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089 - Ordnance

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089191010 Gas piston type 68
089132000 Firing device operation or control (e.g., full automatic, etc.) 24
089180000 Breech block lock (positive or impositive) 11
089128000 Convertible gun operation (e.g., to nonautomatic, etc.) 9
089179000 Gas piston-type lock actuator carried by breech block (e.g., firing pin, etc.) 5
20090120277Direct drive retrofit for rifles - A direct drive retrofit system for use with an M-16 or AR-15 rifle for conversion from an impingement system comprising: a gas block, the gas block having a barrel bore and a gas plug bore; a gas plug, the gas plug being inserted into the gas plug bore from the muzzle end; a bolt carrier key, the bolt carrier key being configured to mount directly to a bolt carrier; a rod, the rod being manufactured from a single continuous material stock; and a biasing means; wherein, the rod can be uninstalled without removal of a hand guard or the gas block by extracting the gas plug from the gas plug bore from the muzzle end, the actuating means releasing the rod, the rod being freely extracted thereafter by a user in a single piece.05-14-2009
20100236395FIREARM OPERATING MECHANISMS AND METHODS - The present invention is a direct impingement gas operated firearm, having a longitudinally translatable bolt and a rearward locking mechanism coupled to the bolt. The rearward locking mechanism includes a locking lug, laterally shiftable by gas means from a locked position to an unlocked position, and a reinforcement, fixed with respect to the bolt. In the locked position the lug interferes with the reinforcement such that the bolt is restrained from moving longitudinally, and in the unlocked position the bolt is free to longitudinally translate within the firearm.09-23-2010
20100300277LAW ENFORCEMENT CARBINE WITH ONE PIECE RECEIVER - A semi-automatic or automatic rifle is provided. The semi-automatic or automatic rifle includes a receiver having an integral hand guard portion, a barrel having a bore. The bore is removably connected to the receiver, the hand guard portion extending over and surrounding the barrel, an indirect gas operating system has a gas block and a piston. The gas block has a cylinder, the gas block is fitted to the barrel, the cylinder is in communication with the bore. The piston has a piston end and a striking end, the piston end is fitted to the cylinder and has a bolt carrier having a striking surface. When a cartridge is fired, gas displaces the piston end and causes the striking end to strike the striking surface displacing the bolt assembly, wherein, the cylinder and the piston are together removable as an assembly from the firearm without disassembly of the rifle.12-02-2010
20100282064LOCKING SYSTEMS FOR USE WITH FIREARMS - Locking systems for use with firearms are described. An example locking system for use with a firearm includes a breechblock carrier and a lock spring mechanism that includes a piston. The breechblock carrier is configured to interaction with the piston. Additionally, the example locking system includes a first aperture. The piston is configured to expel fluid through the first aperture when the breechblock carrier retracts.11-11-2010
20110185886Bolt carrier impingement device for a firearm - A bolt carrier impingement device for a firearm has a body including a rearward facing surface. The rearward facing surface of the bolt carrier impingement device abuts the forward facing surface of the bolt carrier, thereby transferring all rearward force imparted to the front of the bolt carrier impingement device through only the forward facing surface of the bolt carrier. The rearward facing surface of the body may be a notch and the forward facing surface of the bolt carrier may be a buttress. The bolt carrier may include a cam aperture formed through a top surface rearward of the forward facing surface. A forward most portion of the impingement device may terminate in front of the cam aperture. A bottom surface of the body may form a slot that forms an arch over the cam aperture.08-04-2011
089160000 Movable barrel (e.g., rotary, etc.) 4
201201320671911-100 linkless barrel system - 1911-100 linkless barrel system is modified drop in barrel and spring guide assembly for colt 1911 style pistol platform. It uses angled teeth machined in to the lower barrel lug and in the groove of recoil spring guide assy to lock and unlock the barrel from slide in pistol cycling process. This improves consistency, longetivity, strength, accuracy and simplicity in colt 1911 style pistols. As drop in barrel system 1911-100 can be installed in a brand new or any already produced colt 1911 pistol, which gives it very big marketability potential.05-31-2012
20120085225Autoloading pistol design - A firearm such as a pistol includes a barrel which rotates and travels linearly relative to a frame of the pistol and a slide which travels linearly relative to the barrel and frame. The barrel has at least one stop located at a muzzle end for engaging at least one stop on the slide when the barrel is in a first rotational position to prevent linear movement of the slide relative to the barrel, which stops permit the slide and said barrel to move linearly relative to one another when the barrel is in a second rotational position. Another aspect of the invention comprises a control surface which is located on a barrel of a firearm. Yet another aspect of the invention comprises such features associated with a rotating, rather than tipping, firearm barrel. Yet another aspect of the invention comprises a replaceable energy buffer for a firearm.04-12-2012
