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089 - Ordnance

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089360020 Shape or composition 425
089360070 Transportable 73
089360170 With explosive device 14
089360040 For fixed structure 13
089360050 Body 8
089360130 Turret type 6
089360030 Rotating shield 2
20100024634PROTECTIVE BALLISTIC WEAPONS STANDS AND TRANSPARENT SHIELDS USEABLE THEREWITH - A ballistic weapon stand has a base plate for mounting armor panels having front and rear faces. The armor panels are fastened to and extend upwardly from the base at an angle in the range of 10-30° with respect to the vertical to define a protected space behind the panels. Struts are welded to the base plate and extend upwardly toward and through an opening in a middle armor panel and between the edges of the middle armor panel and side armor panels. Welding plates are constructed and arranged for welding to the struts on the rear faces of the armor plates. The welding plates extend over the rear faces of the armor plates at junctions between the armor plates. A weapon platform is disposed on a second portion of at least one of the struts for mounting a weapon in the protected space to fire out past the front face of the armor panels. A transparent projectile defeating shield is mounted to swivel with the weapon, preferably on the weapons stand. The transparent shield may have one-way visibility so that a gunner is not visible to adversaries, but adversaries are visible to the gunner.02-04-2010
20130014637Radially Orthogonal, Tubular Energetically Rotated Armor (ROTERA)AANM Cannon; Joseph P.AACI LenoxAAST MIAACO USAAGP Cannon; Joseph P. Lenox MI US - A reactive armor that includes a tube having a substantially central longitudinal axis, and at least two force reaction faces that are parallel to the axis; a casing that includes a back, at least two sides, and at least two end blocks; wherein the sides extend away from the back, the blocks are fastened to the sides at edges opposite of the back, and the tube is positioned between the blocks to form a cover to the casing; initiators included between the end blocks and the force reaction faces; a sensor subsystem that detects a threat, wherein the sensor subsystem is coupled to the initiators, and the sensor subsystem generates an initiation signal in response to the detection of the threat; and when the initiators receive the initiation signal, the initiators substantially simultaneously generate a force such that the tube is rotated about the axis to rotationally defeat the threat.01-17-2013
089360120 For ships 1
20120125188Extensible Protection System - An extensible protection system, comprises a frame that can be deployed around a central tube of longitudinal axis, comprising two ends, a frame covering fabric, the frame having at least two pairs of rigid tubes, two rigid tubes of one pair, in a respective axial plane passing through the longitudinal axis, being articulated by one of their ends to a respective yoke, of which yokes one is secured to one of the ends of the central tube, and the other is secured to the other end of said central tube, the other free ends of the rigid tubes being able to move in the axial plane of the pair, one semirigid tube per pair of rigid tubes, in said axial plane of the pair, comprising at each of its ends a piston, each piston of a semirigid tube being able to slide fluidtightly in each one of the rigid tubes of the pair in order to form a pressurizing chamber in each of the rigid tubes, the protection system further comprising a device for pressurizing the chambers of the rigid tubes in order to cause the pistons to move in the rigid tubes and cause the system to change from a folded position to a deployed position.05-24-2012
089360060 Small arms attached 1
20110056366Safety device for rifle or the like - A safety device comprises a shield, and an supporting frame. The shield is fixed on the body of the rifle to protect the shooter's face. The supporting frame is adapted to support the shield against the impact of a bullet shooting on the shield or other attack.03-10-2011
089360110 For aircraft 1
20110041679Lightweight Blast Mitigating Composite Panel - Lightweight blast mitigating composite panels (02-24-2011
20120174743ARMOR PLATED DEVICE - An armor plated assembly (07-12-2012
20120174742CRUMPLE ZONES - A blast energy mitigation structure may employ a V-shaped hull to decrease the pressure wave imparted to a vehicle during a blast event, and/or an energy absorbing structure to absorb a portion of the blast force, thereby minimizing the forces and accelerations experienced by passengers in the vehicle and consequently reducing their injuries and increasing their survivability during a blast event. An exemplary blast energy mitigation structure may have a V-shaped hull and an energy absorbing structure incorporated into the chassis of a vehicle such as a Tactical Wheeled Vehicle, the energy absorbing structure comprising a truss-like structure including I-beams.07-12-2012
