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092 - Expansible chamber devices

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092208000 Open-ended hollow skirt type (e.g., trunk type) 16
092248000 Nonmetallic portion 15
092255000 Plural separable parts 13
092181000 With fluid passage in piston face 12
092187000 With separable means for pivotally mounting connecting rod to piston 11
092186000 With ported chamber in piston part for circulating heat exchange fluid 11
092260000 Welded, brazed or soldered (231) 5
20090241770POWER ASSEMBLY FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE WITH WELDED-IN PISTON SCRAPER - A power assembly for an internal combustion engine includes a piston housed within a cylinder, with the cylinder having a welded cylinder head, with the cylinder also including a one-piece piston scraper which is welded to the cylinder head, as well as to the cylinder, with a common weld bead.10-01-2009
20100050862Piston for an internal combustion engine - A piston for an internal combustion engine has a lower piston part and an upper piston part that are connected with one another by friction welding and form an outer circumferential cooling channel. The upper piston part has a circumferential ring belt provided with ring grooves, the inner wall of which delimits the circumferential outer cooling channel. An outer circumferential friction-weld seam is provided below the ring belt, the width of which seam is less than or equal to the wall thickness between the groove root of the ring grooves and the inner wall of the ring belt.03-04-2010
20110126702Axial Piston Machine - An axial piston intended for an axial piston machine and comprised of at least two components forming a driving part and a compressing part. To enable manufacture of the axial piston in an easy and inexpensive way while simultaneously reducing the weight, the components are manufactured by a solid forming process and joined together by a capacitor discharge welding process.06-02-2011
20120204714Method for Making a Piston with Radical Producing Micro Chambers and Piston Made Thereby - A piston head is formed to have a bowl, micro chambers in the piston body adjacent to the bowl, and orifices providing communication between the micro chambers and the bowl. The micro chambers are formed in the piston head by using grooves that in part define the volume of the reaction chambers, and which are completely sealed from above with permanently secured plugs.08-16-2012
20090000470Method of Producing a Piston for an Internal Combustion Engine and Piston for an Internal Combustion Engine - The invention relates to a method of producing a piston (01-01-2009
092240000 Side wall portion includes peripheral axially extending flexible lip 3
20090235815PISTON WITH BUILT-IN SEAL - A piston with a built-in seal comprises a piston body (09-24-2009
20110072963Device for Sealing a Hydraulic Piston - A device for sealing a hydraulic piston in a hydraulic cylinder includes a hydraulic piston defining a fluid side and an air side and having at least one sealing groove defining at least one sealing groove side wall and a sealing groove base. A lip seal is inserted into the sealing groove and comprises a sealing lip facing the fluid side and a seal back facing the air side. The hydraulic piston has means for improving sealing action of the lip seal comprising a shaping of the sealing groove on at least one of the at least one sealing groove side wall and/or the sealing groove base.03-31-2011
20090145296Angled slot foam dispenser - The present invention provides a piston pump for liquid in which a sump is defined in a chamber into which sump liquid in the chamber flows due to gravity. A passageway leads from an outlet of the sump out of the chamber to a dispensing outlet. The dispensing outlet is at a height below the height of the sump outlet and fluid to exit the sump flows from the sump outlet upwardly in a first portion of the passageway to a height above the sump outlet then downwardly to the dispensing outlet. The chamber and its sump is defined between a piston chamber-forming member defining the chamber to be downwardly opening and a piston forming element axially slidable in the chamber.06-11-2009
092174000 Liquid between axially spaced side wall portions 2
20100263528PISTON PUMP - A piston pump is provided comprising a cylinder with an inner cylinder wall. The piston pump comprises at least one working space including fluid intake and fluid outlet, a piston including a piston rod and a piston head. The piston head includes a lateral surface facing the cylinder wall, a front surface facing the working space, a rear surface and at least one piston head channel. Furthermore, the piston head's lateral surface is provided with a first projection and a second projection extending round the entire circumference of the lateral surface and in contact with the cylinder wall, thereby forming an annulus which is defined by the first projection, the second projection, the cylinder wall and possibly the cylinder head's lateral surface between the first and the second projections if the piston head is designed so that the projections are provided with an axial spacing between them. The projections are designed so that a pressurised liquid located in the annulus will substantially flow into the cylinder's working space.10-21-2010