20110232473SHORT RECOIL FIRE-ARM - The present invention relates to a short recoil firearm (09-29-2011
20130192452SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOL WITH A SLIDING BARREL - The pistol comprises a frame (08-01-2013
089129010 Regulation of speed or rate of automatic fire 3
20110174148Firing Rate Reduction System for an Automatic Firearm - The present invention is a firing rate reduction system utilizing a slideable, independent sear disconnector. A straight channel, terminating at the rear end of the bolt carrier, for disconnector movement is created in the bolt carrier. Detents are provided to arrest movement at foreword and rearward limits. The force of inertia moves the independent disconnector into these extreme positions and creates a delay in firing time as additional time is required for the independent disconnector to reach final position.07-21-2011
20110303081Firing Rate Reduction System for an Automatic Firearm - The present invention is a firing rate reduction system utilizing a slideable, independent sear disconnector. A straight channel, terminating at the rear end of the bolt carrier, for disconnector movement is created in the bolt carrier. Detents are provided to arrest movement at foreword and rearward limits. The force of inertia moves the independent disconnector into these extreme positions and creates a delay in firing time as additional time is required for the independent disconnector to reach final position.12-15-2011
20120152103AUTOMATICALLY-RELOADABLE, REMOTELY-OPERATED WEAPON SYSTEM HAVING AN EXTERNALLY-POWERED FIREARM - An automatically-reloadable, remotely-operated weapon system may include an operator station located distant from a weapon station. The weapon station may include an externally-powered firearm, a firearm mover for adjusting an azimuth and an angle of inclination of the firearm, and an ammunition storage and transport system for automatically moving ammunition to and from the firearm. From the operator station, a user may remotely control all aspects of firearm operation and ammunition reloading.06-21-2012
089126000 Plural gun, barrel or bore 3
20110067562BALLISTIC TIRE-DEFLATION DEVICE FOR SECURITY VEHICLES - A ballistic vehicle-immobilization apparatus includes an optical module adapted to provide visual feedback to a user to aim at an object. The ballistic vehicle-immobilization apparatus further includes a firing mechanism adapted to fire a projectile towards the object and a housing containing the firing mechanism. The ballistic vehicle-immobilization apparatus is adapted to be mounted to a vehicle.03-24-2011
20120247317MULTI-WEAPONS SYSTEM - A multi-weapons system comprising: an active defence system (ADS) comprising a mortar launch tube mounted on a support base-plate rotatable 360 degrees; a weapons system comprising a machine gun mounted alongside the active defence system (ADS) on the support base, a motor with mechanism to rotate the support base-plate with the active defence system (ADS) 360 degrees, drive means to adjust the power capacity of the motor between that required for the active defence system and that required for the machine gun, control means to rotate and adjust the elevation of the launch tube and adjust the directional movement of the machine gun, computer and electronic means to automatically rotate and fire the active defence system display and control means to manually operate the machine gun, control means to override the manual operation of the machine gun and prevent its firing when the active defence system is automatically activated.10-04-2012
20100258001Heavy Caliber Firearm with Enhanced Recoil and Control Characteristics - The invention comprises an improved recoil control device comprising a bolt head and an inertia block for use in a variety of firearms. In one embodiment, the bolt head and inertia block are articulated so that the displacement of the bolt head results in a force component outside the firing axis of the barrel of the firearm. The device can be incorporated into firearms of a variety of sizes and configurations to produce recoil reduction and/or weight reduction advantages.10-14-2010
089199000 Receiver closures and/or breech block return means 2
20110174149DYNAMIC FIREARM - In weapon shot is fired during counterrecoil. The counterrecoil energy damps the recoil energy. During recoil, the breech block is unlocked, the spent cartridge case is ejected from the barrel by the residual pressure of the powder gases and is directed by a deflector into a hole in the gun carriage. When recoiling into the aftmost position, the barrel approaches the projectile and locks it by means of the breech block. Meanwhile, the next cartridge is taken from a magazine. In the event of misfire, the barrel, continuing to counterrecoil, actuates an extractor for removing the defective projectile. A recoil imitator returns the barrel to the aftmost position, where it is loaded with a projectile in a manner similar to the post-firing recoil. The technical result is ability to load the weapon automatically before firing or to reload the weapon automatically in the event of misfire.07-21-2011