20120180626DEFENSIVE PANEL ACCESS PORT - A threat resistant access port is disclosed, including a resistant panel having an access aperture formed therein. A resistant cover is movably coupled to the panel, the cover being pivotally slideable relative to the panel so as to cover the aperture in a closed position and to uncover the aperture in an open position. The resistant cover comprises an outer member, the outer member being threat resistant and located proximate an outer side of the panel. The resistant cover further comprises an inner member, the inner member coupled to the outer member and located proximate an inner side of the panel opposite the outer side of the panel.07-19-2012
20100126335LASER BASED COUNTERMEASURES SYSTEM AND METHOD - The present invention relates to a laser based system for protecting a platform against an armament equipped with an optical homing head element, that includes a command and control assembly equipped with an interface to a detection and acquisition system that detects and locates a threatening armament and receives from it a warning about the detection of said threatening armament combined with data relating to it; and a laser source operable by the command and control assembly in order to produce the required energy for jamming the optical head of the threatening armament; and wherein the system is characterized by that it includes in addition a sectarian array of a plurality of end units that are connected unto the laser source for selectively routing laser energy from the source to an end unit that was selected by the command and control assembly as the end unit that is best suited under prevailing conditions for pointing at the threatening armament and attacking it by emitting a laser beam in its direction.05-27-2010
20110167996BARRIER MOUNTING APPARATUS - An assembly for use in a shield includes a protective panel, protective panel securing hardware and an adjustable mount. The protective panel is ballistic-resistant and/or blast resistant. The protective panel securing hardware secures the protective panel to the adjustable mount and to extend in an upwards direction from the adjustable mount. The adjustable mount is structured and sized to be securable on top of shield bases having a plurality of alternative geometries.07-14-2011
20110005377BULLET RESISTANT BARRIER - A barrier comprising a base unit composed of a bullet resistant material and a transparent upper wall removably interconnected to the base unit and composed of a bullet resistant material. The base unit includes a front wall and two side walls extending from the front wall to provide protection to the front and sides of a person standing behind the barrier. A series of casters, preferably locking casters, are attached to the bottom edges of the side walls, and a pair of handles connected to each of the side walls permitting the barrier to be conveniently transported from one site to another.01-13-2011
20120137864ARTICULATING PROTECTIVE SYSTEM FOR RESISTING MECHANICAL LOADS - Articulating protective systems for resisting mechanical loads and related methods are generally described. The protective structures described herein can incorporate one or more features that enhance the ability of the structure to resist an applied force while remaining sufficiently flexible to allow for movement of the object or person the structure is designed to protect.06-07-2012
20110048219Blast-resistant barrier - A blast-resistant barrier comprising a plurality of units each including a panel having a thickness of greater than 20 to less than 40 millimeter is disclosed. The panel is in the form of a monolithic polycarbonate sheet or laminate that is positioned vertically between the source of a blast and the blast target, the laminate including at least two polycarbonate sheets and an optional image layer interposed therebetween. The panel is fixedly attached to a frame which is firmly embedded in concrete in a manner calculated to provide stiffness sufficient to absorb and withstand external forces resulting from said blast.03-03-2011
20120144986STANDOFF BALLISTIC PROTECTION DEVICE - A standoff protection device intended to fully cover a door and incorporating at least one mobile panel hinged on hinges having an axis of rotation parallel to an axis of rotation of the door. The device incorporates at least one connecting rod linked to the door by a first pivot and to the mobile panel by a second pivot. The orthogonal projection of the axis of the second pivot in the plane of the door is located between the first pivot and the orthogonal projection in the plane of the door of the axis of the hinges of the mobile panel. The device incorporating a fixed standoff protective panel integral with the door. The fixed panel includes a first lateral edge extending beyond an external edge of the door parallel to its axis of rotation, and a second lateral edge contiguous with the mobile panel when the door is closed.06-14-2012