20120079936POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT MACHINE PISTON WITH WAVY SURFACE FORM - A piston and cylinder assembly suitable for use in positive displacement machines (04-05-2012
092178000 With ball or roller anti-friction means on side wall portion 2
20090183629PISTON FOR RADIAL PISTON HYDRAULIC ENGINE AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A piston including a body having a guiding and sealing surface, a base, and a top, which top is provided with a cradle-shaped recess in which a journal-bearing lining is retained by stop surfaces formed on the edges of the recess. The stop surfaces are formed by deforming the edges of the recess towards the inside thereof.07-23-2009
20090260517ENGINE PISTON WITH ROLLING ELEMENT SKIRT - The present invention utilizes rolling elements, such as balls or rollers acting as bearings carried in openings in the skirt or equivalent portion of a piston, to engage the cylinder walls and replace the sliding bearings of the skirt with the roller elements in the skirt. The rolling elements then absorb all or some of the thrust loads conventionally absorbed by the skirt walls sliding along surfaces of an associated cylinder and thereby reduce the friction forces developed by the reciprocating action of the piston skirt.10-22-2009
092193000 With spring means for biasing side wall portion radially 2
20110290106PISTON ASSEMBLY - A piston assembly includes an annular body defining a groove, with a ring disposed within the groove. The piston assembly includes a centering device disposed within the groove between an inner face of the ring and a root of the groove. The centering device centers the ring concentrically within the groove when the ring is in an uncompressed condition, prior to installation into a bore of an engine block, to prevent the inner face of the ring from moving radially outward beyond an outer edge of the groove when the ring is in the uncompressed condition.12-01-2011
20100319530SEALING APPARATUS FOR SQUARE PISTON USED FOR COMPRESSING AND FEEDING FLUID - A sealing apparatus for a square piston used for compressing and feeding a fluid is applied to equipment used for compressing or feeding the fluid on the basis of a new concept, and maintains a perfectly sealed state to thus guarantee stable operation of the equipment. The sealing apparatus includes a first sealing member having upper, lower, left-hand and right-hand sides and a first square hole in contact with the square piston, a second sealing member having upper, lower, left-hand and right-hand sides and a second square hole in contact with the square piston, first and second elastic means disposed on the upper and right-hand sides of the first sealing member and installed in a cylinder housing, and third and fourth elastic means disposed on the lower and left-hand sides of the second sealing member and installed in the cylinder housing.12-23-2010
092176000 With enclosed insulating space in piston part 1
20090158925Method for attaching a ring element to a piston for an internal combustion engine - A method for attaching a ring element to a piston for an internal combustion engine, in which the ring element is screwed onto the piston body by a thread applied to the radially outer surface of a part of the piston crown, a circumferential groove that is open towards the top is formed into the piston crown in the region of the thread, the groove is filled with solder material, the piston is heated until the solder material liquefies and flows between the thread channels of the thread and subsequently, the piston is cooled. As a result, a secure screw connection between the basic piston body and the ring element is obtained. Furthermore, the cooling channel is sealed with regard to the combustion gases, which stand under high pressure and act on the piston crown.06-25-2009
092175000 Spaced faces joined by rigid stem (e.g., spool) 1
20120247323CARTRIDGE PISTON - A piston includes a piston body which is surrounded by a media side, by an oppositely disposed drive side and, at the peripheral side, by a piston jacket, wherein the piston jacket forms a connection between the media side and the drive side. The piston jacket is arranged about a piston axis, wherein the piston jacket is connected to the piston body via a web element so that a peripheral groove is formed on the media side between the piston body and the piston jacket. A cover element is arranged at the media side, and has a drive side surface which lies directly on the media side surface of the piston body.10-04-2012
20110192279MULTILAYER LUBRICATION COATING FILM AND INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE PISTON USING THE COATING FILM - A multilayer lubrication coating film is formed on the outer surface of an object to be coated. The multilayer lubrication coating film comprises a lower-layer coating film formed on an outer surface of the object to be coated, and an upper-layer coating film formed on a surface of the lower-layer coating film. The lower-layer coating film has a higher Vickers hardness than the Vickers hardness of the object to be coated.08-11-2011