20120204713Recoil System and Method for Upper Receiver - In embodiments, a modular rifle includes a lower receiver assembly, an upper receiver assembly, and a coupling mechanism. The upper receiver contains a bolt carrier and a housing enclosing the recoil spring and rod. Within the housing is a counter bore shoulder against which the recoil spring rests. Integrated into the top face of the bolt carrier are compartments, upon which the housing is mounted. Holes in the front of the housing and the upper receiver assembly accommodate the rod. Containing the recoil spring and rod within in the housing mounted to the bolt carrier allows the modular rifle to have a folding, collapsible, or otherwise non-fixed stock. Attached to the rod is a retaining tab, the depression of which allows for the release of the upper receiver from the lower receiver for disassembly of the rifle.08-16-2012
089155000 Movable chamber type (e.g., revolver, etc.) 2
20100077914OVER RIDING CHAMBER IMPULSE AVERAGE WEAPON - A recoil-operated, impulse averaging, air-cooled, magazine-fed, automatic weapon. An operating group of the weapon includes a chamber, a bolt, a barrel extension and one or more toggles. The recoil action of the weapon from firing a first round drives the toggles in a motion constrained by a cam way. The toggles then drive the chamber in a linear reciprocating motion ejecting a first round and over-riding the next round. An impulse averaging system controls the speed of the recoil.04-01-2010
20100175549OBTURATION OF DRUM CANNONS - A seal is proposed between the drum (07-15-2010
089194000 Blow back breech block 2
20110168009Semiautomatic Rifle with Downward Ejection - A bolt assembly for a rifle is configured for recoil blowback operation and cooperation with a round of ammunition dispensed from a magazine into a firing chamber of the rifle. An extractor disposed in a lower, forward portion of the bolt assembly and an ejector disposed in an upper, forward portion of the bolt assembly further cooperate with the round of ammunition to extract a spent cartridge of the round of ammunition from the firing chamber and eject the spent cartridge downward from the firing chamber.07-14-2011
20130092018Recoil-Spring Device for a Handgun - In a recoil-spring device (04-18-2013
089198000 Buffers and brakes 1
20120297971Bushing and assembly for improved recoil guide rod assembly - The present invention is directed to a bushing that allows for adaptation of a single spring guide rod assembly into handgun with dual spring guide rod assemblies to further allow for greater customization and control of the gun upon recoil when the chambered cartridge is discharged.11-29-2012
20120137869Automatic rifle bolt carrier with fluted boss - An automatic rifle bolt carrier with a fluted boss for the AR15/M16 family of firearms has been provided. The rear of the bolt carrier has been provided with a boss having bearing surfaces which are in operational contact with the interior of the host firearm's upper receiver to prevent the carrier from tilting while it is reciprocating during normal operation. The boss and rearward end of the bolt carrier are provided with flutes which allow water to flow between the buffer tube and upper receiver while the bolt carrier is reciprocating during normal operation, enabling a properly equipped firearm to be used during over the beach operations. The bolt carrier also includes a semi-circular relief cut about the top of its backmost end which is perpendicular to the axis of the bolt carrier.06-07-2012
20110041680SEMIAUTOMATIC PISTOL - The invention relates to the trigger and firing mechanisms for pistols. The inventive pistol comprises a frame (02-24-2011
20110185885Self-loading Firearm - An automatic firearm that includes a unitary portion including a human interface and a barrel defining a longitudinal dimension. A slidable portion is attached to the unitary portion so as to permit the slidable portion to slide in the longitudinal dimension. The slidable portion includes at least a portion of a firing chamber. In addition, a lock is adapted to selectably fix the slidable portion relative to the unitary portion. Also, a chamber attached to the unitary portion and an inertial member permitted to move inside the chamber and urged into a first position, the inertial member adapted to translate into a second position, displaced from said first position by at least 0.1 cm, upon firing of the firearm, in which second position the inertial member begins to change the position of the lock, thereby permitting the moveable portion to move relative to the unitary portion.08-04-2011
20120055328METHOD OF SHOOTING A SEMI-AUTOMATIC FIREARM - A method for rapidly firing a semi-automatic firing unit (03-08-2012
20120297970MODULAR RAIL SYSTEM AND FIREARM WITH MODULAR RAIL SYSTEM - An upper receiver for a weapon, the upper receiver having a plurality channels each being oriented in a first direction and wherein each of the plurality of channels intersect an elongated channel extending in a second direction; a modular rail having a pair of securement features configured to be slidably received within a pair of the plurality of channels such that modular rail can slide in the pair of the plurality of channels in the first direction until the pair of features can slide within the elongated channel in the second direction.11-29-2012

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