20120152096FURNITURE PROVIDING BALLISTIC DEFENSE SHIELD - The present invention is directed to the initial construction of furniture having bullet-proof and/or bullet-resistant properties, and methods for manufacturing furniture providing ballistic defense shielding using soft armor and hard armor material components. Soft armor and hard armor require an area of flexibility or expansion to work effectively when struck by a projectile. If these materials are completely restricted their effectiveness is diminished. With the unique design of this application both the soft armor and hard armor are affixed to the interior and/or exterior surfaces of furniture allowing the flexibility or expansion required for maximum protection. The unique design may also be applied to retro-fit panels and/or frames comprising soft armor or hard armor material components to be attached to the exterior and/or interior surfaces of existing furniture.06-21-2012
20120152095CAMOUFLAGE APPARATUS AND METHOD - A camouflage apparatus includes a mesh adapted to receive twigs, leaves, or the like from a given locale, thus allowing an individual to better blend into local scenery. A first panel-type version includes an adhesive with panel of 2D mesh. A second ring-type version includes a ring of 3D mesh material, including a draw string band for securement, or a resilient band forming a brow for engaging a forehead when looking through the scope. These allow the individual to attach natural materials from an existing area, which greatly improves the individual's ability to camouflage his equipment and hide. The illustrated apparatus can be used to cover shiny clothing such as a belt buckle, or can be used to cover equipment, such as a gun scope, a gun barrel or stock, and the like.06-21-2012
20120125185Firearm Camouflage System - The present invention provides a pre-packaged kit and a method for creating unique multi-toned custom patterns or camouflage on a surface, and in particular the surfaces of a firearm. The multi-toned custom patterns or camouflage are created by separating or peeling off pre-cut stencil/templates from sheet or roll stock adhesive backed masking material and applying the stencil/templates to a surface. The surface is subsequently sprayed with coatings, finishers and sealants. Additional layers of stencil/templates are then added and sprayed with various colors or tones of coatings, finishers and sealants to complete the desired effect on the firearm surface.05-24-2012
20120247311TETHERMAST AND FRAG WALL - A tethermast and frag wall includes a fabric device having a fill volume tillable with a fill material on a flexible or compliant mast system. The fill volume may be a chambered curtain. The tethermast and frag wall is self supporting, easily deployed, and may be used in connection with a structure or may be deployed stand-alone. A tether system for an air beam structure utilizing a flexible tethermast, an external frag wall or frag curtain, soft couplings, air beam slings, or combinations thereof to reduce the effects of pressure waves, such as blast waves, onto and into an air beam structure and any inhabitants.10-04-2012
20100132539Firearm Camouflage System - The present invention provides a pre-packaged kit and a method for creating unique multi-toned custom patterns or camouflage on a surface, and in particular the surfaces of a firearm. The multi-toned custom patterns or camouflage are created by separating or peeling off pre-cut stencil/templates from sheet or roll stock adhesive backed masking material and applying the stencil/templates to a surface. The surface is subsequently sprayed with coatings, finishers and sealants. Additional layers of stencil/templates are then added and sprayed with various colors or tones of coatings, finishers and sealants to complete the desired effect on the firearm surface.06-03-2010
20100294121EXTERNALLY MOUNTED WINDOW SYSTEM, A BRACKET THEREFORE AND A METHOD FOR ITS ASSEMBLY - An externally mounted window system, a bracket therefore and a method for its assembly is disclosed. The system includes a reinforced window pane fixed in a frame. The frame has at least two brackets, each having an L-shaped section. A first arm of the L-shaped section is armored against an incoming projectile and a second arm is fitted with at least one stud projecting through and secured within an opening formed in an external wall surface.11-25-2010
20110303078TRANSPARENT ANTIBALLISTIC ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR ITS PREPARATION - The invention relates to a method for the preparation of a transparent antiballistic article. The method comprises providing a plurality of anisotropic polymeric film layers, stacking the film layers to form an assembly and compressing the thus formed assembly at a temperature and pressure sufficient to consolidate the film layers, whereby the temperature is not more than 50° C. below the melting temperature of the polymer, the pressure is at least 80 MPa and sufficiently high to obtain an optical transparency according of at least 50% transmission. The invention also relates to a ballistic resistant article having an energy absorption for 17 grain FSP according to the STANAG 2920 standard of at least 10 J/(kg/m12-15-2011

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