20130205994Piston For An Airless-Type Cosmetic Container - Disclosed herein is a piston for an airless-type cosmetic container. The piston disposed in the container is moved upwards by operation of an airless pump to discharge contents, and a silicone packing part is integrated with a piston main body along a periphery thereof using an insert molding method, thus improving productivity. In addition, instead of direct contact between the container and the piston, the silicone packing part surrounding the piston uniformly comes into close contact with the container, thus ensuring superior sealability between the piston and the container, regardless of the shape of the piston, thereby preventing the leakage of the contents and efficiently discharging the contents. Moreover, unlike typical cosmetic containers, the container can be implemented in various shapes, thereby maximizing marketability.08-15-2013
20130036903Vortex turbulence inducing piston - A piston which has alternating high and low regions on the compression face for the purpose of inducing turbulent mixing of the fluid being compressed is described. This piston design is intended for, but not limited to, use in internal combustion engines, where the turbulence induced better mixes the fuel/air charge during compression before ignition.02-14-2013
20090120281MAGNETIC-TIPPED PISTON - A magnetic-tipped piston for a nail gun has a piston head, a driving rod and a magnet. The piston head has a connecting hole. The connecting hole is formed axially through the piston head. The driving rod is connected securely to the piston head and has a connecting end and a driving end. The connecting end is mounted securely in the connecting hole of the piston head. The driving end is formed on and protrudes axially from the connecting end to eject nails out of the nail gun and has a mounting recess. The mounting recess is formed axially in the driving end. The magnet is mounted securely in the mounting recess of the driving rod to attract and hold a head of the nail.05-14-2009
20120180653PISTON AND ENGINE - A piston is provided in which the amount of uncombusted and discharged air-fuel mixture is small, and agglutination of a piston ring due to heat is prevented.07-19-2012
20130047840Light Impact Unit for an Impact Assembly and Impact Assemby - A light impact unit for an impact assembly and an impact assembly are disclosed. The light impact unit includes an impact portion, a piston element, a transmission element and a driving portion. The impact portion includes a cavity in which the piston element is disposed. The transmission element has a first end and a second end which is opposite to the first end. The first end and the second end are connected to the piston element and the driving portion respectively. Therefore, when the driving portion provides an impact force intermittently through the transmission element to the piston element, the piston element will impact the impact portion and move in a reciprocating motion.02-28-2013
20130068094Piston, Method of Construction, and Piston Body Portions Thereof - A method of constructing a piston, piston formed thereby, and piston body portions are provided. The method includes providing an upper crown portion at least one annular upper rib depending from the upper combustion wall to a free end having a tapered peak. The method further includes providing a lower crown portion having at least one annular lower rib extending to a free end having a tapered peak. Then, moving the upper crown portion and the lower crown portion toward one another and initiating contact between the upper crown portion and the lower crown portion at their respective tapered peaks. Then, continuing moving the upper crown and the lower crown further toward one another after making initial contact at their respective tapered peaks and forming a friction weld joint between the free ends of the at least one upper rib and the at least one lower rib free end.03-21-2013
20130068093CONSTANT VELOCITY ENGINE/TECHNOLOGY - Constant velocity internal combustion engines/designs capable of converting linear motion to rotary motion or rotary motion to linear motion include a gearshaft rather than a crankshaft, at least one pair of opposed and reciprocating pistons, and the gearshaft controlling the reciprocal linear translation of the pistons.03-21-2013
20110011258LINEAR COMPRESSOR - The present invention discloses a linear compressor including a cylinder in which refrigerants flow to the axial direction, a piston reciprocated inside the cylinder, for compressing the refrigerants, and a linear motor for driving the piston. At least one of the cylinder and the piston is sintering molded.01-20-2011
20130160642ALTERNATING PISTON PUMP - The actual patent refers to an invention for alternative piston pump (06-27-2013
20130205995SEALING RING FOR A PISTON PUMP - A sealing ring is configured to dynamically seal a pistol in a piston pump. The piston is guided in a piston housing or in a guide ring. The sealing ring is arranged on an outer circumference of the piston. The outer circumference of the piston forms a running surface. The sealing ring has an outer circumferential surface with at least one circumferential groove. The sealing ring also has an inner circumferential surface with at least one circumferential sealing When the sealing ring is in an installed state, limbs of the at least one sealing lip each form a defined angle with the running surface. The defined angles are formed, starting from an initial angle, by deforming the sealing ring during installation. The sealing ring is twisted about a center of its profile during the installation.08-15-2013
