makeup water; and a transport mechanism to transfer the makeup water from an outlet of the membrane system for use in the water-cooled nuclear reactor. The dissolved gas can include at least one of dissolved oxygen, dissolved nitrogen, dissolved argon and mixtures thereof.03-08-2012
20120160094PRE-FILTRATION AND MAINTENANCE SENSING FOR EXPLOSION-PROOF ENCLOSURES - A filter system for an explosion-proof enclosure is described herein. The filter system can include a pre-filter assembly located outside the explosion-proof enclosure. The pre-filter assembly can include a pre-filter material configured to control air passing therethrough. The filter system can also include a filter assembly coupled to the pre-filter assembly. The filter assembly can further control the air received from the pre-filter assembly and passing therethrough into the explosion-proof enclosure.06-28-2012
20120297975AIR PURIFIER AND AN OPERATING METHOD FOR THE SAME - Disclosed is an air purifier able to maintain the normal state of drive of a disk-shaped humidification filter by controlling the state of rotation of the humidification filter. The air purifier can maintain the normal state of drive of the humidification filter by using a stepping motor and the control unit in order to vary the state of rotation of the humidification filter and thereby remove extraneous material when the humidification filter is rotating abnormally due to extraneous material.11-29-2012
20120297974SYSTEM FOR COLLECTING POLLUTED AIR, DEVICE FOR COLLECTING POLLUTED AIR AND METHOD THEREOF - An apparatus for collecting contaminated air, including: an air pollution detecting unit for monitoring pollution status of air existing in the pertinent area; an air collecting unit for collecting and storing part of the air; and a control unit for comparing data about the pollution status monitored by the detecting unit with preset critical values and commanding the collecting unit to collect a part of the air when data about the pollution status is equal to or greater than the critical values. Since contaminated air is collected by monitoring the pollution status of contaminated air existing in the atmosphere of a pertinent area or the gaseous contaminant-containing air discharged from sources in real time, it is possible to collect air pollution evidence. The collecting unit provided at the outlet of a source, allows air pollution data to be stored after analyzing collected air, making it possible to lawfully sanction air polluter.11-29-2012
20120318134FILTER SERVICE SYSTEM AND METHOD - According to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, a system for removing matter from a filtering device of a work machine includes a gas pressurization assembly. An element of the gas pressurization assembly is removably attachable to a first orifice of the filtering device without removing the filtering device from a work machine to which the filtering device is connected. The system also includes a heat source fluidly connected to the gas pressurization assembly.12-20-2012
20100229718PARTICLE FILTER AND A METHOD FOR OPERATING A PARTICLE FILTER - The present invention relates to a particle filter and a method for operating a particle filter. The particle filter includes at least one filter portion forming an open filter system and also a heatable particle collecting element which is arranged adjacently to this filter portion and comprises a material having temperature-dependent electrical resistance. The method for operating the particle filter includes heating the particle collecting element and measuring the electrical resistance of the particle collecting element to determine whether to regenerate the particle filter.09-16-2010
20130174729INDIRECT REAL-TIME MONITORING AND CONTROL OF ELECTRICAL RESISTIVELY HEATED ADSORBENT SYSTEM - A method for indirectly monitoring and controlling an electrically resistive adsorption system. Adsorption of a predetermined adsorbate is conducted while indirectly monitoring electrical resistance of a unified adsorbent element. Breakthrough is predicted based upon the indirectly monitored electrical resistance and a previously measured mass loading relationship between the resistance of the unified adsorbent element and the loading of the unified resistance element with the predetermined adsorbate. Adsorption, regeneration and cooling cycles are controlled by a controller without any direct measurement of temperature or resistance of the element and characterizations of mass loading and temperature. Systems of the invention can have no sensors that contact the element, are in an adsorption vessel, and/or are downstream adsorption vessel.07-11-2013
20130139683SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DENSE PHASE SORBENT INJECTION - The present disclosure is directed to a dense-phase additive transportation system for additive injection into a contaminated gas stream.06-06-2013
20130199368SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTINUOUSLY PRETREATING A RAW MULTI-PHASE STREAM CAPTURED BY A LANDFILL GAS COLLECTOR - The system is provided for continuously separating landfill gas in a raw multi-phase stream coming from a landfill gas collector. The system includes an atmospheric tank and an elongated separator vessel mounted substantially upright above the tank bottom. The elongated separator vessel includes a mid-level inlet that is configured and disposed to be in fluid communication with the landfill gas collector pipe, an upper gas outlet located vertically above the mid-level inlet, and a bottom-opened discharge end that is located vertically below the mid-level inlet. A method of pretreating a raw multi-phase stream captured from a landfill site is also disclosed. The proposed concept provides a relatively simple arrangement that can be made sufficiently rugged to perform a pretreatment of the raw multi-phase stream in a continuous manner and with a very minimal intervention from landfill operators under almost any weather and operating conditions.08-08-2013


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