20110283883FLUID PRESSURE APPARATUS - A fluid pressure apparatus includes a piston, and a packing provided on an outer circumference of the piston. The packing includes a support ring made of a low-friction material, and a ring-shaped seal member mounted to the support ring. When at least a certain amount of transverse load acts on the piston, an outer circumferential surface of the support ring abuts against an inner circumferential surface of the slide hole, whereby the piston is prevented from contacting with the inner circumferential surface of the slide hole.11-24-2011
20090151555Piston with a cooling gallery - A piston for an internal combustion engine is provided. The piston crown includes an interior surface that defines at least in part a cooling gallery and a cooling gallery surface within the piston. An annular surface may defines at least in part an annular passageway that allows fluid communication between an outer surface of the piston and the cooling gallery. Opposing annular surfaces may be abutted with a predetermined force, thereby limiting fluid flow from the cooling gallery to an outer surface of the piston. Further, an annular surface may extend into the cooling gallery to form a deflector along the cooling gallery surface, thereby limiting fluid flow from the cooling gallery to an outer surface of the piston.06-18-2009
20090013865Piston for a Reciprocating-Piston Internal Combustion Engine Provided with Hardened Piston Ring Grooves - A piston made of a nitride-forming base alloy for a reciprocating internal combustion engine is disclosed. The piston includes a piston upper part having a plurality of peripheral piston ring grooves, each piston ring groove having two groove flanks, one of the piston ring grooves being closest to a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine than the remaining piston ring grooves, the groove flanks of at least the one of the piston ring grooves being hardened using a boundary layer, the piston upper part including an external surface which includes the hardened groove flanks, and a wear and correction protection layer coating at least the external surface, the wear and correction protection layer includes a nitration layer. The nitration layer is generated by converting the nitride-forming base alloy by one of plasma nitration and plasma nitro-carburization in at least one of a nitrogen atmosphere and a nitrogen-carbon atmosphere.01-15-2009
20090165641PISTON FOR A HYDRAULIC MOTOR HAVING RADIAL PISTONS, AND A METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SUCH A PISTON - A piston for a hydraulic motor including a body having a guiding and sealing surface, a base, and a top, which top is providing with a cradle-shaped recess. The base is provided with an additional cradle-shaped recess whose concave surface faces in the direction in which the concave surface of the recess in the top faces.07-02-2009
20130213217PISTON RING FOR AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A piston ring assembly for sealing a cylinder wall to a piston body is provided. The piston ring assembly includes a plurality of rings stacked in an axial direction one in abutment with another. Each ring has an inner face and an outer face. The piston ring assembly also includes a spring which substantially circumferentially surrounds the stacked rings and abuts the outer faces of the rings. The spring biases the stacked rings in a radially inward direction for sealing the inner faces of the rings against the piston body. The spring may be of a strip of material bent into a serpentine pattern when in an at rest condition to apply the biasing force against the piston body.08-22-2013
20090013866THREE-PIECE OIL RING AND COMBINATION OF THE THREE-PIECE OIL RING AND PISTON - A three-piece oil ring and a combination of the three-piece oil ring and a piston, those capable of realizing improved sealing property and reduction in lubrication oil consumption with avoiding generation of sticking even at low tension and thin width of the ring. The three-piece oil ring includes a spacer expander 01-15-2009
20120067203SLIDING ELEMENT WITH EXPOSED FUNCTIONAL SURFACE - The invention relates to a sliding element, which comprises a support and a coating applied by means of thermal spraying on the support, wherein the coating comprises at least two phases and at least one of the at least two phases is recessed in respect of the other phase of phases.03-22-2012
20090255400Hybrid Piston Rod - A hybrid piston rod having an outer metallic jacket bonded to a pultruded composite core. The composite core formed of fibrous strands coupled together by a binder material. The hybrid piston rod includes couplers that permit the hybrid piston rod to be coupled to a piston and positioned with a hydraulic cylinder. The resultant hydraulic cylinder can be used for construction equipment or in other applications where hydraulic cylinders are used.10-15-2009
20110174153PISTON FOR AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - The invention proposes a piston (07-21-2011
20100139478Pressurized Rotary Actuator - According to one embodiment, a rotary actuator comprises a chamber within a housing. A piston within the chamber is operable to rotate about a fixed point. A primary inlet is disposed within the housing. The primary inlet allows fluid to pass between the chamber and a primary fluid source.06-10-2010
20100000402GAS SPRING PISTON WITH PARTIAL BELLOWS SUPPORT FEATURE AND GAS SPRING ASSEMBLY INCLUDING SAME - A piston for use in forming a gas spring assembly includes a longitudinally extending axis, a first end wall extending approximately transverse to the axis, and an outer side wall extending longitudinally from adjacent the first end wall. The outer side wall includes a first side wall portion that forms a fully circumferential outer surface and a second side wall portion that forms a partially circumferential outer surface that extends longitudinally beyond the fully circumferential outer surface. A gas spring assembly including such a piston is also included.01-07-2010
20080229922PISTON RING - A piston has a body with a first circumferentially disposed groove. A first ring is movably disposed within the first groove. The first ring defines an inner circumferential groove. A blocking ring is at least partially located in the groove of the first ring and the groove of the piston. One or more vent passages may connect a first volume in the piston to a second volume outside the piston.09-25-2008
20110239859SEAL FOR A PISTON ROD - A piston arrangement includes, but is not limited to a hydraulically-actuated piston to move a piston rod within a cylinder to pivot a clutch actuating lever, the end of the cylinder being sealed by a boot-type seal having a central hole, though which the rod slides in a reciprocating manner. The seal is flexible to permit transverse movements of the piston rod and has a peripheral flange by means of which it is attached to the cylinder end.10-06-2011
20110113955ACTUATOR - An actuator is equipped with a cylinder body in the interior of which a piston is disposed for displacement therein. A piston rod connected to the piston projects outwardly to the exterior from an end of the cylinder body. A guide unit, having a guide body that is attached to the cylinder body, and a pair of guide rods, which are disposed displaceably with respect to the guide body, are disposed detachably on the cylinder body. Additionally, by mutually interconnecting the guide rods of the guide unit and the piston rod through a connecting plate, when the piston rod is displaced in an axial direction, the piston rod is guided by the pair of guide rods.05-19-2011
20100175551PISTON RINGS - A piston ring (07-15-2010
20110126701RECIPROCATING PISTON ENGINE - A reciprocating piston machine includes at least one piston movably supported within a cylinder bore. The reciprocating piston machine further includes a valve device interacting with the at least one piston. The valve device has a valve plate and a suction valve provided with a plurality of valve fingers.06-02-2011
20120304854PISTON HAVING POSITION RINGS AND SUPPORT RINGS - A support ring (12-06-2012
20120304855FLUID PRESSURE CYLINDER - A piston of a fluid pressure cylinder comprises a sealing ring interposed in a sealing ring accommodation groove, a piston ring that is interposed in a piston ring accommodation groove of the piston and comprises a fractured portion, and a backup ring that is attached to an outer peripheral surface of the piston and contacts the sealing ring and the piston ring. A groove for holding the backup ring is not required, and therefore a diameter of the piston can be reduced relative to the sealing ring. As a result, attachment of the sealing ring to the piston is simplified.12-06-2012
20120304853METHOD OF REDUCING DEFLECTION THROUGH A ROD PISTON IN A SUBSURFACE SAFETY VALVE - An actuation assembly including a sleeve member having a radially outwardly extending projection and a piston having an axis, the piston operatively coupled to the projection of the sleeve member and arranged to exert an actuation force on the projection of the sleeve member for actuating the sleeve member, the actuation force positioned about radially aligned with the axis or radially outwardly from the axis.12-06-2012
20130186267Sliding Block for a Piston of a Hydraulic Piston Machine - A sliding block for a piston of a hydraulic piston machine, includes a concave recess to receive a piston head and a sliding surface to support the piston. A lubricant channel passes through the sliding block from the concave recess to the sliding surface, and the concave recess transforms with a constant tangent i.e. without kinking into a transition segment of a constantly narrowing taper segment of the lubricant channel. The transition segment is convex.07-25-2013
20110315007PISTON FOR A BRAKE CALIPER OF A DISC BRAKE - A piston for a brake caliper of a disc brake constructed as a pot which is open at one end, having a longitudinal axis, a wall, and a piston head. The piston is supported in a cylinder of the brake caliper such that it can be moved along the longitudinal direction, and it can be placed against a brake pad in the region of the piston head by an axial contact surface. When the piston is subjected to pressure by a hydraulic fluid, the piston moves in the cylinder and presses the brake pad against a brake disc. A projection having a conical surface is provided on an inner surface of the piston head. A recess is provided, which is substantially at the same distance from the longitudinal axis as the projection on the inner surface of the piston head, on an outer surface of the piston head.12-29-2011
20110315008Pedal Rod Retaining Assembly for A Hydraulic Brake System - A braking system includes a brake booster with a power piston assembly structure defining a guide bore which possesses an open end, the guide bore defining a bore axis. A pivot structure is positioned in the guide bore and including (i) a body having an interior surface that defines a cavity, and (ii) a plurality of extensions protruding inwardly from the interior surface. A pedal rod includes (i) a ball-shaped distal end portion is retained in the cavity by the plurality of extension members, and (ii) a shaft extending from the ball-shaped distal end portion. A retainer is secured to the power piston assembly structure so as to prevent advancement of the pivot structure through the open end of the power piston assembly structure. The retainer defines a frusto-conical passageway through which the shaft extends enabling the shaft to pivot.12-29-2011
20120042776Piston Guide Element - A piston pump, in particular a hydraulic piston pump, includes a piston movable in a piston housing and a piston guide element, arranged between the piston housing and the piston, for guiding and/or mounting the piston. The piston guide element is configured as a coating applied fixedly at least to an inner surface area of the piston housing or to an outer surface area of the piston.02-23-2012
20110154984Piston for an Internal-Combustion Engine and Method for Manufacturing a Piston of this Type - A piston for an internal-combustion engine is made up of a first part and a second part. One of the two parts forms the piston head and the other part forms the piston skirt. A cooling chamber, which is delimited by material of the first part and by material of the second part, is configured in the piston. The two parts are joined together positively and non-positively via a press fit formed by a projection of the second part, with the projection engaging with a recess in the first part.06-30-2011
20120103183WEAR-RESISTANT ANTIFRICTION LACQUER FOR COATING ENGINE PISTONS - A piston coating is described that comprises a phenolic resin, at least one solid lubricant selected from among the group including graphite, MoS05-03-2012
20100095839CYLINDER WITH REPLACEABLE ATTACHMENT MEMBER - A cylinder includes a cylinder body defining a cylinder bore. End caps close opposite ends of the cylinder body. A piston/rod assembly of the cylinder includes a piston portion and a rod portion. The piston portion is located in the cylinder bore and the rod portion extends outwardly of the cylinder body through at least one of the end caps and terminates at an end having a first interlocking member. The cylinder also includes an attachment member having opposite first and second ends. The first end of the attachment member has a second interlocking member for cooperating with the first interlocking member for attaching the attachment member to the end of the rod portion. The second end of the attachment member includes a mating feature for connecting the attachment member and thus, the rod portion to another part.04-22-2010
20120167759Short Length Pump Having Brine Resistant Seal and Rotating Wrist Pin and Related Methods - Pumps and plunger assemblies are provided. An exemplary pump can have or contain a cylinder mounted in a pump housing, a plunger assembly including a crosshead, a plunger, a stationary bushing having substantial portions fixedly mounted within a laterally extending bore of the crosshead, and a non-stationary pivotally rotating wrist pin mounted within the bushing. The pump can also include a power end seal assembly including a seal housing extending at least partially through an aperture in the sealed fluid end-facing side of the power end of the pump, a power end seal disposed therein in sealing contact with the power end section of the plunger and a splashguard assembly.07-05-2012
20100300282CONNECTING ROD BORE - A linking arm conveying generally linear movement from a piston into generally radial movement of a crankshaft is disclosed. The linking arm includes a shaft extending between a piston pin end and a crankshaft pin end. The piston pin end defines a piston pin bore. A piston pin bore surface is defined by the piston pin bore, where the piston pin bore includes a non-circular transverse profile having at least two curved surfaces that each include a distinct radius, where the at least two curved surfaces are positioned in different locations around a periphery of the transverse profile.12-02-2010
20100037765METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A PISTON OF AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE IN ORDER TO FORM A REINFORCEMENT OF A COMBUSTION CHAMBER CAVITY OF THE PISTON - A method for producing a piston of an internal combustion engine in which a first blank and at least one additional black are provided with a somewhat cylindrical shape. The blanks are joined together, and the obtained piston blank is subjected to a shaping process in which a combustion chamber cavity of the piston is formed in the area of a joining point between the first and the second blank. The material of the second blank forms a reinforcement for at least the combustion chamber cavity.02-18-2010
20120186443PISTON ASSEMBLY WITH A STAMPED ORIFICE - A piston assembly, including: a back plate and a piston fixed to the back plate and including: an indent circumferentially disposed proximate an outer circumference for the piston plate and including a radially disposed surface; and a groove in the indent. The assembly includes a sealing element at least partially disposed in the indent; and at least one resilient element in contact with the piston and applying a first pressure to urge the sealing element in a first axial direction to create a gap between the piston and the sealing element. When the gap is present, the groove provides a flow path from a chamber at least partially formed by the back plate to the gap. When the sealing element is sealed against the radially disposed surface the flow path is blocked.07-26-2012
20130008307PISTON WITH AN UNDERCROWN SUPPORT FEATURE - A piston with a piston body extending along a longitudinal central axis and having a crown portion and a pair of pin bosses is provided. The crown portion includes a combustion wall with a combustion bowl formed therein and a pair of ribs depending from the combustion wall. One of the ribs depends from the combustion wall directly below the combustion bowl, and the other rib is radially spaced from the combustion bowl. As such, one of the ribs depends lower along the longitudinal central axis than the other of the ribs. The ribs provide support to the crown portion and also act as a heat sink to extract heat from the combustion wall.01-10-2013
20080236386Piston - A piston has a piston body made of a material selected from any one of aluminum, an aluminum alloy, magnesium, and a magnesium alloy. An entire surface or a predetermined portion of the surface of the piston body is covered with a plasma oxide film.10-02-2008
20080223211Piston for an Internal Combustion Engine and Method for Coating Its Pin Bores - Disclosed is a piston (09-18-2008
20130167717METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANAGING A CLEARANCE GAP IN A PISTON ENGINE - A piston engine may include a piston assembly, which may include a piston having a self-centering feature. The piston assembly may be configured to translate in a bore of the cylinder, and contact a combustion section and/or gas driver section. The self-centering feature may use a flow of blow-by gas in a clearance gap to provide a self-centering force on the piston assembly. The self-centering feature may include one or more slotted pockets, a step, a tapered portion, any other suitable feature, or a combination thereof. Optionally, a piston assembly may include a feature that aids in self-centering such as, for example, a labyrinth seal.07-04-2013
20130167718METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANAGING A CLEARANCE GAP IN A PISTON ENGINE - A piston engine may include a heat pipe capable of transferring heat away from a portion of the piston engine such as a combustion section. The heat pipe may be included as part of a piston assembly, a cylinder, or both. The heat pipe may be filled with a suitable heat pipe fluid that may undergo a phase change such as, for example, water, ethanol, ammonia, sodium, other fluids or combinations thereof. Boiling and condensing of the fluid within the heat pipe may utilize the latent heat of the fluid during heat transfer. Multiple heat pipes may be used in some instances.07-04-2013
20080202329Piston for a piston-cylinder unit - A piston-cylinder assembly includes a working cylinder, and a one-piece stamped and formed piston body which is attached to a piston rod, the piston body being axially movable in the cylinder and dividing the cylinder into two working spaces. The piston body has at least one fist opening provided with a first valve for passing fluid when the piston moves in a pull direction, and at least one second opening provided with a second valve for passing fluid when the piston moves in a push direction. A circumferential surface of the piston body is formed with a shallow groove which holds a seal between the circumferential surface and the working cylinder.08-28-2008
20090145295COOLING GALLERY INSERT FOR A PISTON - A piston assembly for an internal combustion engine is provided, including a piston and at least one insert. The piston includes an annular recess, a first surface, a ring belt and a skirt. The annular recess is located between the ring belt and the skirt. The insert may include a longitudinal portion and one or more opposing arms. The insert may be configured to be coupled with the piston. The arm(s) may extend laterally from the longitudinal portion and may be configured to abut the skirt, thereby orienting the insert relative to the piston. The insert may be disposed along the first surface, and aligned with the piston skirt such that the arms of the insert form a circumference about the piston skirt. The arms may at least partially enclose the annular recess at the piston skirt.06-11-2009
20120085228DIESEL PISTON WITH BI-METALLIC DOME - A diesel piston with a cast bi-metallic dome and a method of making the piston. In one form, the dome may include a laminate of a relatively high-temperature material, for example, stainless steel, and a relatively low temperature material, for example, aluminum or aluminum alloys, such that the portion of the dome made from the relatively high-temperature material is directly exposed to combustion within a cylinder into which the piston is placed. In another form, an aluminum coated stainless steel ring is used to form the dome. In one form, an ablation casting process may be used to manufacture the dome.04-12-2012

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